GH Transcript Friday 2/16/18

General Hospital Transcript Friday 2/16/18


Episode #13975 ~ Carly encourages Jason to find out everything he can; Drew is put in an uncomfortable situation; Diane relays a particularly audacious announcement; Ava takes care of Kiki; Sonny puts his trust in Griffin.

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Mike: Don't you think this is a little over the top?

Sonny: You almost got yourself arrested last night thinking you were back working at Kelly's, serving coffee, Mike.

Mike: [Chuckles] I was a little nostalgic, you know, and they looked like they needed some help.

Sonny: If Michael hadn't showed up, you'd have been arrested.

Mike: [Scoffs] That cop was overreacting, okay, kind of like you are right now. You know, I -- I don't need a doctor to tell me I was just a little overtired. That's all.

Sonny: You may be right. But since we're here...

Mike: You dragged me here.

Sonny: … we might as well have you looked at.

[Elevator dings]

Sonny: Listen, Mike, the doctor says you're okay, then we'll -- You can tell me, "I told you so." That's fine.

Mike: Fine. But breakfast is on you.

Sonny: Anywhere you want to eat.

Mike: Maybe not Kelly's.


[Cellphone ringing]

Kiki: Ugh. Could you please turn that siren off? It's been going on and on all morning.

Ava: It's just a normal ring tone, dear. You're hungover.

Kiki: Ugh. How many drinks did I have last night? [Groans]

Ava: Oh, you don't remember me picking you up from the drunk tank at the PCPD?

Kiki: What? Excuse me?

Ava: Kiki, did you black out?

Kiki: I-I thought it was more of a brown-out, but I don't remember being at the PCPD.

Ava: That's because you weren't, but you could have been if some Good Samaritan hadn't come along and brought you home.

Kiki: Oh, you are evil.

Ava: [Laughing] I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. Here. Eat this.

Kiki: [Groans]

Ava: Let it soak up all the excess alcohol.

Kiki: You do know that's not medically accurate, right?

Ava: You do know you're not actually a doctor yet, right?

Kiki: When did you even get here? The last thing I remember, I was talking to that Spinelli guy at the Floating Rib, and then... Oh, my God. Griffin was here. Did I ruin your big night together?

Griffin: [Sighs] Ava, hey, it's me. Um, this is the second time I'm calling this morning... not that I'm keeping count. Just -- I-I don't like the way we left things last night, so if you could just -- We need to talk about this, so just -- just give me a call back, okay?

Young man: I'm here.

Nelle: Just you wait, Carly. This is just the beginning.

Monica: Nelle? I didn't mean to interrupt.

Carly: So, how did you spend Valentine's Day?

Jason: I spent it with Danny.

Carly: Really?

Jason: Yeah, he -- he wanted another sleepover, and I just -- I actually just dropped him off at school.

Carly: Oh! So, how does that feel, Dad?

Jason: [Chuckles] That feels pretty great.

Carly: Mm.

Henry Sullivan: Ms. Devane, would you like water or coffee?

Anna: No, I don't want anything. I just want this over with. Wh-Where's Diane?

Henry Sullivan: Unfortunately, Ms. Miller has been delayed, but she'll arrive shortly.

Anna: Oh, God, I hope she gets here soon. I just -- I didn't want anything to do with Faison when he was alive. I-I certainly don't want anything to do with him now that he's dead.

Henry Sullivan: The proceedings will begin as soon as Diane and the other beneficiaries arrive.

Anna: There's other beneficiaries? Who?

Drew: You sure we're in the right place?

Sam: Yeah, I think so.

David: So, what brings you here today?

Sonny: Well, in the last few days, my father -- he's had a few incidents like --

David: Uh, Mr. Corinthos, if you please, I would prefer to hear from the patient himself. So, what seems to be the problem?

Mike: There is no problem. Uh, my son dragged me down here for -- for nothing.

David: Mm-hmm.

Mike: I may have been a little out of sorts 'cause I've been doing a lot of traveling, you know, nothing some rest won't take care of. Am I right?

David: That depends upon what you mean by "out of sorts." Can you describe what's happening?

Mike: Well, nothing major. You know, I misplaced a few things here and there.

Sonny: Yeah, you left your cellphone at my house. Remember that?

Mike: Well, I don't need it attached to my body at all times like your generation.

Sonny: And he went to Kelly's, and he started working there like he used to in the past, and the waitress didn't know what was going on. And if it wasn't for my son, Michael, the --

David: Mr. Corinthos, please.

Sonny: Yeah. I'm just trying to help.

David: Yeah. Is that true?

Mike: Uh, well, I was feeling a little nostalgic as I walked by and -- But once my grandson explained it to the cop, you know, all was forgiven.

David: Well, you may be onto something with this rest issue. It wouldn't be surprising if you're more tired.

Mike: Yeah. Exactly what I said. See? See, Sonny? My son, the alarmist.

David: I am going to order up a full blood work on you, see if maybe something, a change in your diet, can get that energy back up again. And I'm gonna run a full battery of tests on you while you're already here. I want to rule out anything serious.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Mike: Uh, you know, now, this is getting ridiculous.

Sonny: You want to come back another day?

Mike: I -- [Sighs]

Sonny: Do you want to come back another day?

Mike: I, uh -- I want to go out of here and get breakfast, like you said.

Sonny: It's gonna be -- It's gonna be over before you know it. I promise.

Ava: I love a good martini as much as the next girl -- more than the next girl, probably. And I know yesterday was tough. But I just can't have you getting in the habit of drinking the hurts away. You understand me?

Kiki: Yeah. Don't worry. I am... retired from drinking for the foreseeable future.

Ava: So, why do you think you called Dillon?

Kiki: To forgive him and take him back? To tell him to go to hell? I don't remember. Dillon and I are done. I know that in my head. I just... I'm trying to get past it in my heart. [Voice breaking] But it hurts.

Ava: Dillon's not the right man for you. I mean, that's it. You deserve someone who is going to put your first.

Kiki: That's so easy for you to say. You have Griffin. Oh, my God, I'm gonna be late for work.

Ava: What?

Kiki: [Groans] And I -- I don't think I can -- I don't think I can drive yet. Do you, um -- Do you think you can give me a ride to the hospital?

Ava: Well, I think you should call in sick. I mean, that's the literal truth.

Kiki: I-I can't. I can't. I'm on chart duty, and Dr. Bensch is on call. And if I want to do my work study at G.H., I have to stay in his good graces.

Ava: What if he notices that you're hungover?

Kiki: I will tell him that my allergies are acting up.

Ava: It's February. So, why don't you go get in the shower and think up a better excuse than that [Laughs] And I'll make your coffee to go, okay?

Kiki: Thank you.


Kiki: Thank you so much. [Groans]

Nelle: I'm sorry I seemed so jumpy with you. I-I'm -- I was just startled to see you.

Monica: [Chuckles] Well, I didn't mean to catch you you off guard.

Nelle: No, no. I'm always so happy to see you.

Monica: Well, I was wondering if you could have an early lunch with me and catch me up with some baby news.

Nelle: You know, I would, but Ava's not in yet, and I don't know if she would be comfortable with it.

Monica: Ah. And it looked like you were doing something rather important.

Nelle: Um, you know, don't -- don't tell Ava, but I was actually looking online at stuff for the baby.

Monica: Mm. Well, your secret is safe with me.

Nelle: [Chuckles] I mean, you wouldn't believe how expensive everything is, you know, from nursery furniture to -- to baby clothes to supplies, not to mention some strollers are as much as a used car.

Monica: [Chuckling] It's true. Well, that's what baby showers are for. And I'm sure you're gonna make out like a bandit.

Nelle: Yeah, I-I don't have any friends in Port Charles who would throw me a shower -- and certainly not Carly.

Monica: Oh, I -- I can't believe that Carly would be that petty. I mean, she's going to want the best of everything for that grandchild.

Nelle: No, not if it means including me. No matter how hard I try, I mean, Carly seems fixated on making my life miserable.

Carly: I have to admit, I'm pleasantly surprised. I mean, I always knew that Sam would want you to spend as much time as possible with Danny, but I did think Drew would balk at it.

Jason: [Sighs]

Carly: So, things are not getting any better, huh?

Jason: Look, it's really not about Danny. Drew thinks I withheld information about Henrik Faison.

Carly: [Chuckles] Oh, please.

Jason: I waited to say something because it was just a theory.

Carly: Drew is not mad because he thinks you withheld some information about Faison's mysterious son. He's mad because his wife is in love with you. And I'm sorry, but everything is happening exactly the way I said it was going to happen, and Sam may have married Drew with the best of intentions, but it's the worst possible thing for everybody else.

[Doorbell rings]

Jason: You should get that.

Carly: You know I'm right.

Jason: You should get that.

Diane: Hi.

Carly: Hi. Wow. You don't waste any time, do you?

Diane: Neither my clients', nor my own.

Carly: You didn't have to come over here and pick this up. I could have sent it home with Max.

Diane: Well, I really was in the neighborhood. There you are. Well, this is serendipitous, isn't it? Would you mind telling me why you've been avoiding my phone calls?

Jason: It's got nothing to do with me.

Diane: Au contraire, mon ami. It absolutely does.

Carly: Uh, somebody want to fill me in with what's going on here?

Diane: I have been retained to handle the disposition of Cesar Faison's will in this country. Jason was named as a beneficiary.

Carly: He what?

Diane: Right? It was just as surprised as anyone. But the reading of the will is this morning, so we should be on our way.

Jason: I already told you, Diane. I don't want anything from Faison.

Henry Sullivan: Mr. And Mrs. Cain?

Drew: That's right.

Henry Sullivan: I'm Henry Sullivan, Ms. Miller's associate counsel. If you want to take a seat, Ms. Miller should be here shortly.

Anna: You're named in Faison's will?

Sam: Drew is.

Anna: Why?

Drew: God only knows, but I guess we'll find out soon, right?

Sam: I hope this goes a little bit better than Helena's will reading 'cause she cursed me and left me a third of a penny.

Drew: Well, after everything you've been through, I really hope that you at least get the beach house.

Anna: I made it very clear that I never wanted anything that Faison touched when he was alive. I certainly don't want anything now that he's dead.

Drew: I'm -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be glib. I was just trying to add a little levity to a rough situation.

Anna: I'm sorry. I'm really anxious. I just want this whole thing done with, you know?

Drew: Yeah, I understand.

Sam: Well, you are not alone there. Hey.

Henry Sullivan: Oh?

Sam: Do you know how long this is gonna take?

Henry Sullivan: Ms. Miller should be here soon. Other than that, we're just waiting for one more beneficiary to arrive.

Sam: Who?

Diane: I cannot finalize the will until the Danish government is satisfied that all relevant parties have been notified.

Jason: If you want me to sign something acknowledging that you notified me, fine, but I don't care about Faison's will, and I'm not going to the reading.

Carly: What could Faison have left for Jason?

Diane: We won't know what's in it until we read it, which is why you should be there.

Jason: Unless Henrik is gonna be in that room, I have no interest.

Diane: He was not listed as a beneficiary, no.

Jason: Okay.

Carly: Why don't you want to go?

Jason: Because he took five years of my life and I killed him. It's over with.

Carly: No, it's not over. It's not over. If Faison named you in his will for a reason -- I mean, nothing good, I'm sure, but that's exactly why it's important for you to go. Whatever Faison set up to hurt you, ignoring it's not gonna make it go away.

[Cellphone ringing]

Carly: That's probably Sonny. I got to take this. You think about what I said. Hey, Sonny. Yeah.

Diane: I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but Carly just made a very articulate and logical argument. Dare I hope that any of it got through?

Carly: Okay, well, what did the doctor say?

Sonny: Uh, they're gonna give my father some tests and a physical exam.

Carly: How's he taking it?

Sonny: Uh, he's not happy about it, but he just thinks he's overtired.

Carly: Yeah, well, let's hope that's all it is.

Sonny: Yeah. Thanks for understanding, and I'm gonna give you that rain check for Valentine's Day.

Carly: [Chuckles] Don't you worry about it. You just keep me posted about Mike, okay?

Sonny: I love you.

Carly: I love you, too. [Sighs]

Monica: I know how difficult Carly can be. Could you imagine living under the same roof with her?

Nelle: I'd rather not.

Monica: [Chuckling] Me too. But I know -- I know she's going to ease up on you, especially when the baby's born.

Nelle: Yeah, if everything works out.

Monica: What? Is there something wrong with the baby?

Nelle: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Um, no. Dr. Nero, um, just cautioned me about, you know, too much stress. She gave me this huge lecture the other day on how bad it is for the baby and how it can affect the baby's health.

Monica: Well, listen, is work putting too much pressure on you? Because I know Ava would ease up on your workload.

Nelle: No, no. Ava has been, um, more than accommodating. Work is not what's stressing me out.

Monica: Well, I can't help you unless you tell me what it is.

Nelle: I don't mean to speak out of turn here, but it's Carly.

Monica: [Sighs]

Nelle: She just keeps making these horrible, horrible accusations against me. [Exhales sharply] I'm trying to be the bigger person here, but, you know, it's hard when she's affecting my baby's health.

Monica: Oh, honey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Nelle: There's only so much I can take.

Ava: Hey. You forgot this in my car.

Kiki: Thank you. I don't know where my head is today.

Ava: Don't thank me. Just get it together so you can be on your toes around Dr. Bensch, okay? You're okay. You're okay. Godspeed.

Kiki: Thanks.

Ava: And stay hydrated.

Kiki: Okay.

Ava: Okay.

[Indistinct conversations]

[Elevator dings]

Griffin: Ava.

Ava: Griffin?

Griffin: Hey.

Ava: Hi. I should go. I --

Griffin: Whoa. Hey, wait. Look -- Ava, wait, okay? You can ignore my phone calls, but you can't ignore me in real life.

Ava: You'd be surprised. [Laughs]

Griffin: Hey, come on. What, are we -- are we gonna pretend like nothing happened between us last night?

Sonny: That wasn't so bad, was it?

Mike: You weren't the one getting poked and prodded like a lab rat.

[Cellphone rings]

Sonny: Whoa. Oh, the wonders of the internet. Rita's flowers have been delivered. [Chuckles]

Mike: What flowers?

Sonny: For Rita. For Valentine's Day, the ones we ordered this morning.

Mike: Oh, uh, yeah, right. Of course. Yeah. No. Sh--She'll love them for sure.

[Carly deletes the unknown number from her phone]

Monica: I don't want you to worry about this. The baby is gonna be fine.

Nelle: You know, I'm not gonna deny that I haven't made terrible mistakes when it comes to Carly in my past, but, um, I have tried so hard to move forward and make amends with her.

Monica: Look, I -- I don't want to see you beating yourself up over this because -- especially since Carly has made so many mistakes in her life.

Nelle: You'd never know it by the way she acts.

Monica: Well, Carly has been given the benefit of having second chances along the way, and I'm just -- I'm just sorry that she hasn't extended that same courtesy to you.

Nelle: You know, I know that we'll never be the best of friends, and I'm okay with that. I just want to get to a place where we can be civil with one another, you know, and move forward for the baby's sake.

Monica: Well, I think that Carly loves this baby just as much as we do. But I want you to tell me if she ever bothers you again because putting Carly in her place just comes second nature to me.

Nelle: Deal.

Monica: Okay.

Nelle: [Chuckles] Thank you again for the talk.

Monica: Oh, since we can't have lunch today, how about next week?

Nelle: I would love to.

Monica: Good.

Nelle: This has helped me more than you'll ever know.

Ava: I'm not avoiding anything.

Griffin: You were literally just running away.

Ava: I came here to bring Kiki to work. Now I have to get home and get ready for work, and I'm already late -- hence, the brevity.

Griffin: How's Kiki?

Ava: She's fine. She's hungover. I gave her a greasy breakfast...

Griffin: That's not --

Ava: … which I know is not a medical remedy. But it did make her feel better, so maybe it's psychosomatic.

Griffin: Maybe. I'm glad she's feeling better. Just -- I'm worried about us, all right? Things got pretty heated last night.

Ava: Yep, they did.

Griffin: Look, I should have called you and told you what was going on.

Ava: Yes. You should have. But it's over. Everything's fine. Kiki's okay. Moving on.

Griffin: If you really mean that, why -- why are you still pushing me away?

Ava: I'm not.

Griffin: Then you're pulling yourself back. Either way, I can feel a growing distance between us since your surgery.

Ava: It's -- It's complicated.

Griffin: Well, keeping quiet about it isn't gonna help anything. Whatever is going on, you need to tell me.

David: Excuse me. Dr. Munro, I could use a consult.

Griffin: Uh, yeah, of course. Just -- Just give a minute.

Ava: No, that -- that's all right. Really, we were finished anyway. I got to go.

David: Dr. Munro.

Griffin: Yeah. Right here. What, uh -- What can I do for you?

Henry Sullivan: Good news. Ms. Miller just texted. She's on her way.

Drew: What about the other beneficiary?

Henry Sullivan: They've been notified of the will reading. We still don't know if they'll be attending.

Sam: Well, maybe it's Liesl Obrecht.

Anna: No. I wouldn't be too sure. I mean, she may have been devoted to Faison, but he never gave her a second thought.

Diane: I am so sorry to have kept everyone waiting. But now that we are assembled, we can begin.

Anna: Isn't there supposed to be someone else?

Diane: He's right behind me. Please take a seat. Thank you, Henry. I'll see you back at the office. And thank you, all of you. I know that this part is very uncomfortable, but the sooner we dispense with the formalities, the sooner we can all get on with our lives.

Anna: So just get started then.

[Papers rustling]

Diane: "I, Cesar Faison, of Tórshavn, Denmark, revoke my former wills and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament."

Carly: Monica.

Monica: Carly. You got a minute?

Carly: Uh, sure. Come in.

Monica: Well, you do have a very elegant house.

Carly: You've never been here?

Monica: No, I never had any inclination to set foot in it before Sonny murdered my son, and I certainly didn't afterward.

Carly: That's not the whole story.

Monica: Well, I didn't come here to debate A.J.'s murder. I came to talk about what's best for the family that we still do share.

Carly: Michael's baby.

Monica: And the baby's mother. I know you have every right to dislike Nelle.

Carly: Yeah, I don't think you know the half of it.

Monica: Well, she happens to be carrying Michael's child. And I'm not going to have your hostility play an adverse role in her pregnancy.

Carly: What are you talking about?

Monica: I'm telling you to back off Nelle.

Nelle: Oh, good morning, Ava. I've, uh, prepared your schedule if you want to review it now or...

Ava: You're very chipper today.

Nelle: Well, I don't want to jinx myself, but, uh, everything's going very well at the moment.

Ava: Hmm. Does this mean that you've made progress on your plan to eliminate our mutual enemy?

Nelle: I've had a very successful 24 hours on that front. I even managed to endear myself to Michael.

Ava: Nelle, nice. It sounds like Valentine's Day treated you very well.

Nelle: Mm. You're one to talk.

Ava: Pardon?

Nelle: What do you mean? Dr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome.

Ava: Yeah, I -- I'd rather not talk about that.

Nelle: Oh, come on. We have to celebrate our victories where we can get them, Ava. I mean, no judgment, but, you know, you obviously had a good time. You come in late with the sunglasses. How did Griffin react when you told him how you really feel?

Ava: I said I don't want to talk about it.

David: I had a colleague take a look at your father's test results. Dr. Munro, this is the patient's son.

Griffin: Sonny.

David: Oh, you know each other.

Sonny: Thought so.

David: I assure you, Mr. Corinthos, that Dr. Munro is the best neurosurgeon in the state.

Sonny: Well, at least he remains smart in his professional life.

David: It is very important that you give Dr. Munro an opportunity to discuss these findings with you.

Griffin: Thank you. Look, if you'd prefer, I could forward these records to Dr. Drake in Berkeley.

Sonny: No, that's not gonna be necessary. I mean, we're here, so -- It's my father. I just want to know what's going on.

Griffin: All right. Dr. Bensch covered some of the incidents you recounted to him earlier, including what happened at Kelly's last night.

Sonny: When my dad was nostalgic?

Griffin: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah.

Griffin: Yeah, yeah. That's something I actually want to discuss with you. Now, I have to ask -- did your father give that explanation, or did you?

Sonny: Uh... are you saying I made this up?

Griffin: No. I'm simply trying to gauge your father's reaction. Now, when you confronted him at Kelly's about working behind the counter, did he have a clear idea as to why he was there, or did he seem confused until you gave him an explanation?

Sonny: No. Mike -- Yeah. I mean, uh, no, I was the one. I said something to Mike.

Griffin: Okay. I, uh -- I want to administer a one-on-one examination with your father.

Sonny: Okay, what kind of examination?

Griffin: The type that will help me determine if he's suffering from any cognitive impairments.

Diane: "I hereby revoke all previous wills and codicils. I direct that the disposition of my remains be as follows. I would like to be buried in my native home in Denmark. I declare that I am unmarried and have no spouse who should serve as the primary executor of this estate. All just debts shall be paid in full." Article III, Disposition of Property. "To my daughter, Britt Westbourne," who couldn't be here for obvious reasons, "I leave the sandbags that once lined the estate. For the past three years, you have been a weight on my shoulders, dragging me down. 'Tis fitting that, in death, I return the favor."

Anna: God, spiteful to the last.

Diane: "To Andrew Cain, I leave the one thing that you want more than anything else -- a way to restore your memories."

Mike: Sonny, how long is this gonna take?

Sonny: We're gonna be out of here soon, Mike.

Mike: Well, I hope you got some good ideas for lunch 'cause we missed breakfast.

Sonny: Mike, this is Dr. Griffin Munro.

Griffin: Hello, Mike.

Mike: Oh, so now you're tossing me to another doctor, huh? What is this, hot potato?

Griffin: Look, your son told me you've been feeling a little confused lately. If it's okay with you, I'd like to run another test.

Mike: I'll pass. I've had enough tests to last a lifetime. I don't know if I got any blood left.

Sonny: It's not that kind of test, Mike.

Griffin: It's called an MMSE. It stands for Mini-Mental State Examination.

Mike: Oh, so now I'm crazy.

Griffin: [Chuckles] No. We'll simply ask you some questions, test your recall and cognitive abilities.

Mike: [Exhales heavily] I have been patient, but this has gone too far. There's nothing wrong with me that can't be fixed by some rest and some vitamins.

Sonny: Mike! Mike! I got to be honest with you, okay? 'Cause I haven't been. I'm worried about you. And if we can rule out anything serious, it will give me a peace of mind. So I'm asking you, as your son... can you do this for me?

[Indistinct conversations]

David: Keep those edges straight, Private.

Kiki: Dr. Bensch, welcome back.

David: Thank you. I understand that congratulations are in order. Apparently someone was accepted into PCU Medical School while I was away.

Kiki: I can confirm the rumors are true.

David: Not that I ever doubted you would make it.

Kiki: Well, I couldn't have done it without you.

David: You're a hard worker, Kiki. You deserve it. How's it feel?

Kiki: [Chuckles] I am just as relieved as I am excited and nervous.

David: Mm. Now it gets real.

Kiki: Yeah, well, I am ready.

David: Good. I hope your boyfriend is, as well. Your schedule's only gonna get busier from now on.

Kiki: I don't think that's gonna be a problem.

David: Oh. Well, I'm glad to see he's finally gotten over his hang-ups about your career.

Kiki: No, uh, actually, Dillon and I broke up.

Nelle: So, your daughter ruined your date?

Ava: Kiki got herself good and drunk. Thank you. And of course Griffin came to her rescue, but after he'd spent most of the evening at the hospital even though it was supposed to be his night off.

Nelle: Mm.

Ava: But that's Griffin, you know? His priority will always be taking care of other people.

Nelle: But isn't that what drew you to him in the first place?

Ava: It's a bit of a paradox, though. Griffin will always be professionally obligated to be selfless... even when it makes him selfish. I'm just -- I'm starting to wonder if he and I can really work if I don't need saving.

Nelle: Aren't you the one that's always telling me to fight for what I want? Why doesn't that apply to you with Griffin?

Ava: I've never felt this way about anybody before. That and... It's...

Nelle: What is it, Ava?

Ava: It's silly, really. I had this dream recently. It was more of a nightmare, actually.

Nelle: What happened?

Ava: I let Griffin see who I really am... and Avery, too. And they were both... just horrified. And I was left all alone. And so last night, when I was waiting for Griffin, it started to feel like that nightmare was more of a prophecy, a reminder to me that I will never live up to his ideal.

Carly: How would you like me to back off Nelle? What exactly have I done to that poor little girl?

Monica: Oh, Carly, come on. You've been gunning for her for months.

Carly: No. I've been trying to protect my family from someone who hurt us before and who will likely do it again.

Monica: Well, does protecting your family include your unborn grandchild? You know, Dr. Nero has already warned Nelle about stress levels.

Carly: Oh, God. And I'm sure she couldn't wait to share it with you.

Monica: Look, I am not blind. I know that Nelle is far from innocent. But you've got to be the bigger person here, for the baby's sake.

Carly: Okay. Nelle is carrying my grandchild, and I will handle her how I see fit. And now that you've seen my house from the inside, get the hell out.

Drew: Do you think this is real? I mean, it could be possible that Faison knew how to get my memories back all along.

Diane: "A detailed account of Dr. Maddox's research, including a way to reverse the procedure, has been sealed in an envelope and locked in my safe. The executor of my will shall release these notes to you once certain parameters have been met."

Sam: Parameters? What parameters?

Diane: I think that question will be answered by this next part. "To Jason Morgan, I leave the alias and last known whereabouts of my son, Henrik, the man who kept you alive for his own purposes. This information has been locked in the safe with Dr. Maddox's notes. Its whereabouts are known only to the executor of my will in Denmark. This information shall only be delivered to either party upon the death of the other."

Griffin: What is the season?

Mike: You're kidding, right?

Griffin: [Chuckles]

Mike: Winter.

Griffin: Good. The month and the year?

Mike: February, 2018.

Griffin: Good. Now, I am gonna repeat three words. I'd like you to repeat them back to me. Lamp, beach, nose.

Mike: Lamp, beach, nose.

Griffin: [Chuckles] Great. And what city are we in?

Mike: Port Charles. And state? New York, United States of America, planet Earth, although today it feels a little more like Mars.

Sonny: Come on. We got to get through this.

Griffin: Okay, um, now I'm gonna ask you to count backwards from 100 by 7s. For example, if we start from 100, the next number would be 93.

Mike: Yeah. Uh, 86, um, 79...

Griffin: Great.

Mike: ...73 --

Griffin: [Chuckles]

Mike: Uh, 72, obviously, um, 65.

Griffin: Okay. Now, earlier, I asked you three words. You remember what they were?

Mike: Sure. Uh... Uh, there was "light"... ...and, um... Um, uh, "light"… [Exhales sharply] Uh... [Sighs heavily]

Ava: I'm just afraid that there might be some truth to that nightmare. I think things would be better for me if I had Avery with me.

Nelle: You will.

Ava: Because of what you have planned for Carly.

Nelle: That's right.

Ava: Okay, well, I don't want to know anything about it, as long as it doesn't blow up in my face. I cannot be involved in anything that makes it harder for me to have access to my daughter.

Nelle: Don't worry, Ava. You're gonna have complete deniability. You know, it's not gonna be long before we both get what we want for ourselves and our children. And this time, Carly's gonna be the one stuck with the bill.

Carly: Do you need me to say it any louder or slower?

Monica: I heard you just fine. You know, we may dislike each other intensely, but we both love Michael, and Michael would like us to put our grievances aside for the baby's sake. He's going to remember who honors those wishes and who doesn't.

Carly: Stay in your lane, Monica.

Monica: Oh, uh, one more thing. I'm throwing a baby shower for Nelle, and I expect your complete cooperation.

Carly: [Sighs heavily]

David: I'm sorry things didn't work out with you and Dillon. I know how crazy you two were about each other.

Kiki: We grew apart, you know? The long-distance thing was brutal.

David: You okay now?

Kiki: I won't be if I keep talking about it, you know. Losing it in the middle of the hospital -- it's not a very good look for a would-be doctor.

David: I, uh, apologize if I upset you.

Kiki: No, no, you didn't. I just -- I am doing great, actually. I -- I've been picking up every possible shift here, keeping myself busy. If I'm not here, I'm at the library, which is my second home.

David: Mm. Well, good to see your sharp focus hasn't waned.

Kiki: I hope you're not sick of me yet, Dr. Bensch, 'cause you're gonna be seeing a lot more of me around here.

David: Works for me.

Anna: That can't possibly be legal.

Diane: It's legal, I assure you.

Anna: How?

Diane: It's despicable, but it's legal.

Sam: Is this, what, another one of Faison's mind games?

Anna: Yeah. And they were always designed to cause the maximum suffering and destruction, and even from his grave, he's pitting the two of you against each other.

Drew: Yeah. For one of us to get what we want, the other one has to die.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Diane (to Anna, Jason, Sam, and Drew): Faison's estate, he is leaving to his son.

Peter (to Maxie): Would you mind if I take you home?

Ned (to Olivia): Alexis and I are in a dead heat.

Alexis (to Julian): I may lose this race.

Jordan (to Curtis and Julian): Why pay someone to mug Stella?

Griffin (to Sonny): You were correct, being concerned about your father's cognitive abilities.

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