GH Transcript Monday 2/12/18

General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/12/18


Episode #13971 ~ Anna and Felicia commiserate; Drew questions Franco; Finn seeks legal advice; Oscar tries to get one over on Kim; Julian throws a bone.

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Lulu: Maxie. I'm so sorry about Nathan... for your loss.

Maxie: You should be.

Lulu: What?

Maxie: I said, "you should be sorry." You killed him.

Lulu: I don't understand.

Maxie: It's pretty simple, really. You. Killed. Nathan.

Lulu: How can you say that?

Maxie: You disagree?

Lulu: You are our best friends. I would never want anything to happen to Nathan.

Maxie: No, you just wanted to be the next "big thing." Journalism's newest superstar. Tell me, Lulu -- how did it go? Did you get your story?

Dante: Okay, I think we should go.

Maxie: Tell me. What is the going rate for my husband's life?

[Indistinct conversations]

Anna: Hi, guys. Can I get you something? Like a water or tea or... probably something stronger?

Felicia: How about a time machine? Anything so Maxie wouldn't have to go through this.

Julian: Barstool for one?

Kim: Oh, takeout for two, actually.

Julian: Oh.

Kim: Hmm. What's that "oh"?

Julian: Uh, oh. "I thought could convince you to eat here with me" oh.

Kim: Aw.

Julian: Mm-mm.

Kim: Not tonight.

Julian: Mm. Well, in that case, we have a bunch of specials this week. You know, it's couples' dinners in honor of Valentine's Day here. Actually, have a look.

Kim: Mm. Ooh. Rack of lamb.

Julian: Mm.

Kim: Surf 'n' turf. [Sighs] It's a little over the top for my teenage son, don't you think? And I'm pretty sure he would die if I ever referred to us as a "couple."

Julian: Ah. [Laughs] Yeah.

Kim: [Chuckles]

Alexis: Nice sharing in the meeting today.

Finn: Huh.

Alexis: You said one revealing thing -- your name.

Finn: I'm not sure. Are you making fun of me? Listen, if I agree to buy you a cup of coffee, will you stop hounding me about this share stuff?

Alexis: All right, one cup of coffee... [Elevator bell dings]

Alexis: ...And one significant detail about yourself.

Finn: You do realize that's the "share stuff," right?

Alexis: Right. But it's in private, not in front of a whole group. Take it or leave it.

Finn: Fine.

Alexis: Don't sound so excited.

Sam: Okay, why the staring contest?

Drew: I don't know. Something's eating at me.

Sam: About Franco? What?

Drew: Yeah. I don't know. I get this feeling that I'm making him nervous. I want to know why.

Franco: What do you say we get out of here and go home, light a fire, and feel fortunate for being alive and for having one another?

Liz: I would love that. But let's wait until Maxie gets here. I would like to pay my respects. I'm gonna go get us a drink.

Franco: Okay.

Mac: Shouldn't Maxie be here by now?

Felicia: She and Nina wanted a minute. You can't rush that.

Anna: No. Everyone grieves in their own time.

Damian: And in their own way.

Anna: Yeah.

Lulu: Maxie, I did not fire that gun.

Maxie: No. You didn't actually shoot Nathan. You just put him in the position to be shot.

Dante: Look, it's been a long day.

Maxie: And for what? Okay? Some stupid article? A pat on the back from your boss? How selfish are you?

Lulu: I know that your heart is breaking and you need to lash out at someone.

Maxie: No. What I need is my husband! His voice. His eyes. His hands! The way he used to put one on the small of my back to just let me know he was checking in, that he was still there! Don't you dare cry!

Lulu: [Sobs] I loved Nathan, too.

Maxie: Oh, please. You used him to advance your "career." What a joke.

Dante: Maxie.

Nina: Let her speak.

Maxie: You really believed it, didn't you? That you would become some Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist off of what -- two weeks' experience? Your ego knows no bounds.

Lulu: You do not mean that.

Maxie: Oh, but I do. You exploited him.

Lulu: Exploited him? How?!

Maxie: You knew he wanted to go after Faison. You knew he wanted to get that psycho away from hurting our family.

Lulu: Right. So we did the interview to lure Faison out. Nathan agreed to it, Maxie.

Maxie: Because you put the idea in his head! You made him think that it was the only way, but it wasn't! It was just your way! So quit it with this saint act, please. You didn't do this for Nathan's sake. You did it to get an interview. Period. You even know this is true.

Dante: I'm not doing this right here.

Maxie: You told her not to go through with it, to leave Faison to the police.

Lulu: Nathan was the police!

Maxie: No! Nathan was a husband and a father-to-be. Someone who would have done anything to protect his family. And you? You took advantage of that. Because why not? You didn't have anything to lose. You risked nothing, and, in turn, you took everything from me.

Oscar: Okay, we need to do this fast. My mom will be home any second.

Josslyn: [Sighs] But what if I hurt you? No. We should really get some help.

Oscar: No. Are you crazy? We're in enough trouble as it is. Please. Just take care of it, Joss. And hurry.

Alexis: Really? This is the place that you wanted to take me for coffee?

Finn: What? I thought you'd like this place. It's right near your campaign headquarters, right?

Alexis: Julian owns this bar. "Charlie" is Julian.

Finn: When did that happen? I really got to get on the internet. Lis-- I'm sorry. I was just trying to be nice. Admittedly, not one of my strong suits.

Alexis: This is your admission?

Finn: It's not?

Alexis: Not even close.

Finn: Damn. All right. Well, look, you want to go somewhere else?

Alexis: No. We're here. Let's just do it.

[Door opens]

Alexis: Julian.

Julian: Hey, guys. Table for two?

Alexis: Mm.

Julian: Anywhere you like.

Finn: Here?

Alexis: Uh, yeah. Mm-hmm.

Drew: Hi. How's it going?

Franco: Well, it's a funeral. So I should probably offer my condolences. Excuse me.

Damian: My deepest regret is not finding Faison and stopping him before he was able to reach Nathan.

Anna: Mm. It would have all played out quite differently, wouldn't it?

Damian: What, now?

Anna: Why? What do you mean? Huh?

Damian: What? Are you... are you still searching for the mysterious son?

Anna: Henrik? Oh. Absolutely, yeah. Um... you know, for all we know, he could be planning on picking up exactly where his father left off.

Damian: [Sighs] Yeah, but at the risk of sounding pessimistic, it seems as if Henrik's trail is as cold as Faison himself.

Anna: It'll heat up. No one can stay lost forever.

Dante: Come on. We should go home.

Lulu: [Sighs] No. No, no. I need to make her understand.

Maxie: Classic. Of course that's your response.

Lulu: What does that mean?

Maxie: No "I'm sorry"? Or "I was wrong"? Or "I just made the biggest mistake of my entire life"?! No. No. Of course. This is my problem. You need to make me see that you were right and I was wrong. Because Lulu Falconeri is always right.

Dante: Maxie, I know you think this is gonna make you feel better, but it won't.

Maxie: It's like the one thing that you could do to give me any closure at all would be to admit your part in this. But I'm never gonna get that from you. It's not your style. It's not in the Spencer DNA.

Lulu: No, that is not true. I admit when I'm wrong.

Maxie: When? When was the last time you admitted that you were wrong?

Lulu: You want an example?

Maxie: Yes! Of course! But I doubt you're gonna be able to find one. You know, when I screwed up, I felt terrible. I apologized to you over and over again until you finally forgave me. But I'm never gonna get that from you. I'm never gonna feel your regret or remorse, because it doesn't exist. You are incapable! Oh. [Laughs] And you're also a murderer. But you're a "morally superior" one, so there's that.

Lulu: I know that you don't mean the things you're saying. You can't.

Maxie: Get out of my sight.

Lulu: No. Please. Let's just talk about this.

Maxie: It's not my job to make this better for you.

Dante: We need to go now.

Lulu: No, but, Maxie, please. Please. You are my best friend.

Nina: Oh, god, please stop. Stop. Haven't you done enough, Lulu? Please go. Please. Are you okay? [Sniffles] [Sighs] The reception is going on. We should get to it, okay?

Maxie: [Sniffles] I don't want to leave him. [Sobs]

Nina: I know.

Maxie: [Voice breaking] I don't know how to do this. [Sniffles] Please tell me how. How do I do this?

Nina: I don't know. We're gonna figure it out together, okay? All right?

Drew: Hey. I hope those condolences went well.

Franco: It's sad. The whole thing's just [Sighs] Just awful. I should probably make this call.

Drew: Hey. Are you... are you avoiding me?

Julian: I, um -- I can't have you walking home alone.

Kim: Well, what about the restaurant?

Julian: Oh, it's fine. Manager's here.

Kim: Oh. Free drink, takeout, now delivery?

Julian: Mm, what can I say? I aim to please.

Kim: Mm. Or to make someone jealous.

Julian: Hmm?

Kim: Hmm? [Laughs] You don't think I see you staring over there every five seconds?

Julian: Well, you know, they're customers. I'm just making sure they have what they need, you know?

Kim: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. It's fine. You know, you can still walk me home.

Julian: Really?

Kim: Mm-hmm. Yeah. I need someone to -- ooh -- carry these bags. These are heavy.

Julian: All right. Seriously. What did you order?

Kim: You took the order. Listen, I have a teenage son. And he eat me out of house and home and still stay real thin.

Julian: Oh, lucky kid.

Kim: Yeah, tell me about it.

Finn: Did you want to get something to eat?

Alexis: Mm? Uh, no. [Sighs] I'm not hungry.

Peter: [Sighs] Feels strange to say goodbye when we were never formally introduced. Not as brothers, at least. I wish I could have known you, Nathan. You seemed like a good man. Loving, kind... heroic. All the things our father wasn't, I guess. And Maxie. [Breathes deeply] It's so clear how much she loves you. I'm tempted to say you were a lucky man. I'm truly sorry that your luck ran out. [Breathes shakily]

Mac: Can I get you something? A drink? Maybe something to eat?

Anna: Hey, Maxie. That was a beautiful service. It was an honorable send-off for an honorable man. And I know how much Nathan loved you. Yeah?

Maxie: [Sniffles]

Sam: Hey. You were really great today. I know Nathan would be proud. Do you need anything? Do you want to go anywhere?

Maxie: Excuse me for just a minute, okay?

Sam: Okay.

Maxie: I can't -- I can't be here. Everyone's just so sad and sorry. I just --

Nina: Don't worry. Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. I got this. You take care of yourself.

Felicia: Maxie, I can take you home.

Maxie: No.

Felicia: No, honey, you shouldn't be alone right now.

Maxie: It's what I want, okay?

Felicia: Maxie.

Maxie: Really. I'll call you later.

Felicia: What do I do? Do I go after he or what?

Mac: Felicia, it's okay. It's okay.

Nina: She said she wanted to be alone, so...

Damian: [Stammering] What Maxie says and what she needs are often different things. If I have your permission?

Felicia: Please. Yes.

Mac: Please. Take of our girl. Please.

Franco: I think you prefer when I keep my distance.

Drew: I do.

Franco: So thank me.

Drew: Actually, how long have you known this Harvey guy?

Franco: Uh, apparently as long as you have. Since we were little kids.

Drew: So you recognized him?

Franco: He recognized me.

Drew: When was this?

Franco: When he came to try and buy my art studio. What's with the 20 questions?

Drew: I don't know. I find it odd that someone shows up into town that's -- I don't know -- we'd known when we were kids and you don't mention it.

Franco: Oh, 'cause we're friends now? When did that happen? Look, there's no our past. There's just the past. We were toddlers. I don't remember you. You don't remember me.

Drew: Could I at least see the rabbit's foot?

Franco: What?

Drew: The rabbit's foot. Can I please... can I please see it? [♪I'm dreaming of you♪]

[♪I'm dreaming of you♪]

Anna: Oh, hi. How's Nina?

Valentin: As you'd expect.

Anna: Mm. I'm really quite sorry about her brother. I know how close they were.

Valentin: Yeah, I really want to help, but I just can't.

Anna: You're helping her. More than you know.

Valentin: How are you?

Anna: Well, I'm devastated for Maxie.

Valentin: Mm.

Anna: And I'm still processing our conversation yesterday.

Valentin: Well, if there's anything I can do, any questions you may have...

Anna: Well, all right. Like why did you keep quiet about it? You've hated me for so long, and yet, all this time, you had this ammunition at your disposal. Because if anyone had ever found out that... ...that I had -- oh, my god -- Faison's child...

Valentin: His daughter.

Anna: God, it would have killed my career at the WSB, not to mention the damage it would have done to my personal life.

Valentin: I'm aware of that.

Anna: So why? Really? Why? You had the means to take me down, and you didn't. What stopped you?

Valentin: I guess there's a thin line between love and hate.

Anna: You kept my secret because you loved me? [In unison]: And hated you. And hated me.

Valentin: And everything in between. But the one thing I could never bring myself to do is destroy you.

Oscar: Ow. Ow.

Josslyn: Okay, we should stop.

Oscar: No, no. Keep going. Please. It has to work.

Josslyn: Oscar, it's not... [Door opens]

Josslyn: Oh, crap!

Kim: You can come in for a bit if you want. Oh. Hey, Josslyn.

Josslyn: Hi, Dr. Nero. What are you doing here?

Julian: Hello to you, too.

Kim: Oscar, what are you doing?

Oscar: I'm just grabbing some food.

Kim: Okay, well, come on over and say hello to our guest. Oh, my god. Oscar. Your face.

Alexis: So, Dr. Finn, I've noticed considerable uptick in your attendance at AA. Is this due to your relationship with Anna?

Finn: There may be a correlation, yes.

Alexis: And why is that?

Finn: I have a tendency not to know what I've got until it's gone. [Door opens]

Lulu: Sorry to make us drive around. I just couldn't go home and face the kids.

Dante: It's okay. I get it.

Lulu: It won't shut off. It's not just the words. It's the way she said them. Maxie hates me.

Maxie: [Breathes deeply] [Door closes] [Knock on door]

Maxie: What are you doing here?

Damian: Well... your mother was right. You shouldn't be alone.

Maxie: But I am.

Drew: Hi.

Liz: Hey. Is everything okay over here?

Drew: Yeah, I'm just asking Franco if I could see that rabbit's foot he's been carrying around.

Liz: Why?

Drew: I think maybe I recognize it. Can I please see the foot? [♪I was never yours and you were never mine♪]

Drew: Thank you. [♪I'm afraid to hear what I need to hear♪]

Sam: Anything?

Drew: No, no. Here. Appreciate it. [Clears throat]

Franco: [Breathes deeply, clears throat]

Anna: Well, thank you.

Valentin: No. No, don't thank me.

Anna: Yeah, yeah. You kept quiet when you didn't have to, and I'm very grateful for that. Do you know where she is now? Did you keep track of her?

Valentin: I only know what your midwife told me -- that it all went down the way you wanted. It was a private delivery. There was no birth certificate. No records exist.

Anna: And you're certain she went to a good family?

Valentin: Good family, yeah. That's what she told me. Your daughter has a good life. One where Faison doesn't exist.

Anna: Well [Sniffles] If I found her, I would have to pop that bubble and tell her the truth about why I gave her up... all of it.

Valentin: Yeah, Robin, too.

Anna: Yeah. Turn her life upside down for a multitude of reason.

Valentin: Is that what you want for either of them?

Anna: No.

Valentin: Well, then you know what you got to do.

Kim: Talk to me.

Oscar: I got in a fight.

Kim: Yeah, that much is clear. Why? And with whom?

Oscar: Okay, you remember that friend I told you about -- the one that's getting bullied at school?

Kim: The boy who identifies as female?

Oscar: Thank you. Right. Mom, I stood up for her.

Kim: Next time, you tell the teacher. For Pete's sake, you don't want to provoke the bully!

Oscar: There wasn't any time to tell a teacher!

Josslyn: Mrs. Nero, um, if Oscar hadn't stepped in when he did, our friend would have been seriously hurt.

Kim: Okay, you know what? I don't care about your friend. I care about my son!

Finn: Conversely, I keep making the same mistakes over and over and don't seem to be able to learn from it.

Alexis: I have no idea what you're talking about. So, was it Anna's idea to leave or yours?

Finn: Oh, it went back and forth so many times, I lost track. But I think the last time was all Anna. I don't know. You know, with her, it's like she's opening the door with one hand while she slams it shut with the other. Huh.

Dante: I was with Nathan every day. And he was scared to death of what Faison could do to Maxie and that baby. And he wanted that bastard caught.

Lulu: Well, then I should have let Nathan handle it his way. Instead, I pushed until he gave in.

Dante: You know there were other factors in play.

Lulu: I just -- I should have stayed out of it. If I could go back...

Dante: I know.

Maxie: Thanks. Do you think it's strange that I didn't want Georgie at the funeral?

Damian: No. No, no, no. On the contrary. I think you were looking out for our daughter... you know, who's too little to understand what transpired. You know, besides, if she'd made the trip, she would have missed her school outing.

Maxie: Really? Her first field trip?

Damian: [Laughing] Yeah.

Maxie: Where did they go?

Damian: Oh, the Portland Zoo.

Maxie: Oh. I could just see her going nuts over the seals, imitating them the way she does.

Damian: [Laughing] Yeah. Yeah, she is quite the ham.

Maxie: [Chuckles]

Damian: You know, you don't have to imagine it.

Maxie: Did Ellie send you a video?

Damian: No. I'm referring to you coming home with me.

Maxie: To Portland?

Damian: Our guest room goes unused. And I know Georgie would be ecstatic to spend more time with her mom.

Maxie: Really, Spinelli?!

Damian: Did I say something wrong?

Maxie: I hate to break this to you, but going to Portland is not gonna make me forget that my husband is dead.

Peter: Hey. You guys seen Maxie? I wanted to tell her how sorry I am.

Sam: She left. I think this was a little bit too much for her.

Peter: It's understandable.

Drew: Hey, look, I know this is not the appropriate time to talk shop, but... have you thought about staying on at Aurora?

Sam: I know it's been a weird few days, but we'll give you a chance to regroup. Please?

Drew: Yeah, we're not shutting any doors.

Valentin: You made a very bold choice to further your career... one that ultimately came with consequences. And it sounds to me like you're asking, do you continue going forward with the consequences on your own, or do you try to pass them onto your children? Want my advice?

Anna: I don't know. Do I?

Valentin: I think you do, 'cause I think, ultimately, I'm borrowing it from you. You leave it alone. Let the past be the past. Live the life you've made for yourself now. You made some mistakes. You have regrets. Join the club. The difference between you and me -- you want to be better. So be better.

Anna: Is that enough?

Valentin: Well, I think it's gonna have to be. Anyway, I'm gonna let you go 'cause I want to go be with my wife.

Julian: Hey. Don't forget your peas.

Josslyn: I'll tell my stepdad you say "hi."

Julian: You do that.

Kim: Uh, Sonny a friend of yours?

Julian: Not exactly.

Finn: Anna did save my life -- twice.

Alexis: That woman should wear a cape and a mask, I'm telling you.

Finn: Mm. She fought really hard for us at one point -- only to kick me to the curb equally as hard. Now, you're a woman.

Alexis: Thank you for noticing.

Finn: No, no. I mean, you're in the club, you get the newsletter, you know about these things -- certainly more than I do. Where [Sighs] Where am I supposed to go with this?

Maxie: That's great. No, no, no, no, no. Really. I'll just jet off to Portland and have a grand old time with you and Georgie, forget all about Nathan. After all, I forgot about him for months when I was there before, when I could have been at home with my husband. Instead, I was wasting precious time. And you want me to, what, waste more? Run away? 'Cause if I don't feel the loss, then it's not really there, right?

Damian: That's not what I was suggesting.

Maxie: I know, I know. You're just trying to help. But don't. Don't make nice offers. Don't show up at my house. Seriously, don't show up! Do you know what happened when I heard the knock at the door? Or when I hear footsteps coming from another room or the elevator opening in the hallway? Every moment of every day is a reminder that Nathan is gone and he is not coming back. And all those brief, blissful moments of hope -- those are the hardest to come out of. So I have to live it. I have to be here. Until I don't need those reminders anymore. Until it's actually, finally, horrifyingly real. And you cannot help me with that. So just leave.

Peter: I'm very sorry about your brother.

Nina: Thank you.

Peter: Sounds like he was an incredible man.

Nina: He was the best. The best. Ah, speaking of the best, my husband, Valentin. This is Peter August. He's the COO of Aurora Media.

Valentin: Nice to meet you, Peter.

Peter: Likewise.

Nina: It was kind of you to come here. It was very kind.

Peter: Of course. We're all family at Aurora.

Valentin: That was a nice sentiment.

Nina: Ah. I have to run something by Felicia. Will excuse me?

Valentin: Is everything okay? Can I do anything?

Nina: You're already doing it.

Valentin: Hope you've reconsidered skipping town. The timing would be highly suspicious.

Peter: I'm flattered. But I think you overestimate my impact.

Valentin: No, I think you underestimate Jason Morgan, because he's still out to find Faison's son and he's gonna follow up every lead. And you coming and going from Port Charles this quickly -- it's gonna attract his attention.

Peter: There have been complications.

Valentin: Yeah, and Nathan becoming collateral damage is a tragedy. But now is not the time to jump ship. You're gonna have to trust me. Haven't I always looked out for you in the past?

Lulu: I have to quit.

Dante: What are you talking about?

Lulu: I have to quit my job.

Dante: You love being a reporter.

Lulu: I love Maxie more. And if doing that shows her how serious I am... how incredibly sorry... I need to make this right.

Alexis: I am a master at mixed signals -- both getting them and giving them. And I'm also a firm believer that you can hold two truths in your heart, so you can love someone and not want them, and you can do that all at the same time.

Finn: Good to know. Good little fortune cookie wisdom.

Alexis: Mm.

Finn: But where does that leave me?

Alexis: Nowhere good, because if Anna's fighting that hard to keep away from you, she ain't ready.

Kim: You probably think I'm overreacting, huh? It's just a little black eye.

Julian: Well, it's your kid with a black eye, so I completely understand.

Kim: You know, Oscar's my everything. Literally. He is all I have.

Julian: Well, that's not entirely true.

Kim: Okay, yeah, I have my work, and that's meaningful, but, I mean, it's not --

Julian: No, no, no. I was... I was gonna say that you -- you have some friends.

Liz: So, when did you rediscover this?

Franco: It was in a box that I moved into your house, and then I stuck it in a drawer. And then I stumbled upon it, and it's just kind of been with me ever since.

Liz: Well, it certainly has done its job, 'cause we're happy, we're in love. We're about to get married. Who's luckier than us?

Sam: Remember the last time you got that "familiar" feeling? It ended up being Kim, and she ended up being a big part of your life.

Drew: So you don't think I'm crazy for dwelling on a stupid little rabbit's foot?

Sam: For all we know, it could be a missing piece of the puzzle.

Anna: Hey.

Felicia: I saw you talking to Valentin before. Should I be worried?

Anna: No. It's taken decades, but we don't have any more wars to fight, he and I.

Nina: Okay.

Valentin: Natural History Museum, huh?

Nina: Yeah. J. Loved it there when he was little. All the animals and information. When he'd have a day off of school, that's where we'd go.

Valentin: You and the rest of Manhattan.

Nina: Yeah. [Sighs] Thank you for bringing me back here. I just wanted... one more chance to say goodbye. Now I'm not sure if it was a good idea.

Valentin: Hey. You know, I've been in a lot of dangerous situations in the company of a lot of brave people. But I've never once, Nina, been in the company of someone as brave as you've been today.

Nina: I don't feel very brave right now.

Valentin: You don't have to be. Not anymore.

Maxie: [Sniffs] I am so sorry. [Sniffles] I'm sorry you're not gonna get to meet your dad. He would have really loved you. [Sniffles] He already did. Also, I'm sorry that I lost it earlier. I hope I didn't scare you or freak you out about our future. Your mom's not a psycho, I swear. I'm just sad. And angry. But I'm gonna pull it together, 'cause that's what your dad would have wanted. He'd want me to sing you songs and make you laugh with silly faces like -- like he was looking forward to doing. I'm just gonna do it for both of us. It's not gonna be the same, but... we're always gonna miss him. But I think that if we're brave and we lean on each other, we're gonna get through this. We're gonna be okay. [Breathes deeply] You'll see.

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