GH Transcript Thursday 2/8/18

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/8/18


Episode #13969 ~ Anna is in denial; Drew pushes back; Sam asks for a favor; Carly vents her frustrations; Drew is troubled.

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Kiki: Hey, I noticed the, uh, the Save the Date card didn't include a location for the reception.

Ava: Right. Well, I-I know Franco can be a little unconventional, but you are having a reception, aren't you?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Well, uh, we want one. We're just having a hard time picking the venue. I mean, obviously the Metro Court is out, and we thought about the Rice Manor, but it's kind of formal.

Ava: Why don't you have it at my gallery?

Elizabeth: Oh, that's really thoughtful of you, but --

Ava: I'm not just being polite. I mean it. It's a beautiful space. It's big. It has excellent flow.

Kiki: It would really suit you and Franco.

Elizabeth: Thank you, Ava. That's a very generous offer. Let me run it by Franco. He's kind of got a lot going on right now.

Nelle: You know, I don't want to jinx it, but these checkups have been smooth sailing so far for baby Morgan. Thank you so much for coming. It means a lot to me.

Michael: I meant what I said. I don't want to miss anything.

Nelle: Well, we'll see if that stamina lasts into the second trimester.

Michael: I don't think it's gonna fade. I'm way too determined to be a part of the child's life.

Nelle: Okay, then maybe you can start by calling him or her by their name? I mean, unless that's a problem.

Michael: [Sighs]

Carly: What do you think?

Jason: I like it.

Carly: Oh, thank god. [Laughs] If you would've said "nice," I would've had to start over, so...

Jason: [Laughs] Why?

Carly: You know, any time somebody gives you something you don't need or you don't really like, you don't know what to say, so you say it's nice, and, well, you're the one that has to live with this furniture, and I want you to enjoy it. You know, I don't want you just to deal with this.

Jason: I think I'm gonna enjoy it, and I know I'm gonna be comfortable.

Carly: Oh.

Jason: So thank you very much.

Carly: You're welcome. Wait till you see the boys' room. You're gonna love it. Come on, come on.

Alexis: How are things going between the two of you?

Sam: Things are great, all things considered anyway.

Alexis: What do you mean?

Sam: Faison is dead. Any answers he had about Drew's life went with him. The only lead we have now is Faison's newly discovered son, Henrik.

Drew: So that's it? You're just gonna quit?

Peter: Resigning has a better ring to it, but, yes, I am leaving Aurora Media. I will remain on board until you find a replacement.

Drew: Well, that is a very kind offer, but I refuse to accept this without some sort of explanation. Peter, come on. You've done a hell of a job getting Aurora up and running. You can't just walk away now without telling me why you're going. Did you get a better offer?

Peter: No, not at all.

Drew: Are you unhappy with your position here? Is somebody bothering you?

Peter: I've accomplished what I came here to do.

Anna: So did you ever cross paths with Faison after you left the WSB?

Valentin: [Chuckles]

Anna: What's so funny?

Valentin: You. You're funny. You're supposed to be a seasoned professional. You're really messing this up.

Anna: What am I messing up?

Valentin: Listen. I could field these ridiculous and vague questions of yours all afternoon, but my wife wants you gone, so how about we cut to the chase? Ask me what happened to the child you had with Faison.

Anna: What are you talking about?

Valentin: Really? That's all you got? You're a wonderful liar. That's what made you such a great spy.

Anna: You're delusional.

Valentin: I understand the paradox of a secret too painful to keep. How have you done it all these years?

Anna: I don't have to listen to this.

Valentin: Fine. Run away. But you're never gonna get the answers you're looking for.

Michael: Look, Nelle, I know you meant well when you suggested naming the baby after Morgan. But I think we should come up with something else.

Nelle: Why?

Michael: Do I really have to spell it out for you?

Nelle: Apparently. I mean, I thought it was a really nice way to honor your brother's memory.

Michael: It brings up a lot of painful memories about my brother's loss and -- and all the mistakes we made in our grief.

Nelle: Okay. You don't have to speak in code, Michael. I know that Carly doesn't want me to name the baby after Morgan.

Michael: I don't want to, either.

[Door opens]

Elizabeth: Illuminating. Almost hypnotic.

Franco: Haven't we had this conversation about you sneaking up on me?

Elizabeth: No, don't cover it. I like watching you paint. It looks to me like your muse is back in full force.

Franco: Yeah. Sometimes the best way for me to work things out is with a paintbrush.

Elizabeth: And this looks like a breakthrough.

Franco: Huh?

Elizabeth: Do you think it had anything to do with talking to Kevin?

Franco: Well, I don't want to give him all the credit, but talking to him has been illuminating.

Elizabeth: This is powerful. I think I know exactly what it means.

Carly: So, I thought about getting bunk beds, but then I -- I wasn't sure if the boys were going to, you know, have a sleepover on the same night, and I didn't want them fighting over who gets which bunk.

Jason: Kids fight about that?

Carly: Oh, god, yeah. Michael and Morgan always did. And, of course, Michael gave in. Morgan got the bunk he always wanted. Perks of being a little brother. [Sighs]

Jason: Hey.

Carly: I'm okay. Yeah, I'm okay. It's just, um... those are the moments...

Jason: Yeah.

Carly: ...That sneak up, and they kind of punch you in the stomach. You know, those... I'm just happy that I -- that I'm not forgetting, that it's all still here in my heart, you know? Anyway, now it's your turn. [Chuckles]

Jason: Uh, yeah.

Carly: Yeah! Yeah, this -- this -- this is your place. And your boys are gonna visit you here, and...

Jason: [Sighs]

Carly: This is where you're gonna make memories.

Jason: Yeah, I hope so.

Carly: No, you don't hope. You make it happen. Come on, you're the most determined person I know.

Jason: Uh...[Chuckles] No, Carly, that would be you.

Carly: No, no, it's not. I mean, come on. I make a lot of false starts and wrong turns. Most of the good I have I stumbled on to. But you, when you decide to do something, you do it. So you decide to have a relationship with your boys. And if anyone tells you not to, they're wrong. Danny and Jake need you, Jason. And you need them, too.

Peter: I'm gonna tell you the truth, Drew. I'm still in shock from the shooting. I had a gun pointed right at me, and I was somehow lucky enough to come away spared. Nathan West wasn't so fortunate. And while I didn't witness the actual shooting, I did see the aftermath. I saw his wife kneeling down next to him, begging for him to stay alive, and... [Sighs] I tried to staunch the bleeding with my own hands. It wasn't enough.

Drew: Look, I've witnessed my fair share of violence, and I know how this could be very traumatic.

Peter: It sounds cliché, but it made me question my life, how fragile and precious and short it is and whether or not I want to spend it in a boardroom or behind a desk or...

Drew: I get it. It's not cliché, but what's your plan here? What are you gonna do? Are you gonna go off to the Himalayas, climb a mountain, search for enlightenment?

Peter: Maybe. I haven't decided yet.

Drew: See, and that's my point. This is a very big decision. So if you'd like to take some days off, think about it.

Peter: No, I know what I need to do. I do.

Drew: Well, Sam and I are grateful for everything you've done here at Aurora. Revenues are way up since you took charge. Viewership, readership, they're up across all of our platforms.

Peter: Well, I told you when I first interviewed this company had a lot of potential, and I'm glad I was able to help you realize some of it.

Drew: Well, you are a part of the Aurora family now. So it's kind of hard for me to think of you leaving.

Peter: Thank you for saying that. Until now, I've never really known what it's like to have a family.

Valentin: Aren't you tired of running?

Anna: Yeah. I'm tired of you talking in riddles, though.

Valentin: I was very clear. I know you have a child with Faison. And how I came to know that, now, that's a little bit of a story. And it'll take us back to London, to a school not unlike Hogwarts, except they don't train wizards, do they? They train spies. And at that spy school, there was a beautiful young English rose, more lovely than a -- a princess in a fairy tale.

Anna: Stop it.

Valentin: And there was a -- a young, crooked man, as ugly as a troll. Want to know their names?

Anna: No, I can guess.

Valentin: Well, what happened on a dark, sinful night in London would take the young woman to Brussels, to a lonely house in a quiet street up five flights of stairs, where a midwife was waiting to help that young woman deliver a child in a lonely and private room, where only the mother could hear the baby's cries.

Anna: Ugh, I could be on the launch at home. I don't need to listen to this.

Valentin: You know, when I learned you had a sister Alex, I thought maybe, maybe it was her, taking your place, but now I realize it was you all along, wasn't it? That was you in that room having that baby. That child is yours.

Anna: Why are you doing this?

Valentin: Don't you want to know what happened?

Anna: You weren't there! How could you possibly know?

Valentin: Why don't you let me finish my story? This time without interruption.

Elizabeth: To me it looks like you're crawling out of the dark place you've been, into something new and unknown.

Franco: Well, I like your interpretation a lot more than what I would imagine Kevin would have to say about it.

Elizabeth: I'm proud of you for dealing with your demons through your art. I don't want to interrupt your muse.

Franco: No, no, no, no, you're the most important thing in my life, fiancée.

Elizabeth: Oh, speaking of our wedding...

Franco: What?

Elizabeth: I got good news. Ava offered her gallery for our reception.

Franco: Huh? That sounds uncharacteristically generous of her.

Elizabeth: I think she was trying to impress Kiki.

Franco: Okay, well, whatever her motives, I think it's a great idea. I was starting to think we'd have to put food trucks in front of the brownstone.

Elizabeth: I think I like the idea of the gallery. After all, your exhibit there was -- it helped you confront your past and move past it.

Franco: Yeah. I never thought of it that way. You want to get something to eat and talk more about it? You're looking great.

Elizabeth: Okay.

[Elevator bell dings]

Nelle: You know, I thought that naming the baby after Morgan would just ease tensions between me and your mom.

Michael: Nelle, it was... it was after Morgan died when my -- my parents were separated that you drugged my father and convinced him that you slept with him for the sole purpose of hurting my mother.

Nelle: How long are you gonna throw that in my face?

Michael: I'm just saying naming the baby Morgan is only gonna bring up old pain for my family, and they -- they don't deserve that, and neither does the baby. Why don't we just wait to see if it's a boy or a girl, and then -- and then we can come up with a name that we both like?

Nelle: By "we" you mean "you."

Michael: No, we. The only name that's off the table is Morgan.

Nelle: Anything else you'd like to dictate.

Michael: Look. I -- I want to talk about every decision that we make for the baby. I want to discuss, compromise whenever is possible, and -- and -- and I want to be by your side as -- as much as you're willing to let me.

Nelle: You mean it?

Michael: Yeah, I'm here, aren't I? Signing up for childbirth classes.

Nelle: [Sighs] You know, you really are exasperating, Michael. I mean, one minute you're completely unreasonable, and then next the you're absolutely incredible.

Jason: You got everything finished in time. You know, Danny's coming over tonight.

Carly: Oh. Are you nervous?

Jason: Uh, yeah, I'm a little -- a little nervous. You know, he seems pretty relaxed around me. We haven't spent more than 5 or 10 minutes together. When we have, Sam's always been there, so, you know...

Carly: Hey. I don't think you have anything to worry about. I mean, Danny's a pretty self-possessed little guy, a lot like his parents. Danny knows that he can trust you. He knows that he's safe with you.

Jason: How could he know that?

Carly: Because kids pick up on things. I'm sure he senses how Sam feels about you. I don't mean the whole interconflict, suppressing her love for you. I mean how she really feels about you. Jason, Sam knows that if she needs you for anything, you will always come through for her. Sam knows that she's safe with you.

Sam: Basically Jason, Sonny, and Anna all teamed up and figured out that Faison had another son, named Henrik. And we think that Henrik was involved in switching Jason with Drew.

Alexis: And this Henrik is still at large?

Sam: Correct. But the thing is, Jason didn't say anything to Drew until after Faison was shot, so Drew feels like Jason was withholding information.

Alexis: So it sounds like Drew was right.

Sam: It was just a theory. I think Jason wanted proof first before he said anything.

Alexis: Well, I-I don't think he wanted to say anything to Drew. Had you been there by yourself, I think he would've looped you in from the beginning.

Sam: I don't know, Mom. You're probably right. I'm -- I'm sure Jason didn't say anything to me because he didn't want me going behind Drew's back and just didn't want to put me in the middle.

Alexis: Like he did when he kissed you on New Year's Eve?

Drew: Hold on to this. If you feel the same way tomorrow, then Sam and I are just gonna have to respect your decision.

Peter: I have to warn you, I doubt I'll change my mind, but thank you.

Drew: All right. [Sighs] Boy.

Sam: The kiss was mutual. I was every bit as responsible. Jason and I already talked about it. It's done. It's over with. That's it.

Alexis: All right. Just to be safe, you might want to keep your distance from now on.

Sam: Already have.

[Cell phone rings]

Sam: Excuse me. Hi.

Drew: Hey. Where are you?

Sam: Oh, I'm at Charlie's Pub with my mom. What's going on?

Drew: Something came up at work.

Sam: Okay, um, well, I have a couple of errands to run. I can meet you at the office.

Drew: No, I'll -- I'll come to you. We really need to talk.

Sam: Is everything okay?

Drew: Um, I'll explain it to you when I see you.

Sam: Okay. I'll see you soon. Mom, I have a favor to ask you.

Valentin: In spy school, I was hopelessly in love with you.

Anna: [Groans]

Valentin: I convinced myself I could win you over with a -- a daring act of devotion. Maybe I could make you see the real me, you could see past my physical defect. Anyway, it helped that I could see right through you. I could see to your most obvious weakness. Your ambition. You wanted to leapfrog all the other recruits and the, uh, seasoned field operatives. You wanted a chance to bring down the biggest baddie on our watch list. The dreaded Cesar Faison. And you knew him, didn't you? You knew that he was already fixated on you. You saw an in. You saw his weakness.

Anna: I hated him. I really wanted to just destroy him.

Valentin: You know, I saw you that night. I saw you when you stole away from school. I followed you. Not that you would've noticed.

Anna: You stalked me.

Valentin: No, this isn't about me.

Anna: Are you sure?

Valentin: I am just giving you a story from my perspective. Do you want me to stop?

Anna: No.

Valentin: I followed you, and I watched as you blended in, in Piccadilly. I watched you go through a door, and minutes later, you came out in full disguise, a common call girl with a blonde wig and plunging neckline and stiletto heels. [Inhales sharply] You fooled everyone. Not me. I knew it was you. And I, uh, followed you out of London. By train, to Cookham. And on to a pub where you knew Faison would be. He was quite drunk when you sat down next to him, and you got him a great deal drunker, didn't you? Before you left together. Anyway... the rumor was flying all around school the next day that you had stolen devastating intel from the dreaded Cesar Faison. You had spiked one of his ops, and nobody knew how you did it. But I knew. And I know you got a lot more than you bargained for that night.

Anna: Stop it! I don't want to hear this.

Valentin: Okay. Okay, I can't make you stay. But you made it this far, and if you leave now, I promise you, you are missing the best part of the story.

Anna: I was ambitious. I don't deny it. And I'm not going to apologize for it. And did I want the glory of bringing Faison down? Yes, absolutely, because he was evil. He was so sick. He would pay women to impersonate me. I thought maybe I could pass myself off as one of them and I could accommodate his fantasy. [Sighs]

Valentin: What a dangerous game you were playing. And one that went so much further than you had expected, didn't it? Which brings us back to Brussels, to the old house on the quiet street where the midwife waits up five flights of creaky stairs. Do you remember how those stairs creaked? It was impossible to climb them in silence.

Anna: Oh, my god, how could you know that? You weren't -- how could you have been there?

Valentin: Do you remember when you took that spontaneous leave of absence from school?

Anna: Yes, special training.

Valentin: Right. Special training. Well, I'd gotten pretty good at the spy game myself by that time. I had some pretty powerful contacts, and one of them told me exactly where you were. Well, by the time I got to Brussels, by the time I got up those creaky stairs, that lonely room was empty. There was no sign of the mother or the child.

Anna: Well, then, how do you know what happened?

Valentin: I never knew for certain. You just confirmed it right now.

Anna: [Sighs]

Sam: What's going on?

Drew: Well, Peter tendered his resignation.

Sam: Are you kidding me? Why?

Drew: I am not. And I have no idea. He just came into my office with his resignation ready to go. Said he has done what he came here to do, whatever that means.

Sam: Okay, well, maybe he just got a little shaken up because of the shooting.

Drew: He mentioned that, and I asked him to take a day or two to reconsider, think it all the way through, but he seems pretty certain.

Jim Harvey: Well, isn't this a welcome surprise. Sam, I was hoping to meet your husband. It seems the, uh, fates have conspired in my favor.

Sam: Drew, Jim Harvey, from Niagara Equities.

Jim Harvey: I was, uh, I was telling your wife that I plan on being a major advertiser once the Charles Street project kicks into full gear.

Drew: Gotcha. If it passes the ballot.

Jim Harvey: Uh, I suspect it will. You know, assuming that, uh, you know, I get a fair break from the media. Hey, let me grab you two drinks.

Sam: That's not necessary.

Jim Harvey: No, no, no, no, no, I insist.

Franco: I wanted to stop by here, like, a million times, 'cause I always walk by on my way to the studio, and I thought it looked really... [Chuckles] It's a little busy here, right? Maybe we should go somewhere else where we can be alone.

Elizabeth: After the past couple days, I am ready for some comfort food and a beer. If you're gonna stare, we should just go say hi.

Franco: Yeah, I'm pretty sure Drew would prefer I walk into oncoming traffic.

Elizabeth: Oh, stop.

Franco: You want to stay?

Elizabeth: [Sighs] I do. Please.

Franco: No problem.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Franco: We can talk, right? We can, uh, discuss the pros and cons of having our wedding reception at Ava's gallery.

Elizabeth: Yes, let's do it.

Franco: You want to do that? Okay. Uh, excuse me. Do you mind? Can I grab one of those bar menus?

Jim Harvey: Sure. Here's an extra. Bobby. [Chuckles] Small world, isn't it, huh?

Franco: Getting smaller.

Kiki: Um, I don't want to overstep, but is everything okay with the baby?

Nelle: Oh, yeah, yeah. Baby's fine. Um, we're just here to sign up for Lamaze classes.

Kiki: Oh, good. Okay. I was just worried when I saw you were up here on the 10th floor.

Nelle: Yeah, I guess they're strapped for space on the fourth floor, so they just hold them here sometimes. Uh, but I'm really exhausted, so I'm gonna head home. Do you mind signing up for the both of us?

Michael: Yeah, sure. Do you want me to give you a ride?

Nelle: No. No, I'm good. Thank you.

Michael: Okay. Here.

Nelle: Thanks.

Michael: See ya.

Nelle: Bye, Kiki.

Kiki: So, getting your Lamaze on, huh?

Michael: [Chuckles]

Kiki: I do require a video of you doing the "hee-hee-hoo" breathing exercise.

Michael: Oh, yeah, not happening.

Kiki: Oh, okay.

[Both chuckle]

Kiki: That's, uh, it's really nice of you to do this with Nelle. As long as she understands your...

Michael: Oh, yeah, yeah. Don't worry.

Kiki: Okay, yeah, just 'cause you, um, you seemed sort of affectionate just then.

Michael: Yeah. Nelle understands that there's no future between us.

Ava: I saw you and Michael over there. Um, it looked promising.

Nelle: Yeah, yeah, the baby's really bringing us closer together.

Ava: Mm. And what about Granny Carly?

Nelle: Oh, there's been a bit of a setback there.

Ava: You know, I told you she's not gonna give up without a fight.

Nelle: She's not gonna have any fight left in her after what I have coming her way, Ava.

Ava: You know, you mentioned that you're gonna strike Carly where she's most vulnerable. So what's the target?

Nelle: Well, the details have yet to be finalized, but if I'm going to pull this off, I'm gonna need your help.

Jason: You say Sam trusts me to do what she needs. Well, she told me herself that she needs me to keep my distance.

Carly: She needs you to be here until she admits how she feels and comes to you.

Jason: Carly, please.

Carly: Don't argue with me. I know I'm right.

Jason: Who can argue with you?

[Knock on door]

Carly: [Gasps]

Jason: Hey.

Alexis: Hi.

Jason: Come on in.

Alexis: So, Sam asked me to drop Danny off for his sleepover.

Jason: Yeah, that's great.

Carly: Are you excited?

Danny: Yeah.

Carly: Yeah?

Danny: This place looks cool.

Carly: Oh, wow. Well, great taste runs in the family.

Danny: What does that mean?

Jason: Uh, that means Carly picked everything out, and she's glad you like it.

Carly: Yes, and I just finished setting up your room. It's all ready.

Alexis: So, uh, Sam and Drew have some work to do at Aurora. I hope it's okay that I brought him.

Jason: Of course, yeah. Well, uh, Danny, welcome to my new place, and it's your new place, too.

Danny: I brought you a present.

Jason: Wow, that's really good. That's -- that's you and Annabelle the second.

Danny: She really likes the cool toys you got her for Christmas.

Jason: Well, you know what? By next year, I'm gonna know all the cool toys to get you.

Danny: You can always get me stuff for Annabelle. But there's also this really cool Star Wars game that Jake and his brothers got.

Carly: Well, you know, that's a real coincidence 'cause there just might be some Star Wars stuff in your room. Jason, go show him.

Jason: Let's go check it out. Come on.

Carly: [Laughs] Sam couldn't bring Danny here herself?

Alexis: No. Work issue.

Carly: Right. Or was it because she can't trust herself around Jason?

Jim Harvey: I'd love to stay and chat, but I'm right in the middle of this impromptu business meeting that just, uh, fell into my hands. [Chuckles]

Elizabeth: Are you okay?

Jim Harvey: Listen, I won't up too much of your very valuable time. But, uh, the redevelopment project depends on the, uh, passage of Measure "A." And it wouldn't hurt to have a mayor who's pro-business. So, I was curious. Is Aurora planning an endorsement?

Sam: We're leaving that to the discretion of our editorial board.

Jim Harvey: And why's that?

Sam: Because it would be unethical to weigh in considering my mom is one of the candidates, and Drew is related to Ned.

Jim Harvey: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You mean -- wait. Drew as in AnDrew?

Drew: Yes, sir.

Jim Harvey: So you're a Quartermaine?

Drew: Well...

Jim Harvey: [Laughs] Oh, wow. Okay. Yeah, I'm putting this whole thing together for the first time. Uh... so that means that you and Franco...

Drew: What about Franco?

Jim Harvey: Well, listen. This may sound really strange, but, uh... [Chuckles] I used to know you and Franco when you were kids. I dated Betsy Frank. I mean, I'm talking about many moons ago. But I used to call you, you know, Bobby and Andy.

Drew: Really?

Sam: Uh, um, A-Andy? Do you know anything else that you could tell him about his past?

Jim Harvey: Uh... not much. Uh... Betsy and I broke up, and then, uh -- uh, a while later, I heard that little Andy had died, but, of course, that turned out to be untrue, didn't it? Clearly you are alive and well. It's crazy. I mean, it's a crazy coincidence. I mean, you and Bobby ending up living in the same town.

Sam: Then you picked Port Charles for your next project.

Jim Harvey: Yeah. You know, it makes you believe that we were meant to reconnect, you know? Hey. Cheers.

[Bottles clink]

Valentin: All this time I only had the word of the midwife. I never did know for sure. But now I know she was telling the truth, wasn't she? You gave birth in that lonely room. To Faison's child.

Anna: No child should have that monster for a father.

Valentin: I agree. That's why I never told anyone. I never breathed a word.

Anna: Thank you. Thank you.

Valentin: And now Faison is dead. He's no threat to you. Or anyone else, for that matter. [Sighs]

Anna: Do you know what happened to the child?

Kiki: I should probably go change. My mom wants to take me out to celebrate my admission to med school.

Michael: Oh, yeah? Oh, the hospital's celebrating, too. They're throwing a party for incoming students. I'm assuming you're gonna be there?

Kiki: No. It -- uh, it kind of turned into, like a couple-y thing. Everyone I know who's going is bringing someone. Like TJ is bringing Molly, and I just -- I didn't want to be an obvious third wheel.

Michael: Who cares? Look, you aced your exams. You should be there.

Kiki: Yeah. Honestly, I... I didn't want to get interrogated by everyone about where Dillon is.

Michael: Kiki, don't let Dillon ruin your moment. You've earned it. Go to that party and celebrate.

Kiki: I tell you what. I'll think about it.

Michael: [Chuckles] Okay. I'll see you.

Kiki: Bye.

Michael: Bye.

Ava: Well, how can I help?

Nelle: Well, I'm gonna need more flexible hours at the gallery. I'll get all my work done. I just need some extra time off to take care of myself, you know, for the baby's sake.

Ava: Ah. Mm-hmm. Well, Nelle, under the circumstances, consider your hours as flexible as you need.

Jason: So, uh, you want to stay for dinner?

Carly: Uh, oh, um, no. No, this is a big night for you guys. It is. So why don't you order pizza and watch basketball? I mean, that's what boys do, right? [Laughs]

Jason: Uh, so what -- what kind of pizza do you like?

Danny: I want whatever you're getting, Dad.

Carly: Get used to it. Dad. I mean, that's who you are to Danny. And you always will be.

Elizabeth: You barely touched your beer. You want something different?

Sam: We know so little about Drew's past. If you could shed some light or anything, that would be so helpful.

Jim Harvey: What I know won't be pleasant to hear. You're lucky to be alive after what Bobby did to you.

Drew: You mean Franco? What did he do to me?

Jim Harvey: You don't remember, do you? That little psycho tried to kill you by shoving you down the basement steps.

Drew: Hey!

[Bottle rattles]

Elizabeth: What's going on with you?

Jim Harvey: Bobby was always, uh, always a natural artist, you know. But you, you were -- you were always building something, building blocks, you know. It doesn't surprise me that you built a great new company. Look. I look forward to doing business.

Drew: Nice to meet you.

Jim Harvey: You too.

Sam: Good to see you again.

Jim Harvey: You too. Okay. Was it me, or did it seem like he was holding something back?

Drew: Oh, no, not just you. I was wondering the same thing.

Valentin: The midwife told me that, uh, you couldn't bring yourself to look at the baby. Um... I'm going to assume that's because you were afraid you'd never let go if you did. She also told me that you begged her to find a home for the child. A place that she could grow up healthy and happy and unaware of who her father was.

Anna: She? What?

Valentin: Yeah. You had a girl.

Ava: So, where to, Doc?

Kiki: The Floating Rib, I was thinking. I'm kind of craving barbecue.

Ava: To hell with that.

Kiki: Or not.

Ava: No, no, no. We're going to the Metro Court. That's settled.

Kiki: All right, of course. Carly's restaurant in Carly's hotel.

Ava: You -- you deserve champagne, not a bib.

[Elevator bell dings]

Ava: Only the best for my girl.

Kiki: [Chuckles]

Ava: Who knows? Maybe soon I'll have something to celebrate myself.

Carly: Okay.

Jason: All right.

Carly: See you later.

Jason: Hey.

Carly: Oh, bye, Danny. Bye. Have a great night, okay?

Danny: Bye.

Jason: [Chuckles]

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?

Nelle: [Exhales quickly]

Franco: Can we get out of here?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Franco: Great.

Drew: Franco. Why did you never tell me about this guy Harvey and that he knew us as kids?

Franco: Just seemed like ancient history. That's all. Let's get out of here.

Sam: Hey, wait. You dropped something.

Franco: Thank you.

Valentin: The story has a happy ending. The midwife honored your wishes. She found a happy home for your daughter, and she never did learn who her father was.

Anna: [Sighs]

Valentin: More importantly, Faison never knew she existed.

Anna: [Sighs]

Valentin: So, you got what you wanted. Pas de regrets.

Anna: Good night.

[Door opens]

Anna: I wanted a girl.

[Cell phone rings]

Peter: You should be aware I'm leaving Port Charles.

Valentin: That would be a mistake.

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Jordan: This is the End of Watch Call for Detective West.

Nina: My brother's generosity was just a sliver of who he was.

Maxie: [Voice breaking] I love you, Nathan. I always will.

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