GH Transcript Friday 2/2/18

General Hospital Transcript Friday 2/2/18


Episode #13965 ~ Drew loses his temper; Sonny confides in Jason; Ava puts Kiki in an uncomfortable position; Carly threatens Nelle; Maxie is relieved.

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It's been a fun show. The excitement is not over. 'Morning, Max. How'd you sleep? Nathan? What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost. Hi. I would like to order-- you look different.

[Chuckles] Excuse me? Did you do something with your hair?

N-no. I mean, well, I've been wearing it back. I guess I-I don't usually do that. Well, you should keep it up. It looks great. [Chuckles] You can actually see your face now. Well, you certainly earned your tip. [Laughs] So I'll order my coffee. I'd like a -- black coffee, one sugar. I remember the order. [Chuckles]

Carly: So, enjoy your new face. I'm not going to rest until the world sees you for the ugly soul that you are.

Sonny: Yeah, I've made bad choices, but you lied to everyone! About what you are and what you've done and the worst part is you lied to yourself!

Ava: I promise you this, Sonny. My daughter will know me. [Gasps]

Oh, my god!

Oh. I am so sorry. This --

No, no. It's my fault. I should have made sure you were paying attention. Are you -- are you all right? Yeah, I'm -- I'm fine, really. Here.

Kiki: Mom?

I'm so sorry. Shh, it's okay. Caruso. How're things in the neighborhood? What? What about my father? No, no, no. You just tell me what kind of trouble he's in. What did you say? I always knew there was something off about you. You know, something deranged behind those eyes, but I missed it. And then Sharon provided me with that "aha" moment. Tell me, how crazy does one have to be to spend a year in a mental hospital? How crazy are you now? What happened to me is none of your business, Carly. Well, I disagree because you're carrying my grandchild, and I care about that baby. Then back off, because stress isn't good for the baby. And the baby is an all-purpose excuse for you to do whatever the hell you want. And it's clear from your behavior since you came to Port Charles that you are volatile and your judgment is very questionable. It's not really mommy material, you know? So what -- what, you're going to take me to court? Try to prove I'm an unfit mother? [Laughs] No! God no. But, you know, if Michael were think you were a danger to -- oh! [Chuckles] Wow. That was not good. Oh, no. You shouldn't have done that. Jason, how long have you known about Henrik? And why did it take you this long to tell us about him? [Sighs] Well, we were working on a theory, a lot of theories from a lot of different people. Even Faison, who said you know more than you realize. Oh, Faison said that? Yeah, he's a very trustworthy guy. Hey, just lay it out for us, whatever you have on Henrik because if Drew did know him at some point, maybe it will spark something.

Nathan, you're... you're here? Well, yeah. W-where else would I be? I told you, I got the late shift tonight. Which means we have the whole day together before I have to go. Oh, my god. Thank god. It was only a dream. I had a horrible, horrible dream. Where is all this coming from? I mean, not that I'm complaining. It was -- it was Faison. H-he came to my office, saved me. Yeah, you're damn right I would have. It's not just that. He also shot you. And you didn't make it. I lost you. Hey, hey. I would never leave you or our baby, okay? It's all right. I'm not going anywhere. [Sobbing] No. [Sniffles] Please don't let this be real. Please.


Is everything okay? Yeah, it's fine. Just a -- a klutzy waitress, that's all. I'll have another of the same. Just be sure the lid's on tight this time. I'll do that. Hey. Hi, sweetheart. Look at you. You're growing so fast. Um, you know, we just -- we stopped in for a hot chocolate, but I think we should probably get going. No, no, let me -- let me get it for you! Please. A treat. My treat for my two beautiful daughters. Excuse me, Miss?

You know what, Mom? Just forget it. It was a bad idea. She's going to be jumping off the walls with all that sugar. We're just going to go. Come on.

No, wait, Ki-- Kiki. I know it's a lot to ask of you -- then don't ask, okay? Carly and Sonny have been great. I'm going to honor their wishes. I'd like to spend a minute with my daughter. It's okay. It's okay. Wow, you seem to have a violent streak, huh? You provoked me. Right, because nothing you ever do is your fault. I mean, you are the perpetual victim. You know, Carly, you wanted a reaction and you got one, okay? So what are you going to do? You're going to run off and tell Michael what happened? Well, he does need to know that you tried to slap me. [Sniffs]

And that you are inclined to violence and you do have a tendency to lose control. I don't think you can chalk this up to hormones, you know. You had no right to go digging around in my past. Really? Wasn't that your strategy with me when you came to town? You did it to me. Why wouldn't I return the favor? I don't deny that I made mistakes, but I was in a bad place then. Right, right. Just like that lost year in the mental hospital, right? None of this has any bearing on who I am today or my capacity to be a mother. Well, I totally disagree. But then again, I've been wrong before. Like I said that I was going to be your worst enemy. Turns out you're handling that job just fine all on your own. Not smart.

Every breath I take, the walls fall in you told me Faison was looking for somebody he called "the traitor". Is that Henrik? Yeah, we think so. Look, when I broke out of that clinic in Russia, the guy who followed me here, Dr. Klein, he wasn't in it for himself. He was working for someone he called "his client". That's who wanted me brought back to Russia. Why? Well, we think that the client wanted me contained before Faison found out that I was alive. Anyway, look, we traced the call back to Klein's cell. The client was in Port Charles, and, after that, we had nothing until we found Britt Westbourne. And she was traveling with Faison. Correct. And Britt said that when Faison found out that I was alive, he freaked out and he said the traitor had double-crossed him. If the traitor as Henrik, he would be Britt's half-brother. Did she admit to a relationship? No, she claimed she had no idea who the traitor was, but when we found Britt, we found something else. A manuscript for the book by P.K. Sinclair. That's Faison's alias. Exactly. But he didn't write it. And when he read it, he got so angry he tried to burn it. Do you know what this book was about? The manuscript was called "the severed branch". The main character was betrayed and destroyed by his son. Do you think the son in the book was Henrik? [Sniffles] I just had the worst nightmare. [Sighs, sniffles] I woke up and Nathan was there like none of this ever happened. I was so relieved. It's like my heart unfroze. I held him in my arms, and I could feel him. I could feel him, warm and alive. Just as he was about to kiss me, I...I woke up. I know that I was dreaming and that now I'm awake, but I can't help but feel like that was real and this is the nightmare. So I need you to say it. I need you to make me hear it. [Voice breaking] Nathan is gone. We figured that the traitor, the client, and P.K. Sinclair are all the same person, probably Faison's son, so we tried to make contact. You keep using the term "we". Who are you working with? Sonny and Spinelli. I thought we agreed you were going to keep me in the loop. Yeah, it was just a theory. We didn't have any proof.


So, we, uh -- we went to Anna because she has the most history with Faison, and she actually said she didn't have idea that he even had a son, but she'd start looking. That's when Spinelli found an e-mail account for Sinclair. We reached out. He replied. That's when Anna got back to us that Obrecht confirmed that Faison had a son called Henrik. Okay, so you're pretty sure that P.K. Sinclair and Henrik Faison are the same person? Yeah, I mean, we wanted to set up a meeting because we wanted to use Henrik to draw Faison out. Jason, did you know about all of this when you spoke to west before our wedding? Yeah. And you chose to keep it to yourself? -Well, thanks for the heads-up. -You won't believe what I found out about Nelle!

I'll be there as soon as I can. [Sighs] Oh, everything okay? Yeah, that was Caruso, old associate of mine from the city. Okay, and? You know, Mike's living in, uh, Brooklyn. Yeah? Well, he got himself in a little bit of trouble.

How bad? -Well, you know Mike. I'm -- I'm guessing he fell off the wagon, he's gambling again, and now h-he's in debt to the wrong people. So, I'm just gonna -- I'm just gonna go out there and fix things for him. -Sonny, wait a second. And, uh, Kiki said that she'd bring Avery back around 5:00. Sonny, something doesn't feel right about this. Kiki. I need this. Sonny and Carly have been very clear about the rules. [Quietly] She's my daughter. I don't want to do this in front of Avery, okay? You created this situation. That is simply not true. You did some things you can't take back. [Scoffs] Okay, so this -- so keeping me away from my child, that's okay with you? They have their reasons, and I can't say I completely disagree. She deserves to know me.

...Such a surprise... Avery deserves to know her mother.

You cry just a little more come on, Kiki. I just want to hold her for a minute. Okay. Hey. [Squealing] Oh, my goodness, gracious. Hello. Oh, I love you so much. I do, I do. She's not even crying. She's not afraid of me. You have no idea how this makes everything I went through worth it. Everything? Do you know when I was going under for the surgery? I had extreme -- and you were there, and you were there! Sonny and Carly were there. And they were telling me that Avery would never know me. But here I am, huh? I'm right here now, huh? [Laughs]

It's a shame I'm ashamed

Mom, Mom, Michael's here. H-he can't see you with her. Give her to me. Mom!

Where are my mom and Mac? Uh -- uh, they left earlier. They -- they were up all night with you. Um, I just thought that I would come. I appreciate that, but I don't need a babysitter. It actually helps us to help you. Speaking of which, uh, you should have something to eat. How about some toast or yogurt? Because maybe yogurt is really good for the baby. [Voice breaking] You should have the prenatal vitamins. Um, you probably have them in there. I'll get -- I'll get one. You should take one every day. [Sniffles, sighs] Mom, give her to me. Come here. Good girl. [Whispering] Thank you. Ooh. Hey! Hey, how lucky am I that I came to get coffee at the exact same time as my little sister and her big sister? Yeah, we're just as happy to see you, aren't we, Avery? Did you two have an outing? We did, yes, to the botanical gardens. They look so beautiful when they're covered in snow. We thought they looked magical, right? Like the garden in "frozen". [Dishes clatter] [Coldly] Your coffee's ready, ms. Jerome. Two hands this time. Everything okay here? Yeah, everything's fine. We were just stopping in to get some hot chocolate and we bumped into my mom. It was not planned, I promise. She was -- she was just leaving, actually, wasn't she? I suppose I was.

Am I the only one who knows?

About the times... so, did Avery tell you that she built a snowman with Josslyn? [Laughs] No! You built a snowman? Mike hasn't gambled since you put him in the program seven years ago. He's not the first addict to relapse, Carly. I know, but you've been keeping tabs on him. You would be the first to know if he went to some underground card game or some betting track. If Mike wants to gamble, he's going to gamble, but the fact that this is the first time I'm hearing about this, right now, means that he's in with the wrong crowd. Maybe even a rival. It concerns me. If you think there's going to be trouble, you need to take Jason. You said that you and Sonny were close to drawing Faison out. That maybe Sam and I should get the kids out of town. That's it. You didn't mention anything about Faison's son or how he might be connected to what happened to us. Well, when we had something concrete, I was going to share it.

Conc --

So, what happened with Henrik? Well, I was waiting for him and then that's when Carly called and said there was trouble at the hotel. Faison? Yeah, and you know what happened next. Faison shot Nathan, he was going to take Carly hostage, and I shot him. So it's possible Henrik showed up after you left? Hm, Anna was there the whole night. She said somebody might have been watching, but they never approached. And you could have let me in on all this, and I could have been there and he might have approached me. But you were keeping Sam and the kids safe. Hey, what about that e-mail address? The account? No, it's been shut down. Shut down. Okay, does anybody else have an idea how we can find this man? Well, he could still be in Port Charles because Faison said, "he's hiding in plain sight". And this came from a man you put a bullet in? He might have just wanted to torture you a little bit longer, have you chasing your own tail, running in circles, looking for a ghost. I'll let you know if I find anything. Truthfully, this time, or...? [Clears throat] What? If we want to find Henrik, we're going to have to do it on our own.

Were supposed to meetin the lobby. I'm sorry.

No, no. That's all right. The buyer we were meeting canceled anyway. So, uh, who were you picturing when you impaled that cherry? Who do you think? Carly, huh? Mm-hmm. Now she's upping her game even more by digging into my past. [Sighs] Sorry, Nelle. I don't say this to scare you. I say it so you will be prepared. Anything in your past that Carly can use against you, she will. She will try to prove that you're an unfit mother. Sonny needs you to go to Brooklyn. No, I don't. No offense. Ah, no -- no problem.

Yes, there is a problem.

What's -- Sonny got a call from an associate. Caruso. Caruso? He's always been pretty reliable. Yeah, yeah. He -- Mike's in some kind of trouble. [Sighs] Is he gambling again? Looks that way. I'm not convinced. Mike has been clean for seven years. Why would he just start gambling again? It -- it's Mike. You don't need a reason. He hooked up with a friend, got a tip on a sure thing. Got sideways with the rent, and he used the card tables to make up for it. With Mike, it's the same old song. He just -- he can't stop gambling because he can't help himself.

What if it's a trap? [Groans] What if Faison's using Mike, Sonny? Faison's dead. What? He died last night at the hospital. What the hell?! Why didn't you guys tell me this?!

I just got here.

Well, I was just -- I was going to tell you, but things came up. You don't have to worry. I'm worried. I'm still worried, Sonny. Of course, I'm worried. [Softly] I'll see you. Faison's dead? [Sighs] Yeah.

He's really dead?

Mm-hmm. [Door closes] [Sighs] Well, I'm glad. Even though you didn't get the answers that you need. Actually, I... I got some answers. He told me why he replaced me with Drew. Why? [Sighs] The mental conditioning Faison used on other people didn't work on me because I have brain damage. Well, it worked on Drew. I mean, I saw it with my own eyes. He tried to blow up the haunted star. And that's it. That's why it all happened. So Faison and Helena could have an asset that they could control. Whoa. Did you tell Drew? Yeah, I told him. What about Sam? I told her first. So, if we are not going to get any information out of Jason that's useful, we need to go directly to Anna. She was close with Dr. Maddox. He even gave her the flash drive. But it -- it's not like he told Anna what he had given her. He put it in a Christmas ornament. She is smack-dab in the middle of this. Faison's obsessed with her. She's the one who confirmed that Henrik was his son and she has WSB contacts. Yeah, I know. That's not the problem. I know Anna will help us. Okay, what's the problem? The problem is we'll be doing exactly what you said Faison wanted Jason to do -- run in circles, chasing a ghost. Hey, I can't find the vitamins. Do you... what are these? Uh, your mom and I thought that it might give you some idea of what you would like to do, so you weren't so overwhelmed. Overwhelmed? I am way past overwhelmed! My entire life has been turned upside down. I should be planning a theme for a nursery, not planning my husband's funeral. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Maxie. I just wanted to help. My husband is dead. Everything I counted on, everything I've dreamed of... my plans for [Sobbing] My whole life... disappeared in the time it took Faison to pull that trigger. So unless you can bring Nathan back from the dead, there's not a thing you can do to help me. [Voice breaking] I'm sorry. I mean, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. I-I lost my brother, too, Maxie. [Sobbing]

You went to tell Sam about Faison. I-I went to see Drew, but he wasn't there, and then, as I was leaving, Sam showed up. You guys talked? [Sighs] Yeah.


Carly, yes. Just imagine how much easier it would be if you just told me and I wouldn't have to drag it out of you. Okay, okay, okay. I told Sam that Faison was dead and why he replaced me with Drew. Did Faison say how he found Drew? Yeah, it was -- it was really by accident. He was researching a seal team and he saw a guy that looked like me. And that was really hard for Sam to hear. Why? Because it was so random. You know, if Faison was looking at another seal team... he would have never seen Drew. And never put him into your life and none of this would have happened. Yeah, but you can't think like that. [Scoffs] You can't! I mean, come on, Jason, things happen and you deal. But the rest of us, you know, some of us feel like, "what the hell? What might have been?" I mean, I can see Sam's point of view. I think she's mostly upset about Maxie and how -- how she's grieving. Because that's the way Sam grieved for you. Weren't you the one hell-bent on finding Henrik? I've reconsidered. Okay, why? Because even if we find him and he cooperates, what's he going to tell us? He doesn't have your memories. We need the flash drive, and that is gone. Hey. I got to do something. I know we've talked about this more than once, but I just can't go on living with Jason's memories in my head. I need to know who I am for both of us. I just wanted to hold Avery for a minute, you know? It was all I could do to persuade Kiki. Sonny and Carly have her so intimidated. You know, they're using Avery as a wedge between you and Kiki. Yeah. Which is why I'm warning you. Carly has no limits when it comes to protecting people that she considers family, even if that "protecting" means keeping a child away from their rightful parent. Like Michael's biological father. There you go. You're wise to be wary of Carly. She will exploit any mistake you make. [Chuckles] Right, like she's lived such a spotless life. [Laughs] The hypocrisy is just staggering, isn't it? [Scoffs] You know, my advice to you is to just try and strengthen your bond with Michael and hope that he will be more open-minded than his parents. What about you? Well, Sonny didn't hesitate to swoop in when I was incapacitated in the burn unit. The court ordered him full custody of Avery, so he and Carly, they have all the power when it comes to Avery. Who says you have to take that lying down? If we'd known my mom was going to be here, we wouldn't have come inside. Hey, it's okay. No worries. No, I just -- I want to make it really clear that I understand your parents' limits and I respect them and it is incredibly... s-e-l-f-I-s-h of my m-o-m to push this. It doesn't make it easier on the one person she should be trying to protect. No, I get that you're kind of stuck in the middle. Not really. I did it. Oh, nice. Look, she is your, uh, m-o-m and you can't be indifferent to her. I-I know my kid's going to feel the same way about Nelle. You guys are really trying this co-parenting thing? [Sighing] Yeah, trying, trying. Really hard. [Chuckles] You think nine months is a long time until you're the one actually having the baby. Everything's happening so fast I kind of feel like I'm, uh, making things up as I go along. You're going to be a great dad. [Sighs] Thanks. I remember how you were with Avery. Morgan and I were... really wrong. We were wrong. Not just -- not just about what we did to you, but the way we treated you. Hey, look, I was no shining angel myself. You were the one who was willing to look past your hurt and do what was right for Avery, and...I know you're going to do that for your own kid.

Take back your pride [Voice breaking] I know how you feel. I'm angry, too. I don't know why he's gone. My mind keeps on jumping around, you know, to something he did when he was a baby and something he said to me last week. [Chuckles] Something he did when he was a little boy, and I missed so many years with him. But I'm so lucky. I'm so lucky, Maxie, to have seen the man he became. He was a spectacular man. His kindness, his heart -- I saw it the first night we met.

Nathan: So, I guess I'll see you when you get back, then?

Maxie: I guess so.

When will that be?

When I find myself. [Chuckles]

Well, good luck.

For what it's worth, you don't seem so bad the way you are.

Don't burn my apartment down, okay? [Sniffles]

Mike?! It's me! You're not answering your phones, Mike. I've come all the way out here. Open up. Mike! Passing the med school exams is a huge deal, Kiki. I'm just glad the 50 million hours of studying paid off. Look, you should be really proud of yourself. Seriously, congratulations. Yeah. Now I just have to attend medical school and get an actual degree.

All the time what do you call somebody who graduates last in a class from med school? Doctor. [Chuckles] Not that you have anything to worry about, you know, but your drive and your focus, you will finish on top of your class. I'm sorry. Have we met? Kiki Jerome. I have -- I have trouble sticking to anything. Until now. Look, when you had the chance to get into med school, you locked in and you didn't let anything stand in your way. Not even Dillon. I'm assuming you heard we broke up. Yeah, yeah. I got that impression. [Sighs] I'm sorry. That's nice of you to say. I know you had mixed feelings about me and Dillon. Um, do you mind if I ask what happened? We gave each other the space we needed to pursue our goals. That just created a lot of space between us. We got lost in it. Yeah. Well, it's hard to grow with that separation. Yeah. It goes both ways. I mean, the more time you spend with someone, the more you'll share priorities. You'll get closer whether you want to or not. This is why I'm advising you to make Michael your ally if at all possible. Sonny and Carly are relentless. They wouldn't stop until they pried Avery away from me. You can be relentless, too, Ava. I mean, look at your face. You moved heaven and earth to heal yourself. I had more agency there than I do with Avery. You took control of your destiny and did the impossible. Why shouldn't you do it again? You know, I -- I will think about it. You know, if we play this right, you'll get your child back and I won't lose mine in the first place. Well, that -- that sounds nice. But do not underestimate Carly. Once she paints that target on your back, she does not give it a rest until she takes you out. Then I have no choice but to take her out first. You know, people say "heartbroken" all the time. You know, they're heartbroken that their favorite team lost or heartbroken that they missed some important event, but they're really just disappointed or sad and upset. But heartbroken is -- it's exactly that. You know, your heart feels like it's broken. And you feel like you just -- you can't breathe because there's this heavy weight on your chest. And the pain is so strong, you're paralyzed. I mean, it takes everything for you just to move. That's what it was like for Sam when you disappeared. I mean, she kept going for Danny's sake. He gave her the strength to move on and -- and she did okay. You know, she -- she built a life for herself and she was as happy as she could be with her heart broken. And then, you come back. Not him, not someone that she thinks is you, but you. [Softly] Yeah. And Sam's not heartbroken anymore. Confused? Sure. Doing the wrong thing for what she thinks is the right reason? Absolutely. But she knows that you're alive in the world. And that, whenever she can come up with her courage, she can be with you again. Or you, Jason, you can stop all this. You can! Because you can go to her and you can tell her that you want to be with her! -Carly -- -don't "Carly" me!

Carly --

Just listen for a second! I know you! I know you're trying to do the noble thing! You want Sam to be happy, even if you're not. I get that. But Sam's love isn't going to go away. It's not! And all of this waiting around for Sam to admit it, it just hurts everyone. You love Sam, damn it! Go to her and fight for her! What part of my past I can trust, the only memories that are valid are the last three years here in Port Charles. No, that's not true. You thought Kim looked familiar before you even knew she was a part of your life. No, that was like a flicker of some kind of recognition, maybe, and it wasn't necessarily -- -I know, but that should not have happened if your memory was completely gone. You would not have recognized her anymore than Jason did. And Faison said that the mind control wouldn't work on Jason because he had brain damage. And I don't. Thank god. Exactly. So maybe the memory imprint didn't work because of Jason's brain or maybe the process isn't as good as André thought it was. Either way, I believe that who you are is still inside of you. You don't need a flash drive. You can remember it on your own. [Sniffles] Nina?

Nina: Yeah? Do you think you can go through these with me? Help me figure out what Nathan would want. Oh. Hey, your mom and I can do that, okay? [Voice breaking] I know this is going to be the hardest thing I ever have to do, but [Sniffles] I'm going to do it for Nathan. And it would be nice if you would help me. All right. We're family.

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