GH Transcript Thursday 2/1/18

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/1/18


Episode #13964 ~ Things don't go according to plan for Jason; Anna gets disappointing news; Sonny gets a disturbing phone call; Monica is put on guard; Kevin interrupts Franco's time with Scott.

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[Indistinct conversations]

What is she up to now?


Yes? Hi, sorry. Uh, this just came from Cartullo. Remember the dress you ordered for me for the mad hatter's ball?

I do! I do! It's not every day that we order couture. Okay. Um... let's see it. Well... here it is. That's not what we ordered. No. No, it's not, but it came with a note. "Dear Carly, got your request. Sadly, the dress is out of stock. Here's something be-- Brenda." [Sighs] Honey, I'm so sorry. It never occurred to me that Brenda would be affiliated with Cartullo. She did this to spite me. Yeah, well, it worked. There is no way I can possibly wear this dress. No. I'm gonna have to tell Oscar we can't even go. No, you will not tell Oscar you can't go. I will find something. I will. Come on. Mom will come through, all right? She always does. It was really nice of you to include me, Monica. Of course. And it's also nice to see that the two of you are actually making an attempt to be civil. You know, you don't have to be best friends in order to get along. And I think you would both agree that it's best for the child if the parents are on the same page. Ah. Sorry, uh, late. [Mumbling] You're not late. I got here early so I could stress eat. [Utensils clattering] I...haven't even had a cup of coffee yet, and you already got a crisis going on? -Mm. -Come on. All right, spit it out. It's about my wedding. [Sniffs] [Sighs] I really need for my father to come through for me. I'm not paying for your wedding. No. Of course not. No. This -- I would like you... please, to consider... giving me away.

Send me home


Hi. Aren't you supposed to be on your honeymoon? Yeah, well, um, plans changed. Actually, I need your help. Okay. What do you want me to do? Can you get me in to see Faison? Sorry to make you wait. Slow this morning. Can I get you -- you want some coffee? No, no, thanks. I'm too caffeinated as it is. Have you slept? -Me? -Yeah. No, no. There was a lot of forms to fill out for the bureau and stuff, you know? Faison? Instead of going to prison, I hope that bastard -- they just bury him six feet under. Well, you're in luck. Hey. Hi. Is, uh -- is Drew -- is Drew around? No. Um, he's -- he's at the hospital. He went to try and talk to Faison again. Uh, it's too late. Faison's dead.

Thank you for breakfast, and I'll -- I'll see you at the meeting, okay? All right. You take care. And thank you for coming, Nelle. Thank you. I-I really appreciate it, Monica. No problem. [Sighs] She's great. Yeah. So, did you mean everything that you said, or was that just for her benefit? [Soft music plays] I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it, Nelle. The more we cooperate, the better it is for the baby. [Cell phone ringing] Okay, baby, I have to take this call. Can you please get a muffin and wait for me? We'll find you a dress. If we can't find it in Port Charles, we'll go to New York city. I promise you that. Put this in my office. I need to return it with a note of my own. Thanks, mom. Hey, Sharon. Thanks for calling. Uh... yes, Nelle is still inflicting herself onto my family in even more creative ways. Look, I'm really sorry that I bothered you. I am. It's just Nelle is driving me crazy, and I wanted to dig up more dirt on her, but then I realized the more I engage, the more I play into her hands. So I just decided to let it go. No. That didn't come up in the initial PI. Report. Please continue. You're serious? Yeah, no, look -- I-I thought it'd be a real hoot for me to invite you to breakfast, and then, you know, pour my heart out to you and just have you laugh in my face. You know, this was an opportunity for you. I was giving you a chance to compensate for all of the t-ball games that you missed in my youth. T-ball? I'm gonna have to see some of those receipts. You know what? Forget it. Forget all of it. Oh, wait a minute. Come on, take it easy. Will you calm down? Sit down! Honestly, I'm a grown man. I-I don't need your blessing or -- or your arm, for that matter. -So, y-you're all wound up. I mean, you really don't think this wedding's gonna happen. -Is that it? -Oh, 'cause you don't think it's gonna happen either, huh? That's what it is? Finally it comes out. That's why you're blowing me off, right? That's why this is all a joke to you, right? Why invest if it's all just gonna fall apart in the end? You know, I can't keep up with you! One minute, you're whistling your way to work. The next minute, the sky is falling on you. You know, my father -- he used to always give it to me straight. I'm gonna do the same thing for you. The only person that doesn't believe in you -- it's not me -- it's you! Right, 'cause there's absolutely no reason for me to doubt myself. Well, why do you keep torturing yourself with all this "bad seed" business? You need to drop it. Let it go for good. It's all there. This is highly unusual. You're absolved of responsibility. The WSB has signed off on this, and their authority supercedes yours and mine. Their agent, Anna Devane, agrees that my interest in this case is well-founded. So, if there's nothing else... very well. Right this way, Dr. Collins. Thank you.

Sonny: Good to know Faison's dead. Too bad it took so long. Yeah. So much pain could've been avoided if he died years ago. You gotta love the symmetry. I mean, Faison could only shoot Jason in the back, and Jason was able to look Faison in the eyes and just take him down. It's what you wanted, right? Absolutely. [Inhales sharply] Does Maxie know? I haven't spoken to her. I-I told robin, and she actually had been speaking to Maxie. Girl's just devastated, well, that kind of grief, it's like you're lost, and...y-you can't find your way out. But she has the baby. That's every reason to carry on, you know? Well, I appreciate you coming by, um, and telling me this, but -- but I know there's -- you got another reason you're here. Now that Faison is dead... yeah. ...I wanna know your intentions for his son. Faison went into cardiac arrest late last night. There was no way to revive him. You've got to be kidding me. No. Are you -- are you sure? This man's faked his death before. I mean, he could even have made a switch. And the WSB had the same concerns, so they did order an autopsy. The DNA and the cause of death were confirmed. It's Faison. He's -- he's really dead, and his remains are in the morgue. And seemingly, anything he knew about me or my past died with him. Faison died of complications from the gunshot wound. You're the one that shot him. It means you killed him.


Good. I'm glad he's dead. He got what the deserved. He took you away from me and Danny. He took away your voice. He took away your smile. He took away the way you... the way you always made us always feel comfortable. He t-- he t-- he took your chance at hearing Danny's first words, seeing him walk for the first time. He -- he took away whatever chance we had at a life together, and I hate him for that, and I'm glad he's dead. Me, too.

Monica is taking me shopping for the baby later. Would you wanna join us? Uh, you know, no, I gotta -- I gotta get to work, and I don't wanna get in the middle of your shopping spree. Oh, no, you wouldn't be in the middle at all. Uh, excuse me. Have a good day now.

Carly: Bye. Hi. Hey.

Hey, there.

Mom, are you okay...


...After last night? I mean, I-I barely had time to, uh, get scared. You know, Jason was there. Yeah, no, I'm glad. Mom, I-I worry about you, the way you go charging into things like that. I didn't ask Faison to take me hostage. I'm -- I'm just saying, I... for most of my life, Jason's always been there to protect you, and I'm glad he was there last night. -Me too. -[Sighs] I'm just sorry it was too late to save Nathan, you know? I have an idea of what Maxie's going through, and it's -- it's devastating. No, yeah, Dante's hurting, too. He, uh...he called me last night just to check in. He, um, wanted me to know how much I mean to him. You know, when something horrible like this happens, it just sweeps away all the petty things, and it allows you to see what really matters, you know? Family matters. Loving each other, looking out for each other. And, yeah, this is my way of telling you that I found out something about Nelle. We don't know if Drew fell down the stairs or you pushed him, for that matter! My mother sent Drew away for his own safety. She was afraid that something was going to happen to him. It's not a huge intellectual leap to think that maybe she was afraid of -- of me being that something. Oh, come on! We don't know that for sure. What if we did? No, really. Okay, so... they're doing a psychological study right now about people like me. you? Uh-huh. You mean creative people? People that paint? That draw? No, people who are capable of incredible violence. It's an investigation of what makes them tick biologically. I'm thinking about signing up. Oh, come on! Are you -- that's hogwash! Some -- some shrink out there, he's looking for some kind of, uh, you know, a star turn or something? It's -- it's Kevin Collins. Kevin -- -wait a minute, Kevin Collins?

Yeah. No, there's no way you're getting in cahoots with Kevin Collins!


No! If you think you're crazy, you have got nothing on Kevin Collins. [Drill whirs] I still wanna find Henrik. I mean, he's the one who kept Jason in prison all those years. Oh, kept him alive. I mean, it's just another perspective. One way or another, I still wanna find him. Have you reached out by e-mail or maybe set up another meet or something? Yeah, yeah, I-I did. Last night I did that from home. Okay. Any response? And, yeah, I got a message from the server saying P.K. Sinclair has disabled his accounts. Looks like he don't wanna talk to us anymore. Drew, you're a good man. If you can't get your old life back, then the best thing for you to do is just carve out your own life going forward. Well, that's the plan. I appreciate it. Kevin already told me all about his twin. No, no, no, no, no. You gotta forget about Kevin, all right? I-I... I got enough to worry about, you know, with your big wedding day coming up.


Yep. Oh, you'll do it? Absolutely! I mean, what father would let his son down? But, you know what? You know, this whole thing about giving you away -- no. You know what? You're gonna make me your best man because, you know, I would have a-a little trouble with the father and son dance. But it's gonna be the Macarena. Oh! Yeah, nobody ditches on the Macarena! No. I guess I'm indirectly responsible for bringing Faison here. How? Our paper published Lulu's article. I didn't -- I didn't know anything about it. Our coo, Peter August, he's the one who went over it with her, and he nearly got shot for his trouble. At least he got closure. He did? Yeah, Peter went to the hospital last night. He wanted to confront Faison about almost killing him. Well, I-I got to talk to Faison last night, too, and he told me why he replaced me with Drew. He did? Yeah. Do -- do you believe him? Do you think he's telling the truth? Yeah, I mean, it -- it makes sense, you know, with the way Faison could control people -- his mental conditioning wouldn't work on me because I have brain damage. But Faison wanted to give my skills to somebody that he could control. How did he find Drew? He was just researching a seal team, and he saw a guy with my face. He already had Dr. Maddox working on the procedure to transfer memories. So, he took Drew... and he took me, and... you know, we know the rest. It's just that random? You're telling me that Faison could've researched any other SEAL team, and he might not have found Drew? He might not have taken you? [Scoffs]

Hey, Joss. Hey! Hey, it's been awhile. Yeah. Things have been pretty tense between you and my family, so... oh, I mean, they were for awhile, but we're working everything out. Besides, we're -- we're cool, right? -Yeah. -Yeah. Yeah, I guess. I mean, besides sharing a kidney, we're actually family now. And you're gonna be an aunt -- my baby's aunt. Are you ready for that? [Chuckles] I suppose. Wow! Me, an aunt. I know, right? How are things with you and your boyfriend?


Uh-huh. They're -- they're really good. Um, we're going to this dance, or -- or we're suppose to go to this dance. [Sighs] I don't know. There's all this drama over my dress. What kind of drama? Mom got me this red Cartullo -- well, she tried to get me this red Cartullo, but it's sold out everywhere and impossible to find, so... wait, the -- the red Cartullo? The one from the November Crimson? Um... this one. I can't believe it. I have this exact dress. Yeah, I got it when I was working a runway show for Crimson when I was still there. Done. It's yours. Okay. Really? Yeah! I mean, we're practically sisters. [Gasps] You think that Nelle is mentally unstable? She spent a year in a mental hospital. Yeah, how did you -- how did you get that information, and are you still investigating it? No! Zach's sister, Sharon, told me that Nelle was institutionalized after his death. She had a nervous breakdown, Michael. Yeah, I know. You know? Yeah, I've known for months. Okay, did she volunteer this information on her own? No, I had someone look into it for me. I wanted -- I wanted to... I thought that I could help her out more if I knew more about what she was going through. And then I found out she was in a mental hospital. I-I asked her about it. What'd she say? She said it was a painful time in her life, that she was dealing with a lot, and then she just eventually... she broke. Doesn't that concern you?! Mom! Look, I know you're worried about this --


So -- so -- so am I. [Sighs] But you need to understand, it was my choice -- my choice to get involved with Nelle, knowing that she had a sketchy past and what she'd done to you and dad. You're too forgiving. You know that? You are. My point is, the one person who doesn't have a choice in all this is the baby. He or she didn't ask to be born, but they're gonna have to live in whatever life I make for them, and I-I'd rather get along with Nelle than go to war with her for the baby's sake. [Sighs] I-I gotta go. The only lead we have left is -- is Faison's other son, Henrik. But Faison said that Drew and I -- if we helped him e-escape, he would tell us where to find Henrik. I kinda wish we would've taken him up on that. Yeah? Yeah. Drew and I smuggle him out the hospital. Get him to tell us where to find Henrik, and he winds up dropping dead of a heart attack anyway. Stand over his body and laugh. But... I don't know about Drew, but I know you wouldn't do that. Oh, don't' be so sure. [Sighs] Well, I...I am sure. Because I know you. And I know that you're a fighter and survivor, but you're not... you're not cruel. You could never stand over somebody and laugh, not even if it was Faison. You don't understand, do you? I know you grieved because I was watched it, but you have no idea how I grieved for you... how Maxie's grieving for Nathan right now. I could not stop thinking about it last night -- her trying to fall asleep in bed and -- and afraid to go to sleep because in her dreams it was just a horrible mistake and the person she loves is laying next to her, and he never left. They're laughing and smiling and holding each other, and everything's fine. But guess what -- you have to wake up, and you have to live that nightmare... [Breathes shakily] ...All over again. But you know what? I-I-I guess I'm -- I mean, I got the miracle that Maxie's never gonna get. She's never gonna be able to open her eyes and -- and see him again... ...the way I opened my eyes and saw you that night on the pier. How'd it go with your dad? Did he agree to give you away? Well...hmm. Uh, not exactly. Turns out gender-role reversal's not really his thing. He did, however, volunteer to be my best man. Oh, well, that's good news. Yeah, and then he lectured me about Kevin Collins. Did you know Kevin had a twin brother who was a serial killer? Uh, yeah. Yeah. Kevin never tried to hide that Ryan was his twin. No? In fact, he's been very open that his brother's been the inspiration behind most of his work on mental illness and psychosis. -Oh? -Which I find admirable to be able to take something so painful and personal and channel it into something good. Yeah, well, Scott does not agree. [Chuckles] Because Scott is completely biased against Kevin. Purely personal reasons. There it is. [Exhales deeply] You got what you came for. [Sighs] I most certainly did. It seems to me that you feel he's at fault for keeping Jason at that clinic. You disagree? If you're right, okay, and, um, Henrik was working for his father and Faison ordered him to kill Jason, he could've done that. It would've saved him a lot of trouble, but he chose not to, and I think you owe him for that. Okay, so you think you owe the people who kept robin captive? What the hell kind of question is that? Well, don't you see the parallel? These people kept robin alive because -- you know, not because they were nice, but because she was useful. She had medical knowledge, just like Henrik wanted to keep Jason because he was useful with -- as a hitman. I don't know. You're jumping to a lot of conclusions. Well, you're bending over backwards to defend the guy, and I don't know why you are. What did he do to want you to defend him? [Stutters] I want to be able to debrief Henrik without any interference from you or Jason. That's the bottom line. Consider yourself done with this. Th-the hell we're done with this! [Sighs]

Oh, my gosh! Nelle. It's the dress! It's -- it's the one!


You really had it! What, did you think I was kidding? No! No, I just thought it was to good to be true. Nelle, thank you so much. I-I'll owe you forever. Hey. Sorry. Sorry I took so long. What's going on here? Um, I was just telling Nelle that I owe her big-time. I want all the details, okay?


So, just send me pictures.

Of course!

Uh, about what? Details about what? The dance! Nelle -- Nelle just got me the Cartullo. I don't think Scott's a real reliable source when it comes to Kevin. Whatever. I think we should just forget the whole thing. Then why did you bring up Kevin's project to your dad in the first place? It's obviously on your mind. Yeah, it's on my mind because I put it on my mind, and then I thought about it, and I realized I want no part of this. Uh, I don't know think you'd talking about it if you didn't kinda wanna see Kevin. Well, why would Kevin wanna see me? It's like he just wants to fix me because he couldn't fix his brother. N-no, it's completely different. You -- you did those horrible things because you had a brain tumor. Ryan had other issues, and by the time Kevin understood what shaped his brother into the man he became, then it was too late. What are we talking about here? What shaped Ryan? When I pulled you out of the water that night, I thought you were too out of it to remember anything that happened. I was out of it, but I do remember...bits and pieces. I remember being really cold, and I remember coughing up water. [Inhales sharply] But I knew that somebody was holding me. And I looked up, and I saw you. It's okay! You're okay. [Gasping]

Okay. Easy. That's okay. [Gasping] Come on. Don't force it. Don't force it, okay? I got you. [Breathing steadies] You're here. [Sighs] It's okay. The strangest part is that I didn't even... I didn't even question it. I didn't -- I didn't even think it was weird. I didn't think why it could be possible. I just knew you were there and that I was gonna be okay. I always hoped that you'd feel that way... ...that you know I'm here, and I'll do whatever you need. [Footsteps approach]

Drew: [Sighs] Jason. Something I can do for you? This is WSB business. Not if Jason and I get to Henrik first. You think I don't know what's driving you? We want answers, Anna. Yeah, and you will get them once I've tracked Henrik down myself. Oh, so now you got -- you got a problem with my methods? Yeah, you break the law as a matter of course. Oh, but you didn't have a problem when Faison was running around. No, and I told you the end justified the means, but that is not the case anymore. This is an official matter, and I want you to stay out of it. This is not a jurisdictional issue. This is personal. Why?

What made this Ryan guy tick? That's a question for Kevin. But I will tell you this -- Kevin is one of the smartest, kindest, most empathetic people I have ever met. He really helped me and robin get through some tough times, and I think he can help you, too, if you let him. And I know it's not easy trusting somebody new and dragging up all those old demons is scary, but think about what you might gain from it. Think about facing what scares you, working through it, and then finally being free of it. I came to let you know that Faison is dead. Yeah, I know. I was at the hospital. Elizabeth told me. I got some answers, uh, last night from Faison about why he switched us. I'd love to hear 'em. Well, apparently, his, uh, mind-control techniques didn't work on me because I have brain damage. Uh... [Chuckles] So, what -- he just went looking for the twin who didn't have brain damage? How'd he even know I existed when no one else did? Well, he actually found you by accident. He was researching a seal team, and he recognized your face, and that's when he took the both of us, and he had André do the procedure, and he gave you to Helena, and he ordered Henrik to kill me. Well, I'll hand it to you, you certainly got more from Faison than we did. He wouldn't even acknowledge that there was a flash drive. Wouldn't tell us anything about Henrik, either. We've been in each other's orbits for years. Don't presume to know me, though, or my motives. I've always been a really good judge of character, and I-I always know when someone's hiding something. You are. There's more going on here. Of course there's more! Because Faison has terrorized me since I was a child! I have spent my whole life looking over my shoulder, but I didn't have to grow up in his house. I didn't have to call that goblin "father." I refuse to blame Henrik for his father's crimes. I just want to question him, and -- and I wanna offer him a path... to a normal life. That's a very generous attitude, one that I don't share. Henrik went after Jason once. He's not gonna get to do it twice. Faison's son is not to be harmed, all right? Don't you cross me on that. Anna, don't threaten me. We are friends, you know that. -You think we're friends?


For the moment. Let's not change that. 'Cause you really -- you don't want to be an enemy of mine. Not on this matter. [Sighs] Mmm! Mmm! Okay, so about this study -- hm? Dude, there's a brain on your desk. Oh! Yes, that's, um... that's for the study. I-I-I need to get it to the lab, b I, uh -- I missed breakfast. You cut the brain out of all of your patients? Only the dead ones. [Laughs] Actually, it's not that unusual a practice to exam the gray matter of a deceased killer. Yeah, but there's a brain on your desk. I mean, how do you get a four-star yelp review with something like that? Dead people don't do the internet? Yeah. This conversation is not making me wanna confide in you. Well, actually, I was... trying to make you laugh to cut the tension there, but now that I know you're here to confide in me, how can I help? I can't believe it, Nelle. I mean, the dress looks even more beautiful in person than it does in the magazine. Yeah, it's something. You should put it in my office for safekeeping, and you should get to school. Yeah, yeah. No need to go to New York now.


Thank you so much, Nelle. really means a lot. Okay. Okay. [Sighs] Aww, they grow up so fast, don't they? I've got to hand it to you, you don't miss a trick. What now, Carly? How did doing something nice for Josslyn somehow translate into doing something negative? How dare you undermine me to my daughter. Joss needed a dress, and it just so happened I had the dress in my closet that she needed. How convenient for you! It was actually convenient for you and for Joss. Okay, that dress had nothing to do with Josslyn any more than your phony gratitude has anything to do with Monica. No, you're using them to get back into Michael's good graces. You're trying to break down his defenses, and it won't work. It already is.

You know, nursing this grudge against me will only alienate you from Michael in the end. We are having a baby, a beautiful, little baby, and because we'll both naturally adore our child, it'll bring us closer together. It's inevitable. You sound delusional. But that's really not so surprising. What did you say? See, I always knew there was something off about you, Nelle, something deranged lurking behind those eyes, but I missed it, and then Sharon gave me the aha moment. Tell me, Nelle, how crazy does one have to be to spend a year in a mental institution? How crazy are you still? Spinelli, just stop talking for a second. Go back to monitoring that last IP. Right, right. [Cell phone beeps]

Okay, I gotta go. I got a call coming. [Sighs] Caruso. How are things in the neighborhood? What? What about my father? I'm gonna be your patient, right? So, I'd get all the -- the patient-shrink stuff like confidentiality? Nothing would leave this room. All right. Let's talk about the mind of a murder. It's my understanding that most people get the taste for it in their teens. I was precocious. My first attempted murder was when I was three years old. Candace. Hold all my calls and cancel the rest of my day. [Receiver clicks] [Clears throat] [Breathing shakily] Can I have a moment? I beat you, you son of a bitch! You died never knowing my secret. So, how close did you get to finding Henrik? Well, we agreed to a meeting last night in rice park, but he never showed. Hm. Do you think he set up the meeting as a diversion to distract you? I-I don't know. Jason... [Sighs] How long have you know about this Henrik, and, uh, why were you waiting to tell us? [Voice breaking] You terrorized me my whole life. [Sighs] I never let you know it, though. I really tried. I had to -- I had to keep you in the -- in the deep recesses of my mind so that I could keep going, and I did. I did. All those years I kept you in the dark, you were grasping at me and just scrambling to get a-a little piece of my soul that you could call your own, but you never got it. No. You never got it. [Sniffles] Well, here you are. [Sniffles] [Sighs] And here I am. I'm still standing. [Exhales deeply] I made it. You wanna know the kicker, Faison? There is a child out there. Our child. [Gasps] Is it Henrik? What is it? Oh, it's nothing. N-nothing at all. [Breathing shakily]

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