GH Transcript Tuesday 1/30/18

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/30/18


Episode #13962 ~ Valentin has a tender moment; Anna makes a surprise move; Jason is interrupted; Drew knows more than he thinks; Sam makes a promise.

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Any news on Nathan? He's still in surgery. Okay. I'm glad we dropped the kids off at the Quartermaines. Yeah, so am I. I don't want them even to hear us talking about this. When my mom first called about this, I was really torn whether we should come back or not, and now I'm glad we did because you and Jason can get Faison to tell you how and why he switched your lives.

[Fire crackling] [Monitor beeping] [Weakly] I'm disappointed. I thought you could manage a simple kill shot. I can. But you kept me alive. Why? I want to know why you replaced me with my brother.

Maxie: Is Nathan okay? His surgery was a success. Nathan's in recovery. [Sighs]

Dr. Obrecht: When will he wake up? Will he walk again?

Nina: Liesl. Just let Griffin tell us what's going on. Who is stopping him? You know as well as I that merely surviving a procedure is nothing. What about the quality of my son's life? Will he have a life at all? Tell us, Dr. Munro, what is it that you are not saying?

Um, sending bone fragments into his chest cavity before finally lodging itself against the spinal cord. We were able to remove the bullet without compromising his spine. We expect Nathan to have full mobility. The initial ricochet's a little more problematic. Look, our team thinks they found all the shards, sewed up any tears in the membrane around the heart, but, look, we just can't be completely certainly. There is a high risk of infection for a wound like that. Yeah, we're gonna be monitoring Nathan as closely as possible. Um, where is he now? We moved him to ICU. I wanna see him. I wanna be with my husband. Why would I answer that question? [Monitor beeping]

What's in it for me? [Grunts] You get to stay alive. Yeah. For how long? I know you won't kill me here. There's too many witnesses, right? You'll cut me loose and hunt me down, take me out, silently, cleanly, without a trace. [Chuckles weakly] The perfect assassin. That's why I took you. [Sighs] Why take Drew? Because you have brain damage. Just, uh, try and take a breath, all right? Yeah. He's not -- he's not going anywhere. I mean, for the first time in forever, let your guard down a little bit. [Sighs] I wouldn't even know how to do that, really. Under any circumstances, I wouldn't know. [Sighs] If it's any consolation, I don't really let my guard down, either. Which is why... it's so difficult to do it now, but I'm gonna do it. Anna, I want to tell you that... I'm an idiot. Why, specifically? [Chuckles] I walked away from you. You pushed, and I pushed back. At one time or another, we both walked out on one another, but... I never should have, and I've regretted every day since. There you go. The very definition of an idiot. I have a lot of regrets, too. [Monitor beeping] [Sniffles] I love you, Nathan West. Can you hear that? I used to just love going into J's room, just to watch him sleep. Even then, he was making the world safer, wasn't he? Oh, come on, j, pull through this. Pull through this. So, I've been thinking about baby clothes. How do you feel about sage green as a wardrobe base? You know, it's a neutral color. Not too boy, not too girl, but a color that somebody could really become themselves in. I can't wait for us to see what our baby turns out like.

I just heard. Nathan's out of surgery? In recovery? Yeah, yeah. He's critical, but he's stable. Okay. I'm gonna go in just for a second to see if she needs anything. I'm sorry. It's immediate family only. Excuse me, but we are his family. I'm sorry, but that's hospital policy. I have his mother, wife, and sister down. You want immediate family? That woman in there, that is my best friend! We'll respect your policies, okay? Dante, what the hell? Okay. Lu, what do you want me to do? It's an ICU. And you are not immediate family. Why don't we go get a coffee? Take a walk or something like that? No, I'll go. Nobody told you that you don't belong here. Technically, the nurse was speaking to both of you. Okay, guys, please, please, let's not do this. I don't want Maxie to hear the arguing. Please. I need to be by myself right now, anyway. So me if anything changes. I will. Please tell Maxie and Nathan that I love them so much. I will. Well, his vitals are stable. There's no sign of infection. So far, so good. [Exhales] My husband's a fighter. Take your time, Nathan. The baby and I will be right here waiting. Nina just texted. Detective West made it through surgery. He's recovering in the ICU. Oh, that's great. What about Faison? Also still alive. Maxie, is she okay? She's fine, physically, at least. She rode to the hospital with Nathan. Okay. We're gonna head there soon. Yeah, I've got some questions for Faison. I'm sure you do. Before you guys go, could we have a business conversation, please? Right now? Yes. When we first began together, we agreed to keep your personal lives separate from Aurora. Yeah, that's right. The shooting at Crimson just ended that. Really? How so? This is a major story. Faison is the who, Crimson is the where, and I'm afraid you and Jason Morgan are part of the why. And now reporters from all over are gonna descend on Port Charles, searching for answers. Well, we have our answer. It's "no comment." If you go that route, I have to warn you, the public will assume it's a cover-up. Your frontal lobe was damaged. Neural pathways destroyed. That's why my mind control technique was useless. So you couldn't force me to do what you wanted. Sadly so. But I found an alternative. Dr. Maddox... developed a procedure to mapping and imprint memories. So in that sense, I could still copy your skills into someone I could actually control. [Exhales] How did you find AnDrew? A happy coincidence. I was reviewing some seal information when I saw the spitting image of... someone who looked like you. [Mutters indistinctly] Chief AnDrew Cain. It was easy enough to abduct him. You were more difficult, but once I had the both of you, I ran a DNA test to make sure you were identical twins. [Grunting] And then I had you sent off to this Maddox. But you were in Port Charles impersonating duke Lavery. Yeah. I... entrusted the job... to my son, Henrik. That was a near-fatal decision. You've almost been killed twice in my home. I can't risk a third. Being in my life, being someone I care about, it makes you a target. To whom? To anyone. Anyone I try to bring down. Me caring for you could get you killed. It hasn't yet. Third time could be a charm, and I -- and I really can't risk that. You were smart to walk away, Finn. [Scoffs] You were. So, if you won't -- I won't. Okay. Nathan.

Mein liebling. Mein schatz. Mein herz. You were to have been my deepest, darkest secret. And for a long time, you were. Alas, fate had other ideas, and I was glad. [Chuckles] Being able to call myself your mutter these past few years has been my greatest joy. Oh, but now... if I could go back in time, I would give it all up. Liesl. If only I had stayed strong, if only I had kept the truth hidden and never wavered, then your evil father would never have found you. [Sobbing] Nathan. My son. Don't leave us. [Sobbing] Nathan is not gonna leave us, okay? He's gonna make a full recovery. Come on. We need to give him time to rest. I -- I used to think you were a petty snip, a shallow bit of fluff. I could not have been more wrong. [Monitor beeping] [Sniffles] [Sighs] [Sniffles] [Exhales heavily] I kind of hate it when people say "love and light." Usually sounds so corny, but now I get it. [Sniffles] You are the light of my life, Nathan. You have been since you showed up on my doorstep that New Year's Eve to sublet my apartment. Talk about fate, huh? I remember that day like it was yesterday. I thought you were so hot. So nice. And that smile. [Sniffles] You were my prince charming, I just -- I didn't know it yet. It took a pair of handcuffs and an abduction to make me wise up. [Voice breaking] And then you kissed me. And I realized that my heart had chosen you. [Sniffles] So I finally chose you. Nathan... you are my happiness.

To control this story is for you and Sam to own it. Make a statement, lead with the truth. We'll definitely consider it. I hope that's not just a polite way of saying no. It's not. No. It's not a no. It's just a lot to think about, that's all. I'm really glad that Faison was stopped, and you weren't hurt or... killed today. Yeah, me, too, on all accounts. Obviously, I will keep you guys posted on anything that comes up. Thank you. Be safe.

You, as well.

Thank you. [Door closes]

What do you think?

Drew: I think he's right. We need to lead with the truth. Look, I owe it to my family. I owe it to myself to find out who I really am. Which means it's time to confront Faison. No, Liesl! No, no. Stand aside, scarecrow! It's time Cesar was brought to justice! I'm not going to let you kill him. Not your pathetic version of it. You can't kill him. God, this is some kind of cosmic attempt at humor?! You, of all people, protecting Cesar from me. I'm not protecting him! I'm protecting your son, Nathan! Faison will get the punishment that he deserves. You need to go and be with your son! That's where you need to be. Cesar is a cancer, Anna. If you won't let me kill you, I urge you to do it yourself.

Faison: Once the procedure was complete, and your brother became Jason Morgan, he was sent on to Helena Cassadine, wonderful lady. She was familiar with my technique. She programmed him. [Inhales shakily] You were supposed to die. That's when Henrik betrayed me. Why? I don't know. He's treacherous, deceitful. He's consumed with jealousy. You owe your life to his petty rebellion. [Monitor beeping]

Hey, J. It's Nina. [Sighs] I'm so proud of you. So amazing. So incredible. 'Cause I know where you come from. The most incredible penthouse apartment in the upper east side with the greatest view of New York. All the things that a child could want. Except love. You went to school with the upper crust, the most socially accepted kids. And despite that, you turned out great. J rebelled by being an upstanding citizen. [Chuckles] He was so little when all this stuff happened to me. I mean, imagine how I felt when I woke up, and -- and I saw this incredible, incredible man. This good man. I woke up, and my baby brother became my big brother. You're true north. You know what that means? That means you're a reminder of everything that is good in the world. You are good. [Sobs] You made me good. Even when you were teeny, tiny, you were watching over me. I love you so much. [Sobs] You made me better. I guess he has that effect on people. Yeah. You, my baby brother, deserve all the happiness in the world. You pull through this, okay?

[Sighs] So, there are all different kinds of mobiles and themes. We could go with the solar system or maybe dinosaurs. There are some traditionally more girly themes, but I think maybe if this baby is a girl, we should avoid stereotyping. And of course, we're going to have to childproof the entire apartment. You know, I'm wondering if there are baby balls. Like hamster balls, but for babies. Dante? Yeah? Do you mind sitting with him for a second? Oh, yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Don't leave his side, okay? I'll be here until you tag me back out. Okay, handsome. I'll be right back. I'm leaving you in the safest hands. You're still here. I'm sorry if I upset you. You don't upset me. I just want you to know, I get it. You're complicated, and you lead a dangerous life, and that's not fair to the people you care about. Right, exactly. I'm not done. Still talking. The point I'm trying to make is, you and I... us... we... care about each other. And you don't get to throw that away. I don't get a choice? No, that's right. And that's not because I say you don't get a choice. You don't get a choice 'cause none of us don't get a choice. You think I want to feel this way about you? You're not the only one that's complicated and that's been hurt by someone. I mean, if I could shut this off, I'd do it in a heartbeat, but I can't. 'Cause no matter how much I try to talk myself out of it... ...I want to be with you. Well, then, that's just it. I -- I don't want to be with you. I'm pretty sure you're lying. No, I'm not lying. I think you're lying. I think you want to be with me as much as I want to be with you. And I know it's messy, and it's dangerous, but who cares? Who cares? And whatever this is, and mind you, it could be a colossal mistake -- yeah, that could get you killed. I've spent years looking death in the face. Death is tired of me. So there it is. What do you say? What do you say we see where this goes? Where is Henrik right now? I don't know. Hiding in plain sight, I'm sure. Using an alias. But I can tell you how to find him... for a price, Jason. For a price. Lulu, are you all right? I honestly don't know. Do you mind if I -- I never wanted to marry a cop. Is that right? It was the last thing I wanted. But Dante? Even though I am terrified every time he steps out that door, it would be impossible for me to not love him. Even though I could lose him at any moment. And now if Maxie -- I am so sorry. I -- I can't even imagine what you're going through right now. No one ever says this out loud, but there's a dirty little secret to being married to a cop. I mean, sure, we're proud of them when they get to be heroes. But the one thing we want more than anything is just for them to be safe. Of course, you do. But when we don't get that wish, when a cop goes down... ...even when that cop is your best friend's husband, there's a part of you, a shameful part that's grateful that fallen cop... isn't the one you married. Listen, man. I don't think I ever told you... [Chuckles] ...How much I appreciate what you did for me and Lulu. Both of us, you and Maxie. I was pretty pissed at the time. [Chuckles] I know. But... if you guys hadn't done what you did, then we might not be together today. So, in a way, you... you kind of saved my life. [Sighs] Yeah, I've seen you tackle all sorts of tough things, man, but nothing as tough as locking us in that Metro Court room. That was true bravery right there, pal. [Door squeaks open and shut] [Sobbing] Oh, and, uh... as for your request about being your unborn baby's godfather, I was thinking, shouldn't this kid have a say in this whole thing? Because what happens if he takes one look at uncle Dante and starts screaming his face off? [Laughs] Okay? We don't want that. So, make you a deal, all right? You and me, we'll both wait until we meet this kid, and we see what happens then. All right? [Door opens]

Hey. Hey. How's my guy? [Clears throat]

Were different, you know, if I were different, maybe I would be able to pursue this... whatever between us. But, um, I just don't have that luxury, you know? And I know that it's -- you can't just... turn off those feelings that we have. But I really think that we should try to do that. Still not buying it. Oh, please, please, just trust me. This is for the best. Maybe it is. Maybe it is, and maybe we live -- live a lot longer. But who wants to live that way, denying what you feel? You can't tell me that's what you want. Yes. I'm trying to reach an inmate there. My daughter, Britt Westbourne. Henrik will answer all your questions. I'll tell you how to find him, but you gotta meet my terms. [Groaning] No. Oh! [Gasping] You're a horrible negotiator, you know that? You should lie to me, sap me for all the information you can get. You're gonna kill me, anyway. You're not worth lying to. At least you're honest. Okay. If you want to know about Henrik... what? ...Talk to your brother. Well, I think you owe me one good reason. I've given you a reason. I've told you about a billion times. Do you really need me to say it out loud again? I do, for clarity. For brutal, honest, masochistic clarity. We don't fit. All right? We just don't. That is why I don't want you in my life. Everybody warned me not to take on Faison, but I was arrogant enough to think that I could handle him, and now -- you didn't force Nathan. He chose to do the interview. He was willing to put a target on his back if it meant keeping his wife and child safe. But I didn't have to help him. You're a good reporter, Lulu. Don't second-guess yourself because you don't like the results. You want to fix it, find the follow-up. Write the happy ending. You're telling me Drew knows Henrik? Your brother knows so much more than he realizes. [Door opens]

No way! You can't be in here! Look, I don't care if he lives or dies, but I had the bad luck to be his attending, and I won't be complicit.

When he dies... it won't be because of anything that happened here.

Anna: Hey, did you get anything? [Sighs] What? He -- he explained why he needed to replace me with Drew. Why? It's because I have brain damage, so whatever it does Faison does to control people... oh, it doesn't work on you? Right. Huh. And he said that it was Henrik's job to get me and Drew to Dr. Maddox. Did he tell you anything about Henrik? He said he's hiding in plain sight. Here in Port Charles? -Hi. -Hey. I -- I thought you were on your honeymoon.

Sam: My mom called us. I mean, I know we would have been notified that Faison shot Nathan at Crimson, anyway. Yeah, he's -- he's critical, but stable. Yeah, we heard. What about Faison? He's stable, too. He's in a trauma room until they can get him a bed upstairs. Okay, so has anybody talked to him? Yeah, I did. So, Faison was in Port Charles when we were taken to Dr. Maddox. His son was in charge of that job. And we found out that he has another son, as well, Henrik. And once the procedure was finished, he handed you off to Helena, and he was supposed to kill me. Right, and we don't know why Henrik left Jason alive. That's why we need to find him. Where do you want to start? With you. Faison implied that you knew him. So, I'm not saying that we have to do it soon, like, in the next year or even the next five years, but I think that we should get a house. Something with a big back yard, like, big enough to have a swing set. Not one of those little rinky dink ones, but those huge ones that they have at the park so we could swing next to our kid. [Monitor beeping] [Inhales deeply] Hey. [Sighs] I've been waiting for you.

Anything for baby. [Weakly] Are you okay? You and the baby? Yeah. We're fine. You saved us. Do you remember that? Faison. He was shot like he deserves. You just need to rest and get better, okay? Hmm. All right. You know what I think would help? You listening to me read books about babies. How does that sound? How many books on babies are there? [Chuckles] You really scared me. I'm sorry. I won't do it again. How about I force you to spend the rest of your life making it up to me? Hmm. I can live with that. Max? The baby? No, don't move. I think I just felt the baby. I did. [Sniffles] [Chuckles] Uh...Faison is being moved to a room. Okay. I'll update Jordan. Cool. You -- you do that. I can assure you I have no idea what Faison is talking about. Did Faison say anything else? He said that you know more than you realize.

Lulu: "Detective Nathan West is in critical condition tonight, fighting for his life. His wife, Maxie, is by his side." You know, I hope this baby gets your blue eyes. Yeah? Either way... this baby's getting baby blues. I don't mean the color. Mine kind of say, "hi, Maxie Jones. Come here. Okay, that's far enough." [Both chuckle]

What do mine say? Yours... don't have to say anything. They're just like a hug. Well... ...if he or she gets my eyes, I hope it gets your smile. [Laughs] I do have a great smile. The best. Back atcha, babe. What? Nothing. I love you, Maxie... there's no tomorrow. [Monitor flatlines]


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