GH Transcript Friday 1/26/18

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/26/18


Episode #13960 ~ Sonny and Jason arrive in the nick of time; Carly appears useful; Finn gets in deeper; Anna shares her news; Lulu gets an idea.

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Oh, sorry about that. Okay, Olivia has been with Ned on the campaign trail, and I'm running this place by myself. So, I'm back. Oh, okay. Well, settle and focus 'cause your brother's jumping out of his skin. [Sighs] So he can tell us whatever it is that's so important. Oh, okay. What's going on? Okay. I'm gonna tell you guys, but you can't freak out. Okay. Nothing's decided. I mean, well, it is decided, but there's still a long ways to go. We've taken the preliminary steps, but at this point, it just feels weird to not talk about it. Yeah. Then? I've been trying to figure out how to tell you guys this for ages. We know you're gay. That's not helping, Carly. [Laughter] I mean, you got to -- are you gonna take this seriously, or are you not gonna take it seriously? Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Stop teasing your brother, okay? All right, Lucas, spit it out. We're your family. You can tell us anything, honey. Right, okay. Um... [Sighs] Here's the thing. Brad and I have decided to adopt a baby. [Gasps, screams] [Laughter]

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! All set? Yeah, Spinelli set me up with a wire so you'll be able to hear everything from the car. Oh, no, I'd rather wait out here 'cause we don't know everything about this P.K. Sinclair, and we don't even know if he's Faison's son or not. I know that we have a lot of circumstantial evidence, but if we're right, Sonny, we can use this guy to lure Faison out. That's if he shows up. He's the one who set the meeting, but who knows? And if Anna doesn't show up, she's gonna miss the whole thing. Actually, that might be better. I agree. Look, I don't know how or why or what, but I have this feeling as far as Faison that Anna is way too close to this.


Oh, God! I barely touched you. You need to stop whining. I'm not whining. Stop poking at me. I'm trying to help. Well, then, don't knock me out in the first place. Well, okay, right. Look, I either had to deal you this little bump on the head, or Faison was gonna put a bullet in it. I mean, which would you prefer? I'm thinking. What do we got? Faison's here in Port Charles. He left Anna's house about an hour ago. That means he could be anywhere. Amy. Amy, is Maxie here? Not that I know of. Is she hurt? I don't know. I can't raise her or Rogers. The cop that's guarding her. I'll check, make sure she wasn't admitted. [Door closes]

You do look absolutely gorgeous. My son does have an excellent taste, doesn't he? You -- you stay away from me.

Maxie, stay calm.

Will you shut up?! Maxie Jones. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. We do have a lot of catching up to do, don't we?

Okay, okay, okay, I can't breathe. [Laughter]

Oh, my gosh! Whoa, how long has this been? Who knows? No one better know. No, nobody knows, Carly, trust me. I value my life. Yes, okay, tell us everything, everything. Every detail.

I don't know. I mean, okay, we -- we considered surrogacy, but then we decided that, you know, there's already enough kids out there who need parents, you know? Brad's adopted. I'm adopted. That kind of worked out okay, right, Mom?

Okay? -[Laughs] I have been blessed. You will be, too. Oh! [Laughs] Come here, you. [Laughter] I love you guys. Anna practically forced herself into this meeting. She wants Faison's son as bad as we do. It's not like her to be late. Wait, if Faison is in Port Charles, wouldn't Anna be his first stop? If she doesn't show here soon, I'm gonna -- I'm gonna go ahead and send somebody to her house. In the meantime, I'm gonna go to the car. I'm gonna monitor everything. Make sure you keep your guard up 'cause we don't know, right, if this guy is more psycho than his father. All right. You know, this whole thing could have been avoided if you just would have listened to me. Which bit? The part where I told you not to put your gun down. And even then, why didn't you run when you had a chance? Yeah, I'm just not in the habit of leaving people hostage to homicidal maniacs, you know. Right. I mean, I hate to interrupt the lovebirds and everything, but we need more information if we're gonna catch Faison.

Anna: Yeah? Hey. How's it going in here? Good. Got time to answer a few questions? Uh, I already gave a statement to Dante, yeah, that Faison came to my house, and he held Finn hostage, and I -- I had to knock him out for his own protection. That part is debatable. And then Faison heard the sirens, and he took off. Do you have anything to add? Only this guy's out of his gourd, and he's obsessed with Anna. They know. Oh, excuse me. Well, we've got an APB out on him. I really could use your expertise, Anna. Okay. I'll reconnect with you later. Sooner is better, yeah? Hey, did I, uh, say something wrong? I mean, we're all supposed to pretend that this guy's not completely obsessed with you? [Sighs] I'm sorry you had to witness all that. Not all of it. You knocked me out. Yeah, only cause I thought your hard head could take it. I imagine there's a compliment in there somewhere, so thank you. You gonna be all right? So now you're leaving? I'd actually really love to stay and play nursemaid. That's a lie.

Kind of.

Hmm. There's other people out there that need protection from Faison, and I'm really the best person for that. Then go. Okay. You take care, all right? Just be careful.

Lulu: [Breathing heavily] Hello! Anybody out there?! Don't waste your breath. The more you scream, the more poison you inhale. No. No, one of the grooms might hear me. Hello! Faison left us where he knew no rescuer would come. [Chuckles lightly] His revenge is always swift and precise. Accept it. We're done. Well, keep trying to reach Rogers. He's supposed to be protecting my wife. Anything? Maxie hasn't been admitted. Did you try Crimson? She said she was going there. When? Maybe an hour ago. I stopped by your place, and Maxie got a call. Some sort of crisis at the magazine. Okay. Thank you. I hope she's okay! There are a lot of people looking for you. I couldn't possibly care less. Oh, I'm not talking about the cops or the WSB. You know Sonny Corinthos? He's not too happy that you shot his best friend in the back and then disappeared him for five years. And just to be clear, Jason Morgan did not enjoy that experience. I don't fear street thugs. Wow. For somebody supposedly brilliant, your ego makes you very stupid. Jason Morgan is not just some lethal assassin. He has the best tech support on the planet. And they will track you down anywhere you go, and then Jason will show up, and he'll kill you, which would be fine with me and fine with Nathan, too. But to save everybody a lot of hassle and stress, I'm gonna give you the one-time chance to take off. And I promise -- I'll wait a whole minute before I call 911. How could I possibly run away from sweet woman like you who's gonna make me a farfar? You'll never be anything to that child! You shut up! Try to make yourself useful, will you? Remove this piece of whatever out of my sight. Come on, move! How long has Nathan known that I'm his father? What does it matter? Did he tell you that the kid you're bearing may have a little piece of genius in its DNA? Do you mean did Nathan warn me that his biological father is a psychopath? No, we didn't get that horrible news until after we found out we were pregnant. Oh, when "we" were pregnant? Let me teach you a little bit here. Nathan is not pregnant. You're pregnant. Of course you would see it that way. It probably never occurred to you to love and support the women who were carrying your children. Oh, God, what am I saying? The women who actually slept with you? They need their heads examined. And yes, I do include Nathan's mother in that. Although Liesl, she gets some points for hiding Nathan from you for most of his life. Yeah, that was an unforgivable crime. One of the best things she's ever done, aside from giving birth to Nathan. I should have listened to Liesl. Instead, we went looking for answers, and we found you. [Screams] Peter!

Hey, Sonny, you read me? What do you got? [Sighs] Lots of nothing, man. It's quiet. No movement. I mean, if this guy's here, he's holed up someplace watching us. Sorry I'm late. What'd I miss?

Alexis: Ah, Dr. Finn. We missed you at the meeting.

Mm. Trust me, we could have used a little bit of your biting wit. As you can see, I was otherwise engaged. Ooh, that looks like a case of libel. Hey, I know a good attorney. I bet you do, and if I'd gotten this from anyone other than Anna Devane, I would take you up on that. Anna Devane clobbered you? Ooh, that must have hurt. Well, she said she was trying to save my life, but you know how that goes. Yeah, I know. I've heard that before. It looks like something that might have happened in that "fast lane" that you were trying to avoid. Couldn't take the exit, huh? Just decided to go along the highway in the passenger seat at breakneck speed after all. Well, you know, actually, this shouldn't have surprised me because Valerie mentioned seeing some incriminating papers lying around, but that was a while back. She did? Why didn't you say anything? Ugh. Never question your grown kids about having kids. It's their decision. It's their life. Well, if all goes well, this is gonna be your life, too, mom. -If? -Oh, wow. I know in my heart this is going to happen. Yeah, well, we -- I mean, we are way steep in this process right now. We're, like, filling out our prospective parent profile. Actually, um, right now, we're wondering if you guys would be willing to write letters of recommendation for us. Nothing crazy. Just, you know, talking about how you think we would be as parents. You're gonna be amazing parents. You both are going to be incredible to some little deserving baby. Yes, and I would be honored to write a letter.


Oh, honey, I'm so proud of you. And tony would be, too. Oh. You and Brad are gonna make great parents. You are. And I'm gonna start saving Avery's baby clothes just in case you have a girl.

Oh, thanks. [Laughs] That's sweet. I got to get to the hospital. Yeah, me, too. Brad should be getting off work. Good seeing you. And congratulations.

Thank you.

Congratulations. Thank you. All right, honey, have a good day. Talk to you later.

All right. Bye, guys.

Bye. [Laughs] See you later. Carly. Yeah? There's some kind of disturbance on the third floor. [Coughing] Careful. [Panting] We just can't give up. It will be all right. No, no. We have to keep searching. The gas is aged. It's deteriorated. It will not be painful. Like going to sleep. No. Mnh-mnh. No, there has to be a way out. [Coughing] Thank you. Nathan, thank God. So the pd sent you? Why -- why would they -- I thought one of the guests called it in. There's been complaints of commotion upstairs. I think at Crimson. What kind of a commotion? Loud screams and some loud pops. Like -- like gunshots? Yes. Dispatch, this is Detective West. Possible shots fired at the Metro Court hotel. Repeat, possible shots fired. Please send backup and paramedics. Oh, please let Maxie and the baby be okay. Please, please.


Come on. Let go of me! He is not worth your tears. Screw you, freak! Ah, such language! Oh, I'm just getting started, you walking split end! Would you please shut up! Shut up! It's time to go. I'm not going anywhere with you! Get away from me! It would hurt me so much to kill you and the child you carry. But if anyone can live with the disappointment, it's me, believe me. [Gunshot]

Nathan? Maxie? My son. Nathan! [Sobs] I was starting to think you weren't gonna show up. Faison was at my house. And? Well, he had Finn. Then the cops arrived, and he took off.

How long before he left? -Couple hours. You have any idea where he's headed? He's here. Of course he is. He's gonna want to introduce himself to Nathan. Nothing's gonna feed his ego more than to know he has such a strong, handsome son. What about his other son? Henrik's got a target on his back. If he did, indeed, betray Faison, that's why we have to protect him. You can protect Henrik all you want after he draws out Faison. That's not how this is gonna work! -But the -- -no, listen! You can question him, yes, but you can't use him as bait for his demented father. You can't do that. -With all due respect... I know I've said that a lot to you lately. But we're playing by my rules. [Cell phone rings]

Carly? Is Jason with you? Yeah, why? I need you guys to get to the Metro Court. I think there's been a shooting. Carly, slow down. What do you mean, shooting? What happened? Tell me everything. A couple guests called the front desk, saying that they were hearing screaming and loud popping sounds. Nathan West showed up. He went upstairs to Crimson. He called for backup, but they're not here yet. And, Sonny, there's been more reports of screaming and sounds that could be gunfire. Jason, you getting this? I'm on my way. We're on our way, Carly. It's Faison, yeah? Yeah, Jason's headed up there right now. Okay, I'll wait here for the son. Okay, listen, listen, listen. If -- if you run into Henrik, keep him with you. We need answers.

I'll be careful.

Okay. [Engine starts] [Tires squeal]

I think I left my phone -- yes, I have it right here, and I need you to leave. What? What's going on? Because I think there's been a shooting upstairs at Crimson. What?! A guest called. He heard screaming and loud noises that could be gunfire, and the police are on their way. I need you to go. Okay, but that's the third floor, right? -Yes. -Okay. -What the hell are you doing?

Somebody may need help. I told you, the police are coming! If somebody's been shot, they're gonna need a doctor. Be careful! Nathan! [Sobbing] Hey. You're gonna be okay. Just -- just stay with me, okay? I'm gonna get you help. How badly hurt is he? You shot him! You shot your own son! Maxie, I want -- I want -- I'm not gonna leave you.

Faison: The doctor's gonna be here soon. We've got -- no, let go of me! Faison! You drop that gun, or she will die. You throw that -- help me, please. I'm calling 911. Nathan, it's okay. Everything's gonna be okay. It's gonna be fine. I love you, Maxie. [Sniffles]

Chinchilla update -- got that chinchilla after all. Say what up, Rocco. It's bad. Nathan! Stay with me, okay? Stay with me! You -- the baby. No, we're fine. You got here just in time, okay? You saved us. Faison? Forget about him. Concentrate on me, okay? Just look at me. My favorite thing. What a coincidence. It's one of my favorite things to look at you. Even when I was pretending not to like you. I would come home to the apartment, and I would be hoping that I would see you. You know hey, hey, another one of my favorite things is when we're sitting around doing nothing, like watching TV or hanging out, and I glance over you, and you don't even know that I'm looking. You're humming to yourself. [Sniffles] I don't hum. Yeah, you do. It should drive me nuts, but I love it. And the baby's gonna love it, too. [Footsteps]

Lucas, thank God! Nathan keeps help! I've been trying to keep pressure on it, but he's bleeding out fast. It was Faison -- he tried to take me away, and Nathan got shot! Put that underneath his legs. Nathan, it's Lucas Jones. Okay, stay with me, okay, all right?

There's a lot of blood.

Help is on its way. I just need you to hang in until it gets here, okay? You can do that for me, right, Nathan? Can you do that for Maxie? Good. Yeah, okay, stay with me. So I take it you had an eventful evening. If I had been at the meeting, I might have had something relationship-related to say. Ooh, color me intrigued. You know, there's another meeting in the basement of queen of angels tonight if you're interested. Eh, they have the worst doughnuts. You can do better than that.

You sound like a sponsor.

You sound like you need one. No, you know what I need? I think I need a good research project. Something that'll keep me in the lab 12, 14 hours a day for the next 2 years. Hide in your work. Been there, done that.


I still do. Sometimes, anyway. It doesn't work. Just a temporary fix because the more you run from your problems, the more they follow you wherever you go, and then if you ignore them, they just get bigger. Wow. Have you always been this upbeat, or is this a byproduct of the 12-step program? Sarcasm is a way of masking deep pain and hiding, as well. You are a tough room. Okay, well, you got me. I admit it. I am not keen in getting up in front of people and pouring my heart out, only to be judged for it. Oh, I know, it's awful. I mean, AA is a place where people judge you. Exactly. I also don't want to be told things I don't want to hear. Things I already know. Things like I'm an idiot. You are not an idiot. Anna leads a dangerous life. I mean, no one's gonna judge you for stepping back. That's just the thing. I don't want to step back. I want to go all-in. [Thinking] Where are you, Henrik? Did you know the risk you took? Of course you do. You have to. You grew up with Faison. You know how dangerous and relentless he is. Why would you risk your life to betray him? Did you do it to save a life? Or get revenge? I'm not gonna let Faison destroy you.

Lulu: [Panting] No, don't -- don't worry, Liesl. I'm gonna get us out of here. There has to be way into the tunnels or -- there has to be -- yeah. Or something. [Panting] [Coughing] Spencer. Spencer, okay, you -- you painted this sign for a reason. Where is the entrance? Oh, God. Please, please, God let that be what I think it is. Yeah. My wife's inside. I just got to get in there real -- no, Sonny, hey. -Carly called. -What are you doing? She said she thinks there's a shooting at Crimson, so that's where -- -yes, we're aware. We're aware. West is up there. We've had multiple 911 calls. -It's -- it's Faison. -Probably. Okay, well, I'm just gonna go -- -you can't go in there. -Carly is inside. It's a hotel full of guests, okay, Sonny? We don't want to cause a panic. -So what are you gonna do, wait for Faison to get here and turn himself in? No, our job is to keep civilians from going in the building. That includes you. -Okay, suit yourself. No, no, no. I need you to stay here. What are you talking about? I'm talking about you not taking a side entrance into the building. Are you gonna arrest me? Is that what you're gonna do? If necessary, Sonny. There's a -- there's a confusion here. You're supposed to be going after Faison, not me. We are going after Faison, but we don't need you getting in the way right now. You enter this building, you're obstructing justice. I'll have you arrested. [Police radio chatter]

Come here, come here. I need you to leave.

Wait, what?

Come on. I need you to walk out, calmly and quietly. You get the doorman. Just like a fire drill. Both of you need to go.

Are you coming?

In a minute. I'm just gonna make sure the guests get out. Go, please, hurry.

Okay. Do you work here? I'm the owner. Beautiful. Then I'm sure you know a private exit away from the cops. Would you lead the way, please?

You're gonna have to kill me. I guess I will. Then I'll take an innocent bystander hostage. Is that what you want? Is that what you want? No.

Okay, let's go.

Okay, fine. Faison! Jason Morgan?! [Laughs] You let her go. Why the hell would I do that? You'll never make the shot -- [Murmuring]

Alexis: So, you still want to work things out with Anna, even after your latest brush with death? I know. Completely narcissistic, self-destructive behavior. Contrary to everything they teach us in recovery. I ask you, who in their right mind would put themselves in the neighborhood of so much risk? Oh, I can name a few. Well, good luck with that because by any reasonable measure, I should put as much distance between Anna and myself as humanly possible. And yet? And yet, let's see, how do I make this transition? Oh, forget it. What do you know about Cesar Faison? He was an associate of my late, hateful stepmother. That's not a compliment. -Hm. -He's a psychotic criminal. Yeah, that's pretty much the impression I got while he was holding me at gunpoint. -That sounds about right. -Hm. It wasn't only so much a question of if he was gonna shoot me as when he was going to shoot me. And the most disturbing part of it all was listening to him talk about Anna. I mean, he's completely obsessed with her. And then when she showed up, that look on her face. I could tell she was terrified. I mean, not that she wasn't still playing this mental game of chicken with him. He was messing with her head, and she was messing with his head right back. Did you find that disconcerting, seeing that side of Anna? Actually, it was pretty impressive. You know, I mean, physical courage is one thing, but emotional courage -- I mean, standing down this man who had stalked her for most of her life, you know? It's just -- it was something else. It wasn't just courage. I don't know what the word is. Maybe more like...valor. So, what happens next? I don't know what happens next. All I know is when I was there, and I saw Anna facing him, and there was a possibility that he could shoot her, I -- I saw a glimpse of my future. A future that didn't have her in it. I didn't like what I saw. What are you doing here? I'm marrying Robert today. We came so close ourselves. Do you ever think about that? Come, sit. We have so much to talk about. No, we don't have anything to talk about. Because I love Robert. There was a time when you said you loved me. I'm sure you'll change your mind about Robert. [Police radio chatter]

He's alive, but he's gonna need a paramedic. Jason, turn over your gun. Back up. All right. The scene's secure. We need medical here. Are you okay? Yeah. I'm fine. Are you sure about that? Yeah, yeah, I just -- thank God it was over fast, you know? Nice shot. You told me not to miss. How did you know? I heard when you called Sonny and said that Nathan needed backup. I'm glad you were here. Yeah, me, too. Are you guys okay? Yes. Nathan West went upstairs to check on the gunshots, and then my brother Lucas went upstairs to see if anyone was hurt. Were you at the Crimson offices? Yes, they need help. One man's unconscious. Another's been shot. Mitchell, Lopez, you're with me. We've got injured upstairs. Let's take the freight elevator. Let's go.

Paramedic: One, two, three, lift. We got to get him to GH.

What's his condition?

Is he gonna make it? You'd better hope so or you'll never see Lulu alive.

What'd he say?

No, no, no, no.

Wait, wait, wait.

What did you just say?

Hey, hey!

Where's my wife? [Groaning] Where's my wife? Where the hell is my wife? No, stay here.


What did he do with Lulu? Listen. Look, I don't know if he's got her! Slow down! I don't know if he's got her or not, okay?! I haven't been able to get ahold of her for hours, all right? I need to speak to Anna. That's why I need to speak to her. I just spoke to Lulu this morning in my office. She said she was doing another piece on Faison. Said something about Wyndemere. That's where I'm going, then.


Yeah, I'll follow up with Anna and Faison. [Siren wailing] [Sniffles] Maxie, are you hurt? No, no, no, oh, God.

What is it?

This is Nathan's blood. Faison shot him. Okay, Faison got shot himself. We have him in custody, okay? Okay. Commissioner. Rogers, what happened? It wasn't his fault, okay? He got knocked unconscious. I told him we needed to come up here for a work emergency. Faison was waiting for us. Okay, get him to the hospital right now. I want a complete exam. Is West...? He's fine. He's shot, but he's gonna be okay.

Lucas: Okay, we're ready to move him. Come on. One, two, three. Nathan, I'm right here, okay? I'm not gonna leave you. [Groans]

Thank you for listening to me. Who knew I even wanted to talk? [Laughs] No, I just identify with your circumstances. I know what it's like to care about someone that, you know, may not be good for you. I assume you're talking about Julian Jerome. Mm. So, just keep your eyes open. You know, adrenaline's a very powerful drug. And my relationship led to my addiction. Just be mindful that your relationship doesn't resurrect your own. Okay? Uh-huh. What time is the reservation? 8:30? Yeah. Before we go... dance with me. There's no music. So what? We don't need music. [Sighs] [Cell phone rings]

Oh, Finn. The further away from all this you are, the better. [Ringing stops]

Footsteps lead over here. Hey, Lulu! Hey, I smell gas. [Police radio chatter]

Are you sure you're okay? Yeah, I will be once I stop shaking. Why not just tell me to duck? [Laughs] He's too good. If I gave him any warning at all, he would have shot you. I'm sorry if I scared you. No, God, you saved my life. Again. I forgive you. I have one question. Just -- just one? Were you trying to kill Faison? If I was, I would have taken a head shot. This way, he's alive, and he can talk. At least for now. For now. What does that mean? You know, he's old. I shot him point blank in the chest. He's gonna have organ damage, blood loss, and shock. Well, what if he dies without answering your questions? Then at least he'll be dead. Are you okay with that? You know, Sonny and I were working with Anna on this, and I got to tell you, every time that she said his name, you could see something in her eyes. And it was something worse than fear. And Anna is not the only one. This guy has wreaked havoc and destroyed lives, and it's got to stop. Come on, Henrik, where are you? I can help you. Dr. Finn? Are you cleared for work? I'm fine. What do you need?

Two GSWs coming in now.

Let's go! GSW, left chest, bullet's still inside. AMI, BP 50 over 30. I heard two victims. Where's the other one?

Right behind us.

Okay. [Monitor beeps]

Let's get him in trauma 1.

Pressure's dropping.

Go, go! [Monitor beeping]

Maxie! We need four units of O-neg and initiate a massive blood transfusion protocol. Let's get him to cubicle 2. Amy, we need you. We'll take care of him. I promise.

Amy! Coming, Dr. Jones! Nathan. He's got the best team working on him. Yeah, I know. Lucas has been -- been great. I know Nathan's gonna be just fine. [Monitor beeping]

Hang two units of O-neg. I want an or prepped. Page Dr. Park. I tried stalling, saying anything I could think of. But it wasn't enough. Faison was gonna take me, and then the elevator door opened, and Nathan was standing there. He saved me.

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