GH Transcript Thursday 1/25/18

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/25/18


Episode #13959 ~ Anna gets an unexpected guest; Finn is grateful; Amy makes a grand gesture; Nathan humbles Dante; Franco feels alone.

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Hello, Anna. So lovely to see you. Drop your gun, or I'll blow the head off your lover here. He's not my lover. I don't give a damn what he is. I'll blow it off if you don't do exactly what I say. Don't do it. Be quiet, will you? I'll make her watch you bleed to death. Faison. Here.

Ava: Knock, knock. Come on in. So, does this mean your muse has returned? Stop it. Why don't you give it rest? Every time I see you, you're like, "Muse, muse, muse, muse this, muse that." Well, I'm sorry. What's got you in such a snit? My wedding is weeks away... and here I am, again, a shining disappointment to Elizabeth. [Door opens]

It'll just take a minute. Do your thing. All clear. I'll be right outside if you need me. Thank you so much. [Sighs] [Sighs] You know what we need, baby? We need your daddy and the PCPD and the WSB and all those alphabet agencies to find your psycho grandfather. This may be my new normal, but there is no way

you're gonna live like this.

Nathan: Henrik. Missing brother. Bent on Faison's destruction. I mean, for all we know, he's acting in self-defense. Apparently, the only thing worse than being Faison's enemy is being somebody he might actually care about.

Dante: Hmm. You'll do anything to make him live, won't you? How stupid. Liberty mutual stood with me when I was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. Liberty did what? Yeah, with liberty mutual all I needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! Voila! I wish my insurance company had that... wait! Hold it...hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? Where's your brother? Hey, where's Charlie? Charlie?!

They're both clean breaks, and he's already on the mend. Oh, leave it to Spencer... to break both legs. I know. Everyone seems to say that. [Chuckles] Well-deserved reputation for going to extremes. But he also has a loving grandmother there to coax him back to health. Yes. Oh, is that why Laura dropped out of the mayor's race? I was really hoping that wasn't true. She agonized over it. Even asked me to run in her place. But in the end, she really needed to be with Spencer. Yeah. Yeah, of course. I miss her already. [Chuckles] Good thing for me I have an exciting new project to jump into. Oh. You seem really excited. Yes, I am. I'M... psyched about it. [Laughing] Pun intended. I'm writing a paper -- "the pathology of the psychopath: A murderer's mind, examined." I'm trying to find a correlation between medical conditions and the tendency towards violence. How's that for a topic? Kevin, wait. Do you mind telling me a bit more?

Ava: Oh. I see your dilemma. Yeah. Elizabeth asked me to prepare a guest list. Perfectly normal thing for somebody to -- to ask me to do, right? But nobody wants to be my guest. And she's like the -- the -- the darling of Port Charles. I think everybody on her list is secretly hoping that she come to her senses and goes runaway bride. [Chuckles] It's a definite possibility, now that you mention it. I don't want her looking back and seeing a lopsided church with her side packed and my side completely deserted. Well, isn't there anybody else you can invite? I was thinking about calling my mother, but I don't know, I'm not really sure where she disappeared to. And let's face it, my mother and my happiness, like, those two have like a -- a really weird relationship. [Snaps fingers] You know something, Franco? I might have a work-around for you. What? Hire a bunch of community-theater actors to pretend to be my friends? [Laughing] No. [Laughs] I was going to suggest... that you invite me. You? Yeah, me. Nobody knows better than I do what it's like to fight for happiness, Franco. So, if you want me at your wedding to wish you well... I'd be more than happy to be there. Hey! How does it feel? What? Surviving your MCATs? You did it! Oh, yeah. Glad that's over. So... is this you being happy or what? No, actually, this is me the day after I called my boyfriend in the middle of the night and his new girlfriend answered the phone. I see. Uh...a-any chance you could've misdialed? I could have, but I didn't. I was in such shock, I was just staring at my phone, thinking I must have jumbled up the numbers in my contacts somehow. I mean, why else would some woman answer the phone when I call my true-blue boyfriend in the middle of the night? Then Dillon called back, apologizing profusely, and he explained that the long-distance thing just wasn't working. Wow. [Scoffs] That's surprising. Yeah, tell me about it. Wasn't it just last month the two of you were gonna go meet up in Nebraska? Clearly, that was just Dillon overcompensating, making some grandiose gesture in an attempt to ease his own guilt. I don't know if he was already sleeping with her or if he was just thinking about it, but if we had made it to Omaha, we would have broken up there. [Scoffs] We became a cliché. I mean, I was too busy with my studies, and he was... meeting some girl on set, so it wasn't working. Bottom line, I chose getting into med school, and he chose someone else. Then he is a fool, and he does not deserve you. [Cell phone rings] [Chuckles] Hello, this is your baby mama speaking. [Chuckles] Very cute. Just checking to see if you got home okay. Oh, yeah. Officer Rogers is totally diligent. He's outside the door right now, and even though he's super nice, it's extremely awkward having a police guard. You do get that, right? Oh, yeah, I do. I do. But, you know, until we catch Faison, it's necessary. You get that, right? Yes, Nathan, I do. So, is there any chance you can come home early for a little hands-on protecting soon? As soon as I can. [Knock on door]

Rogers: Amy Driscoll is here to see you. Oh. Amy's here. Call me when you're on your way? All right, will do. Love you.

We love you. Amy. Wasn't expecting you. Can I come in? I have news about your baby. One of Anna Devane's neighbors reported seeing some sort of a disturbance in front of Anna's house last night? Right. The commissioner followed up in person. Yeah, well, the original call was a little vague. I need you to send a black and white to the neighbor, get a more detailed statement. I need to know exactly what happened. Will do. Detective West, Detective Falconeri? Special occasion? Eh, it's casual Friday. No, we're helping out with the, uh, Charles Street protest. Right. We were covering it. Apparently, the increased police presence helped keep things from boiling over. Nice work. Well, thank you for saying so. I'll let the commissioner know that you approve. What can we do for you? You told me if I had any further information on Faison... a zip drive? What's on it? Well, the paper's been flooded with tips on Cesar Faison. Hopefully, one of them will pan out and your officers can find him. Any defiance from you and I will kill him. He will go if you don't cooperate. I understand. I know. My beautiful Anna. I thought you were done with me. You will always be first on my list. There's no other man -- there's no other man in the world with a greater passion for you than mine. But didn't I make you angry, though, the last time, didn't I? Well, you tried. But why desire a woman of fire if you fear getting burned? What do you want? What do you want?! [Inhales sharply] There's a lot of things I want. You're first on the list. [Sniffles] [Sighs]

you know I know a thing or two about redemption. Or the pursuit thereof. Yeah, I suppose you do. You know, we've both been seen as pariahs, right? But -- but we've changed. We have. And if certain upstanding members of society don't want to give us a second chance... then -- then tough. Not that many of them are in a position to judge. Right. I mean, I think pretty much everybody around here's got a few skeletons in their closets. Tell me about it. I should make a list of the hypocrites in this town. Be a lot longer than this list. Forget it! Forget 'em. Just focus on the people that genuinely wish you well. And if there are only three of us, then so be it. The three of us will just have to be extra loud when you and Elizabeth walk down that aisle as husband and wife. That's very kind, very generous of you. Like I said, I... turned my life around. So have you. Aren't you ever worried? Do you -- do you ever look over your shoulder for some transgression from long ago might come back to haunt you? Worried you're gonna backslide, screw the whole thing up? All the time. But if I know -- I know that if I -- if I look back, then, um... I'll be consumed by the doubts and regrets and... I'll drown in them. So, I... I just look forward, and that's what I advise you to do -- look ahead. I mean, Elizabeth and the boys -- they're your future, right? You do want to marry her, right? With every fiber. Well, then, get the tux, buy the champagne, kiss the bride! Give yourself permission to be happy, Franco. For some time now, I've believed that there are gaps in the literature about psychopaths. Now, I'd like to examine the possibility that there might be physical reasons that... drive the impulse to murder. Physical reasons... like biological? Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, if we could pinpoint those medical reasons, then we might be able to stop the damage being done to the brain, and by that, subvert the tendency of any sociopathic impulses that might be festering. I'm so sorry. I do this to Laura all the time. I blather on in medicalese. [Both chuckle] I guess I'm just excited by the subject. No, it -- it sounds really fascinating. And I know the perfect subject. Franco. Why do you have a guard posted outside your door? Don't tell me. It's because of that article Lulu Falconeri wrote about Nathan's father, right? Cesar Faison? Are you guys in danger? Nathan has it under control. Really? Yeah, he said we needed to take some precautions, and that's why we have officer Rogers. Okay, not to be rude, Amy, but why are you here? What's this news you have about my baby? Yeah. Here. What is this? I sold the production rights to ask man Landers. [Chuckles] It was a very tidy sum. [Chuckles] Congratulations. Thanks. As you know, I only wrote the book to help raise money for Chet's medical expenses, but Chet and I agreed that we want to share the proceeds with Nathan. If he hadn't agreed to be ask man Landers, we never would have got the attention in the first place. Amy, that's really very sweet of you, but there's no way Nathan's gonna accept money from you guys. Maxie... look at the papers. The money isn't for Nathan. [Chuckles] We put it in a trust fund for the baby. Anything you can use? Uh, I don't know. Your readers claim to see Faison everywhere from London to Pittsburgh. So, I'll have my people look through it and we'll see what we find. That's just the so-called eyewitnesses. What about the other material? Wait, w-what other material? There's more? Uh, letters... to Faison's son. Have a look. "Dear Detective West, madness is a breath away from genius. You father is a man to be admired." Yeah, there's a fan for every sicko. This one says, "dear Detective West, I understand loss. My son passed a few years ago. You sound like a good man, someone a father should be proud of. I wish you the best." I find people often write down what they can't express out loud. Some find it therapeutic. Others hide in the anonymity -- like the trolls on the internet. Hmm. Yep, lots of people with unfinished business -- needing closure. Here, this one, "Dear Detective West, I was raised by a cruel, distant father who treated me as an annoyance. Stop searching for Faison and be grateful you missed knowing him." Wow. You'd be surprised how many of those you'll find. People hurt by their parents, urging you to avoid Faison. Yeah, look, I'm not trying to bond with this psycho in any way, okay? I'm thankful that I don't know Faison, and I'm thankful that my mother hid me from him, no matter how many lies she had to tell. But things are different now. I have to think like a father. I have to protect my child, and the only way that I can do that is to find Faison and lock him up for good. You are a dangerous woman, Anna. Especially when it comes to men's hearts. Did you tell this 24/7 fool... who you are, what you've done? Everything? No. Why not? I didn't warn him. I didn't. I just let him believe in a fairy tale. In a woman who doesn't exist. Me, with clean hands, with a spotless past. Me, without you. So, what should I do with him? [Voice breaks] Nothing. The man who claims he knows everything about you, what do you want me to do with him? Nothing. I-I'll do it. You sure? Yeah. Anna, what are you doing? No, no, no, no, no! [Grunts] [Cries softly] [Sniffles] [Inhales sharply] Don't cry. I'm not crying.

Jen, I've got questions.

Should I really be so surprised? We hadn't seen each other in months, and for months before that, I was always busy studying or working. I turned him down when he invited me to go to morocco with him. I mean, who does that? Who turns down a romantic getaway to -- to hit the books? Someone who's serious about getting into med school. Yeah, but I kept putting Dillon second, and that wasn't fair to him. Look, you put your passion for medicine first. That's fair and understandable, and Dillon couldn't hack it. Look, relationships can survive separation. It just takes both partners supporting each other. Dillon used to be amazingly supportive. I'll give Dillon that. Okay, he was -- he was good for you when you needed him, but now you don't need saving anymore. You're standing right here on your own two feet, and somehow, Dillon's absent to see that. Kind of makes you think, doesn't it? I had no idea how much I'd have to give up to get into med school. It feels like I'm risking everything I care about just on a hope and a prayer that I'll even get in. And that doesn't even include getting through it and becoming a doctor. [Scoffs] My mom seems to think it's this foregone conclusion, and Franco has given me so much money, I just... I hope I can live up to everyone's expectations. Yeah, it's a lot of pressure, huh? It's a good thing it's gonna happen, then. I have a friend on the admissions board. Uh, [Chuckles] Congratulations. You did it. Did what? You got into med school! Why don't you write down Dr. Griffin Munro as guest number four. Seriously? Yeah. Y-you and griffin are gonna come to my wedding... as a couple? Believe in second chances, Franco. [Laughs] Okay, why not? I'm in. All right. I'm in. I'm in. I believe it -- all of it. The -- the pigs that are flying and the -- the -- the ice-skating people in the hell, all of it. I believe. Oh, you're not still going through those letters, are you? No, no, no. I took a break. I took a break. Look. Nice. The first sonogram. This is amazing, huh? [Chuckles] It's -- it's real now. [Chuckles] I just keep thinking about how I'm gonna be responsible for a-a little life, you know? I'm gonna... be a father. Don't let any of this, uh, Faison stuff throw you off, okay? It takes a hell of a lot more than genetics to be a father or to make a family. Yeah. You're more of a brother to me than Henrik Faison could ever be. Brothers in blue, buddy. Well, being that I'm entering uncharted territory, I could use the best backup there is. Hell, yeah. I got you covered. I was hoping you'd say that. Maxie and I have been talking. Um... we'd -- we'd like you to be our baby's godfather. For real? Yeah. [Chuckles] Well, yeah, man. I'd be honored. Honored, buddy. Come here. My pleasure. Thank you. I am so sorry. I cry at -- at songs, movie trailers, even commercials these days. It's okay. I do, too, and I'm not even pregnant. Amy... I...I don't know what to say. This is incredibly generous of you. And kudos to you for finding a way to give us the money and avoid Nathan turning you down. Like I told Chet, Nathan is smart, kind, direct... [Chuckles] All of the above. And the only way he'd accept anything from us is if it was for his baby.

Our baby. Right. That's what I said. No, actually, what you -- [Cell phone rings] Oh, I need to get this. [Sighs] Maxie here. Trisha, whoa. Slow down. Yes, of course, they're all there. No, Nina is unreachable. I'm her backup. Okay. Okay, okay. Just don't do anything and I'll be right there. Okay, I'm sorry, I got to go. There's an emergency at Crimson. I gathered. Um, thank you again for your offer, and I will talk it over with Nathan. Ah. [Chuckles] Rogers, let's roll. Detective Falconeri. Yes? West had me send a black and white over to follow up on that disturbance outside Anna Devane's house last night. Yeah? Someone spotted someone looking exactly like Faison. Claims they saw the same guy in the area today. Okay, you tell that black and white not to approach. I'm on my way. [Thud] [Sighs] How long have we been playing this game, you and I? H-how many lifetimes? Mine. Robin. My grandchildren. Lifetimes of cat and mouse. Of running from your obsession. You love being cruel to me, don't you? [Sighs] Oh, God. I'm so tired. I'm just so tired of running. I'm so tired of protecting my family. I'm sick. Did you know that? I didn't know that, Anna. Yes. I-I have an incurable disease. I'm sorry, Anna. You're not sorry. You are... an evil old man who will never get... what he wants from me, ever. So, I don't want to hear about your unrequited love. I'm sick of it. You tell me, just tell me right now, after all this time... how does this thing end? With us? Yes! The way it's supposed to end. With us together. Oh, God. [Cries] It's over.

You're volunteering Franco as a subject for my study? Who better? I mean, you know his medical history, right? Despite being legally exonerated, Franco has never really come to terms with his past. He doesn't -- he doesn't like to show it, but it still haunts him, what he did. And so, maybe if he's a part of your study, it'll help him trust in his own recovery. I had thought about him for this. I wanted to approach him as -- but I wasn't sure how. Do you think he'd be interested? Well, I know when he worked with André, he was definitely moving in a healthy direction. And perhaps working with you would keep him moving forward. And if you're able to prove your premise, then it would only reinforce that it was his brain tumor that made him commit those horrible crimes. I thought that was a widely accepted theory. [Sighs] Not by Jason and Sam because of the ordeal Franco put them through. But Jason respects you, and if you can prove that Franco wasn't responsible... [Sighs] I don't expect Jason to outright forgive Franco, but maybe if he just backed off a little bit, it would open the door for everyone else to see Franco the way I do -- as the good man he is. Absolutely not! And people say

I'm the crazy one. It's for research. You'd be furthering the cause of science! No way. I'm not gonna be your next episode of "mind of a murderer." What's next? Reenactments? Well, I was thinking more along the lines of deepening the pool of knowledge in order to identify and treat others. Okay, this was all my idea. I thought you would be good for the study and that the study might be good for you. No, the only people that this would be good for are really weird Franco fans. They'd be salivating over this. Is that your idea, huh? If it bleeds, it leads? You're blowing this all out of proportion. It's simply a presentation at a psychiatric conference. You wouldn't even need to be there. Okay, and think about it, some people still doubt that the tumor is responsible for that dark period in your life. Oh, by "some people," you mean "Jason," and by "doubt," you mean, "never, ever gonna believe it, ever." Okay, forget about Jason. Yeah, I would love to, but you know what? He's still out there, okay, and nothing's gonna make him hate me any less, ever! Not even a-a study by the esteemed Dr. Kevin Collins. Okay, but what about everyone else? Don't you want everyone else to know that what you did isn't your fault? I mean, don't you want to know that for yourself? Elizabeth, I can't -- I can't do this. Why not? Because... removing the tumor didn't automatically, magically remove everything bad about me! The results won't be out for a few hours, but I have a friend on the review board. He gave me the inside track. You got the scores you needed to be admitted. Yes! Oh, my God! Thank you, thank you, thank you for telling me! Thank you so much! You're certainly welcome. [Both laughing] There's only one way this ends... with us together. It's in your hands. It's never been a game to me. The life I wanted with you is more real than the life I'm living. No. We're family. If it's family you want... yeah. ...Look elsewhere. [Siren wails in distance]

You're running out of time. No. Yeah. We'll never run out of time. [Siren continues] Finn. Finn. Finn! Finn! Finn! Finn?! [Sighs]

I'm so happy! Hey, you two! What's up? Mom! I passed! I'm going to med school! What? Wow! Well, that is wonderful, baby! I knew you could do it. But how -- how did you find out? Isn't it a little bit early for the results? Griffin pulled some strings for me and he found out early. Isn't that amazing?

Ava: Yeah. It's great to have friends in high places. Yeah, they were coming out, anyways. Yeah, well, the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you so much for telling me. That's really one of the nicest things anyone's ever done for me. It's my pleasure. Oh, I can't wait to go tell Dr. Bensch. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Don't forget these. Thank you. And thank you for helping me with everything today. My pleasure. [Chuckles] Oh... mm. You're good, you know. It's nice to see Kiki happy. She was a little overwhelmed this morning. I'm glad you were able to turn it around. I'm just the messenger. She did everything, all the hard work, on her own merit, to get into med school. Still... I'm grateful you're so thoughtful when it comes to my daughter. Look, Diane is a brilliant lawyer, and she came up with a plausible explanation for -- for what I did that -- that absolved me of all legal responsibility, but... removing the tumor didn't automatically make me a -- a good person.

Franco: You know, painting, whenever I look at you, all you are is a gruesome reminder, when I was 3 years old, I pushed a kid down a flight of stairs and almost killed him. And that was long before the tumor, all right? So the darkness has always been there. And what if it comes back? We don't even know how old I was when the tumor started to grow. [Sighs] As part of the study, I'll have access to your medical records. Ideally, I'll be able to make a correlation between the escalation of violence and the growth of the tumor. You can't just study the tumor. You would have to explain to me... what took its place. I'm listening. I do believe that the tumor made me kill. But then when -- when it was removed, I was still lost, right? I was still stumbling through my own life with this gaping hole in me... until I met you. You want to study me, you give me a scientific explanation for how Elizabeth saved me. [Sirens wail] Sit here on the sofa, all right? Easy. Ugh. Anna?

Anna: In here. We're good. Faison?

Anna: Yeah, he left... when he heard the sirens. He's gone after Nathan, I'm pretty sure. On it. [Police radio chatter] Nathan, hey. Yeah. Yeah, what happened at Anna's? Uh, Faison was here at Anna's, but he got away. He could be anywhere in Port Charles. I got to get to Maxie. Oh, sorry, Mr. August. Nina's not here. Can I get you anything? Thanks, but I'm fine. I'm just gonna drop off these budget projections to Nina's desk. She'll be expecting them when she gets back. I can see myself out. All right. Thank you. See you later.

Faison: Did I come to the wrong office? I think you're the one out of place. You. Y-your face is everywhere. Yeah, thanks to you. Putting me in your paper. The whole police department's looking for you. What do you care? I'm only looking for one of them. You may sit down if you like.

Okay, don't tell anyone, because a friend pulled some strings to find out for me... find out what? I got into med school! [Gasps] Kiki, congrats! Oh, my God! Congrats! Thank you. Thank you. This is so great for you and so awful for us. What do you mean? Uh, she means you're the best nurses' aide we have. And now we're gonna have to survive without you. Well, I'm still gonna be at the hospital all the time. The program is incredibly hands-on. You'll see me all the time. Yeah, but now we can't boss you around.[ Laughter] We reserve the right to complain about the doctors to you -- even when you become one yourself. I would be insulted if you didn't. [Chuckles] This is such great news, for you and the hospital. Oh, thank you! Congratulations! So, who was the friend who gave you the inside scoop? Well, once Kiki's done collecting her congratulations, I think a celebration is in order. Have you had dinner? No, but I-I don't want to intrude on your family time. Are you kidding me? Kiki won't mind. Come on. I won't take no for an answer. Besides, my daughter knows how important you are to me. Well, I'm sorry we interrupted. Working on some sketches? No, it's my guest list. It's a little slim. Well, take it from me, it doesn't matter how many guests are on your side of the church. What matters is the woman you're marrying. She's pretty amazing, right? Yeah. She is. And her faith in you is absolute. I just hope I can live up to it. You made some interesting points today, Franco. Some that I'm keen on exploring... if you'll let me. Careful what you ask for. It's kind of a -- kind of a dark place in there. Hmm. [Inhales sharply] There's a lot about me you don't know, Franco. You might find I have a more sympathetic ear than you realize. You know where my office is. Listen, I would... appreciate some ibuprofen for my headache, but otherwise, my vision is clear and I... I feel fine. What about you? Hmm? Before you got here, he was... ranting and raving. I mean, he is obsessed with you. I know. Of course you know. And all those things you said before you hit me in the... that was just a bluff, right? You were just telling him what he wanted to hear. He bought it, didn't he? I'll be damned. You saved my life again. Rogers, damn it! Why weren't you in the hall?! Maxie? Maxie! Come on, come on, come on. Come on, damn it, pick up. I just need to get the final proofs off Nina's desk. [Cell phone chimes] Oh, I missed a call from Nathan. Me, too. Maybe the elevator. Huh. Okay, well, I'll call him back so you don't have to. Maxie? Peter? Faison. How lovely to see my daughter-in-law.

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