GH Transcript Wednesday 1/24/18

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/24/18


Episode #13958 ~ Jason makes a declaration; Nathan takes a break; Kim shares good news; Lulu tries to talk her way out of a tricky situation; Felicia accosts Finn.

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All right. Thanks, Spinelli. Let me know if you find anything. Okay.

[Sighs] Still no word from Sinclair? Not yet. What'd Spinelli say? You were right -- somebody's been intercepting the e-mails. You're thinking who I'm thinking? [Gasps] Hi, Finn. I'm so glad you came. You didn't really give me much choice. Was I that demanding? Pretty much, yes. So, what am I doing here? Well, first, take a seat. I ordered you an iced tea. Thank you. [Sighs] Now, when are you going to tell Anna that you love her?[Glass thumps lightly]

What can I do for you, Anna? A favor... in Robin's name. Back off P.K. Sinclair. [Elevator bell dings]

Dr. Nero. Maxie, you're here. Yeah. We have an appointment, don't we? We do. I am just running a little late, and I was hoping that you would be, too. No such luck. Kind of excited to see the little peanut. Well, that makes two of us. Um, who's your friend? Oh, sorry. That's rude of me. Um, this is officer Shane Rogers. I'm in need of a little extra security these days. Are you okay? I'm fine, thanks to Shane. He's got my back... and my side... and my front. He's kind of everywhere, except in the exam room. He's gonna wait out here. Okay, gotcha. Um, just give me a minute, okay? Take your time. [Elevator bell dings]

All right. Hey. Hey! I got it. How was the special deployment? Fine. No incidents. Uh, you know, the protestors got to say their part, and they say a lot. So, no trouble from the landlords? Well, not with half the PCPD and the detectives standing around in uniform. Okay. So, if it's not the Charles Street protest, why do you look so stressed? There's been an... update with Faison. What kind of update? Apparently... I have a brother. [Door creaks]

My husband is a detective at the PCPD. He's partners with Nathan, actually. I'm sure they're looking for me as we speak. Excellent. So he'll bring my son right into my arms.

Nein! You leave my Nathan alone! [Speaking gibberish] Shut up! That silly newspaper story of yours -- trying to lure me into the open. Did you really think you could outwit me?!

Now, see how that turned out!

Am I? Yes. You want to see your son, right? Nathan trusts me. I can set up a meeting. No! And what? Give me my phone, and you'll see. What? Are you insane? Do you want Nathan and his whole family to die? His family? Do I have a grandchild?

Lulu: No, that's not what she meant. Just shut up! Driving me nuts. Liesl? I was merely referring to his wife. But then you would have said, "wife," right? But you said, "family." Now, Liesl, don't you lie to me. Does Nathan have a child? No. Not yet. Wait, wait, wait, wait. [Chuckles] Liesl gave birth to two boys? No, no. Anna said Henrik has a different mother. Like, who are all these people having sex with Faison? Not that I would want it any other way, because I wouldn't have you, but...yikes. Yeah. Okay. Um, so, this baby has a half-uncle. Where is he? I don't know. His mother gave him up at birth. He was raised by Faison? [Chuckling] Yeah. And hates him. Shocking. Well, apparently, the feeling is mutual. What does Liesl say? I don't know. I've been -- I've been calling her. I called her before the protest. She hasn't called me back yet. I'm just... waiting to hear back. I don't know. I just -- I just need more information, you know, before I figure out how to handle all this. Hey, I can... only imagine how you're feeling right now, like everything you've known, everything you are is a lie, like this news somehow changes who you are, but it doesn't. And no matter how many people come out of the woodworks claiming to be your family, the only family that matters is ours. Got it? Got it. A grandchild? [Chuckles] Our first. What's the matter with you guys? No "congratulations," no nothing? And you lied to me -- you realize that? -- About my own flesh and blood. Nathan won't let you anywhere near that baby. But you'll never know until you ask. If you would just let me call him... but you shut up, the both of you! I'm so sick of you -- nothing but two pieces of garbage. Not to Anna Devane. Your obsession is quite fond of Lulu. The two of them are practically family. If you hurt Lulu... Anna will never forgive you. [Glass thumps lightly] We couldn't even order appetizers first? We got to go right into the crazy talk? So, you're not in love with Anna? No. I don't believe you. Well, there's not much I can do about that, is there? Look, I'm all about the chase -- the cat, the mouse. It's exciting, I get it, but it's gone on too long. What chase? Why are you talking about a cat and a mouse? Oh, cut the crap, Finn. You're gaga for Anna, and she's gaga for you. Everyone can see it, but neither one of you want to admit it. Instead, you're both at this ridiculous standoff, with neither one of you wanting to make the first move. It has to be you. Why? Because why -- because she's hurt, and I know you are, too. We all are. But without betraying any confidences... Anna's a lot more complicated than you realize. Complicated how? She's had to deal with a lot more trauma that we can even comprehend. Now, that's not to scare you off -- it's just the opposite, in fact. You need to do what she can't. You need to be the brave one. I don't know what you're talking about. Oh, for Pete's sake, Finn! Man up and tell the woman that you love her, otherwise, you're going to lose her. Want a drink or something? I don't want a drink. I want you to tell me that you will do what I ask. I know this is a big deal. Anything that has to do with Faison is -- is... yes, it is. ...Puts a lot of weight on you, right? Yes. Can we just be honest with each other? I can. Okay, somebody's been, uh, intercepting our messages to Sinclair. Well, that would be me. [Chuckling] Don't look at me like that. I asked you -- I told you to notify me if you heard from him and you refused, so I needed to know what was going on. So, now you show up here requesting a favor on robin's behalf. It's important to me.

Jason: Why? Why? Why do you care so much about P.K. Sinclair? I don't care about him. Then... I-I don't even know him. I-I care about what happens to him. Because...? Because I've been there. All right? Sinclair or Henrik or whatever his name is has obviously been pushed too far by Faison, and -- and he wants to strike back. And -- and that's not a position that I envy. [Voice breaking] You have to I-imagine it. You know, years go by, decades, and -- and you think it's over. And then, there he is, his -- with his disgusting grin... telling you that he loves you. And all the time, he's torturing you, you know? It's a special kind of hell... that I will never escape, and -- and I imagine that this person feels the same way, you see? Anna... we're on the same side here. We want to stop this psycho from hurting anybody else. But to do that... we need Faison's son.

I'm sure you mean well. I know you mean well, but you're -- you're wrong about Anna and me. We don't, um, fit. Why not? Because. You're going to have to do better than that, Dr. Finn. Okay, I don't really want to get into it, but I had a really rough year last year and I'm still struggling with my recovery. I don't know what next month, next week -- hell, even tomorrow holds. Mm. That could be the case forever. Exactly, and Anna doesn't need that kind of uncertainty. She's a WSB agent. Uncertainty is a way of life for her. Which would bring me to my second point, all right? We're -- we're different. I mean, she leaps tall buildings. Anna chases bad men with guns. And I sort of do the lifesaving thing. So does she -- you just do it in different ways. You gave me a "b"! What? After our, uh, double date at the floating rib. Now, why would you want your best friend with some guy that you rated as a measly "b"? Not measly. Solid. Solid "B." So, you do remember. You know what I remember? The way the two of you looked at each other, spoke to and about each other. I know that you were faking it, but there was something very real underneath. I'm sure there's a million reasons for the two of you not to be together. It's up to you to find that one reason that you should. Come on, Finn. You're lonely. Anna's lonely. Well, that's a hell of a reason to start a relationship -- we're both lonely? No, because you love each other. Do you realize how precious and rare that is? And you found it -- the treasure, the jackpot, the big rock candy mountain. You and Anna love and are loved in return. And to let that go -- well, you are a curmudgeon, no doubt. Thank you? But you don't strike me as foolish. So, do the smart thing, Finn -- choose Anna. I guarantee she'll choose you right back. Wait. She told you that? [Chuckling] No. Are you kidding? She's just as stubborn as you are. The iced tea's on me. [Footsteps depart] But why do you want Henrik so badly? I... look, I was in that Russian clinic because of Dr. Klein's mysterious client. I don't know what he wanted with me, but I was there because of him. Okay. Okay? Right? So now we know, because of Britt, Faison ordered somebody to have me killed, but that person... call him the traitor. ...The traitor kept me alive. So, the assumption being the client and the traitor are the same person. Okay, and then you look at "the severed branch." It's a story about a son wanting revenge on his father. Right. That manuscript pissed Faison off so bad that he tried to burn it. [Sighs] Which makes us 99% sure that the client, the traitor, P.K. Sinclair are not just the same person -- Faison's son. The one that Britt told you about, Henrik. And you want to ask him why he kept you alive? Yeah. But the real reason we need him... is to draw Faison out. Faison stole Jason, replaced him with a guy, programmed him to take Faison's orders -- not mine. There's a reason for that. What -- do you think this is about you? I didn't know at the time, but Faison wanted to push me out. He wanted to get rid of me, right? Yeah. And the easiest way to get rid of me was to get rid of Jason. And -- and if this plan is still in motion, we need to know. Okay. I agree with that. Okay. So, why don't you focus on Faison, and I'll handle the son? No, no. We -- we cannot get Faison without the son. And then what? What are -- a-and then what? What does that mean? Well, if you use Henrik to lure out Faison, then what happens? Faison will kill him because that's what he does to traitors. And you really want his blood on your hands after he kept you alive? I mean, it's convoluted. Faison wanted you dead, and because of this traitor, this son... you're not. So, there has to be another way around this. Here's where I stand. Forget about me and the threat to my business or what he did to Jason. You... are robin's mother. He put you through hell. [Inhales deeply] [Voice breaking] He took robin away from us for years. No more. That bastard has to go. Anna betrayed me, left me to die. I feel nothing for her. Then I'm sure you won't care that she's found love again. With who? A good man, a world-renowned doctor. [Whispering] Shut up. Hamilton Finn. It seems Anna has finally put duke to rest and is sheltered in the arms and bed of a new suitor. [Jacket zips]

I don't... keep you alive to punish you... I promise you. You recognize this one? Goodbye, Liesl. [Gasps] [Door opens]

Lulu: No. No! No, no, no, no! [Doorknob rattling] [Gasping] How are you feeling? Well... no more abdominal pain, so that's good. And the stress? Stress? What stress? I've been managing, thanks to Nathan. If I didn't have him to talk me off the ledge... well, a partner in life -- it's a huge gift, especially when it comes to parenting. Do you speak from experience? No. [Chuckles] Well, that's not true. Actually, experience on the other side -- uh, being a single parent raising a kid alone is not for the faint of heart. Ohh, I'll bet. So, should we call in that husband of yours? Yes, please. [Chuckling] Okay. Oh. Hey. Hey, there. Hi. Hi. Sorry. [Chuckles] Anxious. You know, first-time dad. Isn't he the sweetest? [Chuckling] Why don't you come in here and stand next to Maxie? Thanks. Hi. Hi. So... you ready to see your baby? Yeah. R-ready as we'll ever be. Let's do this.

Doing a cursory check before I show you the baby. How's it look so far? Well, I'd go with perfect. [Heartbeat on monitor] Except for one thing. Oh, my God. What's wrong? No. No, no, no, no. Nothing. Nothing. It's just that, um, [Chuckles] He or she is being a little bit shy, so I can't determine the gender. Hmm. Maybe next time. [Chuckles] Just remember -- don't tell us. Right. I will, uh, write it down. I will put it in an envelope, just as you instructed. Sam may not have been into her gender-reveal cake, but I am all about mine. Sam, um, Morgan? Well, it's Cain now, but, yes. I kind of forced it on her when she was pregnant with her daughter, and she was not happy. So, what -- what do you think? Can we see the baby now? Yeah. So... [Chuckles] Introducing... your little one. [Chuckles] We made that. Yeah, we did. [Heartbeat] What the hell is that? Carbon disulfide. Now untie me. I'm not doing anything until you tell me what is going on. It's a lethal gas. Great. Cesar was part of a cartel back in the early '90s -- they created it. For what purpose? What -- to sell it?! That was the plan, but Anna Devane thwarted them and sent most of the cartel to prison. But not Faison? He escaped. Of course he did. Come on, you coward. Untie me. I need something. He must have squirreled some of the gas away at Wyndemere. For over 25 years? As you can see, Cesar is quite resourceful. [Grunting] [Rope rips]

There. Oh! You're free. Oh, my God.

Danke. It's over 2 1/2 decades. That can't still be effective, can it? [Sighs] It would be emitting a hissing sound if it was. But if whatever's in that canister doesn't kill you, I will happily do the honors. Anna, you there? [Sighs] [Keys jingling] [Lock disengages]

Anna? [Door creaks lightly] [Keys jingling]

I hate Faison with ever fiber of my being. Nobody wants him handled more than I do, but not at the expense of his son. I know we're coming from different sides of the, you know, of the law here. I'm on -- oh, it's not about who's carrying a badge. Okay, I agree, but he took robin from you. He took Jason from me. The only way he's gonna stop doing this is if we stop him! Okay. Okay. And -- and the best way to do that, to get Faison to show his face, is through Henrik. Anna, I'm giving you my word -- I'm not gonna hurt him. I just need to know where to meet him. Please, I-I need you to trust me. I-if he cooperates, I will do everything in my power to protect this guy. [Sighs] [Cell phone chimes]

Is that him? Uh, it's not an e-mail -- it's a text. Everything okay? He wants to meet tonight. [Inhales deeply] Where? What location? No location is set. [Cell phone beeping] [Chuckles] I-it's set now. [Keys jingling]

You're lucky you met me. You're so lucky. Ha! Are you kidding me? Without me or this operation -- that's the only thing stopping you from throwing on a bathrobe and adopting a cat! [Laughs] The cat card? Nice. Well, if the shoe fits! No, there's plenty of men who'd jump at the chance. Show me one! St-standing right in front of me. Me? [Laughs] You think

I want to be with you? Don't you? [Door closes]

My head circumference looks good. And there's the heartbeat. [Gasps] Look at those little feet. [Chuckles] And the hands. Is the baby... sucking its thumb? [Chuckles] Yes, sir. I-I can't, with the cuteness. [Chuckles] Oh, wow. I know. [Sighs] I just -- I... it seems so real, all of a sudden. In a good way, right? No, in the best way. In the best way. [Chuckling] I'm gonna be a dad. Yeah, it's really happening. Oh, and Georgie's gonna be the best big sister ever, isn't she? I know, right? I can't wait to see her in action, bossing that one around. Yeah, but you're gonna give it right back to her, aren't you? Our baby's no pushover. [Chuckles] Okay. I will make some copies of the sonogram for you. Thank you. [Chuckles] Wait. You know what? Here. [Chuckles] Thanks. [Chuckles] Everything looks good, though? Oh, yes. I mean, except for that scare, like the other day, the pregnancy is going beautifully. Yay! [Door opens]

Sorry I'm late. Mom! Oh, hey, hey. Uh, it's a little crowded in here... but I'll give you my spot. No, you don't have to go. No, I'm sure Maxie could use some mother-daughter time. Fine. I will be right outside. Okay. [Door closes]

Come here. Come see the baby. Look! [Chuckles] Oh, my goodness. That's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Right? Hey. Detective Falconeri's been trying to reach you. Yeah, I-I -- sorry. I had my phone off during, uh, Maxie's exam. What's up? I guess Dr. Obrecht had arranged for an Uber to pick her up last night. Yeah, from Anna Devane's. But she wasn't there when the driver arrived. Well, I asked a black-and-white to go by and take a look. Was she home? No. And no neighbors have seen her since yesterday. This is my fault? You just got Faison all riled up about Anna. Yeah. Cesar's always riled up over Anna. He doesn't know an alternative. But you writing that ridiculous article, like a child playing checkers with nuclear launch codes. It was an interview that Nathan agreed to. For Pete's sake, he's a detective. It's his civic duty to do the right thing! Exactly! And Nathan decided that it was the right thing to do! Because you manipulated him! All of this was set in motion by you! And for what? A story? Something to jump-start your newfound career in journalism? Congratulations. You got your wish. And now we are all paying the price. I will not apologize. I was trying to put an international criminal in jail. Yeah, because you are arrogant, as well as foolish. Let me give you a reality check. Cesar made robin disappear -- poof! -- Led the entire town to think she was dead. And then he did the same to Jason Morgan. [Scoffs] You thought you'd succeed where Sonny's enforcer failed?! I wasn't thinking -- you weren't thinking at all! I kept my son from Cesar for a reason... at enormous cost to myself. And now it's for nothing. Maybe not. We're going to die in here, Lulu. I can't warn Nathan. I can't do anything. It's over. Not if we find an escape. Sinclair wants to meet at rice park, 10:00 P.M. In the gazebo. All right. We'll be there. That's fine. I-I will, too. No, no, no. That wasn't part of the deal. Yeah, yeah. You asked me to trust you, and I did -- I gave you the location. And -- and in return, we'll make sure this guy doesn't get hurt. Robin wouldn't want you to put yourself at risk. Oh, I think she'd make an exception in this case. She loathes Faison as much as I do. Jason is gonna meet Henrik, and I'm gonna be monitoring from a distance. It's not going to work -- you understand? He will drive him away. It has to be me. With all due respect, Anna -- you know how much I respect you -- you're not thinking clearly. No? If this guy sees Jason, he's gonna talk to him. He doesn't know you from Adam. Exactly. I'm innocuous. I'm not a threat. I might be able to get him to lower his guard. I-I'm not saying that I want to do this solo. I won't make a move without checking with you. So, you know, I'll just -- I'll just go along, anyway. 'Cause it's better to work with me than against me, don't you think? [Sighs] 10:00 P.M. 10:00 P.M. Anna... ...we're gonna find Faison. [Sighs] And when you do... what? [Inhales sharply] ...Just call the authorities. [Door closes] You're Anna Devane's lover, I presume? Dr. Finley. I prefer "Finn." And you are...? My name is Cesar Faison. Anna must have mentioned my name. Not a word. How long have you been seeing each other? Couple months now. She never mentioned my name? Name never came up, but to be fair, Anna doesn't talk much about her past. And if you're a part of her past, I can't say I really blame her. I'm not part of her past -- I'm her destiny. Right. Yeah, right. We met each other when she was a kid. [Chuckles] Now, it was known she'd be mine eventually. The more she fights it, the more intriguing the game. Mm-hmm. And are you both playing this game, or you just a one-man band? Yeah, absolutely, we do. She's the greatest opponent I ever faced. She'll be mine. Well, that's obsessive, possessive, and deeply disturbing, but... but a fact. Mm-hmm. Well, I-I don't doubt that you -- you believe that, but you do realize that she doesn't belong to you? People don't own other people. That only goes to prove you don't know what you're talking about. You never experienced the sort of relationship Anna and I have. Okay. Let me see if I got this straight -- you've been, uh, you know, salivating over Anna all these years now, and it's never happened? It will! Okay. Well, look, I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but you... may just want to get the hint, man. She's not that into you. I mean, look at her. I mean, Anna is smart and -- and -- and kind and... yeah. ...And courageous. And I imagine that she -- she looks for those qualities in a partner. Now... again, I don't want to be harsh, but have you looked at yourself lately -- I mean, really looked at yourself? I mean, [Scoffs] She's way out of your league. But she is in yours? [Chuckling] Is that what you're telling me? Is that what you're telling me?! I should be so lucky. You realize I have a problem here. You know what? I actually think that you are a man Anna could fall in love with. But I don't want her to fall in love with you. So, what the hell do I do? Do I kill you? I could do that, couldn't I -- just kill you? Or I could keep you alive. That would give me the upper hand, wouldn't it? That would make Anna do exactly what I want her to do, right?! [Both grunt]

I don't think that we were properly introduced. I'm Felicia Scorpio, grandma-in-waiting. Aww. [Chuckles] Dr. Kim Nero. Me with the introductions today -- I blame it on the baby brain. Oh, well, congratulations. You must be very excited. Oh, if you think she's excited, you should see my stepdad. Well, you know, we just don't get to spend that much time with our other grandchild, and the prospect of having one right in our own hometown -- well, I could just cry thinking about it. I think you already are. [Chuckles] [Cell phone beeping]

Oh. Oh, it's the lab. If you'll just excuse me for a minute. [Chuckles] [Door opens]

At least I'm not blubbering like Mac was this morning. What happened this morning? [Door closes] We put together a crib at our place. Just a crib? And a glider and a changing table -- you know, for when the baby spends the night. Yeah. Your nursery is gonna be so much nicer than ours. Mac started thinking about what it was going to be like, and then he started reminiscing about when your sister was little. Forget it. [Chuckling] He was a goner. You know, I miss Georgie so much, always. Yeah. Especially right now. Yeah, me, too. But she's with us here in spirit. I know it. I just know it. I know she is. Maxie, this is just a wonderful time for you. You have an amazing husband, and a beautiful, happy, thriving daughter and another healthy baby on the way. [Chuckles] And you and Mac to spoil us rotten. Oh, you better believe it. Count your blessings, baby girl. I am. [Chuckles] [Door closes]

It's official -- the two of you made a perfect baby. How can you tell? It hasn't even been born yet. Oh, trust me. A grandmother knows these things. And I'm feeling a lot better. Yeah? Yeah. Seeing the baby really put things into perspective. We're gonna be fine. Your father can't touch us. You're damn right he can't. [Chuckles] Spencer was convinced that there was an entrance to the tunnel in here -- we just have to find it. If we can get to Wyndemere, we can get to a phone. Yeah. And I'll send Dante straight over to Anna's. Anna's? You don't think that's where Faison went after you told him about her new love?! I suppose you're right. [Grunting] Either way, Faison gets captured. Nathan is spared. Yes, so, help me find the tunnel. I don't think that I've ever seen Anna like that. It's a first for me, too. Talk about stone pro -- nothing fazes her, and now she's two seconds away from losing her mind. It's Faison. She's scared. I know. The same look my mother had in her eyes every time... Deke would hit her, which was pretty much... every day. She'd hear the -- the door open, and she'd just freeze. I couldn't do anything about it then, but I can do something about it now. Anna's not gonna live in fear anymore. [Keys jingling]

For you and your husband. [Chuckles] Oh! Although I would have tissues on hand, maybe, when you show him. [Chuckles] That's a good idea. Thank you. Thank you for taking such good care of Maxie. Aww, it's my pleasure, really. You're very lucky to have such a wonderful family. Tell me about it. [Both chuckle] [Sniffles] He or she totally has your nose. Oh, you can't tell from this thing. Yes, I can! You'll see. And when I'm right... oh, you'll tell me, "I told you so"? I want more than an, "I told you so." Mm-hmm. What'd you have in mind? I'll think of something. Uh-huh. Well... your nose, my nose, blue eyes, brown eyes, boy, girl -- doesn't matter. This baby is gonna be so loved, it's unreal. [Chuckles] [Cell phone beeping]

Ah. [Sighs] Everything okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got to go back to work. What?! Boo! I know. I know. I know. I'll make it up to you later, I promise. Shane, I'll see you. Get home, uh, safely. Hey, you be safe, too, and take this with you. I want you to show it off to everyone in the squad room. Okay. Right there. I love you. I love you. [Chuckles] I love you. I love you. I love you. We love you more. Impossible. [Elevator bell dings] [Sighs] [Sighs] [Sighs] Anything?

Nicht. These walls are as secure as Fort Knox. No, there has to be an entrance somewhere. [Gas hissing]

Oh, no. Oh, mein gott. [Hissing continues]

You know, when Anna was walking out, she turned back. Yeah? All that about, you know, when we find Faison, call the police. That's not what she really wanted to say. What she really wanted to say was... "don't miss." And that's what I'm gonna tell you. [Inhales deeply] Hello, Anna. Lovely to see you.

Sonny: When you line up that shot...

Jason: No, I won't miss.

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