GH Transcript Tuesday 1/23/18

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/23/18


Episode #13957 ~ Lulu is frustrated; Peter is cautious; Obrecht faces her fears; Anna creates a diversion; Dante is relieved.

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Hey, how well, look at this! If it isn't our star reporter! Oh, hi, Olivia! Mm. Ned. Lulu. I heard about Spencer's accident. How's he doing -- okay? My mother is with him now. She's been in Grenoble for about five minutes, and Spencer is itching to take his casts off -- literally and figuratively. [Laughs] Well, I certainly admire your mother's devotion to Spencer, but I kind of hate to see her drop out of the mayor's race. I was looking forward to the campaign. I bet! At least now you won't have to write a concession speech. [Chuckles] [Sighs] Don't take it personally. I choose to look at it this way. No matter what happens, your husband will be the next mayor of Port Charles. Oh, come here. I'm not sure what worries me more -- that you were asphyxiated almost or that your landlord is messing with you and there is no gas leak. I know. But I prefer to look on the bright side, you know? Yeah, we may be staying with my mom, but at least TJ had plenty of warmth and light for his final prep before the MCATs.

Julian: Hey! How did Kiki and TJ do on their big exams? Oh, TJ is actually pretty superstitious to talk about it, but I'm sure they both did great. Mm. Which is even more impressive, considering they were thrown out of their apartment before the exam. So, now what I need to do is figure out a way to get your landlord in court and get you two back in your apartment. Actually, there's another way we can fight back. Really? Good. I'm open to suggestions. Pick up the torch from Laura and run for mayor, like she asked. What, now? Laura had to drop out of the race due to a family crisis, and she asked my mom to take her place. Uh, you agree with this? Of course! So do I. Yeah, Robert. I'm covering all my bases. I just wanted to know that you've managed that whole message thing for me. All right. So, any time the person calling himself P.K. Sinclair e-mails Sonny, it will be routed to me, and Sonny won't know? Very good. Okay, great. Thanks. Yeah. I'll talk to you later. Bye. [Police radio chatter] [Knocking]

Oh! Look at you two all in blue.

Dante: Yeah. The Charles Street protest got a little out of hand yesterday. They're gonna march again today, and the commissioner wants a little greater police presence. Even the detectives got to do their part. Mm. Crowd control can be challenging. A lot more pleasant than what you're working on, though. [Door closes]

Faison would have loved this -- the center of the universe, with everyone just orbiting around him. Yeah. How are you doing? I'm just, you know, trying to wrap my head around knowing that Faison's my father. If it's any consolation, there's no resemblance. Hmm. Uh... yeah, well, now that we've put the information out there, I'll be damned if we're gonna sit on our butts and wait for Faison to make the first move. No one knows about Faison better than you do. We need to anticipate where he's gonna strike and who his next target is gonna be. Before you say anything, I know that I'm supposed to go through channels. But even though my article about Detective Nathan West being Cesar Faison's son went viral, my editor is lobbing me softballs! The Port Charles biennial cat show -- are you serious? Well, people who love cats love outlets that cover cats. And it's not that I don't appreciate the void left by cat fancy magazine... [Laughs] [Sighs] You've always been my biggest booster, so I'm making my pitch directly to you. If I'm right, Faison is hiding on spoon island. Aah! [Screams] [Whispering] Shut up. [Breathing heavily] The owners are away. The staff is off. The island is deserted. You are all on your own. Scream as much as you like. No one's gonna hear you.

Well, as much as I'd love to spend the day with my brilliant son... you need to go fight crime. Yes, which will also help pay for medical school. I told you already -- I'm paying my own way. Okay. We'll see what you say when the bill comes. And that's even if I'm lucky enough to get in. Hey, luck has nothing to do with it. Well, thanks, mom. And, hey, since you are our police commissioner, do you think you could put a couple of your guys to work on nailing my landlord for harassing us? Yes. I called for a special deployment to supervise the protest on Charles Street. I'll have everyone, including detectives, out in uniform. Those landlords will not be able to stir up any trouble. That's great about the protest, but what about the power outage on Christmas? And now this fake gas leak -- what about that? Well, Curtis is looking into that. And if we do find hard evidence of criminal negligence or endangerment or harassment, I promise you I will come down on those clowns like a ton of bricks. Commissioner? Good morning. Oh. Hey. Good morning, Mr. Quartermaine. How are you? Fine. Olivia told me that you're celebrating T.J. Completing his MCATS. How did they go? Yeah, we'll see. Well, if there's one thing this city needs, it's more doctors. So I hope you'll let me put your brunch on my tab. Consider it an investment in the future. [Sighs] No, thanks. But it's much appreciated, though. Well... it's a lovely gesture, and I just -- I don't think it's appropriate for the police commissioner to accept a gift from a mayoral candidate. I think it's best we just keep things on the up-and-up, yeah? Okay. Shall we? -Well, congratulations, TJ.

Yeah, congratulations. I know you're gonna do great. Well. Mm. That was very smart of her -- putting down cash so you can't convince me to ignore her and put the bill on your tab. You know, I know it's politics and the appearance of propriety. But come on. It's brunch. I told you it was a bad idea. Olivia, I'm not the enemy. I know that. You know, once I take office, I am gonna be the mayor that this city needs. And I want everyone to know that. I can't believe I'm about to say this, mom, but Julian and I are actually on the same page. Mm. I'm sorry. I can't hear you over the sound of the seven seals of the apocalypse opening up at the same time. You were saying? Well, why fight one lawsuit against one landlord when you can fight them all at once, right? Yeah, and you already have everything it takes to make a great mayor. I'm a lawyer, not a politician. Well, aren't most politicians lawyers anyways? And imagine one who actually respected the law and didn't use her diplomas just decorate her office. Yeah, and, besides, you know, you already used your legal skills to take a political stand when you defended a woman's right to breastfeed in public. One time. Yes. But Ned's wife, Olivia, happened to be the poster child for that battle when you took on Mayor Lomax and won. All right. Since my words seem to fail to convey my meaning, I will quote the great general William Tecumseh Sherman -- "if nominated, I shall not run. If elected, I shall not serve." [Sighs] Mm. Well, I can quote Sherman, too -- "war is hell." That Dartmouth education's really paid off. Mm-hmm. I'm not kidding, Alexis. We're at war. And this neighborhood is fighting for its life. Faison used to live at Wyndemere. That's why he hid out there the last time he was in Port Charles. Then wouldn't that make Wyndemere the first place the authorities would look for him? Oh, there are so many places to hide out there -- secret passageways, catacombs the police don't know about and/or can't find. Okay. So, what's the story about? Finding Faison. [Breathes deeply] My brother has owned Wyndemere for most of my life. I have spent a lot of time there. Now, I don't know every catacomb and secret passage, but I know a lot of them. Well, what if Faison is still there? Even better! Lulu. No, I can not only take down a world-class psychopath, but it would boost Aurora's print circulation into the stratosphere. All right, you're good. Good enough to get the green light...boss? You lied to me. Cesar, I never -- no, no, no, no, no, no. Don't make it any worse now. All the years you claimed to worship me. I did. Yeah, you did. I do. Yeah, yeah, sure. To the point you never told me you had my son. I thought it best for everyone that we wouldn't -- why, no, no, no. No more lies, Liesl. Do you hear me? Why the hell do you think I risked everything coming out here? Hm. I'm sure I can imagine. After all, you did find me at Anna Devane's. Eh, come on. Did you think that woman... I'm warning you! ...Of your dark, demented dreams would help connect you with your son?! I don't want to talk about that woman. She's dead to me. I think what I've learned about Faison after all these years is that he has an... uncanny ability to anticipate what everyone's thinking and stay one step ahead. Yes, but that is before he knew he had a son. Look, the only reason that I took the interview with Lulu... in spite of my objections. I know, I know. And Maxie's. ...Was to draw Faison out. Okay, well, the good news/bad news is, you're not the only target, buddy. Your mother kept you a secret from Faison for years. And then there's you. He's been obsessed with you for decades. Mm. According to him, though, after I locked him up in that pit, that sort of killed his love for me. Well, I don't think that's possible. But the opposite of love is hate, and I'm guessing he's still obsessed with you. Probably right. There's Jason Morgan and Drew Cain. Faison orchestrated Jason's disappearance and replaced him with Drew. And we still don't know why. Actually, there should be... there should be another person up there, too. [Door opens]

Uh... unfortunately, I don't have a photo or a description. But there could be... one other person that he would be targeting. Who? His other son.

Am I hearing this right? You, of all people, are asking me to clean up City Hall? Well, what's wrong with that? Because you're one of the people that made a mess of it in the first place with your bribing judges and kickbacks. Uh, allegedly. Oh, please. Okay. I have a terrible reputation, but no standing convictions. Therefore, I'm clean. And now... now he's a "legitimate businessman." I am a small-business owner in the Charles Street district. So I guess these streets are my streets, and the people that live here are not only my neighbors, but they're my customers. Keeping them in their homes is not only the right thing to do, but it's good for business. Hey, that's a slogan you could run on, mom -- good neighbors make for good business. Well, some people think that business means slamming the door in your face and locking it. Hey, honey! Are you okay? Did something happen at brunch with your mom? Yeah. While we were out, our landlord padlocked us out of our building. There's a sign outside saying, "this property is condemned." -They can't do that! -No, they can't. You should have received a notice of a condemnation hearing -- and not from the landlord, but from the board of health. Well, they're doing it anyway. They've hired a private security guard. The guy wouldn't even let me get in to get the rest of our stuff. I mean, her clothes, her books -- it's all in there. Oh, my gosh. That's terrible. But, I mean, at least those things can be replaced. What about everything else -- our gifts and our mementos? I still have the menu from the first time you took me to the Metro Court in our apartment! Hey, don't worry about it. We'll get it back somehow. In the meantime, I mean, it's not like we're homeless. But what about all the other people from our building that have no place else to go? Well, unfortunately, they're gonna lose their homes. Unless someone fights for them. All right. This is all well and good. But you do have an editor. An editor who thinks that my interview with Nathan was a fluke and wants me covering puff pieces. Well, anyone can write an article about the world's most wanted criminal and make it exciting. A cat show, on the other hand... oh! A local biennial cat show. Weaving that into gold is gonna take some magic. Now, see, I would rather be weaving this company's profits into gold while making the world a safer place at the same time. [Sighs] I just need you to tell my editor that you have faith in me. I would be overstepping my authority and undermining hers. In the interest of the public good. Please, Peter, let me run with this before Faison slips away, or, worse, claims another victim. What are you thinking? Okay. With Valentin and Nina out of town, this is the perfect time for me to check out Wyndemere. Yes, the police -- they refer to that as trespassing and breaking and entering. Through a very long and complicated story, I share a daughter with Valentin Cassadine. Really? Mm-hmm. Wild drunk night? [Chuckles] Not even close. Right. Well, I look forward to the long, complicated story sometime. In the meantime... oh, no! Charlotte left something back at Wyndemere! Being a good mother, I have to go find it. And while I'm searching, should I stumble upon a series of underground passageways, I might feel compelled to explore. Cesar Faison didn't become the world's most wanted criminal by being stupid. And you're just gonna stroll in there and bust him, or... no, the cops are going to bust him. But they have to find him first. If Faison is at Wyndemere, maybe he left a trail of bread crumbs. And with your permission, I will follow those bread crumbs wherever they lead. [Breathes deeply] [Sighs] If Anna is dead to you, why seek her out? Don't you know how much she despises you? She held you captive in a pit and left you to rot. Yeah, well, thank you very much. I remember. Then you must realize she would turn you in... whereas I, even now, would do anything for you. Anything. Okay, fine. Give me back the years I'll never have. Give me back my son. I'm afraid I misspoke. I would give you anything but that. You either help me, or I'll kill you. [Laughs] Then kill me. But leave Nathan alone. He has been left alone long enough, due to you. Now you tell me everything I need to know. Tell me about our son. It's simple. Our son... is nothing like you, or me. Nathan is good. Wait. So, I have a brother now? A half brother, according to Obrecht. Yeah, his name is Henrik. And when did you speak with my mother? Last night. She came to my house super-drunk, talkative. She said Faison would be coming for you. Why didn't you tell me about this Henrik last night? Oh, because I had just come from talking with Sonny and I needed to think things through, see if it adds up, you know? None of this adds up. Well, Jason found a manuscript in the same hotel room where Sonny and he discovered your sister Britt. It was an unfinished novel, um, badly burned in places. A roman clef about a son who's obsessed with wanting to destroy his father, presumably written by Henrik. How do you know that? Because the author's name on the book was a pseudonym that Faison has used in the past -- P.K. Sinclair. And that, coupled with the subject matter, you know... who's that supposed to be? My brother.

You know what? What? I don't feel like scrounging for votes today. And you don't need to scrounge for votes today, 'cause literally no one could show up at the polls and you would still win this election. [Chuckles] Which is why I want to appeal to the best of my fellow citizens. Where have I heard that before, hmm? I know you know this... mm-hmm. ...But I really am lucky to have you standing behind me. Mm, behind you. Really? Why? So I can check out your ass?

Beside me. Better. [Laughing] And where else would I be? I'm the one that convinced you to run for office in the first place. Oh, yes. I think about that every single day. Not just when you remind me. [Chuckles] Let's go. Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait. Future mayor Quartermaine, I know that you already know this, but I do have a mind of my own and a mouth to go with it. So if I disagree with you or I think you're being an ass, I'm gonna let you know it. Okay? And I will love you for it. Okay. But please don't do it. Right in front of a TV camera, a room full of people? Now, what do you think I am? Okay, you've got to turn on the charm in there. We've got to convince some doubters, okay? Mm. Let's get this thing going. Okay. [Indistinct conversations] [Sighs] And into the lion's den we go. I'm right behind you. I thought you said beside me. Yeah, well, there's lions in there, and I'm wearing high-heeled shoes. So if we have to run, I'm gonna need a head start. Well, look who it is. Ted, a table for two? Outside, perhaps? Hello, Jules. Now, I know the last time I was here, things got a little testy. When you broke your promise to run a clean campaign. Because Julian accused him of vandalism. Well, the jury's still out on that. Well, you're the one that knows about juries, aren't you, Julian? Okay. Before we get sidetracked, I come in peace. Really? This should be good. Yeah, let's hear what he has to say. Now, as I'm sure you're aware, Laura has dropped out of the race, which means I am the de facto mayor. And as such, I would like to rise above the petty differences. So, measure a is still on the ballot. Now, if it passes, my first order of business will be to appoint a special commission to oversee Charles Street development. And I would like Alexis to be its chair. Since you won't cooperate, then I'll have to learn about my son all by my own, or I'll kill some person.

Nathan is a police detective. He'll do his job and arrest you. And if you give him no other choice, he'll use deadly force. I'll never give him the opportunity. [Chuckles] I've done my research. I know where he works. I know where he's living. Cesar? Cesar! What?! Cesar, I'm begging you. Do what you want to me, but leave our son alone! I already did what I wanted with you. And because of that, we have a son. So, don't you worry about a thing. When I get what I want, I won't need you anymore! So you just sit tight and relax! Please, Cesar! Shut up! [Door closes] [Lock engages] Look, my mother is a control freak, okay? She doesn't get sloppy drunk. And why come to you, of all people, for help? She's legitimately terrified of Faison, I suppose. So, what, she's just sleeping it off at your place? No.

Jordan: No. Obrecht left Anna's on her own last night. And, you know, she caused a ruckus. A neighbor called it in. I came over. By the time I got there, she was gone. Well, how do we know she's okay?! I had a text from her. She said she was fine and that she'd be back in touch. Hmm. And why did you bring my father into this? [Sighs] I didn't. He's involved, whether we want him to be or not. It isn't ideal, but... I've got it covered. So you've said. But you still haven't told me how. I'm working on it. Let's just leave it at that. [Breathes deeply] Okay, I've got to run. I'll keep you posted. [Door closes] [Sighs] You buying any of that? Hell, no. Not even one little bit. Well, Lulu, I must say, you certainly have the nose for news, as well as the guts to go for the story, even when every sane person you know in your life is telling you to drop it. Is that what you're telling me to do? What I'm telling you is that when your editor assigns you a local biennial cat show, you write the cat show. But what you do on your own time, well, that's your business. Of course. But whatever you choose to do, Lulu, you be careful. Oh, Peter. I didn't know you cared. Mm, a great reporter's hard to come by. [Telephone rings] Yeah? Really? Patch her through. I have to take this. Promise me you won't do anything crazy. [Door closes] Yes, agent Devane. How can I help you? Oh, hi. Um, I realize we haven't met. And if Sam and Drew weren't on their honeymoon, I would be bothering them, not you. Well, no bother at all. I'm happy to be of service to the WSB. How can I help? I just need a minute of your time.

Since it seems that you are running unopposed, why not campaign against measure a? Lead the fight to preserve Charles Street instead of knocking it down in the name of progress? Because I happen to believe that the Charles Street renovation will benefit the whole city. Well, it's not benefiting Molly and me. We've been locked out of our apartment. Yeah, due to a gas leak that wasn't even real or that they created.

Look, guys, we've been jerked around for long enough. So we're not going out without a fight. But that's just it. Maybe there's no need to fight. I see. So we're just supposed to trust Ned and his good intentions. Let's see, Julian. Between you and Ned, which one of you has been in prison and on trial for assaulting your wife?

Alexis: All right. You know what? Can we just not rehash the ugliness that transpired yesterday, please? Thank you, Alexis. I appreciate you both coming here today, but I can't consider what you're offering unless we discuss the elephant in the room. What elephant is that? The giant elephant that will cover 950,000 square feet of what used to be this neighborhood when your corporate backers build their arena. Or did you think you could slip that tax-guzzling money pit past the voters without anybody noticing? Hey, mom, it's me again. Just give me a call so I know you're okay. She's probably still sleeping it off. Yeah, probably. Okay. Checked with homeland, U.S. Customs, and every other agency that monitors travel, and no one has seen anyone matching Faison's description. But he could alter his appearance, right? I mean, he could just blow right through security, and no one would even notice. Mm-hmm. Yeah, well, Britt says that Faison left her behind, but it doesn't mean that he left the area. So, I mean, what if Faison is still here in Port Charles? Such an honor to meet you, really. Have a seat. Is there anything I can get for you? No, thank you. [Door closes]

I really do appreciate your time. Well, it's my pleasure. You have quite the reputation here in Port Charles, agent Devane. So, what can I do for you? Nathan West gave the interview where he talks about being Faison's son in the hopes to draw him out, and he hasn't taken the bait yet. Mm. Um... I'm still not sure what you're asking. Well, would Aurora -- would you be interested in publishing a follow-up story? How do you know that we're not already working on one? I -- oh, I don't -- that's great. Well, no. See, what I'm talking about is a piece stating that... an unnamed WSB source confirmed that Faison is locked in this life-and-death... fight with his son. As far as we know, Faison has never even met Detective West. I'm not talking about Nathan. There's another son. I see. And is there really another son? And if so, how do you know about him? That's classified. [Sighs] Right. Of course it is. So, tell me, how would this article help flush out Faison? Well, within the article, there would be a clue leading him to a specific location where the authorities would be waiting. So you're suggesting that we plant false information in order to set a trap for Faison. Is that right? Yes. We're trying to bring a criminal to justice, a man that has spent decades killing and kiDNApping, terrorizing people. You know, I think just this once -- but, see, that's where the trouble always starts -- just this once. I know all about justice, agent Devane. I also know about ethics. And as much as I would love to help you put Faison behind bars, I'm not going to compromise the ethics of this company for you or for anyone. Oh. Your integrity is admirable. Thank you for understanding. I hope nobody gets killed because of it. [Grunts] [Lock disengages]

Cesar. Back already? [Door opens] [Gasps]

D you really think you could sneak an arena large enough to hold a hockey team or a Springsteen concert past the voters, especially when they're footing the bill? Well, since you're so in touch with the word on the street, you must also know that corporate naming rights will help defray the costs. Whoever is paying for those naming rights is putting money right into the developers' pockets, and the taxpayers aren't gonna see a penny. The arena is gonna be paid for by private funds. Isn't that right? Absolutely. And things like electricity to run it? I mean, everyone knows that stadiums are always skipping out on utilities, so who's gonna get stuck with that bill? -Hi! -Right here. Okay, this is pure speculation on your part. Now, I've actually spoken with the developers. While you were collecting donations for your campaign? Alexis, you make me miss Laura. Good. You know what? I think that's a compliment, because she was speaking up for the people. And clearly, somebody here needs to be doing that. Which is why I'm here! I want everyone to know that their voices will be heard! Over the sound of wrecking balls and jackhammers? [Sighs] Alexis, you know me. Olivia and I are not looking to get rich. Hell, we are rich! You should see my prenup. Which is why we can afford to do what's right and revitalize this area. Yes, some things will be coming down. But other things -- good things -- will be going up. Life is change. Progress is change. And the people down here will thrive. The businesses will thrive. And you will see -- Charles Street will be an area that we can all be proud of. Some of us here are already proud of it, Ned. We don't want to see it bulldozed over or steamrolled over. We want it restored and revitalized, not redeveloped. Unless you chair this commission, that's exactly what's going to happen, because after the election, and if this measure's passed, it's a done deal. No, Ned. It's not. There's nothing fake about this article that I'm proposing. You know, Cesar Faison, he does have another son. His name's Henrik. Hm. That's fact. And it appears that this son is determined to bring his father down. That also is a fact. I believe you. But I need proof. I have to be able to protect the paper. We're talking about a fugitive wanted around the planet. I mean, it's not like he's gonna come and sue you for slander. Well, you'd be surprised. Now, if you could reveal one of your sources so I could go out and verify it, then perhaps... would you want your journalists to reveal all their sources? I don't think so. No, not to the police or the courts. But to me and the company? Kind of, yeah. All right. You're familiar with Kierkegaard, the philosopher, yeah? Yes. Okay. So, he talks about the teleological suspension of the ethical. Doing the wrong thing for the right reason? Doing the right thing... mm. ...Where society might see it as wrong, or it looks like you're breaking the rules. I think public safety is more important than the integrity of your paper. And not to mention what would happen to Aurora Media. They would be hailed as heroes. But no one would ever be able to believe anything else we said. I don't understand. I mean [Sighs] I thought you said you wanted to help the bureau. And if you were asking me to report on verifiable information, I would jump on it in an heartbeat, agent Devane. But we are about shedding light on the truth here, and this -- this is deception. Yes, deceiving a dangerous criminal! If this works, Faison goes to prison for the rest of his life, and he's never a threat to anyone ever again. We get our man, you get your scoop. Everybody wins except him. What is wrong with that? I'm sorry. I really wish we could have been able to work together. But I'm not going to compromise the integrity or the reputation of this company. Even though Faison is responsible for your boss, Drew Cain, not being able to remember anything about his former life? Oh, you can go over my head to Drew and Sam if you wish. What if they cooperate? Well, then I would cooperate without hesitation. But in the meantime, they have entrusted me to make all decisions for this company in their absence. And I intend to do that -- to the best of my ability. I'm sorry. I wish I could have been more help. I don't believe you at all. I beg your pardon? You don't want to help the WSB. Why not? I'm sure I don't know what you mean. Good day, agent Devane. Okay. [Sighs] How you doing? Well, you know. I mean, I found out I got a father from hell and a brother who's shaping up to be a chip off the old block. Oh, he might not be that bad. He might be a sweetheart, just like you. [Scoffs] Right. I mean, he already hates Faison. How bad can he be? -Mm. -With Faison on the loose, I'm not gonna take any chances. And, Nathan, I've got around-the-clock surveillance on Maxie. Well, I think she'll actually appreciate that this time. Oh, and I'm just happy Lulu has done her first and last story about Cesar Faison. Let me guess. Don't just stand there. Help me! Cesar could be back any moment. Can't you go any faster? No. These knots are too complicated! It's a skill he's perfected over decades of abductions. Find something sharp! No, there's nothing. I'm calling Dante. [Breathing heavily] Aah! Aah! You wanted a story? You got one.

Well, I'm sorry, Alexis, that we don't see eye to eye on this issue. [Laughing] My God! You really do sound like a politician. You know how much I respect you and value your opinion. So after the votes are counted and I'm officially the mayor, I just want you to know that I will always welcome your suggestions. These are not suggestions, Ned. They're a political platform. Platform? Whose platform? I'm running unopposed. Not anymore. I'm officially running for mayor. [Man vocalizing] [Cell phone beeping]

Mom, hey, it's me again. I'm starting to get worried, okay? I'm going on a special deployment, so I'm not gonna be able to pick up my cell. But just text me, all right? I need to know you're okay. [Sighs] Look, we should take off. The demonstration's gonna be starting soon. All right. Sign out a car. I'll be right there. Yeah. I'm driving. I mean, the man's evaded capture for years. He's got to know everyone's looking for him. That just proves how desperate he is. Whatever brought Faison to Port Charles, he is not leaving empty-handed. Thanks for writing that article, my dear. Isn't it ironic, how I should learn about my son through Luke Spencer's daughter? You see what hell you have unleashed? You should have stayed out of it. You didn't. Now what am I supposed to do with you?

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