GH Transcript Monday 1/22/18

General Hospital Transcript Monday 1/22/18


Episode #13956 ~ Anna pleads with Sonny; Jordan is concerned; Laura updates Lulu; Bobbie runs into Nelle; Carly decides to take matters into her own hands.

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Sam: Can you admit something to me?

Jason: Uh, okay. All right, when you gave the city money to rebuild the footbridge over Blackstone Canyon, you did it 'cause the fireworks were so good from up there, right? I had a lot of reasons. And? [Scoffs] Y-yeah, yeah, the fireworks... was one of them. I realized that I had been so focused on Drew and how much he was hurting that I didn't pay attention to you and everything that's been taken away from you. It's okay. No, it's not. I don't know what else to do. I love him. I know.

[Knock on door]

Hi! There she is. [Giggles] You're my beautiful baby. Are you ready to get married?

[Doorbell rings]


Hey. Thanks for coming. Come on in, come on in.


You look nice.

Oh, thank you.

You too.

You too, brother.

You too. So, uh, you know, my, uh, plans canceled, so I figured we might as well come on through. Well, it's very nice of you to pencil in my wedding. [Laughs] Well, you know, I wouldn't miss it for nothing, brother. Appreciate it. Yeah, yeah. Congratulations again. I hope you don't mind Curtis bringing me along as his plus-one. Not at all. We're glad to have you. Sam's upstairs getting ready. So, I've been on the phone texting with the justice of the peace all morning. He should be here any moment. But for now, enjoy these last few moments as a single man, 'cause, uh, you're about to be married. For real this time. Hey, Mom, you ready? Great. Yes. You have my undivided attention. Oh, good. How did it go with Josslyn? Well, that matter has been put to bed, so to speak. [Laughs] Ohh. How so? You know, I should've given Josslyn more credit. She has a better handle on the situation than I realized. Ahh, so, you admit you overreacted. A touch, maybe. Mm-hmm. Sometimes it feels good to be wrong, doesn't it? Yes, it's a relief to not have to worry about Josslyn. Unfortunately, I can't say the same thing about Michael. Hey, sorry I'm late. I hit traffic because of all the protesters on Charles Street. Oh, it's fine. I hope you weren't waiting long. Uh, no. I mean, I wanted to wait, but they made me take the appointment when I was scheduled. So I missed it. I missed the appointment. Great. Um...I have something that I think might compensate. What do you think? It's the first picture of our baby. The good thing is that Faison knows that Henrik is gunning for him, and he's gonna do everything he can to stop his son before his son stops him. We have to get Henrik, use him as bait -- no! No. What do you mean, "no?" Like hell you will, no. He's the only way to get Faison out in the open! No, no! You can't exploit him like that. The guy who kept Jason in that clinic, drugged out of his mind? Listen. Listen to me. I'm gonna exploit him as much as I can! No, listen to me. If -- if you orchestrate a meeting between Faison and Henrik, you're gonna start a war. You don't know who will get caught in the cross fire.

I am also not genetically-modified. So, listen, there is something that I need to tell you. Okay, Mom, it's okay. I'm pretty sure I know what you want to talk to me about. You do? You think I'm getting in over my head ever since my article about Faison went viral. You want me to take a step back from reporting and re-evaluate. I know better than to try to talk you out of something that you have already decided to do. You do? Yeah. You're my daughter. Saving the world is genetic. Says the woman who is running for mayor. [Sighs] Yeah, that's actually why I need to talk to you -- -Laura. -What's going on? I'm sorry to interrupt. Uh, if I could just speak to you for just a moment? I don't think my mom has anything to say to you. I just want to apologize for how quickly this race got nasty. It was certainly not my intention. I have a problem with Julian Jerome, not with Alexis, and certainly not with you. And that is really kind of you -- now, I've spoken to my campaign, and we have set clear guidelines going forward. And I guarantee, this is gonna be a clean, fair fight. I want a race that we can both be proud of. Thank you for saying all of that. You didn't have to. No, I absolutely did. Clean slate? I really appreciate this gesture, Ned. I really do. Unfortunately, it is wasted on me because I am dropping out of the race. Faison wouldn't hesitate to kill his own son if he had a chance. You say that like it's a problem. You don't know anything about this man. You don't know that he's bad like his father. How would you know? He could be an innocent. That would explain why he allowed Jason to live, wouldn't it? Henrik paid Dr. Klein and three mercenaries to come to Port Charles and grab Jason and bring him back to Russia. Along the way, he shot up the Metro Court and he took Sam hostage. That sound innocent to you? Okay, well, if Henrik dies, there goes all your answers about Drew and Jason and any chance of restoring Drew's memory. So, what do you suggest? If we can't use Henrik... how do we get Faison? So, uh, remember, we had talked about that bachelor party. Yeah, I don't think we're gonna squeeze that in before the wedding, so... [Laughs] No, I get it. So just roll with me for a moment. See, uh, it's tradition that the groomsmen share a drink with the groom prior to the ceremony. And looks like we're the only ones here. Bam. [Laughs] I appreciate that. I can't wait to drink that with you. [Knocking on door] Not everyone's here yet. [Panting] Oh, I hoped I'd find you here. All right, there's still time. For what? You know what. Sam is marrying Drew tonight, and you have to stop it.


Hi, nice to see you again. Babe, uh... this is the station. I got to go to work. Babe, it's kind of a big day. You can't find another officer to take care of that? Actually, um, this one, I-I got -- I got to check on personally. Everything okay? Hopefully. I'm so sorry to leave you like this. Yeah, no. I'm sorry. It's okay. It's all right. Drew, um... yes, ma'am. I just got called into work. I'm so sorry. Congratulations again, and would you please give Sam my best? Absolutely. Thank you. I'll do that. -I'll walk you outside.

Nice to see you. You look gorgeous. Thank you. So do you. Thank you.

See you soon.

Yeah. So... I really appreciate you being here. [Laughing] Oh. Come on, I wouldn't have missed this for the world. It means a lot. You've really stood by me, and... it's a big day, you know? I do know. And you're Alan's son, and I just wish I had known you when you were little. I could've raised you like I raised Jason. But since I didn't, I'd like to adopt you. [Laughs] You want to what? I'm a full-grown man. [Laughing] I know., we might've missed that boat. I know, I know. It's just a formality, but what it does, it makes you and Scout legally a part of the family. I mean, if I had the chance when you were little, I would've done it without any hesitation. I don't know what to say. Oh, don't say anything. Don't say anything. Just, um... just know that as you start this next chapter of your life, you'll always be a part of the Quartermaine family. [Chuckles] I love you very much. Love you, too. Nelle: Isn't it amazing? We have a beautiful, healthy baby. Do you know if it's a boy or a girl? I asked the technician not to say. You don't want to know? Well, of course I want to know, but I wanted to wait for you so we could, you know, find out together. You didn't have to do that. I mean, it's your body. But this is our baby, Michael. You know, I meant what I said before. I want you to be involved in every step of the process, and trust me, there are gonna be no shortage of steps. Man, I can't believe I missed the sonogram. You heard -- you heard the heartbeat, huh? Mm-hmm. It was loud and strong. Which is what we want, right? Yeah. You can hear it at our next appointment. And trust me, there are gonna be a lot of appointments. Oh, that's fine by me. So, I don't think there's any reason to involve this Henrik person, okay? Because I know how to bring Faison out into the open. Because he's obsessed with you? Yeah. It clouds his judgment, and it -- and it -- and it allows me to control the situation. No offense, but you don't look all that controlled. Well, what helps me is if I don't get any surprises. You know, it gives me a chance to handle the situation with Faison. With that in mind, you've made contact with Henrik, yeah? We got an e-mail address for P.K. Sinclair. If that's Henrik, yes. Okay. So, um... if he makes contact again, don't respond, please. Call me first, and then you and I will figure out a plan. Oh, I don't think I can do that. Molly was vague about the timing of the nuptials, but if you leave now, you might still make it before she says her vows! Hey, Spinelli, I'm not gonna interrupt the wedding, okay? Why not?! Because she wants this. She loves Drew. And you love her. Have you said that to her? Have you said those words to her since you've returned? I don't want to make things harder for Sam. Yes, yeah, it would make it hard. It would be hard to go to Sam now and lay your heart at her feet and ask her to spend the rest of her life with you. It would take an act of tremendous courage. But you're the bravest man I've ever met, and if you're -- okay, fine, if you're not gonna do it for yourself, well, then do it for Sam. Save her from making a terrible mistake that will only bring her grief! The bride is ready any time you are. What about you, buddy? You ready to be the ring bearer? Yeah, I practiced. [Laughs]

Good, 'cause we're counting on you. None of your brother's magic tricks...

Knock, knock.

You got it?

Hey, hey.

Hey. Look who I found getting off the elevator. This is justice of the peace Phillips. Hi. Thanks for coming. My pleasure. Are we ready to start? The sooner the better. [Wagner's "Bridal Chorus" plays]

suggestion, Sonny. If you hear from Henrik, I want to know before you respond. Anna, I don't want any trouble with you. Yeah? No. You may be a cop, but you are robin's mother, and I -- I think you're brave and honorable, and I don't think that you deserve the hell that Faison has put you through. If I could back away, I would. But if Henrik is my best shot at getting Faison, then if he calls me, I'm gonna use him... with or without your permission. I'll see myself out now. [Door closes]

Robert? Okay. I need your cyber team to intercept all messages from an e-mail I'm about to text you. Divert them to my account, but make sure that there's no trace at the original address, yeah? Oh, Carly, Bobbie. Didn't see you lingering there. -I'll bet. -What's going on? Why are you here? Did something happen? Well, Nelle just had her first ultrasound, and, um... this is our baby. The paternity test came back and, um... there's no question that I'm the father. Congratulations. Thank you. I'm happy for you. Thank you. I wouldn't mind taking a look at those paternity results. Ask Michael. I had the results sent directly to him from the lab. [Whispers] Wow. Baby's healthy, by the way. Thanks for asking. Oh, no, no. Keep it. I have a copy already. I have to get going, um, but, uh, I'll be in touch. Mom, thank you for being mostly civil. I thought we did pretty well. [Sighs] Now that this is real and it's happening, I will support you and this baby. Yeah. Thank you, thank you. Means a lot, mom. [Sighs] All right. I got to go. Yeah. All right. Bye, mom. Bye, grandma. [Sighs] Did I just hear you right? You are dropping out of the mayor's race? Mom, what are you talking about? You have this in the bag. No offense, Ned. None taken. No one is more disappointed about this than I am, but family takes precedence, and unfortunately, Spencer had a really bad skiing accident in France. He's broken both of his legs. Oh, my god. Yeah. Both legs? Yes. I have to go there. I've got to take care of him. Oh, that's so terrible. Poor Spencer. But fortunately, I have the time and the means to just drop everything and go there and be with him, but I hope you understand. Of course I do, mom. I'm just disappointed. This campaign was so important to you. It was. It is. Well, I'm genuinely sorry to see you go. You were a formidable candidate. Thanks. I didn't expect to win the race like this on a technicality. You haven't won anything yet. As a matter of fact, this might be a good time for us to discuss terms. Terms? Terms, yes -- what you're going to promise me in exchange for my endorsement. You'd give your life for Sam, wouldn't you? [Sighs] Yes. You'd take any risk, suffer any injury to save her? I don't need to save her from Drew. She wants to be with him. No, I don't think she does. I watched her at the police station when your identities were sorted out. She knew all along who you were. Of course she did. There's no one who loves you who would not know, but she pretended to believe Drew is Jason because he believed it. She said things she knew to be false. She lied for his benefit, and I fear that it's from that instinct that she'll marry him tonight. Sam's doing what she thinks is right. No, she's sacrificing her happiness out of loyalty -- misguided loyalty. And that's exactly what you're doing now. We are gathered here tonight to witness the marriage of Drew and Sam. I understand you two have prepared your own vows? -Yes, we have. -Yes. People often say that their lives didn't start until they met the person they wanted to spend the rest of their life with, and that's usually a metaphor, but for me, I mean it quite literally. So much of my past has been forgotten or has turned out to be untrue, and you gave me something that really is true. You gave me love. [Inhales sharply] And I may not have a past, but I am so thankful to have a future with you. [Whispers] Hey. Thank you. Sam, I promise to love, honor, and cherish you until death do us part... and beyond, if that is possible. When I was thinking about our vows, I just kept thinking how much has changed in the past couple of months, and then I realized something important -- that the things that last, the things that actually matter, they've stayed the same. I still absolutely love and adore you. We share an incredible bond. We have had a chance to make an amazing family. With you have a life that I never expected, one that is richer and fuller than anything I could've ever imagined. And this is a life that I want to continue to share with you always. [Sniffles] [Whispers] Thank you. Now, with this ring, I promise to love you, to honor you, and to cherish you till death do us part and beyond. Drew, do you take Sam to be your lawfully wedded wife? I do. And do you, Sam, take Drew to be your lawfully wedded husband? I absolutely do. Then, by the power vested in me by the state of New York, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride. -I love you so much. -I love you. [Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" plays] [Chuckles] All right. [Applause]

Liesl? [Door creaks]

If you want to achieve anything while you're in office, you're gonna need more than just the backing of your supporters. You're gonna need mine, and that, my friend, is going to cost you. This should be good. Hypothetically speaking, say I need your endorsement. What would it cost me? You have to put tight limits on the redevelopment of Charles Street. Well, that's not up to me. It's up to the voters. If they pass measure "a," the district will be zoned for redevelopment. You designate the pre-1930s buildings as historical landmarks, Ned. You stop those people's homes from being destroyed. If you do that, I will give you my endorsement. [Sighs] Come on, Ned. What do you say? Come on. Look -- do we have a deal? I can put in a word to the private sector, but I can't strong-arm them. Not even to keep people from losing their homes? We can wax poetic about justice and gentrification till the sun comes up, but if I made you a promise right now, I'm sorry, it would be in bad faith. Wow. Okay, well, I appreciate your candor. Laura, you were a worthy opponent. And I'm sure you would've made a fine mayor. [Sighs] So, that's just it? We lost? Sam told me that you were the first person and, for a long time, the only person that treated her with respect. You didn't belittle her, you didn't try to control her, you treated her with dignity, as a person, in her own right, and it was because of that she learned to respect herself, to know herself. And it's through that knowledge that she could truly love you. That's not the case with Drew. Okay, Spinelli -- look, I don't know who he would've been if he were left in his own life. But Drew Cain as he is, he doesn't know himself. And if you don't know yourself, you can't give of yourself. He can't be a husband right now. He can't -- he can't support and -- and... okay, you're making a lot of assumptions. I saw him. I saw him in the police station seemingly expecting Sam to take care of him, to fill his needs. There was little thought of what she needed. Drew doesn't break the law or put their lives at risk. I do. Yeah, but Sam doesn't care about that. She never cared. She knows that you will always be true to yourself, and it's out of that truth that you can love so generously and so openly, and that's what Sam needs. That's what she deserves! Sam -- Sam is marrying Drew because that's her choice, and I'm gonna honor it. But it's the wrong choice made for the wrong reason! Stop!! I heard what you said, okay? And I appreciate it, but you have to leave it alone. Sam told me that in your earliest days together, she had this unfamiliar feeling, one that she liked but she couldn't quite place. And then she realized you make her feel safe. To Drew and Sam, Sam and Drew. May the joy outweigh the sorrow, may your good days outweigh your bad, and may you rest easy in each other's arms tonight and for all the nights to come. Congratulations, y'all. -Thank you. -Cheers. I want to make a toast, too! Oh, well, then make the toast!


Do it! To Mommy and Daddy, happy wedding!

Happy wedding!

Happy wedding! Couldn't have done it better.

My man. [Laughs]

You killed it.

So, what are you doing, brother? [Laughs] Oh! [Laughter] Got ya.

[Door opens, closes]

Hey, Dad. Hey. Not that you need a reason, what brings you by? Well, um, I'm assuming you haven't talked to mom. Uh, not since this morning. Why? What's going on? Well, the paternity test results are in, and, um... I'm definitely the father. [Sighs] How do you feel? I mean, I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that, uh, Nelle and I are going to be connected through the baby. Okay, always remember the baby comes first, and you and Nelle can find a way to co-parent or whatever you got to do, right? Yeah, I just don't want the situation to drive a wedge between our family. I know that Nelle set out to deliberately hurt you and mom, and now she's carrying your grandchild. I just -- I don't want this to cause a rift or anything. Listen, no one can predict how this thing with nelle's gonna unfold. I just want you to know that you can always trust that you're not gonna lose my love, 'cause I'm your father, I love you unconditionally, and I know that you're gonna love this baby the same way. -How are you holding up? -Just standing, just standing. Honey, nobody would blame you for being upset right now. [Sighs] I don't know how I feel, you know? Michael's gonna be a father. I'm gonna be a grandmother. [Both laugh] I mean, it's a miracle, right, and I should be celebrating, but how am I supposed to be happy when Nelle Benson is gonna be in our lives? Oh, hell no. Oh, Carly -- you gave quite a performance at the hospital earlier. Oh, a performance? Yeah. What do you mean? [Laughs] Oh, now I get to see the encore here at the Metro Court, lucky me. I am afraid I have no idea what you're talking about, Carly. Okay, well, let me make it clear. You and my son are connected by this baby, and that's where your connection begins and ends. So if you're thinking about going any further, don't. How Michael feels about me is entirely up to him and nobody else. Now, excuse me. I am meeting somebody for dinner. Hi. Monica? You're having dinner with Nelle? You have a problem with that, Carly? I'm -- I hope I didn't pull you away from anything important. Oh, no, no, no. The wedding was very small, and I'm sure that Drew and Sam would rather be alone. Drew and Sam got married? Mm-hmm. It was lovely. And I cannot wait to hear about the sonogram and of my great-grandchild. I'm gonna give you the whole scoop. Let me just go check and see when our table will be ready. Monica, just be careful around that girl. Oh, Bobbie, regardless of what Nelle has done in the past, she is carrying our great-grandchild. I think we should all try to get along. Yes, but proceed at your own risk. Nelle will show her true colors. It's only a matter of when. One of your neighbors reported a disturbance in front of your place. I -- when I came, it was quiet, but, you know, since we've been on such high alert for Faison, I didn't want to take a chance, so I let myself in. I hope that's okay. No, yeah. Uh, the place has been fully swept. Everything is in its place. Obrecht came by. She was falling down drunk. Obrecht, drunk? It's a long story. Yeah, I'll bet. Anyway, um, that's probably what the neighbors heard or saw. I... you look so nice. Where were you? Did this take you away from something? No, no, I was... I was Curtis's plus-one at a wedding. I'm sorry. That's fine. Listen, you can make it up to me by telling me what the hell was Obrecht doing drunk off her ass? I mean, this has something to do with Faison? It's nothing. You have to promise me that if you need my help, you will call me, okay? Thank you for checking on me. You didn't have to do that. Really? Surely you know me by now.

Good night.

Good night. [Cell phone ringing]

Hey -- oh, Liesl, it's me. I -- you shouldn't have left. You know, I need to know that you're okay, so call me back. [Cell phone chimes]

"I'm fine?" Okay... ah. [Sighs] [Cell phone chimes]

What happened? [Gasps] Yeah, I'm surprised how well you and Mom are handling this. Well, you know what, we don't have any use for Nelle, that's a given, but we have total faith in you. Even though I went against your advice and got involved with Nelle in the first place? You have a generous heart, Michael, and Nelle took advantage of that, so that's on her, not you. However it happened, however bad it gets... the baby is innocent. You get that? I know. Yep. Another thing, listen -- no matter what happens, we're behind you all the way, whatever decision you make. We'll support you. Okay. Right? Thanks, Dad. Carly, let it go. Monica is Michael's grandmother, so she gets to decide how she wants to deal with Nelle. I know! I know that. You're right, she does. Okay, so you know, personally, I think she's making a huge mistake getting anywhere near that viper. But that is Monica's mistake to make. So, in the meantime, I'm gonna go get us a table far, far away. Okay. Yeah, Monica can do whatever she wants. That doesn't mean I can't talk Michael out of it. Hi, um... we need to talk about Nelle Benson.


Hey. Uh, hi. Hi, can I talk to you for a minute? Of course you can, and again, I'm so sorry you're not gonna be able to run for mayor, although I do know that your family comes first. Thanks. I appreciate that. Yeah, I'm just furious that Ned is gonna run unopposed. I don't think it's gonna be such smooth sailing for Ned. Really? Mm-hmm. Do you have a replacement? Yes, I do, and she's perfect. Awesome. Who's the lucky candidate? You. I love you... so much. That's good. [Chuckles] [Laughs] 'Cause guess what. Hm? It's too late to turn back now. Mm. I love you, too. You know what? What? I'm very excited. I can't wait to see what our future holds. [Giggles] Sam: For someone I didn't like, you really did turn out to be a good friend. I wish I just could've been a better friend to you, that's all. [Groans] It stopped raining. Yeah, it'll take the river to go down... [Clears throat] It's gonna be a little while. Why don't you get some rest, okay? -I just figured it out. -What? Why I sleep so much better at your apartment. 'Cause you make me feel safe.

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