GH Transcript Friday 1/19/18

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/19/18


Episode #13955 ~ Jason leans on an unlikely ally; Anna receives a surprise visit; Obrecht grows desperate; Alexis pleads with Laura; Kevin looks for a solution.

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Two sons... Nathan West...and... one, uh... one other man, age unknown, relationship with his father problematic, perhaps antagonistic. Would this be incentive enough for Faison to come back to Port Charles to meet Nathan west to be acknowledged as his father?

[Pounding on door] [Pounding continues]

Pard-- apparently the road isn't the only unsafe place to text, huh, Doctor? Thanks for the insight. You know, you could focus on one thing at a time, like walking. [Groans] What is this? "Pathology of the psychopath: The murder's mind, examined." That's some charming stuff. Well, I'm always looking for new subjects. Maybe you'd like to volunteer. Me? I'm not a killer. Depends on who you ask. You damn near killed me. Well, you stepped in a line of fire, didn't you? Exactly why I'd like to study you -- not a hint of remorse. Well, Kevin, even if I wanted to help out, I'm afraid that Nina and I are heading to Seychelles islands in the Indian ocean for a little rest and relaxation. I just stopped by the hospital to talk to Monica Quartermaine on an opening on the board of directors. You can't be serious. Yeah. Laura's resignation -- temporary resignation. ...Leaves a vacancy. I want to pitch in. Haven't you taken enough from Laura? Now you want her job, too? Laura, are you sure that you -- you want to do this? I mean, you've worked so hard. I just -- I just want to make sure that you've explored every option before you step down. Alexis, I'm sorry, I really am, but as soon as I heard the news, I knew there's just no way I can work around this. Hey, what gives? That was my favorite one. [Chuckles] Yeah, me too. My campaign is over. I'm dropping out of the race. [Soft music plays] [Suspenseful music plays] [Pounding on door]

Obrecht?! Any word? Nothing from Sinclair. Spinelli wanted to send another e-mail, but I just told him to hold off. That's smart because if we pressure Sinclair, he's going to bolt, we're gonna lose him for good. I don't know, maybe -- maybe we're doing this all wrong. What do you mean? I mean, the plan is to use Sinclair to draw Faison out. But then what? Even -- even if it works, the best we can do is kill him. Someone has to -- the sooner the better. Killing that bastard won't bring back what you've lost. [Door opens]

I'm here! I am here. I am sorry. I'm a little late, I know. Cutting it a little close, aren't we? I know, I know. I had to go to the seamstress and she made some final adjustments, but guess what, it is perfect. Well, good, 'cause I can't wait to see you in this dress. And I can't wait to marry you.

What happened?

Kindly remove your paws. Are you hurt?! [Slurring] I'm fine! Oh, boy, you're drunk. So what? I'm an adult. Pbhht! Did you drive here? Uber! I'm no fool. I have a 4.8 rating. Yeah, so -- so tell me why you didn't Uber to your actual bed, where you belong? Tell me what you've done with Cesar. You think he's here? What, like, shackled to a wall or something? Or thrown into a pit. It wouldn't be the first time, would it? He's not here. I'm sorry to disappoint. I know. I was disheartened, too, to discover that this place didn't come equipped with pits and dungeons. It's an adjustment. He really isn't here? No, he really isn't here. And if he was, I'd turn him over to the WSB faster than you can say "Steinmauer". [Sighs] [Sighs] But you could help me expedite that process. You want to tell me how to reach him? If I could communicate with Cesar... do you think I'd be here? We both know you have a line to Faison. What good is a line if he's not responding? Yeah, well, it's not because he's in custody. Because I would know. No doubt he's learned the truth about Nathan from that wretched article. He's coming for his son, then he'll come for me. And finally... Cesar will come for you. "His" Anna.


No, no, no.


We need to get moving. [Sighs] The florist is gonna be here between now and 7:00.


Yes. I-I got a lot of flowers, and I forgot to tell you that I have a couple guys from the Metro Court coming up to move some furniture. Move it where? Out of the way. What? Wait. Just please hear me out. We agreed to get married at home because, well, there was no way my mom was going to let us get married at City Hall. And guess what, I think one should take any opportunity to show someone how much they love them. And that's why our wedding is going to be meaningful and beautiful and special. And that's why I had a really beautiful dress made, flowers coming, movers coming. I got it. We deserve that. Mm. But I don't deserve you. Oh, yes you do. Let me show you. [Speaking indistinctly]

No, no, no. No, no.

Yeah, yeah.

Come on.

No. I know you. We can't get sidetracked.


Got to go. Come on. Got to keep it moving! Keep it moving. [Chuckles] Sam and I were together on New Year's Eve. Yeah, 'cause that's what Carly -- well, yeah, but, look, I don't -- I don't want Carly to know that I was okay with any part of that setup because she'll just -- she'll just do it again. Yeah, understood. did give me and -- me and Sam a chance to be together. You know, without -- without pressure, without thinking somebody's going to walk in and give their opinion on what we should or shouldn't do. It was just... we were just there. You know? We were talking and playing dominoes. But she said something that... that I've been thinking about a lot. She said that she wasn't the same person she was on the night that I got shot... that those five years changed her, that the time passed for her, but it didn't pass for me. Sam hasn't changed. That's just an excuse to justify her staying w-with Drew. And you don't want to call her out on that because you know that if you tell her that you love her and that you belong together, it's going to break her heart. Yeah, I d-- I don't want to hurt her that way. Understood, but y-you can't lie to yourself about what's happening. Sam loves you, and she's going to love you forever. The same way you love her. [Doorbell rings]

I'm so sorry! We're running a little behind! [Sighs]

How do you feel? I'm sorry, Alexis, but you know, this is one situation where I absolutely can't delegate. I am Spencer's legal guardian, and his welfare comes first. I do understand, I really do. It's just not going to bode well for Charles Street. Someone will step up and take on the cause and take my place in the race. I don't know about that. I mean, what if there isn't anybody and then Ned runs unopposed? Please have a seat. Thanks. This is, what, your second visit in a row if I'm not mistaken? Not that anyone's counting. No. [Speaking indistinctly] [Both laugh]

So, I'm just curious. Is my company really that scintillating? Or is the place really just convenient? Well, I will answer you honestly, once I try that avocado toast that everyone is going crazy about over yelp. Yes. Hey, Stas. Come on over here. I want you to meet somebody. Kim, this is Stas, our great chef. Stas, this is Kim. She came all the way here just to try our signature dish. Yeah, it's nice to meet you. I can't do the avocado toast today. I... I can't really cook much of anything.

Why not? You all right?

Delivery -- I'm fine, but the delivery today, it's all rotted. Everything we ordered is worthless. Ooh, sorry. I-I-I just don't know what happened. I think I do. Spinelli, listen, we're going to wait to hear from Sinclair. No, no. Don't send another e-mail. 'Cause he's going to think we're eager. He's going to get suspicious. Yeah, no. You deal with the high-tech stuff. I'll deal with negotiations. Thank you, Spinelli. Bye-bye now. All right, coffee's brewing. So, I need you to drink this water. We need you to sober up, all right, so that you can unpack what it is that you were just trying to tell me. Why don't you help me locate Faison so you can save yourself? [Scoffs] I could care less what Cesar does to me. I'm trying to protect Nathan. He's so brave. [Sighs] So naive. He has no idea what his father is capable of. But you know. It's not the physical danger. It's the mental and emotional risk. It's the way he can toy with one's mind... the way he once toyed with yours. You know, we're -- we're both on the same side now, Liesl. I want to stop Faison as much as you do. But you've got to give me something to work with. I have nothing. Not even a way to plead with Cesar to spare Nathan. My beautiful boy. [Sighs] You know, Liesl... I don't understand why you kept Nathan secret from him. Faison always wanted a son. Weren't you ever tempted to just...tell him? My love for Cesar... doesn't make me blind to his failings. He would've tried to control Nathan and fashion him in his image. He would have destroyed Nathan if he resisted. I know... because I saw how he treated his other son. I just need a minute. Now? Yeah, it's important. Okay, come in. Drew is upstairs. Good, 'cause you both need to hear this.

Drew: Sam, have you seen my cuff links? I put 'em... [Stairs creak]

Jason. So, I, uh -- I want to give you guys a heads-up. Sonny and I have been working on getting Faison out of hiding, and we're close. Things could start to get dangerous. I really want to hear about your plan, but now's not the right time. Sam and I are getting married tonight.

You're getting married tonight? Actually, in a couple of hours. Okay, well, I mean, since things could get out of control, maybe you should take the kids on the honeymoon and maybe stay away for a little while. Look, we all need answers here. You sure you want to go after Faison by yourself? Hey, we appreciate the heads-up. Thank you. If we take the kids on our trip, we'll let you know. Congratulations. [Door opens] Hey, Julian, my new favorite client. Is there anything I can do to improve your Corinthos coffee experience? Yeah, you can put an end to the harassment. Oh, did somebody send you another brick? My meat and produce orders were tampered with. Everything for tonight's dinner service arrived spoiled. Well, you know, it's, like, the -- the restaurant business, it's just -- it's just -- it's just -- it's hard. Yeah. It's very difficult, you know, it's challenging. You sound real torn up about it. Well, what do you want me to do? You want me to get troy to bounce the front door, or do you want me to give these hooligans a talking-to? We're not dealing with delinquents, damn it. It's far worse than that. I will be happy to draft a press release for you to get the word out. Thank you. That would be really helpful. Um...please stress that while I'm dropping out of the race for personal reasons, I remain committed to preserving Charles Street. And for those people who supported me to be mayor, they can still fight redevelopment by voting "no" on measure A. I will be sure to get the message out. And listen, good luck with Spencer. Please give him my love, and let me know how that goes. Thank you. I will. I'm really sorry it had to end this way. I-I think you would have made a great mayor. I have a lot of faith in the people here. And I think they will make the right choice. Let's hope they have a choice to make. Take care. [Sighs] You already have everything you want -- the Cassadine estate, custody of charlotte. You really need Laura's seat on the board on top of that? The Cassadine family has a vested interest in the success of this hospital. I was going through some paperwork the other day. I came across some documents related to the bailout by my late brother, Stefan, of GH. Turns out that the hospital would have closed its doors if not for a substantial influx of Cassadine money. I just want to continue the tradition and offer the hospital my extensive expertise. As a thief, a kiDNApper? I have experience in logistics and financials. The hospital needs both of them. Is there a problem here? Yes, Valentin seems to want your seat on the hospital board. What makes you think that you would be welcome there? Our willingness to write big checks. So you think you can buy respect? Laura, I have no obligation to explain anything to you. You have resigned your place on the board. You have no say in who replaces you. So before you launch into your litany of your perceived transgressions, I remind you they are just allegations. You have no proof of any wrongdoing against me. I have memorized every inch of Faison's file, and there's no mention of a son, let alone two. Of course there wouldn't be any mention of Nathan. I made sure there was nothing to tie him to Cesar. If Maxie had only left well enough alone instead of engineering that DNA test -- well, what about the other son? Henrik? He was of little interest to Cesar. That's his name? Henrik? Cesar barely noticed him. Packed him off to boarding school as soon as he was able to go. Oh. I wonder why he'd do that. Given how arrogant Cesar is, you know, I-I would think he would be... thrilled to have a son. Carry on his name. Follow in his footsteps. Are you that blind? [Scoffs] You don't need your WSB file for this, Anna. The reason Cesar had no use for Henrik is simple. The boy was his son... but not yours.

[Mid-tempo music plays]

It's a long way down lag for the break? I found those cuff -- -thank you. Just one second.

Sorry. Sorry. Hey, can you messenger those tickets over to the house? Does that work? Perfect. Thank you so much. Bye.[Phone clunks]

Sorry, I, uh, was on with travel at Aurora.


Hmm? Not even married, and you're already trying to book your escape? Actually you and the kids are coming with me. Where to? To our honeymoon. Tomorrow. 6:00 a.m. Two weeks in Tahiti. Okay, well, not to sound too practical, but we're not even ready for our wedding. How do you think we're going to be ready to go on a honeymoon? Well, we'll just get whatever we need there. What about the kids? They're gonna come with us. We'll get them stuff, too. What's going on? What's wrong with you? What about Aurora? What about Aurora? We hired Peter for a reason, right? He can watch the shop. Where is this coming from? I want to be excited about having my gorgeous wife with me on my honeymoon. I know this is not about the honeymoon. This is about Faison, isn't it? What do you know about Henrik's mother? She had even less to do with Henrik than Cesar. She disappeared after giving birth. And how did Faison come by the child? I never asked. Cesar never said. He considered the boy an annoyance. And how old do you suppose this child is, this person? [Sighs] Grown, long since. Yeah, I know grown. But, like, what, 20s? 30s? He was smart, I remember that much. And devious. Always watching Cesar, trying to emulate him. Trying to win his approval. Mostly Cesar ignored him. But it wouldn't have been like that for Nathan. He's too handsome. Too charismatic. Cesar would have doted on him. But now that Cesar was publicly rejected by Nathan, he'll want revenge. Cesar won't come here to connect with Nathan. He'll come to punish me... for lying all these years. For making a fool of him. [Chuckles] What would be more fitting than to take Nathan from me? He won't have a chance, all right? Because Faison's times for hurting people are done. And we will see to that. You and me together. Let me get this straight. You think that Ned Quartermaine had something to do with vandalizing your bar? Gastropub. W-whatever. Uh, you think Ned is responsible for...sabotaging your produce shipment? Maybe not him personally, but Ned's running for mayor, and I support the opposition. Well, maybe the neighbors are not thrilled to have you around, and that's why they threw a brick through your bar window. All right, okay, think about this. Ned's got backing from this guy, this Jim Harvey. He's a real-estate developer. -Right. Harvey comes to town, he's buying all this real estate all up and down Charles Street. Apartment buildings, restaurants, art studios, all of it. Those of us who refuse to sell, now we're finding it harder and harder to go about our daily lives. But, I don't know, maybe you're aware of all that, Sonny. Maybe it was you who sub-contracted some of your people to, you know, handle all the dirty work, huh? Well, here's the thing. I-I promised Mary Mae ward a long time ago that I wouldn't go anywhere near Charles Street. Well, that's because you're a fine, upstanding citizen, huh? You want to -- you want to -- you want to help out the people of Charles Street? -Sell! -[Scoffs] 'Cause they'd be better off without you anyway. [Sighs] I'm not the problem. No? Jim Harvey is. If you don't open your eyes soon, Sonny, you're going to wake up one morning, you're going to find yourself a stranger in your own city. Leave it to Spencer to break both legs. Yeah, I know. He's flat on his back and bored out of his mind. And broken legs or not, that is a recipe for disaster with Spencer. So, I'm afraid that, um, I'm going to fly to France first thing tomorrow. Of course. I'll start rescheduling my patients right away. Aww, you can't do that to your patients. They need you. You and Spencer need me more. It's -- it's not going to be easy to load a child with two broken legs onto a plane to bring him home. I'm not going to bring him back to Port Charles. I'm going to stay with him there until he's capable of taking care of himself. [Scoffs] A broken leg takes upwards of six weeks to heal. Wouldn't he be more comfortable here? I don't want him near Valentin. Yes. Well...I guess I'll visit as often as I can. Wait. What about the election? Yeah, um, well, a candidate can't take six weeks off, can they? -No. So, yeah, I have to withdraw. But wouldn't that make Ned the winner by default. Not if the replacement candidate that I have in mind steps up. Who could possibly fill your shoes? Somebody who understands the issues thoroughly and who's been by side during the campaign trail. He's primed to take over. You mean me?!

[Josh Auer's "Far From Home" plays]

Well, the last thing on your mind was to hide the pain inside but the days are growing closer and you're running out of time when something's on your mind I try to break inside oh! Aww! [Laughs] So you're a pool shark. I used to play a lot. Okay, so I did mention there's no money involved, right? This is just for fun. Just for fun, right.

[Billiard balls clacking]

Wow. You know, it's crazy. You look just like Drew. I mean, at least I expected he'd look now. But you're nothing like him. No? No. No. He was a lot cockier than you. I mean, I don't mean that in a bad way. Not like he wasn't a braggart or a jerk or anything. Not at all. He just... he liked to kid around. You know, and he had a little swagger.

You're hiding with your thoughts he definitely talked more than you. When will the weight be lifted? All right. ...Turn to light well, it's difficult to see when they hold the lock and key

[Ball drops in pocket]

You're a pool shark. So that's the same as him. I'm no pool shark.

[Ball drops in pocket]

Oh. So, I wonder if I'll ever get a chance to shoot. Excuse me. I'm sorry. You know what, I'm, um... I'm just going to ask you a personal question now and feel free not to answer... okay. So when you were gone for those five years, were you trying to get back the whole time? Well, I could only account for the last six months. I was at a clinic, but before that, I don't know. Wow, so you didn't know how much time had passed? Wow, I bet when you got home, you thought everything would be the same as when you left. Yeah, I thought that until I saw the date on a newspaper. And at first, I-I couldn't believe it. And then I didn't want to believe it. But I knew I had to face it and figure out what to do next, so I just -- I just came straight home. It must have been hard for you. Mostly, it -- it's been good. It's been good. I couldn't go back to the life that I had before, but, you know, I'm good with the life I have now. Okay. You know, I-I'm just gonna -- I'm gonna ask this, as well. I just -- I don't know. Y-you were married to Sam. And now she's with Drew. do you deal with that? Um, well, I trust Sam to make decisions and the right decisions for her and her kids. And she chose Drew. They're getting married tonight. Are you sure you want to leave? What if Faison shows up? Don't you want to confront him? Oh, I can't wait to wrap my hands around his neck and choke every answer out of him. Yeah, I want to confront him. What am I going to find out from this guy? Really? If it's between my past and you and the future that we're about the build, then I'm going to choose you every time. And no, I don't want my kids in danger, so yeah, I would like to take them to Tahiti. Nothing about my history or my past matters. [Sighs] And I want to have a future with you. I love you so much. -Now... -mm-hmm? ...You good for the honeymoon? Yes, I'm excited for the honeymoon. I can't wait to go to Tahiti. But -- but what? We're not even ready for the wedding. -We can get ready. -So we've got to get ready now. Drew and Sam are getting married tonight? Yeah, I'm sorry if I blindsided you with that. No, no, no. No, it's -- it's -- it's -- you didn't. Not at all. It's fine. It's just...I-it's great. You know, I'm -- I'm happy for them. Truly. I-it's -- you know, they -- they already thought they were married, so it makes perfect sense to just make it official. I actually don't know why that surprised me so much. Well, you know, sometimes you know something in your head. But it takes your heart a little while to catch up. How's your heart? Still catching up? Yeah, it's my shot. [Chuckles] Ugh. Mnh. Hey! Thought maybe I'd find you here. Charlie, hey. Hey. Hey, did you eat dinner? Um, no, no. I just came in and -- how about -- how about I buy you dinner to make up for the lack of avocado toast at my place? Okay, sounds good. Why don't I just finish up the game first. No, it's okay. It's okay. What? No! What? You're forfeiting? You are most certainly going to win. I'm quitting while I'm ahead. I'm not much of a religious guy, but I thank god every day my daughter wound up with Drew and... not that bastard. Wait, Sam's your daughter? Yeah. I mean, we're estranged right now, I guess you could say. [Inhales deeply] I still care about her. I still worry. But I'd worry a whole lot less if she stayed far away from Jason, that's for sure. Oh, you don't like him, huh? [Chuckles] Well, I wouldn't let the blue eyes fool ya. Jason is a mob enforcer. He's a professional killer. You want me to run for mayor?! Why not? I think you'd be a natural. Oh, Ned's campaign would have a field day just -- just cherry-picking dirt from my life, not the least of which is -- is -- is my serial killer twin brother. There's always something that you're going to have to work around. Laura, the closest I've ever wanted to be to elected office is being first husband. Okay, don't count yourself out so quickly, please. Just take a minute. Think this all the way -- no, I-I love you for believing in me. But really, me, as a candidate? That's, like, gifting the election to Ned. -I've got to do something. -I know, I know. You need to take care of Spencer. You're a grandmother before you're a candidate. You're his closest family. And he needs you. Thank you for understanding. You know, if you put your ambition -- even your ambition to do good -- ahead of family -- you wouldn't be the woman I love. Ugh.

Anna: I'll return soon.

Stay and sleep it off.

Don't go out. You were right,

you have reason to be afraid." [Scoffs] Spare me your concerns, scarecrow. I can take care of myself. Anna Devane is here to see you. All right, anything you can find on Jim Harvey and Niagara equities. Yeah, bye. Am I intruding? Not at all. So, you want me to get you a drink? No, no. I need to keep a clear head. Is this about Faison? Right. So a distraught and very drunk Obrecht just turned up at my house tonight. She's passed out on the couch. She's worried that Faison's going after Nathan.

Well, yeah. -Yeah. I mean, I assured her that we would stop him before any real damage happened. Do you actually believe that? Let's not make a liar out of me just yet. So, I know you and Jason are going after Faison? Yeah, you want to trade notes? What've you got? Well, do I have to be worried about being incriminated or, you know, anything like that? No. No! If you have a lead on Faison, I want to know. I don't care how you got it. This is one case where the end absolutely justifies the means. Heartburn. No one burns on my watch!

Drew Cain?

Yes, sir. Ah, thank you. Sign here. You got it. All right, and hey. Oh, thanks. Guess I delivered good news.

Tickets to my honeymoon.


Thank you.

Thank you again. All right. All right. All right. Huh. Wonder if I've actually ever been to Tahiti before. [Rie Sinclair's "Just You and Me" plays]

Do I need to be invisible to just survive?

Or am I foolishly wasting my time? Well, who knew a ski accident in France could have such a ripple effect on local politics in upstate New York? I hate feeling like I let everybody down. No, you galvanized the neighborhood. Your supporters agree with your platform. Someone will step up. It's not about just one person now. It's about everyone coming together to stand up for something that they believe in. You sound like the mayor to me. [Grumbles] [Laughs] [Thud] [Groans] We've made contact with P.K. Sinclair. I think his name is, uh, Henrik Faison. Where'd you get that? Obrecht. She's very chatty in her drunkenness. So apparently, Faison had this child with an unknown woman, who gave the boy up at birth. And it's really unclear as to how Faison found out about Henrik. Anyway, he did, and he regarded the child as an annoyance and had him sent off to a boarding school at a very young age. And the kid, despite all of that, kind of admired his father. Wanted to emulate him. Until Faison rejects him one too many times. And Henrik wants to take his father down. Right, yeah. That would appear to be the case. Well, here's the good thing. Faison knows that Henrik is gunning for him. He's going to try to stop his son before his son stops him. Once we get Henrik, we can use him to get Faison. Like hell you will! What?! No!

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