GH Transcript Thursday 1/18/18

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/18/18


Episode #13954 ~ Maxie tries not to worry; Franco is caught off guard; Ned tries to convince Alexis to help him; Molly is displaced; Lulu enjoys a happy reunion.

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All right, I'm gonna put your bags in the back, get some coffee, help warm you up. That's not necessary, just like you rushing across the street to rescue us isn't necessary. Why wouldn't I want to help you, Molly, huh? Kiki, how'd you get caught up in all this?

TJ: We're study partners. The MCATS are coming up soon. No need to get into that with him. I was there. It's my business, Julian. I told you -- we can take care of ourselves. Really? Then, by all means, take your butts back outside, and let your righteousness keep you warm. But don't blame me when you blow your tests and your future because you didn't have enough sense to come in out of the cold. Hey. Hey. Thank you for meeting me on short notice. No problem. Got done with court early. It's good to see you. Yeah. You know, without Julian tugging at your leg. Is that why you asked me here? To discuss Julian? No, no, no. Have a seat. Good. Let's get right to it. Um... so, now that I'm running for mayor, I need some expert legal counsel. Someone savvy and capable, with a good grasp of city hall. So, uh, how about it? Would you care to join my campaign? [Sighs] [Elevator bell dings]

Laura! I heard you changed your mind about running for mayor. [Laughs] Port Charles is gonna be so lucky to have you. Oh, well, I'm not the mayor yet. Oh, well, you will be. I have no doubt, 'cause you'll actually be working for the people of Port Charles and not searching for a way to exploit us. Thank you. I'm gonna do the very best I can. But the only downside is, I'm gonna have to take a leave of absence from the GH board. I already talked to Monica about it. I don't know. They've all been so nice about it. They offered to keep my seat open in case I lose. [Both laugh]

That's not gonna happen. But tell me -- what made you change your mind? Not what -- who. A man named Jim Harvey.[Heavy metal music playing]

What?! I'm busy! You mind? [Music continues]

Thanks. [Music stops]

Thank you. I was gonna stop by earlier, but, uh, it sounded like you were working or maybe having a party. [Chuckles] Boy, doesn't look like you got too much done here. What's the matter, Bobby? You having, uh, suffering from a little artist's block? Step away from the computer. Put your arms around my neck -- now! Max, come on, come on, come on! It's our anniversary, and I painted the nursery. And it looks really good -- no drips. I'm sorry. I can't think about paint right now. I can't even think about our anniversary. The only thing I can think about is how lulu outed you as Faison's son. Okay, look, I gave lulu my full and willing cooperation. Yes, I know. You wanted to lure Faison out of hiding, and you used yourself as bait, which is typically heroic but totally shortsighted. And lulu should have known better. That interview is all over the internet. For all we know, Faison could be outside right now, waiting to get his hands on you or this baby. [Knock on door] [Gasps] Oh, my god. Maybe that's him.

M Harvey showed up at my house the other night. He asked Franco if he wanted to sell his studio. [Scoffs] This man has no boundaries and no shame. Please tell me that Franco said no to him. He did, but... but? But what? Well, at the time, I thought it sounded like a good idea 'cause Franco hasn't been very inspired lately, so I-I thought maybe a change of location would be good for him. Oh, no, no. You have got to convince Franco not to sell his studio, e-especially not to Jim Harvey. If he needs a change, maybe he could keep his studio and just rent it out. I mean, if that's financially feasible. He could get a write-off, you know? Yeah. Yeah, thankfully, he can manage that. Okay. Good. Because we need strength in numbers, you know? That's what these developers do. They come in, and they convince you to sell your property 'cause they promise you the moon. They don't care about the character of the place. They don't care about the history. And they really don't care about the people they're displacing. Okay? This guy, Jim Harvey, all he cares about is the almighty dollar, and that's why he needs to be stopped. And we're gonna stop him. Spoken like a true leader. [Both laugh]

Well, I don't underestimate this guy. I think he's gonna fight hard with all the resources he's got. So you track me down, you come to my home, you bother me. Now you're here in my studio, and you're questioning my work ethic? What is your deal? Hey, I just stopped by because I was visiting your neighbor. You know, I heard the music. So... oh, by the way, uh... I just -- I just got your neighbor, Vince Corelli, to accept my offer on his place. You know Vince? Yeah, he's potentially talented. Sorry to see him go. Yeah, he doesn't like the light in his studio. Says it's no good anymore. [Chuckles] That's because of the new construction is blocking all the light. Now we're living in the shadows. [Chuckles] Yes. But Vince, he made the right choice -- a wise choice, just like most of your neighbors did. Okay? What's the point of being the last man standing, huh? I'm still standing? Yeah. Fixed in one place, not making any progress. I mean, it's obvious this place isn't working for you. Why stagnate here when you could be in a sunlit studio, some beautiful, modern place somewhere else? Well, might as well sit here and get some work done instead of sitting out in the cold. You know, Julian's right about needing to keep focused. Kiki and I have the MCATS coming up in a week, and you have finals. Yeah. I know. I just hate him being right. Well, it seems like they'll probably have the situation in the building figured out soon, right? I wouldn't count on it. Seemed pretty serious. Oh. Did you guys have any idea that there was a problem? Well, actually, we were pushing for a rent strike. Whoa. I saw posters for that. You guys are organizing it? Yep. Does your mom know about this? No, and she doesn't need to. Well, I'm sure she'd want to know. Well, actually, my mom is having lunch with her boyfriend, Dr. Bensch, today. Now, I don't want to interrupt that, do you? Thank you. I'm afraid I can't work on your campaign. Why not? Well, I'm busy. I'm really busy right now. Okay. So it has to do with work? Well, what else would it be? Well, Molly mentioned that you're seeing a doctor, and she said that he was the reason why you couldn't join us on thanksgiving for pizza. So you think because I'm spending time with a man that I don't have time to work. That's kind of sexist. You should probably watch that if you're running for public office. [Laughing] Okay. Sorry. Well, you're just being a little cagey about something, so I would appreciate just a straight answer. I can't work on your campaign because I don't support your platform. [Cell phone chimes]

I'm just trying to improve Port Charles. What's not to support? There. I just got a text from Julian right now. Because of your platform to improve the community, my daughter and her boyfriend have just gotten thrown out of their apartment. You know, the one on Charles Street? Maxie, Maxie, calm down. Calm down. Okay, we got uniforms patrolling the neighborhood. Faison is not out there. He's not gonna get within a mile of us. [Knock on door]

Dante: Guys, open up. It's us. Come on. Let us in. [Scoffs] If "us" includes lulu, I don't want to see you.

Lulu: You might as well open up, 'cause I'm gonna keep trying to show you how sorry I am until you believe me. Try the 12th of never. Okay. Just open up. We have something for your anniversary. No! Maxie, come on. If you're gonna blame lulu, you're gonna blame me, too, and then, what kind of anniversary are we gonna have? Oh, my god. How are you feeling? When you ended up at GH yesterday, I was so worried. I tried to pull the story. I swear I did. Yeah? You shouldn't have written the article in the first place. Oh, lulu just gave me a platform to do something that I wanted to do anyways, okay? A-and I hate that it upsets you, but I still think it was the best way to deal with Faison. Right. Because you were motivated by a sincere, if misguided, desire to rid the world of your horrible father. Lulu, on the other hand, was just trying to build a career. I didn't... stop and think it through the way I should have. I'd just say I didn't want her to write the article, either, but she did it with the best of intentions, okay? It was to help us find Faison. Yes, she could've gone about it another way. Maxie, please... can you forgive me?

helping young talents like Vince Corelli. Mm. So, destroying historic neighborhoods and displacing residents, that's just like a hobby for you? [Chuckles] Change is inevitable. Okay? The trick is making it work for you. By obliterating everything that's meaningful about our past? What's the alternative, huh? I mean, what's the alternative? Just staying stuck in one place? No. No. You know, if you started painting again, maybe your mom would come back. Whoa! Ho-hold on a second. How did this become a conversation about my mother? Well, because after I ran into you, I gave her a call, and, uh, her phone was disconnected. Her neighbors said she packed up and left. Okay. So, did you two have a falling out? Okay. We were discussing the deed to my studio. You don't need to know the ins and outs of my personal life. Yeah, but I just -- I just remember how much -- how much you meant to her, okay? I mean, she adored you. So, whatever happened, whatever went wrong, I mean, why don't you just use this opportunity to sell the place, get a new place? And then, maybe while you're at it, reconnect with your mom. Where did Vince go? 'Cause maybe a change would be good. Oh, that's the last thing you need. Hey, were you serious about your mom dating Dr. Bensch? He's the one who convinced me to go for the pre-med program. He's -- he's great. Yeah, Bensch was a guest lecturer for my pathophysiology class. I mean, the guy knows his stuff. I didn't really get a chance to speak with him at thanksgiving, especially after what happened. Well, now you have a connection to him if Alexis is dating him. Glad that she's moved on from my uncle. Ah. Well, you spoke too soon. What happened? Are you okay? Yes, and I told Julian not to call you. Well, honey, it doesn't matter who called me, just that I was called, and so why were you evacuated? Well, they are saying that there's a gas leak and it's too dangerous to stay in our apartment. Who said that? The landlord? [Sighs] Coincidentally, not less than 24 hours after Molly and TJ tried to organize a rent strike.

Molly, I told you not -- you told me to stand up to bullies, and that's what I'm doing. Guys, it's just another scare tactic. We'll be let back in soon. No. Unfortunately, you won't. I've just spoken to the fire chief and to Port Charles gas and electric, and... all of the tenants have been evacuated indefinitely. Because of a gas leak? They can fix that. It is possible that the building's infrastructure has been compromised. And I'm afraid that the building itself might be condemned. Congratulations, candidate Quartermaine. Another building that you and Niagara equities can buy for a song and then demolish. All in the name of what? Progress? We have been through so much together. You're like a sister to me, Maxie. I would miss you so much if you weren't in my life. [Sighs] I would miss you, too. So would this baby. Oh, god.

Dante: All right. Uh, I just came from the station. Everyone's on this, okay? WSB, FBI, state troopers. If Faison's coming near Port Charles, we're gonna intercept him. Okay, not to be a pessimist, but this is Faison that we're talking about. The master of disguise even fooled Anna. He could be anyone. Okay. [Clears throat] Max, take a breath. Please do not give me the "don't be stressed" lecture. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. But seriously, though, take a breath. [Inhales] Hold it for a count of five. Let it out. [Sighs] Remember, the baby needs you to be calm. I know. I know that you're right. I-I need to focus on my breathing, I need to focus on staying calm, but I'm trying. I really am. It's just hard to stay calm when this baby's newly discovered grandfather, the world's most wanted criminal, could be moving in on us as we speak.

You're making a lot of assumptions. One, that I have anything to do with Niagara equities, and two, Niagara equities has anything to do with this gas leak. [Scoffs] I believe what Laura is trying to say is that it's very logical to assume that you have a relationship with Niagara equities since Jim Harvey is a big supporter of yours, right? And he's been very vocal about his wanting to remake Charles Street. By pushing aside the residents to put up affluent housing. The new buildings will be safe. It doesn't appear the old buildings are. Well, our buildings were safe enough until Harvey started sniffing around. He's harassing them by withholding vital services. No heat, no hot water, we didn't even have a bug problem until this started.

Molly: It's so cold that sometimes, we can see our breath inside our apartment. I-I wear this afghan nonstop. I mean, come on. We have to use the gym at school just to take showers. Ned, the landlord is neglecting the lights in the public areas. The elevators don't work. How is that safe? Well, you're making my point for me -- these old buildings

are unsafe! And judging by the emergency services outside, there's a gas leak, which poses a serious hazard! Give me a break. Someone could have sabotaged that gas line, which is terrifying in and of itself. But we all know that stuff happens, Ned. We also know that old buildings fall apart! Okay. With an infusion of capital -- yes, from Niagara equities -- we can upgrade the infrastructure, we can replace these pipelines, we can improve the roads, we can make Port Charles, Charles Street, safe again. Oh, wow! And that is gonna sound great on a bumper sticker. But the reality behind this pithy little slogan is that the people who live here are gonna be priced out of the neighborhood. Rising property values will increase tax revenue, which means we have more money for public schools and other vital services. Oh, come on! What a crock, ted! Since when did you go to public school, much less have to choose between food and shelter? You know what? You're a Quartermaine. You've never struggled for a damn thing in your life. Hello, Elizabeth. Nice to see you again. Can you give us a minute? Sure. Of course. I thought you wanted me to sell. This is my mistake. Laura explained everything to me. Apparently, this guy wants to redevelop the entire neighborhood, erase Charles Street as we know it. If you hold out, he can't tear down the building and build some luxury high-rise. He's kind of right about one thing. I can't seem to create here anymore. No, no, Franco, it's not about this space. It's about this space. There's something going on inside of you, and once you figure that out... I know you're gonna be able to paint again. [Cell phone chimes] [Gasps] It's about my wedding dress. Don't sell the studio, okay? [Door closes]

Oh, no. What are you -- what are you doing? Come on. Don't -- don't do that. Don't rummage through my things. Sorry, sorry. Just admiring your work, and, uh... I got to say, looking forward to your future creations. Maybe I don't need a new space. Maybe what I need are answers. So, tell me, when you were hanging around with my mom... was there another little boy there? A boy about my age? Maxie, a year ago, you almost missed your surprise wedding because you let your imagination get away from you. That was totally different. Different how? Well, for one thing, Faison wasn't involved. Nathan literally had to track you down. If you hadn't run into Spinelli, the wedding wouldn't have happened. Oh. And... we couldn't have given you this. What's that? Part 1. Part 2's in the hallway. Sounds intriguing. Mm. Might have to take a look. [Door creaks]

Oh. A bassinet. And it's beautiful. It's exactly the one I would've picked. He's here. Faison's right outside.

I saw him! Lulu did, too. I did see someone. Where? Right outside the door. All right, stay here. All right, hands up. No sudden moves. N-no problem. Turn around -- slow. Who are you? Byron Breelander. I'm the new super. You got ID, Mr. Breelander? In my pocket. Okay. Let me get it. I got it. Looks like he checks out. Yeah. Hey, sorry about the mix-up. You match the description of a guy we're looking for. That Faison guy. There's a couple of uniforms stationed at the curb. They, uh, said I should keep a lookout. You do that. Again, we're sorry about the mistake. It wasn't Faison. Are you sure he wasn't wearing a mask? I'm pretty sure. Everything's gonna be fine, okay? L-let's take a look at what this thingy looks like in the nursery, okay? You can rate my paint job. That's not a thingy. That's a bassinet, and it's gorgeous. And you know what? I would love to see the paint job you did, Nathan. I'm sure it's perfect. Now that you mention it, I do remember another little boy. A-Andy, right? Um... [Stammers] What do you remember about him? Well, I remember that he died. I mean, uh, suddenly. It was very sad. I think heart problem, maybe? No, he -- he didn't die. What? Well, Betsy lied about that. Why? Why would -- why would she do that? It's a custody thing. She was afraid she was gonna get in trouble, and so she -- she brought the kid to an orphanage, thought he'd be better off there. You know anything more about this -- about Andy? He's a Quartermaine. Believe that? [Chuckles] That's a hell of a story. Yeah. Yeah, well, I'll have to, uh, ask Ned to introduce us. And then some weirdness happened, and, uh, he lost his memory. You mean, like, what? Amnesia? No. Well, technic-- well, I -- uh, essentially, yes. The result is the same, but Drew -- Andy, as you call him -- does not have a memory of his childhood. Mm. Well, that's, uh -- I'm glad the boy survived. Hey, listen, you know, you change your mind on this place, you know how to get in touch with me. Hey. Hey. Is everything okay? Fortunately, the decision to move forward with the Charles Street renovation won't be made by me or by Laura. It'll be made by the people of this city. If they vote for ballot measure a, the renovation moves forward. If they vote against, the matter is closed. Don't be disingenuous, Ned. We know that the Quartermaines can afford to make a massive press push in favor of measure A. And I don't apologize for that. The Quartermaine have always been socially conscious. Oh! ELQ helps drive the local economy. And, yes, we need to turn a profit, but not at the city's expense! Just the opposite. If the city prospers, we all benefit.

Kiki: Except for the people who won't be able to afford to live here. Kiki, the plan is to replace some lower-rent apartments. Oh, please. I know how this plays out. The developers will save a few apartments, probably in the basement or maybe -- I don't know -- facing a wall, where there isn't much light come in -- and then, they'll have a lottery for hundreds of people who want to live in the community because their kids go to school here, because they work here, because their families are here. Ned, where do you expect them to go when they're displaced? Yeah, ted, you gonna put them up in your mansion? Oh. Hmm? Julian, when did you become a champion of the people? You've been rich all your life, but mobsters don't pay taxes, do they? Right? So it's not like you've been giving back to this community. Laura and I disagree about policy, and that's the way this system works. But you? You don't give a crap about policy or housing or even Charles Street. In fact, I think you're jumping on this bandwagon because you want to impress Alexis. Yeah, I think you just want her to forget that you've trashed her life, that you put a knife to her throat. I'm assuming, Alexis, you're too smart to fall for this. [Sighs]

Why don't you leave Alexis out of this? She has nothing to do with it.

You're right. This is about you trying to impress Alexis. We all know you're still the same violent, abusive criminal you've always been. You know what, ted? I'm committed to this neighborhood. [Scoffs] Oh, look! It's Jim Harvey, just in time to join the conversation. You know, your buddy, Jim Harvey, he offered to buy me out. I turned him down. Next thing I know, I've got bricks flying through my kitchen window. You know what, ted? At first, I thought it was Corinthos. Now I think it's the two of you. What do you think? Alexis, you do know that it was probably Julian who threw the bricks through his window. Talk to me! Hey! Stop that! No! I told you to leave her alone! Of course you got to resort to violence! Ned, stop it! Stop it! Look, we have got to be able to disagree without resorting to violence. Hey! You got to be better than that. Do you have any idea what day it is today? It's the anniversary of Mary Mae ward's death. Okay? I'm not gonna have you disrespect her legacy or this community. Very effective, Laura. Exploit your relationship with a legendary community figure. Oh! No, stop, stop. Laura is being sincere. She and Mary Mae were very close, and they did a lot of good for this community. I know that. Thank you. Look, Laura, I respect you as much as I ever have. We just happen to disagree about the best way to move this city into the future. At a certain point, Ned, you will be judged by the company you keep. I'm sorry that my personal life got dragged into this. And it was just last night that we promised to run a clean campaign. Until it's not. Yeah. Well, we've gotten off to one hell of a start. "We"? I want to offer my services as your campaign legal counsel, if you'd like. Oh, that would be wonderful. Thank you, Alexis. You're welcome. [Cell phone rings]

Oh. Excuse me. Yes. Sorry, uh, Ned put you in the middle of all that. At least this mess wasn't your fault. How bad is it? When will you know? Can you believe that guy? Pawing all my artwork without even asking me permission. Babe, I am so sorry I even suggested you might want to sell to him. He's determined, I'll give you that much. He's been canvassing the whole building and knocking on every single door. He even trotted out a conversation -- he wanted to start about his relationship with my mother, and I don't -- I don't -- I don't see it. I don't know what she ever saw in that guy. Are you sure you don't remember him? I do not. The only thing I know for sure is that I don't trust him. The color of the baby's room goes great with the bassinet, don't you think? It's the best anniversary gift ever, honey. Thank you. I don't know. I think the romantic personal gift comes later, after dinner. [Chuckles] You guys, thank you so much for the bassinet. The baby's gonna be so comfortable in it. We love it. Well, don't forget about part 1. It's your wedding cake. Hmm. Yes, I did fall into your cake at the reception. It was not one of my finest moments. But at least it broke your fall. Fortunately, the caterers had already cut a section, and I followed the directions to safely freeze it. So this cake is a year old.

Dante: Yep. Yes. You're supposed to eat it on your first anniversary -- for good luck. Well, if there was any time we were in need of some good luck, it'd be right now. To my wonderful husband. Mm. And to the two best friends we could ever have. We love you guys so much. Mm. We love you guys. This is pretty good old cake. [Laughter] Right? Mm. It held up. And so do we. I thought -- I thought a year ago would be the happiest day of my life, but, uh, it turns out, every day with Maxie's better than the last. No, I mean it. I think the only day that could top that is -- is when our baby's born.

Lulu: Aww. Hear, hear! Let's eat up. Get our fill of good luck, good health, and happiness. Mm-hmm. Mm. No, I don't want to, no. [Laughter]

What are you two gonna do now? I don't know. I mean, we're pretty much left with everything we could carry. Yeah, I grabbed a couple things that I thought about -- my backpack, my laptop, some clothes, this afghan aunt Stella made us for Christmas. All right, listen. You -- you two are gonna come live with me until we figure this out. Mom, thank you, that's very sweet, but it's not necessary. You're kind of far out. Thank you. I'm not taking no for an answer, okay? I'm gonna get the car. Are their things in the back? Yeah. Yeah, you're going with them? How about a cortado for the road? It's this new drink I just learned how to make. Yes, I know. I-I saw you making an espresso for your new friend. We're both moving on, right? Isn't that what you wanted? [Sighs] So, Jim, do you know anything about a brick being thrown through his window? Hey, Ned, you said it yourself -- the man probably vandalized his own property to try to generate sympathy for himself. Yeah, yeah. That sounds like Julian, yeah. Well, with friends like him, I mean, Laura Collins does not need enemies. Listen to me, okay? Everything is gonna work out in your favor. In retrospect, I wish I had never opened the door that night. You are a really nice person, so that's just something you would do. Between what Laura says about that guy and his company and the way he's pressuring you, I do not like him. Yeah, well... I don't think he's going away anytime soon. I wish he would. Charles Street is such a great neighborhood. People are so happy. Why can't he just leave them alone? Because people like Jim Harvey don't leave people alone when there's money involved. And, in fairness, I have no right to criticize the guy 'cause... people like Jim Harvey are the only people that can afford to buy all the artwork that I've been making all these years. Oh, no. No, no. You are responsible for the art you create, not who buys it, nor how they make their money. I just wish I could contact my mom and find out what went down between the two of them. Don't let this little dust-up throw you, okay? Trust me -- you are in a good position. No, not on Charles Street. There's no way I'm getting the people in this district to vote for me. There are other districts. Let me walk you to your car. Plus, I want to know about this long-lost Quartermaine, uh, AnDrew? Really? Why? Well, because [Chuckles] Anybody who attaches himself to your name could be used as leverage in the election. Plus, I just want to know more about the guy. I do want to thank you for making me aware of the situation. Well, you're welcome. I'm just glad I was... able to keep an eye on Molly. Well, you won't have to do that anymore because she's gonna be living with me now. So you're free of that responsibility. Hey, hey. What is it? I got to go home. No, no, no, no. Actually, I got to call Kevin. What -- what's going on? I have to withdraw from the campaign. I'm not gonna run for mayor. Now, according to Olivia, you need to refreeze the leftover cake and save it until you bring the baby home from the hospital. Or not. My mother's got a whole bunch of weird superstitions. Why tempt fate? We're doing it. Thank you, guys, for making our anniversary so special. You're welcome. The first of many more to come. This time next year, just imagine -- the only thing you're gonna be worried about is keeping that baby out of your pots and pans. [Laughter] See ya. Bye, guys. [Sighs] Feeling any better? Max, Max, it's gonna be okay. We're gonna be all right. We're safe, all right? Mm-hmm. We have a whole beautiful life ahead of us -- you and me and our baby. I better put that cake away. Oh, come on, come on, come on, come on. It can wait, it can wait. Lulu said I need to refreeze it. Later, later. Later. Later. Mm? I love you. I love you, too. I never thought my heart could be so full.

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