GH Transcript Wednesday 1/17/18

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/17/18


Episode #13953 ~ Julian offers his support; Sonny receives a mysterious text message; Kiki is a bundle of nerves; Franco looks to repay a favor; Griffin offers words of encouragement.

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Carly: You're a monster. And the only consolation is now your face is as ugly as your soul.

Julian: Well, I guess it's not that weird, you staring at yourself in the mirror. [Sighs] Julian. But the second you start asking the mirror who's the fairest of them all, well, that's when I'm committing you, okay? [Laughs] What are you doing here? Oh, the door was open. I let myself in. Figured the padre wasn't an "afternoon delight" kind of guy, you know what I mean? No, I just, uh, stopped by to wish you luck, you know? I know you're having your procedure later. Thank you. I'll take it. If this treatment doesn't work, then... I'm all out of options, and I'll be stuck like this for the rest of my life. You know, I have to tell you, this tiny little scar that you have left -- it's really not that bad. You're still a knockout. You think it's worth it, having another, uh -- another surgery, taking a risk for it? A clean slate is worth everything. I-I've made my decisions, and I have my reasons. You know, Julian, I've been through hell, and enduring that kind of pain, you know, it tends to -- to clarify things. Okay, okay. But let me just give you some advice. [Sighs deeply] You know, I blamed a lot of people for all my bad deeds -- you know, our sister, Olivia, Luke. The only way I was able to really find true peace... was to take responsibility for all my own actions. Now... maybe you should try it sometime, huh? Well, thank you. Thank you for your input. Now, if you don't mind, I have to get to GH, and there is one stop that I have to make first. Oh, yeah? Where is that? Just a little unfinished business. Thanks for seeing me. Sonny, I'm, um... I'm having a medical procedure, and... you know, you never know when anesthesia is involved. I'd really like to see my daughter. Why do you think I told the guards to send you up? Avery's not here. Where is she? With her mother. Carly is not Avery's mother. Carly loves Avery. She cares for Avery. She holds her, kisses her good night -- things that you don't do. Because you won't give me the chance! Because you're too selfish to nurture anyone. When I see Kiki, she pretty much raised herself. That's not gonna happen --

Carly: And you can tell daddy about the deer we saw -- honey! Hi, Avery. Um, you -- do me a favor. Just take her to the kitchen real quick. Get her, uh, get her something to eat or whatever. Yeah, yeah, let's go see what Graciela's making for dinner. It's gonna be delicious. Yeah. [Voice breaking] Come on, Sonny, please. How -- how many times do I got to tell you? You're not gonna go anywhere near Avery because of what you did to my son. My son is dead because of you. Olivia Jerome planted that bomb. I am not responsible for Morgan's death! You have no right to keep punishing me like this! You keep saying that! [Door closes] You know what? After all the misery you've caused, you're here playing the victim? Are you kidding me? I should've killed you when you murdered Connie. My son would still be alive! Well, I'm still here! All right? And sooner or later, you're gonna have to accept that I am Avery's mother and you can't keep her from me forever! We won't have to. We won't, because when she gets older and she finds out what you did... she'll never want to be around you. I am no worse than either of you. Or is this house of yours not built on blood money? I promise you this, Sonny -- my daughter will know me. [Breathing heavily] Thought you were going home to get some sleep. I tried, but I couldn't. I was too worked up. I have to be here for my mom, you know? She is banking so much on this, like it's gonna fix more than her face. And my mom has come such a long way since you've been in her life. I just... I wanted to say thank you for pulling her back from the brink. Aww, come here. Hello, you two. Hey! Hi. I'm ready to go. Where's Dr. Guerra? He is prepping for the procedure right now. You need to do the same. That's why I'm here, for better or worse. Mom, you know there's still time that you could back out of this if you don't want to do it. No, no, no. I made my decision. I'm going through with the surgery, and whatever the outcome is... I'll accept it. [Water running, hands scrubbing] [Monitors beeping]

You're gonna do great. Yeah, we'll be right here when you wake up. Are you ready, Ava? Yes. Don't worry about a thing. When you wake up, you'll be a new woman.

Griffin: Ah, there she is. Mm. Is it over? Yes. And it was a success. Yeah?

Griffin: Mm-hmm. It worked?

Both: Yeah. Mm! Well, can I see it? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh. Hey, hey. You're gonna be woozy for a little while. Just take it easy. Okay. And, uh, for the pain... Your lithium. What? Ibuprofen. Dr. Guerra didn't want to prescribe anything unless you really needed it. Oh. Right. Of course. Good. Thank you. Now, the bandages are going to have to stay on through the night. From everything Dr. Guerra said, I think you're gonna be really happy with the result. I can take you home whenever you're ready. Yeah, well, I'm -- I'm ready now. Kiki, will you join us? Oh, I appreciate the offer, but I think the two of you could use some alone time. I'll see you in the morning, okay? Mm. I love you. [Door closes] [Sighs deeply] [Sighs] Good morning. Morning. You ready? [Sighs] What if I'm wrong? What if all the effort and all the sacrifices were for nothing? You know, I -- I -- I don't know if I can do this. We'll do it together. [Sighs] What do you think? [Gasps] It worked. [Chuckles] So, Ava Jerome... how do you want to celebrate the first day of the rest of your life? You sure you want to eat dinner here? Yes. It has been months since I was shamed away from this place. I'm done hiding. Good. Why don't you, uh, grab us a couple of drinks? I'll get us a table. Sure. Martini, scotch, neat. Your face seems to have recovered miraculously. Yeah. The procedure was a success. I hope your appearance was worth selling your soul. I... where on earth could she have gone? How dare you show your face here? That's an interesting turn of phrase. Aren't you going to congratulate me on my recovery? My son will never recover. Thanks to you, they found pieces of him along the riverbed. I wish every day that Morgan was still alive. But he's gone, and I'm not gonna live in misery just to satisfy Sonny's perverse sense of justice. What's perverse is how you deflect the blame for Morgan, for Connie -- for everything. So enjoy your new face. I'm not gonna rest until the world sees you for the ugly soul that you are. [Sighs] [Door opens] [Gasps]

Ava: Well, what's with all the shadows? You hired me to paint your portrait. You would expect there to be a little darkness. Well, not on my face, Franco. This portrait is supposed to tell the world that I am through cowering in the darkness, that I am no longer gonna let Sonny or Laura or anybody else make me feel "less than." The show is tomorrow. You can't possibly expect me to -- I have every confidence that you will figure something out. After all, I have been shepherding your career since its earliest beginnings. I-I think what you mean is looking the other way while enabling my homicidal tendencies in exchange for money. Hey. Ava. I-I-I know you can get it done. Thank you so much. Um... wait! Please! Oh, my -- oh! Please watch where you're going. That woman -- where did she go? What woman? I keep seeing her, and I-I-I keep getting these -- these texts. They're from you, aren't they? What texts? "I know you." Why are you sending them? Okay, I have no idea what you're talking about. Mm-hmm. What is this, some kind of mind game or something? What, Valentin can't handle the fact that I was able to fix my face without his help? You're still a little jealous that Silas wanted me and not you? Well, I'm sorry, Nina. I haven't got a baby for you to snatch out of my womb today! Hey, I had a psychotic break when I went after you years ago. I have fully recovered. I have long since moved on. Ava, I don't even think about you anymore. [Keys jingling] [Sighs] Someone is definitely messing with me. But who? [Knock on door] [Gasps] me. Aah! [Glass shatters]

No. This isn't real. Please, Ava, I need your help. No. Y-you're dead! Ava, hey! It's me. It's me. Oh, my god. Oh, Morgan... oh, it is you. Oh! It's a, uh... it's a prosthetic. I lost my hand in the explosion. Morgan, what happened? Everybody thinks you died over a year ago. Where have you been? [Voice breaking] I don't know. I don't know. I-I-I, uh... I remember taking the car, and, uh... Jason was trying to get me to pull over, so I got out to talk to him. Next thing I know, there's fire everywhere. And I'm falling. Woke up in a hospital. They said I was unconscious for like months. And, uh, my hand was gone. But I was alive. [Sniffles] [Breathes deeply] So that means that I... you what? Um... [Sniffles] I didn't lose you. Morgan, I missed you so much. And you being here, it's -- it's a miracle. But this... your -- your injuries, they're new. I couldn't -- I-I just... I couldn't stay at the hospital. You know? Obviously, they -- they wanted me to stay, but I couldn't stay. I -- someone's trying to kill me. You know? So I started thinking, "is it the doctors? Maybe it's the doctors. Maybe -- maybe they're -- they're watching my parents' house. Maybe they're watching Kiki's house. I don't know. So I came here. Because you could protect me, right? Ava? Listen to me, Morgan. The person who planted that car bomb -- they're in SuperMax. She will never see the light of day again, all right? No, they're a-- they're after me. No, the people at the hospital -- they were trying to help you, and they likely didn't know your diagnosis. So if you have been there all this time, then you have been without your medication. No, no. No, I-I-I... no, I was a prisoner there, okay? The people were... they were, uh... [Sighs] Am I -- am I making this up? Am I making all of this up? Morgan, you know that sometimes it can be difficult to think clearly without your meds. Yeah. I'm a mess, huh? [Breathes deeply] Truth is, I can't even -- I can't even trust myself, Ava. I was spiraling out of control long before the explosion. [Sighs] But, you know, it doesn't matter. That's all in the past now. You're alive. [Chuckles] There's so many people that we need to tell. We need to go to Sonny's. We need to -- no. No. No, I'm a screw-up, okay? I let all them down. I can't face them. Do you think that they will care about that now?! Morgan, you're alive! It's like everything leading up to your accident's like it never even happ-- it wasn't -- it wasn't an accident! Okay, someone was trying to kill me, Ava. I just need to -- I just need to gather myself before I see everybody, all right? Can I stay here tonight, please? Yes, of course. All right. Of course. Of course. Morgan... you're really here. [Knock on door] [Sighs]

Kiki: Hi, Mom. Hi, Kiki. Did you sleep in your clothes? I...guess I did. Oh, what are you doing here? I wanted to see how you're recuperating. Oh. Is everything okay? Yeah. Yes, I've just -- I've been working so hard on the show, and... you know, but I'm fine. Thank you for checking on me. Yeah. I-I'll see you tonight? Okay. Yeah. All right. [Smooches] Love you. I love you. Bye. Bye. Morgan? Morgan? I'm here. Hey. Hey. W-why did you hide? Well, I just wasn't ready to see Kiki yet. What am I supposed to say to her after the way we left things? Feelings for Dillon. She's still with Dillon, right? You really loved her, didn't you? Yeah, with all my heart. Oh, I'm so sorry. Sorry for what? [Cell phone chimes]

What is it? It... nothing. I've just been getting these weird texts the last few days, and when you showed up at my door, I thought they were coming from you. I don't even have a phone. Yeah. Doesn't matter now. You need to tell your family that you're alive. It's just been so long. I mean, how do I even -- what do I do? Just show up at their house? What if they're not there? Don't worry. I know just how to let everybody know you're back

Do you, uh -- do you really think this is the best idea? Well, you said you wanted everyone you care about to find out together. No, you said that. Half the town is gonna be here tonight. Why?

Franco: Ava?! Here. Ava! Hey, Franco, what are you doing here? This is your portrait, and it is the final version. No more changes. I'm sure whatever you did is just fine. Oh, yeah, sure, now you trust me. Thank you. I'm sure it's perfect. Okay, bye. I'm sorry. I just -- I have a lot to do before tonight. Are you serious? See, this is why I don't do favors for people. I-I thank you very much. You're welcome very much. Hey. Hey. What -- what's going on? 'Cause I'm starting to feel like I'm -- I'm a performer at your show or something. Well, in a way, it is. I want to show people that you're alive, and I want them to see that I've changed. If I can be the person to reunite you with your parents, then people will stop blaming me for what happened to you. Kiki will forgive me. I might even be able to see Avery again. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What are you -- what are you talking about? You are gonna hear horrible things about me. But if you ever cared about me at all... you'll trust me on this. Hey, hey. I do trust you. Thank you. Okay? I-I mean, I don't know how you expect to get my parents to come here tonight. They hate you. Leave that to me. I thought we made it clear you're not welcome here. Please! Please. There's something important that I need to tell you and Sonny. It's vital that you both show up at the gallery tonight. We have enough art. Carly... I swear to you, on Avery's life, you need to be there. It'll change everything. What makes you think I would believe anything you have to say? Because there is good in me. Or your best friend Jason wouldn't be home. I helped him get out of that awful clinic in Russia. Yes, I've done terrible things, but I can become a different person. I am becoming a different person. I just need you to be there tonight, and I'll show you for myself. [Cork pops]

Congratulations on your latest triumph. Can you believe it? Six months ago, I was a pariah. Well, that is all gonna change tonight. And you know I've always been looking out for you. Yes, you have. Although I'm not sure how much of a ringing endorsement that is. Well, here's to Ava -- back where she belongs. Cheers.

Kiki: Cheers. [Glasses clinking]

Excuse me. I think it's time to unveil the portrait. No. Thank you very much, though. Excuse me. Ava, hey, where you running off to? Um... that woman -- do you know her from the hospital? What woman? The -- the server. Ava... no, I -- it's nothing. I'M... I guess I just must be a little tired. Look, is -- is everything all right? I feel like you're keeping me at arm's length since last night. No, I'm sorry. No, everything -- everything's fine. Just please -- please trust me. Everything will make sense very, very soon. [Carly laughing] For better or worse. This better be good, Ava. You need to come with me. There's something I need to show you.

Carly: I'm sorry. We don't let sociopaths take us to a second location. Please, Carly, you need to trust me. Sorry. Never gonna happen after what you did to Morgan. Morgan's alive. You have no shame. You don't take responsibility for anything. None of that even matters! Didn't you hear what I said?! I said Morgan's alive! I can prove it to you. I-I can prove it to all of you! Morgan! Morgan! Show them that you didn't die. Show them you're all right. He's here. He's here. Hello, Ava.

No. I don't understand. Morgan was here. You -- you're -- dead? Well, you would know, wouldn't you? You shot me, point blank, in cold blood, and just left me there, lying on the floor. I bled out slowly, painfully. But I don't understand this. M-Morgan was here. He was here! Connie -- Connie can't be here! She can't be here! Oh, honey, Morgan was never here. No, you dreamed him up so that you could absolve yourself for what you did to him. But you can't. Just like you can't absolve yourself for what you did to me. She found out the truth. I couldn't let her tell the world that Derek Wells was really Julian Jerome! Did you? I-I-I was protecting you! Oh, did you really? Did you really shoot me to protect Julian? Or was it because I told the world that Kiki wasn't a Quartermaine? I ruined your little plans to use your daughter to swindle money from them. So you murdered me. No! I refuse to be judged for the rest of my life! I am no worse than anybody in this room! You! You abused your wife! You! You stole my baby daughter! Your husband murdered Nikolas right in front of my eyes! You switched Michael's meds just like I switched Morgan's. And you... you... bodies... lie in your wake for the sake of your business. What makes you better than me? Because I know who I am. Yeah, I've made bad choices. But you lied! To everyone! About what you are and what you've done. And the worst part is, you lied to yourself! The lies are over, Ava. It's time to face the truth. [Light switch clicks]

You stole my husband. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't introduce myself. I know who you are. Nina. Good. I was getting tired of the cat-and-mouse routine. Then you can only imagine how I must feel. And while this little... chat has certainly been a long time coming, I'm afraid I have much more pressing business, and I am simply out of time. I have waited... 20 years for this conversation. You make the time. [Light switch clicks]

Laura: You betrayed Nikolas and Spencer by refusing to tell the truth. Nikolas! [Gunshot]

Nikolas! [Light switch clicks] You shot me, in cold blood, without conscience, without remorse. [Gunshot] [Light switch clicks] [Gasps] Griffin. Tell them I've changed. Tell them it isn't just my face. Tell them there is good in me! I thought there was. After seeing all this, maybe some souls can't be saved. [Light switch clicks] You know better, don't you, Kiki? I'm your mama. I love you. [Light switch clicks]

You're jealous of me. That's why you switched Morgan's pills -- because you wanted him for yourself. [Crying] Stop! Just stop it! Stop! [Light switch clicks] You. Have you been getting my messages? You're the one that's been sending me those texts? Well, I don't understand. You keep saying that you know who I am, but I don't know you at all. Don't you recognize your own daughter? It's me. It's Avery.

Avery? Oh, it's you. Of course it's you. How could I not see it? Oh, my girl. Oh, I love you so much. But you're all grown up. I-I don't understand. Am I -- dead? No. But Morgan is -- because of you. I did not kill your brother. You caused his death. You took away the medicine he needed to be sane, and he died. But you can't admit that. It's like my father said -- you lie to everyone about what you are and what you've done, but most of all, you lie to yourself. Your father hates me! He kept you from me! He was protecting me! You sold your soul to get a new face, but it cannot make you a new person. Carly's wrong about me. My soul is not ugly. It has been cleansed by fire. It's new. And this face will show the world what Griffin already sees in me. Griffin's only seeing what he wants to see -- to justify leaving the priesthood. Eventually, he's gonna see the truth. No! I refuse to be defined by my past when no one else is! I'm gonna start fresh! Like none of it ever happened! But it did happen. Connie is dead. My brother is dead! I'm different now!! You claim to be terrified that I'll never know you. I think what scares you the most is that I'll see who you really are. [Gasps] No. No! Please... it's time to wake up now. [Fingers snap] [Monitor beeping]

Kiki: Hey, Mom. Welcome back. [Sighs] You ready? [Chuckles] You look amazing. Thanks. What's the matter? I thought you'd be thrilled. I am. Just... you don't judge me for the things I've done in my past, right? You know, you see the real me? Wha-- what? I had this dream when I was under. Patients dream some crazy things when they're under anesthesia. What -- what was yours about? Oh. It's not important. The only thing that matters is that I have been given a new lease on life, and I do not intend to waste it. And I know exactly where you're taking me. Oh, hell, no. Carly... I'll handle it. Ava. You're not welcome here. Um, so can you just go eat someplace else? But I choose to eat here. We both have to live our lives, Sonny. For better or worse. Will you get us a table? I'm gonna get a drink. [Scoffs] Well, how did you -- I know who you are, ms. Jerome.

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