GH Transcript Tuesday 1/16/18

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/16/18


Episode #13952 ~ Jason grows impatient; Michael seeks out Nelle for answers; Joss gets the support she needs; Drew must deal with an uncomfortable situation; Kiki runs into Griffin.

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Okay. Bye. Hey, is everything okay at the hotel? Yeah. Um, yes. Nothing I can't handle. Okay. Well, so... before Olivia called, you said you have something important to talk to me about? Have a seat. You should sit. [Exhales sharply] Mom, you're scaring me. Are you okay? Is someone sick?

No, no. No one's sick. No one's sick. Everyone's fine. Okay. Well, you seem so serious. It kind of seemed like it was about something major. It is. Hey. Mom. Hey, what are you doing here? We need to talk. Okay. About sex. Hey. You had this sent to me? Yeah. I'd figured you'd be more likely to believe it if I had it sent from the lab.


Did you open it? No. Not yet. I thought you might want to be there when I did. Well, I already know what it says, but... I guess I wouldn't mind seeing the look on your face when you realize that you're the baby's father. What was that for? Where do you I start? Well, don't leave me in suspense. How'd it go? All clear.


Yep. Did I just hear that right? You're good to go? [Chuckling] Yes. In just a few hours, these scars and all the ugliness they represent will be nothing but a bad memory. ...Back a week. You know what? I need to call you right back. Thank you. Jake? You okay, buddy? I need to ask you a question. Absolutely. Sure. Is your mom here? How'd you get here? Tell me what's wrong. It's father/son day at school next week. And I really need you to be there.

Jason: "You referred to a sequel. Clearly you haven't read the ending." How does it end? The book ends with the son killing his father. P.K. Sinclair wants to kill Faison. That's somebody we could work with.

Trying on the dresses for the dance? And you freaked out. [Sighs] To be honest? It scared me when I saw you in that dress. Did I really look that bad? God, you looked beautiful. And grown up. I get that it's fun to try on being an adult, but you're not. I know that. Well, you're 14.

I know that.

14. You know, you're just beginning to discover who you are, and what you believe in, and the kind of people you want to hang around. And these next few years are pivotal, as you go from being a girl to a young woman. And I want you to hit every stage. Every single one. I don't want you to slingshot yourself to the end just because you're rushing to get there. -Mom, I'm not rushing into -- -listen to me. When I'm telling you to slow down, it's because I want you to experience it all. All the great things that come with being 14, and 15, and 16. And I really want you to get to know yourself and know who you are. So when you reach those really big decisions, you can make them from a place of self-confidence and self-respect, you know? Not because someone's pressuring you. Oh. We're having -- this is "the talk." Yeah. Right now? Right now. Do we have to talk about this here? In public? I didn't bring my megaphone, Oscar. No one's gonna hear. But we already talked about this. Think of it as a refresher course. Or we can not think about it at all. What, and just pretend that what's happening isn't happening? Nothing's happening. Okay, so, um, why is Josslyn running around with condoms? Okay. Mom, that has nothing to do with me. Or Joss. She's just holding those for a friend. Why? Because her friend -- Trina -- was afraid her mom would find them. Okay? Apparently her mom is not okay with... what? Her daughter having sex? Oh, my -- why do you keep saying that? [Laughing] Oscar, that's what it's called. And if you can't utter the word, then you really shouldn't be doing it. Well, I'm not. Okay, good. Because for the record, 14 is way too young to be having sex. Yeah. I said it again. I'd say congratulations, but I'm not sure that you consider this something to celebrate. No, no. I'm just -- I'm -- I'm just glad I know the truth. [Inhales deeply, exhales] Did you really think it was gonna say something else? No. No, my gut told me I was the father from the beginning. So then, this was really all for your parents? Carly's gonna hate it. Hey, look, all that matters is the baby. I'm really happy to hear you say that. No, I mean it. Look, whatever we can do to raise a happy, healthy child, sign me up. In that case, what are you doing next Monday? I can't thank you enough, Kiki. What you and Griffin have done for me? Especially you, with literally no free time? I know I don't deserve it. I just want you to feel whole again. Be careful, okay? What, are you worried about the surgery? No, um... no, I'm worried about you. Your emotional state. I just don't want you to think that because your face is fixed, everything is fixed, you know? You just -- you might have to talk to someone. You got to figure out what's going on on the inside. [Laughs softly] Well, let's start here, okay? I think you might be pleasantly surprised. Because I'm telling you, once this horrific chapter is behind me, the rest is gonna fall into place. Must be pretty important to come all this way and break so many rules just to tell me about father/son day, so... tell me about it. It's not the whole day. It's just the morning. But we do "doughnuts with dad" and we show you around the classroom. Then we get to do a cool science project together. That sounds like fun. So you'll come? You want me there? Then I'm there. Awesome! [Chuckles] Hey. Thanks for calling me. Of course. Am I in trouble? Well, that depends. What are you doing here? Alone. I wanted to tell dad about father/son day at school. If he wants me there, I'm there. Okay. Well, why didn't you tell me? I would've brought you here myself. Jake? [Sighs] I thought maybe you wouldn't want me to ask dad. And that you'd want me to take the other guy. So, we know from Dr. Maddox that a backer, who he never saw, paid to do the memory transfer. Right? -Yeah. That's Faison. -That's our best guess. -Right. But at least now we have reason to believe that the traitor is Faison's son, aka P.K. Sinclair. So now we have to locate him, figure out why he kept you alive and what his endgame was. You know, more than the son, I want Faison. And I want to know why the hell he did the switch in the first place. We're gonna figure it out, Jason. And we're gonna use his son to do it.

Yeah, that's how I felt when a box of condoms spilled out of your backpack. Mom. And no, I wasn't snooping. Okay? You left your backpack here. I went to grab it to take it to you, and they just flew out. I guess the thing was open. No! No, mom. Mom, those were not mine! So you were holding them for a friend? Yes. Oh, come on, Josslyn. That's the oldest excuse in the book! I swear, mom! They aren't mine! Okay, whose were they? Trina's. Look, she's seeing this junior now and she was terrified her mom was gonna find them, so I offered to hold onto them for her. Oh, thank god! Oh, thank god. But I hope you know that you're too young, right? -I know. -I mean, Trina's too young, too. Thank god it's Trina! But Trina's not my daughter -- you are. Okay? So you and Oscar? You're not -- at all? No. Have you talked about it? Not once. [Sighs] Oh, my god, I can't tell you how relieved I am. Thank god! I thought this was maybe some kind of message from the universe, you know? It should be happening right now? That I shouldn't wait? Wait for... to have the talk? No. No! Mom, I thought I just got out of this. Mnh-mnh. No way. No way. Have a seat, kiddo. [Sighs] I have to admit that when I heard about the condoms, I was actually happy. -What? I mean, well not that you were sexually active... oh, my god. ...But that what we discussed about protection had sunk in. Oscar, I can't stress enough how important it is. Really. It is. Mom, I know. Okay. So you and Josslyn aren't... mom, it's not something we've even talked about. Okay. You know, if -- and when -- you... you and Josslyn decide you want to talk about it or you may want to talk about it with someone else, it's really important that you're both on the same page. Okay? That you both feel the same thing and you want it. I get it. I swear. Okay. Because, you know, as much as people talk about sex not being a big deal, it really is. And I just think you've got -- what is going on with your arm? It's just sore from boxing. You know, I never really thought about it, but it's, like, really hard holding your arms up for three minutes straight. Okay, can you just back up one second? What do you mean, boxing? With Drew. Oh. Yeah. He was teaching me all these moves and strategies. It was actually really, really cool. Okay. Great. I'm -- I'm really glad that we had this, um, conversation. Wait, you're leaving? Yeah. Um, so I will see you later. And, um, get your homework done. Bye. I thought maybe you'd want to come to my next prenatal visit. I'll be having a sonogram so we can see the baby. Well, personally, my favorite part is listening to the baby's heartbeat. It's so loud and strong, it sounds like a horse galloping, Michael. It's beautiful. Anyway, Dr. Nero thinks it's important for the father to be involved for bonding purposes, but... of course, you don't have to. Oh. No. Hey. I want to.


Yeah. Look, I plan to be involved as much as I possibly can. Okay. Then... it's an appointment. Yeah. Look, the paternity test isn't the only reason I stopped by. What's up? Look, I'm concerned about you working here. I strongly doubt Ava hired you without an ulterior motive. My guess? She's setting you up. Hey, I'll see you before the surgery.



Bye, sweetie.

Goodbye. You nervous? No. You know, she just asked me that. No, I'm -- I feel energized. In a few hours, you will have everything you've been hoping for. Yep. Thanks to you. I'm just gonna run by the gallery, make sure an important client is taken care of. I know I'll be out of commission for a little while. Sounds good. You'll be here when I get back? Where else? You're my guardian angel, you know.

Hey --

No, I mean it. You saved me, Griffin. You really did. It's not that I don't like him. It's just... I don't know him. And I completely understand that. Jake, do you feel like I've been pressuring you to have a relationship with Jason? It's okay if you think I have. I don't know. You talk about him a lot. I thought maybe you'd want me to take him to the father/son day. Do I think he would be happy to go? Of course. But no one expects that of you. Not me. Especially not Jason. Not until you're ready. [Sighs] What if I'm never ready? Well, I would think that would be quite a shame. 'Cause Jason is a pretty great dad. Do you know how lucky you are to have two amazing fathers in your life? But he's a stranger to me. You're right. He is. Jason didn't go away because he wanted to. Jake, he was taken. Just like Helena took you. He was taken away from everyone he loved, everything that belonged to him. But the really cool thing is, is that when Jason came home, he didn't try to just grab all those things back. 'Cause he could've. He could've come home and said, "this is my house and these are my sons." But he didn't because he respects our feelings. So he's waiting. Why? Because he really loves you and Danny. I'm not gonna tell you how you should feel or what you should do. But I do think it's really important for you to know that Jason only wants what's best for you. He is your biological father, Jake. And I hope that one day -- when you're ready -- you'll get to know him. We're gonna find Faison. We're not gonna question him. We're gonna kill him. Yeah, but I want some answers, Sonny. You're not gonna get any answers from that bastard. Here's the thing. I think I know why he did it. Remember when Obrecht said that Faison was looking for an enforcer, someone he can control? -Yeah? Well, he knew that that was impossible with you. But maybe not with Drew? So he turned him into you. All your knowledge. All your skills. A version he can manage. You really think it's that simple? Look, you eliminate anybody, right? Quickly. Cleanly. No cops. I tell you to do something, you do it? Who wouldn't want that at their disposal? I got to hear it from Faison. Well, you may be able to, once we smoke him out. What do you have in mind?

Are the other kids talking about it? Some. Well, are they doing it, or just talking about wanting to do it? Both. Okay, well, you need to take everything you hear with a huge grain of salt. You do. Because kids your age who want to grow up too fast? They think having sex will make that happen. So they're either pretending to do it or they do it before they're ready. Either way, it's a bad idea. Okay? Now, Trina? I mean, you say she's dating a junior? Yeah. Is he pressuring her? I don't think so. And she seems into it, says it's no big deal. [Scoffs] It's a big deal. It's a big deal. It's intimate. And it's personal. And you only get one chance to have a first time, and it should be memorable. And it should be with someone who you trust and who respects you and who feels the same way about you. I mean, and I'm sure Oscar is a great, nice guy. But he's not ready for that yet. And you're not ready for it either. You know that you're not ready for it, right? Yeah, mom. Mom, I think you're forgetting that we're not having sex.

Okay, I know that, all right? And I'm sorry if I seem like I'm being an alarmist. I just... I just wish I had waited. And that I could look back at my first time and smile. But I can't, you know? Mine was with an older man who didn't really care about me. Why'd you do it? Because I wanted to be a woman and make my own choices. And at the time, that was the biggest choice I could make. I mean, honestly, I just was a scared teenager playing make believe, and it didn't make me feel older and it didn't make me feel cooler. It just complicated things. [Laughs softly] I get that. Yeah. I'm telling you this because I want you to have a different experience. I do. And when you're older and emotionally ready and you want to be with someone, someone that you trust and it's safe and it's in a loving environment? Sex can be... something I look back on and smile. Yeah. Ava is a liar at best, and a murderer at worst. Well, she's also the only person that would give me a job. And so far, she's been nothing but kind to me. Yes, because she wants something. Like what? I don't know. But when people get close to Ava, they get hurt. I do not want that happening to our baby. I appreciate you saying that, Michael. Thank you for warning me. But trust me, when it comes to Ava, my eyes are wide open. Look, my hope is that once you are fully healed, you will have the confidence in who you are at your core. All right, well, I'm going now. This time, for real. I'll believe it when I see it. Okay. [Laughs] Then watch me. As if I could take my eyes off you. Jake, you know I love you. I love being your dad. And because I love you so much, I think this is good advice. You owe it to yourself to get to know your biological father. It wouldn't upset you? It's not gonna upset me. Not at all. Are you kidding me? That's just another person to love you. That's a good thing. Well, am I still gonna see you? Jake, you're gonna see me. You're gonna see me all the time. You're gonna get sick of me. Never. Look... your mom's right. I know Jason. He always means to do the right thing, which makes him a good guy. But right now, he's missing out, because he doesn't have Jake Webber in his life. And a life without Jake Webber -- it's... it's just not a life at all. It is not. And believe me, we're speaking from experience here. I love you, dad. Aw! Son, I love you so much. You have no idea how much I love you.

Sonny: You good? Mm-hmm. Now we wait. You know what? If Faison is eager as I think he is, it's not gonna take you long. [Cell phone ringing] Michael? Hey. Hey. Are you in the middle of something right now? What's going on? I could really use your advice. Okay. Where are you? I'm at Kelly's. On my way. Everything okay? Yeah, it was just Michael. He wanted -- wanted to talk. Okay. I'm gonna call Spinelli -- have him link my e-mail to this account, and I'll see you later. Yeah. See ya. [Door closes] [Knocking on desk] P.K. Sinclair. Come out, come out, wherever you are.

I overheard you and Oscar talking. Something was gonna happen the night of the dance that would blow his mind. And you thought we were talking about sex? Well, I'm -- clearly, I was wrong. Very! Okay, then what were you talking about? Our head of school issued new attire guidelines. In general? I didn't get the e-mail. No. No, for the dance. And one of them prohibits kids from dressing in clothes "not keeping with their gender." Oh. Yeah. Yeah, it totally sucks. And one of the kids identifies as female, and she's being forced to wear guys' clothing, and it's not who she is at all. And it's kind of my fault. How is it your fault? Well, she's been bullied pretty badly. At your school? That's terrible. Yeah, and we complained about it. And instead of punishing the bullies, they're punishing her with these stupid rules, mom. Wait, for -- for being who she is? Okay, that doesn't make any sense. And good for you for sticking up for one of your friends. Thank you. Yeah. But we're kind of not done. What do you mean? Oscar and I have decided to throw an alternative dance with the theme, "come as you are." And kids can come and wear whatever they want and be whoever they want. Okay. Why do I feel that's not all of it? Because we decided to throw it the same night as the school dance, hoping people will boycott. And according to the student handbook, it could be grounds for suspension. Look, mom. I know it's not ideal, but we're really committed to seeing this through. You should. Yeah? Yeah. Absolutely! Caring for people and doing what you feel is right is really important to you. So it's important to me. I'm proud of you. Thanks, mom. You're welcome. Oh, I'm sorry. You okay? [Sighs] No, I missed Dillon's call again. How is it that I never sleep, but I still can't manage to find him to talk to him? [Sighs] [Chuckles] I'm sorry. Look, don't apologize. No. Don't apologize. You -- you've been pulled in a lot of different directions, right? I'm here if you need to vent. As a -- as a friend. Of course. Yeah, I know. Look, I know we've talked about your mom's... paranoia? Yeah, I was about ready to send her off to ShadyBrook. Right. I just -- I hope I didn't make you feel uncomfortable. No. No, Griffin, never. My mom was way off base. Right. So we're good? Absolutely. And what about you and Ava? I mean, I love my mom, but this isn't the first time she's hurt me. And sadly, it's not gonna be the last. Look. I get it. You loved being a seal, and that is great for you. But I did not raise my son to be a soldier. Whoa. A boxing ring? Whoa, whoa. Really, Drew? What's next, huh? You wanna take him out for target practice? You wanna sign him up for ROTC? I think our wires got crossed here. Oscar is my son. Okay. You're right. He's mine. You've known him all of three minutes. Absolutely. So don't you dare try and turn him into someone he is not. Okay, fair enough. I've got some good news for you. Not only am I no longer in the navy, but do you see this office? This is what I do now. I don't even remember being a seal, and I'm pretty sure that I was never a navy recruiter. So I'm not trying to get your son to do anything. [Voice breaking] I am so sorry. I can't believe I just did that. Sorry for what? You didn't do anything wrong. [Exhales shakily]


Hey. Thanks for coming. Yeah. What's going on? Well, the -- the paternity results are in. And, um... I'm the father, yeah. I'm the father. Wow. You're gonna be a father. That's great. Yeah. I've never been so terrified and excited at the same time. [Chuckles] Yeah, well, welcome to parenthood. Yeah, but this is different. Because it's Nelle, you know? And it's my fault, you know? I -- I got involved with an unstable woman when everybody warned me not to. And now I'm having a baby with her. I take full responsibility for that, I do. But what if this baby is not okay? Wait, wait. The baby's gonna be okay. How do you know that? Because it'll have you.

Little too early for wine, isn't it? Not when you have the conversation I just had with Josslyn. Can't she stay little just a little while longer? Is that too much to ask? [Chuckles] You want to talk about it? Not really. No. You know, this thing with Josslyn -- it's all gonna be fine. Do you think so? Yeah, because you taught her by example how to be strong, confident, and demand respect. I mean, sometimes a little too confident, a little too strong. Uh... [Laughs] That's impossible. [Sighs] Do you think I'm gonna survive this -- this...whole thing with Josslyn, these teenage years -- or is it gonna kill me? Not if I can help it. Hey! Hey. I'm glad you're still here. We have so much more to do before the dance. Hey, what was up with your mom earlier? Oh, you know, she just wanted to talk -- awkward mom stuff. Ohh. Yeah. I know. I have been having that conversation in my head for the last 15 years. All the what-ifs flying back and forth, and... you mean, if I would've suddenly shown up? And you did. I did. I mean, we're here. And now my beautiful son who has never had an aggressive bone in his body is suiting up for boxing? Okay. First, he asked to meet me. He did? He did. He -- [Sighs] He wanted me to teach how to fight. Why? Apparently, a friend of his in school is getting bullied and he wanted to be able to defend him if it came to that. Oh. Are you sure that it is a friend of his and it's not him? I asked. I drilled him, and he said no. Frankly, I believe him. [Laughing] Oscar's a pretty terrible liar, so he was probably telling the truth. That's good to know. [Sighs] I'm really sorry for overreacting. Are you kidding me? You're fine. You're a good mom, that's it. Please, I was ridiculous. I just -- I barged in here and practically accused you of pumping my kid full of steroids. Well, thank god you didn't do that. That would've made me a little bit mad. [Laughing] It was close enough, don't you think? No, not even close. Oh. And actually, Oscar's the one that came to you so he could stand up for a friend. Shows he's a good kid. You're raising him well. Ava! What are you doing here? Well, it is my gallery, last I checked. I just thought you were gonna be prepping for you surgery. Right. I will be. I just wanted to check on a couple of things first. The painting that we sent to Switzerland -- yes. Here -- delivered with no damage. Here's a copy of the receipt. Hmm. Well, look at you, miss "I'm not art savvy enough to work here." Maybe I'm catching on. Yes, maybe you are. What, is that the only thing that's putting that pretty smile on your face? Oh, well, um... that, and Michael was here. Ah. You know, it went really well. Really, really well, actually. I think we might be on our way to being friends again. And maybe if not friends, if I play my cards right, you know, more than friends, eventually. You know, you're the first baby that I ever remember holding. And you wanna -- [Laughs] You wanna talk about scared? Man, when I first got you home, I had no idea. I knew nothing about kids. On-the-job training, huh? [Laughs] Yeah. Yeah, you taught me how to be a father. I don't really know how to say it, but how to open my heart up to -- to another human being. It's because of you I learned how to love somebody else more than myself. So much more. [Sighs] I'm excited for that. I am. I can't wait, but there's just -- Jason, there's just so much at stake here. Another person's life -- I mean, what if -- what if I mess up or... you're not gonna mess up. Michael, you got great instincts. And no matter who the mother is, that baby has the right to everything good, and I know that you're gonna do that. Man, my life is about to majorly change, isn't it? [Chuckles] Yeah. But in the best way. And you have no idea the million and one things that you're -- that you're about to get to see. It's gonna be amazing. I mean, the first time that the baby looks at you and actually sees you, you know, all the first times -- the first smile, the first words, the first -- the first everything. And you're gonna be there. It's a gift. Yeah. A terrifying, but, uh, incredible gift. And I'm happy for you. I'm even happier for the baby. Yeah? Yeah. I mean, the baby could do a lot worse than having Michael Corinthos for a father. [Inhales sharply] I got this. Mm-hmm. I got this. Mm-hmm. But if I need back-up, just... you're gonna call me. Yeah. Okay, you can call me. Thank you. All right, I'll be there for ya. Thank you, Jason. All right.

Thank you for hanging in there with my mom. She's really lucky to have you. Oh, I'm the lucky one. And, uh, I didn't mean to get all negative just now. No, I -- look, I get it. Your road with Ava has been far longer and far rougher than mine. But, look, I truly believe that today will be turning point. I'm glad things have mellowed with Michael. But take it from me -- that means zip where that family is concerned. Those people forget nothing! Understand? And they certainly don't forgive, no no. The Corinthos ranks will be closed against you forever. Okay, what am I supposed to do? [Sighs] You cut your losses. You keep your beautiful baby, of course. You don't have to worry. You'll get a hefty child support payment, and you move on to a new prince charming. Anything else would be an exercise in futility. Yeah, you're probably right. Of course I'm right. Sorry, it was just the hormones making me all sentimental. On to bigger and better, right? Attagirl. Okay. I'll see you soon. Mm-hmm. Hold down the fort? Good luck, Ava. Back at ya. I guess it's just gonna take some time. You know, it's just been Oscar and me for so long. And now it's -- yeah. I promise you one thing. I'm not gonna try to overstep. Okay? I'm not looking to be insta-dad or anything like that. No, I know, I know. But if he comes to me... thank you. Thank you. I still can't believe that you're gonna be a dad. Yeah, you and me both. You're gonna take a lot of deep breaths. Good, yeah. Keep practicing that. [Laughs] And you're gonna figure out things as you go. And what about Nelle? She's not your problem. Yeah, just my baby's mother. Don't listen to Ava. We're gonna be a family, because your daddy is the only prince charming that I want. [Sighs] Thanks for the talk. I hope I didn't pull you away from anything important. No, you take precedence. All right. I'll talk to you soon? Yeah, count on it. Okay. Bye. One cookie, sand then we're going home. Deal? Deal. Okay, what'll it be? Um, oatmeal chocolate chunk. Oh, nice. Can you get us a table? Hi. Can I get an oatmeal chocolate chunk cookie? Thank you. [Sighs] [Line ringing] [Cell phone rings]

Sonny. Sinclair took the bait. He wants to meet. You ready for this? I'm ready.

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