GH Transcript Friday 1/12/18

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/12/18


Episode #13950 ~ Jason follows through on a promise; Oscar looks to Drew for guidance; Carly agrees to compromise; Spinelli makes progress; Kim makes a friend.

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The money never mattered. Just want you to be okay. I know. You know what, I'm going to advise you not to sign that quite yet. This has gone on long enough. As your attorney, I would be remiss if we didn't talk about the important issue, which is the custody of Danny Morgan.

Diane: There is no issue with regard to the custody of Danny. Jason is Danny's father, both legally and biologically. However, Jason isn't the father that Danny knows -- Drew is. Hey! You made it. Am I late? I didn't mean to keep you waiting. No, it's great. I was about to warm up. You bring workout clothes or...? Right, that would have been good. Yeah. [Chuckles] You know, I totally forgot I have a test I need to study for, so I'll see you later. Okay, yeah, if it's not a good time, it's not a good time. Right. Sorry. Hey, Oscar, you mind telling me why you wanted to meet here? It's stupid. Try me. I wanted you to teach me how to fight. This is the most hideous thing anyone has ever worn in the history of clothes. It's lovely. Are you kidding?! I look like a sister-wife. Oh, no you don't. You look beautiful and it's perfect for your first semi-formal dance. There is no way that I'm wearing this in public. Oh, come on, let's ask Sonny. Sonny.

No, Mom.

Yeah? Look, don't you think she looks great? Wow, yeah, you look beautiful. Don't you have a dress like that? Oh, my god! I look like my mother! Kill me now. Hey. Hey, you missed the editorial meeting. Oh, well, I don't know. Just tell them, you know, a lot of belts, bigger hair, whatever. Oh, you don't want to be here either, huh? Um, yeah, I really didn't want to leave my family today. But you're lucky, you get to bring your family with you. Yeah, that does help, except whatever I feel, so does the baby, and I don't want to stress the little one out. Oh, well, listen, if you're stressed out, just go ahead and take off. Thank you, but I don't think that would help. Well, what would? Finding a way to protect my family. From what? Hey. Hey. I am so glad you showed up. I was worried you might change your mind. Oh, no, no, I'm in. I promise. Okay, me too. And spreading the truth is the best way I can think of to flush Faison out of hiding. And put him behind bars. Exactly. Should we get started? Yeah, yeah sure. [Exhales sharply] [Tape recorder beeps]

Okay, so tell me, Detective West, how did you feel when you found out that one of the most wanted criminals in the world, Cesar Faison, is your father?

What's wrong? GMO's, BPA's, PCB's, all the letters. There's just so many poisons out there that could harm my baby. Okay, well then read your labels in all your products and your water bottles, and, I don't know, don't use hairspray that's 20 years old. [Chuckles] Sorry if I'm acting loony. Nope, you're not. I understand you want to protect your family. If push came to shove, how far would you go? I'd go all the way, and I know you would, too. What's wrong? Is it j? Kind of. It's about Nathan's father. Victor Cassadine is dead, so he couldn't be that much of a problem. We ran a DNA test and Victor Cassadine was not Nathan's father. Turns out, he's someone much, much worse. And he's alive and kicking.

[Tape recorder beeps]

Well, that about does it. You sure? I've got more. Well, I hear you, but I don't want to gild the lily. Your description of Faison as a "nicotine-stained relic not fit for a family" is vivid, veering on overkill. Interview's supposed to be a hit job, right? Yeah, we need to get Faison's attention. Better to add insult to injury. How fast do you think you can publish? I think you should look for it tomorrow morning. You're going to keep Maxie's name out of it, though, right? Well, I'm not going to focus on her in any way, but everyone knows you're married after the whole "Ask Man Landers" thing. -I know, I know. I just don't want to draw any extra attention to my wife. No, I get that. Look, if we play this correctly, when Faison finally shows his face, it'll be to you. Okay, so the water there. I guess beans here. So I guess a cortado's out of the question? Well, I tell you the kitchen can whip up anything you like. Me, not so much. Ooh. Well, I only have time for a coffee and then it's back to work for me. Oh. Oh, I see you are a proud purveyor of Corinthos coffee. No. Oscar's going to be embarrassed to even be seen with me. Oscar will like you if you're wearing a sack! Okay, let's try that. Do you have an extra coffee bag I can use? You know, we can cut some holes for the sleeves? You're being ridiculous, you know that, Josslyn? Ridiculous. Is that what Oscar and I are to you, Mom? Ridiculous? If you don't like the dress, do you have something else in mind, Josslyn?


Yes! And it's perfect.

No! There aren't any other dresses up there. Josslyn! Trina let me borrow a dress. I'll go put it on for you right now. [Sighs] How's your day going? First thing's first, you want to talk about what's going on with Josslyn? -Just teenage drama.

Yeah? Well, that's the way it starts, but then it can turn into something else. Your mom know you're here? Is that a problem? I think if it weren't a problem, it wouldn't be a secret. Well, I just kind of figured it's something every guy should know. And maybe you could help me with that. Considering you were a seal. I can't exactly ask my mom how to hit, you know. Hey, don't do that. Never, never discount women. Don't do that. You're not giving your mom enough credit. I didn't think this would be an interrogation. Sorry to bother you. Oscar. Oscar, just -- I'm not prying, okay? And you are certainly not a bother. You want me to teach you how to fight? You sure?


Yeah? Okay, first thing's first. The shop in the front. We're going to get you some new workout clothes 'cause you can't train in jeans, lesson one. As you attorney, it is my obligation to bring up the custody issue. Okay, well, if we are going to make an issue out of Danny's custody, then everything else is off the table. I will happily tear up this document, and the next time we all see each other will be in a courtroom. Diane, we don't need to go court. We do not have to go to court. Hold it, please. The incontestable fact is that Sam's son -- Jason's son. Jason and Sam's son knows no father but Drew. Through no fault or choice of Jason. Can the same be said in regards to Jake? Out of fear for Jake's safety, you agreed to let lucky Spencer claim your son as his own. This is fascinating, truly. I cannot wait for you to get in front of a judge and claim insight into Jason's mind. Am I wrong? You knew your life would be vulnerable. It would make Jake's life vulnerable. And you stepped aside, so it begs the question why you wouldn't show the same consideration to Danny. Take yourself out of his life.

why would you take aunt Liesl's word for anything? Believe me, I wish this was not true. Nina, I need to speak with you. I'm in the middle of something right now. Your budget is out of control. Here's one that works. You revised my budget? Don't you have a group of subordinates to do that for you? You know, I'm not a micromanager, but I also don't believe in keeping my distance. I take an active role in all facets of the business so that my team can see my face and feel that they can come to me directly. After all, a successful company isn't just a business, it's a family.

Are you ready?

Mm-hmm. Okay. See your stance. Put your hands up. Squat down a little bit. Now, all I want to do is feel how you naturally throw a punch, okay?


Fire one off. Okay, that's not bad. Let me show you something. Power doesn't come from the fist. Comes from your core. Connects your entire body. What you want to create is flow. It's directed by your hips. Your punches come off your hips like that. You see what I'm doing?

Mm-hmm. Let's try another one. Let me see that right. Much better! I love that. That was very good. Just want one more. You're a powerful kid, put some power behind it. Put your hands up. Give me a hard one. Come on. I don't want to hurt you. You know what, if it's too hard, I'll let you know to back off. Let me feel it. You ready? Oh, look at that! But watch this. Boom, boom. What just happened? What you do? You dropped your hands. Never drop your hands. Protect yourself at all times. So here, let's try the jab. Throw the jab right off your hip. See how I'm doing this? -Uh-huh. Try it. Close. What you can do with the jab, you blind the guy, so you can throw the right. You can turn him. Why don't you get me to this side of the ring? Just do it with the jab. Try it. One, two, three. See? New position. That's perfect. You're doing good. What if the guy you're fighting is bigger than you? Well, I mean, it's not about the size of the dog in the fights, it's about the size of the fight in the dog, you know? How big we talking? Dumb jock big. Okay, come here. You know what, open your mouth. There are ways to fight a bigger guy. You can use their body weight against them. You can use some leverage. I could teach you jiu-jitsu. It can be done. It's more involved. Can you teach me? Yeah, yeah. I can teach you. But, it would help if you'd let me know what you're facing here. Come on, it's a dress. It's not a crisis. I know it's not a big deal in the scheme of things, but why don't you just let her wear the damn dress? Have you seen the clothes that the girls Josslyn's age are wearing? It's obscene. No doubt, but you know what, you got to give them some freedom. That's the way kids learn. They make mistakes and they move on with their lives. Oh, my gosh, I'm going to remind you of all this when Avery's a teenager. Sonny, there's so much pressure from boys out there and the rest of the world. I mean, you start dressing provocatively, and that behavior is going to follow. Josslyn has a good head on her shoulders. I know that, but you know, even best of us can make wrong turns sometimes. I mean, look at Kristina. That's what I'm thinking about. If I figured out a way to talk to her, that might've helped her not make the mistakes she did. You can't be so controlling over kids. You got to let them figure it out themselves. It would seem to be in the best interest of Danny to allow Drew to continue to be his father. Unless, you're prepared to renounce organized crime as you did. -Enough. -Sam? Mom, I mean it. Stop it. Jason, Drew, and I already talked to Danny. Danny knows that Jason is his father. Legally, there are other issues that -- mom! I said, "stop it"! I will not sign anything that limits Jason from Danny's life. Period. That is an eminently sensible position. Can I have a pen, please?

You think I'm controlling? Uh, that's -- you got to ask Josslyn that.

[Cell phone beeps]

Oh, phones, you know? Is it trouble? I just got to meet up with Jason. Which is good for you because you can spend some time with Josslyn. Maybe you guys can work out some kind of compromise. -You hate compromising. -Yeah, I do. I hate it. But you know what, I'll do it if I have to for the people that I love.


All right. There's this one guy, he just doesn't behave the way people want him to. He doesn't fit into their categories. He's not getting into anyone's face or starting any problems. He's just living his life. But, these jerks won't let him. I'm sick of it. I just want it to stop. Can we shoot each other straight here? When you say "your friend", are you talking about you? Mind if I take a look? I'm not insured for coffee-related incidents. Oh, it's okay. My malpractice insurance is pretty expensive. Oh, you're a doctor? Mm-hmm, an ob. Oh, you work at General Hospital? Yeah, as of a couple months ago. I used to be over at mercy, but the hours were awful. So now I have at least some semblance of a normal schedule. "Normal" is relatively new to me, too. But at least you have training and experience for what you do. Food service industry and me is completely alien.


Mm-hmm. Why'd you get into it? I was lonely. Right there.

Is that it?

That's it.

Alexis: All right, so Diane and I will file that with the court. But for all intents and purposes, your marriage is dissolved. So you are both free to move on.

Diane: That's right. Good luck with that.

[Door closes]

[Sighs] About Danny. We don't even have to talk about it. I would never, ever do anything to keep him away from you. Thank you.

[Cell phone beeps]

[Sighs] I got to go. Okay. See you around. Yeah.

[Door closes]

I know that wasn't easy for you. And you made it worse. You asked me to be your attorney. I was doing my job.

Not anymore. You're fired. Detective West, nice to see you again. Yeah, you too. Can you spare a couple minutes?

[Cell phone beeps]

Nina, you should probably hear this, too. Okay. Uh, we're done here, right? I need to get going. Goodbye. There's your personal touch. So, what's up? Couple things. I think we should tell Nina what we found out. That Cesar Faison is your father? Yeah, I couldn't keep it in any longer. It's okay. I know the feeling. But outside of a handful of people, nobody has to know who your father is. And no one ever will. 'Til they get the paper tomorrow.

How'd it go? It's over. Your text said you had something. Yeah, I have a better grasp of Faison's antagonist, and perhaps even a means of apprehending him. Does Stacey already have this? She's just waiting for your go ahead to publish. Why? What do you think? I think that this is gold. You gave Lulu an interview announcing that you're Faison's son? What were you thinking? I was thinking I want to catch this guy and put him away for good. I can't believe this. I can't believe Lulu would do this to me. Oh, don't blame Lulu. Oh, yeah, of course, we blame Lulu. We both blame Lulu. And you know what, I blame you for talking to the press and making yourself a target. Nina's right. When Faison finds out you're his son, he's going to come looking for you. That's the idea! Maxie, we cannot live our lives worried that this guy is just going to show up someday, okay? I have to deal with him now. Okay, but what if he doesn't deal with you? What if he thinks the easiest way to get to you is if he has your wife? How dare you bring up the subject of Danny to Jason like that. As your attorney, legally, I would've been remiss had I not -- my god, mom, he has already given away everything. Is he supposed to give away his son, too? Because I think Jason deserves the opportunity to be a father. Danny already likes him. No one is going to take Jason away from Danny again. Ever. I'm going to ask you something. What if something happens to you? What if, god forbid, you're not around anymore? I just want to know, will you be okay if Jason -- a mob enforcer -- has custody of Danny. And not Drew, the father that he already knows. If something were to happen to me, I trust that Jason would make the right decision. Which is the real problem, isn't it? Because you don't trust him. He doesn't fit in your definition of safe and secure, right, mom? Guess what, Jason is generous and he is brave and he loves without holding back. And I want him to teach our son all of those things. Okay. Okay, this is my life, my kid, my divorce. I will handle it how I see fit. Stay out of it. And do me a favor, don't try and use me as an excuse to distract yourself from Julian.

[Door closes]

Did I just break the cardinal rule of bartending? What's that? The customer is supposed to be doing all the confessing, not me. It's okay, I'm a doctor. I'm used to it. So, did it work? Hm? The job. Are you less lonely? Well, I'm sitting here talking to you, aren't I? Honestly, I don't know what I'd be doing if I didn't own this place. I didn't realize how much my social life stemmed from my marriage. My ex got all the friends in our divorce. Hmm, yeah, well, I live alone with my son and thanks to my old schedule at mercy, [Chuckles] My own social life here at Port Charles is a little stunted.

Ah. So I'm actually in the market for a new friend. I'm Kim. Nice to meet you. I'm Julian. I thought you were Charlie. Charlie's Pub.

Oh, yeah, no, I just kept the name of the place when I bought it.

So, Julian, huh?

Mm-hmm. I like you better as Charlie. Well, then, I guess it's Charlie. [Laughs] Good. Look, Oscar, if you're getting bullied, I want to know. It's not me. Really. Okay. Why would you think it's me? I thought it was you because... I don't know, this whole thing, this meeting. It's a little mysterious. I just -- I don't want to name names if I don't have to.

I'm not asking you to.

But nobody, like, nobody -- nobody's asking me to butt in in the first place. Hey, how about this. I don't think it's butting in, I think it's stepping in. And it's admirable. Hey, you know when I told you I thought you were a good kid? And I'd ask you how you know. Yeah, you know how I know? How? This. You've got heart, man. And defending somebody that can't defend themselves is a great thing. And you're smart for asking my help. I hope you're smart enough to know that what you need to do is find a different way to handle this, kid, okay? Fighting is the last recourse. No, I want that. That said, this world's not fair. It could be a rough place. So do you still want to train? Yeah. You're going to keep you hands up now? Put your hands up. Come on, defend yourself. There it is. Now, I want to see this jab, bring it right back to your face. Come on, jab. One more time, jab. There! Back to your face. Back to your face. Block!

[Footsteps approaching]

So? What do you think? Amazing, right?

Hey, girl, you hungry?

I was just doing my job. I know. You would've done the exact same thing. I had to bring up the custody issue. Listen, I tried to bring it up with Jason. He didn't even want to talk about it. You know, this is why you shouldn't represent people in your family. Sam will calm down. It's just a tense situation. You know, she turned everything all around on my intentions, and my intentions we good. And then she made it be all about Julian.

What does Julian --

Nothing! She was just trying to piss me off. Well, mission accomplished. Doesn't she know your dating Dr. Love? I'm not dating him anymore. What? I thought you two were hitting it off. No. It's not working. And it has nothing to do with Julian! I didn't say a word! You were thinking it. I heard you. I was thinking that I missed lunch. So come on. There's a great place I want to try. It's my treat. Oh, that'll be a first. Never mind, just go. I'm happy to teach you to box. I'll teach you anything I know. I'd love to. And I hope to god that you never have to use it. But if you find yourself in a street fight, you strike hard, you get out of there. Nine times out of 10, a bully sees that you're ready to stand up for yourself, he's going to back off. But if he doesn't, don't let fear get a hold of you. You take care of yourself. And that's what I'll teach you, okay? Okay. Did I miss class? Are you kidding me? You could teach class. [Chuckles]

I'd better go. Thanks for the clothes.

Yeah, wait. Just one quick second. Now, you're good to go. Hey, I had fun. So, hope we can do this again. Bye. Bye, Sam. Bye, Oscar. What was that about? Just getting to know my son a little. His idea or yours? His, actually. -Wow.

So, how are you? You okay? Everything go the right way? Papers are signed. Jason and I are divorced. That's good news. What about the assets? You make sure he knows that we're going to pay back every dollar we used to buy Aurora? Yes, I did, but the money doesn't matter to him. Well, borrowing money, that means something to me. -I know. -So, it's about honor. We good to go? Well, there was one exception... Danny. Isn't is great? Come here. Okay, I want you to tell me what you see. Me, in a beautiful dress. I see that, too. Do you think the boys at the dance are only going to see the dress? Oscar doesn't think I'm a slut, Mom.

Carly: I'm not talking about Oscar. I'm talking about everybody else. One wrong idea and the whole school's going to snapchat about it. You know this. Why should I let anyone shame me for wearing something that I want to wear? I like it. You know what, baby, in a perfect world, you should be able to wear whatever you want to wear and no one would make you feel bad about it. But our world's not perfect. It's not. And these days, women have to be smarter, stronger, and tougher to make it through, especially when people are chomping at the bit to tear us down. Right or wrong, how we dress sends a message. And when you're a young, beautiful girl, that message can be taken wrong. That's not fair. I just want to feel pretty. Well, you can feel pretty, showing less skin. Okay, I know it's not fair, but I think this dress may cause reactions that you're not ready to handle yet. "Slut-shaming" wasn't even a phrase when I was suffering through it, and I was a lot older than you. And you have to have quite a few life experiences to handle the mud that's going to be thrown at you. If you tell me that you're ready for that, and you can handle it, then I'll back you 100%. I will. It's your decision. But if you're not 100% ready to wear this dress and face the challenges that are going to come with it, baby... okay. What about this for an alternative? What do you think? Mom, that's a Cartullo. I know. You would get that for me? Would you wear it? [Laughs] Thank you so much. Oh, my god, Trina's going to die. [Laughs] It's a great alternative. Thank you. [Exhales sharply] There's no reason to believe that Faison would harm me or Maxie. Then, why would your mom go through so much trouble to hide you? She didn't hide me because she was afraid he was going to hurt me. She hid me because she was worried that he would want me to follow in his footsteps. Great, great. This is great. So what happens when Faison realizes you're not the son he always wanted? Well, if everything goes according to plan, he'll be locked up for good. Nathan, I stuck by you through all that "ask man Landers" stuff. I kept that secret when you begged me to. Yeah, but that wasn't life or death. Exactly. This is. Your life, mine, this baby's. I know you think you can handle Faison, and maybe you can, but I'm asking you not to. Your interview with Nathan West is pretty incendiary. Well, I have to get Faison's attention. Hopefully, he'll grant me an exclusive to tell his side of the story.

[Cell phone ringing]

It's Nathan. Excuse me. Hello? Lulu, hey. Hey, look, I'm sorry, but you got to call it off. What do you mean? Pull the interview. Why? Has something happened? Look, we'll get into it later, okay? Just make sure that interview never sees print. It's not that simple. My editor already has it. She's -- I don't care what you have to do. Kill the story. I don't want to go public as being Faison's son. Problem? I have to spike the interview. I finally hacked P.K. Sinclair's email. Took you long enough. Either Sinclair's adept at protecting his own online business, or he has the means to hire someone to do it. But, very few security systems have been built that can withstand the -- -okay, Spinelli. What did you find out? Well, at first glance, not much. Sinclair's account was only used to exchange emails with his would-be publisher. Has he been in touch with the publisher since the night of the Aurora launch? Nothing. All communication on Sinclair's end ceased. But, that didn't stop the publisher from reaching out. In fact, my recent inquiry prompted them to reach out once more. -So, what? Well, so, the publisher received no response. But they also didn't receive a reply from the server saying the account was no longer in use. Ah, so Sinclair didn't shut it down. Yeah, not only that, online records indicate that the email was opened the day of its receipt. So someone is monitoring the account. Which means we can communicate with him.

There was really no reason to get the lawyers involved. I think we all want what's best for Danny. We can figure it out between the three of us.

Yeah, I certainly agree.

Mm-hmm. Take it Alexis didn't?

Mnh-mnh, so I fired her. [Chuckles] After I signed the paperwork. But I am officially divorced. So we can officially get married -- again. Well, we just need a license first. -I'll get that license.

Promise? Mm-hmm, 'cause I'm gonna marry you? Why do we have to go here? It's not that great. Really. Because I hear they have a new menu and I'm dying to try the avocado toast.

I don't want to go.

Why? What's the big deal?

Julian owns it.

Oh! Oh, well, since repeated warnings to stay away from him have done absolutely no good, maybe familiarity will breed contempt. Okay, go on and give it a try.

[Coffee machine whirring]

Okay, what did you do? I turned it on. [Laughing] There's a power button. Aah. It's in the back here. Okay, you know what, coffee's on me. You'll just have to show me how to make a cortado. Oh, well, I only drink them. I have no idea how to make them.

[Both laugh]

So, do you have your suit for the dance?

My suit?

Yeah. For the dance. The Mad Hatter Dance. You're going to wear a suit, right? I thought I could just wear some nice jeans.


Hey! Okay, well, we're going to go to the library. Okay, if you say you're going to the library, I expect you to be at the library. Right, I'll text you when I need a ride. Great! Okay. All right.

All right.

See you later. [Exhales]

[Door closes]

Okay. Oh, Josslyn, you forgot your backpack! So, it looks like we have a way to communicate with Sinclair. Yes, and to that end, I took the liberty of generating an email address that would in no way point in our direction. However, I'm unsure as to what type of missive would engender a response. I mean, it seems that our target is too intelligent to be drawn out with a threat or a challenge. You know, perhaps, we bait him with what we know he wants -- Faison. You want to pretend to be Faison? Too risky. For all we know, Sinclair and Faison are in contact. We just have to let him know that he's on our radar. I'm sorry, okay? I should have told you what I was thinking instead of acting without you. Hey, I forgive you. And you pulled the article, so no harm done, right?

[Door opens]

Lulu, what were you thinking asking Nathan to tell the world he was Faison's son? Oh, hey, hey. It was just as much me as it was Lulu. And besides, the article's never even going to make it to print. I tried. What's that? By the time you called, I had already turned in the article. Okay, wait, wait, wait. So, what? We have the whole day before it goes to print. I know and I asked Peter to intervene. I asked him to yank the interview, but it was already posted on the website. Peter said there was no point in taking it down now. It's out there. There's no going back. We agreed? Yeah, do it. Well, the hook is baited. Let's see if we get a bite.

[Mouse clicks, computer dings]

[Mouse clicks]

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