GH Transcript Thursday 1/11/18

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/11/18


Episode #13949 ~ Sam makes her intentions known; Nathan angers Dante; Maxie has a horrible nightmare; Lulu betrays a confidence; Sonny marks his territory.

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[Door opens, closes]



Don't you hear that noise? What's going on?

[Baby cooing]

Oh, my god. What's he doing with our baby? [Crying] No! Don't take our baby!

[Crying continues]


Nathan. [Sighs]

Peter: Maxie? Are you all right? Yeah. Yeah, thanks. Hey, Nathan. Hey. Hey. Hey, uh, Dante's in the field, but he'll be back soon. I mean, you're welcome to wait if you want. Oh, thank you. Actually, I'm not here to see Dante. I was hoping to find you. Oh. Uh... well, found me. Have you given any more thought to my plan? Yeah. Yeah, as a matter of fact, I have. I'm in. You are? Yeah. Are you sure you don't want to take more time to think about it? Oh, I don't think this is a time thing. I think the best way to draw Faison out is to use me as bait. Anything from brick? Well, he's having some progress on the money trail -- no location, but he'll get there. All right, so, if we're right and the client, P.K. Sinclair, and the traitor are all the same person... Faison's son. ...And with a hit on the bank account, that could lead us to him. We could use his son to draw Faison out.

Diane: Gentlemen. I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting. I don't -- did I call a meeting? No, you didn't, but I'm not here for you. Oh. I'm here for Jason. I'm finalizing his divorce from Sam. Remember the walk in the woods we talked about? Yes, ma'am. You and me and bottle of something good? Yeah. How's Saturday sound? Kids will be at your moms. You want to go out with me on Saturday? I do. Well, then it's a date. Good. Mm.

Alexis: Oh. Hi. [Laughs] Hi. Hi. Intruding. That's fine. We should probably go down to the courthouse. Yeah. Hey, are you good with this? Yeah, I'm fine. I've got her back. [Sighs] I appreciate that. Thank you. And thank you for helping us with all of this. Mr. Jerome. This is something, huh... you calling the police for help? Oh, I assumed they'd, uh, rmed copto respond to my call. Surprise. So, what's the matter, Falconeri? You get demoted? [Chuckles] Oh, a special guy like you, I wanted to go check this out myself, make sure you weren't causing any trouble. Well, sorry to disappoint, but I'm the victim this time. Somebody threw this through my window last night -- my kitchen window. Well, you know, vandalism isn't exactly unheard of on Charles Street. Vandalism is one thing. This is quite another. I know this world, Detective. Somebody's sending me a message. [Sighs] Please don't tell my boss I was sleeping at her desk. Well, you do realize I'm actually one of your bosses, too, right? Yes. [Chuckles] Of course. I'm sorry. I'm just a little freaked out. I was having a nightmare. Full disclosure -- I'm in my first trimester and along with morning sickness comes a bunch of other fun side effects that make pregnancy exhausting. Congratulations? Thank you. Um, I can assure you we don't usually nap at Crimson. Well, you are one of Aurora's best performers. Nina's obviously doing something right. Yeah, she's been really supportive through my pregnancy. It's probably because the baby's father is her brother. You met my husband on New Year's Eve, when you had that toast in your office. Yes, I remember Nathan. Yeah. Yeah. Not that I got this job through nepotism. I've been at Crimson far longer than Nina. Oh, god. How can we start this conversation over again? [Chuckles] Maybe you can go out there and, when you come back in, I won't be sleeping and I won't say anything about morning sickness. You know what? It's fine. Just tell Nina I'll try and find her later, and you feel better. Wait. Actually, before you go -- Maxie, really. This never happened. Yeah, no, uh, I appreciate that, but I wanted to talk to you about something else. A mutual friend. [Sighs] I haven't really gotten any sleep since I found out that Faison was my father, and I know that Maxie really hasn't either, which can't be good for the baby. Oh, I can only imagine what Maxie is going through. Yeah, well, as long as Faison's out there, Maxie's not gonna get any rest, so I need to do this for her. So you don't think my plan is so crazy? No. No, it makes sense. We publish an interview outing me as Faison's son, he's gonna find out about it eventually. And if what Britt says is true, he won't be able to resist making contact. I get a major story, you get a way to lure Faison out and bust him. The sooner the better. Okay. Okay. Let's talk logistics. How do we roll this out to get the results we need? In my old life, a brick through the window would be considered a warning to get somebody to back off. You think someone from your old life, one of your friends, is responsible for this? [Chuckles softly] All my old rivals are dead, except, of course, for one... your father. Why don't you just tell me what you think this is all about? [Sighs] I don't know. I hosted a few meetings, you know, town-hall-type meetings to discuss the redevelopment project. Maybe it was one of the protesters. I thought you were on their side? Yeah, that's what I thought. You know, man, you don't have any cameras in here. Without any surveillance, there's not much I can do for you right now. Well, I'll tell you what -- how about I order a few cameras? I'll call you when they come in. You can help me set 'em up, huh? [Laughs] Yeah, sure thing. Okay. Hey. Is there anything you guys can actually do for me, or is this little, uh, courtesy call the best the PCPD has to offer? I tell you what -- I'll talk to Jordan. I'll see if she can send a patrol car to round the block a few times. You let us know if you see anything else. You bet.

[Door opens]

Jason and Sam are still married? Correct. Well... their 2011 marriage was still valid at the time Jason disappeared. Sam subsequently obtained a divorce from the man we now know as Drew Cain. But her original marriage to Jason is still valid. It's just a glitch in the paperwork. Okay. So, let's head on over to the courthouse, and we can just settle matter... unless, of course, someone is planning to talk you out of it. Diane, we've been over this, okay? Just give Sam whatever she wants, whatever she's asking for. Right. That's where I come in. I am on retainer to safeguard your best interests, which is what I fully intend to do. [Sighs] I don't think there's gonna be a problem. This is really just about signing paperwork. Yeah? Yeah. I'll be there to protect her interests. Thank you. Hey. Hey. Your assistant said I could come straight in. I hope this isn't a bad time. Nope. Alexis and Sam were just on their way out. All right. Good luck.

Sam: Thank you. I will leave you two gentlemen to it. Bye. All right. Please give my best to aunt Stella. I-I sure will. Mm-hmm. So, what's up? Well... my man, it has been slow going looking into your past. Mm. But I did find something.

Thank you for giving Lulu Falconeri a staff position at your paper. She's my best friend -- was matron of honor at my wedding, actually. To your husband, Nathan West, Nina's brother. Did I get that right? [Chuckles] You catch on fast. One of the keys to good management. But you don't have to thank me for hiring Lulu. She's got great instincts and enormous potential. In fact, she claims she's working on a major exposé. It's too early to go into any details right now, but let's just say I hope it works out. Well, I know Lulu, and this won't mean anything to you yet, but that girl is definitely a Spencer. Port Charles trivia, I presume? Spencers are not afraid to take chances, they have great instincts, and if Lulu promises to bring you some lead on an earth-shaking story, then that girl won't rest until she does it. Your interview will be exclusive to Aurora Media -- online and in print. But once it publishes, Faison will know that you are his son. Yeah, and he'll either make contact or show up. We should notify the WSB. Ordinarily, I would contact Anna, but she has her own history with Faison. Let me handle that. I'll talk to Jordan. She needs to be aware that this is gonna happen in her jurisdiction anyways. If she thinks it's appropriate, she can contact the WSB. Once I get the "all clear" from my boss, we can get to work luring Faison out into the open. You're gonna do what? [Sighs]

[Door closes]

I always liked this place. Then Olivia told me that you were the new owner, and I-I just had to come down here and see it with my own eyes. Come off it, Corinthos. I already got your little present. Uh, I don't know what you're talking about. Your goons threw this brick through my kitchen window. Why? What do you want? Well, I started with your service record, and it showed that you graduated from high school in sawyer, New York. Yeah. It's about 50 miles from here. Well, did anything look familiar? No, not from the images I saw online. Well, it's a nice place -- middle class, some light industry. Right. But the pride of the town... the sawyer Spartans. Is -- is that my -- your high-school yearbook. All right. We have a little bit of time before the proceedings if you want to go over anything. This again? If you have any doubts, now would be the time to discuss that. Do you understand how frustrating you are right now? You're sending me mixed signals. One second, you're telling me to steer clear from Jason, and, the next, you're asking me if I'm having any doubts. Which is it? In a perfect world, none of this would be happening, the past would remain the past, and you and Drew would be happy and stable. I just want you to be happy. What are you talking about? I am happy. I love Drew, and that's why I'm marrying him. I know it, Drew knows it, and, most of all, Jason knows it.

Well, there you are! Your mother's been texting you all morning. What'd you do, lose your phone?

[Footsteps approach]

Oh. Uh, hello. Sorry. Uh, Mac, this is not such a great time. Peter August. Nice to meet you. I'm sure you've heard of Peter. He's the COO of Aurora Media, meaning he's my boss's boss. Mac Scorpio, Maxie's dad. Nice to meet you. Likewise. Well, I've taken up enough of your time already. Tell Nina I'll try her later for those budget concerns. Oh, I'm sure she can't wait. See you around.

[Door closes]

Nice guy. [Sighs] Sorry to interrupt, but your mom wanted me to drop this off for you. Oh, please tell me this is a decaf café mocha. Green juice. Oh, your mom made it fresh this morning. It's loaded with vitamins and spinach and carrots and cucumber. Oh, it's supposed to be really good for the baby. Oh. Thank you. That was very sweet of her to make this and for you to bring it all the way over, but you guys don't have to be going out of your way to take care of me like this. Uh, uh... I mean, maybe someone has to. No offense, sweetheart, but you don't look so hot -- kind of glassy-eyed, a little clammy. Tell me how you really feel. What is it, morning sickness? No. It's not that. I-I didn't sleep that well last night. What's going on? Kind of been stressing out ever since I found out who Nathan's father is. Hey, hey. I didn't see you come in. No kidding. What's this I here about you guys setting a trap for Faison? We found an even stronger angle than just interviewing Faison himself. You know what? I don't think I want to know. I'm gonna interview Nathan instead -- an exposé on the son of one of the WSB's most wanted. Well, yeah, you know, I mean, the moment he finds out I exist, Faison will show up in Port Charles. What the hell, man? Last night, you couldn't wrap your head around the fact that he was your father. Now you're gonna blast it out into the media? Well, it's like you said, man, this isn't gonna be over until he's behind bars. This is how we do it. By making you a target and dragging my wife into this? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. This wasn't Nathan's idea. It's mine. My boss asked me to cover Faison. It's a major story. [Sighs] If it helps to bring him to justice, then even better. Well, yeah, the moment he shows up, we're gonna grab him. Really? What happens if he doesn't go for you first? What happens if Faison goes for the reporter? I know there's a risk. But I'm going through with this story whether you like it or not. [Sighs] Ouf. High-school yearbook. [Chuckles] Well, take a look. Um, I saved you the trouble of combing through and flagged a few pages that I know you'd like to see. Thank you. Appreciate that. AnDrew Cain. Hmm. Yeah, man, you were an all-around leader... ...academic, athletic, student government. This is -- this is really hard to take in, okay? I mean, look, this -- this guy, this kid, he -- he looks just like my brother. I mean, it's... it's funny. Well, look, don't be too hard on yourself, okay? We all regret our hair at that age. I know I was a rockin' a flattop. Wow. That' [Sighs] Says here, uh, I ran varsity track. Monica did tell me that Jason ran varsity track, also. [Sighs] So, I guess what they say is true. What's that, that you should keep these things locked up in the attic? No, that, uh, twins, even when separated at birth, still have so much in common. Well, it looks like all relevant parties are present and accounted for. Shall we get started?

Diane: Nice to be sparring with you again, my friend.

Alexis: Ditto. Wish it were under more pleasant circumstances. Mm-hmm. Thank you for doing this. Yeah. Whatever you need.

Diane: So... shall we get started?

All right. Let's start with penthouse number 2 of the Harbor View Towers. I believe Jason told Sam that she can keep the penthouse. That's prime real estate that Mr. Morgan brought into the marriage alone. Yeah, Sam and I discussed it. I'm not gonna take it away from her. That's her home. I agree with Diane. That penthouse belonged to you long before you met me, so Drew and I will find another place to live.

Alexis: All right. I think a fair compromise would be to allot Sam and Drew six months to find a new residence and, after that, they can sell the penthouse and split the proceeds.

Diane: I do not see why Jason should have to accept half the value of something that he has owned for the better part of 20 years. I don't see why he should have to sell it at all. In fact, he might want to live there himself. Okay, Diane. I'm good with what Alexis suggested.

Sam: Yeah, me too. It's better to have a clean break. Hey. What are you doing home? Well, uh, unless you know something I don't, this is my house. I mean, really, you weren't supposed to be home for hours ago. Come on! Go away! [Laughs] You cannot see me like this. Why not? Why not? Because, truly, I look like a scary monster... [Laughs] [Grunts] ...From a horror film! Really? Come on. Where are you going? I got to go upstairs and take this stuff off before it dries. No, you don't. It looks -- what is it? What is it? Yeah. Okay, you want to play like that, huh? Aw! You're so... [Laughter] No, you... this is weird. I don't have a good connection here. Yeah, this is -- [Sighs] This is gonna take forever to download this file. Do you know if Spinelli left his computer here? Yeah, it's in his, uh -- should be upstairs. Okay. Good. Stay there. I'm gonna go get it. Whoa! [Both sigh] Well, you can just -- not gonna happen. Put the hat on just right before midnight. That's all. Please? You threatening me with this masquerade, costume party, whatever. Gala, yeah. Was just a diversion, wasn't it? Did it work? Please? Not a chance. [Laughs] Aw. Oh, that's lame. See? Now, I knew it would look better on you. Ting, ting! Ding, ding, ding! [Chuckles] My cousin's daughters are twins, and, when they were babies, they would communicate with each other in this gibberish-type conversation, like a secret language that only they could understand. Well, that's cute. Yeah. Jason and I, we have quite the opposite problem. We're trying to, uh, [Chuckles] Separate and redefine our lives, which is why Sam is having to get a divorce from Jason right now. Whoa. Is that where she was going earlier with her mama when I came in? Yeah, Alexis is confident that it's just a formality. Hey, once it's done, Sam and I can get remarried so... whoa. Hey. Congratulations. Thank you. [Laughs] Hopefully, you can make the ceremony. Wow. A "save the date" already. You two move fast. That's the plan. [Thud] You still have it out for me. I will always have it out for you, Julian. Oh, so you sent your goons over here to, what, smash out my window? You know, that time you spent at the big house probably got you a little nervous. Looks like you got -- you're paranoid. Why don't you just admit it, Sonny? Admit what? I got no time for petty vandalism. Really? Then what are you doing here? Uh... I need you to repay a debt. A debt? I don't owe you a damn thing. You owe me blood, but I'll settle for cash. What the hell? Congratulations, Julian. Your bar will proudly be serving... [Sighs] ...Corinthos coffee. You're not gonna let this go, are you? [Police radio chatter] No, I'm not. It's too important. [Sighs] For Nathan, or for you career? Can't it be for both? I tell an important story as a reporter, and a major criminal finally gets brought to justice. Everybody wins. Fine. But if you two go through with this, I want in every step of the way. I wouldn't have it any other way. Good. Just so you know, I don't like it. I think it's a bad idea. I don't like it one bit. I have to go run this by Peter. I think I can sell him on the merits. I'll let you both know how it goes. [Groans] I'm, um, sorry. Man, I thought you knew about her plan. I did. I did. I knew about the article, her wanting to do it, but I didn't know the details. [Sighs] So are we -- we good? I'm not mad at you, man. I just -- Lulu, she has a tendency of leaping before she looks, and it gets her in trouble, and this is different than before. This is Faison. It's at another level. Yeah. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that he's my father. Well, dude, that's gonna be the least of your problems. What do you think Maxie's gonna say when she finds out that you're using yourself as bait to catch Faison? You are absolutely sure Nathan's father is Cesar Faison? Obrecht was acting squirrely about Nathan's father's medical records. We had to resort to a DNA test, and Obrecht was forced to tell the truth. This baby's grandfather is the maniac who tried to make us think robin was dead. Sweetheart, I'm sorry. I mean, I can't imagine what you and Nathan are going through to process all this. I dreamt that Faison was in my room, taking my baby. Nathan ran after him with a gun. I couldn't move. I felt paralyzed. I heard a gunshot, and then I woke up. [Sighs] Sweetheart, listen to me. It was just a bad dream. Okay? Nothing like that is going to happen. That's not something you can promise, Mac. Then tell me what I can do for you. I've been thinking about a way that we could stay safe, and I keep coming back to what seems like the only solution. I need you to help me and Nathan disappear.

I was just over at Crimson, and Maxie Jones was singing your praises. Uh-oh. What'd she say? That I should expect nothing but the best from you. So no pressure. [Laughs] I hope I can live up to those expectations. Don't tell me you've already had your sit-down interview with Cesar Faison. No. But I think I found the next best thing -- an interview with his son. His son? I thought Faison only had one child, the daughter he was on the run with? Faison has a son he doesn't know about -- my husband's partner, Nathan West. Yeah, I haven't told Maxie about Lulu's plan yet. I figured. You got to tell her right away and then hear her out when her head explodes. I know, I know, I know. I will. I just -- I'm just not, you know, expecting her to like it. You think? She's carrying your baby, Faison's grandchild. When he finds out who you are to him, it's a short leap to get to Maxie and the baby. Yeah, well, sitting here doing nothing, twiddling my thumbs, hoping he doesn't come knocking on my door is not gonna do anything either. You got to ask yourself, man. Is bringing Faison to justice worth the risk it's gonna bring to your family? Yeah. I am doing this to protect my family, okay? Look, Maxie is a mess over all this. So am I. And I don't want my kid growing up with us jumping at shadows, keeping a secret, okay? It's better to deal with it now, tell the truth, draw Faison out, and confront him. Just hope you know what you're doing, brother. But you won't be doing it alone. I got your back -- always. Make you disappear? What are you talking about? I need you to get in touch with Robert and have mom do the same with Frisco. They can help Nathan, the baby, and I go into hiding. Sweetheart, absolutely not. Look, I'm not thrilled about this prospect, but what other choice do I have? Plenty that don't involve going on the run. You don't want that kind of life. Who cares what I want? It's not safe for us if Faison is out there -- end of story. Maxie, does Faison even know Nathan is his son? Absolutely not. Obrecht went to great lengths to make sure he never knew. Well, there you go! Look, Faison won't be coming after your baby if he doesn't even know it's his grandchild. You know that saying, "two can keep a secret if one of them is dead"? It was fine when Obrecht was the only one that knew, but now so many people are in on this. There's a greater chance that the truth will come out. The truth? No one's gonna find -- going on the run with Nathan and the baby might seem drastic, but I don't feel safe here in Port Charles. Port Charles is the safest place you can be. You've got a strong network of friends here in addition to your mom and me. Anna's here full time. And as much as it pains me to say this, Sonny Corinthos has a lot of connections. After what happened to Jason, Sonny must be going after Faison, which should be incentive enough for Faison to want to stay on the other side of the planet. You are aware that the New York state law requires bars to serve food and coffee? Consider the coffee covered. Now, you're seriously deranged if you think I'm ever gonna do business with you. Did I imply you had a choice? Oh, I see. So this whole thing right here is a shakedown? You said you wanted to be a normal citizen. Well, this is your chance. I'm gonna have my people, uh... send over a month's worth of beans. You're covered for that. But make sure that you keep an eye on the bill because I expect payment on time and in full. [Chuckles] Sonny. All you had to do was ask. You didn't have to send your goons over here to toss a brick through my window. But since you did... ...why don't you have the decency to admit it, huh? Sam and I want this wedding to be about us -- well, who we are now, who we are together, what our future's about, you know? It's... we would like our friends to be around us, too. Brother, count me in. Good. Because, uh... you're the one true friend I've made here in Port Charles. You've always had my back, and I thank you for it. Well, we have dumpster-dived and almost died together, and that's... that's true. Not a lot of people I can say that about. Look, this is what I'm trying to ask, is that I, um... uh-huh. I need -- I need A...partner to -- [Chuckles] Dude, stop, okay? You're embarrassing yourself. I'll be your best man. Oh, good. Thank you. [Laughs] Although, I thought you were gonna get on one knee, like, put some more grovel in that, brother. Well, you thought wrong, but I'm glad you're able to do it. I got you. [Laughs]

Diane: Jason is not going to contest Drew's purchase of controlling interest at ELQ and the redistribution of that stock, according to their late grandfather's will. He agrees to accept his shares as dictated by said will and will not lay claim to any other shares.

Alexis: I'm sure the Quartermaines are greatly relieved. Now, with regard to the newly purchased Derek wells media, newly renamed... Aurora Media... Drew and Sam agree to repay principal and interest over the next 10 years in exchange for the full and exclusive ownership of the company. Agreed.

Jason: No. Huh? You want to keep Aurora?

No, I don't want you to pay interest. I don't want you to pay anything for it. I told you that I would sign it over to you. I don't... Drew and Sam can't accept the company as a gift. For one thing, it would bring undue scrutiny from the sec. More importantly, they want to build Aurora themselves. They want to own it through their own work, not your generosity. I think we can all agree that waiving the interest is more than fair. Agreed. Now... with regard... to my client's offshore accounts, his various holdings, properties... his mob money? Alleged. That's his and his alone and, as such, is exempt from these proceedings, agreed?

Alexis: Absolutely. The further Sam stays away from the money, the better. Now we come to Jason's half-ownership of the Corinthos coffee corporation, as well as trusts set up for him by Edward and Lila Quartermaine, Dr. Alan Quartermaine. There have been substantial expenditures from those sources for the last two years, which need to be repaid. No, they won't. In the simplest of terms, Drew and Sam have been living off you for the last two years. Drew has absolutely no income stream of his own. Sam's only independent source of income was the Jackal & McCall Detective agency, which is now defunct and which -- and I have documentation to prove this -- you gave her the startup money for. You know what? I know. I know. I get it, okay? Everything I have came from Jason, and there's no way I can repay him. Enough! Enough. What are you doing? Jason? There. It's done.

Okay. Thanks, Robert. [Sighs] Okay, he's gonna bring Frisco into the loop -- confidentially, of course. Do you think that's enough? To start. Like, I don't even have a panic room? Do you think we should build one? Maxie, the best thing you can do for your baby is not get too stressed. Okay. Don't stress that grandpa is a deranged, power-hungry lunatic. Got it. [Sighs] Sweetheart, look, I agree Faison is dangerous. But he has no idea Nathan is his son. And if we're lucky, he will never find out.

[Cell phone rings]

Well, you don't waste much time. Nathan, I just pitched the story to my boss. We got the green light. Aurora will publish your interview. So we're really doing this, huh? Faison's gonna know I'm his son. Second thoughts? No. No, this has to happen. When can we start? How about now? [Sniffs] What brings you by? Somebody threw a brick through a window in Julian Jerome's bar. Do you have any idea what that's about? [Sighs] I promise you I'll give you all the details as soon as we -- well, as soon as we figure them out. All right. And don't think you're getting out of this without a good bachelor party. Oh, no. Yeah. No, no. You ever been to Atlantic City? I-I couldn't tell you if I had. Well... no. If I do my job as a good best man...

[Cell phone chimes]

...That will remain your answer. I -- see, that's -- no. What do I got here? Oh, it's my other case. Got to take care of that, spread the love. All right. Hey, thank you for finding this yearbook. Yeah, you know, I'm guessing you don't need to look into your past for answers anymore, not when you and Sam already have a wonderful future lined up. Thank you. Be cool, man.

[Door closes]

[Sighs] That money never mattered. Never. Just want you to be okay. I know.

[Papers rustling]

You know what? I'm going to advise you not to sign that quite yet. This has gone on long enough. As your attorney, I would be remiss if we didn't talk about the important issue, which is the custody of Danny Morgan.

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