GH Transcript Wednesday 1/10/18

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/10/18


Episode #13948 ~ Franco tries to reconcile his past; Laura shares her news with Kevin; Ned is optimistic; Valentin gets a surprise visit; Anna finds evidence to support her theory.

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Is he in? Um, no, he's not. He's not home right now. I'm sorry. Oh, okay, well, I'll leave my card, if that's okay. Okay. Here you go. Thank you. Thanks. You know I -- actually, I think I -- I think I knew Mr. Baldwin. Um, he used to go by Bobby Frank, am I right? Yes. I used to know him when he was a kid. Really? Yeah. You know, I -- I love your home. Thank you. This was, uh, this was all part of the ELQ waterfront renovation project, wasn't it? We hope to do something similar with Charles Street. I'm so glad you're home. Uh, Franco, this is Jim Harvey. He's in development, but he actually thinks he knew you when you were a kid. Bobby Frank. [Chuckles] Man, have you grown. Hi, how's it going? Good. Uh, look... not to worry. I don't expect you to remember me. I dated your mom when you were a kid. Really? Is that so? Yeah, and, uh, you know, I'll tell ya, you were an artist back then. I mean, you used to take your fingerpaints and throw 'em up against the wall. You were like a regular Jackson Pollock. [Laughs] It doesn't really surprise me. Yeah, he used to get into all sorts of things. You know, you are right about something, Mr. Jim Harvey. I do not remember you. [Chuckles] That's all right. So you want to tell me what you're doing here? You love Port Charles. I mean, it's been your home for -- for more years than it hasn't. And plus, you're starting to raise a family here now, so...? With the most incredible woman on the planet. Oh, stop, let's not get carried away. No, I'm serious! I mean, really, forget about me. You would make the perfect politician's wife. Beautiful, stylish, down-to-earth, compassionate, and god knows you're a woman who can get things done. Okay, okay, pretty soon, I'll be feeding the entire town cannoli. That's right. [Laughs] [Sighs] So what do you say? I think you're absolutely right. I'm running for mayor. Yeah, you are! [Both laugh] [Smooches] See, there's the man I married. The Ned who can do and be anything he puts his mind to. I guess I can count on your vote? Mm, honey, you can count on my everything. And you got yourself one hell of a campaign manager, too. I can see that. And together, no one and nothing can stop us. [Laughs] This is your chance to be a champion for the city you love. You know something? You're right. I'm gonna run for mayor. At last! She sees reason. [Laughs] Well, it was also pretty clear that you weren't gonna let up. Yeah, right, when I know how important this is to you? It is. And, you know, after meeting this guy, Jim Harvey, and hearing his plans for progress? Oh, boy. So clear somebody needed to push him back. And that somebody is...? Me. Hallelujah. [Laughs] Madame Mayor. [Smooches] Nina! It's grandma!

Are you lonely just like me? Grandma!

Oh, hi, honey. How are you? I landed a single axle today! Wow! [Gasps] Oh, my goodness. I can't wait to see you skate in the Olympics. [Chuckles] Want to see my new skating costume? Yes, I do, let's see. [Gasps] Oh. Wow, that is lovely. I got another one as a Christmas gift from a nice lady named Cassandra. Oh. But Nina made me return it. Didn't you, Nina?

[Doorbell rings]

Commissioner. May I come in? Please do. Should I, uh... call my attorney? I'm just here to tie up a few loose ends in regard to Cassandra Pierce. Such as? Her assistant, Erich Sydney, confessed to putting her in a coma. Oh, yeah, yeah, that's what I understand. Why would you visit him so quickly in his jail cell after he was arrested? Anna, you know, I don't -- I don't need a babysitter. You know, the worst is over. I-I don't even need to stay here tonight. I got flowers. I mean, they're -- they're probably not as lovely as the ones you got me, but I think they'll do. Yeah, they'll do. Uh, do what? Well, since Cassandra sabotaged our New Year's Eve dinner. You did say that we were gonna do it, right? We were gonna have one, so -- yeah, I just didn't -- I didn't realize we were doing that tonight. Why not? Why wait? We can say a proper farewell to our partnership.

Elizabeth: [Scoffs] Only you would go out for milk and come back with champagne. Planning a celebration? We just set our wedding date. Ah, congratulations. Thank you. Why don't you come on in, and then the two of you can talk? Thanks, great. Please, come in. Great. I promise, I'll keep it brief. Thank you. I-I'll put this away. [Laughs] You've come a long way, Bobby. All right, okay, no more Bobby, right. No more painting the walls, okay. You're -- you're Franco the famous artist now. You certainly do know a lot about me. Yeah, yeah. Everybody's heard of Franco. Besides, Betsy and I keep in touch. She's damn proud of you. She -- she has a funny way of showing it. [Keys clatter] What? You mean, uh, you two have a misunderstanding? Yeah, that's not something that I'm gonna talk about with you. Hey, l-look, you know, I'm gonna take the liberty to say this because, uh, there's gotta be some sort of misunderstanding because she thinks the world of you. She loves you. I mean, you were her world when you were a kid. Okay, Mr. Harvey, you say that you haven't seen me since I was a kid, and I certainly don't remember you, so why would you turn up now? Did my mother send you? Best champagne in the house. We are toasting the future mayor of Port Charles. Hey, look, it's not going to be a walkover. I mean, any number of candidates may want Lomax's old job. They don't have your pedigree. Yes, well, that pedigree also comes with, shall we say, a checkered history. Uh, I think that the good outweighs the bad there. And think about Niagara equities. This -- this Jim Harvey obviously wants to do business with you on -- on the Charles Street project. That was before I quit my job. No, no, no, Ned, Ned, you didn't quit. You -- you -- you pivoted. You saw a need in the community, and you followed the dictates of your conscience. A man like Jim Harvey is gonna appreciate business like that. He's also gonna see that he needs an ally in city government. To mayor Quartermaine. To mayor Quartermaine. [Glasses clink] Well, I'm sure what the nice lady gave you -- it's Cassandra. Cassandra -- I'm sure that if what Cassandra gave you didn't fit you right, that Nina would have to return it. [Hoarsely] Yeah, um, it was inappropriate. Why? Uh, because the nice lady ended up not being so nice. Anyway, do you want some hot chocolate? Yes. Okay, good, all right. Give your grandmother a kiss. Bye, little sweetie. I'll see you soon.

Kevin: Bye, Charlotte.

Bye. What do you think that was all about?

You're the shrink. You tell me.

Erich Sydney tied me to a chair and attacked me when I couldn't defend myself. He tied up Anna, as well, and he was prepared to kill us both. I wanted to look him in the eye, tell him to enjoy prison, make sure he knows I'm waiting for him when he gets out. And that is absolutely a threat. Well, that's interesting because in my experience, when a man confesses as quickly as Erich did, he's either feeling guilty or has something to gain, and obviously, since Erich doesn't seem to be troubled by morals, maybe someone paid him for his attack of conscience. To the, uh, glamorous life of a secret agent. [Chuckles] Never a dull moment.

[Glasses clink]

[Laughs] I never said it before. You have a lovely laugh. When you're not doing that Emma peel thing. Hmm. It's nice to know you can laugh, when you're not wrapped up in irony. Well, fortunately, we won't have to inflict our annoying little habits on each other after tonight. Yeah, fortunately. I mean, we can fake dating for so long, but we know precious little about each other. Well, you got a bit of an education the last couple days, you know? I think you saw firsthand that I will... once and always be an addict. Doesn't scare me. It scares the hell out of me. No, but there's a lot I don't know about you. You know, what -- do you come from a big family? Are you an only child? Like, you were cynical as a baby, or did you kind of grow into it? [Laughs] I can do that, too. When you were a little girl, were you always playing cops and robbers? Dreaming of someday holding a Walther PPK? Oh! No. I wasn't that weird. I mean, yes, I-I wasn't like the other little girls. I was pretty solitary and very secretive. Yeah, I was a bit of a loner myself. Really? That's a shocker. I know, hard to believe, isn't it? Uh-huh. I think it's too bad we didn't get a chance to really get to know each other, you know? You know, to sort of find out, you know, who really likes Van Gogh and who thinks caviar is overrated. Who likes Venice in the snow? Who sleeps naked? Really? Finally, after all this time, we have something in common. Huh. Who knew? Yeah, who knew?

I'll tell you one thing that hasn't changed. You are a tough nut to crack. I guess that's what makes you a great artist. Is that yours? This is yours, right? Whew. That is fascinating. You know, what was your inspiration? Oh, my inspiration was always life 'cause it always appears to be one thing, and then invariably, it always ends up being something else entirely. That's a little lesson I learned from my mother. Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm. Is everything okay? You know, um, clearly, you have better things to do than listen to my sales pitch, so I'm just gonna just gonna just put it out there. But, uh, Bobby -- sorry, Franco. I would like to buy your art studio. Do you think we should tell Charlotte you're running for mayor? Hey. What's wrong? Oh. Nothing's wrong, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I think, uh, the... weight of this responsibility just hit me. Looking at little Charlotte, her whole life is in front of her. This election is not just about saving a few buildings and, of course, the people who live there. It's -- it's really about making Port Charles a better place for our children, for our grandchildren. Why are you mad at Cassandra? What makes you think I'm mad at Cassandra? You said she wasn't nice. You sounded mad. I hope I haven't overstepped. You seemed so displeased with my present for Charlotte. Listen to me, you bitch. Ah! You listen to me. You come after Valentin or myself, that's fine. But if you get near Charlotte again, I swear to you, I will wring your bony neck. I'm not mad. And Cassandra is not gonna be a problem. Not anymore. Are you suggesting I struck some sort of deal with the man who tried to kill both Anna and me? I'm suggesting that there's more to your involvement with this. Anna approached me. I agreed to help her bring down Cassandra, and we succeeded. You can ask her. She'll attest to that. Oh, she already has. Well, if you think of anything else that can help me tie up all of these loose ends, you'll give me a call? You bet. I will call you at your office. I won't hold my breath. [Both moan] No, no, no, no, wait. No, no? No, no, this way, this way. Where? This way. Okay, okay. [Moans] Careful. Yeah, I know. Oh, wait. What? Wait. What? The clock, the clock. What clock? The clock. I-I usually have it on the thing. It's on the floor. What? [Panting]

Finn: And this matters because...? Because... it means the wrong man is in jail. [Sighs]

Finn: What do you need that for? Uh, I'll explain later. Um, okay. So... I really need you to think about New Year's Eve. A-and you came back here to find me, expecting to find me, and Cassandra was here. So what time was that? I don't -- most of that night is pretty sketchy. I know, she drugged you. And when I got back here, you were nearly unconscious. But I got to figure out what time the attack was. Oh, I can't -- I -- can you just think? Think. Yeah. All right. You went out to buy me flowers. That was really nice, thank you. You're welcome. When you got in the car, did you put the radio on? Was it on? Yeah, the radio was on. It's always on. All right, so was it before the ball dropped at midnight, or -- it was before. I remember, it's before, because I remember I-I wanted to get back in time. So that means that Cassandra confronted you at midnight. When did she drug you? Okay, did you talk? You talked. Was it a long talk, short talk? We talked, we talked, but we didn't talk for long. It was maybe 15 or 20 minutes of talking. I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere, okay? So, you're leaving... right now with a gun? I have to do this. Why do you have to do it now? I'll be back. I promise, okay? [Keys jingling]

Harvey: I know you own an art studio. You got a storage unit and an adjacent loft that you rent out. Yeah. You know an awful lot about me. It's kind of creepy. Well, I do my homework. Plus, it's all public record. Now, that property, that building is in prime location. I'm prepared to make you a very generous offer. You'll be able to move anywhere in Port Charles you want to. Maybe a little closer to home. I-I like where I am. And Franco feels inspired in his studio.

Harvey: Oh, really? So you feel inspired lately, huh? Because I-I saw your last show at the, uh, Jerome gallery, and, uh, it was all older works. I keep up on these things. I can see that. Why? Well, I'm an art lover, and, uh, I don't know too many famous artists that I told to eat their vegetables. Yeah, uh, about that, you know what? I do not remember that at all. Look, Franco. Change is good, okay? You changed your name. You're getting married. Why not complete the trifecta and change where you work? The first hurdle is gonna be announcing your candidacy, okay? We gotta -- we gotta do something that's gonna generate a little bit of buzz, that's gonna create a real impact, you know? Okay. Well, listen, I'll call Monica, and we can set up something at the house. No, no, no, no, no, no. Ned, forget about harbor view road. Those people -- you've known them all your life. Those votes are a lock. Okay, we gotta start this campaign at ground zero, right, where the real battle's gonna take place. Charles Street. Baby, you are brilliant! You see that? [Laughs] You go get the car. I'll take care of everything else. The smartest thing I ever did was asking you to marry me and not taking no for an answer. And the smartest thing I ever did was making you wait till I said yes. Hey, you know what? We need to move quickly before Jim Harvey has a chance to find a corporate partner to help him with this project. Well, I am no one's idea of a politico, but in a pinch, I do know who to call for advice. Meanwhile, you just keep working on your -- on your speech. Okay, thanks. What's wrong? Two coffees to go. Sure thing. Nina? Um, no, nothing's wrong. Um, I think I'm just tired from skating. Here, let's get up. Let's go. Go see your papa. Thank you, Erich. Worth every penny. [Sighs] [Speaks French]

Anna: Valentin? Anna. Breaking and entering again? The door was unlocked. That happens a lot when you're around. You've come by to thank me for my help? Oh, no. Um... see, y-- uh, your time's up. So, I'd like to know the truth.

Do you recognize this? Should I? No. Well, maybe. It's a clock. And I had it on a table in my foyer right next to the door, and it was there on new year's eve when all hell broke loose. What a way to bring in the new year, huh? Right, for us, yeah, tied up, back to back in that storage room. While Cassandra went after Finn. He's lucky to be alive, isn't he? Thank you for asking. He's made a full recovery. And, you know, I questioned him. I asked him if he remembered seeing Erich drug Cassandra or carry her off, and he doesn't. Well, he was drugged himself, wasn't he? Yeah, isn't that convenient? 'Cause, like, there's no witnesses. To what? The fact that Erich didn't drug Cassandra. And -- and -- and this proves it. And that is because...? Because when the police came to my house, there was no sign of a struggle. Somebody had wiped it down, and they had moved Cassandra because she was found in an alley. Did you -- did you know that? Erich Sydney? No, no, he couldn't have done it. Because the -- you see, this clock was on the floor. It was it was underneath the table, and it must have fallen there and got broken during Cassandra's struggle with her attacker. And -- and, you see, it stopped right here at 47 minutes past midnight. But Erich was with us, wasn't he, in the storage room at that time? Maybe you have a defective clock. No. I think that while I was rushing Finn to the hospital, you came into my house and you wiped it down clean, right? But you missed this. [Clicks tongue] Damn. I like the space that I'm in, and Elizabeth's right. It does inspire me. All right. Who am I to interfere with the creative process? How's that for a number? The redevelopment will be moving forward, so please, please get in touch with me when you reconsider. In the meantime, Elizabeth, great meeting you. You, too. Congratulations to both of you. Thank you. Thanks. You sure you don't remember him? My mom kissed a lot of frogs. No reason to remember that guy. The real question is, why does he remember me? All right. Thanks to an assist from my friend at city hall, you are now filed online with the county clerk. Congratulations, candidate Collins. [Laughs] I need more napkins. I hope I can get a good speech ready by tomorrow morning. Uh, well, you'll have to wing that, but I know you're gonna be great. What do you mean? Oh, Ned.

Ned: Hey.

Olivia: Hey, you guys. Hey. Uh, Ned, please tell me that ELQ is not going to back Niagara equities and their plan for redevelopment. Well, Ned is no longer part of ELQ. Really? [Inhales sharply] Yes. I found something better suited to my talents. Well, leaving the corporate world can only be seen as a positive, in my opinion. [Laughs] Welcome to the side of the angels. Funny you should say that. I was about to invite the two of you over to my side. What's your side? I'm running for mayor. And, Laura, as a respected member of this community, I would really welcome your endorsement. Well, um... I'm afraid that's not possible because I am running for mayor. I'm worried about you. Call me -- call me back. [Doorbell rings]

Hi. Oh! Sorry to bother you. Is -- is Anna here? It's no bother. No, she -- she went out for a minute. Oh, do you know when she'll be back? That would be helpful, wouldn't it? Yeah. Maybe you can help me out here. When you were working undercover, were you in Cassandra Pierce's hotel suite? Yeah, a couple of times. Well, given that she did business on the dark web, I'm assuming that she had a computer? She had a laptop. Why? It's missing. You just said I was with you at 12:47. So I couldn't have drugged Cassandra, so I have no motive to clean up. But Cassandra's business associates just had a facility in China raided. They've lost tens of millions of dollars, so maybe they wanted to express their displeasure.

[Door opens]

Who are you protecting?

Charlotte: Papa! Nina took me skating in my new costume, and it's ever so much nicer than the one Cassandra gave me.

Valentin: Is that so? [Speaking French]

Charlotte: But, Papa --

Valentin: No, no, no, no, no. It's past your bedtime, all right? Go take a bath and get your PJs on. Say good night.

Charlotte: Good night, Ms. Devane.

Anna: Good night, darling. You have sweet dreams.

Can we be done here? Yeah. I got what I came for. Anna? Ever occur to you that maybe Finn put Cassandra in a coma? Does it matter? I mean, it's all tied off now. You know, strange as it might seem... it was a pleasure doing business with you. [Laughs] Strange as it might seem... it was. Guys, guys. The ink on your marriage license has barely been dry yet. You're really encouraging your bride to run for office? Well, you're newlyweds yourselves. Why aren't you off enjoying the good life instead of entering the rough and tumble of politics?

Both: Because I love Port Charles. And I want to do what's best for everyone who lives here. Look, somebody has got to fight for this town, and that's me. Yeah, well, the best way to save this neighborhood is to bring it into the 21st century, and I can make that happen. Is it true that you have an announcement to make? This is it. This is it. [Clears throat] Actually, I think this question is for you, Laura. I arranged for the press. So did I.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Maybe Erich destroyed Cassandra's laptop to erase any record of his involvement. I mean, if -- if that's the plan, he failed miserably. All that information is up in the cloud. Yeah, we'll -- we'll find it, and hopefully, it will lead us to the rest of Cassandra's operation. Anyway, um, can you tell Anna that I will call her tomorrow? Okay. [Sighs] I know that you pretended to be involved with Anna as part of your cover. It -- it was Anna's idea. I was just following orders. I know, and I've been in similar situations, you know. I've had to learn the hard way. You know, it's one thing when there's danger in the air and -- and your pulses are just racing 24/7, but when all that stuff just settles down and gets back to normal, whatever normal is... you realize how much you really don't know about each other. Anyway, I know it's none of my business, right? I just... I hope things are different for you and Anna. Good night. Good night. Anna left. She had some questions about New Year's Eve. Oh, my god, she figured it out. Nina! Oh, thank god. I was starting to think the worse. Sorry I'm late. What happened? I'll explain everything later. Just now, I really want to do this. Oh, Valentin, I was so nervous. I was so nervous, I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how to rescue you. How'd you know I needed rescuing? Cassandra told me. Where did you see Cassandra? I wish it could have ended then and there, but it couldn't. Not after you told me what happened.

[Pounding on door]

Anna! Anna! Valentin is missing! I need to talk to you. Open the door.

[Pounding continues]


Cassandra: She's with your husband. What? Anna's with your husband, but not for long. What did you do? Anna will be dead soon. Valentin will live long enough to suffer. I'm not gonna let you hurt him. You're the one that hurt him by making him love you, and I'm gonna kill you and your daughter! Bitch! [Grunting] God!

[Lamp crashes]

[Grunting] No! Ahh! [Sighs] And that was the end of the nightmare. What if the nightmare is just beginning?

When I found you at the Metro Court that night, I just wanted to hold you and never let go. But I'm glad you told me what happened. We have to call the police. No, no, no, no, don't call the police. Promise me, please don't. It was self-defense. She's a wanted woman. She's a known drug trafficker. No, no, no, I already spent time in a mental institution for assault. The police will use that against me. Listen, I'll make sure you have the best lawyer money can buy. No! I'll be with you the whole time. No, no, please -- please don't do that. I have a new life because of you and because of Charlotte. Please, please don't make me go back to my old life. Please don't do that. Please, please. Okay, okay. Shh, shh, shh, okay. I understand. Don't worry, I'll take care of everything. Okay? Stay there. Okay. Close the door, will you? Stand over there, don't touch anything. Is she alive? Barely. Did you go in the living room? No. You sure? There's signs of a struggle in there. I'm gonna clean up to be on the safe side. What about Cassandra? First thing's first. The police are coming. Okay. Get the door, will you? [Grunts] I regret a lot about my past... but it's afforded me certain skills. And I will always, always protect you. I pledge to run a clean campaign and let the people of Port Charles decide who is best for their mayor. Absolutely. A fair fight. And may the best man or woman win.

Olivia: Okay, I think that's it. I think we got it. Uh, you gentlemen have my numbers if you have any follow-up questions, yeah? Thank you. I could not be more proud of you. Next stop, the mayor's mansion. [Laughs] Next stop, the mayor's mansion, I guarantee it. Ned. Jim. This is great news. Thank you. And know that you have my full support. Jim, I think we share a vision of what Port Charles can be. Mm-hmm. Game on. Are you sure? Oh, yeah, I'm sure. Quite a tempting offer. I have a firm rule. I don't do business with people who call me Bobby. Now let's crack that champagne. You and I -- we should celebrate setting a wedding date. Hey, Finn. Hi. Sorry I had to dash off like that, but I got all the answers.

Finn: Good news. The Metro Court had a suite available. Roxy and I are going back to where we belong. Back to normal. Whatever normal is.

Finn. In the past...forever.

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