GH Transcript Monday 1/8/18

General Hospital Transcript Monday 1/8/18


Episode #13946 ~ Anna is shocked; Jordan offers a welcome relief; Nathan confides in Dante; Maxie turns to Lulu; Oscar and Josslyn disagree.

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A rough couple of days for all of you there, thank a yeah, we got lucky with that confession. Yeah. You know, every once in a while, justice prevails. [Sighs] I can't leave you alone for a second. What do you think you're doing? Leaving. No. I-I-I don't remember hearing any doctor saying that you could leave. I'm a doctor. I'm saying. What is your hurry, anyway? I need to tell the police what I did to Cassandra Pierce. I still can't process this. I can't believe that -- you are the strongest man that I know. You're gonna be fine. And our baby is gonna have a father who loves and protects his family. Yeah, but Max, the genetics component has to have crossed your mind. It did. But I'm not worried. I don't think our baby will turn out like Faison any more than you did. What did you just say? I'm sorry, Lulu. We're having a private conversation. What is going on? Seriously, you're freaking me out. It's okay, hon. I mean...might as well get used to saying it out loud. Saying what out loud? Cesar Faison is my father.

[Keys jingle] [Gasps] Mom! [Chuckles]

I didn't hear you come in. Uh, I have no doubt. What is all this? Oh, well, do you like it? It's for the ball. I don't remember hearing about any ball. Any ball? [Scoffs] Mom, this is the mad hatter's ball. It's the biggest school dance of the year. I mean, it's in February, but I wanted to jump on getting the right dress. Oh. Um... okay, well, this is a nice option. It is, but why don't you leave the tags on? You know, in case you find something better. So, does Kim know that Oscar asked you to the ball? Oh, he hasn't asked me yet. But I think he will. He's on his way over now. He says he has something important to talk about. Oh. Oh, my god. I should probably get out of this dress. Yes. I'll be right back. Yeah. Careful going -- oh, my God. Oh my, God. My baby's growing up so fast. [Sighs]

How's Spinelli?

He's still in shock. I don't blame him. Finding out his daughter's new baby brother or sister is related to Faison. That's not easy. It's gonna take him a minute to process. But Spinelli will step up. He'll make it okay for his little girl and for Maxie. He's odd, but he's a good guy. Maybe you should tell him that sometime. Nah, I think it's best that you tell him. I kind of like appreciating Spinelli from a distance. So we're not gonna be able to get any research from him in, what, about 24 hours? Probably not. Then we're gonna have to find some other person to help us find Faison's son. Problem is, I don't know myself. Yes, you do. You might not have dates or details, but you know your own heart. Mm. So... what do you want to do? I want to love you, and honor you for the rest of our lives. You do? I do. Okay, so let's do it. Let's just get married today. You want to start off the new year as husband and wife? Is that what you want? Yes. Yes. 'Cause I love that idea. You want to exchange vows? I'll exchange vows with you before breakfast if you want. Yes. That's exactly what I want. I want whatever is gonna officially make us belong together. Okay, well -- you want to get married again? You want to go to city hall? Yes! Right now? Right now. The sooner the better. Works for me.

I am better. All right. Okay. So then why don't we wait until the doctors agree with your diagnosis, and then we'll leave, okay? And maybe then, we can plan our kind of new year's eve thing that got interrupted by Cassandra. All right? Before I scrambled her brain with a near-lethal injection? Before you reacted in self-defense, after you were attacked. Well, then if it's self-defense, I have nothing to worry about, do I? Listen to me! You're not gonna go to the police about this. You're not gonna tell them what happened. 'Cause you were drugged, okay? And you have no idea about what transpired. I know that Cassandra and I were the only ones there. I don't she didn't inject herself. Look - a woman sustained brain damage because of something I did. You may be able to dismiss things like that, but I can't. Well, that ties up all the loose ends. When you print that out, can you leave a copy on my desk? I'm gonna head to the hospital to fill in Anna. You want me to take care of that for you? No. No, no. Thank you. I just... you know, I gave her a pretty hard time about running this operation under my nose, and she practically crucified herself for bringing in Dr. Finn as an operative. I just... no, I think it's better if she hears it from me that this investigation is over. Finn's still detoxing? Yeah. Yeah, but at least this is one less thing for the both of them to worry about. Look, I just -- I want to get out in front of this before the police figure out what happened and they come after me. Oh! Okay. I-I don't know how many times I need to explain this to you. But you don't have any memories of actually hurting Cassandra, and even if you did, you were just trying to protect yourself. No, I was trying to protect you. She threatened you, and I knew I couldn't let that happen. And I think the police -- they're gonna understand that. No, they won't. Because you're not going to say a damn thing about what happened, all right? [Knock on door]

I'm sorry. Bad time?

Yes. Yes, it is.

Oh, no, no, no. Not at all. Come on in. We were just having one of those annoying circular arguments where nothing gets decided because one person doesn't see reason. Yeah, I hate when that happens. All right. Okay, you know what, Sonny? I'll come talk to you in the hallway. Okay. Because that will give you a perfect opportunity to have a rest. Because clearly you're fatigued, and you're not thinking straight, and you need a nap. What, is this about Faison again? We need to talk to you about his son. His son? Liesl couldn't dodge anymore, so she finally gave up and told Nathan that Faison is his father. Oh, my god. Does she have any idea where Faison could be located? [Scoffs] If she does, she'd never tell us. She gave me up just to hide me from him. Well, of course. It makes sense. I'm with Liesl for once. Why would anyone want to know Faison's location? Because I want to interview him for Aurora. Are you insane? It would make for a riveting read. So would an interview with Beyoncé, which I'm sure would be easier to arrange, and she wouldn't try to kill you. Well, look, why don't we shelf this for now, huh? I think you and the baby have probably absorbed enough stress for one day. I'm going go to work. Okay? I'm fine. And our baby will be fine -- you'll see. I don't know what I'd do without you. Lulu, I'll see you later. Bye. Wow. You really stayed strong for him. I remember how freaked out I was when I found out that charlotte was gonna be a Cassadine -- oh, stop! I'm terrified! Faison is a sociopath. What if our baby inherits those genes? Was that the door? No, no. Oscar's not here. Relax. Um, how are things with him and Drew? They're fine. Oscar and his mom went to the Quartermaines for Christmas. It was cool. Oh, that's great. So Drew and Sam and their whole family were there, huh? Yeah. Well, I'm sure Oscar appreciates that you stood by him. I mean, he did give you that Christmas CD. Mom. Hm? Did you listen to my -- my Christmas CD?

No, no. I did not. I'm just saying that he, you know, took the trouble to make it, and you obviously like it. You spend hours listening to it. Mm-hmm. So it just seems like it's very significant, you know? Yeah. [Doorbell rings]

Oh, I'll get that. I -- I will get that. Thank you. You know, we should really be pros at getting marriage licenses. Only this time, we'll use your correct name. That would be a good idea. I got a driver's license with my real name. Yes, I think I have all the documents.

We just need 40 bucks.

Passports? You got 40 bucks? Yeah. Well, we're over 17 and we're not related, so let's go get hitched. Okay. Okay. Come on, slowpoke. What? We've got a problem.

Yeah, I know, but you got to read the fine print, baby. It said we can't get married until 24 hours after the marriage license is issued. Oh, I hate bureaucracy. Yeah, I know. It does say that we can get a judge to sign off on it. Do we know any judges? Well, I mean, my mom knows some judges. But I don't want to call her because then she would call Molly and Christina and make a big deal out of the whole thing. Yeah, that's right. I want this just to be us. A nice, quiet ceremony, and then we'll put the world on notice. Okay, why don't we go get the license right now, 'cause we have the documents. Want to go? Yes. Want to go? Mm-hmm. Hey. You know I meant every single word, every vow I took with you our first wedding. Every part of you fits perfectly with every piece of me. Sorry to come on short notice. Don't be. Your timing was great. Really? Why? You don't want to know. [Chuckles] Come on. Hi, Mrs. Corinthos. Happy belated new year. You too. Hello. Uh... okay, yeah. I-I'm gonna give you guys some pri-privacy. Okay. Is everything okay? Yep. Everything's good. So what's so important? Something you want to talk to me about? We just confirmed that Faison has at least one son -- Nathan west. Nathan? Yep. When we went to talk to Obrecht, walked in on a family situation, one thing led to another, she blurted out that Nathan was Faison's son. Ugh. How terrible for him. Oh, my god. Maxie. Why are you bringing this to me? Because Nathan's not the son that we're looking for. We know from Britt that Faison ordered somebody to kill me, and they betrayed him by keeping me alive and putting me in the clinic in Russia. Faison referred to that person as a traitor. We also know that Faison didn't write the manuscript, "the severed branch." It was dropped off to him, and he was very upset, right? 'Cause the story was about a son taking revenge against his father, a character named Isaac Refson. That's just another anagram, isn't it, for Faison? We think that Sinclair... is Faison's son. He double-crossed Faison by keeping me alive. And look -- we need to find Sinclair before Faison does. Could there be another woman that Faison had a relationship with? Somebody that was carrying his child? Maybe. Yeah. Uh...yeah, this one woman in particular. Hey, buddy. Hey. 2018 is off to a roaring start. Closed a case already. Congratulations. Yeah. What's up with you? You all right? Maxie? The baby? Everyone cool? Yeah. Yeah, for now. Hope it stays that way. Why wouldn't it stay that way? I found out who my father is. You need to calm down. Okay, stress isn't good for the baby. Yeah, well neither is having a homicidal maniac as a grandfather. So everything you just said to Nathan was -- a positive spin bordering on blatant lies? I don't want to believe that my child's gonna grow up having some depraved personality disorder, and I certainly want Nathan worrying about it either. Well, I get that, okay? Believe me, I do. But of course he's gonna worry about it, just like you are. So this noble act, I don't think it's the way to go. Well, what? You think I should just be blubbering all over Nathan, tell him I'm terrified that our baby might end up like its grandfather? Maxie, that's not gonna happen. Your baby already has the best parents. It doesn't matter who its grandparents are. Yes, it does.

[Door opens]

Don't even think about ordering me back into that bed. The thought never crossed my mind. Commissioner, I-I-I thought you were... I was just coming to see you. Well, I'm glad to have saved you the trip, Dr. Finn. I came to talk to you about Cassandra Pierce.

Talking about, Lulu. Spinelli and I went through the same thing with Georgie. We couldn't obtain Spinelli's parents' medical records, so Ellie and Spinelli were all over it, researching diseases that skip a generation. It's called recession or something. Recessive genes, where both parents have to have the genes in order to pass along the trait to the child. Right. Like blue eyes or hemophilia. Cruelty like Faison's, it's not passed down through DNA. No offense, but you're not a geneticist, so... look at Nathan. Nathan is amazing and generous and wonderful and all of that comes from inside him, and that's what he's gonna pass on to your baby. I want to believe you, Lulu. More than anything, I want to believe you. But how can you be so sure? You know, I always knew there was something off with my mom's story, but I-I-I never pushed it because it never mattered. And then -- and then Maxie got pregnant, and we needed records for the baby, and... I just never thought that this is what we would find. What -- what are you talking about? Who's your father, man? Cesar Faison. What? No. Yeah. Yeah, give it a minute. No way. No, it can't be. Give it a minute. It'll make sense. Give it a minute. I mean, my mother was devoted to Faison, but even she knew he wasn't exactly father material, so she hid me from him. Well, I'm sorry, man. Yeah, so am I. My father is one of the top-10 most wanted criminals in the world. [Chuckles] You know, I even -- I feel different, like, physically. It makes me sick. How do you go forward from that? How do you just forget who your father is? You can't. You got to learn to live with it, and you do. Desiree, you say? She was his henchwoman. Very devoted, would have done anything for him. Hmm. Likely candidate. Do you have a last name? [Sighs] I-I don't remember. I mean, it's not gonna do any good pulling her records. She's been dead for decades. Yeah, but if she had a son before she died, there's got to be a record of it somewhere. I doubt it. Faison is scrupulous about covering his tracks. If there was a woman who had a child by him, then I'm sure there's no trace. Yeah, but it all makes sense. The traitor, Sinclair, the son in the manuscript. We know Faison has another son out there. We just need to find a way to get to him. No, don't do that. Please don't. Just... I'll tell the WSB what you've uncovered, and they'll look into Sinclair, okay? So what are we supposed to do? Just sit back and wait for your colleagues? Just wait. Mm-hmm. I would do that. And I would get on with your lives and be grateful that you have them. Be grateful that you don't have some leering psychopath that's gonna jump out of his hole in hell. Like Faison did to you? Well, that's not gonna happen anymore. Don't you want to be sure? Don't you want to make sure that Faison was tied off for good? Uh-huh. Yeah, I do. But I'm -- I'm gonna let the authorities do that, because they know how to handle that -- yeah, well, I-I can't do that because I need to know why this happened. Why do you need to know? It's not gonna make any difference. I know that from experience. Faison's already taken five years of your life. Don't let him take any more. There's a hell of a lot more she's not saying. So, what's going on? [Sighs] Everything good with you and your dad? Yeah. I think. I, uh -- I just wanted to talk to you about something. Sure. What? Um, I-I -- that book you gave me on Christmas, I finished it last night. You came over to talk to me about "the unauthorized biography of Edward Quartermaine?" The stuff in there is super messed up. There's lies and affairs and greed. I can't believe I'm related to those people. So you hated the book? Not at all. No, I feel like I'm this complex, multi-faceted, legit interesting person now. So thanks. Huh. That's what you came to tell me?

[Door opens]

Um... okay. Dig in. What's going on? Oh, nothing. Absolutely nothing. I thought that Anna would be here. She stepped out from -- but, you know, I can speak for myself. Well, this is something that Anna would want to hear, too. [Clears throat] There's been a development in the Cassandra Pierce case. Commissioner, I know why you're here, and I can make it a lot easier for both of us. Oh? It's time I tell you the truth.

Are you making an official statement about Cassandra Pierce? Yes. Dr. Finn, are you in any shape to do that? Yes, I, uh... I need to get this out. Okay. Go on. Well, my memories of that night aren't very clear, but I'm pretty sure -- okay, w-what Finn is trying to say is that Cassandra was threatening to come after me, but she had already drugged him silly, and he was too incapacitated to do anything about it. Well, that actually checks out. It does? How? We know who injected Cassandra, and left her to die in that alley. [Sighs] Not comparing our situations, all right? There is no comparison, really. No offense. I mean, Sonny is a deeply flawed individual, but he has a code, a conscience. I really have no idea what it would be like to go through what you're going through. You're my friend, man. Input is welcome. I was undercover with Sonny for months before I found out he was my father, and that didn't happen until I woke up in a hospital bed on my back after he tried to kill me. I was rage-filled. Man, I didn't know what to do with it. I didn't want to take it out on my mother. Even though she lied to me, she did it to protect me. That part's the same. But over the years, I realized I got to choose. You know, there's things about my father that... he got to teach me or things that we shared, I chose those. The things I rejected -- and there are many and still are -- I didn't take those on. I mean, the one benefit of finding out who your father is when you're already a grown-ass man, is you already know who you are. Okay, so what? So what do I do? I just reject Faison? No, you don't even have to. You've already done that without even trying. You grew up a rich kid. Privileged, right? You could have turned into an entitled ass, and you didn't. You could have used people as a commodity, to your own benefit, and you didn't. You became a cop. Why? You can say it, I'm not gonna make fun of you. To help people. That's right. That's exactly right. You already chose to be a good man. That's not gonna change. Your baby is going to grow up safe, healthy, and happy. I can't wait to meet the beautiful, kind individual that you and Nathan are gonna raise. And I know this because I know you -- both of you. And I know that you are gonna raise that child in a safe, stable home. Like you're doing for charlotte? Exactly. That's why I fought so hard for custody even if it's shared. The Cassadines are a nightmare. But charlotte, she is the most loving little girl. And yours will be, too. Okay, there is a lot to nurture versus nature. Yeah, that's what I've been hearing. I promise you. You have so much joy ahead of you with your wonderful, funny, exasperating child. Lulu, I'm so grateful to have a best friend like you. I'm even grateful that Liesl gave Nathan to her sister to raise. She protected him from his lunatic of a father. Wait. Faison doesn't know that Nathan is his son? Oh, my god. I've been so focused on the baby, I hadn't even thought about that. I got to go. Wait, Maxie, where are you going?

[Door slams]

Um, a-are you sure everything's all right? Fine. Okay. Fine. Um, give me a shout if you need anything. Did I do something wrong? No, you're just complex and multi-faceted. Are we having a fight? Maybe. I'm sorry. For what? I don't know. We've never had a fight before. I mean, I must have done something, but I'm not sure what. Just go. You want me to leave? Yeah. Josslyn. Bye. Are you okay? God, he's such a jerk! What did he do? He didn't ask me to the ball. Oh. Oh, honey.

[Doorbell rings]

No, don't get it. I don't want to see him. I'm gonna get it. Uh... Josslyn, honey, you're gonna want to see this.

Oscar: This is a place. A place like nothing on earth. [Chuckles] A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger. Well, some say, in order to survive it, you need to be as mad as a hatter. Luckily, I am. Josslyn jacks, will you go to the mad hatter ball with me? Yeah, the time frame is, uh, late '80s, early '90s. Well, I know it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack, Britt, but that's all we got. Thank you. Hey, look, I can talk to Spinelli. No, no, no. He's going through a lot already. If anybody's gonna find this woman, Desiree, it's gonna be Britt. [Sighs] Yeah. I didn't know how hard this would be on Anna. You know what, the kindest thing we can do for Anna is put a bullet in Faison's head, but not until he tells us why he replaced you with your brother. Yeah, I'm not even sure that matters. What does that mean? Look, I want to stop Faison. I want to make sure this guy doesn't ever hurt anyone else, but Anna's right. I mean, answers aren't gonna change anything. Because Sam's staying with Drew? I feel like an idiot. I should have realized. And we thought waiting a day was our biggest problem. No, I know. It just never occurred to me. It's okay. It's fine. It's no big deal. We just have to wait a little bit longer than we thought, that's all. I-I have a way to fix it, I'm just...dreading it. [Sighs]

Confessed to what, exactly? Well, first of all, he swears he didn't know Cassandra's intentions when he held you and Valentin captive. I mean, apparently he didn't have the stomach for murder. But he tried to murder Cassandra? Right. So he states that Anna and Valentin overpowered him -- I did. Well, and left him in the storeroom right there, so he then goes back to Anna's house to confront Cassandra, tell her that he's out. He says that she attacked him with a syringe, which he assumed was a lethal dose of opioids. He managed to turn the tables on her. That's when he heard you come in, and he hid. So Erich is the person who moved her body to the alley? That's his statement. So this chapter is now closed for the two of you. Feel free to live your lives, see what the new year holds, you know? Finn, if you need anything at all from the PCPD, please let me know. Thank you, commissioner. Jordan, thank you for coming here and delivering this to us personally. I wouldn't have it any other way.

[Elevator dings]

Do you believe Erich's story? I don't know. I don't think he had a crisis of conscience. But anyway, his account clears you, and that's really all I care about. All right, so then, maybe the commissioner's right. Maybe it's time for me to see what the new year holds. So, anyway, I'm getting the hell out of here. [Groans] You okay to do this? No time like the present, right? That's what they say. So, uh, you haven't mentioned anything about new year's eve. There's nothing much to say. Nothing? Well, Carly said that something might have happened between you and Sam. I don't know. Maybe.

[Cell phone rings]

Is everything okay? Hi, Jason. I need to see you. Can you come to my office? The sooner the better. All right. I'm on my way. Sam? Yeah. I got to go. Yeah.

[Door closes]

He's on his way over. Do you want me here for this, or do you want to do it alone? Wait, was this all a set up? Lead me on, crush me, then ask me? What? No. I planned to do this. And then I started second guessing everything right before you opened the door. I thought, you know, wearing the hat and quoting the mad hatter might be lame. And you never mentioned anything about the dance, so I started to think you didn't have any interest. I don't know, I mean, you're so unique. Maybe a school theme dance wasn't cool enough for you. Not cool enough? I panicked. So I left the hat outside and started in on the Quartermaine book. Which is still weird. But amazing, by the way. Mm. But when you kicked me out, I realized I was being dumb. And I'd never know if I didn't ask. So I figured, go big... or go home. Well... you really are a little mad. But, um, like Alice said in the book, "all the best people are." So, yes. Yes, I'll be your date. Faison is dangerous and even more so now that Maxie is carrying his grandchild, and I need to find him and shut him down. Well, the department's been working on the case since Britt turned herself in, but between you and me, Sonny's got his guys working on it, too. That's great, but I need to do what I can do to make sure that he doesn't get near Maxie and the baby. Faison hasn't lived as long as he has by being stupid. The guy is probably on the other side of the world right now. Okay, well, then I need to do what I can to smoke him out, so I can put the bastard behind bars. [Sighs] Okay, first of all, I would like to apologize for my rudeness earlier when I tried to kick you out of Charlie's Pub with Jason and Spinelli. Although, I really wish you had listened to me when I asked you to leave, because then the secret would still be a secret, and Nathan and I would never have to know. Okay, Maxie, just relax, relax. Breathe. Have a seat right here. Have a seat. But I need to tell you something. Okay, just breathe first, 'cause breathing is good for the baby -- you know what else is good for the baby, Sonny? Yeah, what? If nobody anywhere ever finds out that Faison is its grandfather. I need you to pro-- no, I need you to swear to me that you're not gonna tell anyone.

What do you think? I think it looks better on you than it does on me. [Chuckles] Looks like everything worked out. [Laughs] Mrs. Corinthos, I'd like to take Joss to the mad hatter ball, if that's okay with you? Oh, as long as she doesn't wear that hat.

[Both laugh]

Yes, I can live with that. I can. Are you gonna stay and do your homework with Josslyn? No, I actually got to take off right now. Oh, okay. I'll walk you out. -All right. Bye.

Bye. Well, here's your hat. I'm really glad you asked me to the dance. I'm really glad you said yes. It's gonna be a special night. What do you mean, the dance? Not just the dance. It's gonna blow your mind. I actually think it would be a lot simpler if I handled this alone. You sure? We want to accomplish this with minimum friction, right? Sure. Well, if you change your mind, I'll be in my office down the hall. Okay. Okay. I love you. I love you. Don't worry. -I got this. -I know you do. Anna knows?! Not only is Anna an experienced WSB agent, she's family. If anybody's gonna protect you, it's her. I suppose, but you didn't even know the deepest darkest secret of all time for a full three hours and you already blabbed to her. Maxie, it's not gonna happen again. What about Jason? If you know anything about Jason, he doesn't talk about other peoples' business. He might tell Carly. And I'm sure she wouldn't do it out of malice, but she could tell somebody else before you know it. No one's gonna hear it from me or Jason that Faison is Nathan's father. Okay, good. You have my word. Okay. [Sighs] I called Spinelli on my way over here, and he promised me he would never ever tell anyone unless and until we decide to let Georgie know, which I can't even think about that right now. Then don't. And do me a favor -- don't go borrowing trouble. Trouble is already here, Sonny. If Faison finds out that Nathan is his son and this baby is his grandchild, who knows what he's gonna do. I can't do anything about what Faison did in the past, but I can put a stop to him now. Well, I'll be right there with you, partner. Hey. Hey. Hey. How's it going? I'm almost done here, okay? Okay. I'll be right back. Okay. Hey, um... I'm looking for Faison, too. I have some contacts and leads that you may not have and you have the same, so... how about we work together and bring him down for good?

Hey, uh, I'm out of here.

Okay. How'd it go with Anna? Uh, good. Good. For a moment, it seemed like Finn was going to confess to attacking Cassandra. Well, that's not possible, is it? One look at him, it's clear that he wasn't able to swat a fly last night, let alone carry a body out and dump it somewhere. Well, we got a signed confession, right? The DA's happy. Everybody's happy. Right? Right. You can't leave without a doctor signing off on you. Anna, I'm better. Look, you see? I swear, all right? I just need to get out of here. All right. I'm not fighting you on this. Oh, oh, thank you. You're welcome. [Sighs] If you insist on leaving, then... I insist on you coming home with me.

[Knock on door]

[Sighs] Hey.

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