GH Transcript Friday 1/5/18

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/5/18


Episode #13945 ~ Nathan jumps to conclusions; Carly is forced to face the music; Nelle is nervous about her first day.

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[Sighs] Do you have a minute?

Yeah. I do. If you hadn't come to see me, I was actually gonna call you. Because of New Year's Eve? Because you're trying to force me back to Jason and you have to stop. Okay, if I can explain, I can -- Carly, you said that you were my friend, and that you were on my side, right? I am. Okay, so, as my friend, I need you to stop. It hurts me to hurt Jason. I am not gonna open that door again, and he knows it. Jason is my past. Drew is my present and my future.

Ava: And now, you'll need to monitor all the gallery's correspondence, and, oh, flag the messages from the VIPs. You'll find them listed under "preferred". Oh, and we see our clients both as walk-ins and by appointment, so you need to keep up to date on the entire inventory, okay? The works, their history, their creators, all of it. I'm gonna spare you the trouble in firing me. I quit. Damn it!

Here, let me.

No, no, please don't. This is totally self-inflicted. I'm in a bad mood, so I'm being impatient and this is what I get. Oh, that is some mood. All right, what happened? Dillon bought me a plane ticket, so I can meet him in Nebraska, halfway between Port Charles and los Angeles. Well, sounds romantic. Yeah, in theory, 'til the blizzard hit the Midwest and all the flights were grounded. But I told myself, you know, I could still be productive by studying all night. Then I didn't.

Why not?

My mom. All right, so, here's what we know. The manuscript is about a son who wants revenge on his father, and the author's P.K. Sinclair. Faison's alias. Right, but Britt said Faison didn't write it, that it just showed up. She said it shook him, and that's why he tried to burn it. You're suggesting the manuscript is a roman clef... a thinly fictionalized version of a real-life tragedy. In the manuscript, the son betrays the father just like the traitor double-crossed Faison for keeping you alive. So, that would mean that P.K. Sinclair, client who was paying Dr. Klein, and the traitor that Faison was after are all the same person. Faison's son. I know you love Nathan. With all my heart. But there's a difference between love and honesty, especially when it comes to you. What do you imply? I'm not implying anything. I'm flat-out saying that Nathan does not believe you're telling the truth about his father. I assure you, the medical records I provided are perfectly accurate. I believe those records belong to my father, I'm just not sure they belong to Victor Cassadine. My father is somebody else, isn't he?

Victor Cassadine is your father. He told you so himself.

Maybe he was mistaken.

He wasn't. That man had completely snapped a bolt. He was siphoning WSB funds to run his own clinic of terror. He was holding robin prisoner, he had a Jason Morgan double, he had Helena and Stavros Cassadine running around. Victor's sanity was questionable, but he was a fine physical specimen. Maybe Victor wanted to believe Nathan was his son, maybe he convinced himself of something that wasn't true. And since he was conveniently dead, you just went with it. To what end? To cover for my real father. Somebody you want to keep secret for whatever reason. [Sighs] Do you have any idea how fortunate you are? You have complete medical histories for all four grandparents, you're both in good health, and the pregnancy is proceeding normally. Above all that, you love each other, you have not been separated by bad choices or random circumstance. Accept that you are blessed. Say a prayer of thanks and stop looking for trouble where none exists. This is gonna shock you, but maybe your mom has a point. [

Alarm beeps]

It's from Amy. DNA test results are in. Huzzah! We are finally making progress. Now, we -- we now know that Faison has a son who is bent on destroying his father. J-just slow down. I mean, the world of literature is rife with examples like these. The bard himself has many variations -- we're not gonna find this guy by reading Shakespeare. We need to figure this out so we make sure we're on the right track.

Okay, so, we know that Dr. Klein was getting paid by somebody to keep me in that clinic in Russia.

Keep you for what? -He didn't say. His job was to keep me sedated...

All right.

Well, it... ...under control 'til further notice. ...It appears the client was trying to keep you on reserve for some future purpose. Well, you screwed this up by escaping, 'cause he had mercenaries chasing after you. He even came to Port Charles to follow up. All right, so -- so, to clarify, the gunplay at the Aurora Media launch and Sam's abduction were a diversion to draw you out so that Klein could recapture you and take you back to Russia. And it appears the client would wish to keep your existence a secret, but you thwarted those plans with your reappearance that was so spectacular. And then Klein got arrested. And remember, he got that last call from the client, severing all ties. One assuming that's the client cutting his losses. And now he's got bigger problems 'cause Faison told him to kill you, and he left you alive. Now Faison knows he's a traitor. Well, is something wrong with Ava? I don't know. She sure seems to have a problem with me. Well, Ava adores you.

Yeah, well, that doesn't always translate into getting along. My mom and I -- whoa -- we have a volatile relationship. She doesn't like to be called on her crap, and I am not afraid to do it, and sometimes we fight and sometimes she sulks, but...on New Year's Eve, she treated me like I was a total stranger. No chance you're exaggerating? No, actually, she treated me like I was some sort of competitor who she was trying to outmaneuver instead of the daughter that she gave birth to, raised, and claims to love so much. What's going on with her? You're quitting on your first day? Well, you did hire me without an interview. Well, I know that you did excellent work for Carly and for Nina Reeves at Crimson. Now, I may despise them, but I know they're both shrewd businesswomen. And I am a good assistant. I can handle your cars, run errands for you, I can keep you organized.

But then I -- I just don't see the problem. The problem is I was studying to be a grade-school teacher. I don't know anything about the art world. I'm not even remotely qualified to work in this gallery, Ava. So, all this, then, this has just been a waste of my time? I'm sorry. You know, I was trying to meet Michael halfway by getting a job. You know, Carly insists that this pregnancy was just a way to get Michael's money, but the truth is... this baby took me by surprise. I admit to manipulating the situation on the haunted star, but I'm not trying to force you back to Jason. I'm not. I am your friend. I'm trying to save you from making the mistake I made and all the pain that comes after. My life is nothing like yours. Okay, maybe not, but would you hear me out? Sam, you know I loved Jax. I did. I felt safe and secure. I was happy, and he was a nurturing father to my kids and our daughter. When I married Jax, I thought we were gonna spend the rest of our lives together. But I wasn't honest with myself or Jax about the hold Sonny has on my heart. And it doesn't make any sense. It's not logical because Jax is a dream come true and Sonny is a nightmare, but it doesn't matter. My first loyalty is always to Sonny. If he needs me, I will be there. If he smiles, I'll cave. If he holds out his hand, I will always take it. I can't stop how I feel about Sonny, and because of that, I broke Jax's heart. Don't do that to Drew. Don't do what to me?

You were busy New Year's Eve.

I was. I don't suppose you came to apologize. I'm sorry I hurt you. But you'd do it again in a heartbeat? Drew, I really want to get to know you for who you are now. But if that doesn't happen, I want you to know that I am still your friend. And I would really like to believe that, but being a friend doesn't mean you get to intervene in my marriage or my family. I was just trying to save you. Save me. From what? A marriage to someone who can't stop loving someone else. [Scoffs] Well, is she right? Let's consider your position here a work in progress, for now, okay? You just focus on what you already know how to do, be a smart and capable assistant, and learn the rest as you go. You'll learn about art in general and, specifically, the artists that we exhibit here. Thank you. I hope I can justify your faith in me. I have no doubt that you will shimmer with knowledge and confidence in no time. Like you do?

Oh, it's all an act. I am really very horribly self-conscious. I lie awake at night and I worry that people aren't telling me the truth. I worry that my scars bother them more than they say. But, I don't have to worry about that for much longer. You see, I had an appointment with a plastic surgeon, Dr. Guerra, about a very special treatment. And if it's a success, then I will once again be the woman I was, and then you will see real confidence. Then there'll be no stopping me. Ava's still worried about her scars. She's not gonna feel normal until her face is fully restored. Did you tell her about your research yet? I did. She's meeting with Dr. Guerra today for final review and to schedule the procedure. Does Dr. Guerra think it's gonna work? He's optimistic. And all I had to do was make some adjustments to the formula so that it was legal for use in this country. Wow. You've given my mom an amazing gift. I really want to be happy for her. You're not? In a couple weeks, my mom is gonna feel beautiful again. She'll be unscarred, good as new, and Morgan is still gonna be dead. The Aurora party was October 27th. Okay. Okay, Britt said she and Faison spent the next month visiting cities across Europe. Once you turned up alive, Faison knew he'd been double-crossed. He went to check on the traitor, see whatever jobs he did for him.

Right, and then somewhere on that trip, the manuscript shows up, written by Faison's alias -- a story about a son betraying is father. So, now, Faison knows that his son is out to get him. -And Faison comes back... -mm-hmm. ...To Port Charles to confront the traitor, but he doesn't. Because Obrecht warned him that you were looking for him. You summoned Obrecht here to question her. Afterwards, she purchased a cell phone carelessly with a credit card, and called Faison. I-I traced the call to divine a location but the call itself must've been a warning for him to flee. Okay, so, if Obrecht knows how to contact Faison, she may know more, right? So, all we have to do -- invite her over again for some espresso and a little chat. Victor was killed when the clinic exploded. If the WSB recovered the body, they disposed of it themselves. There's no trace of his DNA. Yeah, but his nephew lives here in Port Charles. I saw Valentin at Kelly's the day after Christmas, and I yanked a hair right out of his head, submitted it to the lab right along with Nathan's toothbrush. Why such an unorthodox sample? Why not use a swab? Perhaps the test was ordered without Nathan's knowledge or permission, in which case, the results are invalid. Inadmissible, not invalid. They're different concepts. They won't hold up in court, but they're accurate. Don't make assumptions. They could have been tampered with for some nefarious motive. The only person with nefarious motives here is you, and you couldn't have tampered with the DNA test because you didn't know about it. I thought we had come to an understanding, Maxie -- that we could coexist out of mutual love for my son. I understand you, Liesl, better than you think. I know what it's like to lie when you think it's for a good reason, but this is about more than just your feelings here. We need to know the truth because it might affect our child. If you want to protect your baby, you'll delete that e-mail. This is ridiculous. I don't even need to open this e-mail. I already know what it says.

May I help you?

I need to see Ava.

She's not here. Can I take a message?

You're working for her?

That's right. I just started. You did tell me to get a job. I thought you'd forgiven your mother for her role in Morgan's death. Her role was switching his lithium with a placebo, and the more I learn about medicine, the worse that becomes. She purposefully sabotaged his sanity. She wanted him put in a mental institution to keep him away from me. It was a misguided instinct to protect you. Yeah, I know that's what she tells herself, and it's obviously what she told you, but her motive was far less sympathetic. What do you mean? My mom wanted Morgan for herself. They had had an affair -- actually, they had two affairs -- and my mom was insecure and possessive. When Morgan came back to me, she couldn't stand it, so... I mean, she didn't want her young, gorgeous lover with her daughter. The bipolar was just an excuse. Okay, I think you're being, uh, just a little bit harsh. No, I'm being honest. I know my mom regrets what happened, but she's never been honest about why it happened. There's nothing that we can do about it, so we just...ignore it. We pretend like it doesn't exist. Well, maybe when Ava feels more secure, that will change. The procedure's gonna change the way that she looks. It's -- it's not gonna change who she is inside. Look. All I know is that your mother loves you, and I hope in time that love will be enough to heal you both. It's really sweet, the way that you think the best of her. She's lucky to have you. What Carly went through with Jax and Sonny has nothing to do with you, me, or Jason, and I'd like to think that I am not that selfish. You're the opposite of selfish. Thank you. But, you know, Sonny is -- Sonny is different. Sonny wants what he wants and he just goes for it, and he wants Carly. And he went for it. That's it. It's not us. Are you sure? Look, let's forget about doing what's right. I know what's right for me -- making you happy. But you have to tell me what you want. There's no DNA match. Valentin Cassadine isn't my cousin, so Victor Cassadine can't be my father. You lied.

Only in part. The medical records I gave you are accurate. They belong to your biological father. And who is that? No one you need to know about. I do need to know. I need to know for my child. You think I like doing this? You think I want to badger you? You are my mother, and you are an incredibly difficult woman, but I know that you love me. I do, my darling, more than you will ever comprehend. And I love you, too, and I don't want to do this anymore. So just tell me who my father is.

[Door opens]

Ooh! Behold! Dr. Liesl Obrecht right where I said she'd be. I'm sorry. This is an incredibly bad time. You guys need to go. Wh-wh-wh-whoa, did-did you just -- tell the godfather of Port Charles he needs to leave? Yes, I did. And so do you and so does Jason -- which, by the way, I haven't had the chance to say, "hi, welcome back, I'm incredibly glad you're alive," which I really am, but that still means that you need to go. All of you. We're in the middle of a family crisis. Does this crisis have anything to do with Faison's son? Mein gott! How did you know?

One of the artists Ava is showing -- a woman named Marta Evaschen -- donated her piece "Winter Sky" to Morgan's foundation. If the piece sells, all the proceeds go to the foundation. If not, I need to everything, including the piece, sent back to my office. I'll be sure to tell Ava. You do that. You know, wasn't it so generous of Ava to do this for me? I mean, I don't know the first thing about the art world. I was afraid I was gonna have to get a job waiting tables, which would be difficult because I am pregnant and prone to dizzy spells. Hmph, you're prone to something, all right. You know, Ava has been nothing but supportive of me. She welcomed me with open arms. You know, I'm not surprised that Ava took you under her wing just to spite me. On the plus side, you're probably gonna sleep with her boyfriend and rob her blind. I'd say you two deserve each other. Hi, you two.


Hey. Hi. Griffin said you have an appointment with Dr. Guerra. Yeah, I'll let him know you're here. Thanks. Oh, uh...take your time, okay? I need a few minutes with my girl. Okay. What's up?

I owe you an apology. I treated you miserably, and it was completely unfair. I know that I've just been emotional lately, and I overreacted. About what? I thought that you were spending too much time with Griffin. I want what we already have. I do. I want our life with Scout and Danny, and Jake for visits. Oscar, now, too. That's what I want. What about Jason. I want him to be happy, too, but Jason's definition of happiness isn't what I want for him or Carly or you or anybody. He has to choose. And guess what? So do you. Hey, I know that you love me, but you have a whole other past you haven't even started to explore yet. You asked me what I want. I told you. Now it's your turn. What do you want for yourself? Faison was in Port Charles looking for his son, and you knew it. I knew nothing of the kind. You called him and told him we were after him.

Preposterous... -I traced the call. ...And illegal. Arrest them. Faison has a son? We're pretty sure. Why does that frighten you? I'm not frightened. I'm outraged. These miscreants have barged in on a private family moment. No. No, you refuse to tell me who my father is. Sonny comes in and says that Faison has a son, you panic and ask him how he knows. Taking things out of context, jumping to conclusions. All that -- it makes sense now. Not to me. What's going on? I know now why my mother was so desperate to keep the truth a secret, why even Victor Cassadine looked good by comparison. Maxie, I'm so sorry, baby. Sorry for what? What are you talking about? Nathan, please. Leave it alone. My father is Cesar Faison.

I only have one kidney, and I'm pregnant, so if my blood pressure spikes, it could endanger your grandchild. You're right. I shouldn't be making random accusations. I have no idea if you're gonna sleep with Ava's boyfriend. You could just drug him and make him think that you slept with him, or you could record something really compromising and blackmail her with it, too. What gives you the right to judge anyone? I mean, at least I got pregnant with someone I love. You were screwing your own step-father and cheating on him with a drunk. True. I was really messed up when I was your age, but I had one great advantage -- a friend. A friend who believed in me and who found the good in me. But there's no good to be found in you. The only friend you could scrape up was a user like Ava. Any time I spent with Griffin was to help him help you. No, I know that now. Griffin explained to me that he was researching the formula. Yeah, because you say you can't be complete until your face is fixed. He just wanted to do that for you. I just -- I helped him straighten up the lab and I stocked supplies. Well, I'm just very grateful to you both. Yeah, but you obviously don't respect us. Did you really think that we were sneaking around on you? I let my self-doubt get the best of me, and I know that might seem like a lame excuse. Griffin is the first man who's ever wanted me for myself. Just for me. And our relationship is pure. It's real and it's right and I'm afraid it won't last, that I can't be the woman that he thinks I am. Mom, I'm sorry. That sounds really hard, but you have to work that out with Griffin. You can't project your problems onto me. I just -- I need this last treatment, and then -- I just -- I know that everything will be just fine. Are you sure? Because if you're having doubts about your relationship with Griffin, this procedure's not gonna -- it's not gonna fix that. Dr. Guerra's ready to see you now. Are we okay? Yeah, we're okay. Go see Dr. Guerra. I cross my fingers he tells you everything you want to hear. Fingers crossed. And thank you for getting me so close to being myself again. No, it's not. It's not. Faison is Britt's father. And mine... isn't he, mother? We can get another DNA test. Prove that we're full siblings. Don't trouble your sister. It's true. Cesar is your father. Oh, god. That's, um... Maxie...hey, it's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay. -We should probably go. -Yeah, indeed. This is not at all what I thought would transpire. You owe us the truth. I, Cesar. But I have never deluded myself that he -- that he is a good man or was suited to be a father. He rejected Britta. That was her salvation. But when I became pregnant again, I knew that if I had a boy, Cesar would take him. So, I concealed the pregnancy. And when you were born, Nathan, I entrusted you to my sister. I, uh... I desperately wanted you with me, but it was more important to protect you from Cesar. And seeing the man you have become, I know I was right. What we've been through is kind of like an earthquake. [Chuckles] Yeah, one way to put it. Seriously. What I mean by that is that it -- the ground starts to shake and you're first impulse is just to grab onto something as tight as you can. I mean, I -- I know that's what I did anyway, but it's a reflex. It's an instinct. It's not a choice. And now we actually know what we're dealing with, so we need to choose how to deal with it -- not only with our marriage and our family, but with your past. Do you want to find out who AnDrew Cain is? I know where to start. I could contact the navy, reach out to the seals, see if any of the men that I served with would sit down with me, explain what happened. Maybe they start a conversation that sparks a memory. But what if it doesn't? What if I sit across from a man who saved my life and I can't remember anything? Or what if somebody died for me, and I can't remember him. I can't dishonor that memory or that experience -- not just to jump-start my own memories. I can't do that.

And you want to know why?

Why? Because you are Chief AnDrew Cain, and even though you can't remember your service, you know exactly what it means. That goes deeper than memory. It's who you are, and it is who I love.

I don't regret the choice I made for you, Nathan. My sister had her failings, but she kept you safe. Cesar never suspected I had a son. He never had a chance to poison you, to fashion you in his own twisted image, or destroy you if you resisted. I need you to leave now. You're going to have a child yourself. You'll understand. Loving your baby, you do things you never thought you would. I love you, Nathan. And when your anger has cooled, I pray that you can forgive and allow me to be part of my grandchild's life. Max, I'm sorry. No, I'm not -- I'm not. Faison is your father, and that's... horrifying. It's a lot to process. It's gonna take time for us to wrap our heads around it, but I wouldn't change one thing about you, Nathan. Not one single thing -- from your beautiful eyes to your generous heart. Max, he's in my DNA. I mean, who knows what else I inherited. It doesn't matter where you came from, just matters that you're here and that we love each other. And we are gonna give this baby the best of ourselves. Promise me that you believe that. I promise, I promise. It appears that my beloved daughter, Georgie -- light of my life, center of my universe -- is going to have a half-sibling whose grandfather is Cesar Faison. It's not the baby's fault. No, I -- I know that, and I-I-I never implied that. No, I did. When Sam was pregnant with Danny, we thought the father was Franco, and Sam needed me to promise that it didn't matter, but I couldn't because I hated Franco so much that I let it get in the way. Don't make my mistake. These are vastly different circumstances. Well, it's kind of close. I screwed up, Spinelli. You don't have to. Max is gonna need you to tell her that everything's okay. She's gonna need you to teach Georgie to love her sister or brother and not care who the grandfather is. I can do that. I know you can. [Sighs] Well, alas! My extremely disturbing personal development that I have a shirttail relationship with a demented psychopath... Spinelli. ...Only amplifies our need to locate Faison. Does anyone here think that Nathan is P.K. Sinclair? Hmph. Most assuredly not. Okay, that means Faison has another son who he considers a traitor. So, what we got to do is find that son and use him to draw Faison out into the open. At the risk of being intrusive -- what did my mom want? [Chuckles] She wanted to apologize, actually, for being insecure and overreacting. She thought we were spending too much time together. But I'm guessing you already knew that, didn't you? Yeah, yeah, Ava said something to me. I don't really care what she thinks -- unless you think I've been leaning on you too much, and then I would...stop. No, no, no. Not at all. I, uh, I enjoy our friendship. I don't want anything to change. Neither do I. Good, then it won't. Lean on me all you want. Thanks, but if I'm really going to med school, I need to lean how to stand on my own. Wrong. Medicine is a collaborative effort. Every doctor needs all the help they can get. Good news. Dr. Guerra gave the green light. So, uh, he's going to do the procedure tomorrow. Wow. I know how important this is to you. Mom, congratulations. Come here. Thank you. Thank you both so much. Tomorrow it'll be like nothing ever happened to me. I'm gonna talk to Michael about getting you an allowance so you don't have to work for Ava. You know, I -- I like it here. I think there's a lot I can learn. In that case, instead of reading up on art, you should do some research on Connie Falconeri, aka Kate Howard. Ava shot Connie in cold blood and left her to bleed out, and the only reason she escaped prosecution was because the confession disappeared. Ava also switched Morgan's lithium with placebos, and you know that because you caught her in his room. One more reason to watch your step, Nelle. Ava can't deny what she did to Morgan if there's a witness walking around who knows the truth. Ava would never hurt me or my baby. Oh, my god, Ava would hurt anyone if it got her what she wanted. She would kill you, step over your body, and by the time she made it to the door, she would convince herself that it wasn't her fault. That somehow it was an accident and she only had good intentions. I do not care about you, but you could be carrying Michael's baby, and I do care what happens to that child.

[Door closes]

When you're ready to reach out, the men you served with, they're gonna be there for you to help you, no questions asked. I know that. I know that because they are your brothers, and you would do the same for them. And I know that because I know you. Problem is I don't know myself. Yes, you do. You might not have the dates or details, but you know your own heart. So, what do you want to do? I want to love you and honor you as long as we both live. Okay, well then, why don't we get married? Today.

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