GH Transcript Thursday 1/4/18

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/4/18


Episode #13944 ~ Anna pays a visit to the ICU; Amy hopes to have good news for Nathan; Lulu's attempts fall flat.

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But, hey, Faison's a pro. He knows how to avoid surveillance.

Yeah, but the key is in that manuscript "The Severed Branch." I mean, everything we know suggests that P.K. Sinclair was involved and turned against Faison, and now Faison wants revenge. You saying we should use a writer to draw Faison out? Yeah, I mean, if we knew who he was. At this point, the only lead we have in figuring this guy's identity out is in that book. And Faison burned half of it.

Spinelli: Oh! If only you'd counted in your company someone who had the power to reconstruct said literary work. Which, as fortune would have it, you do. -Jelly doughnut? -Mm. [Sniffs] Kelly's? It was the last one. It was a madhouse. I had to elbow a dock worker. Wow, you are fearless. What do you want? What do you mean? Can't I just come by with a token of my affection? Yeah. Hm? You're trying to butter me up. Hm. There's always a reason. Aren't you supposed to be doing a thing with Maxie? I am, but you know Maxie. She would like us to be fashionably late. So, how's work going? Close any cases? Nab any bad guys? You mean like Cesar Faison? Where is everyone? I said 9:45 a.m. It's already 9:43. They're all late. Uh, I'm sure they're on their way. "On their way" is not "on time." Well, perhaps you shouldn't have scheduled this baby-shower location Scout the morning that those people are nursing hangovers. Ah, I see someone overindulged last night. To be honest, all I did was accidentally drink decaf. I scheduled this meeting at this time to avoid to dunnbrettbohrer and klappspaten jockeying for tables. If the hipsters are to be believed, this is just the stylish setting for Maxie's baby shower. Oh, my goodness. You know what? If you put half the energy that you did into lying about J's past into this baby shower, it should be a huge success. So about t hat DNA test you ordered behind my back... not that I don't appreciate the initiative -- oh, well, I appreciate your appreciation. Okay, I just -- I'm also kind of trying to be a little sensitive with my mom's feelings, too. So many jokes just exploded in my head. Okay, okay. Look, all I'm asking is that we maybe limit the amount of talk and questions about whether Victor Cassadine is or isn't my father to maybe our immediate circle. Okay, okay, the subject is safe with me, but I cannot vouch for everyone else. Like who? Hey, guys! Do you really think that I am so transparent as to bring you a jelly doughnut as an excuse to hit you up for information on Faison? I think I can't think of another reason why you would ply me with sugar and check out the files on my desk. As a matter of fact, I was next door filing an for a request for everything that the PCPD and the state police have on Faison. I just brought you that doughnut to be nice. I'm sorry. I feel like a jerk. Mm. And I stand corrected. Of course, if you would like to speed up my research by volunteering your files on Faison, I would not object. I would. Wonder what that's about. Maybe it's your next big story. Or my shot a sole custody. Whatever you have to say can wait. No, you don't understand. I need to tell you. Tell me what? I killed her. Listen to me. No, you listen to me! Cassandra -- I killed her. No, look, you're going through withdrawal. You're not thinking clearly. Stop trying to control the situation and just listen to me. Please listen to me. All right. Okay, go ahead. Go on.

Valentin wasn't wearing cuffs.

No, yet he did not seem happy. Neither did Jordan. Hey, can you come here for a minute, please? You need to watch your step. I am just wondering why the man who murdered my brother is being interrogated again! I'm not talking about Jordan. I'm talking about Faison. I told you, I am going through the proper channels. Okay, what happens if you find them? What happens if he finds out you're looking for him and he finds you first? And you end up disappearing, like Jason did and robin did. Is not going to happen. Baby, please, there's got to be some other great big important story that you can write that doesn't involve you interviewing a guy who's on the WSB's most wanted list. I will consider it. I promise. Do I need to relieve you of your press pass? I am not here on press business. Dante, you're in with me. I am not lying about Nathan's origins. I'm sorry, my apologizes, I was unclear. I'm not talking about the current lie, I'm talking about the lie from before, making him believe that you were his aunt when you're really his mother. Ancient history. Why are you complaining? You got an adorable baby brother. No, what I mean to say is... why did you do it in the first place? Clearly, it is still a sore subject for all involved. So please, for your brother's sake, leave it alone. Felicia Scorpio, my fellow oma-to-be! Are you familiar with the concept of punctuality? What are you hiding, Aunt Liesl? Happy New Year! Did you guys have fun celebrating? Wasn't a conventional celebration. We welcomed 2018 in bed, in sweats, feasting on pistachio ice cream. It was perfection. [Elevator dings]

And on that note, I got to go. Okay. It's sweet. You guys are really happy. We'll be a lot happier once we get the results of that DNA test back. DNA test? Yeah, you know, the one that Maxie asked you to run. [Chuckles] I'm not sure what you mean. Amy, Amy, Amy, it's okay, it's okay. You can drop the act.

Act? What act? I -- Maxie told me. [Exhales deeply] Okay, thank you. So... are the results in? Detective, I'm not certain how appropriate it is for somebody I'm trying to share custody of my daughter with to be present in my interrogation. It's not the first time. Definitely not going to be the last time. What can you tell us about Cassandra Pierce? Well, I can tell you that Cassandra was Anna Devane's project. So any questions about Cassandra should be directed to Anna. So, can I go? Read your WSB file. At least the parts of it that weren't redacted. I hope you found it sufficiently entertaining. Yeah, you and Cassandra, you were partners in crime way back, huh? That's right. I guess that's why Anna found me so useful. Cassandra drugged me. I could hear her talking about how she was going to take me with her, make me work for her. She had a needle. I knew I had to stop her. That's when I lunged. [Grunts] I must have grabbed the needle from her and used it against her. What do you mean, "must have"? I don't -- I don't know. Everything was -- I don't remember everything. I just -- everything was such a blur. What was the last thing you remember, like, clearly? She threatened you. She said she was going to give you a fix. That's when I jumped her. You remember struggling with her? You remember taking the needle? No, but that must be what happened.


Hey! Good to see you. I didn't think you'd be coming all the way from Portland. Well, I would cross any continent to help my friends in their quest for truth. Indeed, I am veritably misty-eyed at the reformation of our fellowship. [Laughs] Aw, like the old days it is. Like I said, good to see you again. Did you know that there's these up-and-coming philosophical theories on the subject of nostalgia? The theory posits that nostalgia stunts progress in human relationships, a position which I vehemently disagree with -- okay, Spinelli. Did you find anything on the manuscript? Oh, yes, of course. The last time we were in touch, you had sent me on the trail of author P.K. Sinclair. That one lead sparked two more.

P.K. Sinclair doesn't exist? I searched high and low, light and dark, and there's been no evidence that Faison's alias has been employed since the release of his last book decades ago. Okay, so who wrote the manuscript? There's more. So I contacted the publisher who owns the rights to Sinclair's properties proposing a new book under the name using the characters. But it turns out, the publisher was already in contact with someone writing a manuscript under the nom de plume "P.K. Sinclair" entitled -- "the severed branch". Just so! So whoever wrote the manuscript has been corresponding with the publisher. Were you able to trace the e-mails? You got a name? Thank you for organizing this little get-together. I certainly hope it wasn't too much trouble. Oh, I would go to the ends of the earth for my grandchild. As such, I want Maxie's baby shower to be nothing less than perfect. And that is why I abandoned the traditional notion of surprise and requested her participation in the planning. And by "request", did you mean "required"? How can she approve of my ideas if she's somewhere else? Ready to plan your own baby shower? Oh, Happy New Year, mom! Happy New Year, Maxie! Run! Save yourselves. Maxie, how good of you to show up. I hope you teach my grandchild more respect for other people's times than you yourself demonstrate. But no matter! Sitzen, sitzen! Nina, you're here.

Mm-hmm, why would I not be a part of the planning for my niece or nephew's shower? No, I know. It's just, can I talk to you for a second? Seriously? It's not even lunch, and you're already starting in on me? I just have something to tell you. I feel like I should do it privately. Okay, well, you already got into it, so you might as well tell me what it is. What? Okay, I just saw Valentin at the police department, and it looked to me like he was in trouble. The lab hasn't finished your test. I told them it was a rush job, but they've got a huge backlog. It's all right. Thank you. I'm just glad that you're on top of it. I'll notify you as soon as the results are in. Thank you, Amy. I owe you. Are you kidding? I owe you for, like, ever. [Laughs] Well, let's say this, ordering the test makes us even, okay? From here on out, nobody owe anybody anything. We're just two friends who help each other when we can. All right? Agreed? Agreed. Great. Well, now that we have that over with, I am actually here on official business. I need to check up on a patient, Cassandra Pierce. Commissioner, let me ask you this, is the victim usually required to defend himself?

You're the victim here? I absolutely am. Cassandra tried to kill me. If you want to ask questions, you should talk to her. Well, Cassandra Pierce is in no condition for that right now. And why not? She's in the GH ICU hanging by a thread. How did she end up there? Found her passed out in an alley off of Charles Street. Apparently a drug overdose. I think she'd had some pretty powerful stuff. You should go. You just told me that you've saved my life, and now you're asking me to leave? Would you believe it's not you, it's me? You should go before I hurt you, too. You're not going to hurt me. Cassandra probably thought the same thing. Whatever you did to her was in self-defense. I took an oath. I can't take another person's life. You didn't kill her. What? What are you saying? Well, Cassandra's not dead.

What's her condition? It's critical. She's unconscious, but stable. Because of the overdose. Right. That I gave her. If she dies, that makes me some kind of murderer. You don't know that. You don't know that it wasn't me who drugged her. But it wasn't, was it? No. Sadly. What I find puzzling is, in between the time that I found you and the authorities arrived, Cassandra went missing. Well, what do you mean? Well, she was found in an alley not far from Charles Street. And it is highly unlikely that she crawled there on her own. Who do you think moved her? I would imagine it's the same person who pumped her full of her own drugs. Cassandra OD'd? Can't say I'm completely shocked. Did you ever see her use? Not recently. How about in the past? My association with Cassandra ended a long time ago. Until you got involved in this operation of Anna's. I honestly can't tell you if she's using or not. See, the thing is, the amount of drugs that were in her system, it appears that the overdose was forced on her. Oh, I see. So you've brought me down here because you think maybe I had something to do with it? Well, let me just say that I have put myself at considerable risk to help Anna build a case against Cassandra to put her in prison. So why would I just turn around and kill her? To protect your family. Well, I'm really excited to hear all of your ideas. So, let's get started. First of all, the venue. What do you think of this establishment? The pub is under new management and has revamped its menu from pedestrian to pretentious. Come! Meet the self-proclaimed chef. Hey, congratulations again on your scoop. Oh, my goodness. Thank you. You know, that means everything coming from you. Why me? Well, it was your election that was stolen. All this time, you should have been the mayor. Well, I look forward to ready your coverage on Lomax's trial. But in the meantime, your career is off and running. How does it feel to break hard news? It feels amazing. Sadly, though, it is now literally old news and everyone keeps telling me that you're only as good as your next article. Right, so what do you have in mind? Well, I have something, and it might be big. Really? What's the subject? Cesar Faison. Due to confidentiality and the like, the publisher was unable to reveal any information about the author of "the severed branch." So you hacked his e-mails. Before we were even off the phone. [Laughs] That's nice, Spinelli. Good work. Except there's not much to these e-mails. The guy contacts the publisher, doesn't ID himself. He just says he has an idea for a P.K. Sinclair novel. Okay, well, let's just take a look here. Take a look? But it seems like in the first e-mails, the publisher's really into it, right? All right. And then the correspondence starts to dry up... okay, okay, right. ...A little bit. Hold on, hold on. And then the publisher's e-mails go unanswered, so what's up? The clue is in the timing, all right? Check the date of the last e-mail that the author sent the publisher -- the one promising imminent delivery of the manuscript. September 28, 2017. That's the day before I broke out of that clinic in Russia.

the PCPD has confirmed that Faison was in the area as recently as early December. Faison was in Port Charles? He was traveling with Britt. She stayed behind. Why would he come to Port Charles if he's a wanted fugitive? That is exactly what I want to know. If I was able to contact him, get him to agree to an interview, it would make my career. No good can come from crossing that man's path. What if my interview gave the authorities the means to capture him? Lulu, they have experts for that. The real question you need to ask yourself is, what do you stand to lose if you put yourself in Faison's crosshairs? Liesl, I appreciate your efforts. I really do. But maybe you could enjoy yourself and not try so hard. Is it obvious, my excess of enthusiasm? It's like an avalanche. A nice one, but -- please understand. For the longest time, I wouldn't even dare to dream of this day. I didn't even allow myself to think of Nathan as my son. To do so would have placed him in great, perhaps even mortal danger. From what? His father. Yeah, but the danger's gone. I mean, Nathan's father is dead and gone. Victor Cassadine can't hurt anyone anymore, right? So is it mere coincidence that the erstwhile author went radio -- or, rather e-mail silent the day before you liberated yourself from yon clinic of doom? I think not. Maybe your escape threw Sinclair's plans out of whack. Further investigation is needed. And to that end, I'm in the process of locating the I.P. Address that P.K. Sinclair used to contact the publisher. So until we get that I.P. address, then we're gonna just be sitting on our hands? Well, not necessarily. I do have one more revelation in store. Okay. Let's see this. Read it and weep. This -- this is the rest of it? Even the part that Faison burned? How'd you get this? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Just let me in there. I want to see my husband. He's being interrogated. Not anymore. And definitely not by detective Falconeri. That's a huge conflict of interest. Okay, I need you to calm down. No! I'm not going to calm down! You're either let me in there or you get him out! Why don't you just let me talk to her? I'm sure her brother has things under control. Now, where were we? Where we you last night? I was being held hostage by one of Cassandra's goons. Anna and I both were. I'm sure she's already corroborated that fact. Yep, she did. But then you escaped. Yes, I did. The first thing I did was contact the sitter, make sure charlotte was okay, then I went straight to the Metro Court where I mercifully found my wife safe and sound. All right, this is what I don't understand. You're so worried about charlotte and Nina being in danger, why didn't you call the PCP? Why didn't you call me? 'Cause I didn't. I was working with one of the WSB's most capable agents. I assumed she had things under control. Well, all things considered. What does that mean -- "all things considered"? Let's just say that recently, Anna's been acting a little distracted. I don't remember anyone else in the house. Well, how could you? Most of the night, you were in a stupor. Or unconscious. The John Philip Sousa marching band could have stampeded through the front room and you wouldn't have been any the wiser. I mean, they did walk right over my head. [Laughs] Look, your memory can't be trusted. But you can trust me. And I am telling you that you are innocent. Until Cassandra says otherwise. I think it's going to be quite some time before she says much of anything. The doctors are pretty concerned that the potency of the drug coupled with the amount that she absorbed has probably done some serious brain damage. My God, if she'd used that on you... or you. How are you feeling, actually? Not half as good as I look. [Laughs] Sorry, I need a moment with the patient. You should go. Uh, no, only Nurse Driscoll tells me what to do. Would you like me to leave, nurse Driscoll? Please. Okay. So, I'm going to go, then. But I'll be back. Well, I've given up on trying to tell you what to do. So, I'll see you tonight. Maybe sooner. I just have something I want to take care of.

Coffee? Remember the day after Christmas when Maxie and I walked in at Kelly's and saw you trying to pull some woman's hair out by the roots? That was a private matter. Right, well, that woman's name is Cassandra Pierce. She was found unconscious today in an alley off Charles Street. Apparently, somebody pumped her full of drugs. Listen, I know it's your job to investigate. But to be clear, that woman is a drug dealer. And she's trying to get people hooked on things they're never going to kick. I know, and it is my job to investigate these things, which is how I know that she's a drug dealer. How do you? So after you and Anna parted ways, you left and went to the Metro Court to meet your wife. That's what I said. Can anyone verify your whereabouts in the hours after leaving the Metro Court? My wife. Now, I've had quite enough for one morning. Well, this isn't over. Well, Dante, it's over for me. So, if you want to talk to me further, contact my attorney. Don't leave town. Fat chance. I happen to know she's a drug dealer because Valentin was working with Anna Devane to bring her to justice. And he shares these things with you? I don't keep secrets from my wife. Hi. Lulu told me you were here. It was nothing, I'm fine. How about you? Are you okay? I'm better that I've seen you. Oh, I promise, we'll have a much happier reunion tonight. I came here to spring you. And I appreciate that. But listen, I got something I got to take care of.

What -- I --

Love you!

[Door opens]

Yeah, this is, uh -- it's a lot more complicated than I thought. You want some more pillows? Another blanket? Thanks. But really there's only one way through this. Same way you did it before, right? Pretty much. Would you do me a favor? Would you get me my wallet? It's in that drawer over there. There's a chip inside. Do you want to hold on to it? Keep you focused? Do me a favor, just get rid of it for me, all right? Just throw it away. Are you sure? It's useless now. I need to start all over. Why don't I hold on to it? I have a feeling you'll get a pass. I doubt it comes as a slip when some maniac poisons you when you're trying to save the woman you love. [Lock clicks] Okay. So, your guard's on his break, and well, the ICU staff are busy, I checked. There's no one watching. It's just -- it's just you and me. I've been sitting in all these waiting rooms and walking up and down the hallways worried about Finn. So I've had a lot of time to think. About how many deaths could be traced to your drugs. How much damage to the people who use them and their families. How many more lives could you ruin if you were given the chance. So here's the bottom line. I just -- I don't think it's worth risking it, you know? I just -- I just think it's better off if you don't wake up.

Liesl: Are you going to weigh in on the menu selections? Oh, I will defer to you and Maxie. Prudent, but unlike you. You're never short of opinions and never shy about expressing them. Sometimes people misinterpret my actions. How well I know the feeling. Like right now. I am trying to do something good, and well-meaning people are stopping me from doing it. For once, you and I are adrift in the same boat. I'm bending myself into a pretzel. But alas, do-Gooding has never been my forte. Well, you gave the world Nathan. They don't come much better than him. No, they do not. So build on that. Build on Nathan. Show your son and the world that you are capable of decency. And how would I accomplish that? Help me track down Faison. [Laughs] Surely, you can't be serious. It would help me. And him. Even if I knew where Cesar was, or how to contact him, why would I? It would give Faison an opportunity to tell his side of the story. All things considered, he may not get another. You're being a very good sport about all this. Well, to paraphrase one of my heroes, I've got to make it work. Liesl has her quirks, but she's family. And honestly, I think she's going overboard about the baby shower to compensate. About anything in particular or just general past mayhem? Well, she really dragged her feet when it came to giving Nathan his father's medical records. Nathan feels like she's hiding something. It is Obrecht, so, you know, she's -- no, it's not just that. Nathan won't say it out loud, but I can tell he's afraid that he's going to pass his father's evil genes on to our baby. So I scanned in the salvaged portion of "the severed branch" manuscript. And then sicced a combination of anticipatory and intuitive algorithms to fill in the blanks. Can you talk English? Okay, so these pages are not actual Sinclair prose but rather my computer's suggestion of how the story was meant to continue. So you're telling me that your computer read the first part and then kind of just made up the rest? Alas, the program can only realistically predict the gist of what would happen in the next chapter or so. It can't recreate the whole story all the way to it's conclusion. Okay, hold on. This may be enough. Because we don't need to know how it ends. We just need to know what it means.

Lulu, wait. If you did land an interview with Faison, would you reveal his whereabouts to the authorities? Share the things that he told you off the record? Damn right I would. I may be a reporter, but I am also a Spencer. I will tell that maniac anything to get him to talk. Then I'll turn him in, and I'll sleep better for doing it. Well, I don't have any leads, but if I was looking, I would start with spoon island. Well, I remember that he and Obrecht hid out at Wyndemere when they were holding robin captive. You really think that he would go back there? Well, Faison has a long history with Wyndemere. When he first came back to Port Charles, he swindled the island away from Ned. So, he must know that place as well as Nikolas and Helena did. He could hide out there forever, and no one would know. If Cesar Faison is anywhere near Port Charles, that's where you need to start looking. There is my schwiegertochter. Did you just call me a sausage? [Chuckles] I couldn't help overhearing you with your own mutter just now. Is Nathan still obsessing over his father? I wouldn't say he's obsessing. He's just worried, the way any father-to-be would be. But what reason is there for fretting? Those records are accurate. Why does Nathan doubt them? Does he question my love and concern? My devotion to my grandchild-to-be? Liesl, there's nothing to get upset about, okay? The DNA test is gonna confirm everything. What DNA test? Sorry for making a ruckus, and I'm sorry for being a major pain in your ass. It's okay. It's okay. Just worried about your husband. Which, uh, begs the question, everything okay? Now that he's been released, everything will be fine. Yeah, except that when we let him go, he kind of just left you here, so... what gives? You're back. I told you I would be. Where'd you go? To see Cassandra. What for? I wanted to make sure she'd never hurt anyone else again. Oh, Anna, what did you do? Uh, is this Cassandra Pierce's room? It was. What happened to her? Probably shouldn't be telling you, but I'm betting it'll be on the news. The patient was released to the custody of the WSB. The WSB? Where did they take her? Wherever they take comatose drug traffickers. She never came to? Are you kidding? After that overdose, she's never coming to. Don't worry. I didn't kill her. Is that the truth, or are you just saying that to make me feel better? Don't get me wrong, I thought about it. I came this close to finishing her off. But I didn't. I called Robert, and I've had her moved to a secure WSB medical facility. And after she recovers, what then? I don't know. I mean, I-I-I think it's unlikely that she'll regain consciousness. Really. Um, if she does, the bureau and I will make sure she never harms another soul in her life. Okay. So I guess we did good. We did. Only have one regret.

You do? What?

We didn't get our New Year's Eve. We've always got next year. I do not understand. What is this DNA test you speak of? The one that I set up to prove to Nathan he's a Cassadine. Valentin had to go somewhere. I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for it. Isn't there always? Listen, let me worry about my husband, please. I'm not worried about him. And you, you worry about that DNA test. I am worried about that DNA test. Why? Do you know something? I know that Liesl is a pathological liar. Which begs a pretty big question -- if Victor Cassadine is not your father, who is? Indeed. The manuscript may well tell us all we need to know. To wit -- the author pits a character based on Faison against a newcomer. A power struggle ensues with the Faison character trying to stop the newcomer from tearing him down, from taking over everything he built. Now listen to this. So Isaac Refson, the Faison character, says to his rival Octavian, "it's been you all along. You stole everything from me," but Octavian replies, "If only you'd opened your eyes sooner, you might have saved yourself... Father." If Isaac is a stand-in for Faison... that means that Octavian might be a stand-in for the author, which begs the question, did Faison have a son?

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