GH Transcript Wednesday 1/3/18

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/3/18


Episode #13943 ~ Jordan tracks Anna down; Franco's confusion grows; Michael and Ned meet.

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What are you doing? What is that doing here? This was just delivered. Well, we got to send that back. Too late. It's all yours. Again.

Hi, darling.

Hi! I am so happy that you asked me to have breakfast with you. Yeah! I just don't know why you asked me to meet you here. Oh, don't worry. Julian's not in yet. And besides, the avocado toast is addictive. My treat. Oh! Are you sure you want to buy breakfast for all of us? All...? Hey, guys, order whatever you want. My mom's buying.


Thanks, Alexis.

All right.



How you doing, Curtis?


Hi, Alexis. Hi.

Good to see you. Well, you will be happy to know that I already ate breakfast. I ran into Curtis at Aunt Stella's. We both went to go check on her this morning. Everything okay with Stella?

Well, her heat's back on.

For the moment. Still only a matter of time before the landlord pulls another stunt to drive us all out. [Sighs]

Why do I have the feeling that I'm not just here for breakfast?

Molly: You're not. We want to take our landlord down, and we need the best lawyer in town to do it. And that's you. Hey, glad to see you two gentlemen starting off the new year right. What can I get you two? A coffee? Yeah, um, regular. Decaf. Eh, good man. You got to pace yourself. You hear, Michael? [Chuckles] [Mouthing] Be nice. Hey, I want to, uh, thank you for agreeing to this meeting. I know you have some doubts about the Charles Street redevelopment. See, I don't want to sacrifice the character of the area for the sake of redevelopment. Okay. But there is a way to preserve the character and still improve the property values. Mayor Lomax seemed to think so, but she didn't actually care about the people living in the neighborhood that could be forced from their homes. Lomax is out. There's a special election pending. [Sighs]

So it's a whole new ball game. I don't -- I don't see this as a game. These are people's lives. Look, I need to make sure that we are not pitting ELQ against the residents of Charles Street. Okay, I want you to take extra-special care of the gentlemen at table 4. Okay? Thanks, honey. You really have a knack for this business. And you didn't come all this way to compliment my management skills. Mm, you know, that's another thing I appreciate about you -- your honesty.

Hmm. What do you want, Julian? Mm, you know, same thing you want -- what's best for our son. That means more time with his father. [Monitor beeping]

Jordan: Anna.

Oh. -Hey. I thought I'd still find you here. I brought you a cup of tea.

Thank you. Thank you. Any word on Finn?

He's stable, thank God. [Indistinct conversations]

Cassandra forced a dose of synthetic opioids on him. I mean, she should be charged with assault, right, and -- and -- and attempted murder. Well, first we have to find her. What? Cassandra Pierce has disappeared.

Hi. Hi. So, I was thinking...

Mm-hmm? ...What do you say we skip the sightseeing tour and, uh, explore each other in our charming casita? We have the rest of our lives for that exploration.


But I really -- wouldn't it be a shame if we didn't get to see the Mayan ruins? Nah. Next time. I want all the time I can get with my lovely new wife before she becomes the mayor of Port Charles. You remember how freezing it was on Christmas? The landlord turned around and did the exact same thing again last night. It's off again? Well, it just came back on this morning, but cutting the heat isn't the only thing. Our landlord refuses to do basic maintenance and repairs on the building. It's harassment. Well, honey, unfortunately, negligence isn't necessarily harassment. Messing around with the heat isn't harassment? Well, you'd have to prove that it's deliberate intent. You're gonna have to keep a record of each incident and how long the service was denied.

Okay, done.


We will document everything.

Good. Then you need to write a letter saying that you know your rights, that turning off the heat is illegal, and you expect the situation to be remedied immediately. And then what? We -- we sue, right? Um, you want to tell them, or shall I? Tell us what? You can take this guy to court. You can prove your case. And most likely, he'll probably end up just having to pay the fine. In other words, all he gets is a slap on the wrist. And we get...Scrooged? Michael, I share your concern about Charles Street.

Do you?

Yes. All I ask is that you keep an open mind. [Door opens]

Here's Jim. Jim.


Good to see you. -Ned, how are you?

Good to see you. Michael, this is Jim Harvey of Niagara equities. Uh, no introduction necessary. I recognize Michael Corinthos. How are you? I admire the way you've, uh, led ELQ, steered it, you know? You've -- you clearly have the vision of a much older man, doesn't he? [Chuckles] Yes, I've, um -- I follow Niagara equities. I'm well aware of its reputation for, uh, closing the deal. It's better to apologize than ask for permission, right? [Chuckles]

Right. Look. Let's, uh, get down to business, shall we? Let's make this very simple, okay? Niagara takes pride in finding properties that are diamonds in the rough and turning them into precious gems. And I think that's the potential that Charles Street has. Well, ELQ shares that vision. Don't we, Michael? You know, I'm -- I'm reminded about something that, uh, your mother -- uh, my aunt Tracy -- said about diamonds -- that even the most expert jeweler has to be careful when cutting them because one little slip, and you can shatter the entire thing. Isn't that right, Ned? So, according to Ava, the painting doesn't fit with the dynamic of her upcoming show, and she doesn't want the liability of storing it, so she's returned it. Great. Let's hang it here in the house.

No, no, no, no. -Maybe upstairs. I'm not -- not -- not hanging that painting in this house. -But you like this.

No, I-I used to like it. Now it's just a monument to my mother's secrecy, like that card that she just sent. [Sighs] You know, you have been a little distracted ever since this showed up. Stirred up something in you, didn't it? Well, my whole childhood, I didn't know what was true and what wasn't true. This is just serving as the latest reminder. Look, I know Betsy's your mom, but maybe it's a good thing she took off. You know, at least she took all the negative energy and her secrets with her 'cause we -- you and me -- we deal in the truth. That's our family way, right? Right. Mm, I'd love to finish this.


But I have to get to work.

Oh, come on. You can call in sick, right? [Laughing] No. Take a personal day just -- just once? Take advantage of my absence so you can rest and recharge 'cause you might need this energy for later. Promise? Promise. Okay, I really have to go 'cause I'm gonna be late. [Door closes]

No! When I left my house, Cassandra was lying unconscious on -- on the floor of my foyer. She had a needle sticking out of her chest. She was out! There's no way that she roused herself and walked off. I don't know what to tell you, Anna. I mean, I got the call from you. I dispatched a unit over there, and then the cops on the scene -- they didn't find a body, no sign of struggle, no syringe. I mean, if you hadn't seen it with your own eyes, I would have thought the whole thing never even happened. Oh, that sounds like a professional wiped down the scene. Uh, what kind of professional? Because right now I'm dealing with a missing woman, alleged assaults on you and Valentin Cassadine, and Dr. Finn is recovering from an OD. What the hell kind of operation have you been running in my town? Uh oh.

I mean -- I mean, I really am flattered that you think that I'd be a good mayor, but -- I don't think you'd be a good mayor. I think you'd be a great mayor. [Scoffs] You are uniquely qualified for this job. Well, thanks, and I have every intention of continuing to fight for the Charles Street neighborhood. I really do.

Good. But can we table it for the moment? 'Cause I really am excited, and I-I want to cram in as much adventure as we possibly can...


...Into our honeymoon.

All right.

And I'm very excited about seeing the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum.


So I have this guidebook. If you could just get that sunblock over there, and we can just be out of here.

So, let me get this straight. You had a WSB operation against a major drug trafficker in my jurisdiction, and you never even thought to give me the heads-up? And what possessed you to involve Dr. Finn? Um, you know, he -- he -- he could gain access to Cassandra for me because she's a hypochondriac, and he's a world-renowned specialist. And it was kind of like a match made in heaven. And after we had got her back here in Port Charles, I did try to cut him loose, but he -- he wanted to stay involved. And he was a really good operative. He -- he managed to gain her trust. And, um -- and he -- he sort of led her to believe that he could create this synthetic opioid that was gonna give her an edge on the market. Yeah, but you know what, he made a mistake somewhere. I mean, how else would she have gotten wise? He didn't make a mistake. I did. Don't push your luck, Julian. I let you tag along on Leo's visit to Santa Claus, remember? That was in December. I want... I need more time with my son. I realize that this is a foreign concept to you, Julian, but Leo's needs take precedence. Doing what's best for him comes first, okay? You're obviously incapable of doing that, so I'm gonna have to do it for you. So we can set up -- -why do you get to decide? Because I still have full custody. Because I was in prison. You said it. I didn't! Well, I've been exonerated. I'm rebuilding my life. In fact, I even bought my own place of business. Speaking of which, um, where do you order your, uh, linens and your beverage services? [Knock on door]

I thought you were visiting Dillon in Nebraska. Yeah, that was the plan. [Sighs] I'm so angry I need to break something. Do you have a vase that you don't like, or maybe a chipped bowl? Here. Knock yourself out. Wow. Here you go. [Sighs] You feel better? Not really. [Chuckles] Sorry I ripped up your card. No, it's cool. One less thing I got to do now. What's got you so freaked out? I got to the airport, and there was another storm in the Midwest. So all the flights were either delayed or just completely canceled. Dillon had to get back to LA, and I had to get back to studying, so, pretty much just... fate hates me. You and me both, kid. I thought my mom was gonna sell that for you. Me, too. Thing's like a karmic boomerang. Just keeps coming back. Maybe there's something it's still trying to tell you. [Monitor beeping] [Sniffles] Anna, I just found out Finn is on my rotation. Oh! Oh, thank god. Oh, he's gonna have the best. His chart says he overdosed. Oh, no, no, no. He didn't. I mean, uh, it was forced on him. Uh, he was helping me with an investigation and the target was a drug trafficker and she turned the product into a weapon. Oh, okay. I'm gonna check on him, and I'll be back with an update. Thank you. [Monitor beeping] [Elevator bell dings]

Still no sign of Cassandra Pierce. What? I'm gonna bring in Valentin for some questioning. Oh, he's not gonna know anything. I mean, he spent most of the new year's tied up on a chair right next to me. This is under my jurisdiction now, Anna, okay? And I will run things from here.

Okay. Okay. Including questioning you.

Sure, sure.


Yeah? -He's awake. He's asking for you.

Is that okay?

Yes. Go. Okay. [Monitor beeping] [Sighs] Relax. I'm not contagious. I'm so sorry this happened. I'm sorry I pulled you into -- I'm sorry I blackmailed you -- Anna. Shut up. Hey, I wouldn't change a thing.

[Chuckles] [Sniffles] I came home. I mean, I-I came back... to your place. We were gonna celebrate. When was that? How much time have I lost? Oh, it's just -- just -- it was just last night. Oh! Good. That's good. But Cassandra was there instead of you. [Monitor beeping]

She did this to me. I didn't use. No, no, I know. I know. I know. I-I never thought that for a second. I...I'm so sorry you have to go through all this again. But it's great you're here because the doctors and nurses -- they -- they know your history, and they know how to treat you. [Monitor beeping]

Who found me? You? You brought me here? [Chuckles] Yeah. Damn straight. I wasn't about to let you get away with all that mess without you clearing it up. [Chuckles] [Monitor beeping]

You want to tell me about what happened with Cassandra? She knew about us. She knew everything. She blew this white powder in my face. She said she was gonna keep me on drugs, take me away so I could keep working on the formula. God. Is that when you found the strength to just fight back? Mnh-mnh. Not until she threatened you. That couldn't happen. I couldn't let her...hurt you. This is an artist's rendering of the proposed Charles Street redevelopment. Now, as you can se, there'll be luxury condominiums as well as office space. Note, we'll be incorporating existing architecture whenever possible, preserving the building's facade. That is very important to us, as well as a few landmark and preservation associations. Love it. Keeping the character on the outside, but gutting the inside, making everything state-of-the-art. You got it. This is the concept we've used throughout the country with great success. It's visually less disruptive, and, uh, when it comes to the signature structure, that ties it all together. All brand-new. Now the most exciting part of all. The ELQ arena. Naming rights on the new arena? That's right. The ELQ arena is designed to host professional hockey, basketball teams, but more than that, it will be the go-to venue for concerts, conventions, other high-profile events. Jim, this is very impressive. [Sighs]

I agree. Your, uh -- your design team has thought of, well, almost everything.


Mm-hmm. Almost. Now, what happens to the residents of Charles Street, the people who call that area home? Now, will they, uh, be incorporated, too, or will they be forced out of their homes to pave the way for the, uh, ELQ arena?

Molly: I still don't understand how a landlord cutting your heat isn't considered harassment. Well, it is if you can prove that it's intentional. So it's probably likely that this landlord is doing this to other people, so find out who they are, form a coalition. If there's enough of them, you can get a class-action suit, and that way, if you prove your case, the landlord will get more than a slap on the wrist. He'll go to jail.

Well, that would be amazing. But unfortunately, we've never even seen our landlord. Yeah, it's just a management company. How do we go about getting the proof that we need to nail him? You don't. I do. Anna. You know, um, I still have some questions about this operation. Well, it's your investigation now, isn't it, right? How did Valentin Cassadine get involved? Well, he has a history with Cassandra. I mean, it -- it's alleged, obviously, because he's such a genius at covering his tracks. So I went to him, and I asked him to be an operative for me. And why would he comply? Because Cassandra wanted him to work for her. And she threatened his wife and child. Okay, well, do you know what happened to Valentin after you guys broke free and tied up Erich? I don't know. I mean, I suppose he went to Metro Court because New Year's is his and his wife's anniversary, and he went into great detail about that while we were trying to break free. What about you? I went home because I was worried about Finn. And that's when I found him and Cassandra. Do you have any word on her?


Do you have her?

No. Not -- not -- not yet. Why don't you have her in custody? I'm telling you she was incapable of moving. She couldn't move. That -- one of her associates had to have come and got her, and she's probably fully recovered now, which means she's gonna come after Finn. You need to get her in custody. You seem to be, uh, really worried about him. Of course I'm worried about him. He's my responsibility. Maybe you feel more than responsibility where Dr. Finn is concerned.

Can I help you? It's me. Jamie. I'm not good with names. Celeste! I trained you. We share a locker.

Moose man!

Yo. He gets two name your price tools. He gets two? I literally coined the phrase, "we give you coverage options based on your budget."

That's me.



You're back from Italy. [Both smooch]

Ciao bella. I know. I-I still can't get over it. It was amazing. That culture is, what, 2,000 years old? Is that what they said? Mm-hmm. And they built whole cities and -- and all those beautiful structures and the sculpture -- all of that without one metal tool. And it's all standing today. It's amazing. I know, it makes you wonder why we can't preserve our own little corner of the world, doesn't it? Where are you going with this, Kevin? The good people of the Charles Street district are fighting for their neighborhood. Bonds built over years, in some cases, generations. They could use a leader who's sympathetic to their cause. Kevin, for the last time, I don't want the job.

Well, the job wants you! -[Laughs] Besides... what's this? Oh, I can prove to you... [Laughing] What? ...That your destiny is to be the mayor of Port Charles. It's very pretty, but...what does that got to do with me?

This pot?

Yes. This pot is the key to your future. We can't afford a PI. We barely have enough money to hire Alexis. Do you honestly think I'm gonna charge you for this? If I take the case, it'll be -- -pro bono? Because I'm a pissed-off mom. Yeah, ditto, without the "pissed-off mom" part. But, yeah, I'm all for family helping family. Thanks, Uncle Curtis. Well, you know what, before you thank me, y'all need to understand something -- that while I try to work within the law, I'm probably gonna have to work in the gray area, and, you know, ruffle a few feathers. Fruit of the poison tree doesn't do me any good. What does that mean? It means if he goes and does stuff illegally, I can't use it. And until I present that airtight proof, maybe it's best that you don't ask, and I won't tell.

Hey, whatever it takes, right?

Right. Think you can live with that, Counselor?

You bought a bar?

Charlie's Pub on Charles Street. It's a local landmark. Is there some kind of a law against an ex-felon owning a liquor license? Well, perhaps, but I'm not an ex-felon, since all the charges against me were thrown out. I'd thank you to remember that, so, you know, I don't have to keep reminding you. Well, whoop-de-do! I guess now you're some kind of paragon of virtue? No, just trying to put down roots in the, uh, community. Charlie's Pub is a cornerstone of Charles Street. I think we've proved that over the Christmas holidays when we took in folks from the local homeless shelters.

Oh, Julian Jerome, the man of the people! What's your angle? My angle is I'm trying to provide a stable lifestyle and eventually a stable home life for my children. Look, Olivia, the truth is, I-I want Leo to be proud to call me his father, not your Quartermaine trophy husband, but his real father. Ah, thanks for the bacon, ted. [Chuckles] Who was that? Absolutely no one. Now, where were we? Discussing the high cost of progress. Yes. Um, Jim, I assume some provisions will be made for affordable housing? Yes. My firm will work with ELQ and the city to do what's best for everyone. I mean, this isn't the first time we've encountered pushback from the community. So, I mean, your former mayor -- [Chuckles] She supported our vision. Well, thank you for meeting us for breakfast, and, uh, we'll give your proposal some consideration. All right. Well, take your time, but not too much time. We have other meetings set up with potential investors, and, uh, you're the first choice, though. So, uh, please, any questions, please don't hesitate to call, right?

Thanks, Jim.

All right.

We'll be in touch.

Talk soon. Are you trying to kill this deal? There's no deal until I know it's good for ELQ. Of course, it's good. It's great. Okay, Ned, since I've taken the helm, ELQ has remained profitable and shown great growth potential. But also I've worked hard to ensure that ELQ remains a good corporate citizen. I am very proud of that. I-I-I don't think that you see that as anything important. Corporate citizenship also includes taking care of our employees. To do that, we need to turn a profit. Charles Street Development is gonna make someone a boatload of money. I'd like it to be us. The best thing that could ever happen to this painting is I destroy it.


What are you doing? Kiki, don't do that. Give it back. No, not until you promise not to destroy it. Why shouldn't I destroy it? Because it means something. It doesn't mean anything good. Franco, when you got back from New York, all you wanted was a clean slate so you could get back to your art, but it has been months, and you haven't painted a single thing. I've been busy. Or maybe whatever it is that's bumping around in your past is still bumping around in your present, and this painting reminds you of it. I think the two of you have some unfinished business. Finn's a close friend. You know, I care about him, and of course, I have feelings about what's happened to him. Of course, you do. [Phone ringing]

I had Finn plant a-a bug in Cassandra's phone. And it was a-a simple, straightforward bug because he's not an experienced operative, so obviously... but a simple, straightforward bug is just so much more easy to detect. And that's what Cassandra did. And she realized she was being betrayed, and she targeted Finn. [Cell phone ringing]

I have to take this. Okay. [Sighs] Anna. Hey. I don't know all the details of what's going on, but I do know something about Finn. He pretends to be impervious to everything. He views the world as one big, ironic joke. I know. But I saw how hurt he was when Hayden walked out of his life. Sure. He is susceptible to the same feelings we all share. Elizabeth. No, wait, just hear me out. Life is random and it's uncertain, and what gets us through are the people who we connect with, the ones who matter. And if you and Finn have a chance at happiness together, maybe you should go for it. No, I'm still at the hospital. What is it? When? Where? Okay. Yep. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Thank you. Thank you. I'll be in touch. What is it? Dante just got word...

Yeah? ...Cassandra Pierce has been located.

Thank God. Okay. Good.

You see this symbol?

Yeah. That's the symbol for marital bliss. Good to know. Mm-hmm. This one -- this one is the symbol for the world at large. So, you see this? The private and the public. See how they go together? That's amazing. You -- you can really see all of that from that? Well, it takes years of study. [Both chuckle]

But that's not the most important one. The most important one is this. A sunflower. The sun. Oh. Sorry. [Chuckles] You see, the legend goes that if they don't have someone good and wise to lead them, then the private and the public worlds could collide or fall apart. Hmm. A civilization could disappear.

I see.

Mm-hmm. -That's amazing.

Yeah. Really amazing. May I? Wow. So, did you find this somewhere amongst the rubble over at the ruins? [Sighs] Y-yes, and if they knew I had that, they could lock me up. What is this ancient hieroglyph right here? "Made in Taiwan"?

Oh, forget the pot for now!

Hmm. Just -- just the point is you can do this job! [Chuckles]

And you'd be great at it. And if you decided to commit, I would give you all my support. I will make phone calls. I'll ring doorbells. I'll shake hands. I'll even kiss a baby. [Laughs] I'll wear a t-shirt that says "first...dude" or whatever it is they call the mayor's husband. But you have to want it. That's up to you.

Alexis: I'll tell you what. What you don't disclose doesn't concern me. Fair enough. I can't wait to stick it to this sleaze. Yeah, he really messed with the wrong people this time. All right, you guys. Settle down. You two, just keep your heads down. Let Curtis do his job. Alexis is right. Uh, I don't want you all tipping off this landlord, all right? So just keep everything on the hush.


Hey, guys. Happy New Year. Everything good? Yeah. Everything's good. Thanks. Good. So, you want to get started? You could check out all the code violations at our building. All right, cool. Yeah, mom, do you want to come, too? Uh, I-I got to deal with the check. Uh, you guys go ahead. Okay. Let's go. Phew! So, you want to talk about it? Nope. I didn't think so. Ned, come on. Did you forget grandfather's cardinal rule -- never seem too anxious. Look, Harvey needs us way more than we need him. What if he finds another corporate partner? Oh, he's bluffing, Ned. Come on, that whole naming rights to the stadium thing? That's -- that's not a vanity move for the sake of ELQ. They want the Quartermaine name as a stamp of approval for the entire redevelopment scheme. They can't buy that kind of endorsement. Then give it to them! We don't have all the specifics yet, Ned. Okay. So you would risk losing this deal so you can save a few crumbling apartment buildings, when you know that someone else is just gonna tear it down and rebuild anyway? I'm not saying no to the project. I just -- look, we don't need to take Harvey's first offer. We have the upper hand right now.


What? It's a great offer. Hey, hey, hey, hey, guys, guys, everything okay? You brought me back to ELQ to handle new business and acquisitions. I hand-deliver a winner... -look -- ...and instead of sealing the deal, you sit on it. I just need some time to go over this. Well, that's a mistake. There is no such thing as a perfect deal. There's only the best deal you can negotiate. Look, I'm the CEO here, okay? So my decision is final. Well, you can shove your title, and you can run ELQ into the ground if you want to... without me because I quit! If you like this painting so much, I want you to have it. No. I think your karmic boomerang is here for a reason, and only you can figure out what that is. By the way, that bag is full of Christmas gifts for you and your family. "You and your family." I hope you realize how lucky you are to have Elizabeth and her kids here with you and not three time zones away. I'm a lucky guy. I tell myself every day. Then whatever's haunting you, whatever it is that you're dealing with, deal with it before you lose the best thing that ever happened to you.

Anna: Hey, Elizabeth. Are you done in here? Can I -- can I stay in here?

Oh, yeah. He just drifted off to sleep. Oh. [Monitor beeping] [Breathing heavily] [Monitor beeping]

There's something I need to tell you.

And TJ have an issue with this so I'm glad they're standing up to him. He's a bully, and I'm glad that they're standing up for their rights and they're standing up for the rights of other people in the community, and I'm really glad that Curtis is gonna help them. He offered to help. But what, you're afraid they're in over their head? Well, they may be. I mean, a lot of these landlords are pretty rough around the edges, and I don't know what she's dealing with. Well, that landlord doesn't know who he's dealing with. Well, you know, it's not like Curtis can be around all the time. Uh, you know I am right across the street from Molly and TJ's building. I can keep an eye on things. Unless, of course, you prefer I don't. Yes, it's probably best if you don't. So that's a yes? Ned, please. Okay, you two, both -- you need to sit down. You just need to talk this thing through. I'm done talking. It's all yours, Michael. I'm out.

Well, I'm sorry this didn't work out, but I have to use my best judgment. With that being said, ELQ is a family company, so the door is always open. Have a good day.

Well, the new year is starting out with a bang. You know, maybe you should think of this as a blessing in disguise. To be out of the family business again? Maybe ELQ's loss is the city's gain. I think you should run for mayor. I love how much faith you have in me. And when we go back to Port Charles, I'm going to go to every town hall meeting. I will hand out the flyers. I'll send e-mails. I will continue to fight for the Charles Street district.

Good. But I don't have to do it from the mayor's office. I respect your decision. Thank you. Careful. Very careful. Oh, my goodness. -Hmm? Look what it says right here. "These two people should hang out their 'do not disturb' sign before they catch their flight back to Port Charles! Oh, my gosh! You're absolutely right. This pot's a keeper. Come with me. [Chuckles] Open up your present.

Oh. Thank you. Ohh! Best present ever! You're my best friend ever, ever, ever! If you were my best friend... why did I try and kill you?


Yeah? I'm gonna head out. See if you can convince Anna to go home and get some rest. I'll see what I can do, but she doesn't want to leave his side. You should rest. Whatever you have to say can wait.

No, you don't understand. There's something I need to tell you. What? Cassandra... I killed her.

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