GH Transcript Tuesday 1/2/18

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/2/18


Episode #13942 ~ Anna is in a bind; Nina grows anxious; Sam is interrupted.

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(This still needs extensive editing)[Cheering]

That's what I call starting the new year off right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. For Sam and Jason, too. So, listen. I hate to bring this up again, but I'm gonna. So, you arranged for Sam and Jason to get together. Am I right?

Yes. What exactly did you do?

It'll be all right [Fireworks exploding]

Do I need to be invisible to just survive or am I foolishly wasting my time but I'll tell you something it's a life worth living just so you know I wouldn't give it up I wish I was there with you.

Ava: Me too. But ringing in the new year over the phone is better than not ringing it in at all. Agreed. And, Ava?

Yeah? I anticipate good things in 2018. For you or for me? For us. Even better. So, um... I'll see you later? Yeah. I can't wait. Happy New Year. Happy New Year. [Sighs] Hey. Um, I got your text. I'm just waiting for you to show up. It's not a party without you, so get here already, okay? Love you. Isn't this quaint? You really do care for her. Where's Anna? Join me. She won't answer. What did you do? Well, let's just say that Anna is indisposed for the moment. Now stop wasting my time and sit down. You and I have some unfinished business.

Anna: Oh. Are you sure that that's tight enough, you know?

Erich: Can't be too careful. Yeah, well, I can't feel my feet. How about that? I wouldn't worry. You and Cassadine are gonna be dead in an hour. Happy New Year, Anna.

Uh, I think I'm gonna see if I can get the engine started. What? You're gonna fix the engine? Yeah. Yeah, why not? Jason, you don't know anything about boats. Yeah, but, you know, it's an engine. It can't be much different than a motorcycle. Yes, it can. Uh, well, do you think you -- you can do it? Who used to be a salvage diver? [Sighs]


Me. I'll fix --

Hey. So, what's going on here? Hey, guys. Excuse me. Sorry. Um, if you happen to see Valentin, could you tell him to contact me, please? Uh...he was supposed to show, but, um... anyway, I guess he got delayed. Uh, there's something I need to do. Uh, could you do that? If we see him, we'll -- we'll tell him to call you. Yeah. Thank you. Happy New Year. Happy New Year. I wonder what's going on there. When it comes to Valentin, I don't care. But when it comes to Jason and Sam, that's a different story. You understand what I'm saying?

Oh, my gosh. You're not gonna let this go. No, I'm not gonna let it go until you tell me what you did. [Scoffs] All I did was... go down to Aurora Media. Why? Because I sent them champagne. I just wanted to see if they liked it. Mm-hmm. And when I was there, I heard that Drew and Sam were gonna be ringing in the new year at the haunted star. By themselves.


All alone.

Okay. Well, so I sent Jason there. You sent him how? I said you wanted to meet him, that you had information about Faison. Carly, that's just -- but that's all! That's all I did, okay? That's all I did. No, that's not all you did, 'cause you -- you -- you... you paid the bartender to mess with Drew's car so he would be delayed.

I know, I know. I don't feel great about that, okay? That's not good. I don't, but it's a special case here, Sonny. It is. It's one of those times where the ends justifies the means. Well, it's not gonna end well.

Griffin: Thanks for sticking with me on this. I know it hasn't been easy. I've never been really good at keeping things from my mom. It's been hard, but in this case, it's worth it.


Hi. What are you doing here? Oh, I thought I would come by and surprise you. I thought maybe we could sneak in a bit of a celebration on your break. But apparently you're busy. Are you okay? Nope. Nope, Kiki, I am definitely not okay. You don't understand. I have a blood condition, and if I don't get medical supervision, then I could die. That's pretty much inevitable at this point. Okay, so forget the health thing. Uh, it's in your best interest to let me go. You know what happens to murderers of WSB agents? Let me give you a hint. It's not nice. Yeah, and you don't need that responsibility. You're just a lackey, right? You're just Cassandra's number two. She's right. You're a lackey. It's your boss we're after. So, why don't you just let us go and Anna can make sure that your punishment is minimal. What do you say, Anna? Oh, I don't know. Probation, maybe. A slap on the wrist. -Hey, no one's going anywhere. Understand? All right, well, I can't help you. If I die, it's over. The WSB is relentless. They're gonna come after you. Yeah, I'll take my chances. Don't underestimate them. Don't underestimate Cassandra. You know, she's got an appetite for revenge. It's... let's call it "robust." As you're about to find out. No. You and I have no business until I know where Anna is. Oh, relax. I sent her on an errand. She'll be tied up for awhile. An errand? Yes. It'll give us some time to talk. Not till I speak to Anna. Oh, my gosh. You are in over your head, Dr. Finn. What did she tell you? Hmm? That she would protect you? Or did you actually think you could take me on yourself? Oh, men and their egos. Last time. What did you do to Anna?!

Oh, stop saying her name! She is irrelevant. I have taken care of her, and now I am dealing with you. [Exhales] You have one choice, Dr. Finn. Either you do what I say, or you die.

You said it was over. I thought you said the WSB was on their way over to put Cassandra in custody.

I know. We had a problem.

You think? Yeah. She realized we were on to her. That's your fault, you know. What? You tapped her phone with the most elementary of bugs. You normally have to go to a cold war museum to find a transmitter of that caliber. Okay, so that "elementary bug" enabled us to find Cassandra's factory and halt all of her operations. That is a success, my friend. Obviously. I'd shake your hand, but, you know. [Sighs] How did she discover it? I threw her phone against a bureau. It broke. Oh, nice move. That's nice. Well, thank you. Maybe if you'd put me in the loop, I'd be able to make a different decision. And then what? "Then what" what? Well, then what happened? Like, how did she know that -- who planted the b-- did you -- did you sell me out?

No, I didn't. I would never sell you out. She was convinced it was me. I had to tap dance my ass off to convince her otherwise. Well, I guess you succeeded at that. Yeah. Once she was satisfied I was telling the truth, she connected the dots. There's only one other person in town that she's been doing business with. Finn. As my doctor, you know that it is not good for me to get worked up. And you are an incredible doctor. Smart and even-keeled with an understanding of chemistry that's unrivaled. It's too bad. Your patients will miss you. Now think about what you're saying. Some of my patients might -- might die without my care. And there's that ego again. The almighty god complex. You can't save everyone, Dr. Finn. People die every day. But don't worry. You won't leave General Hospital entirely without notice. Anna is going to send a note describing your newly declared love and how you ran off to someplace romantic. And when we don't return? Oh, well, by the time they notice, she will be disposed of, and you and I will be ensconced in our new venture in china. Listen, Cassandra. I will do whatever you want, all right? I'll do whatever you want, but leave Anna out of this, all right? She has a daughter. She has grandchildren. Oh, really? And where do they live? I would love to meet them.

Kiki: Griffin and I were just discussing a patient. Do those discussions typically end in a hug? Ava... wait, are you serious right now? If I look like I'm kidding then I'm not emoting very well. I'm so done with this.

You're done? Yeah, I recommend you seek counseling. Excuse me? You have a problem, and it's not your face, it's not dating griffin, it's not even blowing up at me every five seconds. It's you. You have this crazy need to control my life. So what is this? Is this you acting out against that?

What are you talking about?

I don't control you. How could you say that after Morgan? Before you go and ruin someone else's life or even your own, I recommend that you find help. Well, she has a lot of gall, lashing out at me like that after -- after what? You were so happy when we spoke on the phone. What happened, Ava? I saw you cozied up with my daughter -- that's what happened. And I shouldn't be surprised. I'm not. Kiki is young and beautiful -- not a scar on her. I can't possibly compete with that. There's no competition. Stop it. Every time you look at me, you are gonna see imperfections. And I just can't bear it. I'm sorry. [Cell phone chimes] [Elevator dings]

Oh, hey, Kiki. Um... hey, shouldn't you be out celebrating? Yeah, well, that was the plan. Something came up. -Is everything okay?

Uh, I-it's fine. I -- well, I think it is. I don't know. I'm just trying to cover my bases. How can I help? Have you had any, um, unconscious accident victims come in? New Year's Eve, so we get a lot of those. Are you looking for someone in particular? My husband. It's hard enough, Carly. You keep poking the bear, it's gonna get worse. Just stay out of it. That's not fair. That's not fair. What do you mean, it's not fair? You don't want Jason flying off to St. Petersburg to investigate, either. Selfishly, I want him here because I can sleep. It's been five years since I could sleep.

Oh, gosh. That's bull.

What do you mean?

I mean, maybe half of that's true, but you want Jason to stay for Sam, too. Do I think they belong together? Yeah, but that's for Jason to decide, not you. I know that, okay? It's just all a mess. It's all one big mess. And guess what? It's gonna get messier.


Mm. You would not believe the comedy of errors that happened tonight.


The boat was on autopilot, it was on a timer, and then it pulled away from the pier, and I hit the emergency shutoff, and it cut the engines off, too. Yeah. I know. I was worried you'd be out here alone. That's why I came. Why are you here? Well, I thought I was supposed to meet somebody here, and they weren't here. Really? Hey. I -- I tried to call you. There was no service. Where were you? Oh, my car wouldn't start, which is odd, because it worked fine today. This has Carly written all over it. And I should have realized that. What'd she think? She could get you guys here together and...what?


You would rekindle everything? It'd go right back the way it was? I'll speak to Carly. You speak to her. And do me a favor while you're doing that. What's the term she uses? Your -- your "bestie." Tell her to back off. Or she is gonna create a real problem for you and me.

You know, he has spent his entire life making sacrifices for other people. I mean, you and I are at the top of that list.

Yeah, Jason deserves --

This is Jason's time! Yes. He deserves it. Then why does it feel like you and I are the only two people who can recognize that? He lost five years. Jason lost his wife, his kids, his entire life. And everyone's acting like it's wrong for Jason to come home and take it back! I get that you want Jason to pick up where he left off, but it's not you to decide what's gonna make him happy. He's got to come up with that. Jason won't do that for himself. You know he won't. You are gonna have to learn to live with that. Hey, I'm the one who triggered the emergency shutoff. We're drifting out here because of me. Did you radio the harbor master? Yes. A tug is on its way. They just said it was gonna be a while. Mm-hmm. Is the boat still here you came in on? It's over there. All right, I'll take it to shore and make sure the tug's on its way.


Good idea. Thank you. Do you get how passive aggressive this man is? I mean, he knew what Carly was up to, but he sat back and let it happen. He took advantage. I don't think that's true. Of course it's true. He's not honest enough -- or brave enough -- to pursue you himself, but he lets Carly do it for him. It -- it doesn't matter what Carly does or doesn't do. So you're fine with this? No, she has absolutely no right to interfere in our lives. But listen to me, please. She didn't get what she wanted. Nothing happened here tonight. -Leave me alone, griffin. [Door slams]

What did you mean by "and not for the first time"?

Enough, all right?

What did you mean? When you and Kiki left here the other day, I followed you to the hospital. Why? It's difficult for me to trust people, alright? I don't need you to trust "people," okay? I need you to trust me. Kiki and I work together. We share a love for medicine. And that's it? That's the extent of your connection? Lab coats and stethoscopes? Are you accusing me of having an affair with your daughter? [Sighs] I don't even know what to say. I don't blame you, you know. What man in his right mind would choose this over Kiki? Me! This man, okay? And Frankly, I'm disappointed that you don't know that. So, what's it gonna take, Ava? When are you gonna finally realize that I truly, legitimately care for you? More than I ever thought possible. You're slipping, Anna. Compromising the entire project over your infatuation with Finn. I'm not infatuat-- we're not doing this. Not now. Okay. Okay, so, if you would just stop moving, because literally, I nearly had your ropes. I'm not moving.

And for the record...

I guess we're doing this. ...Finn risked a lot trying to stop Cassandra. And if it wasn't for him -- my family wouldn't be in danger. N-- he deserves your gratitude, all right? Not your disdain. Guess I just thought you'd always carry a torch for me, is all. Guess I'm sad. I think you're the one that's carrying a torch. You're the one wearing a bracelet. What? You're wearing a bracelet. I saw you when you came in. It's a cuff. It doesn't matter. It's got edges, doesn't it? Can you get it off?

Maybe. I can try.

Well, try hard. Might be our only chance for escape. This is payback, right? Mm. You have no idea. You didn't get what you want and now you're pissed. I get it. But you're just gonna have to get over it. You're playing with fire, Dr. Finn. That would be you.


Mm. You and I both know the WSB is gonna get you, and when they do, you're gonna be in a world of trouble. You really want to add hurting Anna to the top of that list? [Laughs] This is hysterical. Do you really think it was going to be that easy? You could just say a few harsh words, and I would crack? Where is Anna?! You seem so tense. Let me help you relax. [Groans, coughs] Wh-- what the hell is that? [Coughing] That, Dr. Finn, is just the beginning of your pain.

Ohh, I didn't think I was gonna get to see you.

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.

Yeah, you too.

Yeah. So... how is everything? How'd it go at the hospital? Uh, well, Monica ran some tests, and, uh, everything's fine with Nelle and the baby. I knew it. She's a liar. That girl is a liar -- wait, would you let me finish? She's not good at that. Yeah, look. Everything's okay with them now, but Nelle does have low blood pressure. [Gasps]

Okay. That'll cause dizziness. Yeah, so Monica thinks that she has to take it easy, lower her stress. Don't look at me. Nelle brought that stress all on her own. Well, I played a part, too. Well, why don't we just step back?

You know, for the baby's sake.

Okay, yes. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. We need to protect the baby. I get that. But you need to keep your eyes wide open while you're doing it. I will never trust that woman. Ever.


Do you hear me?

Yes. I do.


Hey, Jason. Happy New Year. Back at you. Well, we have a good shot at it now that you're back home. Oh, okay, why don't we let them talk, okay? We're gonna be at the bar. -Oh, okay. Come on. How mad at me are you? I've got news for you. Carly does not run my life. I do. I don't think she believes that. I know that you're a little upset -- I am very upset. I'm upset because I wanted to spend new year's eve with you, the person I love the most, especially given our crazy year. But... you spent it with your ex. I... who you spent the night drinking tequila with and playing dominoes. We were adrift in the middle of the harbor. We didn't have anything else to do. You could have done anything else. We all know what that means. There's a deck of cards behind the table -- come on. I get this is a really complicated situation. Yes, it is. Hey... do you believe that I love you? Yeah. I do. But I'm not gonna pretend that you don't have feelings for Jason, too. I'm not trying to pretend that I don't, either. I'm like any other widow, Drew, who loves someone and lost them and fell in love with someone else. Mm. You have a past. You just don't remember. You know... you're not a widow. Jason's not lost. He's right here.

I know.

Mm. I get that, and I understand that it makes things a little bit more difficult. But it does not change my feelings for you. I am in love with you. I want to be with you. I love you, too. And I love you enough to step aside if that's the man you want to be with. I just want you to be honest with yourself. Okay. Okay, you want me to be honest? Please. I will -- I will be honest with you. When I met Jason, I was a mess. I was... I was a mess, and he helped me become the person that I am today, and I will always be grateful for that. Because the person I am today is in love with you. I love you. That's why I'm marrying you again. Because I want to share my life with you. You think I see imperfection when I look at you, and that's right, I do. But it has nothing to do with your scars. You are a powerful, beautiful, brave woman. -I am the opposite of brave. -I disagree. Anybody who's endured the hardships that you have and come -- hardships that I myself have caused. And repented for -- over and over in a million different ways. That's what I see. The imperfect perfection that is Ava Jerome, and I would do anything for you to see it, too. I don't. I can't. The woman that you describe -- that is not who I see when I look in mirror. And I know this probably sounds shallow, but I really believe that my scars will always be a barrier between us. I don't even feel comfortable in my own skin -- literally. That is not fair to either one of us. -No. Mnh-mnh. -No? No. I don't accept that. I think it's high time I gave you your Christmas present. [Sighs] I just checked with the ER. Nobody matching Valentin's description has been admitted. Have you checked with the police? Maybe your brother? Oh, the police aren't interested in helping my husband. That's for sure. I know someone who is, though. Thank you.

How's it going?

Oh, I don't know. About the same as it was the last time you asked. Well, forgive me for wanting to get the hell out of here. Like I don't? Yeah, I'm going as fast as I can. If anything happens to my wife or my daughter... you really care about them, don't you? I mean, it's not just that it sounds good. You actually feel it? They're my whole world. Wow. It's changed you. I mean, you're still contemptible, for the most part. But now you're contemptible with a heart. Lucky I don't need your approval. What about you? What's made you such a big softie? Could it be, uh... I'm free! Yeah, love will do that to a person. No, I mean I'm actually free! Great. Get mine. Okay. Hold on. Wait, shh, shh. Footsteps. [Footsteps] He's coming back. Where the hell is she? Oh! [Grunts]

Anna: Okay. Okay. Here. Ahh. Go get your wife and daughter. Hey! What? Good luck. Yeah, you too. What did you give me? You've just inhaled a concentrate of the opioids I've been marketing. Strong, but not lethal. How does it feel? Like old times? I've never been an addict, [Echoing] But the sensation, I hear, is like slipping into a cozy haze. Do tell me if it's having the desired effect. Hmm? [Normal voice] I've done my research. And I know that drugs have a greater impact on former addicts. So I played it safe-ish. Just enough to whet your appetite. After all, you need to still be able to get the job done. What job? You're going to make my opioids, and I'll pay you in yours. What a perfect combination -- a chemist and an addict. [Echoing] Yes, please. I won't -- I won't do it. [Normal voice] Oh, well, that would be too bad. I mean, after all, you're only about a milligram away from an overdose. [Echoing] Or maybe I should save this batch for Anna. What do you think? Do you think your lover would like to have a high all of her own? [Screams]

And we have been keeping something from you. This is my Christmas present? It's not what you think at all. I've been studying Dr. Klein's formula. I thought you said it was too risky. Yes. Because of an illegal component that could prove fatal. But I've been using the hospital lab to find another angle -- a way to achieve the same results through legal means. And Kiki's been helping you? She volunteered to be my lab assistant. On top of everything else. And how do I thank you? I accuse you of sneaking around behind my back. We didn't want to get your hopes up in case it didn't work out. But you're telling me now. So does that mean...? I showed my research to Dr. Guerra. He agreed to re-examine the protocol. You're saying that there's a possibility that you could restore -- -yes, yes. But I need you to understand something. I did not do this for me. You know that I think you're beautiful just the way you are. You did it for me. And so did Kiki. I'm really... I'm really overwhelmed here. Nobody has ever gone to these lengths for me before. Get used to it. I think I might.

Kiki: Of course, I loved the picture. Not that I could ever forget that bus ride. I miss you, too. I hate spending our anniversary apart. [Sighs] [Chuckles] Yeah, I'll just jump on the next plane to la. Wow. Because it's kind of crazy? And, I don't know, a little bit far. Halfway? What is that? Like... Nebraska? No, you did not already buy my ticket, Dillon! Okay, well, let me think about it. I could stay here and eat cold takeout and study by myself, or I could -- I could study on the plane and spend the night with my amazing boyfriend. Omaha, here I come. Look, I'm not -- I'm not making excuses for Nelle or giving her the benefit of the doubt. I know you're not. I just want to be a good father. I know. If this child is mine, making sure he or she grows up safe, happy, and loved -- that is my number-one priority. That is it.

It will be. [Sighs] And if I can be half the father you were to me, then I'm... listen to me. You're gonna be better than me. I respect the man that you've become. And I can already hear it in your voice. You're gonna love this kid -- daughter, son. And you know what? In the end -- that's all that matters. Okay, I'm not -- I'm not mad. Are you sure? 'Cause you look mad. Okay, I just -- I just need you to hear me. Okay? Not just listen. Hear me. Okay. I love Sam. And I'm always gonna love Sam. And all I want is for Sam to be happy, and she's happy with Drew. They're a family. -But you could have a family --

No, no, Carly. No. Every time that we're together, it hurts her, okay? And I cannot be the one causing Sam pain. I know you meant well, and I love you, but I'm asking you -- just please... just stop.

Soon I'll be whole again. And then maybe you'll fall in love with me the way I'm falling in love with you. Let Carly do her worst. It's not gonna change anything. [Chuckles] You really believe this man doesn't want you back? No, I -- actually, I -- he -- he probably does. But Jason can't offer me a life for my children. He can't offer me a life for me. I'm not the same girl I was. I can't be hanging off the back of a motorcycle or picking locks in my spare time. The bottom line is, not you, not me, or Jason are responsible for what happened. I mean, it happened to us. It was done to us. We're just responsible for how we deal with it, so don't go looking for fights, please. You won.

We -- we won. I'm not looking for a fight. It's never been about winning. It's about loving you. Do you? Yeah, I love you. Good. 'Cause I love you too. Mm. How the hell do we get off this boat? There's a tug on its way. Do you really want to wait on this tug? I'll wait wherever with you any time, anywhere. Then why don't we go fix this engine together. You really think you can fix the engine? Hey, what are we on right now? A boat. Which one of us was in the navy? Okay. You fix the engine, I'll hold the flashlight. Oh, maybe I'll just see what happens. Hey. Happy New Year, Sam. Happy New Year.

Carly: All right, you boys, get over here. We haven't had a new year's toast. Yeah, I think we already did that. No, no, we didn't, and you know what? I think it's against the rules. -Thank you. -There you go. Um, do you guys -- do you mind if I... do the toast? Go for it. Well, I, uh -- first of all, I've been meaning to say thank you. For what? Well, you know, just believing me when I got back. When I first came to town, honestly, I felt pretty lost. But as soon as I saw you guys and the recognition from you guys... I love you both. I'm sorry that I was gone, but I'm very, very happy to be home. [Glasses clink]

Hear, hear. Not nearly as happy as we are.


Oh, God. There you are. I was starting to think the worst. Sorry I'm late. What happened? I'll tell you everything later, but right now I just want to do this.

Anna: Finn? [Gasps] Finn! Finn, where are you? Oh, my God. Are you all right? Geez. Oh, my God. Are you all right? Speak to me. Finn! Stay with me. Stay with me.

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