GH Transcript Monday 11/20/17

General Hospital Transcript Monday 11/20/17


Episode #13915 ~ Nathan is under fire; Felicia shares too much; Cassandra tests the waters.

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I mean she doesn't talk over you. She really lets you get your thought out. This is really good. Yeah, thank you. How was the meeting? Uh, it's -- it's -- you know, uh... it's going slow, all right? We -- it's gonna take a lot to rebuild Puerto Rico, and we can't just throw money at it. We got to figure out how to coordinate with the people. How are things on your island? Lucky, we didn't -- not a lot of structural damage, and I bought a generator less than a year ago. We're not making any money, right? But I did keep the staff on, and they brought people over and their family, and it's really nice. Look, it's good... but we're not doing this overnight. Yeah, I just -- you know, it makes you realize how much we have to be thankful for, right? Absolutely. Speaking of Thanksgiving, uh, Carly made it clear that after we hit the gym, you're coming home with me. I'm gonna have to skip that. Oh, no, no, no. You're not gonna make me tell Carly you're not coming to Thanksgiving. No, no, I'll be there for Thanksgiving. I may have to skip the gym. There's somebody I need to see. So, what do you think, Michael? Will Monica cry foul about this fowl? Ouch. [Chuckles] [Sighs] What's a Quartermaine Thanksgiving dinner without a few feathers flying? I think it's a little early for the puns, Ned. So, uh...where's Olivia? Last I saw her, she was heading down to the greenhouse, muttering something about gourds. She's gonna cover every inch of this place, isn't she? Yeah. What do you think? I think Olivia is, uh... an excellent Quartermaine. I'll be sure to tell her that. Speaking of, you and I need to have a little chat about Jason and his twin and the future of ELQ. You break it, you buy it. You want the bag, doc? It's all yours. Here you go. [Grunts] Just a couple days ago, you were laid up in a hospital bed. Telling me to take it easy? No. Impressed you bounced back fast enough to be able to ruin this bag. Better the bag than my sister's life. [Grunts] Do they still have debtors' prisons?

Nathan: You're not going to jail. You don't know that! Did you read the editorial posted last night after the invader unmasked us? "It's flim-flam artists like Amy Driscoll and Nathan west that give the miscellaneous bestsellers list a bad name. Someone ought to throw a self-help book at them." Talk about overdoing it. You just got to ride it out, all right? Tomorrow they'll find some new thing to condemn. What if some enterprising prosecutor comes after me for fraud? Well, you should have thought about that before you called yourself "man Landers" and used Nathan's photo on your blog. This never would have happened if someone hadn't leaked it to the invader. I'm sorry. Are you suggesting that I tattled? [Scoffs] I brought the vegetables that you asked me to bring and my grandmother's sweet potato tamales. Mm-mmm! Oh, my God. Thank you so much! You're so great for coming early 'cause -- are you kidding? We're happy to help. Well, I'm still not used to hosting myself. Well, we didn't want to leave you short-handed. Actually, I'm not as short-handed as you might think. Wait a minute. You didn't hire caterers? Uh, next best thing. Cater waiters? Okay, next-next best thing. Unless you're gonna spring tanganeva on us. [Chuckles] Oh, tanganeva! Oh, my lord. Will you settle for little old me? [Gasps] Yes! Hey! Oh, yay! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving, uncle Mac. It's so good to see you!

And Emma and Noah. The baby! I demand to hold him right now. Okay, Patrick is working, and Emma's here, but she's at her friend Harper's right now. And I just got Noah to go to sleep. Sleeping? Do not dare wake the baby. No, no, I won't, but I get first dibs when he wakes up. We'll have plenty of time to treasure our nephew. I mean, you're staying for a while, right? Just for the holiday. What?! Come on! That's -- that's great. That's great, right? Long or short visit, we are so happy you're here. Mm-hmm. Well, Emma and I couldn't wait to thoroughly vet Mom's new boyfriend. [Grunts] I doubt it's as bad as it seems. You know, I have yet to meet the force that could hold down nurse Driscoll. Clearly, you don't have a troubled big brother. I've had troubles... not all of them so removed from your own. I just cleared seven months sober. How's that working out for you? Depends on the day. This is gonna be my first Thanksgiving clean. You think it's too much information to announce to the table that you're thankful just to be alive? You're asking the wrong person. You're still here, Chet. It's not too late to fix things. I don't know if I know how. Maybe you want to start with... not running away from Amy. It's obvious you're jealous of my success. I'm pretty sure that possible jail time is seen as a universal failure. Okay, okay, okay, nobody's going to jail. Nobody's going to jail. Um, and she didn't blab on us. She hates the invader. It's the sub-basement of tabloids. Besides, she's too smart to out us. I mean, if she's on the hook for fraud, then we're all on the hook for fraud. [Knock on door] That must be Chet. I told him I'd be here. Why are you here? Publisher's after us. Can't dodge Quinn forever. That's right. The dodging is over, and so are you. Ned, the twins don't even know who the real Jason is. I think they need to figure that out before we start worrying about ELQ. Michael, don't be naive. ELQ should always be your first thought.

Monica: I am not wearing the hat. Oh, it's okay, Monica. I made one for everybody. Yeah, well, nobody is going to be here. What's that got to do with anything? You have decorated this entire house, and no one is going to be celebrating Thanksgiving in it! I mean, look, you and Ned are taking Leo to Dante's, Dillon is on a shoot for crimson, Tracy and Luke are in Amsterdam, and I am catching a plane in an hour for much needed r&r at a spa in new Mexico. Monica... Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of gratitude and family. What difference does it make where everyone's gonna be eating later? Well, I'm going to be thankful that I'm not wearing that hat and that all of this will be done and gone when I get back. Congratulations, Monica. I think we found our first Thanksgiving Grinch. Oh, come on, Olivia. Okay, okay. Could I just interrupt this conversation for just a moment? We need to have a serious discussion about ELQ. Why? Ned thinks the company's in trouble. Well, I thought we were having a banner year. We are. Well, things are definitely looking up. I mean, you know, we've got some big deals in the pipeline. We are looking at redeveloping whole swaths of the city. But... that is all in doubt if there are two Jasons. There are not two Jasons. Susan Moore gave birth to twins -- Andréw and Jason -- and, sadly, Alan never knew it. Another Quartermaine automatically triggers the mechanism in grandfather's will that affects the distribution of ELQ's stock. Okay. So, then all of our shares take a hit. So what? Well, the Jason who was presumed dead in 2012 couldn't care less about ELQ. But the Jason who came back three years ago -- that man bailed this company out using money that may not have been his own. Now, that uncertainty alone is enough to throw this company into chaos and put everything that this family has worked for in jeopardy. All right. Good luck with your meeting. Uh, I can save you from your enemies, but I can't save you from [Chuckling] Carly. Michael Corinthos Jr., aka Sonny, just the man I'm looking for.

Have we met? Oh, I should be so fortunate. Cassandra Pierce. I'm a big fan. You like coffee? Mmm! I begin every morning with your signature Sumatra sunrise. Ah. Well, I'm always happy to meet a satisfied customer. So, you live in port Charles? Not yet. I make my home in Monaco. I traveled here seeking some medical advice. I hope everything's all right. I feel like things are looking up. But since arriving, I hit upon a potentially lucrative business opportunity, and I understand that you're a man who likes business? Shall we? In a moment. This your friend? Yes, this is Valentin. Oh, I know Valentin Cassadine. Any friend of Valentin Cassadine is no friend of mine. I'm not running from Amy. I just came here to clear my head. Well, she's at home a mess. Maybe she's better off without me in her face. Hey, man, you really believe that? Huh? After everything you said she's done for you? You know, maybe that's -- that's your pride talking. You know, I-I understand the impulse to want to put distance between you and the people who care about you. It's hard to look someone in the eye when -- when they find out you're not the man they thought you were. I didn't mean to go down this path. I didn't even realize I was on it. At first, I was just taking stuff because the doctors prescribed it for the pain. And then you were just taking it. [Sighs] You know, Chet, for what it's worth, if I can come back from it... so can you. It helps to have help, though... as if you're willing to... suck it up and accept it before you drive it all away. Mendacity! Perfidy! Duplicity and fraud! She's having a stroke. You lied to me. You presented yourself as "Ask Man Landers," and you said you were his representation when, in truth, you were the writer and he was your beard. Yes, we misled you, but we meant no harm. Well, harm has been done. The online paperback presales are cratering. My black Friday bonanza is a total bust. Oh, and the hard copies still on the shelves need to be pulled and pulped. There's always the remnant bin. You have no idea how serious this is, do you? Damage is not about a single book. My company has taken a critical hit here. If our readers feel that they have been duped by Ask Man Landers, then who's to say our diet books aren't a load of rubbish, as well, or our DIY line isn't rife with dangerous shortcuts, and on and on! Do you get the point? At least publishing is on the upswing. Oh. You think this is a joke? Is that what you think? No, no, no, and we will make it right. You're damn right you will. And first, the two of you are going to go public and take full responsibility for this charade, and then you are going to pay. And by pay, I mean through...the...nose!

Monica: Oh, my God. The more I look around, the more absurd it gets.

[Footsteps approach]

Hi. Hi! I wasn't sure you could make it. I got your text that you were gonna leave, and I just -- I wanted to say goodbye. Well, I'm -- I'm just gonna be gone for a few days. I'm going to a spa in new Mexico that offers harmonic convergence. I don't exactly know what that means, but I could use a little harmony in my life, so, hey, why not give it a try? Yeah, why not? Uhh -- oh. Who am I kidding? [Chuckles] I'm not good at lying to you. I am running away. The holidays are just -- they're just too difficult. There are so many... missing faces -- Emily, Alan, Lila, Edward, AJ. It was so much easier when this house was full, even if it was bickering and snarking and imploding dinners. Now Ned and Olivia will be going to Dante's, and Michael will be over at Carly and Sonny's, and I'm sure you will be, too. You're welcome to join us. [Laughs] Well, as Tracy would say, I'd rather stick cocktail forks in my eyeballs. See, uh, Sonny and Carly and I have only two things in common -- you and Michael. And the less we see of each other, the easier it is to keep the peace. Boy, I'm glad to see you. I'm so thankful that you are home. I'm thankful to be here. Mmm. Ohh.

So, uh, turkey's doing great. It's wonderful. I just want to know how long to warm up the tamales. No, no, no. That's not gonna work. No, no. It's time to start filling in the blanks about you and Finn. You have been less than informative. You know what? That is something that I would like to bring up with the west coast contingent. You can't -- what is this whole thing that you're interrogating him on text? You can't do that to an adult. Well, we needed information, and you weren't being helpful, so... okay, look, it's -- it's just a relationship that is in very, very early stages. And -- and forgive me if I didn't put a status update somewhere. No need to get defensive, Anna. I'm not. He's a great guy. Yeah. Wait a minute! That's not what you said at first. You said that Finn wasn't good enough for Anna. Nobody's good enough for Anna. Besides, you gave him a "B." Because he can't dance. That's a problem, right? There's more to a guy than his ability to cut a rug. Mac is Finn's biggest fan because we had drinks. Finn played him silly, played him like a fiddle. It was really embarrassing. We had a nice talk, all right? I mean, look, the point is Finn is a good guy, and he adores Anna. And that's all that matters, right? Well, that's half of what matters. The other half is...? Well, Mom? Mm. Do you adore him back? I take it your run-in with Sonny Corinthos was no coincidence? It was first contact. Yeah, well, you'd be better off not making contact with Sonny Corinthos. The man controls the Port Charles waterfront and the routes to Canada in international waters. It's kind of hard to avoid him. Too bad you've already made an enemy of the man. It wouldn't have mattered because Sonny doesn't touch drugs, and he's not gonna take kindly to people shipping them through his territory. Well, he'll change his tune. Or you'll just have to change it for him. Spar? Oh. Well, I just -- I went a couple rounds with a former patient. Yeah? You get the best of him? [Chuckles] I guess I held my own. So, how are things otherwise? Oh, you know, I'm -- I'm doing okay. You got -- you got somewhere you got to go? Are you, uh -- you're worried I'm gonna get the blues and maybe make a bad decision? Well, it is that time of the year. Look, at the house, big table, a lot of food. That's really kind of you, Sonny, uh, but, you know, if worse comes to worst, I got someplace I could go. All right. Well, the invitation still stands. [Sighs] I appreciate it. Hey... you know, there is, uh -- there is one thing you could do for me. Name it. What do you know about the street-drug trade? Oh! It's you. Well, hi to you, too. My sister said she'd be here. I guess you can be here. Just don't get in the way. In the way of what? The public shaming. Come on in. Chet, hi! Why don't you go back to my place and watch the pregame? I'll be there soon. What are you doing? Making a mistake. We are preparing to live stream an admission of guilt for the Ask Man Landers disaster. That's the only thing we can do to shield Quinn's publication from a potential lawsuit. Or opening yourselves up to a new one. People could sue you? It'll be okay. And who are you, exactly? I'm Chet Driscoll. I'm Amy's brother. Really? Well, Chet, uh... your sister's right. Nobody is going to sue Amy or Nathan, because after they're through paying back the advance and covering the cost of the lost paperbacks and the damages to the bookstores, they will have nothing left to be sued for -- not even their good names. Michael. It's so good to see you.

Our operation will be over before it's begun if you rub Sonny Corinthos the wrong way. He could be an effective ally. No, he doesn't ally himself with the drug dealers. He eliminates them. Plus... I think I'm supposed to be managing the north American expansion, so why don't you let me manage? I will yield to your expertise if you produce results. I've invested far too much to let some provincial mafioso's skewed morals stop me now. Thank you. I haven't begun to build the infrastructure for distribution, so how much can you possibly be out of pocket at this stage? Infrastructure for distribution is worthless without product to distribute. I have spent gobs to research and develop a next-generation synthetic opiate that can be produced for less than the competition and yield a high that is twice as potent and addictive. And when do I get to see it? Well, the formula is raw and unrefined. I'm looking for someone with some research expertise to bring it online. What makes you think I have anything to do with narcotics? No, I'm not implying you have anything to do with it. I'm -- I'm just trying to get a little insight into people that do push it and how they're able to. Well, you didn't have a problem with the drug trade when it benefited you. Being an addict will do that to you. Please don't tell me I'm the closest you've ever come to it. You should stick to law enforcement. Listen. Listen, Sonny... we have scores of people ID'ing at General Hospital, each month more than the last. I'm just trying to get a little [Sighs] Insight into how I can help mitigate the problem. I get your impulse. This is -- this is bigger than one person. These synthetics are cheap. They're made overseas. It's very difficult to stop. There's got to be something I can do. There's got -- yeah, well... how can I stop people from dying at GH.? Even -- even if -- if you knew something about bringing down the operation, you're just gonna put a dent in it. Eventually, somebody's gonna come and fill the gap. [Sighs] You want some advice? Stick to what you do best -- saving people's lives, working on research. This is way above your pay grade. Hell... it's way above mine. I like Finn just fine. Finn plays things close to the vest -- another way you're alike. Mac, will you just let Anna be? She doesn't need to make any big declarations today. Come on. It's Thanksgiving. Still waters run deep. Oh, come on. Maybe Finn will show up tonight. [Baby cries] Saved by the squall. No, I'm gonna get that. No, no, no. I would like to get him. Please? No, no. It's fine. Because he's waking up in a strange house, he needs a familiar face -- mine. Actually, he loves everybody, and he'll recognize your voice, Felicia. Go ahead. Thank you. Wow. Would you like to give me a hand? Are you kidding? I'll race you! Okay! [Laughs] That was the timer. I heard -- Mom. Out with it. [Sighs] Out with what? The truth about you and Finn. And...we...are live. Do you want to start this? I have no idea how to start this. Would you two just get on with it? [Sighs] Hello, internet! My name is Amy Driscoll, and I am the writer of Ask Man Landers -- the blog and the book. Surprise! Obviously, it's not a surprise since the invader announced it yesterday, but [Sighs] I want you all to know that... this wasn't A...trick or a big scam. The whole situation just... really got out of control. When interest arose in a book based on my blog, I asked my friend Nathan to be the face of Ask Man Landers. I didn't think people would buy the book if they knew it wasn't written by someone... like him... someone they'd want to be. My editor never knew the truth. The publishing company is innocent. This was all me. Everyone should be mad at me. Well, and me. I mean, I made the decision to say the advice came from me, so... but only because I asked you to. This should end with me because it started with me. No, that's not true, Amy. Pay no attention to this guy! No, none of this would have happened if it weren't for me. [Sighs] I didn't -- I didn't -- I didn't know you were here. I-I forgot my cell phone. Yeah. I-I came to see, uh, Monica and -- and you. You know, your mom wants me at Thanksgiving, uh, but -- you have to be there. It would, uh -- it would break her heart if you weren't. She's so glad to have you back. They both are. It's all they can talk about. Man, I should have come to see you. Michael, it's -- it's okay. No. No, it's not. I was -- I was -- I was hiding. I-I... was scared 'cause I-I wouldn't be able to explain. Explain? There's nothing to explain. Yes, there is. I offered Jason a job at ELQ. I told him it'd be great to work together, to have him on board, and he, uh -- he went in a different direction. And I can't say that I'm -- I'm -- I'm surprised. I mean, Jason Morgan working at ELQ, it's a little -- it doesn't make any sense, right? But it did to me. Because so much has changed these last three years. I mean, Jason has changed. And I would have never asked him to join ELQ if I didn't think there was a chance that he'd say yes. I think... the reason I asked him to join was... because a part of me... ...a part of me knew that it wa-- that he wasn't really Jason. You knew that I-I-I couldn't... come to see you, right? [Sighs] That I was too guilty to face you, too ashamed that I put my faith in somebody else. So you -- you made the first move, and, uh, you did that to make it easy on me. You were taking care of me... like you always do. [Sighs] 'Cause that's who you are, and I should have known that. [Sighs] Jason, I'm sorry. [Crying] I'm sorry. It's okay. I'm sorry, Jason. It's all right. It's all right. It's all right.

Mom, I know when you're holding something back. Sit. No. I mean, look... things with Finn... are complicated, you know? And, um, that's why we're just keeping it casual, because I don't want anyone getting attached to the idea that we could have a future. It's -- oh. Well, uncle Mac and Felicia -- they're just excited. You know, it's been a while since you've dated someone, and they just want the best for you, like I do. But the only thing that matters is that the relationship with Finn works for you, so... I hope it does.

[Doorbell rings]

Oh. I wonder who that could be. This is quite a plan. You'll find that I'm full of them. I'm looking forward to it. In the meantime, we should discuss our search for a chemist. I have some suggestions. I'm currently vetting some candidates now. If none of them pan out, we'll revisit the matter. In the meantime, you've got some recruiting to do, don't you? Our product's not gonna sell itself.

[Cell phone rings]

Oh, excuse me. I've been waiting for this call. [Speaks Italian] Have I told you how excited I am to begin our partnership? We're gonna do marvelous things together. [Speaks Italian] I wa-- I wa-- I wasn't expecting you here so soon.

Oh, I just -- I couldn't stay away. Robin, it's so nice to see you again in person, after all those text messages.

Yes, thank you for being here and spending the holiday with us. Oh, thank you. Thank you. It's nice to of you to have me here. Thanks. Um, I'm gonna go check on my son -- see if Uncle Mac and Felicia took off with Noah. Okay. I'll be back. [Laughs] [Chuckles] What are you doing here? What? What do you mean, what am I doing here? I thought you were expecting me. No! No. I-I -- I tried to tell them. Well, I haven't told everyone, you know, that we're "together," and every time I broach the subject, they just do this whole thi-- they just gush about you. Well, that's understandable. They just -- they keep pulling for us as a couple. It's -- it's like -- anyway... well, for what it's worth, I'm -- I'm willing to keep fake-dating you for as long as it takes. That's very noble. Look, um... I-I-I-I know what you said the other day, and I really did try to explain to you that I don't need you to help me bring down Cassandra. I really don't. Why, huh? 'Cause you got Valentin Cassadine now? What, you think when the going gets tough, that guy's gonna have your back? Why are you here, actually? Well, I'm here -- I can't just sit on my hands while this drug epidemic spreads, all right? There's got to be something I can do.

[Cell phone rings]

Yeah. Hello? I just had a very enlightening conversation with my new boss. Yeah? And? It's -- it's worse than we thought. Chet, no! Amy, let him speak. Wait! We are live here. You just can't come and -- oh, no. You wanted the truth to come out, so you'll shut up and get it. My name is Chet Driscoll. I'm a US Army veteran and Amy's older brother. I was wounded in action, and my veteran's benefits weren't enough to pay for my medical expenses. So...Amy stepped in. She wrote the book to help pay for my care, and her friend Nathan agreed to be the face of Ask Man Landers. I haven't always been deserving of what Amy and Nathan did, but I am deeply grateful. It wasn't fraud. It was love... and friendship... ...and sacrifice, because Amy never took credit for her work, which, you have to admit, was pretty damn amazing. Nobody is going to be here. [Sighs] Then why do you care if the decorations stay up? Come on! Monica, would you let yourself enjoy something for once?

[Cell phone rings]

Oh, yes. My car to take me to the airport is here. Well, have a safe flight. Enjoy your harmonic convergence. Thank you. [Laughs] We're gonna walk you to the car. Thank you. [Sighs] Happy Thanksgiving, you two. And, uh, do me a favor. Don't get the Christmas tree until I get back. Happy Thanksgiving. Safe travels. Happy Thanksgiving, Monica. Bye. [Clears throat] Okay. This is absolutely gonna qualify as the strangest Thanksgiving ever. Is every holiday gonna be such a struggle like this? Did you see that? [Sighs] Yes, I did. She's up in my grille already about the Christmas tree, and it's barely even done with Thanksgiving yet. No, no, no. I meant Michael... and Jason. What? He is Jason. He's Jason... although I'm not sure how he's going to prove it. In the meantime, the other one, the twin, is gonna hold on to what he thinks is his with a death grip. I've seen my share of family in-fighting, but I'm gonna predict right now... this is going to get ugly.

I am so proud of you. Well... it's about time I did something to be proud of. Will you shut up? You'll be hearing from my lawyers. Beat it, bitch. They committed fraud, and I am a bitch? Wow! This has certainly been one hell of a Thanksgiving! Yeah, well, feel free to spend the rest of it someplace else. Thank you very much. I will. [Sighs]

[Cell phone dings]

Uh...oh. Oh, this is...incredible! I said, "get out." No, no, no, no, you don't understand. I'm getting real-time updates from our web vendors, and the presales for the paperbacks are ticking up... and up [Laughing] And up! Wow! Well, Chet's speech must have turned the tide. Yes! People are no longer burning "Ask Man Landers." They are buying it -- in droves! [Laughs] Right. I'm off. Nina will be expecting me for Thanksgiving dinner. Oh, of course. We shouldn't be late. Excuse me? Well, I haven't been to a Thanksgiving dinner in years. It'll be fun, and we can speak more freely at Wyndemere. No, no. You're not invited. You're not inviting me? You threatened my family. I would never let you socialize with them. You can have my service, but you'll never have my friendship. Was that -- was that Cassadine on the phone? Maybe. Well, what is it? No. Come on! Tell me! What -- I know almost all of it anyway. Cassandra's working on developing a new product. It's a -- it's a synthetic opiate, and it is cheaper and even more addictive than what is currently on the market. Wow. How far has she gotten in her research? I don't know. According to Valentin, she's pretty close. She just needs someone to perfect the formula, and then she's going to start distribution. I have to stop her. I need to put an end to her whole operation before she just gets that drug into production and then starts killing people. May-- maybe there's a way to stop Cassandra before she claims a single victim. How do you propose that? Giving her exactly what she wants. I had no intention of allowing Alan's sons to feud ELQ into the ground. Well, that seems pretty hypothetical at the moment, doesn't it? It's my job to deal in hypotheticals. I thought your job was to bring in new business. [Scoffs] Or... are you thinking that maybe Michael's in over his head? Maybe it's time for you to step in as CEO. [Breathing heavily]

Michael: Hey, keep your left up. You gonna stand there, or are we gonna spar? Oh, all right, pops. [Laughs] What are you -- oh, okay. All right. Oh, all right. That's -- that's the only way he can beat me.

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