GH Transcript Friday 11/17/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 11/17/17


Episode #13914 ~ Curtis has an update; Ava gets under Franco's skin; Nina puts things into perspective.

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[Grunting] Nice combo. How's your footwork? Oh, my feet? Ah! Yeah, my feet nice. Maybe a little tired from running all over the state looking for these leads for you. My man, thanks. [Exhales sharply] How you holding up, buddy? Hanging in there. Look, thank you for taking this case. No problem. Did you find the evidence I need to prove I'm Jason Morgan? [Sighs] Okay, I put some seasoning on this first batch. Did you guys pick a movie? I'm so glad cam and Aiden are at sleepovers so that I get to pick the movie. [Chuckles] Uh, I choose this. It's "the parent trap." Emma told me about it. Huh. It's rated pg. I swear. No. We know. Why don't you, uh, run upstairs and, uh, get your PJs on, and when you come back down, we'll have a little camp-out. Cool. Awesome. So... a movie about twins. What an eerie coincidence. Okay, Jake doesn't know anything about his father and his new -- newly-discovered uncle, but I'm starting to think that's a mistake. I think I need to tell him what's going on. No, that is the last thing you need to do.

Kiki: Mom? [Gasps] Oh, Kiki! [Breathing heavily] You almost gave me a heart attack! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. You told me I could use the gallery as a quiet place to study. No, of course you can. What you -- your apartment isn't quiet? No, it's just nicer here. And maybe I was hoping to run into you. I know by now you know that I...took the flash drive and passed it along. Do you want to talk about it? [Clears throat] It's pretty disappointing, actually. Griffin went over the parameters of the procedure, and neither he nor any doctor at GH. Will be willing to risk performing it on me, so... I'm sorry it didn't work out. [Sighs] But...I'm also glad. Your sister is Ask Man Landers. Oh, my God. Maxie, what are you doing? What?! I couldn't keep up the lie anymore, okay? He needs to know the truth -- that his sister loves him so much she'll do anything to get him the care he needs. By pretending to be Ask Man Landers? You're kidding. It's you, right? Uh, no, I-I think -- uh, Maxie doesn't mean it like that. She's more like -- she's my manager, you know? She's got a lot of influe-- enough! Nathan, this has gone on too long. I didn't want to upset you. Upset about what? It's true. I'm Ask Man Landers. Surprise! [Knock on door] Hey. Um, sorry to interrupt. I've just been waiting a week to discuss crimson's budget concerns with our parent company. Yeah, Jason isn't here. Aren't you co-owner with Jas-- or... whoever he is? [Leaves rustle] [Footsteps approach] Robin. Somehow I knew you'd be here.

Why don't you want me to tell Jake? I -- look it's confusing enough for me. Maybe I'm projecting here, but I can't even imagine how confusing it would be for Jake to know that there's two Jasons out there. Yeah, but he's a strong kid, and he's perceptive and intuitive, and it wouldn't surprise me if he already knows something's up. What if somebody else tells him about his father's twin? Or what if he sees him again? Isn't it Jason's news to share, right? He's the one who has the twin, right? Look, maybe I'm overstepping here, and he's your kid, and whatever you decide, I'm behind you completely. No, you have a point. You ha-- you have a good point. I-I will talk to Jason about how we should explain this to him.

[Doorbell rings]

Can you get that? I'm gonna go see what's keeping him. [Sighs] Yes? Franco Baldwin? You a process server? I have a package for you. Uh...huh. Thank you. Have a nice evening. You, too. Gee, I wonder what this is. I can't wait to see. Oh, okay. Why don't you open it and find out? Who was that? That... was karma. Listen, um, Sam. If your Jason isn't really Jason, then the whole company could be in flux. You know, 'cause he probably bought aurora with his Quartermaine inheritance. That is none of your business. It kind of is. It kind of is because, um, it puts the whole sale of Derek wells media in question. I'm sure you'll be fine. Don't worry about it. I feel bad for the other one. Because if he is Jason Morgan and the story he's saying is correct, I understand what he feels like. I understand what that's like -- to wake up years later, and everybody that you love moved on, and at least I didn't have to fight for my own identity. I can't imagine what that's like for him. I-I-it must be excruciatingly hard for him. Damn it, Nina. You know what? He is not the only one this is hard for. You know, when -- when Sonny told me that you were alive... I couldn't believe it. It's so good to see you. Sonny told me that... you had your old face, but... [Chuckles] I don't know. Seeing you here -- yeah, I know. It's -- it's -- it's a shock. But everything's gonna be okay. [Sighs] None of this makes sense. I mean... how can this be? It's because it is. It's me. Jason. You know that, don't you?

About a year ago, I started a blog. Most of my readers were guys with relationship questions. I called it "Ask Man Landers" in your honor, Chet... because of all the times that I'd come crying to you with my problems in high school, and even after, when you went away to college, you always found time to listen to me. And you would give the best advice, and you'd tease me and say you were --

Chet: Man Landers. So, it was easy when guys would write in asking for advice 'cause all I'd have to do is think, "what would Chet say?" And I'd have it, so... telling you how I was able to do it isn't hard, but... telling you why I wanted [Sighs] Because... I have to tell you how you're my hero and how much you mean to me. You see, everything I am is because of you. You taught me to be brave, strong, courageous, and smart! I watched you, and I learned, so when this hobby of mine took off, I went with it, and when it turned into a book deal, I realized that... [Sighs] I could use the advance to help pay for your treatment. But you said the VA covered everything. I lied! Okay? And I am sorry. I knew you were too proud to let me help you, but I wanted to. After everything you've done for everyone else, all those teams you played on and how you always lead by example and the way you served your country... I watched you be a hero, and I wanted to be your hero. Even if you never knew it. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. There's no need to apologize, I just... I'd really -- I need to be alone right now, please. I kind of think that's the last thing you need. Oh, you know what? I'm just gonna say this -- we are not friends. In fact, you're an employee, so let's just keep things professional. Okay, I just -- I just want to say this one thing, um, years ago when we were fighting over Silas, I-I just never thought that we'd be working together, and here are, working together, and I just wanted to tell you that -- that, um, people change, and they move on. And I don't think that either one of us is who we were three years ago. And I think that maybe that's why you might be resistant to the idea that the guy who came back is really Jason.

Robin: I don't know what to think. I -- Sonny believes in his core that you are who you say you are, but... I mean...I saw you, I saw your face at Crichton-Clark. You saw someone who looked like me. [Scoffs] Robin, I-I was shot in the back in 2012, and I-I don't even know what happened after that. I woke up in a clinic in Russia maybe six months ago, and it took me that long to escape and -- and find my way home. Well, the man that I know as Jason Morgan, he took my place in an elevator rigged with a bomb. All right, so he may not have Jason Morgan's face, but he sure has his heart and his spirit. [Sighs] I mean, who else could he be? He's my brother. He's my twin. So, the trail of Betsy Frank has run cold for the moment, so I'ma just sit tight for a few weeks and maybe we'll get something in terms of a hit on her bank or credit cards. What about Heather Webber? I tried to go visit her -- she ain't talking. Protecting Franco? No, man, I mean literally -- she ain't talking. According to the staff, she took a-a vow of silence or something. She's repenting. Either way, she ain't said nothing in months. You've got to be kidding me. Right hand to God, man. That girl cray. [Sighs] Just another dead end. [Exhales sharply] Damn it, Curtis. I need answers. Hold on, now hold on, I'm gonna keep digging, and, uh, looking for leads. Maybe we'll find something in a new direction. Actually... I might have a new direction you can look into -- Dr. André Maddox. "Thought I'd return this to you. You know the right thing to do. A.M." André Maddox. What did he mean by that? I have no idea. He said in our last session that I should move on from my past, so that is exactly what I'm gonna do. You're not gonna destroy it, are you? Oh, no, no. I've got something else in mind. Um...yeah. Tell you what... do me a favor and, uh, tell Jake that I'll be here for the next round of popcorn. Okay? I'll be back.

How did Nathan get involved? My readers wanted to know what Ask Man Landers looked like, so I stole Nathan's picture and posted it. It got a great response! People loved thinking the advice came from him. Yeah, I wasn't, uh -- wasn't crazy about the idea at first. I made Amy take the picture down. But by that point, there was interest in a book deal, and the publisher wanted to meet Ask Man Landers. So Nathan generously, heroically agreed to be the face of the brand. Which is really a big deal because he's a cop, and if it ever came out that he's not actually the writer of the blog... it's technically fraud. You did all this -- risk committing fraud -- for me? [Sighs] Why would you do that? I asked them. Well, I mean, you made a huge sacrifice serving your country. I was happy to help. No hard feelings? I know you probably hate all of this. I just [Inhales] Hope you don't hate me. I brought you something. Yeah? Oh! Great! The twin painting -- I thought Dr. Maddox bought that. Well, he re-gifted it, so now you can sell it to some other sucker and use the proceeds for the only thing that you and I still have in common -- Kiki. Thank you. You're welcome. Aww. Hey, Kiki, would you mind, um, bringing this painting back into the storeroom? There's, um, some new works in there. You'll see them. Yeah, I'll be right back. Thanks. So, what's with this... late-night delivery? I needed to get it out of the house. [Sighs] The last thing Elizabeth needs on her wall is a reminder of my dark past. Well, it's out of sight now, isn't it? But not out of mind. Tell me, Franco, what are you gonna do now that you've got two Jasons nipping at your heels? According to Franco, Maddox took off the moment my twin showed up. Wow. You wasn't lying, man. That is a whole new direction worth checking into. Dr. Maddox was the epitome of professionalism, man. I find it real hard to believe that he would just drop all his clients and sneak off into the night without cause. Yeah. Mm-hmm, there's definitely something going on here. That's what I was thinking, and I'm counting on you to find out what. You think you can track him down? Shoot, man. Yeah, I can track him down. I'ma find him. See? I knew that squeaky-clean, buttoned-up l7 thing -- I knew that wasn't real. [Cell phone ringing] Elizabeth. What's going on? Hey, I need to see you. It's about Jake. Cops ran DNA, and... we're both a match for Jason Morgan. Identical twins. Yeah, that's why you thought he was me. [Scoffs] Maybe you're the twin. [Sighs] He's, uh, he's not me, Robin. He didn't stand up here on the old bridge with you all those nights... talking about everything and... and nothing. [Sighs] He wasn't here when you made the decision to go on the protocol. [Sighs] And he didn't have to say goodbye to you... when you left for Paris. The other man has those memories, too. I don't -- I don't even know how that's possible, but even if he could talk the memories, there's no feeling behind them because he didn't live them. [Scoffs] It's okay. Really, I'm -- all that matters is that -- that you're alive. And, well... [Sighs] You believing me would just be icing on the cake. Icing on the cake. You do remember. [Exhales] That night in Montauk... you were trying to describe what it'd be like to kiss me. I said it would be... being with you is enough.. holding you and... and kissing you is -- icing on the cake? What? [Chuckles] It's just an expression. It means, "better than the best." That's it. Better than the best. Icing on the cake. [Chuckles] I didn't even know what you were talking about. But you said it meant "better than the best." [Breathes shakily] And it's true. You being here is better than the best. [Chuckles] [Laughing] Oh, my God! Oh, my God, it's you. Oh. [Chuckles] It's you, Jason.

I'm so sorry for keeping you in the dark. Lying by omission is still lying.

Chet: No, don't apologize. I know I haven't exactly been the easiest person to be around since I got back. I guess it's been a pretty tough re-entry. I just -- I felt so disconnected from the world. You -- you still feel that way? There's people and programs that could help with that. Honestly, the pain, the numbness doesn't go away... but for the first time in a long time, I don't feel so alone. Look around you. You've not only got me, you've got friends you didn't know you had. You will never be alone again. What are you doing here? Commissioner. I'm commissioner now. Yeah, you my baby doll. Mm. Um...I need your help, actually, on a case. And I don't want to leave a paper trail. Oh. So you need my pi skills? Yeah. Well, pis can go places that cops can't. Plus, this one's a little too close for me. Oh, yeah? What's going on? I need you to track down André. We have reason to believe that he's mixed up with what's going on with Jason Morgan and the john doe that we literally just proved is his twin. André? The ivy league brother that you chose over me. You done found out that he's dirty, huh? Mm-hmm. Fancy that. [Laughs] Are you gonna take this case on or not? I mean, are you gonna help me out? Oh...wait for it -- I'm already on it. Yeah. You see, uh, full disclosure, you're not even the first person today to ask me to look into the not-so-good doctor. Everybody in the world needs to shut up about Jason Morgan and Jason Morgan. Shut up about...both of them! My, my. Clearly I've hit a nerve, and I think I know why. There are two men running around who claim to be Jason. One is married to Sam... and the other, I think maybe you're concerned that he's going to make a play for Elizabeth? That is ridiculous. Is it? Okay. Hypothetically speaking, if I had those concerns, that would just be paranoia, right? Don't you think? No, I don't think. I think if you had those concerns, they'd most likely be very valid. Franco, I mean, we've... we've aligned ourselves with these angelic souls, right? And no matter how hard they try to see past our faults, they must always wonder are we good enough. Maybe the reason they're always trying to pull us into the light is because deep down, they're afraid that we're gonna pull them with us down into the darkness. That's very well said. It's just... it's exhausting. Isn't it? It just would be so much easier if we were different somehow. If we were fixed. So, what you're saying is you think I should be worried? I'd be. Hey. Thanks for getting here so quickly. Yeah. Well, you said it was about Jake. Is something wrong? Uh...we-- I... think it's time we tell Jake about your twin. And tell him what? That I've got a brother that I didn't know about who thinks he's me? Hasn't this kid been through enough? But he's already seen him once before in the park. What if he sees him again? Isn't that gonna be confusing? I think he needs to be prepared, and I think he needs to hear it from us.

Jake: Dad! Hey. Why are you here? Are you watching the movie with us? Huh. No, son, I'm not, but come here. Your mom and I, uh... we've got something we need to tell you. I'm sorry. I didn't mean any di-- disrespect. I just kind of recognize what you're doing. I think, um, your brain is on overdrive. And your heart and your gut are on disconnect, and who could blame you honestly? And I think you're hurting. And, obviously, you can't talk to the people who are closest to you, so maybe you could talk to me. Okay, so what -- you think I'm afraid that... this man is the real Jason? That I won't be able to... fit him into my life somehow? I-I-I'm not afraid of facing any of that. So what are you afraid of? That you might be in love with two different men? I can't believe this is real. That we're both here, and...

[Both laugh]

[Sighs] Remember the night that I left for Paris, and we talked about the future? We never imagined this. Yeah, life is never what we imagine. Sometimes it's better. Sonny told me you and Patrick had a little boy. Noah Robert. [Chuckles] He is beautiful. I know I'm not supposed to say that, but -- no, congratulations. Thank you. Maybe we could have a play date with Noah and Scout... who is not your daughter. I'm -- [Sighs] I'm really sorry. No, it's fine. No, it's okay. It's okay. You know, whatever -- whatever happens, uh, Sam has a little girl now, and Danny has a little sister, and, uh...they're happy, and that's -- that's really all that matters.

I want to be honest. I still have a lot to work through.. I know, but we're talking now, and I'm not going anywhere.

Maxie: [Clears throat] Sorry to interrupt this wonderful moment, but now would be a good time to point out that absolutely no one can know about Ask Man Landers. Maxie. Is this really the time? No, she's right. If it gets out that Nathan's not the author of Ask Man Landers, we could be sued. [Sighs] Yeah, well, not to mention being required to return the advance. Yeah, and my professional reputation will be shot. I, of course, meant our professional reputations. Okay, I got it. No one's going to be hearing about Ask Man Landers from me. Sorry for all the trouble. Yeah. You really went above and beyond for us. Well, you know, hard to say no to Amy. She's pretty awesome. Yes, she is. Well, we've intruded on you guys long enough. Yes. Let's go home to my place. I can't thank you enough.. you, too, Maxie. [Giggles] Thanks for putting up with this. Yeah, don't -- [Laughs] Don't mention it -- ever. Like, seriously, don't mention it until we're out of the woods. Well, see you guys later.


See you guys.

Bye, guys.

See ya. Well, Max, you did it. Judgment call was spot-on. Truth is always best. Yeah. [Sighs] I've got something that I have to tell you. Okay. [Sighs] [Sniffs] "Unethical doctors, plastic surgery." Ah! Bingo. Let's see if there are any doctors out there willing to bend the rules. I'm sure that Jason Morgan has his own agenda for tracking down André. I have my own. Are you gonna be able to separate the two? I'm only interested in finding André, okay? And what happens after that is between you and Jason. Y-you are gonna be okay with me working for him, too? Yeah. Yeah. No, I'm -- look, for once, Jason and I are actually on the same side. All right. And you do know that I'll be sharing the same information with both of you? I know. Mm. And I have some information to share with you. So it's come to my attention that André's disappearance -- it has something to do with a role in a terminated WSB program. It's called memory mapping. "Memory mapping"? Aw, man. I don't like the way this sounds already. But I guess it would explain why both dudes think that they're Jason. Damn! Yeah. What's wrong? Is there something else? No, it's just -- [Sighs] It's weird talking about it with you. Baby, you can talk to me about anything. What is this about? Is this about André? I just -- I don't know what we're dealing with. Let me rephrase that. I don't know... who we're dealing with. André -- he was never an open book with me. You know, he... I just was always uncovering different facets of his life, like his interests and his travels and his hobbies, and it's just... [Sighs] God, I was so stupid. I-I actually thought that it was charming back then. Now I think... I don't even think that I realized who he was at all. [Sighs] The man that I am in love with is my husband. We have a great life together. But if... [Sighs] I mean, if this other guy turns out to be Jason... then what? I love my husband. We worked long and hard to get where we are. We love each other, and that's all that matters. Do you love who Jason is now... or who Jason used to be? I knew it! I told you the man I saw in the park was real. And he's your twin brother? I really didn't know much about him until now. What's he like? He's a pretty confused guy. He thinks he's me. How could he? You're you. [Chuckles] Yeah. I know. I know, son. I'm me. I'm your dad. But because he looks the way that I used to look, there are some people who believe him. Who? Doesn't matter. You know the truth. Your mom knows the truth. Because I'm your father, and that's not gonna change. Okay? Okay. Okay. I love you, dad. Aww. I love you, too.

I love the man that I'm married to. I love my husband, and I am committed to our life together. Just like I'm committed to this business, and you know what? I'm so sorry to cut you off, but I've got a ton of e-mails to answer. It's okay. Uh, I'll discuss the budget with you another day. It's fine. Thank you.

[Cell phone chimes]

Oh, no. You sound serious. What's on your mind, max?'s unexpected. Good news [Chuckles] I hope. Okay, I'll take good news.

[Cell phone chimes]

No! Oh, my God! No!

No, what? What? It's an alert from the invader! What, that sleazy tabloid? What do you care what they think? Nathan, they just broke a story that you're not Ask Man Landers.

Ava: "Who is to say what's ethical or not ethical? I lived for years hating the way I looked. Found someone to help me no matter what. I took a chance because it was my life." "The office of Dr. Gregory Rajac could not be reached for comment before publication of this article." Hey, sorry I took so long. I was carried away looking at all the new paintings. Did Franco leave? Yeah. He had to get back. Oh. What are you working on? Uh, just inventory. It's, um, new work for a new exhibit. I think that everyone will be very happy when it debuts.

Sam: You know, it's the kind of love that just is -- you can't stop feeling it, you can't deny it, you can't shut it down. All you can do is choose not to act on it. Accept the reality that the person who you will always love cannot be in your life. It's good that you have sympathy for Sam. I mean, I can't imagine what she's going through right now. If she admits that you're you, then she would have to admit that the last two years of her life have been... I don't know -- well, not exactly a lie, but not what she thought it was, and... the man that she thought was you isn't. Sonny and Carly want to prove that I'm Jason Morgan. [Chuckles] Gee, that's a surprise. Diane's working on it now. They're gonna subpoena all the cold cases from -- from all the times I was arrested, all the way back to 1996, and try to find a hard copy of my fingerprints. Wow. Well, at least they have a wealth of material to choose from. [Scoffs] They're just focused on the wrong thing. 'Cause I don't care about using the name Jason Morgan. I just care about finding who's responsible for replacing me with my brother. There's something different about this case. I can just -- I can feel it, and as much as I hate to admit it, André's a good dude, you know? He just, uh... he just got caught up. Hmm.

[Cell phone chimes]

Oh! Speak of the devil right there. What? Uh, something on André? Yeah, I might've hacked into his personal account. Uh, yeah. I don't want to know about those kinds of things. Oh, okay. So then you don't want to know what I just found out. No, I do, actually. You do? Exactly. What is this? Okay, so, um... a courier service made a shipment from his office at GH, right? To an address on Elm Street? Mm-hmm. And I have the IP address he used just a few hours ago. Gotcha. Hey, I love you. I love you, too. I'll see you soon. Jason. Thank you. You did the right thing. No. Thank you for making me see that. We may have our differences, but when it comes to Jake, we still make a pretty good team, don't you think? Yeah, I think so. Look, um... thank you for believing in me. It means a lot more than you know.

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