GH Transcript Thursday 11/16/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 11/16/17


Episode #13913 ~ Ava confronts Griffin; Nelle takes advantage of a situation; Nathan does his best to help.

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Maxie: [Exhales sharply] "Results in three minutes, test is 99% accurate from the day of expected period." Huh. I'm late. Like...late. All right. Let's do this. [Indistinct chatter]

Not Ann Landers -- it's man Landers. Right, right -- the good-looking guy who's been giving the whole world advice. Yeah, I can meet, but just so you know if there's not enough money in it for me, there's nothing in it for you. Nathan! I'm so glad you're still here. [Panting] What's wrong? It's Chet. What are you doing here? Well, you were called away the last time we were together, and I'm still waiting for an answer. That's what I used to look like, Griffin. You have all the research, you have all the tools necessary. Finish what Dr. Klein started. Please -- turn me back into the woman in that picture. [Sighs] Your parents around? No. No, they're out. Um, they're working with their friend to prove he's the real Jason instead of their other friend who only thinks he's Jason. Anyways, to say my parents would be distracted would be an understatement. Never a dull moment in your world. [Chuckles] Yeah, well, if you want to run screaming, now's your chance. Nah, I'm good. Cool. Especially since we're finally getting closer to finding out who your father is. Hmm, we still don't have a name. No, but we have a city -- san Diego -- and that CD he left your mom. I listened to it again last night. And? I noticed something I think that might help us. What is it? Hi, Oscar. Mom! You scared me. I didn't think you would be home. Really? So, what was the plan? To be alone? Whoever did this to me, it has to be connected to what happened to Sam's husband. Helena has to be involved. Yeah. Helena's dead. There's only two associates I can think of -- Faison, who's hiding out somewhere with his daughter, and a woman named Obrecht. Who's she? She worked at general hospital for a while, a doctor. She actually ran the place. Whack job -- she did everything Faison wanted. Where is she now? She's out of town. But when she gets back, she's the best lead. What's going on with you? Same old. And how's, uh, how's business. It's been a strange year. I-I was toying with getting out for a while, but it was just basically toying. Yeah, I-I went as far as putting Pozzulo's up for sale, but then I changed my mind the last minute. But before that, you were... I mean, you were serious about going legit? Well, I actually thought perks was the answer. What's perks? I forget, you know, that... it's a coffeehouse that Kristina wanted me to buy, but it -- it was basically Morgan's baby. It was the last time I saw him, uh, revved up. He wanted to run that place. I thought he was gonna turn it into some kind of, uh, franchise. Wow -- Morgan running a business. Can you picture that? The last time I saw him, he was -- he was a kid. And now he's gone.

Chet's gone! His room was empty, bed made, no clothes or phone or wallet or anything. Okay, I'm gonna assume you tried calling him. Have you met me? He won't pick up. [Exhales sharply] All right, all right -- don't -- don't go into panic mode, okay? There's a number of reasons he could have left the hospital. Only one reason scares me -- what if Chet's out there looking to get high again? Good job, Maxie -- using the bathroom before you buy the test, and now I can't take it. Hopefully I can keep this water down or else it's gonna get ugly.

Nelle: The payout on this looks decent. I can work with these numbers. Glad we're on the same page. Except for this one part -- it says here that you have to vet the entire story before I get all the money? That's how this works, yeah. No. I don't think you understand. I have the goods on Ask Man Landers. And once we verify that, you'll get the rest of the payout. What if I need all the money now? Oh, well. No, no -- that wasn't the plan. I mean, I-I knew that you weren't home, but that's not why I invited Oscar over. You can relax, Josslyn. I said you could see Oscar, and I meant it. You're messing with me. I'm messing with you. [Laughs] Good one, Mrs. Corinthos. Thanks! Hey, whose side are you on? Mine, if he's smart. [Chuckles] I'm actually glad you're here. You know, we still need to set up a time for me to meet your mother. [Jostling, drawer closes] Yeah. Yeah, she's been crazy busy lately. I mean, it's been hard to schedule anything. She working on Thanksgiving? Um... you want to have Oscar and his mom over for Thanksgiving? Well, yeah. I just figured that Oscar and his mom are relatively new in town. They may not have Thanksgiving plans. Do you? Um, none that I know of. Probably! Well, that settles it -- you guys can come here for Thanksgiving. [Laughs] Slow down. He still needs to ask his mom. Great. Then you can text your mom, right? Uh, okay. Yeah. I-I'll text her. Mm-hmm. [Sighs] Oh, can you also copy me on that text so I can know if I need to add two place settings. I'm going out, okay? Avery's nanny is upstairs, and Devon is outside. Right. Right. Okay. [Cell phone chimes] Oh! You're fast. Here's hoping she says "yes"! Oh! I am sorry. That -- that came out of nowhere, and was über pushy. Her heart's in the right place. It is? She's just [Scoffs] Uh, [Exhales] Thanksgiving. Does your mom even know that we're...? Hanging out? Yeah. What she doesn't know is who your stepdad is. If I have the chance to restore my face, why wouldn't I take it? Because it's dangerous. Do -- do you understand Klein's notes? Yes, which is why I deemed the procedure a risk. But it works. Look at the progress he was able to make. All you need to do is finish it. It hasn't been approved -- not in the U.S., Not in Russia, not anywhere. It doesn't mean that you wouldn't be successful. If done improperly, it cold make your scars worse. I'll take that risk. I won't. It's my face. And it's my career. What you're asking me to do is highly unethical and wildly dangerous. I could cause irreparable damage. Do you really have so little faith in yourself? I have that much concern for you. You have already suffered so much. You're finally finding your old self again. Well, you know if you don't do it, I'll just find another doctor who will. Ava, please, I'm begging you -- don't open this Pandora's box. Come on, Griffin. If it was that bad an idea, if it was that dangerous an idea, then why did Jason bring it to me in the first place? I hate that I wasn't here for you and Carly. You know what? Looking back... what? I got -- [Sighs] That's when I should have known that he wasn't you. Don't get me wrong -- he's -- he's -- he's a-a decent guy, he's understanding, and if it wasn't or him we wouldn't know how Morgan died. But there was just something off -- like, I can't really explain it. He didn't take Morgan's loss like you would have. I'm sorry, Sonny. Losing a child -- yep -- there's nothing worse. No. Yeah. Did, uh, Carly tell you he was bipolar? Can you imagine the guilt that I felt, knowing that I passed that on to him? I get that, but... you know it's not your fault. Seeing him go through that pain and torment and knowing there's not a damn thing I can do about it -- just support him and be there for him. And you felt helpless. Yeah, and I don't do helpless well -- neither does Carly. Right. [Exhales] But let me tell you something -- once we understood and he -- he started getting on his medication, he was -- he was great. He was focused. [Voice breaking] He was just, you know, ready to get on with his life. I know -- I know that takes a lot of work. And he did the work. He did the work, and he was, like, ready, and we were so proud of him... till that bitch took him away.

 Jason was grateful for my help. He wouldn't cause me harm. He isn't a doctor. He wouldn't know the treatment could be disastrous. Look, he probably thought he was doing you a favor. He wasn't. Everything you're saying makes sense. I understand that the procedure could be risky, that it could even make things worse, but I just... I can't shake it -- the idea of being myself again. Ava, you're beautiful just the way you are. [Laughs] I think a lot of people would disagree with you. Yeah, well, I'm not a lot of people. No, you are not. So, can we table this for now? I am starving. What do you have in mind? Well, I was thinking, uh, you, me, the metro court -- I want to show off my dinner date. Okay. Come on. You're on. You know, Carly mentioned something had happened to Morgan, something to make him spiral, but she said we'd talk about it later. She's right. No -- hey, look -- we should be focusing on the positive. You're home safe and alive. And before Morgan was taken from us, he was -- he was the best version of himself. That's what matters. Okay. But you know when you're ready to talk -- yeah, yeah. Okay, would it be embarrassing if I just burst into tears right now? Yes, Carly. Yeah, a little bit. I can't help it. I'm sorry. Just walking in here and seeing you guys sitting together like it's the most normal thing in the world? It's everything I wished for, and I never thought I'd get it. [Sighs] Straight to voicemail. Okay. Well, when was the last time you saw him? Uh, before his occupational therapy appointment. We can't report him missing yet, right? He hasn't been gone long enough. No, no, no, no, no. Text me his picture. I'll send it to my guys on the pd, give them a heads-up. They can unofficially be on the lookout? Exactly. [Exhales sharply] Hey, where you going? To ask around -- find the last person who saw Chet in the hospital. That way we'll know roughly how long ago he left. I thought I was supposed to be the detective. [Scoffs] Meet back here? I'm not going anywhere. Three minutes. What's three minutes? Nothing -- a commercial break, a song, the time it takes to boil a teakettle. I can [Exhales] Totally wait three minutes. [Sighs] Maybe I should do something productive. I should stretch, right? Yes. Okay. [Exhales sharply] [Sighs] [Groans] [Cell phone beeping] Oh, my God, it's done. Oh, shut up, shut up. [Beeping stops] [Exhales sharply] Okay. [Exhales] Baby...or no baby -- what is it? [Exhales] [Knocks at door] Crap! second! [Exhales sharply]

 Wait! Is the scoop really that big? Huge. We'll give you three quarters up front and the rest once it's vetted. Complete anonymity? Deal. Add those to the contract. [Scoffs] Okay. So, let's have it. I used to work at crimson. Isn't that where Mrs. Man Landers works? Maxie Jones? Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. I overheard them talking the other day to her husband. She was worried that someone was gonna find out what they've been hiding. Which is? Ask Man Landers is a fraud. And both his sister and wife know it. Can I help you? Yeah, uh, sorry to bother you. Somebody put Ask Man Landers address on twitter. Oh, and you just decided to show up at his home? [Sighs] Again, I apologize. Uh, I just really need to tell him something about my sister. Look, whoever you are, if you're here to play matchmaker for your pathetic, sad-sack sister, I'm sorry to tell you that Ask Man Landers is happily married to me. No, he -- he knows my sister -- Amy Driscoll. Oh. Oh! Chet. Oh, my God. Wow. It's been so long -- I didn't even recognize you. Do we know each other? Uh, I went to pc high when you led the football team to the state championships. Right. You don't remember me? It's been a long time since high school. Maxie Jones -- I was a cheerleader, I screamed myself hoarse for you guys every Friday night. Well, thank you for that, and I'm -- I'm sorry I don't recognize you. [Laughs] I guess I wasn't as much of legend as you are. I'm not really a legend anymore. That depends on who you ask. So, Chet, why are you here and not at the hospital?

Nathan: Okay, good. Hey, if you can swing it, send it to the guys over at public transportation, all right? I already texted the beat cops. I know -- I know it's not policy, okay? It's for a friend. Appreciate it, Dante. Thanks. Chet never made it to O.T. Deanna saw him leaving his room all dressed and ready to go an hour ago. Well, she didn't say anything? She knew he was being discharged today. It didn't occur to her to stop him. [Sighs] All right, well, an hour's not that long. Long enough for him to find someone who could lead him to a dealer. Chet knows port Charles. Yeah, well, so do we, okay? So we use that to our advantage. I haven't found the best way to explain to my mom that your stepdad's a crime boss. What's the big deal? Oscar, I'm kidding! Look, Sonny's intimidating -- and for good reason. Look, I know better than anybody how awkward that conversation can be. I've had it with every teacher, every riding coach, every...everyone, and they all give me the same look. It's a cross between interest, terror, and pity. [Ringtone plays] Oh, man. She said yes. Your mom's coming to Thanksgiving? Okay. You know what? It's -- it's gonna be fine. We can make it work. Um, I can ask Sonny, and maybe he can de-mob the place a little. No, no. I'm -- I'm being stupid. The best thing for my mom will be to meet your mom and stepdad. It will? Then she'll firsthand what nice people they are, and what a great family you have. When you put it like that, bring on Thanksgiving. You did not invite them for Thanksgiving? Yes. We haven't met Oscar's mother yet... [Sighs] ...They're relatively new in town. But that's what I'm -- you're trying to control the uncontrollable. I am not! I am not. [Sighs] A holiday is a great opportunity to get to know each other. It is! Roaring fire in the fireplace, pumpkins and gourds decorating the house, maybe we ease up on security just a little -- but that's what I'm talking about. She's gonna know who I am. You can't sugarcoat it. Yes, we can. We can a little bit for Josslyn's sake. Please. [Cell phone rings] I got to -- I got to take this. We'll see. [Sighs] Sonny. Okay. Yeah. Okay, you know what? Maybe it's good for max and Milo to spend time with their significant others. I'm sure Diane will be happy... thank you! ...You know, that kind of stuff. You're welcome. [Sighs] I'm really nervous about this. I can tell. Oscar's such a nice guy, Josslyn really likes him. Like, what if his mom meets Sonny, and she decides to leave the state or something? That's -- that's not gonna happen. [Laughs] How do you know? One, it's a little extreme, and, two, you and Sonny are -- are great people who just care a lot about your kids, and that's gonna come through. I'm so happy you're back. It's so great to be able to talk to you and not feel judged and you don't think I sound stupid. [Laughs] You don't stupid. You sound like a mom who cares about her kid. I do. I really do. I'm gonna get a drink. Do you want another one? No, I'm good. Okay. I'm good. Thank you. Okay. Ava. Oh, h-- hi. I-I'm happy to see you. Uh, this is my friend Griffin. Y-you probably remember him. Yeah, hey. It's, uh, good to see you on U.S. Soil. Again, thank you so much for all your help in that church. Oh, it's my pleasure. I-I wish I could have done more. Well, at least I can pay you back. Oh, that is -- that's not necessary. No, please, I like to pay my debts. Okay, then we'll compromise. I will put this in a donation dish on Sunday. Thank you. That is a very nice gesture. You got what I left you? I did, thank you. It was all I could think of to pay you back. Why are you talking to her? I told you about the patient in Russia. Ava's the one who helped me escape. She's also the reason Morgan's dead.

Come on in. GH gave me an honorable discharge -- all fixed up. Okay. What is it you need to tell Nathan? It's kind of personal. Mm, I'm his wife. I'm gonna find out eventually. Well, will he be back soon? I'm not sure. He's with your sister, actually, who's worried sick about you. That's actually why I'm here. Uh, I don't want Amy wasting any more time on me. She needs to move on. She needs to live her life and be happy. Without you. I need to go my own way -- get lost somewhere so I'm not in Amy's orbit. For Amy's sake. Exactly. Wow. You really were a hero on the football and battlefields, but you're a coward when it comes to your sister. Chet doesn't have a car here, right? No. [Exhales] What about money? Not much cash, but he has credit cards. For all we know, he's already on a plane. No, no, no -- my partner's checking into that. 'Cause I mean, no matter what, he would've needed a ride from here anyways, right? And -- and airport, buses, trains, all those things are too far to walk. Chet hates busses. They make him sick. What? I know. Crazy, right? After all the horrors he endured in that war, it's -- it's a still a bus that can take him down. Well, no. That means he probably took a cab. GH keeps a list of recommended ones in the lobby. That might narrow it down. On it. Nathan! Thank you. You really are one of the good ones. Back at you. [Exhales sharply] Get out of here! Nathan west isn't Ask Man Landers? Nope. A nurse at GH is -- Amy Driscoll. And now he's a woman? [Chuckles] You know, it seemed pretty outrageous so I did some checking. The Ask Man Landers launch was covered pretty extensively, so I printed it all out -- account after account of the strangeness surrounding the unveiling of Ask Man Landers. Yeah, I remember all those masked men all claiming to be him. Mm-hmm. And then he was accused of having an affair... with Amy Driscoll! Uh-huh. And then when he finally came out and said that he was Ask Man Landers, Maxie jumped in and said that they were all Ask Man Landers -- until he finally put a stop to it claiming he was the only one. Mm-hmm. But the truth is none of the men were writing that column. Amy Driscoll was. Here. Thanks. Okay. So, back to the CD your dad made for you mom -- you noticed something you said might help us? Bottled water? Just water in general. [Laughs] It was a theme that kept coming back in the songs -- the ocean going away, coming back. Like the tides. Yeah. Okay. Well, that could just be another san Diego thing. You know, you dad's taken me surfing down there -- it's all about the ocean. And basically exists for its navy base, one of the largest in the U.S. That's right. You said your grandfather was in the navy. You think your dad might have been, too? It's possible. Maybe he was deployed, and that's why he left. Makes sense. You know, 2003 is when the Iraq war started. Oscar, you're a genius. That would make perfect sense on why he was saying goodbye in that letter. It would also explain why he never came home, why my mom never talks about him. What if my father was killed in action? Carly, this is not the time or the place. Would you stop defending her? I'm sick of it. Ava nearly died trying to save your friend. Does that count for nothing? No. It will never erase what she did to my son. What happened? Ava switched Morgan's lithium for placebos. He was having manic episodes again. He died thinking he was doing something wrong, when in fact he was doing everything right, everything. And what makes it even more disgusting is Ava used her daughter to pull this off. Visiting Avery, getting in the house just to switch my son's pills -- going up into Morgan's room. [Stammers] Why? He was not supposed to die. But he did. I cared about Morgan. I cared about him very much, but he was sick, and his mental illness was making it impossible for him to have a healthy relationship with my daughter. Kiki was in danger. I just wanted to free her from him. That's all I wanted to do, was to get him away from my daughter. I thought that he would be admitted to a hospital for treatment. Which would have been bad enough, right -- I mean, making someone lose their mind? I really thought that Sonny and Carly would have been paying attention. [Laughs] You know, if they had done what they were supposed to be doing as parents Morgan would still be alive. Enough! Morgan was my godson. Of course he was. I owed you, I paid the debt... and now we're done. [Laughing] Well, this must be your best day ever, huh? [Normal voice] You got your Jason back, your Jason. Now you've got two men to fight your battles for you. I do my own fighting. With the support of Sonny and his sidekick. Nothing can stop you now. No, it can't -- not even you.

 I'm trying to do the right thing. Leaving your sister in shreds is the right thing to do? Amy adores you, Chet. She lives her life for you. That's exactly why -- why you can't find it in yourself to be her brother, a real one, like the one you were back in high school? Things are different now. Look, I get that life dealt you a crappy hand, but Amy is doing everything she can to make it better. She's working day and night calling in favors, twisting herself into knots. Favors? Yeah, from Nathan, from me -- I mean, we didn't think twice about -- I thought twice about it, but Nathan didn't. He thought he was doing the right thing fighting the good fight bringing in money for you, even when it was risky. Whoa, whoa -- hold up. What money? [Scoffs] Open your eyes, Chet. It wasn't the VA that paid your medical bills. It was Amy. Wait, are you serious? That is how selfless and devoted she is. But how? Amy's a nurse. Where'd she get the money? You know, in all of the photos of Amy, she is captioned as Ask Man Landers' manager. To cover why she was shadowing him at the party. Uh-huh. I went back and I unearthed some old Ask Man Landers blogs. There's no photo, ever. But as soon as there were rumblings of a book deal, detective Nathan west's picture pops up. Seems Amy thought she needed a man to front for her. As all women do. And then there's the connection between Amy and Nathan -- she went to high school with his wife. Maxie Jones, co-conspirator. Mm-hmm. Oh, don't forget Nina reeves. She published an exclusive on Ask Man Landers last month, and there's another one due out soon. Cashing in on baby bro's lies, huh? [Chuckles] Oh, this thing is all in the family. Well, there has to be naval records, right? You know, a list of personnel deployed from san Diego in 2003? I actually did some research last night. Well, what'd you find? Well, I read accounts on naval ops, special missions that made the news. I didn't even really know what I was looking for, but there was one name that stood out, a naval pilot who'd been wounded and sent home -- Oscar. Whoa. Oscar what? O'Brian. He's from Iowa. Here. He's on MyFace. Don't you think he sort of looks like me? [Scoffs] Not sort of. He looks a lot like you. Oscar, this could be your father. When you told me that Ava was helping you in Russia, I was gonna tell you what she did to Morgan. But I didn't want to revisit the pain. I understand. Let me tell you something, Avery, my daughter, is the only reason Ava is breathing. I understand you're grieving. I even understand you hating me. But come on, Carly. You are far from perfect yourself. You've lied and cheated and done your fair share of damage -- more than your fair share. What I haven't done is rob a young man of his sanity and his life. [Sighs] Oh, for Pete's sake. I did not kill Morgan. Could you just step down off your pedestal for one solitary second?! And what, be on the same level as you? You are scarred, Ava, and it looks like you're gonna stay that way. That makes you happy? Oh, it makes me ecstatic. And I can't think of a more fitting punishment for you. And you -- you think you're gonna save her? Let me tell you what's going to happen -- one day he's gonna roll over and look at you, and I mean really look at you, and he's gonna see that you're not only scarred on the outside, you're horrible and vile on the inside. Carly, that's enough. And then he's going to be gone -- on to someone younger and beautiful, and you will be left in the dust. And no, that doesn't bring my son back, but it sure is nice to know.

Okay, well, that was fun. Looks like you got into it with Ava. Carly, I'm -- I'm sorry. No. I'm sorry. I -- I should've never put you on the spot like that. I just, um, I hate her. She hurt Morgan. I'm glad I know. Well, it looks like we got a lot of catching up to do. [Inhales sharply] Yeah, uh, you know, I just -- I-I think I'm -- I'm done for the night. Are you sure? We could grab a drink and talk. I-I -- I mean, you must have so many questions. Yeah. Yeah, but we -- we got time for that. Right now I just -- I just need to clear my head, you know? Okay. I love you. Love you, too. [Cell phone rings] All right, buddy. You'll get the rest if the story pans out. Oh, it will. You realize that not only will this tank Ask Man Landers, but probably crimson as well. It's not my fault they compromised their integrity. If crimson goes down because of Nina and Maxie's lies, so be it. Take no prisoners. [Chuckles] I like it. So, what happens now? You'll see. And so will the rest of the world. [Door opens] Seriously, how did Amy get all the money to pay for my medical bills? She wrote a blog in her spare time. The public loved it. It caught on like wildfire. But she used a pseudonym, so Amy did all the work but got none of the glory. Anything I would've heard of? Oh, yeah, you've definitely heard of it. It's practically become a household name. Your sister is Ask Man Landers.

Josslyn: Did -- did you send him a friend request or a message or anything? I considered it, but then I chickened out. How come? What if he doesn't want to hear from me? Well, I mean, for all we know he has no clue you even exist. It couldn't hurt to reach out. I guess. Oscar, what is it? What if he's disappointed to have a son like me? Oscar, come on. You're an awesome guy. I bet he'd be really proud of you. You think? I-I -- it's like I want to meet him, but, like, I'm so afraid at the same time. Look, if you want to call off this whole search right now, I'm with you. No. I want to find my father. Okay, then we will. What? No, it just... it feels really good to have someone on my side. Well, yeah. Where else would I be? Who are you texting? Is everything okay? Yeah. E-everything is, uh... it's all good. Hey. Hi. Let's get out of here. Yes. We can order in, and can make me one of your famous martinis. No, no, no thank you. Ava, don't -- don't let Carly ruin this for us. Oh, too late. You think Jason went to the footbridge? My guess is yeah. He looked so lost. I wish there was something we could do to help him. Maybe there is. [Sighs] [Leaves rustle]

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