GH Transcript Wednesday 11/15/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 11/15/17


Episode #13912 ~ Valentin is put on the spot; Scott defends his actions; Lulu has exciting news.

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How often do we both get a day off? I promise I will make it up to you as soon as I get back from GH. Ugh. Are you going to see Amy? Doesn't Ask Man Landers get a day off, too? Yeah, but her and her brother are going through a bit of a tough time. She needs a friend. Wait. No. Tell me you're not leaving. I brought lunch! There's enough for the three of us. I got to rain check, Lulu. I'm sorry. [Chuckles] Is everything okay? My husband's the best. That's part of the problem. But you brought my favorite pesto salad. What is the occasion? I have great news, Maxie. I'm back! Hi. Hello, Nelle. Sorry. I thought I was gonna be meeting with someone from hr, not the head of the GH hospital board. Oh, well, it's fine. Don't worry about it. Come on. Sit down. You know, it's just that, um, well... childcare is a matter that is very close to my heart, so I like to have a personal hand in what's going on in the daycare here at the hospital, so... that includes new hires. Well, great! Well, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Excellent. First off, you can start by telling me why you left your last position. Nina. Ah! I was so thrilled to get your call and even more thrilled to get your invitation. Oh, I took the liberty of ordering a bottle of sauvignon blanc. Oh, my favorite! Me, too. It must be fate. We barely know each other, and I already feel like we're great friends. You can cut the act. I know you lied to me. You never visit, except to accuse me of something. So, what is it this time? What is your connection to my homicidal ex-sister-in-law Olivia Jerome? Don't know who you've been talking to, but she's no friend of mine. I didn't say she was your friend. I wouldn't imagine you have any friends -- co-conspirators, maybe, but not friends. Well, that's fair enough, but what does that got to do with a woman who, last I checked, was institutionalized in a facility for the criminally insane? Unlike her brother, who's serving 15 to 20 in Pentonville for her crimes... thank you for getting here so quickly. Glad to hear from you. I'm, uh...working on a very lucrative accident case, but I got a continuance, so I ran right over here. Let's talk about Alexis. You went against my wishes and had her visit me here. If I could reach through this Plexiglas right now, I'd wring your neck. Olivia was unfit to stand trial, so the D.A. Scapegoated Julian for her crimes. "Scapegoated"? I'm sorry. Wasn't he an accomplice to a laundry list of crimes up to and including kidnapping and murder? I mean, can't one just as easily say he's getting what he deserves? If we all got what we deserved, where would you be? You know, I'm not nearly as sinister as you think I am. "Sinister" doesn't even begin to capture your many talents. I'm really certain that our father is somewhere in hell, just beaming with pride over you, but I digress. We were talking about your relationship with Olivia Jerome. Well, there is none. Then who paid for her legal fees? Or are you gonna pretend you don't know Nora Buchanan, either?

 You use pesto from a jar and I'll never be able to tell the difference? Don't insult me. [Chuckles] No. When I told you that I had dreams of being an investigative reporter, I buried the lead. How very journalism-y of you. What's the scoop? I had already submitted an article to Port Charles parents. Lulu, that's great! Why didn't you tell me? I don't know! I didn't want to jinx it. So, you know how they tell you to write what you know, right? Well, I've been really upset about the quality of food at Charlotte and Rocco's school, so I decided to look into it. That sounds gripping. I think I really have a knack for turning a little story into something big. I have a hard copy of the article with me, and I would really love to hear your take. Right now? Oh, my god. I'm sorry. This is like me asking you to work on your day off. Oh, my god, please. I don't even have a husband at home to distract me. Of course, I'll look at it. Thank you so much. It -- don't hold back. Tell me exactly what you think. M-Maxie? What's wrong? I'll be right back. Well, where to begin? You know, I guess I just love taking care of kids. I love helping them and watching them learn. As you can see on my résumé, I was trained in both education and childcare. Yes, I know. Right. Of course. You knew me as Charlotte's nanny. [Laughing] Yeah. She's such an amazing kid. Thank you. You know, I miss -- I miss being with her. I-I just think I'm at my best when I'm taking care of children. Well, I-I remember you with Charlotte, and you were wonderful with her, but I guess [Sighs] I can't help but wonder if you know that you love childcare, why would you have taken the job as Nina's executive assistant? Mr. Cassadine got into some legal troubles. That's an understatement. Well, when Charlotte went to live with your daughter... mm-hmm. ...There was no need for a nanny anymore, so while I was looking for other work, Nina graciously offered me a position as her personal assistant, know, no one had ever shown that kind of faith in me before. I mean, well... Carly? I don't know how much you're aware of with my situation with Carly, but let's just say I was angry with her for reasons that turned out to not be true, and I-I deeply regret everything that happened between me and her family, which you are a part of, right? Uh, yes, yes. Carly is my ex-husband's niece, so that makes my children and her cousins. Anyway, you were saying Nina offered you the job. Yes, yes. So, I leapt at the opportunity to prove that I was up to the challenge, you know, not just for Nina but for myself. And yet you're willing to walk away from all that glamour and go back to nap time and runny noses and skinned knees? Why, Nelle?

Cassandra: Lied? No, I don't know what you're talking about. Well, I know your name isn't Cassie white. I know it's Cassandra Pierce. And I know that, once upon a time, you had a relationship with my husband. Valentin and I tell each other everything. Ah. Uh, do you? Well, what else did he tell you -- about him and me, that is? Well, I know you were involved, um, for a short time when you were in Europe, and I know it wasn't serious -- at least it wasn't to Valentin. But the point being, Cassandra, is when you met me here with Charlotte -- yes. No. I can explain that. You don't have to. I know exactly what you were doing. And, to be honest with you, I don't blame you. You don't? Well, of course I know Nora Buchanan. She was my counsel in family court. She's the reason the judge awarded me custody of Charlotte for six months. Until you were arrested for espionage and shipped off to the Netherlands. Well, that was a misunderstanding and long since cleaned up. Actually, Lulu and I have come to an agreement. We're sharing custody. We're acting like grown-ups. You should really look into that. That is so heartwarming, truly. Anyway, I discovered this really amazing coincidence that the same day you were awarded custody in family court, Nora Buchanan was representing Liv Jerome in her competency hearing. Well, Nora Buchanan is an out-of-state attorney. She was handling two cases in Port Charles. She wrapped them both up on the same day. I wouldn't call that a coincidence. I'd call that multitasking. I have a never word for it -- collusion. Hey, I'm not gonna apologize for sending a flare up to Alexis. I ordered you to keep her out of here. My job is not to keep her out of here. It's about getting you out of here, so if you're not gonna protect yourself... what am I supposed to do, Scotty? Huh? I'm a high-profile prisoner. I mean, some of these guys, they have a grudge against me. Some of these guys come after me just for kicks, and others don't give a damn. They just want to see blood bouncing off the concrete. Lo-- wha-what do you think's going on here -- prayer circles and yoga classes?! These are hard-core criminals, okay? Now, you need to keep your head down until I can get you out of here.

I'll bite. Why would I help or otherwise "collude" with Liv Jerome? Well, let's start with the obvious. You both share a common enemy in Anna Devane. Your information's out of date. Anna Devane and I have reached a détente. Really, after all the bitterness that you had for everything that Anna and the WSB did to you, what, a lifetime ago? Nope. We're good. And as much as I love when you come over and carpet-bomb me with conspiracy theory, I really do have stuff to do, so... well, you know, I don't really have proof that you're helping Liv Jerome. I mean, it's just a theory... one that I might feel compelled to share. With whom? With someone... who has a lot of influence and resources, who hates Liv and blames...her for the death of his child. Sonny Corinthos. Yeah. I think if he knew about this, he would feel a need to dig and dig and dig, and he might just keep digging until he digs your grave. Colorful. What is it you want? Liv Jerome is a homicidal, psychopathic narcissist, and those are her good qualities. In any case, I need her to do something for me. Then why don't you ask her? I can't get to her, and her attorney of record, Nora Buchanan -- she won't give me access. Well... the two of you share the same out-of-state attorney. Wow. I mean, what are the odds? I bet Sonny knows. [Scoffs] So, you want Liv to exonerate Julian? You want me to make sure that she does, and if I don't, you will tell Sonny Corinthos that I'm protecting the woman who murdered his son? And even though you have no proof, he's such a grieving father that he'll whack me on your say-so. Huh. Well, I digress, but, um... you must really want Julian free if you're willing to become an accessory to my murder. Julian is no saint, but Liv coerced him. Okay. I mean, I can see why you have to believe that. I mean, how else can you justify loving a man who put a knife to your throat? Talk to Nora, or I will talk to Sonny. Never ever get Alexis involved again. That is the last thing I want. No, I'm serious. Scotty, her association with me nearly cost her her career, not to mention her life. Okay? I can't allow anymore damage. I am depending on you. I'm telling you, keep her out of here. Okay. Well, you know, how can I say this? I mean, she loved you, she married you, um, but she didn't take orders from you. So, wh-what makes you think that she is going to listen to me? [Sighs] Can you please try? All right. Well, since I'm here... all right. Aren't you supposed to get back to your little personal-injury jackpot here? Uh, well, that's not till tomorrow. Today is all about you. I mean, that's what you're paying me for. Now...trouble is I don't have enough ammunition here. What? You mean about the appeal? I have looked at that from every angle. I got nothing. So, if you have a silver bullet, then you need to use it now. You know, Nina has been so good to me. I just haven't had the heart to tell her that I've been looking for other work. You know, I hope that you don't think that that's underhanded. No, I get it. You know, I was much happier working with Charlotte -- watching her play and learn something new every single day, you know? That's why I'm convinced now more than ever that the GH daycare center is the right place for me. Hey! I was looking for you. Has Chet been discharged yet? I'm hoping that will happen later today. If you're still looking to question him, he's in occupational therapy. I will do that when I'm back on duty. So, if you're not here on official business... actually, I brought reading material. That's so thoughtful, but if it's not sports illustrated, he's probably not interested. Oh, it's not for Chet. It's for you. This... is the very first paperback edition of the "Ask Man Landers" book. I had them send it to me as soon as it was ready. Nathan, it -- this is -- th-this is... presales are good. Uh, Quinn thinks it's gonna be a blockbuster. [Sighs] But for what? What do you mean? The only reason I was doing any of this was to help my brother, and now it turns out Chet doesn't want my help. He's mad at me for even trying to help. Well, if that's really what you think, then I think you probably better read your own book. Thanks, but I think I know what it says. Oh, yeah? No. Specifically, page six... third paragraph, line one. See? I marked it. Go on. Read it. Read what you wrote. Come here. Sit down. We're gonna try to drink some water. Okay. Do you think it was the pesto salad? No. It couldn't be. That's my favorite, and I barely had two bites. Oh. I hope it wasn't my article. Don't be ridiculous. I'm an editor. I read bad writing all the time without throwing up. Oh. No, not that your article was bad. I barely had time to skim it before I started hurl. Well, it was probably the content -- all the details about those cartons of sour milk and the moldy cheese snacks and that hamburger that was well past -- Lu, you are not helping. I'm sorry. I'm sorry! I just -- I feel terrible. For the last time, it's not your fault. It's just -- just... oh, hold on! Oh, my god. Maxie Jones... you're pregnant! [Gasps]

Ohh. I am not pregnant. Okay. I've just been stressed out with this whole "the Mrs. Behind Ask Man Landers" article and glamming it up for the photo shoot. I'm sure that's what it is. I-I-in addition to having a husband who has a very dangerous job, you know, fighting crime at all hours of the day. Okay, I am with you there. Who, by the way, on his day off, went to go see his needy nurse friend just because she's having some horrible family disaster. Yes, I know that sounds selfish. Mm, only a little bit. A-and to add onto that your article on spoiled lunches. I think you are ignoring the obvious. Which would be? You've been in Portland for months. Ever since you got back, you and Nathan have been making up for lost time. Sure, when he's home. So, maybe one night in the heat of the moment -- stop right there! I can't be pregnant. Why not? Because we haven't talked about it yet. Not really a required step. I know that! What I mean is... look, Nathan loves kids. He's crazy about Georgie. And, yes, we have talked about having children of our own...someday. But? But we haven't talked about having them right now. The timing is all wrong! That is the funny thing about nature. Doesn't really care about timing. Have you thought about a career in fortune cookies? I know that Nathan has been busy with the Ask Man Landers thing -- blog, the book. Don't forget the paperback edition and all the presales. Yay! Exactly! So, with all that money in the bank, Nathan would make an amazing stay-at-home dad. You have your career, Nathan takes care of the baby. Lulu, that would never happen. Nathan loves his job, and I love my life exactly the way it is. The last thing I need is... a complication.

Amy: "Dear Ask Man Landers, can you love someone too much? My husband is an addict. Name a substance -- he's abused it. He's been in and out of rehab, but no matter how much I tell him I love him, all I do is make it worse. How do I keep from losing him?" Now read what Ask Man Landers said. [Scoffs] "The surest way to lose him is to lose yourself. Addiction affects whole families, not just individuals. Fortunately, there are programs you can join where you'll find others just like you. They'll help you find the strength and courage to realize that no matter how much you love them, you can't force someone to save themselves. They have to come to that on their own. It's hard and it's painful, but you won't be alone. You're not alone." [Sighs] Did I really write that? Yes, you did -- every last word. Now the hard part -- you have to take your own advice. Yeah. You definitely have the experience for this job. Okay. So, you have any questions? Um... you know, the online description was clear enough -- you know, the hours and the responsibilities. Yeah. Most people would ask about the benefits. Oh, right! [Laughing] Okay. Yes, of course. I'm sorry. Um, I'm assuming there's some health coverage? Yes. You've got medical, dental, and a 401(k). Don't worry about it. Hr will go over all of this with you in detail. That's great! I honestly wasn't expecting as much. Well, good. I'm glad you're so pleasantly surprised. Uh, oh, and, by the way, salaries are paid every two weeks. Not weekly? Is that a problem? I'll make it work. The kids are what matters. That's great. That's great. I'm so glad that that's the way you feel. Well, like I said, um, everything on paper looks just great, so...I know. I think the rest of it is just a formality. Amazing. Um, do you mind if I go look at the daycare center? No, not at all! Go right ahead. See, Cassandra, um, I believe when you tripped over Charlotte's skates and you started talking about skating, you didn't know who she or I was. I mean, how could you? Oh, of course, I didn't! Of course not. Of course not. And then when you learned that I was Valentin's wife, what are you supposed to say? "Hi! I'm Cassandra Pierce. I'm your husband's ex-lover." Oh, I would never say that. No, no. I mean, you would never want to put Valentin on the spot if Charlotte or I mention that we ran into you and you were just trying to spare our feelings. Am I close? Spot on. Yeah. Well, I think you're kind. And, as I told you before, Valentin and I share everything, so I know about your past. I also know about your present connection, too.

You know what I just decided? I'm fine. [Scoffs] Just because I threw up once -- mm. Okay, twice -- that does not mean that I am pregnant. Take a test. Just in case! The sooner you know, better for prenatal care. Look, I do not need a lecture on birth and babies from you. Oh, my god. Lulu, I am so sorry. Can we blame that on the hormones? Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Look, I know we have a complicated history when it comes to babies, but that's all in the past. We're good. I just don't want you to think that I ever take that for Granted. I want you to think about this. Georgie would love to have a little sister or brother! Oh, Rocco and Charlotte could babysit when they're older! Lulu, when I think about all the moments that I missed with Georgie -- oh, look who you're talking to. I missed months with Rocco and...years with Charlotte. But look at us now, right? The thought of being there for all the firsts -- first words, first steps, having the best-dressed little boy or girl when I see the moms at the park. [Laughs] No! No! Let's stop this, okay? I-I am not pregnant. I am sure you're not. Do you want me to leave the pesto salad for you? Get out. Okay. And next time, lunch is on me, and we will be celebrating the publication of your article. Ah! I can't wait! Wine for me, milk for you. Go now. [Laughs] Well, you're the lawyer, Scotty. It's your job to find grounds for an appeal. I'm not paying this retainer to myself. The reason why most appeals get denied in the first place because they've got to prove that something went wrong with the initial trial. Uh, you know, you got to say that the judge did something wrong, and most judges don't want to anger other judges. You understand what I'm saying? Honor among thieves. Yeah, I'm familiar with it. Yeah. So, you know, okay. St. Jerome -- he was the patron saint of librarians, students, not for convicts that get knocked around. I never claimed to be a saint. Well, you're acting like one. How am I acting like a saint? Well, all preachy and knowing everything. Look... we're gonna need a miracle to get you out of here. I'll stop acting like, uh, St. Jerome when you start acting like a lawyer. Okay. Well, I'm trying to do that. But we need something that's gonna make the appeals court stand up and take notice. Right now I got nothing. Careful, Scotty. You're starting to give a damn. [Sighs] Listen... I'm no saint, but right now I don't have anything, so you could spend the next 15 years here if I don't come up with something. So, Valentin told me that, um, you didn't come to Port Charles to stir up the ashes of your old romance with him. He told me that you came to seek treatment under the care of dr. Hamilton Finn. Yes, I did. Well... I hope it's nothing serious. Of course, you wouldn't come all the way from Europe for a hangnail. No, I-I-I'm struggling with a chronic illness, but it's nothing contagious, I assure you, and dr. Finn is zeroing in on a definitive diagnosis. Oh, great. Well, I hear there's no one better. Indeed. Dr. Finn is very capable and equally as charming. I think I might be tempted to flirt with him if he wasn't committed to the lovely Anna Devane. Anna Devane? Do you know her? Yes, I do, all too well. [Sighs] Anna Devane went after my husband. Well, I certainly can't blame her. You're an intelligent woman. I'm sure you can recognize how lucky you are to have Valentin in your life -- charm and wit with an infusion of danger. Does anything make a man more desirable? Yes, Valentin can be dangerous. But then so can I. Is that so? [Chuckles] Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. You should ask Ava Jerome what I'm capable of when a woman goes after my man. [Chuckles] [Chuckles] Oh, my gosh. I just realized what that sounds like! It sounded like you were warning me to stay away. I know! I know! That's crazy. That's crazy, and I would never do that. No. I would never do that, because the relationship that you had with Valentin is completely in the past.

[Both chuckle]

Nora: Uh, yes, Dani. Send him right in.

[Receiver hangs up]

[Knocking at door]

Hello, Ms. Buchanan. Oh, "Nora," please. Wow! Two visitors from Port Charles in less than 24 hours. I'm sensing an early frost. Well, Alexis Davis told me she may have spoken to you about Olivia Jerome. Uh, yes. You know, she has a formidable reputation as an attorney, but she made a seriously rookie error asking me to encourage Olivia Jerome to make a statement that would exonerate Julian Jerome. [Chuckling] I mean, obviously, that's not -- that's exactly what I'm gonna want you to do.

Yes, we've just finished. And, you know, from this interview, I think that Nelle Benson might be the ideal candidate for this job. Nelle Benson? No, call them back! I-I'm sorry. Could I call you right back? Great. Thank you. Lulu, you can't just do that. Wh-what is this? There is a lot you may not know about Nelle Benson. It won't be easy, but I'll try to take my own advice. You should. It's good advice. I know! Damn it. Why did I have to be so prematurely wise? Lucky, I guess. What's lucky is having you as a friend, especially after turning your life upside down by roping in to all this. You know, for something I was positive I didn't want to be involved in [Chuckles] It turned out to be pretty rewarding. And long after "Ask Man Landers" is gone, I will still be your friend. Then... would you sign my copy? Yeah, sure. [Giggles] Nelle! Have you got a minute? Yeah. Do you have any more questions for me? Only one. Why did you lie about being fired from crimson? Right. Well... thank you for your time. Thank you for being so enlightened and forgiving about my foolish subterfuge. Well, I completely understand. I was completely caught off guard when I learned that Valentin was your husband. And I didn't want to get into an awkward conversation in front of your remarkable stepdaughter. Oh, she is remarkable. She is. Thank you. Listen, everything's out in the open. I mean, it's definitely out in the open, right? Yes. I mean, what else could there be? No, nothing else. [Chuckling] Nothing else, no, no. And...I think you're -- I think you're great. I'd really like us to be friends. I mean, I think we have a lot in common, and I don't have a lot of women friends here in Port Charles. And we have a lot in common, like I said -- a flair for fashion and -- and, um, our love for skating. Skating.

[Both laugh]

I mean, the same taste in men, so we should be friends. Yes. Yes, absolutely. Okay. You know, now -- [Sighs] I have to go. Oh. No problem. Um, listen, let's have lunch next week at that place -- the La Maison des Etoiles. Yes. Am I saying it right?

Yes, yes. Absolutely, provided that it's on me. Okay. Okay. Thanks. [Sighs] Keep your friends close. One club soda with lime coming up. Hi, Alexis. Listen, give me a bourbon martini. Hold everything but the bourbon, and put her fizzy water on my check. All right. You got it. Big spender. Well, you know, that's nothing to sneeze at with these prices. But it's my way of thanking you for going to see Julian and talking some sense into that thick head of his. Well, it's a good thing he's got a thick head, being that someone's trying to put a dent in it. Well, you know, he says he's not looking for these fights, they're coming to him. Why is he doing this? Is this some sort of slow-motion suicide? No. Actually, this is the first signs of life I've seen since his conviction, and I think it's because of you. Me? Yeah. He -- he is a much better guy on the inside now than he ever was on the outside. Consider it righting a wrong, because right now, an innocent man is serving 15 years in prison for a crime he was forced to commit. Okay. Julian Jerome is far from innocent, but more to the point, I'm not his attorney. I represent his sister. Well, maybe you don't. Excuse me? Well, maybe I can't, in good conscience, continue to pay Olivia Jerome's legal bills. But if she were to be willing to go in front of the court and make a public statement exonerating Julian and emphasizing her own culpability, maybe I'll change my mind. That's blackmail. No. No? No, it's a choice. Olivia can either exonerate Julian and continue to enjoy you and your considerable skills as an attorney, or she can carry on without you and try her luck with a public defender. Either way, I'd appreciate it if you gave her her options and get back to me as soon as you can with her decision.

Thanks so much! I can't believe you're even more handsome in person. [Giggles]

Nathan: Shut up and go see your brother. Okay, if that's your advice! That is my advice. Call me if you need anything. I will. And, Nathan... thanks again.

Maxie: Do you think it would help Chet if he knew that Amy was the one writing the column this whole time? She doesn't want him to know where the money's coming from. Thinks it'll wound his pride. Oh, god. You men and your pride. Y'all need to drop that. Yeah, well, even so, Amy -- and you and me and Nina -- would be in a world of trouble if the truth about "Ask Man Landers" ever came out. Hi. Is this the tip line for the invader? How much do you pay for stories about celebrities? Okay. Then we should definitely meet. I have some inside info about Ask Man Landers. [Exhales sharply] Well, thank you for the heads-up about Nelle. Well, Maxie doesn't know the details, but she got the very strong impression that Nelle did something underhanded to Nina. Oh, not professional. It was personal. And that's why Nina fired her. It's not really that hard to believe, given what Nelle pulled with Sonny and Carly. Seems like she's just one of those people who's always looking for a weakness to exploit, a way to work things towards her advantage. Oh, no, no, no. We can't have somebody like that looking after children. Oh! Speaking of children... hmm? ...I don't want to jinx it. [Laughs] A close friend of mine might be pregnant. Oh! [Laughs] You kept me waiting long enough. Be nice, Jerome. I got a message for you. Yeah? What's that? Watch your back tonight. You know, unless I find some kind of grounds for an appeal -- I don't know where -- Julian is gonna spend the next 15 years in prison. And the way things are going, doesn't look like he's gonna make the next 15 days. We may be closer to an answer than you think. You know, I try not to judge my clients. One of the many reasons I chose you to represent me. Yes. Well, I represented you in family court. And since I was in town and have extensive criminal experience, you asked me to do due diligence for a perp at a pro forma competency hearing. It never occurred to me to ask you at the time, but what is your connection to Olivia Jerome? It doesn't matter... 'cause I'm gonna be severing all connection after this anyway. The only question I have is whether or not I'm gonna continue to pay her legal fees on a regular basis. And if it helps you to sleep at night, just consider the fact that you're encouraging your client to tell the truth. And I believe that the pursuit of truth and justice used to mean something to you once upon a time. Mr. Cassadine. Hmm? Once this matter is settled, our business is concluded. Oh, I don't know about that. My money's very green. Dani, I need you to put in a call to D'Archam facility. I have to talk to Olivia Jerome.

[Receiver hangs up]


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