GH Transcript Tuesday 11/14/17

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 11/14/17


Episode #13911 ~ Carly tries to help; Anna learns the truth; Nina is cautious.

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help me save him.

Sawyer: Come on, we've got another safe house. What are you doing? Blocking the door. I'll just use the other one. Oh, no, no, no. Please don't run away. I have to get to work. Not until I explain why I am involved with Cassandra. Well, dr. Maddox cleaned out his office, and I assume he has no plans to return. What's this about André? I was just saying, dr. Maddox has abandoned his position without even a courtesy of a letter of resignation. Excuse me. Are you looking for him, too? Well, there's an APB out on him, so, yeah. In connection to what? Jason Morgan. Carly, to be clear, I can't do anything until Jason authorizes me to move forward. Okay. You wait here. I'll get you that authorization. Okay. [Singsong voice] Hope you have the same influence that you used to have. Hey. Do you have a second? Honey, I'm about to embark on a frantic search for a legal needle in a bureaucratic haystack. Nora Buchanan defended Liv Jerome in the pretrial hearing. Do you have any idea how that came about? Why do you ask? It's complicated. Oh, come on! Seriously?!

[Lock disengages]

Where did I put that thing?

Jason: Honey, relax. Hey. I thought I told you I'd be right back. And I thought I'd miss you. You know, you can fill out that permission slip online, right? No, I know. I guess I'll have to. Hey. What? Ooh! Anybody ever tell you that you are beautiful when you're being super diligent? Mm, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah? Mm-hmm. Get away from her! No! [Gunshots] Jason! No! No! Jason, what have you done?! I love him! Sam! [Breathing heavily] Oh, god. What am I supposed to do? Jason. Hey. Right here. So... where were you last night? Hey, man.


You know how I feel about infidelity -- it's a deal breaker. I wasn't unfaithful to you. Your lips were on hers. Yeah, well, her lips were on mine. There's a difference. [Scoffs] Not to me. She's a business associate. You know that's all she is. A business associate you slept with. She's a business associate who called me out of the blue, said she was coming to Port Charles. I knew that I'd have to meet her face-to-face if I was gonna tell that I don't deal with jewelry thieves anymore and my life's changed. We barely exchanged hellos when she leaned in and she kissed me. I guess Nelle was there with her camera phone, hell-bent on blackmail. Okay, well, you're a strong guy. You could've pushed her off. No, it's not that simple. I couldn't afford to alienate her. She's a very complicated part of a difficult past. So, all I could do was explain to her my circumstances had changed and hope that she accepted that, but -- but she's not going anywhere. And now I have to work with her. I can think of only one reason why you would be interested in the case of Liv Jerome, and that is her brother. Well, it's not what you're thinking. Oh! Oh, okay. So, you weren't manipulated into going to visit him, and he didn't tug at your heartstrings and invoke old, lost love and the illusion of happiness that he gave you, and you're not thinking about getting involved with his appeal, finding some legal angle that that chowder head Scott Baldwin might've missed? I'm not directly involved with his appeal. Not yet. Although, I did go to visit Julian. [Laughs] [Sighs] Why would you do that to yourself? Why? He was attacked, and I needed to see it for myself. And he's bruised, and his bones are broken. And it's bad, and if somebody doesn't do something, he's going to get himself killed. That someone -- meaning you -- do something for the man who nearly destroyed you. So, the DNA confirms that they're twins? Yep. Ah. And you think André knew something about this? Well, according to Franco, yes, he does. We're believing Franco now? Franco had some questions about the twin. You know, he wanted to talk about him in therapy and... lo and behold, André produces a death certificate for Andréw Moore. Obviously forged. Yeah. What's André covering up, then? I don't know. That's why I've got an APB out on him, so I can ask him. I feel sorry for Jason. I mean, both of them, really. [Elevator doors open] You know, I know what it's like to suddenly be confronted with your twin, you know, an-another half of yourself. Do you think André knows which one is the real Jason? You never came to bed last night. I know. I'm sorry. I-I had a lot to think about. I didn't want to wake you up. Well, did you reach any conclusions? I did. I may have a twin, but he's not gonna take my life. You're with me, right? Of course I'm with you. Yes. Thank you. Because it's gonna be a fight. Sonny and Carly -- they're gonna back this guy... [Chuckles] ...This guy -- my twin brother, Drew -- with everything they've got. What if he doesn't pursue it? Sam, he's gonna pursue it. He wouldn't be here if he wasn't going to pursue it. It doesn't matter if he truly believes he's me because he's crazy or if he's lying for god only knows why. This man is coming after everything I love -- you, my kids, this life we built. And you can rest assured I'm not gonna let him do it. No, of course. I understand that. It's just thi-- that face of his -- people look at him and they think he's me from five years ago, but he... he's got no way to prove it. He can't prove that he's Jason Morgan because I'm Jason Morgan, standing right in front of you. Your husband. [Knock on door] Jason? Jason, are you here? Please open the door and don't make me run around town trying to find you. No, I'm...I'm here. You are here.

Seriously? What are you gonna do, rob high-end jewelry stores? She fences the goods, you split the profit in between kisses? No, there'll be no kissing, and there'll be no robberies, either, because Cassandra has moved on to a more lucrative enterprise -- synthetic opioids. And you're going to work with her? That's right. Yeah. I know you're a thief and an ex-spy and you have a really screwed-up past, but you would never be a drug trafficker no matter how much money was involved. It's not about the money. Why are you lying to me? Why are you doing that? Why are you trying to convince me that you're worse than you really are? I'm going to work with Cassandra because it's the only way to stop her. It's to take her down from the inside. Julian did not ask to see me. In fact, he was very upset that Scott set it up. Oh, the nobility. Your cynicism is -- is duly noted. May I finish? If you must. He wouldn't talk about the attack. In fact, any time I tried to bring it up, he changed the subject. Oh, to his love for you? We touched on our previous relationship. Let me guess -- he wants you to forget about him and move on? More or less. Uh-huh. Okay. Two ways to look at this -- either Julian is deliberately manipulating you, pretending to push you away so that you'll do the opposite, help with his appeal, or he's sincere... in trying to let you go. Well, I know the theory you subscribe to. My point is if Julian is a good man, you can honor his sacrifice. If Julian is a bad man, you can refuse to fall into his trap. Either way, take Julian at his word, all right? No! No, no, no. Forget about him. Move on with your life. I-I can't. Why not? Because if he dies in there and I could've done something to stop it, I will never be able to forgive myself. He's provided no passport, no id, no social security card, so how can lay claim to aurora or anything else? You don't think he's gonna go after the company, do you? I certainly do. I think Sonny is going to advise him to. And that's who we're really fighting. Sonny? Sonny just wants to be right about this so bad. He...wants this guy to be me -- the way I used to be. He wants that -- that just bizarre, unwavering loyalty and friendship that... I just couldn't give him anymore. And he thinks this guy will, but before Sonny or my brother can drag us into court, we need to turn aurora around, okay? We need to get it up and running, post profits. The more we make it ours, the harder it's gonna be to challenge us. Okay. You're right. I agree. I think it's a good strategy. But even if your brother doesn't exist from a legal standpoint... you share the same DNA. Which means you share the same family.

Carly: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's gonna be awhile before I stop hugging you every time I see you. It's okay. Really? Is it okay? Yeah, because I like that you're glad to see me... 'cause I'm really glad to see you. God, "glad" doesn't even begin to cover it. I thought I knew how much you mean to me. I had no idea. I mean, without you... helping me navigate my life and there to catch me when I fall, tell me to count to 10! [Chuckles] I just missed you so much all the time, you know? All the time. [Sniffles] I'm sorry I wasn't here. [Inhales deeply, sighs] But now it's -- but now -- no. Now sit because now we have to clean up the messes I made. Oh, c-Carly. This is my fault because I handed your life to somebody else. He's... my twin brother. Everything makes sense now, right? No matter how bad I wanted it to be true, no matter how hard I tried... not once did I look into his eyes and see yours looking back at me. Not once, and I need you to know that, okay? And if I would've had the courage to face that, you wouldn't be in this situation right now, sitting on the outside of your life, watching Sam go home with him. Well, she did... because she loves him. And I can't move against him without hurting Sam, and you know... you know I won't do that.

No, I'm definitely working with Cassandra, just in service of my own agenda. To take her down? You know, I'm not gonna lecture anybody on ethics or morality. Clearly, I'm lacking in both of those areas, but one thing I do know is that Cassandra's made a fortune from her previous crimes. She does not need to deal with synthetic opioids. This is greed on her part. Okay, so, she deserves what she gets? Damn right. This is the problem. There's one flaw in this plan. You're a brilliant strategist, so I don't understand. What flaw? Well, what you're talking about is you going undercover. And you don't have a badge. You don't have credentials. You're not working with law enforcement. How are you gonna take her down? Well, actually I am working with law enforcement. More specifically, I am, um... serving in an unofficial capacity to the agent in charge of the investigation. Who's the agent you're talking about? Anna Devane.

Carly: Diane's waiting for you upstairs in the restaurant. We're having a problem getting a record of your fingerprints. They were deleted from the PCPD database, and now there is a question whether the federal records are accurate. The good news is you were arrested over 50 times prior to 2012, and you were fingerprinted every time. Now, the PCPD cold-case files should be an access.

Patient 6: Carly, just stop. Just stop. I know. Okay, I know. I know it's a mess, but you are going to have to sign for each one. I don't care if I get my name back. I'm just happy to be home! I care! Okay, well, then just think of another name for me. Just not Drew. Your name is Jason Morgan. Please, Carly, don't fight me on this. You should be fighting for yourself on this! And you should be fighting for Sam. I had a nightmare. It was -- it was bad. It was, uh... I dreamt they were together and I shot him. I was standing there with a gun while he was dying, and Sam was... next to him with his blood all over her saying that she loved him, and I just... [Sighs] I'm sorry. That sounds awful. You know it was just a dream. I just don't want Sam caught in the middle. [Sighs] She is in the middle. Yeah. And the only way for Sam to get out is to make a choice. A real choice. And your brother has to accept who he is, and then Sam has to decide if she wants to be with him... or if she wants to be with you... ...the real... and the only Jason Morgan. [Knock on door] That'll be Diane. Oh. Oh, hi, Monica. Uh... did I come at a wrong time? No, no, I was just leaving. I'm just gonna get my things. Please talk to Diane. Excuse me. Um... listen, I -- I don't mean to hold you up. If you have to meet with a lawyer -- uh, it's fine. It's fine. Do you want to sit down? Actually... I just want to look at you. I am so happy to see you. I hope when you said that we share a family you mean the Quartermaines. Yes. Because I am not sharing my family -- not my wife, not my kids -- with this bastard. He comes at me through my kids, he goes at Jake, Danny, scout, I'm gonna kill him. No, he -- he won't. He won't. How do you -- how do you know? How can you be so sure. Because it's Sonny! You said it yourself -- Sonny is the one that we're really fighting. And if he really wants your brother to be you... he's not gonna put the kids in the mix of this. I hope you're right. Sonny sees something he wants, and he goes for it. You know that. Fine. Then we should adopt his tactics and go for what we want, starting with aurora. There you go. I'm interviewing one of the coo candidates this morning. Okay, which one? Peter august -- remember? We liked his résumé? Oh, I do. Harvard, right? Yeah. Yale. Business school. He ran a publishing firm in Europe for a couple years. That's right. If I like him... you can give the final interview. Okay. Okay. Be tough on him, okay? I'll be tough on him. Okay. [Sighs] Look...[Sighs] I promise you that we're gonna keep everything that's ours. Okay. See you later. I love you.

Jason: I don't dance. Seriously, come on! Nobody's around! I can't dance. Well, you do now. That's fine. Come on, please? I don't want to dance. You just put your arm here... Sam, please. ...And you put your arm here. I don't want to dance. You -- and then we just -- okay, you need to get -- I'm not gonna bite. Please? You -- you need to get some rest. Please? Jason, come on. I-I doubt I'm even gonna remember tomorrow, so come on. Please? Okay. [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Hey. Is he here? No. Good. I need to talk to you about Jason. Peter august. Jason Morgan. Great to meet you. Let's get started. You have a very impressive résumé. Well, I enjoy my work, and my résumé reflects it. I-I-I want to hear more about, uh, the publishing company you ran in Europe. Of course. But first, I have to ask... how is it that you became available just when we were looking for somebody with your background? I took the train to Llanview last night. Well, of course you did. No distance is too far to travel to help Julian Jerome. I was hoping that Nora Buchanan would allow me access to Liv Jerome, but she stonewalled and said it wasn't in her client's best interest. Well, that's what any competent attorney would say. And as much as I hate to admit it, Nora Buchanan is far more than competent. She wouldn't break a sweat defending Liv Jerome, who is mentally incompetent, unfit to stand trial. The judge remanded her to D'Archam. End of story. All Nora Buchanan would need to do is show up at the hearing, shuffle some papers, and bill the time. And who was she billing it to? Certainly not Liv Jerome. And it wasn't pro-bono work because Nora's from out of state. So, what are you getting at? Who would pay a heavy hitter like Nora Buchanan to defend Liv Jerome, and why? The new owners, they -- they were happy with their own personnel, so they handed me a golden parachute and showed me the door. Nice. I take it you didn't want to stay in Europe? No, I was ready for a change. When I found out Derek wells media had a new owner, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. So, what do you know about this company? It's been brutally mismanaged. There's been one surprisingly consistent performer -- crimson. The good news is, there are a lot of underutilized assets. It will take work and a coherent business plan to turn things around, but it can happen. Rechristening the company was a step in the right direction. That's why we did it. My wife is my partner on this, so moving forward, we'll need to interview with her, too. Before we get to that, I have a few questions of my own. Now's the time to ask. Are you actually Jason Morgan? You look well. Thank you. I'm -- I'm good. Um, I'm actually kind of surprised to, uh... see that you're here. I mean, I, uh... kind of thought you would be at Sonny's. Yeah, just kind of want to be on my own. You have always been so independent. Oh, I'm sorry. Uh...don't -- don't be. It's -- it's okay. No, it's not -- it's not fair to him if I say it, and it isn't fair to you if I don't say it. Whatever you decide, it's -- it's fine. I keep telling myself that you're -- you're both Alan's sons. And I'm not gonna get into how furious I am with your biological mother or your miserable Heather Webber. Just don't waste your energy. Susan Moore is dead. Heather is evil. She's trying to hurt you. She's trying to hurt everybody. Don't let her. Just ignore her. Yes, but it is her fault... that one of you grew up apart. I mean, your lives would've been different if we had known this. Well, I don't know about him... but I like my life. I guess the only thing I would've done different was... I was unfair to the family. [Sighs] Especially you. No. No, you weren't unfair. You were... you were confused, and we didn't handle it right. We were all wrong. And I'm not handling it right right now. I don't know -- I don't know, really, how to act. I don't know what to say. It's okay. You don't have to know what to say. I know you love me. [Gasps] I love you, too. I love you so much. So, your sudden desire to stop Cassandra has nothing to do with stopping a drug trafficker, does it? It has it do with working closer with Anna Devane again, doesn't it? No. It sure looks that way to me. No, no, no, no. Excuse me. The first time that Anna asked me to gather evidence on Cassandra, I turned her down flat. What changed your mind? You. And Charlotte. 'Cause Cassandra orchestrated that "meet-cute" at the metro court. That was not an accident. That's a warning shot to me to let me know that she can get the things that I love and she can take them away from me at any time. Did she threaten Charlotte? No, it was an implied threat. I have to act. And it's complicated. I can't eliminate her 'cause that creates more problems than it solves. So, what's left? I have to betray her, so I have gone to Anna and I've told her I am willing to work for Cassandra to gather evidence, and then I went to Cassandra. And as far as she knows, I'm firmly under her thumb. To be clear... I hate the idea of you working with Anna with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns. Duly noted. But I understand that it's necessary. It's necessary because of stupid and selfish decisions I made before I met you, and maybe it's fair that they've come back to bite me. You and Charlotte don't deserve that. And I'm very, very sorry that you have to pay the price, that you have to be dragged into this mess yet again. Apology accepted on one condition -- you let me help. Somehow we always leave packing to the last minute.

You're not going near her. Don't you see? I'm in the perfect position to manipulate her. Absolutely not. Listen, I know that I'm -- I'm not in charge of your life and I can't -- I can't forbid you to contact Cassandra. Just know this -- I would rather kill her myself than let her go near you. You're my whole life. You and Charlotte. I can handle Cassandra. In fact, I can handle anything. As long as you and Charlotte are safe. Okay. Be careful. No unnecessary risks. And no unnecessary contact with Anna, please. She would totally manipulate the situation and take advantage. Mnh-mnh. Give her a chance. You promise? Cross my heart. Okay. I have to get to work. If you must. I'll miss you. I know.

[Door opens, closes]

[Sighs] You don't have to worry about me. Oh. I do worry about you, and I worry about your brother, too. You know, he's been, uh... he's really been wonderful to me. He's been open and accepting, and we... kind of have a bond. Yeah, he's easier than me. No, he's different than you, but I love you. I love you both very, very much. And I know it's gonna take a long time to sort this out. And it could be a... a pretty painful journey, but I just hope -- I hope at the end of it that you two could be brothers. I'm not sure that's possible. Well, I don't know. You kind of have a gift for making the impossible possible. [Sighs] It's my understanding the ownership of the company is in doubt. You acquired it as Jason Morgan, but that may not actually be your legal identity. I recently had a twin surface. Certainly surprised the hell out of me. I can imagine. And there are rumblings that he may be interested in going after what's mine, but he has nothing resembling proof. So, the allegations have no traction? Aurora belongs to me and my wife, and we have every intention of moving forward with it. Glad to hear it. Is there anything else you need from me? Not at the moment, but we will be in touch to schedule your interview with Sam. I'm looking forward to it. Charlotte's custody hearing wrapped up on march 22nd. That was the same day as Liv's hearing. Well, that doesn't prove anything. I've been known to work for two, sometimes three clients during the course of a day. Well, none of your clients were Valentin Cassadine, and nothing he does is coincidence. And if his lawyer defended Liv Jerome, it's because he wanted her to. I'll call you later. Okay.

Jason: Hey. Diane. Hi! I, uh, I assume you got my message. I did. I did. I'm sorry. I meant to get back to you earlier. It's been crazy. I can only imagine. Yeah. Please, sit. So, uh... I'm sure you heard about my twin. I'd like to cut him off at the pass before he can make a play for aurora. Yes, yes. Um... before you continue, I have to tell you the reason that I left that message. I am resigning as your attorney. I'm sorry. Why? Conflict of interest. Since when? I can no longer defend your claim that you are Jason Morgan because... I no longer believe that you are. I already know what you're gonna say, so you can just skip it. I wouldn't be much of a friend if I stood by and I watched you make a terrible mistake. I'm not making a mistake. [Sighs] Sam. I owe you an apology. I wanted Jason back so bad, I gave his life to somebody else and I pressured you to be with him. No, I chose to be with my husband. Because you thought he was Jason. He remembered being Jason. It's not him, and you know it! And I realize you can't say that out loud -- I get it -- but I can. Andréw is a good man. He's a kind man and he loves you, but he's not Jason. And deep down, some part of you knew that, so you rationalized it and you made excuses for why he was different and why he changed, but those excuses stopped working when you saw Jason again. I get it! I felt the same way. When Sonny told me, I thought he had lost his mind! And then I saw Jason walk in with you in his arms, and I knew it. Because I would know Jason anywhere, and so would you! You knew Jason. When you looked in his eyes, you knew it in your heart and you knew it in your soul, and the only reason you're not saying it is out of loyalty to the man you slept with last night. I didn't sleep with anyone last night.

Copy one person's memory, and then you could place it in someone else. That's disturbing. But it would have such useful applications for intelligence work 'cause you could -- you could capture an enemy agent, you could copy their memory, and put it into your own operatives. It's -- it's -- it''s -- it's ethically indefensible, and that's why the WSB -- they abandoned the whole program, and then André left. He quit right after. So... do you think that he continued to pursue his research? It would certainly explain why there's two men running around calling themselves Jason Morgan, wouldn't it?

[Doorbell rings]

Oh, hello, Natasha. What do I owe the pleasure?

I need information.

Yeah? Are we on speaking terms? What is your association with Olivia Jerome? Hey, Cassie! Hi, this is Nina Cassadine. Great! How are you? Fantastic. Hey, I have a last-minute cancelation, and my morning is free. You want to meet me at the metro court? Terrific. That certainly didn't take long. I understand that you are in a truly impossible situation. Thanks for your sympathy. You turn over my privileged information to that guy, and I will have you disbarred. You records have already been sealed. I will happily send them on to you, to whichever legal -- just send them to my office at aurora media. Absolutely. And you should probably warn your client to stay away from my family. My client is Jason Morgan, and I look forward to proving it. Well, you can go to hell. Your lawyer's waiting. How's my favorite client? Good. Good. What was that about? Oh... I informed your brother that I intend to prove that you are Jason Morgan. He's not happy. It's just a name, Diane. It's much more than that. Look, I... I don't want to get into a fight over this, okay? May I speak as your lawyer for a moment? [Sighs] Sure. From what I remember, you are that rare client who actually listens and often does what his attorney advises. That frees me up to better pursue your best interests. I'm not worried about my best interests. I'm worried about Sam's. Then you have to proceed from a position of strength. Right now, your name, your assets are under a cloud. They don't belong to you. They don't belong to him. Once you establish for a fact that you are Jason Morgan, then you have clear legal title to your name, your assets, your property. Once you establish that, then you can do whatever you want with them. You can sign everything over to Sam if you so choose. What do you need me to do? Cast your memory back to the very first time you were arrested, 1996. We need to subpoena those case files. My husband never came to bed last night because he was down here trying to figure out how to deal with a twin brother who showed up out of nowhere. He was strategizing how to fight you and Sonny -- the two people he thought were his best friends -- because he's afraid that you want to take everything away from him, including me, scout, Danny, his whole life, and -- and hand it over to someone else. If it were up to me, that's exactly what I would do. It's not up to you, Carly! I know that! You're the one that has to make this choice. And I'm sorry for that... because Andréw's going to fight for you... but Jason won't. It's not in his nature, and you know that. He's just gonna step back and wait. And he'll be there when you need him, and he's gonna back off when you don't. He thinks that will make you happy, and that's all that matters to Jason, is making you happy. But it won't make you happy, Sam. Not really. Not in your heart. Andréw's a good man... and he loves you... but Jason owns your heart and your soul and you own his. And admitting this is gonna be the hardest thing you've ever done. But it's the best thing for everyone. Especially Andréw.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Jason: You know what? You should -- you should probably -- probably get some sleep. No! Come on! Jason, I don't want to sleep. Not for a single second. Jason, no. You don't have to step on my foot anymore. I'm not gonna -- okay. You think I'm mad? It's not so bad, is it? No. Whoa -- I'm sorry! Oh! Ow! Are you okay?

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