GH Transcript Monday 11/13/17

General Hospital Transcript Monday 11/13/17


Episode #13910 ~ Jordan has big news; Lulu pays Maxie a visit; Nelle overhears a private conversation.

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Oh, Moll, I'm gonna have to take a rain check. The train won't get back into Port Charles till after midnight. Why am I in Pennsylvania? Yeah, honey, I'm here because I -- I, uh -- I'm just tying up some loose ends on a case. Oh, my God. Bo Buchanan, if I didn't love you already, this would have sealed the deal. I'm starving. And I am so craving a Rodi's burger right now. [Knock on the door] Hang on a second. Somebody's here. Okay? I'll talk to you later. Love you, bye. Come in! Hi. Um, I'm Alexis Davis. You must be Nora Buchanan. Scotch. Sure. Keep it open? Yeah. Thanks. Expecting company? What do you think you're doing here?

I was just -- -that was rhetorical. I don't care about whatever lie you were about to tell me. Nina told me she fired you. I'm just here to get my last paycheck. At this hour? Yeah, right. You can wait for your paycheck on payday, or get direct deposit. Now, are you gonna leave or do I need to call security? Everything okay here? Franco? Oh, man! That was a really quick shower. Well, I used to share a bathroom with three boys. Well, you don't anymore. You have a master bedroom with a luxurious shower that you can hang out in for a little while instead of coming downstairs unannounced and ruining a perfectly good surprise. Are you planning a surprise? The boys wanted us to have a quiet evening of recovering, and so -- their idea, not mine -- they went to Audrey's. And since it's a cool, brisk fall evening, I lit us a fire. This is really nice. Yeah, have a seat. Thank you. This is beautiful. Okay, what's on your mind? Just the man who claims to be Jason. We have two tests. Both ran separately, both double-checked. This test confirms that you are a DNA match to Jason Morgan. And this test confirms that you are also a DNA match to Jason Morgan.

Carly: Come on, you cannot be serious. This can't be right, commissioner. I know this -- this isn't what you wanted to hear, but the two men claiming to be Jason Morgan share the same DNA.

Everything's just peachy. This former employee was just leaving. I'll come back later. Don't waste your time. Or anyone else's. Really sorry you had to see that. What is happening with Nelle? Suffice to say, Nina should've listened to Carly. Nelle didn't pretend to sleep with Valentin, did she? No, but I'm sure that was next on her agenda. And now, thanks to Nelle, I have to find Nina a new assistant. Ugh, I almost forgot why you were here. Follow me! Okay, if I were a thing, where would I be? A-ha. I think it's this one. One engagement gift for your mom and Kevin. Ahh! It's perfect! I saw this in last month's issue, and I had to get it for them. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. Well, consider it a perk of knowing the executive fashion editor at crimson. I am so glad that you're back. Oh, you must be so excited to start selecting the hot new items for next month's issue. Actually, my next piece is something...different. Hey. Nathan, what are you doing here? I just finished my shift. I thought I'd swing by after work and see how you're doing. Me? I'm fine, but I'm not the issue, am I? Ah. Is Chet still...? He's barely said two words to me all day. I spent all that time trying to help him get better. And he didn't even know he was addicted to painkillers. It's not just your brother, okay? A lot of people get addicted to painkillers. And every single one of them goes out of their way to hide it. I'm sorry, but I don't care about anyone else right now. I care about my brother. No matter how hard I try to get through to him... [Sighs] I can't. But maybe you can.

Elizabeth: I know you weren't exactly thrilled that I went to see him in lockup. Or that I told him what we knew about Drew. What's that like? To talk to him, see his face? It was... I don't know, seeing him in that cell, it was like I fell backwards five years. You were in love with Jason when he looked like the guy in that cell. Yeah, I was. Now? [Chuckles] Um, if you haven't noticed, I happen to be in love with you. Whether that man is Jason or not, I love you. Got it? Got it. It's good 'cause I love you. That's good. Now, as for that man who is in the cell, I think it would be a show of good faith if you just drop the charges. He assaulted me twice in the space of 10 minutes. I know, but if he really is Jason, then he has been gone for five years, and he would have no way of knowing that you've changed. And I think this would be a perfect way to prove that. He's out on bail. Isn't that enough? Just think about it, okay?

[Doorbell rings]

Mnh-mnh. No.

[Doorbell rings]

No. Okay, let that be anybody but him. If it is, we'll tell him to come back tomorrow. Or never, how about that? How about, like, the day after never? That's better than "tomorrow." -Get the door. I'm gonna start the cookies for the bake sale. You're making cookies?

[Doorbell ringing rapidly]

[Sighs] What are you doing here? I'm here to appeal to your better angels. We ran the test multiple times. And then we cross-checked the subjects' DNA. They're an exact match. You two seem awfully quiet. The only thing I can think of [Clears throat] If your test are right, our DNA matches, well, then, we must be identical twins.

Your assistant is gone for the evening. And normally, I wouldn't barge in like this, but this is an urgent matter that I need to discuss with you. And I -- I sought you out because you're the attorney-of-record for Liv Jerome. Have a seat. May I ask what this is about? Her brother, Julian Jerome, is my, uh -- he's my daughter's father. He was sentenced as Liv's accomplice, and he's in prison for 15 years. Since he's been in prison, he met up with a certain group, and -- and that group has targeted him. And he's been beaten -- the last time within an inch of his life. Oh, I'm sorry. That's -- that's terrible, but -- I'm sor-- I don't know how you think I can help. Not you. Your client, Liv Jerome. She's the only person that can help.

[Monitors beeping]

I told you I don't want to see you. I know! But I thought you'd might like to talk to a friend of mine. Nathan West.


Hey. Fair warning, I'm a cop. Am I under arrest? No. No, I'm just here as a friend of your sister's. And I have some idea of what you're going through. You do? I've served with people who've died, and I've been injured in the line of duty as well. Matter of fact, in my line of work, it's compulsory that you speak with someone after something major. I don't want to see another shrink. It doesn't have to be a shrink. But you should talk to somebody about what you're going through. I remember where I recognize you now. You're Ask Man Landers, aren't you? [Chuckles] "Meet the Mrs. Behind Ask Man Landers." Hmm. What's wrong with it? Nothing. No, it's really cute. It's a little misleading. It almost makes it sound like a woman's writing the column instead of Nathan. [Laughs] Wouldn't that be something! But seriously, no, tell me what you really think about it. It's been a while since I was an editorial assistant. But it's a nice read. It's brisk, but entertaining. What's not to like? My part in the origin story of Ask Man Landers might be a little exaggerated. How exaggerated? Well, the article makes it sound like I inspired Nathan to start the blog because I thought he was so wise and wonderful. I wanted him to share his wisdom with the world! And Nathan is okay with this? Nathan would rather the details of the birth of Ask Man Landers be left up to the imagination of the readers. He's a really private person. Mm. I don't know, Maxie. If Nathan wanted to remain a private citizen, why did he go public with being Ask Man Landers? I know, right? And all the attention he's getting -- Lulu, it is not fun. Oh! I see. You're jealous. I'm not -- I am not jealous. It would explain why an article about Mrs. Ask Man Landers barely has any Mr. Ask Man Landers in it. Okay, the fact is, that article was my idea. It got me my job back at crimson, and it is boosting my career. Well, if that's the case, then good for you. I'm proud of you. Seriously? Like, no lecture? No. Okay, if I'm completely honest, all of this kind of makes me jealous. [Sighs] A mojito, please.

Bartender: Sure. Nelle. Michael. You know what, hey, never mind. Sorry, I didn't know you were gonna be here. Nelle, wait. All right. Look, just because we're not together doesn't mean we can't be civil with each other. You know, Michael, after I saw you, my day managed to get even worse. So right now, I just want to go someplace quiet, have a drink in peace. Okay, well, there's no reason we can't have our peace and quiet at the same time, right? Keep your voice down. Elizabeth's right there. She's in the kitchen. Yeah, well, god forbid that the woman that you love knows the truth. She's gonna know everything. It's just not the right time. Listen, I've been giving this a lot of thought since yesterday. And you need to step forward and tell the Jasons that Susan Moore had twins. They already know. Did you volunteer this information? No. Are you kidding me? No. Why would I tell them anything? But as far as Jason and Jason are concerned, Andréw Moore died when he was 3. You see what you're doing here? Uh, proceeding cautiously? No, what you're doing is you think that you are protecting yourself. But all you're doing is making things much, much worse. Well, that thing. Now, I know you think that this is the right thing to do, but it's not. You need to tell the Jasons which one is the real Jason. Are you kidding? Dude, that is the last thing I'm gonna do. Twins? That's the only way our DNA could match. But you already knew all about this, didn't you? Came to town, used that face to take my life, right? Who sent you here? Okay, just one step at a time, here. Were you aware that you had a twin? Not until yesterday. Elizabeth came to visit me in lockup and she told me Franco found out that Susan Moore gave birth to identical twins. We heard the same story from Franco himself last night. Okay, well, Sonny and I haven't heard any of this. Okay, maybe somebody can fill us all in here? A few months back, Franco discovered a photograph of him as a child along with another boy that... looked like me. We did some digging around and we found out that Susan Moore gave birth to twins. One was sent to Port Charles with Alan. And then the other child, who's name was Drew, was raised by Betsy frank. Betsy told Franco that Drew had died. There was even a death certificate to prove it. But when I went to question Betsy, she'd skipped town. Now I know why. Drew.

Just sometimes when I see how far you've gotten in your career, it makes me question my own life choices. Lulu, I say this with great love and affection... but you are nuts. I am still the same crazy, impulsive mess I was when we were kids. Look at everything you've achieved. Seriously, if you are a crazy, impulsive mess, it's working for you. That may be true. But look at you. You've built a life. You have a stable family and a successful business. But it's not like I achieved that. I borrowed money from my brother to buy the haunted star. And with that manager I've hired, the place practically runs itself. Yeah, well, nightclub hours plus family equals chaos, so isn't that kind of ideal? Yeah, I thought it would be. And it was for a while. Just now that the dust has settled around Charlotte's custody and she and Rocco are both in school all day... you have no crisis to manage, and you're bored. I would not put it that way. Tell me I'm wrong. I'm just saying that sometimes there are hours in the day where I could be doing something -- anything -- but I'm not. Oh, my god! I just had the idea that will solve both of our problems! What is that? You could come back to work for crimson! Well, at the risk of making everything about me, I hope the reason you're blowing off steam at this joint isn't because, uh, I ruined your morning. Oh, no, you're off the hook. Actually, I had, uh, bigger catastrophes land in my lap to day. Lay it on me. Well, Mr. Landlord, you should probably know that my rent check is gonna be a little late this month.

Crimson and I decided to part ways. Wait. But Nina's so dependent on you. She just let you go? Just like that. Oh, Nelle, I'm sorry. From personal experience, I know how hard it is to find a good assistant. I can't believe she'd let you go for no good reason. Oh, there's -- there's a reason, all right. Which is? Maxie Jones. Yeah, I recognize you now. You waved to me on Facetime the other day. Remember I said I was friends with Ask Man Landers? I don't need advice on dating. That's not what he's here for. And I don't need one more person to tell me that I'm the lucky one. That I got to come back. I don't feel lucky. And not all of me did come back. Now, I'd appreciate it if you took my sister out of here. I want to be alone. [Scoffs] Good for you. You fooled a few people. But you also really messed with Sam, which is something I think we all know Jason -- me -- would never do. So, whatever con you're running, it's done. We know who you are, Drew. The only name I've ever used is Jason. Okay. Okay, we have time to dig through the records and go through the evidence. What you both need to accept is that you're telling the truth as you know it. [Chuckles]

Carly: We can run more tests. We can. Fingerprints -- it has to be different for twins. Actually, unfortunately, Helena Cassadine had someone hack into the PCPD database and erase all of Jason Morgan's fingerprints. Of course. Okay, well, Jason was arrested a lot before 2012. I'm sure there's a copy of his fingerprints somewhere. In the meantime, I will put out an interagency bulletin for Betsy frank. You know, somebody, somewhere has to know where she is. Great. So what do we do now? Well, if we can't get the answers we need from Betsy, let's do the next best thing. I get it. You feel safe if neither one of the Jasons remember that you pushed him down the stairs when he was a kid. Glad you understand. Well, you know, maybe Andréw doesn't even remember the incident. You know, maybe, you know, that he also knows that you were a kid. And maybe he might be more understanding if you were more forthcoming and step forward and told them. They might be more understanding. Oh, yeah, sure, pops. I could do that. I could show them this piece of paper and then the two Jasons would know which one was the real Jason. Yeah, so why don't you? -Why? -Yeah, why? Because Elizabeth went to see one of them -- the one that's in the cell yesterday. And everything that she once felt for him came rushing back to her. Did she tell you that? She didn't have to. It was written all over her face. Okay, so maybe there's some residual feeling, but you are with her now. But if she learns the truth, then -- then I lose her.

Why is that?

Why? Because. Right now, there are two people in the world who think that they're Jason. And they're both in love with Sam. And if they see this document and they figure out which one is the real Jason, then Andréw rebounds and starts chasing after Elizabeth and I lose everything. I lose everything in the world that I ever wanted, everything that I love. And I'm not gonna let that happen. Franco?

Okay, I'll bite. How could Olivia Jerome save Julian? Julian was largely convicted because there was no proof that Liv coerced him. If Liv could make a statement to the court saying that she threatened him and the lives of his children, that might help his appeal. I'm sorry. I can't even consider that. Why not? If Olivia Jerome makes a statement to the court, she's gonna be re-evaluated by a psychiatrist. And if she's deemed competent to stand trial, at that trial, she'll most certainly be convicted. So I can't in good conscience expose Olivia Jerome to that risk. Then let me talk to Liv. Maybe we can reach some kind of agreement. Okay, if you're going to offer to represent her, don't bother. Olivia Jerome doesn't need any more attorneys. I'm already on retainer. Really? And who's paying for that? You -- you lost your job because of Maxie? You know, from the moment I got there this morning, she was making my life difficult. How so? Just annoying things, like shoving her stuff all over my desk like it was hers. -Isn't there two desks? -Yeah. Why wasn't she using the other one? I don't know. Maybe she was trying to force me out of the one I was using. You know, she also made it a point to throw my reputation in my face, which you know I love. And since she's Nina's sister-in-law and always has her ear, guess who got pushed out? Nelle, I'm -- I'm -- I'm really sorry. Yeah, well, you know the worst part? Is that with one phone call or e-mail, Maxie could call payroll and have them cut me a paycheck. But she's forcing me to wait till payday. That's -- that's pretty standard. Yeah, I know that Michael, but I am drowning in bills. Well, take your time with the rent. Thank you, but that's not my point. I know. I know Maxie -- she can be...pushy. I hope you never lose your gift for understatement. You know what, maybe you should push back. You know, stand up for yourself. At the very least, Maxie will cut you a check if that means you getting out of her hair. You know, maybe you're right. I should give it a shot. Oh, I -- I got these. It's fine. Thank you. You know, you really are too nice to me, Michael. Good luck. Thanks. [Sighs deeply] Oh, my gosh! I'm so excited. We need a new assistant, and you need a job. I don't think this is a good idea. We could be working side-by-side together like the old days. And you've already been an assistant to an editor-in-chief. It'll be like riding a bike. There's never a chance in hell I'm ever gonna work here! Maxie, why did Nina fire you? Oh. Say it out loud. Because I let you have an unauthorized visit with Charlotte. See how me working for her could be a little bit of a problem? But -- but you and Valentin got that whole custody thing figured out. It doesn't make anything better. [Sighs] You're right. It doesn't. I just got so excited at the idea of us working together, I forgot about everything else. I'm sorry.

No, it's okay. You're very sweet to think of me. If I'm gonna throw myself back into the workforce, I don't think it'll be in fashion. Okay. If not this, then what? Why didn't you tell me your dad was stopping by? Because I didn't know. It was kind of an ambush. Oh, well, you know, I-I heard what happened at the aurora launch party and wanted to just make sure you're okay. I'm fine. That's very sweet of you.

[Knock on door]

Are we expecting more company? No. Evening, Franco. Got a minute? Nope, not a good time. This is not gonna take long. Um, what's going on? Uh, commissioner, is this official police business? Oh, you don't have to worry about anything, counselor. I'm just here as a chaperone. These two men have a few questions for Franco, and I just want to make sure that nothing gets out of hand. Yeah, we looked into that story about Andréw Moore, the twin that died. There's just one problem. The commissioner ran our DNA, and we're a match. That's not possible. You need to be quiet! Hey, hey, hey. We just -- look, we just need to know if there's any part of that story you left out. Actually, there is.

You okay? I'm a fraud, Nathan. I spent the last year of my life lying, pretending to be Ask Man Landers and telling people I could fix their problems, but I can't fix anyone, can I? Hey, hey, look, what Chet's going through is not gonna get fixed by some advice column or chat with a friend, okay? He's got a long road ahead of him. He's in so much pain, Nathan. And I don't know how to help him. I know. I understand how hard this must be for you. And I hope that, for a change, you'll let me give you some advice. Okay. Advise away. Chet pushes you away because he loves you, all right? He can't stand the thought of you seeing him like this. And as for you...


Uh-huh. As much as we want to sometimes, we can't live other people's lives, okay? And you have to let Chet figure this out for himself. So I'm just supposed to let him waste away and do nothing? No. No, no. Just 'cause he's pushing you away doesn't mean you have to let him, all right? Take a breather, give yourself some time to regroup, and then get back in there and let your brother know that you're gonna be there for him. Okay? And I will be there for you. Okay, there has to be something you can do that won't get you in trouble and makes use of your skills. Oh, my god! What is it?! Tell me! No filter! [Laughs] Okay, I used to daydream about being an investigative reporter, like bob Woodward or Jackie Templeton. Okay, what's stopping you from going after that daydream? Or something dream-adjacent? No. It's silly. Why? Because it's never gonna happen. Why not? Because who's gonna hire me? Hmm? If I go after any career, I'm gonna be starting at the bottom. I'll be competing for entry-level jobs against a bunch of fresh-out-of-college kids who don't have to split their energy trying to raise a family. What if I can't keep up? Listen to me. I'm a coward now. Yeah, I'm someone who's afraid of adventure. After everything you've been through, you do not need to prove to the world that you are strong. You're strong in here, and that's what counts. And if you don't believe you can cut it, that's fine. I believe in you enough for the both of us. There you go. Wow. I needed this. Yeah, me too. This is going to get really messy. Sam is married to someone else. -Yeah, his name's Drew. -I know. And they worked really hard to have this perfect life together. And now it's gonna be broken. It's going to be broken because whatever she feels for Drew is nothing compared to what she feels for Jason. There is something that, uh, I haven't told... well, anybody. [Clears throat] I suspected that there were some holes in Betsy's story and that Andréw was in fact alive. And that one of you may be him. So the death certificate was bogus? I couldn't tell, so I went to see the guy who gave it to me. Wait, Betsy didn't give you... no, it was dr. Maddox. André? How is he involved?

Franco: Well, I was seeing him professionally, and -- and I thought it was above and beyond that he would give me a death certificate. So I went to talk to him about that. Okay, well, what did he say? Nothing. He wasn't there. His office was cleared out. His landline was dead, his cell phone was disconnected, and I have no idea where he went, or why he would give me a death certificate which may or may not even be real. Okay, uh, I will put out an APB for André. Good luck. The guy could be anywhere by now.

Liv Jerome presumably has no resources. And I know that her siblings would not pay you to represent her. So, who did? You know, we're kind of approaching an ethical boundary here, so I'm gonna have to shut this conversation down. Well, I-I certainly respect your ethics. I do indeed. But I think if -- I'm so sorry you came all this way for nothing. It was a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for nothing, Nora Buchanan. And if you think you can stonewall me, you got another think coming.

[Monitors beeping]

Amy, don't do this. Oh, this isn't a family visit. I'm here on business. What business? You're being discharged in the morning. So there are some things we need to go over, like where you'll be staying. Don't worry about that. I'm not because you'll be coming home with me. No, I won't. Except that you will. My roommate just moved out, so you can have her room. I don't need charity from my baby sister. I'll figure something else out. You seem to have mistaken this for a discussion. No, you're coming home with me, period. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. You can't force me to live with you. Do it or I will have you declared a danger to yourself and commit you to the psych ward. Come on, Amy, don't get crazy. No! You'll be declared crazy! You think I can't work the system? I am the system! You keep trying to push me away, but I'm not going anywhere. I'm your family, Chet. And I'm not giving up on you.


Hey. What's wrong? Well, I met Amy's brother today. Chet? I -- I thought that he had decided against coming back to Port Charles. Oh, no. He made it. Max, he -- he's in so much pain, he's pushing away the people closest to him. Well, do you think it would help Chet if he knew that Amy was the one writing the column this whole time? No, she doesn't want him to know where the money's coming from. Thinks it'll wound his pride. Oh, God! You men and your pride. Y'all need to drop that. Yeah, well, even so, Amy and you and me and Nina would be in a world of trouble if the truth about Ask Man Landers ever came out. Do you think Sam feels guilty for loving Jason more? Why would she feel guilty? Well, it just would explain why she's standing by her husband when she knows he's not really Jason. It's like she feels she owes it to poor Drew. Good luck convincing him that that's his name. Okay, well, no matter what, one day Drew is going to have to accept the fact that Jake and Danny are not his. And Jason -- our Jason -- is gonna have to accept the fact that Sam has a daughter with another man. Carly, the only problem we're gonna have is getting Jason to fight for what's his. 'Cause you saw him tonight. Barely saying a word. The way he was looking at Sam. He will give up everything just to give her what she wants. It's a mess, Sonny. It's a hideous mess. And to make matters worse, Franco holds the key to all the secrets.

Franco: I'm sorry I didn't say anything earlier. This all just kind of happened after I saw you last night. And I just... I wanted one day without having to deal with all this stuff. This just doesn't make any sense. I know André. He's been treating Jake forever. What reason would he have to make us believe Andréw Moore is dead? I couldn't begin to say. [Sighs] This is all just -- it's too much. I really appreciate the fire and... yeah, no, I-I understand. Villagers with pitchforks and torches at the door kind of ruins the mood, right? I'm gonna go to bed. Okay. Be up in a minute. You know, I really hope they find André soon. He may be the only person who can tell us which of those men is really Jason. Okay, well, do we believe any of that? No, Franco's lying. He lives for mind games. You know that better than anybody. Don't talk to my wife that way. I'm just stating a fact. You're staking a claim. Guys, come on. That's enough. Look, I know this is a horrible situation, but we're gonna have to find a way to get along because one thing we do know for sure is that the two of you are brothers. And that's not gonna change, no matter what proof we may find.

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