GH Transcript Friday 11/10/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 11/10/17


Episode #13909 ~ Monica makes her intentions clear; Jordan has the answer; Alexis looks to Ava for help.

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[Door opens]

Oh, Commissioner. What can I do for you? Celebrating? It's just -- it's been, you know, a long day. Hmm. Well, it's not over yet. Don't sit so close to the screen. You're going to give yourself eyestrain. All right, well, you look at it. I can't make sense of it. I can't do much better. Well, you're the one that realized that this is about treating burn scars. Yeah, that's about all I can tell you. I'm not even in med school. And even if I were a doctor, you said this Dr. Klein uses cutting-edge techniques. Yeah, and we're looking at the schematics of those techniques. And with this information, I can be healed. I can be myself again. Yeah, with that and a doctor willing to perform the treatment. Good evening, David. Griffin. Oh, you live on Charles Street, don't you? Mm-hmm. Have you heard about this push to designate it a landmark area? I've heard about it. I'm a little behind on the neighborhood goings-on. Why? I was looking to invest in some property down there. But if the waterfront goes "historic", that severely curtails any development. I may have to look elsewhere. Well, I am not well-versed on the Port Charles' real estate market. Yeah. That's quite all right. I think a certain lady friend of mine knows plenty. So I hope I'm not overstepping, but I got the feeling that you didn't say everything you wanted to say just now. Well, you sensed right. If you don't feel like sharing with a big group, and you want to just talk to somebody one-on-one, I'm always here. Well, thank you. But I don't really know what I was saying. A man drops through a skylight, looks like my son, and claims to be my son. Sam's having a hard time, too. Well, then, Sam needs you. You put your energy into helping her. I'll be fine. I always am. [Doors creak open] Can I come in? Is he here? No. No, and I don't think it's a good idea for you to stay. [Baby cries on monitor] [Chuckles] Sounds like somebody's hungry. That would be my daughter, scout.

Good to see you. How are you faring in the wake of the mayhem at the metro court during your daughter's party? Well, it's been a trying couple of days. I am sorry I had to bow out at the last minute. Oh, consider yourself lucky, really. Molly and I were there for the speeches, but we left before the shooting started. And then Sam, unfortunately, wasn't so lucky. I just can't imagine how terrifying it must be finding out your daughter's been abducted. Glad she's all right. Thanks. I'm very grateful. And I hope you will allow me to make it up to you. Of course, of course. Of course you probably want to spend more time focusing on your family right now? There's just a lot going on right now with Sam and my ex-husband. Hmm, is he out of prison? No, just things happening. Oh, yeah, well, exes have a way of maintaining a presence in our lives despite the distance we put between us. Ain't that the truth. Listen, you take all the time you want to sort things out. If you're interested in seeing me again, I'll be here. I don't want you to put your life on hold. Something tells me you're worth it. [Sighs] The doctors at general hospital all agree, obviously, I've made incredible progress with dr. Klein's treatment. They just don't know how to replicate the process. And now with these notes, they can learn. It's -- it's promising. That's it?! That's all you've got? I have a chance here to get rid of this scar. I have a chance to be my true self again, and you can't manage to muster just a little bit of enthusiasm? All I know about this "procedure" is that it's been performed without any oversight. Which means that, technically, there's not proof that it works. I'm the proof! What is the matter with you?! Why can't you be supportive? If I didn't know better, I'd think you want me to stay like this. Hi. She's beautiful. Her name is scout? Emily scout Morgan. You named her after my sister. Yeah. Emily would've loved that. Thank you. We stopped being brothers a long time ago. The only brother I came to know was Sonny. That I can't even be sure about him now. Can't be sure about anything anymore. I don't know why I'm here. There's nothing for me here that hasn't been a very long time. Have a seat, commissioner. Come join us for some champagne. I'm on duty. We have sparkling water. I'm not here to socialize. We have business. Yeah? What does that mean? I got back to the office after meeting with the mayor to learn that you posted bail for dr. Richard Klein? What about it? I'd love to know why. Well, I bailed the guy out because I had questions that the PCPD couldn't answer. So help me Sonny, if this man fails to show up for trial... it wouldn't be because of me because he walked out of here less than an hour ago without a scratch. And that conversation -- was it productive? You show me yours, I'll show you mine. [Scoffs] Listen, I know for a fact that Dante arranged a DNA test for Jason and the guy formerly known as "Jake Doe". Carly and I want to know the results.

Of course I want you to be whole again. Are you sure, Kiki? Maybe you like being the beauty of the family. Is that it? You think I'm afraid that if the scars gone, you're going to steal my boyfriend again, huh? No! God, no, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I thought that I had a handle on all this and obviously I don't. It wasn't like that an hour ago. I came over here thinking you'd shut the gallery down just to find out the exact opposite. You're actually re-inventing it. And not only that, you have a wonderful man in your life. You've battled through the despair. And because of that, you have a really great life to show for it. But for how long? How long before griffin meets somebody else -- somebody whose face is intact, somebody who doesn't come with all the baggage that I do? You don't actually think that's the kind of man griffin is, do you? Well, up until very recently, he was the kind of man who wouldn't have a relationship at all. I think he could decide very easily that I'm not worth it. Oh, mom. This lack of confidence is so unlike you. Don't you see, Kiki? This isn't like me. [Knock on the door] Alexis, hi. You do know that Julian is in prison, right? Actually, I was going to ask you that. Hi, Alexis. Hi, Kiki. I have to run. Yeah, okay. Ki, I'm sorry. I'll be in touch. May I come in? Yeah, sure. Come in. So what is this about? It's about Julian. He's in trouble. Of course you want to know which man has the rightful claim to Jason's name. Everyone does. Especially the men themselves, but that doesn't give you advance notice. No. Listen, are you saying that you have the results? Do you know? I'm saying that you'll have to wait a little while. You realize the longer you drag this out, the harder it is on everyone. Especially Jake doe. Wow, you've already rescinded his name. I'm not going to pretend like I don't know Jason. I do. I knew the instant I saw him. But I completely understand why Jake doe rejects that. That's why this DNA test is so important. He needs to see the results. Do you understand that? That's the only way he's going to accept the truth. Carly, you're making a lot of assumptions here. I'm just saying, if you could put a rush on it, it would be greatly appreciated. You know what, you'll get them when you get them. Yeah. And don't go running to Dante, either. He's off the case. Dante's the best guy you've got. That's right. He's a great detective. But I don't want his relationship with you or his past with Jason to interfere with the case that I'm building for dr. Klein and his men. Klein and the gunmen are contractors paid to follow orders. You want justice, find out who paid them! Did Klein tell you who that was? Well, you know what, he did confirm there is such a person and that person called him right in front of me. Well, tell me about that call. Not much to say because it was made to a burner phone. But I do know where the call was originated. Here in Port Charles. Oh, there you go. You finally have a little girl. [Chuckles] Yeah. And Danny has a little sister. Danny does. And Danny is absolutely in love with her. He actually helped come up with the name. He wanted a puppy and he wanted to name it scout. And when we told him that I was pregnant, he wanted to name the baby scout. So, anyway, it's a good thing we didn't get a puppy because the Quartermaines got one, Annabelle the second. And Danny absolutely loves that dog. They get into all kinds of trouble together. Yeah, Carly was telling me about that, but I... was kind of distracted. Why? You know, it doesn't really matter. What matters is that you have two beautiful children -- and you're happy. The groundskeeper said someone was nosing around. Yeah, and you came to check it by yourself? What if I was a burglar? You should be more careful. I saw your motorcycle. You know, I'm sorry for the fuss. I shouldn't have intruded. Don't apologize. You are always welcome here. You might change your mind when you hear what I have to say. Would it have anything to do with a man dropping through a skylight at the metro court? Has he come to see you? No. And you want to know a secret? I'm really glad he hasn't because I wouldn't know what to do. Because he says he's me. What do you say? I've never lied to you. I'm not lying now. I've never lied to you even when I thought it would hurt you. I'm your son. Yes. And you will always be my son. The thing is... he might be your son, too.

Do you have a shift tonight? No, I'm here on personal business. I need your help. Well, I didn't think I'd hear Julian's name cross your lips ever again. His circumstances in prison are much worse than I realized. So my brother's in trouble. What else is new? Because he's on his own this time. And he doesn't have anyone to back him up. Scott alerted me to the circumstances, and apparently he has run afoul with a certain faction in Pentonville. That can happen in prison. Did you know about this? No. Then why are you acting like you don't care? I thought you had forgiven him. In fact, I heard you were at the courthouse during his sentencing. Twice I tried to visit my brother. And twice he turned me away. He doesn't call me, he doesn't write to me, he doesn't touch the money that I put into his commissary account. Because he seems to think that it's best for everyone that he's never heard from again. I wonder where he got that idea. Ava, he was beaten, badly. He has visible cuts, he has terrible bruises, he has a cast on his arm... that's awful. Then do something! Like what?! What can I do? Surely, you know people that can help him. With what?! Their paintings and sculptures?! Ava, we all know that you are not a law-abiding gallery owner. In fact, you wanted to take over the Jerome organization. So just call somebody. Call in a favor. I can't. I left that world behind. I did. I don't have any power. I don't have any leverage. You, on the other hand, you're a lawyer. You're better equipped to help Julian than I am! I can't. Why? You're afraid it would send him the wrong message? Or maybe you're afraid it'll send him the right one. That you are just as in love with him now as you ever were. The voice was altered -- unrecognizable. As soon as Klein wanted to have a face-to-face meeting with him, the client cut him loose, and said he was on his own from now on. And I'm assuming that you're still in possession of this phone? Well, I'll see if I can find it. It's not a trophy, Sonny. It's not for you and your people to pick through. This is evidence in several shootings and an attempted murder. Okay, well, first of all, you only know about that phone because Sonny told you. And second of all, I'm no lawyer, but I'm pretty sure the chain of evidence has already been broken. There's absolutely no way for you to prove that that phone belonged to Klein or the person calling had anything to do with the metro court shoot out. I mean, the best that you can hope for is to gather some information that will lead you to more evidence for you to make your case. Why do I pay Diane a fortune when you could just represent me? That's right. Well, I don't know. I'm sure that Carly would want to gunmen who shot up her hotel prosecuted, okay? What's on that phone is going to help us build a case. Actually, it's up to Sonny. 'Cause I've never seen the phone. I mean, for all I know, it's been... misplaced. You know what, I'm going to look for it. And if I find it, I'll send it to you ASAP. You do that. Okay. You know, listen, look, I understand that this is personal to you guys, okay? Whoever's playing these games, they're screwing with your friends. I get it. But whenever you go in on things alone, Sonny, people get killed. Are you sure client who gave the order is in Port Charles? As of an hour or so ago. Does Jason know? Jason was here when I was talking to the client. I texted him when brick got back to me about the location. How'd he seem? He was fine -- a lot better than I would have been. I feel like we betrayed him. No, I mean me! I betrayed him. I'm the one that forced you to accept that Jake doe was Jason, just like I forced him to accept it. Carly... it's not true. You know, it turned out to be not true. Listen to me. Whatever happened -- whatever's still happening -- it's not your fault. I don't know who I feel worse for it. Jason, who shows up after five years, and realizes his entire life has been given to somebody else. Or Jake doe, who wakes up one day and realizes his life was never his own. There's a chance that Susan Moore gave birth to identical twins. What? She placed me here in Port Charles. And Heather took the other baby and placed him with Betsy frank. Are you saying that Alan had another child that he didn't even know about because of that greedy, gold-digging tramp and her lunatic cousin? I'm just preparing you for the possibilities. I wish I knew more, but I don't. Not yet. Well, there's go to be a way to find... I'm going to keep looking. I'm going to find the answers, whatever they may be. Well, I know you will. And I will do everything I can to help. Thank you. It's late. I should get going. I told Sam I was going to take a ride to clear my head. Did you? I might have found a moment or two of distraction. Well, you were never very big on ignoring problems. Well, you know me well. That's what mothers do. And by the way, I overheard what you were saying earlier. And there is something here for you. There's your home and there's me. I have no idea how two men could possibly think they're the same person. Neither do I. When I got back and I saw you with him, I had not idea you thought he was me. Um, back from where? Someone said something about Russia? [Exhales deeply] Yeah, I woke up in a clinic and they were drugging me. So I lost track of time. Just stuck me in a wheelchair and parked me in front of a window. You know, I would sit there for hours and hours thinking of how to escape. Thinking how to get back to you and Danny. And you know, thank God that Danny's not Franco's son. He'll never have to deal with the pain of thinking he came from what Franco did.

Sam, the biology never mattered to me. I love Danny no matter what. In my heart, he's ours. No matter what. I just wanted to tell you that. I just needed you to know.

And speak to you. What?! Alexis, really. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Your brother is being targeted by jailhouse thugs. They could kill him. Does that concern you on any level? Can you stop digging at me for one second and care about your brother?! Of course, I care! But there is nothing that I can do! Regardless of what you think, the Jerome family connections are a thing of the past. I've got no cavalry to send in, Alexis! So why don't you do yourself a favor, toughen up! Handle your own problems. Haven't you got a sponsor or something to help you figure things out? How did you get from Russia to port Charles? There was a patient at the clinic -- Ava Jerome. She's my aunt. Yeah, yeah. That's what she said. Not in the clinic, but when I got back here. I saw her, and she said her brother is your father? Julian Jerome. Do you know anything about the Jerome crime family? No, not much. I think they were pretty played out by the time Sonny took over. [Sighs] Julian met my mother at a bar in new Hampshire. He was in college, she was in high school. They got pregnant in the backseat of a car. She never saw him after that. 'Til all these years later, he came back to Port Charles. He was in the witness protection program and he used the name Derek wells. Ah, "Derek wells media". Yeah. Anyway, they figured it out that he was my biological father. And fell back in love -- if you can call it that. What do you mean? Julian Jerome is an abusive pig. He lied. He lied to her, he made her lie for him, he held a knife to her throat and almost killed her. It doesn't matter. He's in prison now, thank god. For what he did to Alexis? No, no. For other crimes. But he broke her. She almost lost her career. She started drinking... anyways, she's in recovery now. But she's going to struggle with it for the rest of her life because of him. [Exhales sharply] Sam, I'm sorry. Yeah. I feel really bad for her because she still loves him. You know, it's the kind of love that just is -- you can't stop feeling it, you can't deny it, you can't shut it down. All you can do is choose not to act on it. Accept the reality that the person who you will always love cannot be in your life.

[Baby cries]

Do you mind? I'm going... yeah, sure. ...To go get her bottle. Yeah, sure. Hey! Oh! Hello. Oh, okay. Emily scout. You know, I was almost your father. You know, we have to contact Sam's husband and tell him what we know. As little as it is. I mean, the people who shot the metro court, they may not be interested in him, but they did kidnap and almost kill his wife. You're right. We have to bring him back into the loop. Yeah. He should never have been left out of it. I mean, everything's been so overwhelming, you know, to have Jason back. Last time I saw him was when I left him at the hospital to go get Jason out of jail. Yeah, I haven't seen him since we brought Sam to the hospital. I mean, I want to pick up the phone. I want to call him. But you don't know what to say. It's not he'd listen, right? He thinks we stabbed him in the back, Sonny. Not doing him any favors to deny the truth. I know he's not Jason, but he's still our friend. He's always been loyal to us, despite him wanting to go his own way. He's never done us wrong. Can't really abandon him. You know, someday when you're old enough, your mom's going to tell you about your big sister, Lila. Yeah, she's in heaven now. She never got the chance to be in the world and do all the cool things that you're going to get to do. Your mom never got to hold her, but she loved her so much, so did I. Actually, Lila brought your mom and me together. She gave us a reason to be patient with each other, to understand each other, to forgive, gave us a chance to fall in love -- the kind of love that just is. [Door unlocks] Get away from my daughter or I'm going to kill you.

What happened? Where's Klein's research? Where could it have gone?! Kiki. Obviously, this stuff is way over my head, but I was hoping that you could review it without my mom around just so that no one felt pressured to tell her what she wants to hear. Not that anyone would. Hmm. So, what do you think? Research looks sound. Yeah, I mean the procedure is ground-breaking. This could herald a whole-new field of study and treatment. But? It is also untested. Well, the treatment has worked so far on my mom. And apparently dr. Klein had a lot of success with other patients, too. Supposedly. Any perspective patient should be skeptical about any of his claims of success. All right, look, Klein hasn't operated under the proper supervision or submitted any of his findings for peer review, much less allowed another doctor to access his procedures or data. For all we know, his patients may suffer severe and long-lasting side effects. Look, what we're not saying that Klein's method won't help your mom. We're saying that no doctor in his or her right mind would get involved. Look, I sympathize with your mother's quest to heal herself, but this -- all it amounts to is voodoo.

Monica: I had to let go of the person that I so wanted you to be and learn to love the man that you'd become. And that's what I'd like to do now. I'd like to learn about the man that you've become. I really would like to have a relationship with my son. Yeah, I can do that. I'm going to put her down and walk away. Where's my wife? Hey, hey, hey, Jason. I was just getting her a bottle. You okay? Yeah. Yes, of course. There's no trouble. Come here, baby. You will stay away from my family. You have a beautiful daughter.

[Baby crying]

Leave right now. Hey, Jason. Jason, what are you doing here? Your friend was just leaving. No! We can't keep doing this.

Hi! Hi, yourself. Have you seen my daughter? Are you looking for Kiki or you looking for this? Yeah. I didn't know what to think when I realized it was missing. Did she tell you what's on it? Klein's notes for his treatment of severe burn. So I guess Kiki doesn't want me to get the remainder of his treatments, then, huh? Well, actually, Kiki showed dr. Bensch and me the research and hopes that I'd approve it for you. Oh! So, what's the verdict? Well, dr. Bensch and I reviewed Klein's notes and while neither of us is an expert on this subject, we both agree that moving forward would be a bad idea. The treatment hasn't been approved anywhere. Undertaking it would be a huge gamble for any doctor, not to mention the patient. But I don't need any doctor, I just need one. And I'm looking at him. This is Alexis Davis. I'm requesting a visit with one of your inmates, Olivia Jerome. Attorney of record? I didn't know that she had one. Okay, good, would you be so kind as to give me the name and the contact information? Nora Buchanan. Scout is on her way to the Quartermaines. And we -- all five of us -- have to figure out a way to deal with this because what we're doing right now is not working.

[Knock on the door]

It must be Molly. I think I forgot something. Hey. Looks like everyone's here. Commissioner, what brings you to my house? We ran separate DNA tests on both individuals claiming to be Jason Morgan. I have the results.

Jason: I didn't like you when I woke up. I especially didn't like how you kept saying that you loved me because I was sure you didn't. Oh! And you kept telling me you felt that way because you were my mother. That didn't make any sense to me 'til I had Michael. I know you love me. I love you, too. Oh, Alan. I could be on the verge of a real miracle. And I'd really wish that you could be around to witness this. You had my DNA tested without my permission. I don't need it. In fact, as far as I'm concerned, this is a matter of public safety, okay? I don't need two men running around town claiming to be the same person. You already know I'm Jason Morgan. Carly had my DNA test run years ago. We all know how those tests can be manipulated. Enough, commissioner. We just want answers. We ran two tests. One separately, both double-checked. This test confirms that you are DNA match for Jason Morgan. And this test confirms... that you are also a DNA match for Jason Morgan.

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