GH Transcript Thursday 11/9/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 11/9/17


Episode #13908 ~ Cassandra invites Nina to lunch; Ava gets a stroke of luck; Sonny gets a surprise visit.

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Okay, just so I understand -- you're threatening to destroy my marriage if I don't help you get a raise? How do you propose to do that? Nina has been an incredible boss -- well, for the most part. So, I would hate to have to do this. And I hope you will agree.

[Phone rings]

Crimson. No, this is not Nelle. This is Nina reeves. Oh, hey, how are you? No, I did review the "Mrs. Ask man Landers", and it is -- it's ready to go to publication for sure. With the photos, definitely. The article

and the photos. Great. I -- I like it, too. Hey, I got to go. We'll talk -- okay, that's great. Thank you. Bye-bye. Hi! Nina, I'm sorry. Your assistant wasn't out front. Do you remember me? Of course. Cassie white, ice skating enthusiast. I'm so pleased you remember. Yeah, how'd you track me down? Oh, I can be very resourceful when it's important. Hi. Hey. Hey, come on in. I'm so happy to see you. Oh, likewise.

Kiki: Sorry I've been so busy. Oh, don't you apologize for that. I'm thrilled that you're so looking forward to getting into med school. Well, I still have time for my mom. How are you doing? Mm... pretty well. Hanging in there. Keeping busy, anyway. Yeah. So, I took a study break earlier, and I passed by the gallery. I saw a moving van. You're going out of business? You can't! Artists depend on you. Nobody recognizes or champions talent like you do. Art is -- it's your life! It's your gift! Kiki, no, I'm not -- I'm not selling the gallery. I'm reopening it. Mom! Oh, I'm so proud of you! Does your, uh, mom know it's a half-day today? Honestly? I don't think my mom knows what day it is. I mean, her best friend in the whole world just showed up, which would be great, except somebody else is already using his identity. [Sighs] Basically, it's a huge mess. I'd rather talk about the mystery of your missing dad. So tell me, have you found anything else besides the letter? Yeah.

[Bag unzips]


[Phone rings]

Probably need to answer that. What do you think? It's probably your boss who's calling, right? He's the only one with this number. Pick it up. Keep him on as long as you can. Set up a meeting.

[Ringing continues]

Man: [Distorted] You got yourself arrested. I-I miscalculated. I'm out now. How'd you make bail? They didn't have enough to hold me. They dropped the charges. Uh, listen. Um, I need to fill you in on some things. We need to -- to meet face-to-face. Where can I find you? [Sighs]

[Door opens]

Hey. Jason, hi. Where have you been?

[Door closes]

You weren't there when I woke up this morning. And I called you and your phone went straight to voicemail. But I left you a message. You did? Are you okay? Everything okay? Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine. Come here. I picked the kids up from the Quartermaines, I dropped Danny off at school, Scout is down for a nap, and I even had time to trade a few e-mails with Aurora's PR firm. Good. Yeah, thank you. You hungry? No, I'm fine, but we need to talk about security for Danny. Why? Why? Because there's a man in town claiming to be me. He might want to get to Danny, so I think we need to get security for the kid. I don't see why you don't. Jason, he saved my life. I don't think he means any harm to us. Oh, here we go. He doesn't mean any harm? He's trying to take my life. He's claiming to be me, he's trying to take my life, and it's working because now Carly and Sonny -- well, they're against me. They believe he's me. And I'm looking in your eyes right now, and I'm starting to think that you do, too.

I need to update you on everything that's happened with Patient 6. It's better done in person.

Man: [Distorted] You think I'm an idiot? You get arrested, charges are dropped, and now you want a meeting? I need your help! You owe me an escape and a fresh start. I need a face-to-face. We're done here. You're on your own, Klein. Wait! Wait! You heard me. I tried. Yeah, you did alright. So? What are you gonna do with me? Gee, I don't know. What do you think, Jason? What do we do with the guy who drugged you, held you prisoner, kept you away from your family? Hey, let's -- let's take a step back here, okay? Of course, I am a little bit confused. He has the same face that you did before. It-it brings up mixed feelings for me, Jason. It's -- it's crazy. I know. I know. I'm sorry. I don't want to make this harder for you. Wait a minute. The one thing that I am very clear on is I love you. Yeah, you said that yesterday. And you'll call me by my name, but you won't answer the question -- do you think this man's an imposter? Jason... we have a beautiful life together with two beautiful kids. Yeah, we do have two beautiful kids. And in addition to me being scout's father, you know I'm Danny's father, too, right? Yes. Of course. Of course you're Danny's father and Jake's father. You are you still. I-I-I just don't necessarily think that this other guy is a threat. He saved me from drowning. Doesn't he deserve to get some points for that? No! He doesn't get points for that. I don't know how you don't see this. I'm -- it was a setup. It's his way to get in to you, and it's working, because, look, you're giving him sympathy. I -- no, I'm not. I don't -- I don't buy that. You don't? No. Well, there's the problem right there, because for whatever reason, you want to give this man the benefit of the doubt, but I don't. Well, where'd you go? I went to go see about him -- my alleged twin. And the person who started it all -- Betsy Frank. Betsy Frank? What did she say? This CD was mixed in with the souvenir coasters we've been collecting whenever we take a trip. That's awesome. Yeah. Oh, my god! It has a date on it. 2003, like the letter we found. 14 years ago. When you were conceived. Uh...yeah, well, moving on, uh, the mystery man -- possibly my dad -- said he hoped she liked the gift he left for her. Well, maybe that's it. Well, have you listened to it? You know, maybe there's a secret message on it or... with what? We don't even have a CD player. Do you? No. But I know where we might find one. I had no idea that you were editor-in-chief of one of my favorite magazines. I was flipping through "crimson" last night, and I saw your name and picture on the editor's page. I almost fell out of bed. I was going to call you, and then I noticed that your offices are right here in the metro court where I'm staying. Oh, my gosh. Wow, here we are. [Both chuckle] Well, a coincidence like this cannot be passed up. Please, let me take you to lunch. I have a million questions about "crimson". Ohh... I won't take no for an answer. Please. Look at you. Very resourceful. Capturing such a brief moment. You were in a public place, and the opportunity presented itself. And you're willing to keep this to yourself if I get you a raise? Is that what your offer is? Well, unless you want to give me something to tide me over till the end of the year. That's when Nina promised me a raise, and I have expenses now. This is blackmail. Hmm. If you must see it that way. Well, you have an incriminating photograph of me, and you're threatening to use it to hurt my wife if you don't receive compensation. That's the definition of blackmail. You know, I didn't want it to have to come to this, but Nina left me no choice. I never liked you. Hmm. I've never once picked up an ounce of sincerity. My wife and my daughter -- they like you, so I tolerate you as the nanny, but I always knew you'd pull something and I'd have to deal with you the way that I deal with things. And now you have. You threatened me. That's a terrible mistake. What are you gonna do, kill me?

I know it's spur of the moment, but I read about this wonderful new restaurant in Port Charles called La Maison des Etoiles -- The House of Stars. Isn't that lovely?

Lovely. They're serving lunch, and the chef's special today is asparagus topped with egg and luxurious shavings of white truffle. Oh, white truffle. White truffle. Sounds so tempting. You know, I have a deadline, and I have to get it out in order to get home in time to spend the night with Charlotte and my husband. That's them. Aww. What a beautiful family. Picture-perfect life. Your husband is a lucky man. Thank you. Do you have anybody special in your life? Not at the moment. But hope springs eternal. Well, I've taken enough of your time. Good luck getting that issue out. Hey, Cassie. Maybe we can go to house of stars some other time. Absolutely. Count on it. I could make you disappear, and no one would know what happened to you, and I'm sure nobody would care. But here we are, meeting in a public place. Last one seen talking to you -- I'd be the first one questioned by the police, so I really don't need that aggravation. Mm-hmm. So, what do you want to do? I don't care. What do you want to do? You don't care? You don't care if I show this photo to Nina? I mean, she loves you. She's gonna be devastated. What? You don't care if you -- if you hurt your wife? No, I'm not hurting my wife. You're hurting my wife. And remember what I said to you when we first met about hurting the things that I love? I also told you not to cross me. Well, now you've bloody crossed me. You don't scare me. That's because you're not as bright as you think you are. You went to see Franco's mother? I'm not sure she's the most reliable source, but if anyone can get anything out of her, I think you can. Yeah, well, she cleared out. There was a "for rent" sign in the yard. Well, were you able to get a good look inside, get a trace of where she may have went? The whole place was cleaned out. I asked the neighbors, the landlady. It seems Betsy dropped off her keys and just vanished. Nobody knows where she went. Well, I wonder what she's running from. There's no telling. Hopefully Curtis can find out. Have you talked to Carly or Sonny? No. You? I haven't talked to Carly since yesterday at the hospital, and I haven't talked to Sonny since this whole mess started. Suddenly I'm just nobody to them. Hey. You are somebody to me. You understand -- I-I never met the client face-to-face. Yeah, that came through loud and clear. You -- you took the money, followed the orders. But see, actions have consequences, and you need to account for yours. Thank you. I'm gonna take this to brick. He'll let me know where it's coming from. And then you -- I'm gonna let you decide what you want to do with this doctor. [Door opens] Look... [Door closes] I -- I know you want to kill me, and I know that you're capable of that. Is there something I can do, some way that you'll spare my life? Maybe. Brick's waiting for this. Very important. Get it to him as soon as you can. Wh-why are you guys here to see me? We need your help.

Nelle, is that you? Can you come in here, please? Okay, uh, I don't understand what took you so long to get coffee. I don't understand. [Chuckles] Uh, marketing is waiting for the numbers from last month, and the printing company is waiting for the photos from the holiday shoot. I don't know what to say. And where's my coffee? Nelle? Is something wrong? I'm sorry. I know how happy you are. [Sniffles] Wait, honey. Here. Sit down. No, no, no. You want to tell me what's wrong? Here. Just talk to me, okay? Look, you have been so good to me, and I know how happy you are, and I really -- I don't -- I don't want to have to hurt you. You want to tell me what you're talking about? [Sniffles] I didn't want to have to do this. You know, when you -- when you had me follow him a while ago, I thought he loved you so much, and I really believed that everything was fine. So, you talking about Valentin? Does this have to do with Anna? Someone else. I didn't really want to have to do this, but... and so we meet again. Going so soon? Apparently not soon enough. What's the rush? Well, I'm not eager to spotlight the fact that we're in business together given that it's a highly illegal enterprise. Okay, listen. I'm only in this for the money. So, no more flirtation and no more displays of affection -- public or otherwise. Okay? Was it so egregious? Yeah, I thought so. But of course. I will never kiss you again. I respect your wife too much for that. So, tell me about griffin. You two figuring things out? Mm. You could say that. You know, we've even gone on a couple of dates out in public. Really? So, you're officially a couple? I...think so? I mean, there's more to our relationship than just sex. Does that shock you that I say that? Hell no. Mom, it's great. Really -- I'm really happy for you. You... you're out in the world. You're bringing the gallery back. You have a wonderful man in your life. This is a whole new start for you. I'm not so sure about that. There is something you can do. What? The woman who helped me. Miss Jerome? Well, I-I wanted to finish her treatment, but my hands were tied after she helped you escape. Right. It was out of your control. I was disappointed. I like to finish what I start. And miss Jerome was responding very well. I-I could have restored her. Then do it. I can't. This is a highly specialized and -- and complex treatment. My methods are very unique. Well, you must have a written formula and procedures, right? It's confidential. I spent years developing and perfecting that technique. But there's a record. And you can access it. I can't just give it away! It's worth millions. Possibly billions. How much is your life worth, dr. Klein? I was just telling Oscar about how we used to hang out here, eating pasta and listening to your CDs. Mom would call it lounge music. Yeah, Sinatra, Bennett, martin. Uh-huh. You know these guys? Yeah, they're really cool. Yeah, yeah. Oscar's really into jazz and classical music. Very impressive, Oscar. But I'm -- I'm kind of busy right now, though, so... we -- we really just need your CD player. Um, can -- can we borrow it? Yeah! I think I got it in the back somewhere. I'll get it. Thanks! God, this is gonna help so much.

Sonny: Okay. This thing... okay, but can I just... can I just ask you what you need it for? I love you so much. [Clears throat] Before this fraud showed up, we had built a great, new life. You think we can get back to that? Yes. Of course. So, you and me. Nothing has changed. We still have a future. Yes, baby. You and me. Nothing has changed. We still have a future.

We are still us. Do you understand that? Babe. So, uh, how was picking up the kids from the Quartermaines? was fine. Monica was gone by the time I got there. Anybody ask about the -- the other guy? If they wanted to, I don't think they thought it was an appropriate time to say anything. What about Danny? Did he ask about the guy in your hospital room?

Kiki: Why can't you see how far you've come? I know that I can make a new life plan, that I can makeover my gallery, but I can't makeover my face. Mom. You're beautiful. Other than that little patch of scarring, no one would ever know anything happened. I'm grateful for the improvement. I am. But much improved is not the same as completely restored, and I know that it's shallow. I want my face back. Now, griffin says that I don't need it, but he's wrong. I do! I do need it. Listen to griffin, okay? It's who you are on the inside that matters. Your beauty doesn't define you. That's easy for you to say. Perfect girl. Tell Ava Jerome to go back to Russia, and I'll finish her treatment there. This is not a negotiation. You're gonna give me the formula, then I'm gonna decide what to do with you. Very well. Get me a computer. I'll access my files, and I'll put them on a flash drive. If I do that, will you let me go?! It's for a research project. Ohh, the one you've been working on the past few weeks. Yeah! Right, right, right. Yeah, we're almost done. Mm-hmm. Um, we had to pick a year and learn everything we could about it. Mm-hmm. Um, and the library had a CD from our year with music on it that we wanted to listen to. That's very interesting. What year? It's a cool place you have here. [Chuckles] Is it, like, a real restaurant? My mom loves Italian food. She loves -- oh, well, it's not open for the public. Ever. Good to know. So, it's like a man-cave or...? Yeah, we-we've taken up too much of your time. You're busy, um, so we're gonna head out now. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks! Thanks again. Thank you so much. Well, good luck with whatever you're working on. Thank you. Thanks. You, too. [Door closes] Yeah, as a matter of fact, Danny did ask about my friend, and he wanted to know if he was friends with my brother, too, and why he was gone for so long. What'd you tell him? I told him that I wasn't expecting him and it was a surprise and I didn't know where he had been. We didn't really have time to talk about much more. Anything else? Yeah, Danny wanted to know if you were mad. And I told him that you were just worried because mommy was sick. And I told him that everything is gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay. Look, I... I get that you were blindsided, and I can't imagine how jarring that must've been for you, but, honey, I really wish you handled it a little differently. [Sighs] What do you mean? There's a guy walking around with my old face, making a claim to my life, and that's not a coincidence, and he's good enough to fool Carly and Sonny, which means he's being coached, which means there's an agenda. You can't be sure about that. I'm sure. I'm sure. This guy is dangerous, and I feel like I'm the only person that sees it. The agreement was we'd leave my wife and my child out of this. No, the agreement was they're safe as long as you cooperate, but as it happens, the more I get to know Nina, the more I like her. In fact, I paid her a visit. She has the most charming picture of the two of you with Charlotte. You're such a lovely family. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I am already onboard. You do not have to dangle my wife and my child over my head, okay? But I would just love to have a friend in town. All I have is my chauffeur for company. Alright, you listen to me very carefully. You back off or there's no deal. That's Cassie. She was just here. You know her? Is she a friend of yours? She's playing me. Oh, my god. I mean, did -- did Valentin know that you two knew each other? Nina. This was taken weeks ago. I know. I was just waiting for the -- for the right time to tell you. No, you weren't. No, you weren't. You were waiting for the right time to use it. This photo was taken a month ago, and you're giving it to me now -- the very day that you asked for a raise and I turned you down. No, I-I was trying to help you. I-I didn't know that I was gonna find your husband kissing another woman. But you had your camera ready, didn't you? You were tying to blackmail him? Did you show it to him? What'd he say? No, I thought I was doing the right thing. I was just trying to help you, Nina. You thought I'd be grateful? I mean, you asked me to do this before. You asked me to spy on him. No. No, no, no, no, no. You thought I'd be grateful and that I would reward you with a raise, right? No, I was just trying to do -- stop! Stop, stop. Don't lie to me. I've been an amazing friend to you. I've employed you, even though bobby and Carly told me not to. [Voice breaking] I trusted you with Charlotte and I trusted you with my magazine and you turned your back on me. You're trying to trash my marriage. Nina, that's not -- get out of here. What? Get out of here. You're fired. Look, I think you're just taking your husband's infidelity out on me. No, no! I'm not. I'm getting rid of an opportunistic snake, is what I'm doing. Get out! Nelle, take this. I don't want that. Take that. Close the door behind you!

[Door slams shut]

Around here, I'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster.

[Glass shatters]

[Glass shatters]

Nelle show you a picture of me and Cassandra? Is that her name? Cassandra? I just know her as Cassie, the nice woman who was chatting me up with Charlotte. Okay, well, that never should have happened. Your affair never should have happened! I cannot believe that I am in this situation with you again. Cassandra and I were business associates. Like Alex? Like Anna? No, no, no... yeah? I was never emotionally attached to Cassandra. She was never emotionally attached to me. We used each other to make a lot of money, and occasionally we used each other in bed, but that was a long time ago before I met you, and I never was gonna see her again. Why is she here? Why is she here? Why is she here, and why is she pretending like she doesn't know who you are? Enough about this. Enough about me. I want to hear about you. So, tell me. How's school? How's Dillon? Well, studying is going well. It's non-stop. Um, work is good. You know, I don't have much to say about that. And Dillon, you know, I just don't really get to see him that much anymore, but I'm gonna try to go see him later today, actually. Yes, do. Text him, and go and spend some time with him. But, Kiki, you stay focused on yourself. Whatever you do, do not make the same mistakes that I have when it comes to men. Okay, well, you know, you're not doing so badly. Griffin left the priesthood for you. That's some, uh, powerful love. Lo-- [Chuckles] I think it's a little bit soon for the word "love". Okay, how about "feelings?" Those are some intense feelings that Griffin has for you. I just wish that you could find a way to stop worrying about your looks and just trust that. It's done. Don't worry -- it's -- it's everything. Yeah. It better be. The layperson won't understand it, but any good doctor will be able to decipher it. [Sighs] I gave you what you want. I know you can kill me if you wanted to. Yeah, I could. No word from brick yet. Alright, I got something to take care of. Okay, that's fine, but what do you want to do with him? Well, I got what I needed. You can do whatever. Wait, wait. You're just handing me over to him? He paid your bail. He gets to decide.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Okay. Okay. So, now what? We're just gonna wait, see if I can find some use for you. Listen to this lyric. It's about how no one can love you the way the singer does. Very passionate. Like most of the songs on here that my dad maybe recorded for my mom. So, all of these songs, um... I mean, do you think that they have a meaning? They're not exactly happy-ever-after ballads. They're about people who are afraid to lose each other -- who have a short amount of time to love each other, which is -- is pretty sad. I don't get it. I mean, why'd they break up? What got in their way? I think you're right. I think, for whatever reason, someone did set this up, okay? But I don't think the other guy played a part in it. Based on what? [Sighs] Because he asked the right questions about Danny? That's exactly what somebody would coach him to do. How could he not be a part of it? Jason, I don't know. I don't have the answers. I don't know anything more than you do. Look, I know, I know. I'm sorry. I-I don't mean to raise my voice to you. I just... I keep going around and around. What if Andréw Moore's death certificate was faked? What if this guy looks the way I used to because he's... my twin? And what if he was recruited to infiltrate my life? And if so, why? To what end? And I don't know if it's better or worse that this person could be my brother. Hey, look. There's no point in speculating. This guy is down at the PCPD right now, right? I'm sure they're running fingerprints. They'll probably do a DNA test. When that happens, we'll -- we'll know where everyone stands. Yeah. We just have to wait. Not one of my virtues. No, it isn't. You know what? I think you should go for a ride and clear your head. [Sighs] Yeah, maybe. Want to go with? Ooh, I would love to, but there's a little girl upstairs who has different plans. Right. [Chuckles] See you when I get back? Of course. [Smooches] Be safe, okay? Yeah. [Sighs] Hey kiddo. See any stars out there? Not really.

Cassandra is in town because she's being treated for some mystery ailment by Hamilton Finn. She reached out to me, but it's nothing like Anna. It's nothing like Alex. I was -- I was... I was a different man then. Were you? Yeah. Mm-hmm. It was after my surgery. It was a different lifestyle. I was reckless. Nothing really meant anything to me. I was just a different man, but not like now where I have everything to lose. Oh, so do I. Nina, we're not kids. We have pasts, and we have exes. You've got Franco, and he lives in town. Cassandra's just passing through. Well, then can you look at me and swear to me that there's nothing going on between you and that woman? No, I can't do that. 'Cause there is something going on. Hmm. Must be for you. Huh. "In case you want this. J.M." I don't know. Jason Morgan? He must have sent this. It's a flash drive. Do you know what's on it? No, I don't have a clue. Well, let's plug it in. Yeah. Oh, uh, what happened to seeing Dillon? He can wait. There. Well, these notes have dr. Klein's name on them. He -- he was the doctor in Russia -- the one who treated me. Open a file. [Clicks] What? What is that? Looks like some mash-up of hieroglyphics and mathematical equations. Yeah, it's, uh -- it's medical notation. It looks like a formula. Do you understand it? Not really, but enough to recognize a few things. Mom... what? I think these are dr. Klein's notes on how to treat severe burn scars. Are you sure? No, but what else could it be? Oh, my god. Thank you, brick. Great as always. Thank you. Yes! You're out of here. I'm free? You're -- you're letting me go? I got no use for you. I got things I got to take care of. Did you get a location? My people always come through for me, and you better get out of here as soon as you can. Why do you say that? Why do I say that? Yeah. Well, um, we didn't get the exact location, but what we do know is your client is somewhere here in Port Charles. Okay, well, the last song had a lyric about bottling up love and throwing it in the sea, and your parents were in san Diego together by the sea. Yeah. But I mean, all of this isn't really getting us any closer to finding my dad. Plus the songs are kind of downers. Yeah, too much love and loss. Just makes me wonder what it would've been like if they just stayed together.

[Knock on door]

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