GH Transcript Tuesday 11/7/17

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 11/7/17


Episode #13906 ~ Alexis is stunned; Cassandra gets an idea; Maxie is dismissive.

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[Camera shutter clicks]

Cliff: Oh, that's great. Nathan, make sure you can see the camera. Nathan, don't be so shy. The whole point of having the shoot here in our love nest is so that the fans can see how we live. Mm, why would we want to do that? So they can see happy we are and stop tweeting me terrible things. Don't let them get to you. So, let's see that famous Ask-Man-Landers smile. Oh, uh, Cliff, let's not forget this article is about Mrs. Ask Man Landers, so you may want me in the foreground.

[Amy scoffs]

By the way, who is that? She hasn't said a word since I got here, but she doesn't seem happy about all this. Oh, don't be ridiculous. That's my assistant. Well, and Nathan's, and she is thrilled to be here. Aren't you, Amy? Thrilled. Oh, Dr. Finn. I know you're about to leave, but I'm really hoping you could stay. Of course. What's going on? Well, they brought in a John Doe patient a couple of hours ago. Early 30s, opioid overdose. The attending also noticed signs of a serious infection. If you can't treat it, it could be terminal. I am long past needing to prove myself to you, Anna. Oh, so you say you're clean in all of this? But... something I said struck a nerve. What, is it the thought of all those drugs out on the street? Did that get to you? Because it should. Of course it does. Because I look at the world through the eyes of a father now. This epidemic makes no distinction to who it strikes. So, no, I don't want these drugs in our community. Well, then you can do something about it. And what do you propose I do? You go to Cassandra, and you tell her that you're going to take her up on her offer. You're gonna join her operation. You can be my spy. hell. Nina, thank you so, so much. The show was even better than I thought it would be. I'm glad you liked it. I loved it. Do you think I could be a figure skater when I grow up? I think that you could be anything you want to be. I thought you wanted to be a veterinarian. I'll be both. Both? Okay, good! Just like the show said -- "dream big." Sounds like a plan. What did you want to be when you were little? Mm, I wanted to be a ballerina, and I also wanted to be part of the Olympic equestrian team. Did you? Mm...mnh-mnh. Mnh-mnh. Definitely not. But I'll tell you a secret. Uh... my life turned out better than I ever dreamed it would be because I have someone like you in my life. You still get to ride Lumière. Yes, I know! It's great. I love you. I love you. Thank you for taking me. You're wonderful. I wasn't trying to be wonderful. I just thought you'd have fun. I think that's what makes you wonderful. Order me something yummy to drink. Your usual -- sauvignon blanc? No. Something more exotic like a strawberry daiquiri. Strawberry? Mm-hmm. Aren't you allergic to seeded fruit? Oh, Dr. Finn says I'm not, so I'm going to indulge. So... that's Valentin's bride in the flesh. And his little girl -- the apple of his eye... the most previous thing in the world to him. I think I need to take it up a notch. Time for some introductions. Julian. What are you doing here? Why did this happen to you?

What's the treatment history? Well, as I said, he was admitted to the ER with an opioid overdose. We administered the naloxone just in time, and at the moment, he is in the clear. And after we dealt with the OD, we discovered other issues. He has acute pneumonia. Are these...numbers correct? He's going into respiratory failure. I know. He must've been ignoring his condition for days. Opioid abuse affects the immune system by causing it to be less effective in fighting illness. Respiration becomes slow and shallow and less prone to cough. It's the perfect set up for pneumonia. And you have to find the right protocol. He's in room seven. [Sighs] Oh, my gosh! Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm so clumsy! Oh, no, I'm sorry! Are you okay? No, I'm fine. I just didn't see this... Charlotte. ...Box of skates. Yeah. Oh! You lucky little girl! Are you taking skating lessons? They're just the most fun! I'm sorry. I'm not supposed to talk to strangers. Oh, that's true. She's not supposed to talk to strangers. Uh, Miss... White. Cassie White. And good for you for not talking to strangers. You've obviously raised your daughter right. I mean, in this day and age, you never can tell. You know what, I-I'm so sorry for interrupting, and I hope that you do take skating lessons. They're so much fun. I took skating last winter, then they stopped in the summer. And now I take ballet. Oh. Well, I encourage you to go back to skating while you continue to do your dancing. The two of them have a lot of overlap. I think you'll find that your ballet will improve your skating. Did you take them both when you were my age? I did. In fact, I took them both in the same day sometimes. Skating in the morning, ballet in the afternoon. I even competed. I mean, nothing professional. I wasn't very good. How old were you? Did you win any medals? Uh... well, I -- I -- well, why don't you sit down and tell us about it. I mean, if you have the time. dining companion hasn't arrived yet, so I guess I have a few minutes.

Every breath I pray for one more second

[Cell phone camera shutter clicking]

It's nothing. I'll be fine. [Sighs] It is not nothing, and you are obviously not fine. Well, it looks worse than it really is. Believe me. No, I don't believe that for one second. Is this payback for something? Are you being targeted? You know, I never thought I'd see you again. [Scoffs] I thought it was Baldwin who was coming to see me when they told me I had a visitor. Scott, he's the one that told you I was... about this, huh? Otherwise, you never would've come and seen me, right? What does that have to do with anything right now? [Exhales] Nothing. I just thought we both agreed that I, uh, belonged in here so I can finally pay for all the pain that I've caused my family, right? It doesn't give anyone the right to attack you. Mm. Julian, did you provoke this or are you being ambushed? Oh, Alexis, will you just let it go? Please? Okay? So, you didn't start the fight? No. [Sighs] Not in the way you mean. Well, what way then? I think you understand enough about the criminal justice system to understand that sometimes just... bad things happen in prison. You're the head of a crime family, a very powerful one. That doesn't buy you some protection? Sometimes it does, but it doesn't mean I can't also be a target, okay? So, you're being targeted by another crime family? [Chuckles] Makes sense, doesn't it? No. What? No. You're not telling me the whole story. Oh, thank you so much. Thank you. Mom, Dad, I got this.

Cliff: There you go.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Okay, give me another one. It's looking good.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Okay, fantastic. We've definitely got it. Uh, that's what you said two outfits ago, and look how many great shots we've gotten since then. And with those great shots, we're totally covered, Maxie. Nina's gonna love it. I promise. Okay, well, if you need any more pictures, you know, of me, you have my number. You got it. And, uh, when can I see those proofs? I'll send them tonight. Thanks. [Sighs] Run for your life. What is wrong with you? I didn't need to be here for the shoot. I'm supposed to write the article, not watch you pose incessantly for the camera. I have a shift in an hour. You could've given me a better sense of what time you needed me to be here. Oh, you mean like all the notice you gave me when you were deceiving me? Working on Ask Man Landers behind my back? There wasn't much subterfuge needed since you were living on the other side of the country! [Scoffs] Hey, Maxie, we -- we've been over this. Yes! Over it. It's really over. I understand everything. All is forgiven. You need to understand how much I've done to keep your secret. In what universe? You demanded this photo shoot and magazine article! Which could still expose us. Need I explain this again? Nina demanded an exclusive -- "meet the Mrs. Behind Ask Man Landers" is as exclusive as it gets. And when all the fans see how blissfully happy Nathan is being married to me, they'll stop trolling twitter -- bonus. I'm sorry that fans have given you a hard time on twitter. I'm sorry that you thought for even one minute Nathan was cheating on you. You don't sound so sorry. Okay, let's calm down. Okay! I'm not! I can't reach my brother today. I've left tons of messages, and he's not responding to my texts! I could be making calls, contacting the place was staying at in Virginia, or checking in with his friends, but instead, I'm here watching you put on stupid, sexy outfit after stupid, sexy outfit while I wrote an article that I had no desire to write in the first place. Oh, well, if that's how you really feel, I can just rewrite the article, and you can leave! Maxie. Maxie, look at me. I say this with love, Amy's not going anywhere. [Scoffs] When I did my first double axel, I felt like I was flying! I can still hear the roar of the crowds at the competitions. I mean, I... just did local things, but I felt like I was in the Olympics. Wow! Did you ever go to the Olympics? Just as a spectator, not to compete. Alas, a knee injury ended my fledgling career. But I absolutely encourage you to get back into it. I think you're gonna find that all of your ballet has improved your skating and your skating will definitely improve your ballet. That is good advice. You are very knowledgeable about skating. Well, I'm really just an armchair expert. No longer actively involved in the sport, but I do love it. Mm. What'd you think of... Annett Potzsch as a gold medalist? Oh, well, she is proof that you don't have to execute fancy jumps in order to win a medal. She had beautiful, beautiful lines, and that was her ballet. She played it pretty safe, which is why I think she never became a household name, but that German skater, she had the basics down like nobody else, and that is what is important. Master the basics, and you can do anything. That's what papa always says. Really? A man after my own heart. And where is your papa tonight? It's clear you don't know what Cassandra is. It's obvious you don't know what she's capable of. Well, the WSB has extensive intel on her. They just haven't been able to definitively tie her to one criminal enterprise. And then over the past few years, she's just turned into this kind of recluse. She's also a hypochondriac, but you can't be taken in by her... surface eccentricities. She's evaded the authorities for years, mostly by eliminating those who would implicate her. She left you alive, which implies one of two things -- either she thinks you're too formidable to kill or she has a personal desire to keep you around. Either way, it puts you in a perfect position to gain access to her. Are you not listening to me? We are in a standoff of sorts, Cassandra and me. And neither one willing to move onto the other for fear of a mutual destruction, but if I ruin that balance and she becomes motivated to act, she becomes very, very dangerous. It's been a long time since I've, uh... tried to get you to believe me or trust me or love me. It's all in the past now, Alexis. It's a fantasy world I never should've entered. So, once again you're telling me what I need to know and what I don't need to know? I'm telling you I understand how badly I betrayed your trust, how I made you doubt, not just me, but your own good judgment. So I'm trying to make that right. For the record, I didn't ask you to come here, and I don't want you here. I'm not gonna pointlessly rehash all of our old history. So, Baldwin got you here as part of one of his stupid plans, and we both know how stupid his plans can be. And you're wasting your time. My injuries need no further discussion. My life doesn't concern you anymore. No, it doesn't. So, is there another reason that you came here, or what? Um, Scott told me that -- that you were attacked, and so that's why I came here. Uh-huh. As long as I'm here, there's -- there's been a development that you have a right to know about, so... I might as well be the one to tell you. You look amazing. And you look amazingly comfortable.

"After just a few months with this... amazing man, I noticed Nathan had a talent for helping men understand women." "Witnessing Nathan settle many a lovers' spat --" [Scoffs] Please! What? I need background! But you're giving way too much of it! Well, and remember, the editor wanted this in q-and-a form. The wife asking man Landers in a fun, adorable way what he would do in this or that situation. That's why I'm here -- to give you the answers. Well, and, uh, you know, adding too many details about how Ask Man Landers came to be might trip us up later. Plus, you'll face a lot of questions afterwards you may not be able to answer. I can answer any questions that they throw at me, but I do think you are right. Mac's one of your biggest fans. We don't want him asking too many questions. Exactly. Okay, how do we demonstrate our love for the readers? How do we shine the spotlight on the fact that I inspired you to become Ask Man Landers? "What's it like being married to Ask Man Landers? Nathan west sat down with his wife to answer the questions his fans want to know." There. Done. Wait! What? You barely said anything about me. Uh, us. We... can add more later, right? So, what's our first question then? Ooh, ooh! I've been thinking about this. Um, "when are flowers not enough?" And then we can talk about that time that you surprised me on valentine's day. Yeah, max, I don't -- I don't know if that's gonna work. The guys that write in here don't really ask questions like that. Yeah, but don't guys, like, really stress about giving their girlfriends appropriate gifts? How about, "why does a woman tell me not to bring anything to a party, and then get mad when I show up empty-handed?" Yeah, no, that's -- that's great. See, I-I've had that conversation. What? Everybody knows you bring something regardless of what a hostess says. Not really. It's just the sort of thing my readers want to be told. You know, maybe -- maybe throw something in there about how it doesn't have to be a bottle of wine. You could just bring, like, a cool beer for everybody to try. [Chuckles] That's great. It can be intimidating picking out wine if it's not your thing. Yeah, well, it's like you said in the last interview -- "do what, uh... do what makes you feel comfortable, not just what you think your girl wants." Sincerity is always the way to go. Enough! Stop right now. Who's article is this, anyway? Have you had any access to any newspapers or the internet in the last week? [Exhales sharply] [Clears throat] Well, actually, after my, um, "incident," I've been in the prison infirmary until this evening, so my brief conversations with Scott have been about... injuries. Why? It's about the sale of Derek wells media to Jason. [Grunts] You don't approve? N-no, it's not that. I mean, you must know why I'm selling the company. I'm gonna be in here for a long time. I just... I don't know. I thought it was a good way to cut my ties. No, I-I understand. It -- it's -- I mean, I understand, Alexis. There's gonna be some scrutiny by the feds and the sec. I mean, on paper, it looks like a mobster-to-mobster transfer of power, but I just want you to know that Jason assured me he wants nothing to do with the mob, and nothing to do with me. He genuinely just wants to set something up for Sam and his children. Yeah, I know. I-I believe that's the intention. But there's a possibility that Sam's husband... isn't Jason Morgan after all. I'm prescribing glucocorticosteroids as an adjunctive therapy. If the infection reacts the way we would hope, we should see some results soon. Thank you for staying. Oh, I'm not leaving yet. I want to stay and monitor him. Well, there's no reason to. The nurse can call you if there's any significant change. Yeah, I know. It's not that. Well, what, then? Well, obviously, you know about my own struggle with drugs. But, you know, when I heard about this opioid epidemic hitting Port Charles, it didn't -- didn't connect, for some reason. I don't know. I mean, I guess I'm always a doctor first, right? So I'm able to put up this artificial wall between what is I do and... and these ODs. Tonight... I was reminded of a basic tenet of medical school -- it's all related.

[Cell phone camera shutter clicking]

Papa had somewhere he had to be tonight, right, Nina? Right. My husband has a lot of meetings. Well, I bet you can't wait to tell him about the show. I'm sure he loves you very much and is sorry not to be here. Yeah, I'm sure he's completely heartbroken about missing the ice show. Well, surely he regrets any missed opportunity to spend time with you and this little angel. Don't worry. I'm going to tell him all about Disney on ice. Then I'll tell him about what you said about taking figure skating lessons along with ballet. Mm. Do talk to your papa tonight. I think that this is a conversation that he's going to remember for a long, long time. You are many things, Valentin, some of which I really despise, but I never took you for a coward. Why are you intimidated by Cassandra? "Never trouble trouble, 'til trouble troubles you." You know that saying? Yeah. It's best to let sleeping dogs lie, especially when you have a family to protect. Oh, Nina and Charlotte. Yeah. So, now you see it. What you're proposing is out of the question. Okay, so, then we'll modify the proposal. Um, we can safeguard your family. D-does Nina know of your connection to Cassandra? Okay, you're not hearing me. I am not helping you, so back off, or I will blow your investigation.

Shh! Men are talking. That's it, I'm out. Taking the meatballs. Max. Maxie, Maxie, Maxie, come on. Come on, it's totally your article, okay? And you're right, the fans want to know about Ask Man Landers and his wife. We just need Amy's help for the Ask Man Landers part.

[Maxie sighs]

Hey, hey. Hey, Nina's gonna love the article. Don't even worry. And... look at the pictures that cliff sent for your approval. That's nice. Hmm? That one's kind of cute. Mm-hmm. Oh, I love that one. That's it. Ten questions, ten answers -- I'm all done here. Fortunately, I still have time to try to call Chet one more time on my way to GH for my real job. Oh, yes, let's hope you reach your brother since he is the reason we are all working so hard to keep this Ask Man Landers secret. Yes, if this is about anyone, it's about my brother. Uh, a-Amy. Hey, uh, thanks for coming over. I hope Chet's okay. Thanks, Nathan. Well, it's done, and you are gonna look so gorgeous in this article that I'm gonna have to be fighting guys off to keep you with me. Oh, no, I only have eyes for you. Back at you. I'm gonna go take a shower. Ooh, maybe I'll join you in a minute. Hm. Got to see what she wrote. [Groans] No. This just won't do. I'm gonna have to punch it up a little. Two Jasons? H-how -- how is -- how is any of this possible? That's what we're all trying to figure out. I-I have no idea. But h-h-hold on a second. Uh, she's okay, right? Sam's okay? Physically, yes. Jas-- th-the -- the other Jason -- the first one -- th-the... the one that showed up -- he actually saved her from drowning. What the hell? How the... how the hell is Sam even able to wrap her head around any of this? I don't know, but she's -- she's coping. How? I mean, she just found out that the man she's married to -- the man she thought was her husband -- could be somebody else? I mean, she's got to be scared and confused. What did she say to you? I don't feel comfortable talking about Sam to you. She wouldn't appreciate that. Sorry, you're right. So, a-a-about this Derek wells media thing... "Jason Morgan" -- whatever. Scott's gonna have to sort all that out with you, the legality of it... anyway, so... I should go. Thanks... for filling me in with everything about Sam. Be careful in there. [Sighs] We really have nothing to say to each other, do we? No, we don't. Well, Nina, I have taken up enough of your time, and, Charlotte, it was delightful to meet you. Maybe we can all go skating this winter. Yes. Yes. So, it was nice to meet you. Likewise. In fact, maybe we can all take a selfie before I leave? Sure. Okay. Great. Everyone say "triple lutz!" [Chuckles] Ready?

Together: Triple lutz!

[Cell phone camera shutter clicks]

So, if you give me your number, then maybe we can have lunch sometime -- of course, when you're not busy. Oh, okay, sure. I mean, I could find the time. Fantastic. Here you go. [Chuckles] And now...

[Cell phone chime]

...I just texted you, so now you have my number, so we can definitely stay in touch. Goodnight, Charlotte. Goodnight. I liked your stories. Oh, I'm so glad. And thank you again for this conversation. I feel very grateful that we crossed paths. Yeah, it was very nice to meet you. I think we're going to be very, very good friends. Okay, please try to understand. This conversation is over. She has to be stopped. Well, s-she's not gonna be stopped if she covers her tracks, and all I have to do is tell her about our connection and you working for the WSB. She's gonna be gone like the wind. She'll be back in Monaco or some place. She'll be deep underground, and you and your companion, Dr. Finn, who's worked so hard to establish a trust with her, you'll have nothing. You'll never see her again. All I have to do is say the word, Anna. Right now, drug overdoses kill more Americans than HIV did at the height of the aids epidemic. Do you hear that statistic? You're willing to allow her to keep bringing her poison back into this country? No, I want you to bring down Cassandra. What I don't want you to do is to implicate me in any way or ask me to get involved... oh, what are you doing here, then? ...Ever, because if you do, she'll be gone like a dream, and you'll have nothing.

You never joined me. Sorry, I've been busy. [Sighs] Are you still mad about today? No -- nope. perfect.

Now. Maxie... hm? What are you doing? Just using my professional judgment to tweak the article a little bit. "Little bit"? You put back a lot of that introduction. Hardly any! Max, you basically put back the whole made-up story about how you "discovered" Ask Man Landers. What Amy wrote was so dry. There needs to be a personal aspect to this story. I mean, aside from the beautiful photos of me -- us -- this thing's just a puff piece. Yeah, max, it's supposed to be a puff piece. No, it is supposed to be a look inside our life together. Which would be fine if I was Ask Man Landers, but I'm not. I don't like making this stuff up, okay? I agree with Amy. The fewer details, the better. Oh, God. Why do you always take her side? I don't -- that's not what I'm doing. This is just how I feel. Fine. Duly noted. But it is my job on the line, so I decide what goes in, and what I wrote is going in.

Monica: Any news on our John Doe patient? He's stabilized. We should know in a few hours if the glucocorticosteroids are -- are working. What we really need to know is about who he is and maybe find out some medical history on him. Well, obviously he has had several surgeries. That's where the opioid addiction could have begun. And with his extensive injuries, I think he's, uh, he's a veteran. Yeah. Poor guy. He's been through hell. Well, so have you, in a way. You've battled addiction -- you battle addiction, all the time -- and you still function with your duties as a doctor. I really do thank you for staying. I don't think he would have lived if you hadn't. Oh, well, you know, that's the job, right? Well, I mean, doctor's supposed to have a life, too, or so I'm told. Yeah, uh, look, I just -- I just had some time off. Oh, that's right. You went to Europe, didn't you? Yeah, uh, thank you again for approving my last-minute request. Well, then, you're welcome, but it didn't sound like it was much of a vacation. No, not really. Bye, Cassie! Goodbye, Charlotte. I'll be in touch. Did you get what I wanted? Plenty of great photos of the three of you, close as can be. I must say. The selfie was genius. Oh, thank you. I thought so, too. Let me just pick out a few. That's all we need -- ooh, that's a good one. For a moment, I thought about the value of having Valentin discover us -- all three of us -- together, but then, well, you know, he's very territorial about his wife and child, and given his temper, probably a good thing that Charlotte and Nina just left. Well, I texted him. He's on his way over. In fact, there he is now. Hello, have a seat. I'm not staying. Why did you want to meet me? Well, I've just had such a lovely surprise tonight, and I wanted to share it with you. Well, forgive me for being blunt. Why would I care? I met your wife and daughter right here. You what? How did you get this? Oh, it was just one of those things. They're both such delights. We really hit it off. But I wonder about Charlotte. How so? Well, Nina is a terrific stepmother, and Charlotte obviously adores her -- and you, of course. I mean, she can't stop talking about her papa. What's your point? Well, I was wondering how that precious little girl would feel about her beloved papa if she discovered what you did with and to Claudette Beaulieu. [Sighs] [Grunts] Aah!

Max, come on. Let's just use Amy's draft, all right? This is -- this is exactly what Nina wanted. Why don't you want me to be a part of this article? Oh, come on. That's not it at all. You're stopping me from putting any part of myself in it. Okay, I am. I am. But not for the reason that you might think. Okay, there's still a chance that this Ask Man Landers thing could blow up in our face, all right? Amy and I basically committed fraud. Okay, and up until now, you've been protected, but if you submit this, then you're lying in print. You'd be committing fraud, too. I love that you are trying to protect me, but you are being so silly. Nobody reads the articles in crimson, they just look at the fashion. Trust me, I know. Okay, well then, so, what's it matter what the article says? Nathan, stop! I just sent the article to the entire crimson publishing team. Maxie... it is done. Our fate is sealed. Hi, Amy. Dr. Finn wants to know if there's any change with this guy, no matter what time. Okay. John doe, opioid OD, acute pneumonia, extensive surgeries... poor guy. Oh, my God. W-what is it? Chet -- it's my brother! Well, it's been a long night, and I'm heading out. Think I'm gonna stay. I just want to see john doe's numbers improve a little. [Sighs] What is it? It is these damn synthetic opioids. They snuck up on us, and now they're everywhere. They're cheap, they're deadly, they're swamping the ERs, they're overwhelming the healthcare system. Why can't we find a way to cut the supply? Yeah, I'd like to see that happen, too. I don't know, Robert. This case isn't working out. No, I-I-I -- I have to -- I have to rethink everything. I know it's a priority for the WSB. It's a priority for me. I-I'm -- you know me. I don't give up. Yeah. One way or the other, I will get Cassandra Pierce. Your wife is delightful. And your child, scrumptious. Bright and smart -- I understand how you're enchanted by them. And as much as it pains me to admit this, Charlotte and Nina are a good influence on you. I can't imagine what would become of you if you were to lose them... ...for whatever reason. So... about my operation... I'm in. [Pounds] Hey! Stop stalling, Jerome.

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