GH Transcript Friday 11/3/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 11/3/17


Episode #13924 ~ Franco makes a life-altering decision; Sonny hires Diane; Ava has nothing to hide.

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I'm so sorry. Did we have plans today? No, no.


We... [Laughs] No, believe it or not, not everything I do is about you. Oh. No, I'm just here for a follow-up. My doctors wanted to be sure that there weren't any side effects to the treatment that I got in St. Petersburg. And...? And I'm fine -- I mean, so they say. Actually, the plastics department were pretty impressed with Dr. Klein's results. It's just a pity he didn't finish what he started. Well, that's the trouble with doctors that operate in unlicensed clinics. They're only so reliable. Yeah, yeah. I'll remember that the next time. [Laughs] And meanwhile, since his methods aren't approved here in these parts, this is me. What you see is what you get. Ava, what I see... is beautiful. Well, he's got no identification, and since there's currently a Jason Morgan on record, they're holding him as a john doe. You gotta love the irony. Right? [Laughing] Right. Since the man who took his place called himself "Jake doe" for the better part of a year. [Laughs] Although... although, what? Well, I've been representing this man, and I've never seen his face. When I went down to the PCPD to have him released, he was already gone. Diane, you don't believe it's Jason? I understand that you and Carly want to believe it is. But we want to buy into it because of what? Because of -- because -- well, I'm just raising the idea that you might be being played. [Door opens] Jason: Hey. Hi. How is she? She's fine. She's fine. Doctors are gonna discharge her as soon as she wakes up. But, uh, we should really let her sleep. It was an intense night. What happened? So, this guy grabs her and then he takes her down to the pier and throws her in the water? He could've killed her. She would've drowned. Yeah, but she didn't. Somebody rescued her. Who? It's a long story. Um, a man who says he's Jason. [Handcuffs rattle] Damn. So the rumors are true. Oh, my God. Oh, we had, uh, lunch plans. [Snickers] I -- oh, I'm s-- Kelly's, half hour ago? Oh, I'm sorry. No. I meant to cancel, but I just -- I got...a lot. It's all good, we're good. [Sighs] Thank you. Yeah. Thanks for understanding. You know, I've only seen a few old pictures of Jason. Same here. But damn, dude is a dead ringer. Mm-hmm. What the hell is going on? I don't know, but all of the parties involved seem to be as in the dark as we are right now. Hello, commissioner! Nice to see you. Could you point me in the direction of the poor soul that could use my legal expertise? Well, I would love to. But at the moment, the perp that we have in custody is waiting for Diane miller. Good God! This all makes sense. The boys in the picture, your painting, that man Jake saw in the park -- you knew. You knew that there was more to your mother's story. You knew Betsy was lying. There really was a twin, wasn't there? Yes, there was. There was a twin. All the stories that my mother told me -- one thing did turn out to be true. Jason had a twin. And I know what happened to him.

You ought to stop saying things like that. I might start to believe you. And why shouldn't you? Because not everybody can see past my scars. You know, I'm pitching my gallery to a new artist today. And aesthetics do come into play, whether we like it or not... wait, wait, wait, whoa. ...Especially in the art world. You're already booking your first show? Well, that's the plan. [Laughs] Well, that settles it! We're gonna go out and celebrate! [Laughs] Well, that's not necessary. I mean, maybe after I close the deal, or -- Ava. Ava, it wasn't that long ago that you vowed to never step in that gallery again. This... going after a client, jump starting your life, is a huge deal! Yeah, so -- I mean not as big of a deal as maybe you're making it. Okay, enough with the cool understatements. I will not take no for an answer. Where's Danny? Relax. He's fine. He's at the Quartermaines. Molly came by and she picked him up at Peds. And Monica says the kids can stay with her while you recuperate. [Sighs] Good, good. Danny loves Annabelle the second. At least she can play with him. They could've come home tonight, though. Hey -- we can talk about childcare later. Right now, will you please tell me how you're feeling? Mom, I don't know. I'm a little overwhelmed. I'm just -- I'm glad I'm alive, I'm dry, and in one piece. I'm getting a little tired of you scaring me to death. What happened to you "taking it easy going forward"? Jason: There's a man in town who looks the way that I used to look. And he had different ideas. Well, he rescued you, so we owe him our gratitude whoever he looks like. Uh, do we? At least, we have time now to figure out, whoever this man is -- I don't know what you call him. An imposter? He's being held at the PCPD right now. This guy, whoever he is, did, uh, he give you a name? Jason Morgan. Now, his attorney of record is Diane miller, but she seems to be AWOL right now. So if you want to step in... I don't! I have a full case load. See you around, Commish. What the hell was that? I have no idea. But knowing Baldwin, it really can't be good. Peterson, will you take our john doe down to holding? Hey. [Phone rings] Hmm? I am so sorry. I gotta postpone tonight. Baby, don't even worry about it. You've got so much going on with the Jason thing, and...apparently, I got a lot going on, too. Duty calls. What is that? An adultery case or character assassination? Confidentiality forbids me from disclosing. [Laughing] Okay. Okay? Yes, you and your ethics. That's right, my ethics. But look, uh, we'll link up later, okay? Okay. All right. -Bye. -Mmm. Stay out of trouble! Yeah, yeah. This makes sense. The two men claiming to be Jason, they're...twins? Jason and... Drew. Andréw. Okay. We have to let them know. No, no, no, no. You're right, but no. Well, this is not our secret to keep. This affects a lot of people, and they're entitled to answers. Yeah, but there are no answers. Not yet. I -- uh... Jason's twin is dead. I'm not gonna convince you that he's Jason 'cause as soon as you see him, you're gonna know the truth. I've seen the mug shot. I know what he looks like. Sam's husband used to have that face, too. And he's got a DNA test to prove he's Jason Morgan. I know all that, Diane. But the guy who married Sam last summer, the guy who bought Julian's company, that's not Jason. The guy's sitting in PCPD waiting for you to get him released, now, that's Jason! According to Carly, he's not all that keen on being released. For some reason, he wants to stay in lockup. Inside. Wait for the door to close, hands through the bars. [Keys jingling] You've got experience with this. Dr. Klein. We finally have a chance to talk.

 What is this? It's a death certificate. No, this name -- Andréw Moore. Uh... yeah, that's why I couldn't find it the first time I looked, because I was looking for the wrong last name. So, how did you find it? I just followed a hunch and then a friend kind of helped me out. [Sighs] He did die as a child from a heart defect. Yeah. Looks that way. Hmm. Which means that whoever this stranger is that running around with Jason's old face can't be Jason's twin. Well, how can you be so sure? Because there's a death certificate. Come on. We both know that documents like this can be faked. Yeah, that's not really Betsy's style. My mom's more of a, you know, "hey, let's not tell anybody about this and hope that nobody ever, ever asks" kinda gal. All I know is that we owe it to Jason and Sam to give them as much information as we can to help them figure out what's going on. So the guy that saved Sam is in jail? How did that happen? He saw Franco at the nurses' station and he, uh... he beat him, pretty handedly. Clearly, the guy has done his research. He's sticking to the act. [Phone rings] Sorry. Look, I want to talk to Epiphany, get you out of here. It's time to go home. Sam: Okay. Yeah. Actually, that's a very good idea. Because if what you need is rest, then you should -- you'll be better off at home I think. Yeah, of course. I'll be right back. Okay. Bye. [Door closes] So, what do you think about this guy that saved you? You're lucky Sam survived. Otherwise, I'd kill you. She was a diversion -- a way to lure you to the pier. There was no intent to harm her! She was harmed. She almost drowned. Well, I assumed you'd save her! If there's one thing I learned over the course of this disaster, it's that you are extremely capable. How long was I at that clinic? Long enough to dismantle a comfortable and secure operation. Admitting you was the worst decision I ever made! And who brought me there? Who was paying you to keep me? Why would this individual choose to remain in lockup? I don't know, Diane. You're gonna have to ask him. Well, he may end up spending more time there than he intended. According to my sources, his attack on Franco was brutal and unprovoked. And that doesn't sound like Jason to you? All right. Let's say this is all true. Uh-huh. Jason is back after five years. He has every reason to want Franco dead. Well, let's look at it this way. Franco will finally pay. One step at a time. All right. I tell you want. Give me a call when you admit that he's Jason. All right. Ava: One night rib joint, and the next, a four-star restaurant? Griffin: [Laughing] What can I say? You inspire me.

[Phone rings]

Oh. Uh, I am so sorry. I have to return this. Excuse me. No, that's okay. Yeah, sure. I'll meet you at the bar. Okay. I'll be right back. [Sighs] Hey. Sonny. What is it you want? Answers about Jason.

So, uh, you met Jason in the Russian clinic? I met a man they referred to as "Patient 6." Jason Morgan. So, he was held prisoner in this clinic in Russia. I just want to know who -- who was holding him? Well, you're asking the wrong person. What do you --? I just dealt with the doctors and the staff. Hey, what's going on here? Okay, I was just having a little chat with Ava about this Russian clinic. Who was the doctor in charge? Klein -- Dr. Klein was his doctor. I heard him on the phone. He was talking to somebody about Patient 6's condition. He was telling them that -- he was warning them that he was getting better. Who was Dr. Klein talking to? I have no idea. Are you sure about that, or are you just lying to cover your part in this? Dr. Klein: The client wanted to remain anonymous. We'd talk on the phone or by secure e-mail. All I had to do was to keep you sedated, healthy, and secure, and not ask any questions. Mr. "Morgan," your attorney's here. My, my. Hello, Diane. I guess we have a lot to catch up on, don't we? Hey, man. Thanks for coming. Yeah. How's Sam? She's good. Thanks for asking. She's -- she's good. I'm about to take her home as we speak. All right, great. Well, I get the feeling you didn't have me here for a social call. No. I assume that you heard what happened at aurora's opening? I heard enough. He's probably just a con man, right? One of your enemies just trying to get up in your head? Yeah, well, it's working. It's definitely working. This guy, he's got some of the closest people in my life believing his story. Sam? No. No, thank God. Not Sam, but Sonny and Carly. Ooh. They just -- look, it's hard to explain, and I really don't know what to think, but I need to hire you. Okay? Lookit. I need you to figure out who this imposter is, and I can't -- I'd handle this myself, but... no, no, no, no, look, look. You stay and keep an eye on Sam until she gets better, okay? Yeah. And besides, I'm not sure you can look at this stuff objectively anyway. Now, me, on the other hand... yeah, you're right. That's why I called you. All right. You're gonna handle this? Of course, man. Now, look. The way Jordan tells it, this guy doesn't have a record on file at all. I don't even know where to begin. I can tell you where to begin. Start with Franco. Andréw's dead. There's no helping that guy, and it's not gonna help Jason to -- I mean, dropping information like this is just gonna throw Jason off of the scent of who this other guy actually is. Uh, no, I -- I -- Franco, I can't sit on this. I hid Jason's identity from him when he lost his memory. And I've kept a lot of things from him over the years, and it's all been a huge mistake. [Scoffs] No, we should keep this secret. From -- I mean, not forever. As soon as this whole thing is sorted out, then we'll talk to people. I mean, the last thing we want to do is give this imposter any more ammunition to disrupt Jason's life any more than he already has. I don't know. I just -- I don't know. Oh, uh, I'm sorry, Elizabeth. Could you excuse us for a second? I need to talk to you, quick. Ow! So, what do you remember? I was at the metro court. And there was this guy, and he stuck a needle in my arm. And then everything -- it just kind of went hazy. And then, there was a crash... from the ceiling, I believe. And -- and there was this guy. And if saw his face, I certainly don't remember. And then I remember being thrown into the water, and it was really cold. And I think I got stuck on something, and then... I don't remember. The next thing I do remember is I was on the -- I was on the docks, and it was really cold. And I was coughing up water. And I could feel... his hands on me. And I could hear his voice, and I looked up and I saw him, mom. I -- I don't know. I'm okay, right? I'm gonna be okay, and I'm in one piece, and that's all that really matters right now. Alexis: Right. So, this individual maintains that he's Jason? Yeah. And what do you think? I think he believes he's telling the truth. Look, I understand that you can't talk to your husband about this because he's fighting his own feelings, and if you confront him, it's just gonna cause a lot more pain. But you can, in fact, talk to me about it, right? Your mom? Okay. Okay. I'm just saying, what if this man's story is true, and he really is Jason? Where does that leave you and your husband?

Well, looks like they're cutting you loose? Yep, sending me home to rest. And I can't wait. Well, I'm just glad your injuries weren't any more serious. Actually, I think Franco's in worse shape than I am. Franco? They didn't tell you? No. Monica, remember when you told me that there was a man at the metro court who looked like Jason used to? [Sighs] He was here, with Carly. He attacked Franco. He came out of nowhere. He didn't say anything. He just tried to strangle him. Oh, my God! What happened? They arrested him, and now he's in police custody. [Door opens] What is the matter with you? I saw him. I saw him down at the police station. You saw who? A dead ringer for Jason Morgan, I.E., A twin. Yeah. So, you need to talk to Betsy, pronto. No, I already talked to Betsy. Yeah? What'd she say? Well, she told me the truth, finally. Andréw is alive. Only I can't tell anybody about it, and by that, I especially mean I can't tell Elizabeth about it. Why not? Because I tried to kill him. I didn't think much about it at the time, but apparently, Franco had this picture from when he was a kid. And there was another child in it. Jake went on and on about how the kid looked just like me. I asked Franco about it, and he said he got rid of the picture and that there wasn't a resemblance anyways. And, so, you're not gonna take him at his word? I never take that man at his word. Okay, so, you think Franco has the picture, but even if he doesn't, he's denying any resemblance. Yeah. [Sighs] It sounds pretty thin. I get it, but it's a starting point, okay? It's all I got. All right, man. I'm on it. Hey, look. Thank you. I want you to know I'm not just reaching out to you because I need a pi. I'm reaching out to you because I trust you... oh. ...And that's something that's running real thin right now. [Laughs] You're damn right you trust me. Look, you don't go rummaging through a city dumpster playing hacky sacks with rats as big as your foot, or almost being blown up in an elevator by a mob boss, without bonding with a guy maybe even just a little bit. Yeah, a little bit. But look. I'm really sorry that, uh, people are doubting who you really are. And I want you to know, I got your back. Thank you. Dr. Klein, it's time for your arraignment. Ms. Miller, is there anything else I can do for you? I just need a few moments alone with my client. By all means. They say that seeing is believing, but in this case, that is a grotesque understatement. It's great to see you again. You don't think I'm a fraud? Oh, please. I'm a litigator. It's my job to find the holes in any story. And that yarn we've all been sold about the "other you," that was chock full of them. So you never believed that guy was me? I've always had my doubts, always. Why didn't Sonny or Carly? It's simple. Because as fond as I am of you, they love you. And while I liked that fact that you were back alive and well, they needed you to be. But as I said, there were gaps in his story that no one could fill. What about my story? Doesn't it have gaps? Interestingly enough, your story logically fills in the gaps in his. But there's no doubt in my mind. You are the one, the only Jason Morgan. Yeah. That is -- it's good to hear. Yeah. Enough of that. We need to get down to the brass tacks of getting you out of here. Yeah, I'm not going anywhere... till I'm done with Klein. What are you thinking? [Voice breaking] I love my husband. And he loves me. And he's scout's father, and he's the only father that Danny has ever known. And we've spent the past two years falling in love with each other all over again, and we've built a life together. A life that is not attached to Sonny and his business. Okay, which is not like Jason. Is that what you were gonna say? Does it really matter what I was gonna say? [Door opens] Hey. You're good to go. We can leave whenever you're ready. I am ready. [Sighs] Good. Uh, listen, I'm gonna get going because I have to meet a doctor about a case. Good luck. I love you. [Door closes] Apparently, when I was a kid, I pushed Andréw down a flight of stairs and almost killed him. Betsy had to send the poor kid away for his own protection. You heard this from Betsy? Yeah, but I also found other proof. What kind of proof? A guy has knowledge of the situation. Well, this is -- this is great. Let me just understand this. There's two Jason Morgans running around town, one with the original face with a bad attitude, and a bouncier Jason Morgan with a different face. Now, did this "guy" tell you which Jason is which?

Memory mapping? Yep. There are two people in this world who both think that they are Jason Morgan. I'm not sure what the hell I'm supposed to do with this information, but... what you're supposed to do is tell which one is Jason and which one... which one is the one that I almost killed when he was a little kid? Because, really, what I want is two Jason Morgans in this world who want me dead. Stop pretending it's about them! Oh, it is kind of about them. It's about their lives and their histories and their identities. I mean, if it's not about them, then who is it about? Elizabeth. It's about Elizabeth. The way he attacked Franco -- it was brutal and terrifying. But at the same time... what? ...It was exactly what Jason would do if he didn't know about Franco's brain tumor. Look. Are you actually suggesting that this man... is my son? Well, I'm sorry. I don't accept that. Jason and I took a long time to get back to where we are. And I know in my heart that he is my son. Of course. I -- I'm sorry. Look, um, Elizabeth, I have to get back to rounds. I wish you a very speedy recovery. And, uh, call me if you need anything. Thank you. I will. And I'm quite sure that there is somebody that's going to find a way to put this all to rest. Sam: [Laughs] What is this? Are you carrying me over the threshold again? You're damn right I am, because it's romantic... it is. ...It's efficient... mm. ...And maybe I just like being next to you. I think you like being next to me. Oh, this couch never felt so good. Do you need anything? No, no, no. Just you. Just me? Yeah. Have you checked in with our company today? I haven't even thought about aurora. Oh, no. We're the worst CEO people. There was gunplay, I got drugged. That's not good for business. Well, you're okay, and that's all I care about right now. Everything else is second. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you. While I understand your desire to question the man who held you captive, you cannot do that... while you are surrounded by police witnesses. I'm gonna suggest that we get you out of here first. How? Well, you plead temporary insanity. [Scoffs] Which is a legit defense considering you saw Franco, the man you believe sexually assaulted your wife. Don't forget about Michael. Franco had Michael raped in prison. Exactly. So you reacted violently. And considering the victim's history -- Franco is not a victim, Diane! Legally, he is. You assaulted him. Legally, you are in the wrong unless we can prove that you cannot be held accountable for your actions. Okay, I'm not gonna plead insanity. [Sighs] You need to find another way. And in the meantime, I need you to get a message to Sonny. Sonny, I know for sure that Ava had nothing to do with the people that kidnapped your friend. In fact, when I found Ava in the clinic in St. Petersburg, she was fighting for her life. You expect me to believe she's telling the truth? I expect you to believe that I am. Ava risked her life to help Patient 6 escape. And if I hadn't intervened, they would've killed her. All right. We're done. Talk to you later, father. Sonny. Look, I feel it's my duty to let you know that I'm -- I'm no longer a priest. In case you ever wanted to seek counsel with me again. You're leaving the priesthood for her? You made it a mission to save my soul. Maybe I should be praying for you. Franco: If Elizabeth learns the truth, then Elizabeth will be learning that I was a monster even back then. And that everything that I've done since then -- all of the torturing people, all of the persecuting people, all of the ghoulish and disturbing art -- that wasn't a byproduct of a tumor. That was my actual DNA. Well, maybe you did something bad as a kid. I -- I tried to kill Andréw! Okay. As far as the two Jasons go, just tell which one is which and leave the whole thing about falling down the stairs out! No. I need to keep quiet about this entire thing. [Sighs] I don't know why I waste my time on you. If you're not going to tell the real Jason who he is, then I will, because I helped Susan raise him when he was a baby. Dad, please stop. I changed his diapers! Stop! I can't lose the woman that I love. I can't. I can't lose her! Please, dad, you have to keep quiet. Okay. All right. I will. But if you think that this is going to end well for you, you are sadly mistaken. I gotta get back to Elizabeth. I'm sure she's wondering where we've been all this time. [Phone ringing] Hey, Clem. Okay, all right. Well, tell the warden to leave a message. I'm sure it'll wait till morning. What's that?!

Hey, Alexis. I need to talk to you. It's important. What could you and I possibly have to discuss? What do you think? Julian. Look, I hope you're not letting Sonny get to you. [Scoffs] I'm used to his hostility by now. But I'm worried, I guess, that maybe he has a point... about me corrupting you. Hey. Ava, you're not corrupting me. You woke me up. You helped me face the reality of the life I want to live and who I want to be with. That's an awful lot of pressure for a second date, doctor. [Laughs] Why don't we just enjoy the evening? Deal. Cheers. Cheers. How's Jason? He rejected my strategy, which, as I remember, is very unlike him. Of course, I did ask him to plead temporary insanity. Why would you do that, Diane? He was totally in the right for attacking Franco. I wish I was there. I would've knocked him out! Absolutely. Think of the hours I could've billed if you both had been arrested for assault. But as Jason is the only one currently in custody, I will devote my efforts to him, yes? Diane. Mm-hmm? I just want him out, whatever it takes. I understand that. I'm working on it. In the meantime, Jason has a message for you. Dr. Klein... yeah? ...The man who tried to kill Sam last night -- he's currently being arraigned. Jason says if you want answers, start with Klein. So, if everything goes well, I might be getting out of here soon. Do you want to swing by my place? Curtis: Oh, damn. You know what? The case that I'm working on got a little heavier than expected. Can I take a rain check? Okay. I mean, I totally get it. I hope you're not getting into any trouble. [Laughs] Who, me? Never.

[Lock rattling] Yeah, bye.

[Lock clicks]

How are you holding up? Hmm? I'm good. Yeah? With everything that's going on, you know, with this other guy... and Sonny and Carly... [Sighs] ...I've been focused on -- I don't know -- trying to make sure people know who I am. And I -- I'm sorry I didn't stop and think how hard this must be on you. Well, it's definitely not how I thought our launch party would end up. No. Listen to me. I'm gonna figure this out. I'm gonna find out what this guy wants, this...fraud. You realize he's a fraud, right? The way he looks -- it's all part of a setup. He's a stranger. I'm your husband. [Exhales sharply]

Franco: Monica, have you seen Elizabeth? Uh, actually, I think she left a little while ago. Do you know where she went? Well, I assumed she went to look for you.

Peterson: Yo, mystery man. You have another visitor.


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