GH Transcript Thursday 11/2/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 11/2/17


Episode #13923 ~ Patient 6 takes advantage of a bad situation; Finn keeps up the ruse; Cassandra wants to know more about Anna.

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[Monitor beeping]

Oh, my God. It was real. It's you. Yeah. It's me. Hey, Valentin! You ignored my messages! Hey, listen, whatever you got going on, I don't want any part of it. I don't give a damn what you want! You owe me! My debt to you has been paid in full. Do me this favor, and I'll owe you one in return. The police are searching for me. You have to get me out of Port Charles. [Gasps] Oh! Ooh! I was evacuated last night. Oh, yeah, please. I had to spend a couple of uncomfortable hours in the parking lot before they gave me the all-clear. I looked for you. Oh, um, I'm -- I'm sorry. I was at dinner when the police reported gunfire. We were all called in to the ER., Just in case. I hope you didn't miss out on anything important. [Chuckles] No. Just, uh -- just dinner with friends. Oh. Must have been hard to tear yourself away from the charming ms. Devane. Hi, André. Come in. Hi. Yeah. It's nice to see you.

André: You, too. So, what's going on? Um... I've come to say goodbye. [Scoffs] There's two Jasons out there. Both have the same set of memories, and I'm pretty sure all they're gonna remember is how much they hate me.

Elizabeth: Franco. What are you doing here? [Sighs] How do you feel? I feel like I'm going crazy. I think I'm -- I'm losing my mind. It's okay. It's me. This doesn't make any sense. It doesn't make any sense for me, either. Look, I don't know what's gonna happen. I just wanted you to know that you're not crazy. I'm here. It's Jason.

Danny: Who are you?

[Monitor beeping]

You're Danny, right?

Right. Right. Um... I'm a friend of your mom's. I remember your uncle... ...that she named you after. How come I've never met you? Well, um, you know, I've been away for a long time. Since you were a little baby. Why are you crying, Mommy? Because I am so happy to see you. I'm happy to see you, too! I made you a card! You did? Can you help me up? Yeah. Sure thing. Here we go. Let go of my son. You come here, you go to a private party with a band of trigger-happy mercenaries, start shooting up the place? That wasn't my call. My wife was in that room! They were supposed to intercept an escaped patient. I had no idea they would turn the party in a siege! Well, that wasn't even the half of it. I couldn't even get my wife home without tripping over one of your French goons, shot in the gut, bleeding all over the dock. He was crying out for help, throwing your name around. Is that professional? 'Cause I don't want any part of that! I'm a scientist, not a gangster. I was only trying to fulfill an obligation to a client. I had no idea the price would be so steep. Haven't you ever wished that... you could go back and change the past? I've made a new acquaintance. A very talkative one. Cassadine. Neither of us are saints. You're my only option now. Tell me you understand. More than you know.

Anna: You're leaving Port Charles?

Yes. Today.



Without talking to me, without any explanation? [Sighs] Well, if you remember, I came into town pretty suddenly. It just makes sense to leave the same way. What about your patients? There are other psychiatrists. I'm sure they'll be in...good hands. Capable hands, maybe, but not yours. With your insight and perception, I mean, God, you -- you helped me when I thought I was losing my mind, when I thought I'd killed Carlos Rivera and I was having those uncontrollable panic attacks. And I was so happy to be there to remind you of your own inner strength. That's all I did. No, you did a hell of a lot more than that. You gave me my life back. I was literally lost in grief, and you showed me my way out. Hey. It's nice to have a satisfied customer. Listen, Anna, no matter what you may hear about me, I hope you'll always remember that I really, really tried to help people. Why are you talking like this? What happened? What am I doing here? What are you doing here? Why are you out of bed? We should get you back to your room. I'm fine, I'm fine. Remember? It's just a flesh wound. Exactly. You have a wound. Come on, I want to make sure you're okay. Hey. I get to go home. I'm cleared. Uh, tonight? Right -- right now? Yeah, right now. And I just can't wait to see the boys, and I want to sleep in my own bed. What's wrong? You don't want to take me home? No, no, no. I just, um... you're sure the doctor said you're okay to do that? Yes! [Chuckles] I'm fine. I just have to keep all of this clean while it heals. Okay. It's a good thing I'm a nurse. Yeah. It's a good thing you're amazing. And I also have a few days off while I recover, which means when the boys are at school, we'll have the whole house to ourselves. Okay. Well, when you put it like that... um... how -- how did you know that I was here? [Laughs] Actually, I wasn't looking for you. I just needed to get up and walk around. I thought I'd make an appointment for Jake with Dr. Maddox. I saw you staring at your painting. [Sighs] Oh, I -- of course. I know why you're here. Get out. Did I do something wrong? No, son, you did not. He just shouldn't be here. But he's mommy's friend from when I was a baby. Is that what he told you? [Footsteps approaching] Hey, Danny. Looks like we all had the same idea, huh? We wanted to see your mom. How's she doing? I'm -- I'm doing great, actually. Danny came here 'cause he made me this beautiful card. It's so pretty. But you know what, I heard that there are some new cool games in the playroom in Peds. Yeah, I heard that, too. Want to go check them out? -Yeah. -Yeah? Bye, and I love you, mommy. Come here, baby. I love you, too. Love you, too, daddy. I love you, too, son. Have fun. I don't know who you are. I care less about what you want. But if you come around my family again, you'll be lucky if I only have you arrested. I don't know what happened any more than you do. But I know this much -- I am Jason Morgan.

To put me on the road to health, and I'm eager to hear about the results of all those tests that you put me through. Have you seen the findings? Cassandra, I prefer to discuss delicate matters like that in the proper setting. So you don't have an appointment with me later on this afternoon at general hospital? Yes. I do. And I will bow to your professional etiquette, Dr. Finn. Okay. But assuming that the results aren't dire, I'd like to show my appreciation by inviting your lovely lady and yourself to dinner tonight. I, uh... I don't think that's such a good idea. Oh? There's something you should know about my relationship. [Sighs] In both our professions, we get a chance to see people at their best, and also at their worst. Yeah. And sometimes our work is overlapped. I've been so happy to use your ability as a profiler on several occasions. Yes, my valued ability to determine a person's true character. And your cool head under pressure. I've often wondered how come you were able to turn your back on such a high-stakes job at the WSB and just, you know, settle for a desk at general hospital. Is it now you just have decided that you don't want to settle anymore for that? Oh, no, I'm not returning to the spy game, if that's what you're asking. And working at general hospital was definitely not "settling." No, I've -- I've loved my time there, helping patients of all ages and all backgrounds, all needs. I'm going to miss it. André, something is obviously very wrong. You can tell me. I'm your friend. I won't judge you. And I thank you for that. Truly. But you've already proven to me that I can trust you. I have? [Laughing] Yes, when we danced disco together! Yeah. Distrust doesn't work on the dance floor. Ah, amen to that. That's why I want you to have this. To remember me at my best. I can explain. You never meant for this painting to be sold in the first place. Your dad twisted your arm into putting it into the exhibit, and we were all super surprised when Dr. Maddox bought it. But out of all the paintings you brought back from new York... [Sighs] This one is different. It's personal. You want it back. Yeah, uh... it means a lot to me. Where is Dr. Maddox? Oh, he got some life-changing news, and so he cleared up all his stuff and, uh, and he split. I think maybe my feelings should be a little hurt that he didn't take the painting, right? Are you saying he left general hospital? I'm saying I got the impression he left Port Charles altogether. Without informing his patients? What am I gonna tell Jake? I think Jake's doing great. I think he's -- I think he's really good these days. Maybe he doesn't need to discuss anything with anybody. No. No. I don't -- I don't like the fact that Jake is so convinced that the man he saw in the park looks just like his father did before his reconstruction. Dr. Maddox was helping him work through all of that. Are you okay? Yeah. I'm -- great. I'm... [Sighs] I'm okay. I'm gonna be much happier when I finally just get you home. Come on, now. Are you gonna come back for your painting? Yeah. Sure. [Sighs] You go back and tell whoever set this up it's not gonna work. I don't know who set this up. I don't know where I've been the last five years. No, I don't -- I don't want to hear it. Just stop. These rehearsed lines, these lies you want to tell, I don't want to hear them. My wife doesn't need to hear them. You need to go. I just want to know one thing. You don't get to know anything! Danny. Looks a lot like Jake. Heather lied. So did Franco. Danny's my son with Jason. Thanks for telling me. You need to leave. If you don't leave... [Inhales sharply] You'll be lucky if I only call security. You're a threat to my family. I'm gonna stop you. Danny's fine. He's having a good time in Pediatrics. Looks like I got here just in time. This man refuses to leave. You need to call security before this escalates. I can't do that. I'm the one who told him he needed to see Sam.

Se don't leave. Please. I -- a good dance partner's really hard to find. [Scoffs] I wish -- Anna, I wish there were another way. But a choice -- a choice that I made before I came to Port Charles -- has finally caught up with me. Does this have to do with your work at the WSB? It started out, like all the devil's work, with good intentions. I never told you that I set out to conquer one of humanity's great fears -- the loss of self, the loss of one's very identity by the painful and irreversible loss of memory. It's all here. It's all here, my life's work. On so many pieces of paper. And I -- I had hoped one day it would be my legacy. Now it's only my curse. [Sighs] Please tell me what is torturing you. I can help you. [Chuckles] Anna, I want to tell you. I-it's just that -- okay, okay. [Sighs] I'm gonna make some tea, all right? The ritual of pouring and drinking tea can really help you focus. So I'll put the kettle on, and then... we'll talk, okay? Sounds good. You and Anna can't have dinner with me? Nothing's wrong, I hope. Uh... I mean, though I wouldn't be surprised if you said you were having problems. To be honest, my first impression was that Anna wasn't right for you. Oh. W-why's that? Well, you're so dedicated, almost married to your work, as your interrupted plans last night illustrate. Whereas Anna... what about her? I mean, she's lovely, of course, but... well, I don't get the sense that she understands and appreciates your work. Oh, but she -- she does. She does. As a matter of fact, it was Anna that encouraged me to take you on as a patient. Oh. Well, I stand corrected. So, what was it that you wanted to talk to me about? Well, I just -- I wanted you to know that, uh... Anna, uh, makes her own schedule, and it would be a bad idea for me to speak for her. So, um, why don't I get in touch with her and see if she's available? Okay. Okay. Well, uh, then I will see you later at general hospital to discuss your test results. Until then. Allow me. Goodbye. Goodbye. What was that about? There's no need to involve your family. At all. All I ask is for safe passage out of the country and enough money to establish myself somewhere with a new identity. Now, I know that you know people that can make that happen! I've done excellent work for your associates in the past, and you! And I can do it in the future. Hey, this is Valentin Cassadine. I have a friend -- a doctor friend. He needs help, the kind that you can provide. Um, well, we're at Dock 55. He'll be waiting for you. Thank you. You told him to come here? He and Sam have a lot to talk about it. He has nothing to say to my wife. I'm sorry. No, Carly. I'm so sorry. What you have done? It's my fault. I insisted you were Jason, but you're not. What is -- what is wrong with you? Just get out of here, Carly. You have to listen to me, okay? Carly, get out of this room and take this son of a bitch with you.

Epiphany: Keep your voices down! This is a hospi...tal! Well, I'll be damned. Hello, Epiphany. Are you -- are you the cause of all this disturbance? Yeah, pretty much. Then -- then you need to go. My only concern is my patient. She needs to rest. So you need to go. Okay. Come on, Carly. Let's go. Uh... you -- you need to -- you need to leave, as well. I can't leave my wife. I'm not telling you to get on a plane for Buenos Aires. You can wait right out in the hall. Sam's doctors prescribed for her to rest, so she's going to rest. I understand. Just give me a second. Okay, so you need to rest. I'll be right outside. Right outside, okay? I love you. I love you, too. [Sighs] Seems like you've had quite a shock. You want me to, uh, contact your doctors? See if they'll prescribe a sedative? No, no, no. It's okay. I just need some time to think. I'll bet you do. Okay. He's probably gonna fight to hold onto your life, but who can blame him? I'm the one who convinced him that he was you. I mean, I badgered him until he accepted it, and now I show up and I say, "Oops, I'm sorry." It's not your fault. It's my fault. It's 100% my fault. I should have known better. I should have never convinced myself that he was you. Just like I should have never talked you into coming here. But you should have come here, because you should have seen Sam, because it's important. I don't know, maybe I made a painful situation even worse... hey. Carly. Carly, stop. Stop. I'm glad you made me do this. Yeah? Yeah, I got to see Sam. And Danny. And I found out that he's my son. Yeah. You knew the second you looked at him. I mean, he looks just like you. And he acts like you. Except Michael says he's just a terror, that he runs around the Quartermaine house just driving everybody crazy when he's there and he's visiting, you know. Jason! Jason! [Grunting] Jason!

Franco: [Groans]

Jason! Somebody help!

Epiphany: What the hell? I need security now! Jason, if you kill him, you'll go to prison! He's not worth it! He's not worth losing you again! [Gasping, coughing] Why is he still alive? All right, André, let's sort this out. André? Wait, where are you? André! Damn. Damn. Wait. No so fast. Attacking anyone in this hospital, no matter how despicable... you used to have better sense. I need you to get checked out, okay? No, I need to get you home. No, come on. Let's go. Jason! Jason! [Grunting] All right! Keep it up, and we'll add resisting arrest! No! No! It's not his fault! He attacked his wife and his...his nephew. Once I'm relocated, I'll show my gratitude by wiring you more than enough to cover the cost of helping me. Name your price. Buddy, you can't put a price on payback. [Laughs] Payback? [Police siren wailing] That -- that phone call. I heard you. So did the PCPD. You really think I'd help you escape after you almost got my wife killed? Damn you, Cassadine! Police! Stop right now. Richard Klein. That's the man you're looking for. We got some questions for you, doc. You treacherous bastard! What comes around goes around. Someone's gonna sell you out the same way you did me, Cassadine! Let's go. That's it, huh? You believe him? Not a doubt in your mind? I know this is hard -- it's not hard, Carly. It's impossible. I wouldn't even know who I am if you hadn't done all you could to prove my identity, and now this guy shows up, Granted, it's crazy, but that's it? All that's out the window? That's it? He's Jason? I really wish you'd say something because, uh... Carly, if he's Jason Morgan, who does that make me? I wish to God I knew.

I don't understand. The man who attacked you, Carly called him Jason. Yeah. Oh! I just -- Carly says a lot of different things, Elizabeth. But he -- he looked exactly like Jason used to look, and everything about him was -- I didn't get a good look at him.

Franco: Jason did have a twin,

it just wasn't me. And this other boy is... Jason's twin brother. Andréw had a bad heart, so shortly after that photo was taken, he died. My mother said something, maybe it was just to placate me, but... Jason never had a twin that died. I'm gonna choose to believe that. How could Jason be there to help Sam if he was here with me? The only way for this to be real is if there were... two Jasons. Oh, my God. He's alive! And you knew. Franco, you knew!

Valentin: Bloody Mary, please. Oh, a little early for happy hour, isn't it? Then again, you don't look very happy. Cassandra, I am no mood to suffer you or your sense of humor. I've just severed a pretty significant tie with my not-so-pretty past, and I'd really rather just drink alone. Well, I know you're not referring to our past because you and I are still very much bound together. What? You don't need me. Well, I make a practice not to need anyone, but I do want you, Valentin. There really is no one that is so completely able to meet my exacting standards. And what if the deal isn't up to my liking? Well, you're a free agent, free to walk away any time you please. Of course, there is that small issue of the woman who carried your baby. Don't say her name. No worries. We still have plenty of time to consider our next step. Right now I've got to get to my appointment at general hospital. Hopefully Dr. Finn will have some insight into my fragile health. He's such a charming man. So miserable that he already has a girlfriend. Sadly, all the good ones are taken. Really? Yes, a good man is very hard to find. No, that's not what I meant. I don't know Finn very well, but I'm pretty sure his girlfriend just dumped him. You don't say. Anna. Hi. Hi. Oh, hi. I'm not keeping tabs on you. Is something wrong? Yeah, um... André came to see me, to tell me he's leaving Port Charles. And he took off without giving me the exact reason, so I came to his office and it's empty. Do you know anything about him leaving the hospital? Mnh-mnh. Dr. Maddox tends to go his own way, which I very much respect. Are you friends? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I thought at one point we might be more, but... [Sighs] Oh, well, in that case, Dr. Maddox will be in good company with the rest of your exes. Of which you are now technically one. Mm. Not exactly. Sorry, what? About that. I sort of ran into Cassandra this morning, and she invited the two of us to dinner. Um... it was the perfect opportunity to tell her that we had split up, but I didn't. Why not? If you could just listen to me, and I could explain that my friend has been out of Port Charles for a very long time, and he thought he saw a dangerous criminal walking around. He was just trying to stop him -- Carly, just call Diane. Okay, I think it's ridiculous that you're sitting here handcuffed because you had a perfectly normal reaction to Franco walking around. Okay. Diane's gonna have to sort this out. And when she does that, she can explain to you that Franco's free because of her. Because of Diane? [Sighs] Okay, look, um... Franco had a brain tumor. It sounds crazy, but it's a medical fact, and Diane argued that he couldn't be held accountable for his actions, and the judge dropped all charges. Why -- why would Diane help Franco? Because we thought he was your brother! And he was our last link to you. Because he was my brother and my twin. Oh, but he's not! Heather lied. Franco is Heather's son with Scott Baldwin. So I'm not related to that freak? No. [Laughs] No. [Sighs] But we didn't find that out until after. Until after what? Okay, um... please don't hate me. Please, I just got you back. I couldn't take it if -- what are you talking about? What are you talking about? I could never hate you. Yes, you could because I almost -- I almost married Franco. What?! W-why? That guy's a freak! Why would you go anywhere near him, Carly? Come on! Because I thought he was your twin! I thought he was your twin, and I was desperate to hold onto anything or something that would tie me to you. But thank God I didn't marry him, okay? I didn't marry him. Yeah, thank God. Well, thank Sonny because he seduced me. Oh, I don't want to hear about this. No, I know, okay, you don't. But I need you to understand that I was a mess. I was a mess when I almost married Franco, and... that's how much I need you, Jason. That's how much I need you because I was just a rolling disaster when I thought you were... Carly, it's okay. It's okay. Are you sure? Yeah, I'm sure. I mean, it makes me sick to think of you with Franco. I know. But I get that you were upset. I'm sorry you had to go through this. But everything's gonna be okay because you're back! [Laughs] You're back! And Sonny and I will get you out of here.

Klein: I did nothing wrong! You must let me go! Sit down.

You still have unfinished business with Cassandra, and you still need to know the details of her drug operation and how it relates to Valentin, and I just -- I didn't want to screw any of that up for you. Oh, thanks. You know, for keeping quiet. That's -- you know, but it wouldn't have been the end of the world or the operation because... couples break up all the time, so... completely unexpectedly, too. Sorry. Oh, I didn't mean that. No, no, no. It's okay. It's okay. Um, listen, once I, um, I give Cassandra her test results and I tell her that she's... well, there's nothing seriously wrong with her, I'll get out of the operation and leave you to finish the job. Just be careful with this Valentin guy. Okay. I can take care of myself, Finn. I never doubted it. Yep. Now, what were you saying about Dr. Finn and his inamorata? Well, I don't know Finn personally, but I'm pretty sure his fiancée walked out on him. Fiancée? Hmm. I didn't realize things had progressed so far with miss Anna. Anna? Anna Devane. Do you know her? I knew what? What do I know? Believe me, I don't know anything. Monica said she thought she saw Jason at the metro court while he was here with me. Monica -- you had just been shot. Nothing she says makes sense. The boys in the picture. Your painting. The man Jake saw in the park. You knew there was more to your mother's story. You knew she was lying. There really was a twin, wasn't there? Yes. Yes, there -- there was a twin. She needs to rest. Anything else can wait. Yes, ma'am. I don't know what's going on here, honey. But it's gonna be okay. Everything is gonna be okay. You know who I am. Okay, not that I don't sympathize with you, but you really didn't do yourself any favors going after Franco a second time in front of the cops. I mean, I hope Diane can get you out by tonight. Call her back. Tell her not to work too hard to get me out. Not just yet. What's going on? What are you up to? Sam's husband's right about one thing -- this was a setup. Somebody did it to both of us, and I need to find out who did it.

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