GH Transcript Wednesday 11/1/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 11/1/17


Episode #13922 ~ Carly gets a surprise; Jason worries about Danny; Dante fills Michael in.

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Good morning! Ugh, is it morning? Still feels like night. Oh, man, is that for me? How was work? Work was intense. I'll tell you about it later. I'm just happy to be home. Oh, coffee, coffee, coffee. Coffee's giving me life. Thank you. Oh, it's the least I can do. I mean, you're the one that pulled an all-nighter keeping the citizens of Port Charles safe. What? "Keeping the citizens of Port Charles safe"? That's what you do, isn't it? [Scoffs] It's not like I'm batman. Uh, no, but you're superman to me. Maxie. Mm-hmm? You wouldn't be buttering me up for anything, would you? Like maybe being "Ask Man Landers" some more? Please, just for a little while. Max, no. No, I'm not gonna do it. [Screaming, evil laughter] What the...?

[Screaming, evil laughter continues]

Franco, what -- what the...?

[Screaming, evil laughter continues]

Okay. It's time for the truth about Jason's twin. Andréw's alive, right? The gunmen are both in custody. No, I don't have a motive yet because we're just getting going with the investigation. Now, once do, you'll know. Okay. Hey. Hey, crazy night, huh? That is one word for it. I still cannot believe what's happening. Yeah, you and me both. So, dad says that you have the guy who says he's Jason here. I need to see him. Sorry, Michael, he's been released.

[Monitors beeping]

I got you. You're here.

Jason: Sam, honey, open your eyes. I know you can do it. Sonny, we need to get her to a hospital right now. Sam, I don't know what's going on, but I do know this -- I am Jason. [Echoing] I am your Jason. What do you mean he's not there? He was in the interrogation room, Diane. [Sighs] You said you were five minutes away! If he's not there, then where the hell is he?!

Patient 6: Carly.

I guess your fans don't know you're not "Ask Man Landers" anymore. Yeah, I guess not. Which, if you think about it, is a good thing. How can you say that? Max, this media stuff has been a nightmare, right? I mean, it's certainly taken its toll on us. That's true. Well, I don't want that. Do you? No, of course not. I mean, I hated all the attention you were getting -- uh, we were getting. Until someone told me to... figure out a way to make it my own. Embrace it. Who? Sam. And I trust her advice on stuff like that. I mean, she and Jason are totally happy at the moment. It might not last long. What does that mean?

[Knock on door]

I will tell you right after I get rid of whoever this is. Amy. Hey! Hey. Hey, are we scheduled to meet? Oh, I invited her. Oh, great, so you two are gonna double-team me? What? No, I'm going to single-team both of you. I'm not going to take no for an answer. The boys and I were decorating for Halloween. I thought dead kid rising from the grave -- totally appropriate for your office. You don't agree? I don't have to time for your games right now. Something's come up. Yeah, something came up. Elizabeth got caught in the crossfire at a cocktail party! And I'm saying to myself, "how the hell could something like that happen"? And I overhear Monica talking to her, and Monica says something about there being two Jasons. And so I say to myself, I say, "self, that's one hell of a coincidence"! And I can't tell anybody else because you told me not to tell anybody about Jason's twin -- not even Elizabeth. You tried to convince me that -- that Jason's twin was dead, even -- even went so far as to get a dead kid's death certificate. Only you didn't give this to me so that I could have some peace. You gave this to me because you didn't want me to know the truth that Andréw's alive and you've known all along. No, look, I told you what happened. Hold on a second. Just hold on. I didn't kill Jason's twin, apparently. But everyone in this room knows what I'm capable of, so I'm going to ask you now, nicely, one time. Were you involved in the shooting, and does it all revolve around Andréw? There's been enough violence -- too much. Is that a yes? Yes. Andréw is alive. [Gasps] [Sighs] Oh, my God. I can't believe this is happening. I know, I know. I can't believe this is you. I can't believe you're here. I can't believe you're alive. I missed you so much. I love you so much. Me, too. I missed you, too. It's okay. Oh, my God! Oh, my God, there's so much I want to tell you. There's so much I just want to say to you. Just take a deep breath and count to 10, okay? [Sighs]

Jason: [Echoing] Sam. Sam, it's okay. I'm here. Hey, hey, whatever it was, it's over. Oh, Jason. I think you were having a bad dream. Oh, I don't know. I don't know what... it's okay. How you feeling? I don't know what those guys shot me up with, but it was really bad because I was hallucinating. Yeah, I know. What do you remember? When you pulled me out of the water, I... I didn't see your face. Jason, it was your old face. And I know that's not possible... Sam. ...Because there's no way that -- Sam. I didn't pull you out of the water.

I was desperate to get my job back at crimson -- well, not desperate. They'd be lucky to have me, obviously, if your sister wasn't such an off-the-charts grudgeholder. Maxie. Sorry. Anyway, in order to get Nina to re-hire me, I had to pitch her something that she really loved. [Inhales sharply] Ready? [Chuckles nervously] I'm scared. Yeah, me, too. "Mr. and Mrs. Ask Man Landers: Put the 'sex' in suggestion". [Chuckles] That's a terrible title. It's a working title. And I thought it was pretty good. [Scoffs] But obsolete! Nathan and I agreed "Ask Man Landers" is over. But it doesn't have to be. [Sighs] I can't argue about this right now. You got something better to do? [Scoffs] Plenty. Chet's well enough to travel. [Chuckles] And he's on his way here! Really? [Sighs] He's even thinking of moving back to Port Charles. Well, Amy, that's really cool. Yeah, I remember your brother really well. He was like a God on the football fields -- best player at PCH. I would love to see him again. He, um... isn't the same. The war changed him, and not just physically. Yeah, um, Nathan said it's been rough. But he's so much better now. And that's all thanks to you. See? Mission accomplished. Yeah, Amy and Chet's mission. Uh, no offense -- I'm really happy for your brother and for you. Thank you. But I have a mission, too -- to get back to work at the place I am meant to be working. I really need to do this feature, you guys. Can't you just keep up the ruse for like a couple more weeks? We can't. Why not? Because we're lucky we even made it this far. You know? And I can't risk fraud charges and my career... for crimson. Neither can I. You mean you won't risk anything... for me. So my mother didn't lie to me.

You lied to me. Not that it makes any difference, but I'm deeply ashamed. Yeah, it makes zero difference. So Jason had a twin and he's out -- correction, I said that all wrong. Jason has a twin. He's not out there, he's here. He's in Port Charles right now. Yes. And you're involved in this somehow. Look, I need to go. No, hold on a second. I shared my deepest, darkest secrets with you. I shared with you my -- my deepest fears. And I still adhere to doctor/patient confidentiality. Great. You need to tell me what's going on. Okay, fine. You don't talk to me, you can talk to the police. You can. You can tell the police that you're up to your neck in whatever shooting happened, and -- and at the very least, you could have stopped it, right? And I might not be their favorite person, but I'm pretty sure they're going to listen to me about this one. So what's the number for the police department? I can never remember. It's 9-something. 9-1... all right! I demolished a person's life. Okay. How? I tampered with his memory... messed with his mind... and now two men think they are the same person. So do you think this guy really is Jason? Well, it sure looked like him. I mean, whoever he is, he was connected to the shootout at metro court. Do you have any idea who was after him? No, haven't found out anything yet, and the gunman lawyered up. What'd he say? Nothing. Wasn't going to say anything without his attorney. [Scoffs] Well, that does sound like Jason. We, uh, really ready to believe that it's him? [Sighs] I mean, it would -- it would definitely explain a lot. What do you mean? Well, the guy came back three years ago -- I mean, he's -- he's been good to all of us. Yeah, I mean, he saved my life, uh, during that, uh, prisoner transport. And that's when everything changed, right? When he supposedly remembered who he was. And we got Jason back, and that was great, but... I don't know. I don't know. I just -- he was different for me. Different how? The new Jason -- he never really felt like Jason to me. Okay. [Sighs] You feel better? I don't know how I feel. That's not true. I'm so relieved. I'm so, so relieved, and I'm grateful and I'm happy. This face. Oh, my God. I-I never thought I'd see your face again. There you are! Oh, God, I'm so sorry. I feel so sick to my stomach about all this. No, no. Don't. No, I messed up big time. I messed up really bad. Carly, just -- just take it easy. No, I told myself that he was you. I did. Even Jason or whoever the hell he is -- he didn't want to believe it. I forced him to. I convinced myself, I convinced him -- oh, my God, I convinced Sam. It was all me. It couldn't have been a-all in your head, so... it wasn't. It wasn't. Okay, so go ahead. I know it wasn't, okay? Just go ahead and tell me. Go ahead. You --

he [Chuckles] Had been in an accident, and -- and it was really bad. So he had a full facial reconstruction, and -- and at one point, I had Spinelli look into it. And he created this software that could tell us what his face looked like before the accident. And it looked like me? It was you. It was your face. And then I ran a DNA test, and it was a match. I mean, the test came back, and it said it was you. And I know those tests can be faked! Of all people, I know, but I just convinced myself it was you. And when you died, I couldn't -- I can't even put into words. I couldn't breathe. There was this hole -- this huge hole, and I missed you so much. And I didn't want you to be gone. I just wanted you to be alive, so I made that happen. I turned him into you. It wasn't you? Sam, I was here at the hospital when you were down at the pier. But I... I thought I saw you. I mean, I-I confused him with you, but I -- Sam, you didn't see me. What? You weren't hallucinating. What? Jason, you're not making any sense. I know. This sounds crazy -- and hell, it is crazy. But... there's a man... who looks exactly the way I used to. And he's the one that pulled you out of the water. I don't understand. I know, it's -- no one does. But this person -- he burst into the party last night. At -- at the metro court? Yes, and I was here at the hospital dealing with Elizabeth. Oh, Elizabeth. She's fine. She's fine. It was just... a flesh wound. But the man that you mistook me for -- apparently, he, uh, went after your abductors. Okay, so you're -- you're telling me that this -- this is real, that I actually saw him. Yeah. And who does he say that he is? Well... he says he's me.

That you would make "Ask Man Landers" about you. Because everything's about you, right, Maxie?! Well, guess what, this is our publisher, our book deal, and our butts on the line if we're ever found out. Nathan and I both have important jobs. Oh, oh, more important than mine, is that what you're saying? [Scoffs] No! Just leave well enough alone! Please. Especially with Chet on his way to Port Charles. If he got wind of any -- okay, you know what? I'm not making this about me, Amy. It is about me. [Scoffs] Are you delusional?! Okay, okay. Let's -- let's calm down. Exhibit a -- when you took advantage of my absence to lure my husband into your scheme. Exhibit b -- when your collaboration with my husband caused him to lie to me for months. I didn't technically lie. Oh, did you tell me what you were up to? No. Did you act all secretive and sketchy so I would think you were cheating on me? Yeah. Exhibit c -- when you directly involved me by asking me to keep your secret. Exhibit d -- when I had to endure weeks of tweets from women telling me I wasn't good enough, worthy enough, sexy enough to be with "Ask Man Landers". I didn't want any of this. I didn't ask for any of this. But I have decided to make lemon drops out of lemons and get something out of this hellacious situation by advancing my career. And now you are telling me that the only ones that matter are you? And I'm the one that's self-absorbed?! I don't know if you know, but I used to work with the WSB. No, I did not know that. What, like, as an undercover person? No, my tenure there wasn't a secret, but something I was working on was. [Sighs] In short, I discovered a way to use computers in memory mapping. Oh. Yeah, I don't know what that means. I invented a program to copy one person's memories and put them in another person. Wow, that's, like, some sci-fi stuff there. Yes, yes, yes, and I was so close. Until the WSB backed away from the project, fearing ethical consequences. Well, and I know that you probably didn't ever want to do anything unethical. Look, look. I know I should have backed off it and just let it go, but I was so close. I mean, can you understand that? A breakthrough of that magnitude? So when someone else came forth with financing, I jumped at the opportunity -- no questions asked. Not even when he demanded that I... try the technique before it had been truly perfected. Oh. And... and five years ago, I was presented with a test subject -- a shooting victim who had been rescued from the waters of Port Charles. Jason Morgan. I don't know who this guy is. But you're -- you're telling me that he says he's Jason Morgan? I don't know what to think. Maybe he had plastic surgery to look like me for God only knows why. Or maybe with everything that happened with Helena and what she did to me... this could be something worse. He could be with these guys who abducted you, trying to make himself look like the savior so he can gain the trust of our friends, our family, get close to us. Okay. Where is he now? Last I knew, the commissioner was taking him downtown. Okay. Was he arrested? No. She wanted to question him, but with any luck, maybe he's, uh, in a cell -- padded or otherwise. I-I don't know what's going on. I don't -- I know. Carly and Sonny -- they, um, they believe... what? They believe he's me. Carly, Carly. It's okay. It's okay. It's not okay. It's not okay. It's okay. It was a mistake. You didn't know. I should have known! Out of all the people in the whole world, I should have known that it wasn't you! How? He -- he had memories, he had my DNA, and with Spinelli's program, how? No, okay, this isn't going to mean anything to you, but it should. As time went on, he became less like you. And it wasn't bad. He just -- it just things you wouldn't do -- things you would never do. Okay, like what? Leave the business. Leave Sonny. Open a media company. Come on! I -- but like I said, it wasn't evil, okay? It just wasn't you. Did he treat you well? He was there when I needed him. But it was different. It -- it wasn't instinct. There wasn't a sixth sense. It was like he was performing a duty. He didn't -- he didn't listen to me like you listen to me. And that love just wasn't the same. It wasn't there. And I need you to know that. I need you to believe that, okay? To understand that I saw that. I do. I do. Are you sure? Yeah. You -- you can't beat yourself up. Stop, stop. I can't. No, these -- these -- it's not normal circumstances. Okay, are you going to tell me that if some woman came into town and -- and she had a different face but had all my memories, would you believe that it was me? No. Why not? Because there's only one you. And you would know me anywhere. I would know you anywhere. Yeah. And I know you anywhere. I do, because when you came through those doors with Sam in your arms, I knew it was you. I had no more questions. I knew it was you. And you were home!

I didn't know who the subject was initially, only that he had an identical twin brother, which increased the chances of success exponentially. And these subjects, I'm assuming, were unwilling participants? That was the impression I got, yes. Okay, why? What -- what for? Look, I was paid for results, not to ask questions. So even though I knew the procedure was unreliable at best, I copied one twin's memories and transferred them to the other. And -- and that -- that worked? Yes. So you were playing God? All in the name of science. Can you fix it? I never got that far. As of now, there's no way to put the other person's memories back. So Jason and Andréw -- they don't even know which one is which? They have the same memories, yes. They...what?! Hold on. So Jason... old Jason, old-face Jason -- Jason, who hates me with the fury of a thousand suns -- that guy could be out there? I'm trying to explain to you that as far as they know, they're both Jason. So have you ordered the DNA test? I have. It's being run right now. You know dad thinks it's Jason. Mom does, too, apparently. And that's, uh, good enough for you? Well, I won't know for sure until I see him. Sonny referred to him as Jason in front of me. It slipped out, but he said it. Carly -- she hasn't quite gone that far yet, but the way they talk to this guy, it's like they have a secret handshake between them. Sonny's house. What about it? Did he take me there? Yeah, he did. He showed up carrying you. Looking at him was surreal enough, but... I couldn't react because I didn't know what he was going to do. I couldn't risk him hurting you, and having to wait was killing me. And he wouldn't put you down until Sonny said it was okay. And Sonny... was just so sure this guy is some sort of ally, he put you down. And then he just backed off. And that should have told everybody in that room everything they needed to know. Because I would never leave your side. I don't care what Sonny told him to do, anybody told me to do -- I would never leave you. God, I have so many questions. Where were you? [Sighs] What the hell is going on? I-I don't know. I mean, the last memory I have before I woke up at the clinic was being shot and kicked in the water. That was the night we lost you. Oh, Sonny said that you were being held in Russia. Yeah, they were drugging me to keep me captive. Your worst nightmare. I finally built up a resistance that I realized where I was and what was happening to me. But not how long you'd been gone? [Sighs] No. I mean, my guess is that the time was three months -- six months tops. Wow. Another patient helped me escape. Thank God. But what did you do when you got out of the clinic? You didn't have money. You didn't have a passport. Actually, um, I went to this church. The priest helped me, and then he was able to get me on a freighter to New York. And that's... that's when I saw the newspaper. It was dated 2017. And that's when I realized I lost five years of my life.

Amy. [Chuckles] [Clears throat] I owe you an apology, Maxie. You're right. I wasn't thinking of the sacrifices you had to make. All I could see was my brother and what he needed. Yeah, I'm sorry, too. I thought quitting "Ask Man Landers" was what you wanted. You know, the best thing for the relationship. It never occurred to me that it might be the exact opposite. I know. And I know that this has been difficult for us. Nathan, I'm grateful you were trying to put us first. Well, it's time to put you first. And it won't be for long, I swear. Just until the article comes out. You guys, this is going to be huge. [Cell phone chimes] It's gonna be the biggest thing that's ever happened to my career, and it'll be thanks to you guys. So we're good? I am, but it's up to you guys. Amy? Amy? What's wrong? Chet isn't coming. Wait, why? Doesn't say. Just that his trip has been delayed. That's a bummer. For how long? He says he'll let me know soon. M-maybe something just came up? It's just -- [Chuckles] It's so weird that he didn't give more of an explanation. I was so excited to see him. I know. I know. I'm sorry. Me, too. [Chuckles] Five years. I can't imagine what that must feel like. You know, I was in shock. [Sighs] But honestly, it could have been so much worse. [Scoffs] Of course you would say that. It's true. I mean, I could have come back and something -- something bad could have happened to Sam or Danny or you or Sonny or Michael. I could have lost everybody that I loved. But instead, I gained two people. Robin and Jake. But... [Voice breaking] But Morgan. I'm so sorry, Carly. I'm sorry. Well, that was by far the worst thing I've ever gone through. I just want you to know that I'm sorry I wasn't here. You're here now. I went to his grave. You did? Yeah, I just, you know, can't wrap my head around it. Yeah. [Chuckles] He was such -- such a good kid. [Chuckles] Well, he was pretty far from a kid in the end. You know, he grew a lot, like crazy in the last five years. What was he like? He was kind and hilarious and ridiculously impulsive. [Laughs] [Sniffles] And he, um... he had bipolar. [Sighs] That must have been rough. It was. There were a lot of dark moments. But in the end, you know, he was doing great. He was. He was on his meds, and he was determined to live a really healthy life. Okay, so what -- what happened? [Sighs] I don't want to do this. [Chuckles] I don't. I don't want your homecoming to be about this because we have plenty of time. Time! Time. Oh, my God, my best friend in the whole universe, I can't believe that you're sitting here right in front of me. I'm so grateful. I'm so happy that you're here. So am I, so am I. Oh, my God, Sam is gonna be so happy to see you. You have to get to the hospital. Yeah, I-I don't know. I don't know if that's the best idea right now. Are you crazy?! That guy -- the one who says he's me... does he love her? Very much. Is he good to her? Good to all of us. [Sighs] It's going to be a lot to deal with for Sam. You know what? I don't want to push myself on her. I don't want to cause anymore pain. Okay, I know. [Sniffles] I don't, Carly. I know you feel that way, okay? And that's what makes you you. But, hey, look at me! This is never gonna be real to Sam until she sees you, okay? Everything else, we can figure out later. And what if I upset her? Sam loves you. You love her. She deserves to know that you're alive. I'm really tired. I'm sorry. [Sighs] [Chuckles] Don't be sorry. You've been through a lot in the last 12 hours. Yeah. You got to be exhausted. I don't think the drugs have worn off yet. The drugs, all the -- you know what? You just need to rest, okay? You get some sleep, and when you wake up, I'm going to have a surprise for you. Yeah? Yeah. Yes, I am. Hey. Hmm? I love you. I want you to remember that. We're gonna get through this. Everything's going to be okay. Of course. I love you, too. Sleep, okay? Okay. All right. The situation now is that I can actually be in the same room with Jason and he doesn't want to choke the life out of me. Progress. You -- well, you'd think. But is the progress real progress? I mean, is the guy that I've been spending time with over the last few years -- is that the Jason who "remembers" what I did to his wife and his nephew and all those other people? Or is he the guy who actually lived it? I mean, who's who? Which is which? Who's Jason... and who's Andréw?

Now he's not answering his phone. Maybe he's just busy or the service sucks where he is. [Scoffs] You're really worried, huh? Is there something going on with him? No. [Chuckles] I'm just mother hen about him! [Chuckles] Oh, I mean, he's your brother. I get that. I'm -- I'm crazy overprotective of Nina. Anyway, I'm sure he's fine. Better than fine! [Chuckles] Thanks to you. Well, I-I was just the face. You did everything. You did more than you think. So back to resurrecting "Ask Man Landers" for a little bit? I'm in. Really? Oh, my gosh. Okay. I-I'll contact you about the crimson interview. [Chuckles] Sounds good. I really hope everything's okay with Chet. Thanks. Yeah.

Nathan: Happy?


Okay, I'm glad. Have I told you lately how much I love you?

I don't think so. I love you. I love you, too. How are you doing? Still exhausted? I think I've got a second wind. Ooh, what do you say we put that to good use? I like what you're thinking. [Giggles] Come here. Who's Jason? You must know. Look, I need to go. Is this really happening right now? Listen... ...I sent a document to the printer. It'll tell you everything you need to know. Maybe... somehow, you can undo some of the damage I've done. Goodbye, Franco.

[Door closes]

[Printer whirring]

[Door closes]

Oh, my God.

[Elevator bell dings]

No, I'm -- no. I-I'm not so sure. I am. Do you trust me? [Sighs] Yes. Now, you go in there. Sam wants to see you. Go.

[Monitors beeping]

It was real. It is you. Yeah. It's me.

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