GH Transcript Tuesday 10/31/17

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 10/31/17


Episode #13921 ~ Patient 6 longs to be near Sam's side; Dante grows suspicious; André is upset.

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How do I look? So amazing. Oh, please.

[Laughs] Thanks. What? I just, um... sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am to have you in my life. Oh, I am the lucky one. I have you for a daughter. Mm! -[Sniffles] -I love you, honey. Oh, so emotional? What's going on with you today? Oh, wait. Look. There's your date. [Knock on the door] It's so late. The children should be in bed. Trick or treat. It's about time. What the hell is going on? Calm down. Calm down?! You told me that everything would be handled tonight. Instead, people got shot. Look, I didn't sign up for this. And I did? I threw an incapacitated woman off the pier into the water earlier. That's how backed into a corner I am! Wh-what woman?

Nina: A lot going on. With the guns and the thugs and everything, I just -- oh, God. [Sighs] Just, it was crazy, and I'm glad you were nowhere to be found. For once. Are you denying that you have a habit of jumping into things? Well, what about you and Elizabeth Webber? She was shot and she was bleeding. I applied pressure to the wound with a bar towel. You probably saved her life. It's different from you. I didn't, you know, wrestle someone to the ground. Do I need to remind you what happened the last time you were bleeding out? You should have seen the other guy. So, this is what we wanted? A nice, peaceful, quiet life that we could be proud of? I want to go home. I want to get on the launch, I want to go to Wyndemere, and I want to get under the covers. I like that. And then what? And then what happens? [Whispering] I don't know. We'll find out.

Man: Aidez-moi! What was that? Hey, we got an APB out on Sam and her kidnapper. Any leads? Well, nothing yet. But we got a guy running around town with a woman hostage. We're bound to find something. Yeah, well, if that doesn't attract attention -- what about this other guy? The guy that came through the skylight? The one that went after Sam? Uh... video footage was inconclusive. Couldn't get a clear image. Sam was kidnapped. The people after her can get to her in the hospital.

Jason: Look, I don't know what the hell's going on or who the hell you think you are, but you put my wife down now!

Thank you. You're welcome. So...the old Hollywood costume party is where? Oh, there's a party. It's a party for two. I mean, how cute is he? So cute. You knew about this? Perhaps. Couldn't have pulled it off without her. I love you. Have fun tonight. I love you, too. Wait a minute. Are you going? Oh, yeah. Party for two, right?

[Door closes]

Did I tell you how gorgeous you look? Not yet. You take my breath away. Champagne? Please.

[Both chuckle]

Wow. Hey. Those are for the children. Oh, I guess you qualify. Ha, ha, ha.

[Door closes]

Thank you. You're welcome. To what do I owe the misery? Hey, is that any way to talk to your pretend boyfriend? Yeah, you know, well, even the happiest of couples, they take a night off. And you certainly deserve to after tonight's performance. After the dreaded double date? Yeah. Felicia gave you a solid "B." Did you say a "B"? Yeah, solid "B." Which I think is commendable. No, a "B" is average. No, technically, "C" is average. Did you ever get "B"s in school? Never. Would you have been happy if you ever got a "b"? No. I don't do "B"s. I never got "B"s. I don't want a "B." Hey, there's a first time for everything. This, I wouldn't take it to heart. Felicia's a very tough critic, you know. But the fact that she and Mac even bought into our whole charade is something, I think. I guess. Yeah. I mean, it...was a nice night. It was... it was kind of a low-key evening, don't you think? Are you out of your mind? Do you hear that? [Man moaning] Wherever he is, he's French and he needs help. [Moaning continues] Oh, my God. He's been shot. Yeah. Call an ambulance. Yeah. [Coughing] This is Nina reeves. I'm on pier 55. A man's been shot. No, he's conscious. It's just -- he looks like he's lost a large amount of blood. Thank you very much. [Coughing] Patient 6 appeared and took out my man. Took -- wait, "took out"? As in he's dead? I don't know! But I had to toss Sam Morgan in the water. It was my only chance. I gambled that 6 would choose saving her over killing me, and luckily, I was right. Wha-- this is insane. Do you even know if she's all right? I don't know. I couldn't really stick around to find out, could I? Oh, my g-- this -- this entire situation has gotten completely out of control. All I wanted to do was finish my research, yeah, be part of a study. Y-yes, I knew -- I knew it was shady. Hey, hey, hey! You knew it was illegal. Okay. But hurting people?! [Stammers] Shooting and killing?! Drowning?! Come on! Elizabeth Webber was a colleague, a friend! Someone who trusted me with the well-being of her child! You're not the only one whose grand plans got shot to hell. All right?! We're both... we're both men of science. No. We can't call ourselves that. Not anymore. I need to go finish questioning your father, see what he was doing at the metro court with that skylight crasher. I'll go with you. No. You hold down the fort here. It's been -- it's been a crazy night, and I have a feeling that it's about to get even more crazy. Yeah, you have no idea. [Telephone rings] Falconeri. [Indistinct chatter on telephone] When'd the call come in? Nina reeves? N-no, west is out on another call. I'll take it. Thanks. [Receiver clicks] They shot her with something, threw her in the water. She was too out of it to swim, so I jumped in, I grabbed her out, and I got her breathing again. Oh, my God. If you don't put my wife down right now, I'm going to kill you where you stand. He's not gonna hurt her. Put her down. Put her down! I've got her. Thank you. Hey. Hey, can you hear me, honey? I'm right here. Can you open your eyes? Please open your eyes. Do you hear me? I'm right here. Just open your eyes.

What do we toast to? Us. To us. [Glasses clink] What wasn't low-key about the venue? Where would I start? Well, it's not like it was the metro court or anything. It was floating rib, for crying out loud. Oh, I had no problem with the venue. It was the company. You have a problem with Mac and Felicia? No, no. Your friends are lovely people. It's just, short of dating Angelina Jolie, I couldn't imagine being under more scrutiny. Okay. First of all, you wish. Second of all, my friends are just looking out for me. Mm! In a totally over-the-top kind of way. And they're not the only ones. Do you know I got a text from your daughter? Robin? No, she didn't. Oh, she did. And, uh, what's her husband's name?


Patrick. Before long, he's chiming in. Saying what? Oh, the whole song and dance. "What are your intentions with our mother?" Blah, blah, blah. [Chuckles] Oh, my... next you're gonna say Emma. Don't. You -- stop that. No. By the way, isn't she just a little young for a cell phone? This is very embarrassing. I don't know that... okay, so my friends and family might just be slightly over-protective. Very over-protective. Which begs the question -- why?

[Siren wailing]

Dante. This man's been shot. I called an ambulance. Yeah, I know. I took the call. He doesn't speak English.

What does he speak?

French. Valentin's talking to him. That's the guy who took Sam. Hey. Hey! Where's Sam Morgan? Want to translate? You speak his language, right? [Coughs] What'd he say? Sam, honey, open your eyes.

[Footsteps approach]

I know you can do it. Sonny, we need to get her to a hospital right now. It's not safe. My wife has been shot up with God knows what. She almost drowned. She needs medical attention. I'm just telling you, these guys are familiar with hospitals. That's where they were holding me. The guy running this thing is a doctor, and I'm sure he could get access to GH. I don't care! Ambulance! Now!

Sonny: I'll send security to GH. Sam's gonna be safe. Do you understand? I'm gonna keep her safe. I'll keep my wife safe. You keep this guy away from her. My name is Carly Corinthos. I need a ambulance to 120 shoreline road. Yes, she's... Sonny, what are you doing? There's a lot you don't understand. [Door opens] Clearly. You want to fill me in? I'm really sorry, Mr. Corinthos, but she had a warrant. All right. Anybody want to tell me what I'm looking at right now?

[Both chuckle] It's not like we didn't know this was coming, right? Yeah, but... now that it's here... I love our life together. So do I. And maybe that's why I'm afraid I'm going to screw it up. [Chuckles] We're adults. We've both been married before. It's -- it's not like we need this to validate our feelings. No. But maybe calling it "marriage" puts [Sighs] Expectations on it that might -- I don't know -- tarnish it somehow. You've got a point, I guess. But then I think about not being your husband for the rest of my life, and that is just unfathomable. I mean, if not me, who? Santa Claus is a close second. [Chuckles] The alternative... would be not being your husband. Not saying those words. Not making that commitment. So... so...? As wonderful as our life is, I want those words. I want that commitment. But if you don't, I get it. If -- if this is too much, if it's too fast -- it's a huge step. So I would trust you to be honest with me and tell me. Is that what you think is going on with me? Well, when I asked you before, you hesitated. Hesitated? I flat out said no! Thank you. Thank you for that. Trying to forget. I'm sorry. You said you wanted a "real" proposal. I think there's more to it than that. You're right. There was. Oh. I thought those were, you know, "for the kids." Yeah, this conversation requires a little chocolate. [Chuckles] Well, all I'm saying is that, you know, I was under the impression you were this strong, capable woman. I am. Thank you very much. Agreed. So what's with the family and the need to police me because I'm dating you? I mean, what do they think I'm going to do to you? I think my family -- robin especially -- um, feels -- or sees me in a more fragile light since my PV diagnosis, yeah? Fair enough. Her superhero mom is now suddenly very, very human. I'm sure it's brought you closer together. Yeah. I mean, we never had any problem in that department. I guess robin... she worries about me a bit more. You know, there's nothing I can do about that, though. Wait. You didn't tell her about our little "arrangement," did you? Oh, the one where, for the sake of a case, you're blackmailing me into, uh, dating you?

Fake dating me. Yeah, I'm not sure that makes it better. [Laughs] Well, it's just -- oh, God, robin would be horrified. She would just be, like, all over me to stop it and make it right. Oh, wait, wait. Sorry. Go back. Wh-what was that? You mean -- you mean to tell me, this whole time, all I had to do was tell your daughter what you were doing and I could have been out of this whole thing? Definite possibility, yeah. Okay. What are you doing? Well, I got her number right here. Finn, stop it. Give her a little call, ring her up. Finn, don't. [Chuckles] Truth is, I don't need to. Cassandra's test results came back. She isn't sick. It's time for this thing to be over. The client failed to warn me. If they had, I'd never would have taken 6 on. I wasn't prepared to control him. No one could. The man was on tranquilizers that can knock out a horse. And still, he found a way out of the clinic! Not just "out of the clinic." Home. To the people he believes are his family. People with substantial resources. And that puts everyone in danger. Which is why I need your help. He said he wants a doctor.

Dante: Really? That's -- that's all he said? Well, he's bleeding pretty heavily from a gunshot wound. I think that's at the forefront of his mind right now. Hey! What'd you do with her? What happened to the woman you took off with, huh? He doesn't want to talk right now. Oh, what about you? And what about me? Oh, a bunch of guys running around the metro court with guns. Sounds like right up your alley. You were conspicuously absent. What are you implying? I think that's pretty obvious. Yeah. [Scoffs] Did you know anything about what went down tonight? Let me make one thing perfectly clear. If I was involved -- which I was not -- I would have made damn sure my wife was nowhere near the place. How's Elizabeth Webber doing? She's fine. Oh, good. Thank God. Thanks to you. You got any more questions for me? No, you know, right now, I don't. But I'll be sure to find you if I do. [Siren wailing] Maybe you'll feel like talking once you get patched up, huh? Your ride's here. Is Sam all right? We don't know. Ambulance is on its way. What's the warrant for? I just wanted to come here and ask questions about the security footage showing you arriving at the metro court with the man that crashed through the skylight. I thought that you could at least tell me who he is or at least point me in the right direction. I didn't think that I would be standing right here with him. I guess you got lucky. Now you can arrest him. -No. Wait a second. -You don't want to do that. Sonny, for all we know, he is working with the guys who took Sam. He could have masterminded this entire thing. What we do know is he saved Sam's life. Have you asked why, Sonny? What -- why are you backing this guy? Okay, look. I want to take you to the station, ask you some questions about what happened tonight. Is that all right? Let's go. You stay with Sam. I'm gonna stay with my wife. You have my word. Hey, honey. Can you hear me? Listen, I don't know what's going on right now. This is all crazy. But all that matters right now is you and me. Everything else is just noise. I'm not gonna leave you. I'll be with you. You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be all right. We've gotten through worse.

[Chuckles] And to be honest with you, I always have been. When I imagine my future, I have always seen myself with you. And I don't need any, you know, big, dramatic thing, no big deals. I certainly don't need another big wedding with all of Port Charles watching. Really. No! [Chuckles] It could just be just the two of us. And Lulu and Dante. Yes, and Lulu and Dante. Sure. And Charlotte and Rocco. Yeah, of course. The kids should be there, as well. And Spencer. Yeah -- oh, right! Of course! He has to be -- Spencer, yes! And Cameron and Aiden and -- oh, all right! It's not just the two of us! [Laughs] I don't care who's there... as long as you're standing across from me and you say "I do." That's all that matters. Are you ready for this? I have never been more ready for anything in my life. [Grunts] [Exhales] Well, didn't we always assume that there was nothing wrong with Cassandra? And now her tests have confirmed it. So make something up. Anna, she isn't sick. I just feel like we're going around in circles here. Listen, if I diagnose someone with something that they don't really have -- if I fudge a test or create some non-existent cure -- it violates everything I believe in. Not to mention it's fraud. I could lose my medical license, or worse. Well, nobody has to find out. It's all I have, you know? And it kills me to admit that, because I thought I was on the verge of this whole-new life. But it didn't happen, and now I'm here. And I know I'm a sucky person, but I'm a really good doctor. I know how to help people. It's what I hang my hat on. So, while I acknowledge your noble quest to bring this woman to justice -- and I wish you luck -- I think I can do more good in this world if I'm able to retain my ability to practice medicine. What is taking the launch so long? Dante was all over you. Oh, I'm used to it. Too bad that guy didn't give you any information. It sounds like there's something you want to ask me. No. Just took him a while to say, "I need a doctor," that's all. And I don't know French. You guys were talking for a while when I was on the phone getting an ambulance, and I heard the name Klein. Who is that? I need to crash at your place tonight while I figure out how to explain this little setback. Impossible. Try somewhere else. There is nowhere else. If I'm compromised, I need to make plans of my own. It's not safe for you and I to be seen together. Honestly, it's not safe for anyone anymore. Just ask Sam Morgan. Sam, can you hear me? This is Dr. Park. You're in the emergency room at general hospital. [Monitors beeping] Now, I know it's been a long, eventful night, but if you could open your eyes, I'd like to officially introduce myself. Hey, there. How are you feeling? He was there. I saw him. Who? I couldn't breathe, and I was under the water, and... your husband's right outside the cubicle. I saw him. Don't worry. It's okay. You rest. Everything will make sense soon. Can I get you something -- coffee, water? No, thanks. I'm good. So, like I said before, you're not under arrest. You can have a seat. I'll stand. I do have some questions for you -- a lot of questions, actually -- about your involvement in everything that happened at the metro court. I have nothing to say without my attorney. I just explained to you that you're not under arrest. [Door opens] Don't say a word to this woman. What the hell?! What -- what are you doing here? Diane's on her way, okay? We're gonna handle all this. You have absolutely no business being in here. Then you can arrest me, because there's no way I'm leaving this room.

Well, here's to first dates. You look amazing. And you look comfortable. When your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know it's half-washed. Add downy to keep your collars from stretching. Unlike detergent alone, downy conditions to smooth... ...and strengthen fibers. So, don't half-wash it. Downy and it's done. [Gasps] Oh, my God. It's beautiful. Laura. Yes? Already? N-- oh, no. Yes. Well, I just meant I'm listening. [Both laugh] Good. 'Cause I have a few things that I'd like to say. Okay. [Laughs] I'm a lucky man... to be loved by someone as kind and generous and stunning as you, and to be able to love you back. When I asked you to move in with me, I made you a promise -- that my feelings were real and that they were never going to change. I meant it then, and I mean it even more now. So, then, the way I brush my teeth and the nervous humming at computer is -- still not annoying. In fact, I learn something new about you every day, and I'm dazzled all over again. And every night -- w-well, don't get me started. [Both laugh] But if you'll allow me, I'd like to make our days and nights go on forever, to create a world where there's room for us both. One where, as you put it so well, we "fit." Laura, would you do me the honor... of becoming my wife? Yes. Yes. With my whole heart, yes. Yes. Yes. You know what this means, don't you? You have to threaten me again? We're gonna have to break up. -What? -Mm-hmm, yeah. We'll just make it drama-free. Clean and simple. I'm just not that into you. Yeah, that's a -- that's a choice, you know? But, you know, perhaps it's me that's not that into you. You want this to be over, though, don't you -- yeah? Sure you're okay with this? Yeah. You can do a lot more good as a doctor. I'm sorry I haven't been very accommodating. You? No! Don't say -- you're being hard on yourself. Now, don't do that. [Chuckles] I understand, though. I do, really. The one thing you've got is your job. That's what gets you up in the morning. I would never take that away from you. I mean, not when I've been there myself, you know? -Hey. -Hey. What are you doing? Is everything okay? Oh, yeah. Everything's fine. Since you're on duty and the kids are spending the night at the Quartermaines', I figured I'd run some errands. At the hospital? Rocco's allergy medication. Oh. You look beautiful, by the way. I'm sorry that wasn't the first thing out of my mouth. Thank you. That dress, it's just... hmm? Is it -- mm -- better than the, uh, Yankees jersey? Mm-hmm. Yeah. I mean, almost. Okay, I'll take it. How did operation engagement party go? It went off without a hitch. My mother was totally surprised. Nice. That's great. Yeah. How's work going? Uh, it's been a bit of a crazy night. I should probably, uh, tell you about it when I get home. -Okay. -All right? Mm-hmm. I love you. I love you, too. Wait up for me. Okay. Stay safe! It's like you're talking to me and you're saying all these words, but you're not really saying anything. I'm just giving you facts. [Sighs] The fact is, this is beyond screwed up. Yeah. I understand that. No, no. You don't understand, Sonny. You don't understand at all. Tonight, I was with my wife on my arm at a party, and all hell breaks loose. I get separated from her, and because I'm not there, she gets kidnapped. And now there's some impostor running around town. Okay, I don't know anything about the guy who grabbed her. What I do know is Jason sav-- I mean...


What? You talking about me, Sonny? Uh... because I was here at the hospital. And my name's Jason. All right, why don't we just call this guy "the individual" for now? Yeah. That's gonna fix everything. So, Sam was brought in. How's she doing? Yeah, she's with the doctor right now. Do you know what happened? Uh, she was drugged at the metro court, and, uh, she was taken hostage by one of the assailants. Yeah, must be the guy I brought in, from the docks. He was shot, I'm assuming, by "the individual." Well, I don't know about anything like that. I just -- I just know that somebody threw, uh, Sam into the harbor. While she was drugged? That "individual" dove in there and saved Sam's life.

Hey, Doc.

Hey. How's Sam?

She regained consciousness for a minute, but seemed very agitated and confused before losing consciousness again. It'll be a while before the drugs wear off. Is she gonna be okay? Expected to make a full recovery. We'd like to keep her overnight for observation. Yeah, sure. Can I see her? Of course. Go right in. Excuse me, I'm going to go be with my wife.

[Door slams]

Last time I checked, Carly, you're not a lawyer. No. I'm his friend. And he's not answering your questions. Diane's on her way. Do you want me to arrest him? Because I will. I have more than enough cause. Or we can do this the easy way. It's your choice. He's not talking. Why don't you let him decide? Or do you enjoy having people speak for you? I can get her out of here, and you and I can have a conversation. How does that sound? Like I told you, I have nothing to say without my attorney.

Well, was the proposal everything you imagined? [Chuckles] It was better than I could have ever imagined. And that's what I love about you. You continue to surprise me, Kevin Collins. That's the goal. Today and forever.

[Slow music playing]

[Chuckles] Oh. I got a million of them. Yeah, you do. May I have this first dance as an engaged couple? You may. So, what do you say? One for the road? Oh, go ahead. Of course. I'm not gonna... I doubt any more kids are gonna come around tonight. It's -- it's super late. Thank you. Thank you for this, and...thank you for understanding. No problem. [Door opens] Hey, what are you, uh... gonna tell Mac and Felicia? I mean, I think Mac is really gonna miss me. I will think of something. Okay. Well, um, I'll see you around, Anna. See you around.

I guess.

Yeah. Hey, Finn. You're not a sucky person. Quite the opposite. Back at you. I'm not going to change my mind on this. Sorry. Good luck. You, too. He said something about bringing the girl when he was supposed to. I didn't know who he was talking about. But having seen Dante, he was obviously talking about Sam Morgan. -That's it? -That's it. We asked him what happened to her, and he didn't say anything. You were here. He was pretty out of it. I hope they clear everything up. I'm disappointed. 'Cause we've allowed ourselves to be distracted. From what? Oh, you're the hero of the evening. You deserve a celebration. What did you have in mind? Oh, I don't know. Drink, then... maybe a warm bath. Foot massage. And crawling under those covers you were talking about and see what comes naturally. Well, I think the launch is here. It's about time.

[Cell phone chimes]

Is that something important? No, not in the least. That's good news about Sam. Yeah, I'm glad she's gonna be okay. Listen, this...person who rescued her, this "individual"... it's Jason Morgan. We are [Sighs] Really making a habit of this, aren't we? One of us in the hospital, the other begging them to wake up. At least, this time, it's a bit different. We know you're gonna be okay. The doctor says you're gonna be fine, just rest. Sam, I don't know what's going on, but I do know this. I am Jason. I am your Jason. And I love you, Sam. I love our kids. I love our life that we built together, that we worked so hard for. And we're gonna make it. I promise you that. We're gonna make it. So, this is how you want to play it? Did you not hear him just now?! Carly, Carly. It's ridiculous. He's not talking.


The end. Period. I really didn't want to go this route. But I thought we'd come here, I'd ask a few basic questions, like your name, birth date, stuff like that. But I guess I'll go ahead and run your fingerprints instead. You do that, and it'll tell you what I already know. This man is Jason Morgan.

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