GH Transcript Monday 10/30/17

General Hospital Transcript Monday 10/30/17


Episode #13920 ~ Jason seeks out Sonny; Franco gets an earful; Griffin and Ava seek refuge.

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(This still needs extensive editing)[Door closes]

Carly: Sonny. Sonny. I did what you asked. I waited till we're home. Now tell me what's going on. Who was that man that came through the skylight? He's Jason. Last chance. You let her go. Whoa, whoa. You can't shoot me. You'll hit her. No, I won't. You can kill me or save her, but not both. Sam! [Breathing heavily] Okay, what's going on?

[Monica sighs]

After you and Griffin left the hotel with Elizabeth, something else happened. Those men that shot Elizabeth, they weren't alone. Whatever is going on, Jason, is not over. What are you saying? There were more gunmen in the crowd? Well, I don't -- I don't -- I don't know if he had a gun. I didn't see it. It all happened so fast. Just...tell me what he did. He took Sam.

[Police radio chatter]

Where are we? We're trying to clean up the security footage. What's the holdup? Well, these guys were pros. Shortly after the party started, they used a device to scramble the, uh, cameras in the restaurant. So Diaz here is working to recover the images. And the gunmen? They're in custody. No one's talking. I got a report that there were three perps. Was that a mistake? No, there was. The third one took off. He's got Sam Morgan as a hostage. [Breathing heavily] Well, like most of you, I just bought a house.


Very nice.

Well, it does.


Uh, here. -Thank you. Drink this. Can I get you anything else? Yes, vodka, please. [Chuckles] Sorry, I'm not carrying. Maybe I should. You know, one second we're at a cocktail party, the next, we're all hostages. Ahh. It hits you in waves, doesn't it? Remembering it? The shots and screams. Hey. It's terrifying, isn't it? And, I suppose, with my background, you'd think that I'd be used to it. I'm glad you're not. Nobody should have to become accustomed to that sort of violence. How's Elizabeth? She'll be okay. Franco's with her, and Jason. Oh, Jason. Oh, I would not want to be around him when he hears about Sam. [Exhales deeply] I think Monica's telling him right now. You know, Jason and I left with Elizabeth because all the violence was over, and then another guy grabs Sam? Yeah. And then our friend from Russia comes crashing through the skylight. Do you think Monica will mention that? Do you think that she'll tell Jason there's a -- there's a man with the face he used to have running around port Charles? [Stammers] I don't think Jason cares about anything right now except Sam. And, unfortunately, we can't help find her. But we can help each other. Oh, I'd like that. How so? Let's just start with a change of scenery. [As daenerys targaryen] Where are my dragons? Nice! You look great! As do you, Jon Snow. [Chuckles] Come in, your highness. [Chuckles] [Normal voice] No, but really. Where are my dragons? Do you have something that I can use? [As daenerys targaryen] 'Cause the mother of dragons is nothing without her children. [Chuckles] Best I could do. [Normal voice] Oh, I love them! I live to serve. Hmm. All you have left to do is bend the knee. Oh, wait, we need pictures. Uh, here. You're better at selfies than I am. No, no. We need the full effect. [Gasps] Your mom can take some, and I can finally meet her! I'd just as soon as not. Why? Why don't you want me to meet your mom? Are -- are you ashamed of me? No! I just feel like we have enough levels of interference as it is. You know, my mom meets you, she's gonna get all nosy. Why bring another adult into our business? Look, I-I hear you, okay? But my mom is really pushing to meet your mom, so it's gonna happen. So why not get it over with now? Uh, my mom isn't here. She's working late again. Oh. So we're all alone? Yeah, and we're late for Trina's party. No, no. Trina can wait. If we have this entire place to ourselves, we should make the most of it. Okay, tell me if I've got this right. After the gunmen were taken into custody, Jason and dr. Munro leave to take Elizabeth Webber to the hospital. Then a third assailant comes in, grabs Sam, incapacitates her in some way, and then he drags her off. But before he makes a clean getaway -- an unidentified man comes in from the skylight. And was he armed? He was. He had a gun. No shot, though. There were too many people. It was too crowded, so he didn't want to shoot. And you think this is significant? Yeah, he didn't want to hit innocent bystanders. That's significant to me. Is there something that you're leaving out, detective? You know, I-I-I'll let you know after I go through the footage. Has anyone informed Jason that Sam's been abducted? Yeah. Monica went to the hospital to tell him in person. Okay, I got to go deal with him. Stay in touch. Will do. [Footsteps depart] All right, show me what you got so far. The guys who shot Elizabeth -- there's more of them? Just tell me what happened. Well [Sighs] Everyone was trying to calm down. We were trying to get our bearings, and all of a sudden, there was this crash, and this man came through the skylight. Another gunman? Well, he -- he had a gun, but he -- he didn't fire it. He went after the man that took Sam. What do you mean "took" -- as in "abducted"? Is she hurt? Is she okay? What's going on? I -- I don't know, Jason. She didn't seem to be. She wasn't resisting him. The man was holding her up. Not the man from the skylight? No. No, not -- not the man from the skylight. He...I don't know. He looked like he -- he was trying to rescue her. Jason came through the skylight? I know it's hard to imagine. It's impossible, Sonny. Jason was gone by then. Elizabeth was bleeding. He carried her out. It wa-- it wasn't Jason. Yes it was! I saw him! No, it wasn't. He had Elizabeth in his arms. Griffin left with him. The guy you saw, who we've been calling Jason for the last two years... before that, he was Jake doe, whatever. I don't know who he really is. But it's not Jason. The guy you saw that came through the skylight, fell down, went after Sam -- he's Jason. Our friend, our brother, our... the godfather to our kids. I swear to you. He came home to us tonight. You're lucky you're cute.

You saw him, Carly. For, what, five seconds? Wha-- 10, tops? Come on. Y-yeah, okay, h-he looked like Jason, but there was a lot going on, Sonny. My mind could have been playing tricks on me. Some guy smashes through the skylight and tries to rescue Sam, of course I'm gonna think it's Jason. It was Jason. And I know, because I-I spent a few hours with him this afternoon. You know the -- the note that you thought was real? It was. Jason was gonna set up a meeting. It didn't work out, so he used the safe house as a fallback. Stop doing that! Because you don't get to stand here and tell me that our Jason -- okay, the Jason we love -- just fell from the sky, without giving me proof. You can't do this. He's the proof, Carly. All you got to do is look at his face, talk to him. You'll know it's -- it's -- it's Jason. What's going on? After Elizabeth was shot, somebody abducted Sam from the metro court. That's all I know so far. Monica, I need you to tell me anything you can about the man who took Sam and the man who chased after them. It -- it just -- it happened so fast. I know it did, but anything. Just anything. Think of something, anyth--

[Footsteps approaching]

I don't -- I -- my wife. I'm all over it. That's why I'm here. What do you know about the two gunmen? Let's go somewhere more private. Tell me about the two gunmen. You don't know who they were? If I knew who they were, would I be here talking to you? This was your event, okay, and your wife apparently was the target. Okay, listen to me. I've never seen them before. I don't know what they want. And this is a waste of time. [Scoffs] Where are you going? I'm going to find my wife. Better? Ohh. Steadier, at least. [Sighs] You? I'm getting there. Who... who is our friend Patient 6? I don't know. That's the million-dollar question, isn't it? You know, they told me at the clinic that he was a dangerous psychotic. Maybe they were right about the "dangerous" part, but I-I spoke with that man. He is the opposite of psychotic. He was calm and deliberate. He seemed absolutely sane. And I don't think it's a coincidence that he showed up when Sam Morgan was in trouble or that he is out there right now trying to rescue her. So it's safe to say that Patient 6 is connected to Sam and probably connected to her husband. Yeah, I think that's safe to assume. Well, do you think he's a -- a long-lost Quartermaine? A -- a relative nobody knows about? I don't know. But the way he looks, I mean, probably. I don't know. But I do know that you said we should notify the police. Consider them notified. They can take care of all of it from here on out. And we can celebrate surviving the night.

[Glasses clink]

Sounds like a plan. want to skip Trina's party and stay here? Don't you? Um, yeah. It's just, I never really thought, you know, you'd want to -- stay here with me. Well, yeah, of course. I mean, now would be the perfect time to do it... you know? Your mom's gone. How much longer until she gets back from work? Uh, maybe another hour? Oh. [Scoffs] That's plenty of time. We'll be finished in 10 minutes, tops. I know all the tricks. I've been doing this for years. How many? Plenty. Haven't you? Uh, not really. Listen, I'm not, like, the most experienced. Really? Wow. [Chuckles] 'Cause, I mean, I always thought that I was more innocent than you. Sorry, no. Well, I mean, doesn't every kid snoop for Christmas presents when they're little? Snoop? For clues about your dad? Oh, clues. Right. Yeah. Uh, w-what did you think I meant? Nothing. Oscar -- we should get started. I'll check my mom's room. [Breathing heavily] I want you to tell me everything that happened, in order. Okay. [Sighs] Max called me. Um, evidently, there was an alarm triggered at one of my safe houses. Someone tried to reset it using a code from 2012. When did you set up this particular safe house? 15 years ago. Jason bought it. Okay. So, I went to the s-safe house, and the -- the -- the door was unlocked, which told me that whoever was in there wasn't trying to hide it. So, I went inside. It was empty. Then I heard Jason -- Jason -- his voice call my name. I turn around, and there -- and there he was. [Whispering] You heard his voice? You recognized him? Yeah, it sent chills down my spine. So I looked at him, and I knew right away, but I didn't want him to know that I knew, so there we were, with -- with guns pointed at each other. Wait a minute, he had a gun on you? Okay, don't jump to conclusions. No, are you kidding me?! Sonny, this is your proof right here! There is no way that our Jason would ever pull a gun on you, and you know it. So, whoever this guys is, he's not Jason. So, you remained at the metro court after Jason and dr. Munro went to the hospital -- I have already given my statement to the officer on the scene. I know, but now that you've had some time, okay, is there anything that you would like to add? Well, I... [Sighs] Monica, any detail -- any detail -- would be vital to finding Sam. Yes, well, it just -- it doesn't make any sense. What is it that doesn't make any sense?! Quiet! Quiet! What are you trying to say? Quiet. Monica, please. Well, the man that dropped out of that skylight, well, he looks like... [Sighs] D-did you -- did you recognize him? No, it's, uh -- it just couldn't be because it's not possible.

[Cell phone rings]

We're gonna have to talk about this later. This guy in the skylight -- ugh, not now. [Quietly] Why are you calling me?

Dr. Klein: [Through cell phone] We need to meet. That would be unwise, given what happened at the metro court. You didn't tell me your plan to take Sam. You're in no position to turn me down. Dante.

[Police radio chatter]

Dante: You talk to Jordan? Yeah, what do you know? Bring up the cameras from the restaurant. [Keyboard clacks] What's wrong with the footage? Okay, the perps scrambled the footage. The techs are working on, uh, cleaning it up right now. Go to when Morgan left and Sam was taken.

[Keyboard clacks]

Play it there. Okay, so the perp grabs Sam, tries to take her to the exit, she elbows him to try and break free, it looks like he injects her with something. Son of a bitch. They make it to about a few feet from the exit when a guy comes down from the skylight. He pops up, he's got a gun, doesn't take a shot, he goes after the perp and Sam, they leave frame. Show me the clear shot of the skylight that you got. [Sighs] I can't make anything of that. Do you see anything familiar? [Grunts] [Breathing heavily] Sam. Sam. Hey. Hey, answer me. Sam, answer me. [Panting] Come on. Come on! [Gurgles] Sam. Okay. It's okay. [Coughing] It's okay. It's okay. You're okay. [Gasping] Okay, there you go. It's okay. Come on. Don't force it. Don't force it, okay? I got you. You're here. [Sighs] It's okay.

How did you find me?

I just did. No. No, no, no, no. Sam. No. No, Sam. [Breathing heavily]

[Keyboard clacking]

I don't know what I can do here. It's wide angle and it's horrible footage. I'm not getting anything about the guy. Yeah, I didn't think you would, but it was worth a shot. Okay. I'm gonna go talk to that gunman that you have in custody. You know what, there's one more, uh, bit of footage you should check out. It's from the lobby. It hasn't been tampered with, but it's a bad angle. Play that. Partial image of the guy who came through the skylight. I -- I can't -- is that Sonny? Is he with this guy? Yeah, they came in together. And? Don't know. Asked Sonny some questions, and he stonewalled me. You got to be kidding me. Jason wasn't gonna shoot me, Carly. Stop calling him that. He had a gun 'cause I brought the other guy to the bridge. Look at you. You're making excuses for this guy who's trying to take advantage of you, Sonny.

[Telephone rings]

Yeah? [Sighs] Send her up. Okay, Commissioner's on her way up. Can you just not say anything? What could I say? I have no idea what the hell's going on here.

[Doorbell rings]

Okay. Hey, hello.

Jordan: Hello. Come on in. Sorry to interrupt. No, that's okay. I thought you might want an update.

[Door closes]

So, the two gunmen at the metro court, they've lawyered up. Huh. They're not talking. Sorry, Commissioner. Um, all I got for you is the original statement that I gave you. Well, you got to think of something, Sonny. Elizabeth's been shot. How is she? She's -- she's gonna be fine. She'll make it. Right now, my focus is to find Sam Morgan. So is ours. So, then, help me. Wh-what else do you know? Well, I-I got a call, uh, from Carly that there was trouble at the metro court, so I got there as fast as I can. I -- I think I might have helped out a little bit. Okay, well, did you recognize the perpetrators? Um, nah. I never seen them in my life. What about your friend? My friend? What friend? The friend that you arrived with? The one that arrived through the skylight. Oh. Well, that -- he... I saw what everybody else saw. He came through, and then he went after Sam.

[Pager beeping]

[Sighs] Damn, okay. I got to -- I got to go debrief the mayor. I will, uh... oh. Okay. I will be back. All right. You're always welcome. [Exhales] [Door closes] Thank you for trusting me. Of course I trust you. I-I also know that it -- it's been really hard on you -- on the both of us, you know -- how much Jason has changed, and I think it just might be affecting your judgment a little bit. I do. I know my best friend, Carly. I am so glad you're gonna be all right. Is anyone else hurt? [Sighs] What, Monica? Tell me. Some lunatic abducted Sam. No! But I'm sure the police are gonna bring her back safe and sound. But it -- but there's no news? Well, I think it's even gonna be sooner rather than later because of the man that, uh, was right on her tail. [Sighs] Someone from the party? Well...yes and no. Who? Oh, Elizabeth. I... if I didn't know any better, I would say that t-the man was Jason, but when Sam was abducted, Jason was here at the hospital with you.

[Monitors beeping]

Griffin: Mmm. Think what would have happened if we stayed at your place. I would have never known we needed more than one order of cornbread. I would have asked you to go out and get some more. Hm. I'm glad we came out. Me, too. Imagine that. The two of us, here, out in public. [Chuckles] How are you holding up? You feeling all those eyes on you? No. Only two.

She's everything

she's my everything joss? Yeah? [Chuckles] You find anything yet? [Sighs] No, have you? Nada. Well, it'd be easier if we knew what we were looking for. I mean, the clue to your father's identity, it could come in any form. Yeah, we need a way to narrow it down. Okay, we need a clue to your father's identity, so let's go over everything we know. Um, he met my mom in san Diego. Right. Okay, what else? Um, it must have been about 15 years ago? That's all I've got. Okay. Okay, so, what do we know about san Diego? Beaches, zoo, great Mexican food? Right, and my father usually surfs in that area when he's on the west coast. There's a big military base there, too. My grandfather was in the navy. Okay. Well, um... I don't see anything beach or zoo or sailor related. Maybe there's nothing to find. Maybe it was just a hookup that didn't mean anything. Maybe they weren't special to each other. Nope, I don't buy it. Why? Because you're special. And that -- that doesn't just come out of nowhere.

[Clatter] Nope. No cool compartments or anything. Well, I guess it was too much to hope for. [Cell phone chimes] Oh. [Sighs] Trina. We're really late. We should probably put all this back and scram before Trina brings the party here. Guess so. You know, I can't believe my powers of prying failed me. I'm usually always able to suss out my mom's hiding spots. Yeah, my mom can be a little unconventional. She'd probably do the opposite of what most parents would do. So, like, hide something in plain sight? I wouldn't put it past her. Hmm. [Chuckles] You read "ask man Landers"? It must be my mom's. I don't even know what that is. He's the hot, new advice expert, and he happens to be Dante's partner at PCPD.


Yeah. You know, his identity was a big mystery until it all came out at the launch party for this book. My mom's reading advice on her love life? Okay, well, that's not all he writes about in here. Here's an example -- "my best friend embarrasses me when --" [Sighs] Oscar.

What? It's a letter addressed to your mom. Postmarked 2003 from San Diego. Mmm. [Sighs] If I slip into a food coma, you should just go. [Laughs] Save yourself.

[Both chuckle]

I have a better idea. How about we, uh -- we work off some of those ribs? You want to try your hand at darts? Oh. I happen to be very good at darts. Excellent. Okay. But, now, don't have too much fun, though. You know, people might think that we're on a date. Let 'em. We don't have to put a label on what we're doing. That's fine by me. But I will tell you this -- I'm not seeing anyone else. Well that's something.

Elizabeth: How could Jason be there to help Sam if he was here with me?

Monica: I know, I know. I mean, it doesn't make any sense. The only way for this to be real is if there were two Jasons. Hey, I need to talk to you. This isn't a good time. No, no, no. I need to talk to you now. It's about Jason and Andréw Moore. [Sighs] If he wasn't Jason, and he was some contractor who wanted me dead, why didn't he just shoot me on the bridge or the second that I walked into the safe house? If he were really Jason, he'd know he didn't have to pull a gun on you. He wasn't worried about me. Jake doe or whatever you want to call him, he's the one who brought me to the bridge. Maybe Jason felt that I was gonna bring him to the safe house, and he was gonna shoot and ask questions later. Okay, but when he saw you were alone, Sonny? Come on. Wha-- no! Y-y-you're not listening to me. Uh, he put his guns on the table. He wasn't gonna shoot me. Not in a million years. Where's he been for five years?! Where?! H-h-he doesn't know. That's convenient. Isn't that convenient? Okay, say this was a setup and -- and this guy was a plant. Don't you think he would come up with some lie? No. You know why? Because it's Jason. He told me the truth. There's no way to prove this story. What are you -- there's no way to prove this story! We can prove it! You want me to get a DNA test? I'll get a DNA test. We have DNA tests -- stop! We have DNA tests on our Jason, okay? We have fingerprints and we have a DNA test. Okay, so -- and we have Spinelli's program. You saw his face. We saw his face! You know what? There's no way to convince you that what I'm talking about is true. So I don't even know why even keep talking.

[Door opens]

Jason: Sonny.

[Door slams]

You want to tell me what the hell's going on?

[Sighs] Well, are you gonna read it? I'm not sure I should. You know, maybe it was wrong to go nosing around my mom's things. It's private. Yeah, well, not if it's about your dad. But, I mean, I-I get it. If you don't want to know... I do. "Kim, I'm sorry I have to go. I'll miss you. I hope you like the gift. Every part of it makes me think of you and me. I hope it'll do the same for you." [Sighs] There's no signature. Weird. Yeah, but now we have a new lead. We do? The gift your father gave your mom. He says it's supposed to remind her of them as a couple. If we can find that gift, I bet we can find out who your father is. Well, I think that I was just hustled. By -- by who, me? Uh-huh. [Laughs] -Ah. -Mm. Well... I am pretty much at my limit. Great. I'll take you home. No, that -- I'll -- I'll call a car. Why -- why would you do that? [Chuckles] It would only be gentlemanly for me to -- no, the gentlemanly thing to do would be to walk me to my door and just give me a very modest kiss and say goodnight and leave. But I know that if we got all the way to my door together, then -- then I would want to ask you in. And I would -- I would want to accept. Then I'd want you to stay. And I would. What I really want is for there to be more to this than that. So, if you don't mind, I, um... may I take a rain check on your gallantry? You may. If -- if -- you agree to a second date. Agreed. The incident at the metro court tonight, where Sam was abducted and some lunatic shot the place up -- I think it has something to do with Jason and Andréw Moore. Andréw Moore is dead. I showed you his death certificate. If you need to talk about this again, make an appointment. Monica told me some guy took Sam. Sorry I couldn't stop it. That's fine. I'll get her back. I need a lead, but I don't know who those guys were who crashed the party. Yeah, neither do I. You know one of them. I saw the security footage. The fourth guy, who came through the skylight, he arrived with you. So who is he? [Sighs] [Clears throat] Hi. There you are.

[Door closes]

[Monitors beeping]

How are you feeling? Like I'm floating. Oh, yeah? They gave you the good stuff, huh? Mm-hmm. [Smooches] I'll be okay. I know. And I'm so glad. And so will Sam. Jason will save her like he saved me. My people are looking for Sam. And this guy from the metro court -- he's one of your people? Well, he's someone I can trust. Good. I need to talk to him. Well, I can't reach him right now. What the hell does that mean, Sonny? It means when he finds Sam that you can talk to him. Do you hear yourself right now? Someone kidnapped my wife because I wasn't there to protect her, and this guy knows where she is, and you know something about that? Look, I love you. I do. But you're damn well gonna tell me where my wife is.

[Doors bang]

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