GH Transcript Wednesday 10/25/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 10/25/17


Episode #13917 ~ Monica hands down a family heirloom; Michael confronts Nelle; Maxie has a proposition.

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Great. I'll send an e-mail to confirm. Nice. No wonder Nina can't survive without you. You are the perfect assistant. Okay, I'm flattered. I'm just stating a fact. You know, you have a real gift for being all things to all people.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

I'm sorry. This room is booked for the next hour.

Maxie: Good. That gives us plenty of time to talk about how you are gonna rehire me at Crimson. Oh. Detective West. Or should I say "Ask Man Landers"? Please don't. [Laughs] A friend of mine told me about your blog. It seems very insightful. No wonder your book's a success. Well, thank you, um, but I am quitting the advice business. Why? You seem very good at it. Well, it, um, proved to be a bit more all-consuming than I think I'd anticipated. Gonna focus on my family. Well, it's nice to see that you have your priorities in order. A lot of people would get caught up in their job and forget about their personal life. Well, that explains your interest in Jason Morgan.

[Knock on door]

[Papers rustling]

Hey. Hi. Come on in. Well, you ready for dinner? Oh, I'm -- I am so sorry. It completely slipped my mind. Daddy? Yes, sir. Why are you all dressed up? Well, tonight is a very important night, and your mother and I would like to explain it to you and scout. Scout's too little to understand.

Sam: [Chuckles] What did you just say? Maybe not, but you and scout are the reason why your daddy and I are doing this. Doing what? Well [Sighs] Things are changing for our family, buddy. Is it a good change? Yeah. Yes, it is a very good change.

[Door opens]

You went to a lot of trouble to get me here. Show yourself. Sonny. Who the hell are you? You don't know? You look exactly like Jason. I am. I am Jason. Well, someone else has been saying he's Jason for the last two years. Well, he's wrong. Sonny, come on. It's me.

What brings you to the hospital?

Well, I have to interview a DUI patient. Gonna take a statement. Oh, well, I won't keep you, then. But your readers are going to be very sad. "Ask Man Landers" is gonna be missed. Hey. Hey! How are you? I'm good, I'm good. So, how did Maxie take the news that you've retired as the face of "Ask Man Landers"? I haven't had a chance to tell her yet. [Scoffs] You're -- you're stalking me in a steam room? Yeah, if that's what it takes. Here. I just -- I... I can't. It's -- what am I holding? My employment package -- title, compensation, perks, fringes. And I am definitely gonna need an increase on my per diem for shoots. I don't recall opening up negotiations with you. You said that if I wanted to work for crimson again, I needed to bring you something worthy of being published. The exclusive I have to offer is something any lifestyle or fashion magazine would kill for. Stop with the pitch and start with the story. "Inside the world of 'Ask Man Landers.'" What does that mean? "All things to all people"? I'm just making an observation. See, when we found out that you were Josslyn's kidney donor, you were... you were noble and selfless. When you worked as my mother's assistant, you were cheerful and efficient. When you found out Morgan died, you were -- you were kind and sympathetic. But the whole time, you were setting up my father. Which is not easy to do, by the way, because my father has a -- a great gift of knowing other people's motives. He should have seen you coming, but he couldn't. You were that convincing. Why are you dredging all of this up now? I just found out that you spent a year in a mental hospital. You changed your mind about seeing me tonight? No. No, not at all. It -- it's just something came up, and I got distracted. You know what? I'll fix you a drink, and then I'll run and get ready. Well, no need. Why don't we -- we can just hang out here and order in. You want to have dinner here? Yeah. Why not? We could just relax, take it easy. And you can avoid being seen with me in public. So, your mother and I will be working in an office from now on. We're going to put out shows for people to watch, magazines for people to read, radio for them to listen to. Cool. Can I help? Yes, yes. We will definitely need your opinion on a lot of things. There should be a show about dogs. Yeah. And Annabelle the second can be in it. [Laughs] I think that's a great idea. Yeah. Can Jake help with the shows, too? He's really good at art and stuff. He is. Actually, I would like all my kids to help, and I can't wait to hear your ideas. And when you grow up, if you so choose, the company is also yours. So you can work with us. That sound cool? Yeah, it does sound cool. Doesn't it, mommy? Yes, it does. You know, I had no idea how much I wanted this until you made it happen. Oh, yeah? Come here. Come here. Annabelle the second, huh? [Laughs] That's a good idea.

Sonny: I don't even know why I'm pointing my gun at you in the first place... because if you were Jason, you'd have blown my head off before I could even blink. I'm not gonna shoot you. Why pull out your gun in the first place? Because I thought you might have him with you, the way you did at the bridge. He seemed really hopped up, like he'd shoot first and ask questions later, and I thought I might have to hold him off long enough to explain. Explain it to me -- where have you been?

Look, I thought eating in would be a way to avoid awkward questions. Right. People might get the wrong idea. They might assume that you and I are -- I don't know -- a couple. Look, I'm sorry, okay? I-I-I offended you. I -- that's -- I never meant to do that. Well, I guess I'm lucky, then. Imagine the harm you could do if you tried. I'm new at this, okay? I'm -- I'm clearly very -- clearly very clumsy. Please. Hey, accept my apology.

Michael: Were you ever going to tell me? I don't know. I don't like talking about it. Hmm. What, do you think I'd judge you? Well, I'm feeling pretty judged now, so yeah. You do know that Morgan was in a psychiatric hospital, right? Morgan was bipolar, and so is my dad. I am the last person who'd hold mental illness against you. I'm not mentally ill, Michael! I had...a breakdown. You know, it was a -- it was a terrible time in my life, and I have done everything that I possibly could to put it behind me and to forget that it ever happened. What did happen? Why did you have a breakdown? Danny is out like a light. I doubt he'll even wake up when Monica comes by to get the kids. I think it's pretty great that he's already come up with ideas. A show about Annabelle the second? I mean, I would watch it, but I don't think there's an audience for that. Yeah. Okay, okay, it might be a bit before we're ready to jump in the programming game, but, still, good idea. It sounds so crazy when you say that. I can't believe this is actually gonna be our business. Are you scared? I am terrified. No, no, I'm sorry. Those -- those are the wrong words. I'm, um -- I'm exhilarated. This is crazy. We're jumping into the unknown. But what -- I mean, what if we fail? It doesn't matter, right? We've got to try. We're not gonna fail. Are you kidding me? After everything we've been through in our lives, especially our last couple of years? We can do anything we want to do as long as we're together. Five years is a long time. It wasn't five years for me. [Breathes deeply] Okay. I-I woke up in a clinic in Russia, and they were drugging me. My sense of time was off, but, for me, it feels like I was there three months... six months at the most. And it took me just a little while to figure out the routine so I could start working on a plan to escape. Did you call me? On your private line. I gave the number to one of the patients there so she could call for me. Ava Jerome? Yeah. But she gave the number to Klein. Who's Klein? Klein is a doctor at the clinic. They were paying him to keep me drugged up and under their control. Who's "they"? No idea.

Icle will be an inside look at what it's like to be married to the hottest, sexiest, internet advice columnist. Your adjectives are redundant. What? "Hottest" and "sexiest" are practically the same thing. I meant "hottest" as in popular and "sexiest" as in sexy. Try an alliteration -- the internet's hottest, hunkiest advice columnist. Okay, you want to argue semantics, or would you like to hear my pitch? Actually, I just wanted to lie here in peace, but that's obviously not gonna happen, so proceed. Okay. Well, the article would focus on our fabulous marriage and how we are a true partnership. Maxie, how are you going to write about your partnership with "Ask Man Landers" when you were never even part of the brand? Excuse me. I contribute the glamour. This feature will be a layout. It'll be shot in our apartment, and I will wear cute pieces of Cartullo's spring line. Okay, well, our readers would like to see you like that for sure. But the real question -- is my brother on board with this? Oh, uh, he's welcoming it with both well-muscled arms. He cannot wait for this feature. Chet? Yes, I noticed the haircut, and I definitely approve. [Laughs] Hey. Is it Chet? Tell him I said "hi" and congratulations on the recovery. Ah. The guy behind me? Actually, he is "Ask Man Landers." We're friends. His wife was in my class at pc high. [Sighs] I know. It is a great blog. And a great book. Hey, I'm in the middle of my shift. Can I call you back when I'm on my break? Okay. [Smooches] Love you, Chet. [Sighs] Okay? [Chuckles] I'm fine. It's just... do you know the feeling when you do something and you know it's for the best, but it means giving up something else? Something you really enjoyed? So, there's the feeling and the satisfaction of knowing you did the right thing, but... the sadness of letting go of something that you did enjoy, maybe a little more than you realized? Yeah. Yeah, I know that feeling. You would not understand what caused my breakdown, okay? Try me. I'm afraid to get hurt, so I run from the pain. I lie to avoid it, and sometimes those lies make things worse, as you've seen. You know, I'm not like you or even your brother. I don't come from money. I didn't have some fancy hospital I could check myself into. I didn't have loving parents to clean up after me. So I ran as fast as I could for as long as I could, and then I crashed. I'm sorry you went through that. Look, I know that you're not just saying those words to say them. I know that you genuinely mean them. But I am asking you -- no, Michael, I am begging you. You've got to stop digging around in my past. Look, I'm not gonna pretend that I know the ins and outs of dating. No. You are clearly an amateur. And I seem to be some kind of relationship version of training wheels, helping you along until you become accustomed to your new life as a single man, unencumbered by those holy orders, able to date whomever you want -- you are reading way too much into my suggestion for ordering in. Look, I'll prove it to you. Let's go to a restaurant. No. You know what? As it turns out, I'm busy. Since when? About a half an hour go. So before I got here? Yeah. I mean, you did hurt my feelings, but that's not why I'm turning you down. Then why are you? What's so important? Getting answers about him. Any talking points you want me to hit this evening? "Talking points." Listen to you. Don't make fun of me. I am not making fun of you. I swear I'm not. I'm just saying, the formal announcement is just the start. We're gonna have to work the room, instill confidence in potential advertisers. Or are we supposed to just pretend that we know what we're doing? No, ma'am. What do you want to know? Um, well, how long have you been considering this venture? Uh, for a while. I wanted something that would keep me close to home. Something fun, something interesting, something challenging, something I can do with you. You -- have you ever considered PI. Work? Oh, that was a lot of fun until people started shooting at us and getting shot. Okay. That's a good point. Even before Julian got convicted, I had a pretty good feeling that he was gonna have to sell Derek wells media. Had a lot of legal bills. And, no, we don't know anything about media, but I trust our taste well beyond Julian's. Oh, I agree with you there. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized this was worth doing. Have you thought that maybe we could be asking for trouble with the feds? How'd you make it back to port Charles? I had a lot of help. Actually, I-I, uh -- I moved too soon. I tried to fight my way out of the clinic, and I wound up drugged and handcuffed. You know, and I had this -- I had this paper clip and I was trying to pick the cuff locks, and I dropped it. That's when Ava picked it up. Yeah, I'm sure she really put her ass on the line, didn't she? She did. And when I made it out of the clinic, this priest helped me. A priest? Yeah. Russian orthodox priest. Father Stanislov. He, uh, found me barefoot in an alley, and he took me to the church and gave me clothes. He even found somebody to help me stow away on his ship to new York. This father give you a gun? No, Sonny. There's two guys after me. Two mercenaries who are working for Klein. They actually tracked me down to a bar in new York, and the bartender covered for me, and I was able to get away, but they were waiting for me when I got off the bus in port Charles. What happened to them? I knocked them out. I took their cash, I took their guns, I left them by the dumpster, but I'm telling you, they're searching for me right now. So, you made your way back to port Charles? Why'd you go to Ava for help and not me? I did come to you.

No, I wasn't looking for dirt on you. I was trying to prove your innocence. Well, no one is completely innocent, Michael. All right? Least of all me. I have made mistakes, but I've tried to leave them in the past. And the last thing I need is for someone to resurrect them and throw them in my face. That's not what I'm doing. Well, that's how it feels, Michael. How would you feel if the positions were reversed? Is there something that you haven't told me? What if I dug up something that you regret and asked you to explain? How would you feel? I would feel defensive. So, is there something you haven't told me? Something that you regret? Yeah. More than one thing, actually. Oh, my -- okay, then why didn't you tell me? Because the time never seemed right. So then neither of us have made a full disclosure. So, if I can forgive you for that... ...can you forgive me? This -- this is the man from the clinic, the one I met in the church in St. Petersburg. "Patient 6," as he was known, yep. Where did you get this? A seemingly random third party. Here in port Charles? Mm-hmm. Wait. So Patient 6 is here?

Yes. It's crazy, isn't it? And we ran into each other completely by accident.

I invited him here just for a shower and change of clothes, and he was here when my brother's lawyer contacted me to let me know that Jason Morgan bought Derek Wells Media. And I was kind of mad about it, and I was venting, and when I mentioned Jason's name, Patient 6 started asking a lot of questions. And now I know why he was so interested.

[Keyboard clacking]

He's Jason Morgan, too. The whole idea is for you to get out of the mob. What if buying Julian's company is gonna make people think that you're getting back in? This is all I know -- I'm not gonna let my past keep us from the future that we want. You promise? I promise. Okay. Okay.

[Knock on door]

Oh. That is your mother, so you answer the door. I will, I will. Hey. -Hey. I am looking for some grandchildren. Oh, they're asleep. Hi, Sam. We'll bring them down for you. Hi. Oh, okay. Thank you for watching them tonight. Well, actually, you have Olivia to thank for tonight, because she's agreed to take care of the children while I go to the party to hear your big announcement. Oh. Oh, and in honor of that celebration, I have something for you. This is from me... and your father. I went to your house first, and I let myself in. How? I changed all the codes. I know. Spinelli gave me the override when he designed the system. Look, I didn't recognize any of the guards, but I heard one of them say that you were gone, and I just didn't know if that was gonna be for an hour or for a week. You came that far to see me. Why not wait? I should have. But then I did something stupid. I went to see Sam. I know, you know, it wasn't fair to Sam for me just to show up... knock on the door, but that's -- that's what I did. She wasn't home, so I picked the lock, and I let myself in. Sonny, it did not feel like -- that I was gone for five years. It felt like five minutes. Like I just got back from the meeting with Bernie on the pier. You know, that's when everything just hit me... all at once. You know, the time that I lost. Wondering what that time had been like for Sam. And I just -- you know, I couldn't breathe. I couldn't breathe. I had to get outside and went on the terrace, and that's -- that's when Sam showed up. Sam didn't see you? No. No, I was -- I was about to walk back in and talk to her, and then... then he showed up. You know, it didn't take me long to figure out that, uh... that he was her husband. And at first, I had no idea that Sam thinks he's me.

Nelle, I would forgive you... if there was anything to forgive. Look, your past is your own, and unless and until you're ready to share it with me, I'll respect your privacy. Thank you. When you do tell me something, Nelle, I need to be able to trust it. Of course. Yeah. 100%. Okay. Well, now that that's settled, we have a date for the theater tonight. I heard this play's amazing. Me too. I can't wait.

[Cell phone rings]

One second. Damn it. Problem? Yeah, it's work. Uh, I do not know why we're moving forward on this. I-I have to set up for Nina anyway. Okay. Hey, it's me. I just got the text about the meeting on the fracking operation. Who set this up? Wait. So, your brother thinks I'm "Ask Man Landers"? Until yesterday, you were. Until yesterday, I was the "face of the brand." You never told Chet that you write the blog? I couldn't. Chet thinks the VA covers everything. [Sighs] It would crush him to find out that I was paying for his treatment. Well, I hope you get the credit you deserve someday. All right? I mean it. For everything that you've done for Chet, for letting me be a part of it. Arm-twisting you is more like it. Nah. You give good advice, Amy. You do. A lot of clueless bros out there are better for it because of you. Okay? It was an honor to be the face of your brand. So. Are you gonna make me an offer? Or should I take my idea to couture? Um, I've tried to read this as best I can, but it's just -- it's wet. And the ink is smudged, but the numbers are unacceptable. They are? Yeah. I already factored in an extra $250 a week for you. Wait. What? You had me pitching my heart out -- in a steam room, no less -- and you already knew you were gonna rehire me? Yeah. Why didn't you say anything? Well, because you were all about the "Ask Man Landers" stuff. And I'm not upset because it's actually a great idea. It is, isn't it? It is. [Chuckles] Um, listen, Maxie, I respect your friendship with Lulu, but I just ask the same courtesy from you -- that you respect my marriage to Valentin. I don't think we're gonna have any problems with Charlotte, but if we do... I will stay out of it. Good. I'm glad we understand each other. Hey, Nina. Um... what made you change your mind about me? Uh, not what.

Who. My new boss, Jason Morgan.

Ava: He noticed this picture of Avery. And he knew right away that it was taken at Sonny's house. So he asked me to bring Sonny a note. I tried to explain to him that Sonny would not react well to me bringing him anything, but Patient 6 can be very persuasive. Yeah, he must have been, to win you over. Right. Well, I brought Sonny the note. Sonny was a bastard, just like I knew he'd be, but I gave him the note, and I left. By the time I got back here, Patient 6 was gone. But he left me a note thanking me for helping him. Well, did he sign it? Well, no. But earlier today, I saw Franco. He's the "third party" I was talking about. Well, he was sketching the man I know to be Patient 6, but Franco told me he was sketching Jason Morgan as he used to look in 2012. Before the facial reconstruction. Uh-huh. So I took the drawing, and I came back here to do a little research. And... what do you know? Our mysterious Patient 6 looks more like Jason Morgan than Jason Morgan looks like Jason Morgan. Cuff links. Wow. They're -- they're beautiful. Does that design have a special meaning? Well, it is ouroboros. That is a snake consuming itself. That's symbolizing rebirth. You see, in order to move forward, you have to consume the past. And that's exactly what you're doing. And these cuff links belonged to your father. I know Alan would want you to have them. Thank you. He adored you, Jason. His biggest regret was, he could never reconnect with you, but I know he is very relieved that you have broken it off with Sonny and you're never gonna work with him again. The things I did when I was 20 do not serve me anymore as an adult. But now you have a chance at a whole new beginning, and I couldn't be happier for Sam and you and your kids. But I'm also thankful. I know I gave you a present, but I want to say thank you. Thank you for choosing a new and a better life. They were talking about their wedding day. I could hear in Sam's voice, you know, how much she loves the guy. You know what? I'm happy for her. I'm glad she wasn't alone. Sam thinks she's married to Jason Morgan. Yeah, I know, and they bought a media company together that Ava's brother used to own. And that's when I figured this out. When Ava said Jason Morgan bought the company. What else did Ava tell you? She said that Helena had him. He escaped, he got hit by a car, had some kind of facial reconstruction, and he didn't remember who he was and didn't remember anything until Carly figured out that he was me. There was proof. A DNA test. Scans that re-created his face before the accident. He only knew things that Jason Morgan would know. He's not Jason Morgan!

I am. You know that... don't you? Come on. You're my best friend... and my brother. You got to tell me that you know me.

Max? [Singsongy voice] I'm here! Hey, hey. Uh, interesting place to meet. [Normal voice] I reserved this place for an hour so we can celebrate in private. Oh. Celebrate. What are we celebrating? Remember that good news I told you about the other day? Oh, yeah. The good news you refused to tell me. [Laughing] Yeah. Well, I'm ready to tell you about it now. Well, what a coincidence. I'm ready to share mine, too. Okay, you first. No, no, no, no, no. You set all this up. You go. No, no, no. I want to savor my good news while you tell me yours. So quit stalling and just tell me. All right, all right. I'm done, Max. No more intrusive fans, no more obnoxious tweets. My time as "Ask Man Landers" is officially over. No, it is not. You have to continue being "Ask Man Landers." [Sighs] [Chuckles] Hey. Nina, I'm sorry for conducting business in your office. I'm just -- oh, no. Please don't worry about it. I'm forever stopping to answer a text.

[Cell phone rings]

Oh, like now. [Chuckles] My stepdaughter wants me to join her for a tea party. Uh-huh. Well, have fun with that. [Laughs] Thanks. I guess I could do that and get dressed and come back for Jason and Sam's party. Okay, yeah. I'll see you there. Uh, oh. Well, I'm afraid not. The theater tickets are for tonight. Uh, to what tickets are you referring? "Dear Evan Hanson." You pulled strings to get us tickets. Thank you again for that, by the way. That was really nice. Oh. Well, I wish I could say you're welcome, but I didn't do that for you. Are you just being modest or... no. No, I didn't do anything to pull strings. I didn't do anything like that to get you and Nelle tickets. Oh. Uh, okay. Well, I guess I misunderstood what Nelle told me, then. Oh. Well, congratulations. It's a very difficult show to get into, and I hear it's amazing, so... yeah, that's right. ...Yeah, have fun. Thank you. Lucky you. [Chuckling] Yeah. All right. See you. Bye.

[Cell phone rings]

[Elevator doors open]

[Elevator doors close]

[Sighs] I thought about taking all this to Sonny. But what would be the point of that, you know? I mean, he thinks every word out of my mouth is a lie. Well, I mean, he's a little more receptive to me. Maybe I could talk to him and... yeah. No, you could. But what would you say, really?


I mean, that there's a man running around Port Charles with Jason Morgan's face? Besides, I think if Patient 6 wants to get in touch with Sonny, I have no doubt that he will. I mean, I saw how this man operates when we were in St. Petersburg. He is nearly impossible to stop. Well, do you think he could be dangerous to Sonny? I -- he said they're friends. So, what if he's lying? Did that man strike you as a liar? I met him for five minutes. He was on the run. Two very menacing-looking guys were after him. I have no idea. That could be a problem for him. Well, that could be a problem for anybody. Including Avery's father. Why would I care about that? Because you're better than you know. Look, I-I think, for everybody's sake, we should call the police. -What did I tell you? -You were right. Mm-hmm. Danny never even opened his eyes, not even when I buckled him into his car seat. Hey, are you gonna wear these? I think it would mean a lot to Monica. Mean a lot to me, too. I really like the symbolism. Consuming your past. And I like that they belonged to my father. Alan was a good man. I should have done better by him. Hey. It was a difficult situation. No.

I was difficult. I fought so hard to get away from him. Looking back, I... I don't even know why. And that can't happen with me and my kids. Well, it's not, 'cause they're gonna come work for us. [Chuckles] That would be amazing. It would be great, wouldn't it? Mm. All right. Now, we have to get -- do you want to help me with that? There we go. Got it. We have to get to the metro court because we have a formal announcement to make. [Breathes deeply] Are you ready for this? As long as you're by my side. There is nowhere else I would rather be. You really don't know me? I thought I did. I would have bet my life on it. But I've been calling this guy Jason Morgan for the last two years. Are you telling me that I'm wrong? Screen me any way you want -- DNA, fingerprints. We did a DNA test! It was Jason Morgan! I can't explain that, okay? I don't know anything about this guy! I only know myself. I went to work for you... in 1996. You taught me everything that I know about this business and most of what I know about life. I would never turn my back on you. I wouldn't walk away and start a media company or anything else. Sonny, I left because somebody shot me in the back! Do you understand that -- stop! You don't need to do this anymore. I know it's you, Jason.

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