GH Transcript Tuesday 10/24/17

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 10/24/17


Episode #13916 ~ Ava looks for proof; Franco's drawings take an unsettling turn; Nelle goads Carly.

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hey. What, uh, brings you by? Well, you were in such a hurry this morning that you left this. Oh, right. Well, you made me late this morning, by the way. You know, as much as I love seeing you, you didn't have to stop by like this. You know I have my phone. Well, maybe subconsciously I wanted to see you. Just like maybe on some level you left your watch at my place... never mind. Maybe what? What's going on in my subconscious? No, forget it. I don't know anything about it. No, come on. Analyze me. Let me see what you got. Well, you've been spending all this extra time at my apartment. Maybe you want to make things more permanent? Always on the phone. Get off the phone, and eat your salad. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

[Cell phone chimes] No. Look. See? You stop. This is the text that I was waiting for. Oh? It's confirmed. Official. I have two weeks off in January. Oh, yes. All right. All right, so... we're gonna do this. Mm-hmm. Vacation together. No doubts. None whatsoever. Switzerland. Fiji.

As you come closer... someone's getting close to the truth.

Klein: How close? If they connect a few more dots, they'll know everything.

We need to meet. I'm on my way. Oh, hi! Are you on your way out? I saw on your schedule you had some free time, and I was really hoping that maybe you can talk to us for a minute. I'm sorry, Elizabeth. Now's not a good time. Well, that was really sweet of Jason and Sam to insist we come to the launch party. Yeah, it surprised the hell out of me. Yeah, me too. I mean, Jason made a point of distancing himself, and now the feds are tapping his phone. Not Jason's fault. It's everyone around him. And it's not usually the government's tactic. Maybe they're working a different angle. Well, they're wasting their time. Well... Sam and Jason are committed to keeping their business legit. I guess that kind of makes tonight our last hurrah, huh? I thought it was a launch party. Don't pretend like you don't know what I mean. I mean, despite our toast to friendship... Sam and Jason are already pulling away, you know, and the deeper they get into their new business and their new life, we're gonna see less of them, and I get that. Okay? I really do. It's what's good for them and their kids, but it makes me sad, Sonny. It makes me really sad because I miss how things used to be, you know, and I...miss Jason. Speaking of which... what do you think of this?

[Footsteps approach]

Just the man I'm looking for. Hey. Hi. What do you want? Well, first of all, I want to thank you for helping Kiki pay her tuition with your profits from the show. Congratulations, by the way. You really surpassed my wildest expectations... yeah, mine too. ...In every way. Helping Kiki like that -- that's very kind, Franco. Well, she's a good kid. And she's a bright, young woman with a promising future in medicine, so... well, nothing like a successful exhibit to kick your inspiration into high gear, huh? [Laughing] Oh, come on. As your art dealer and gallery host, really, I must know. What is it you're sketching? [Sighs]

[Alarm system beeping]

I'm sorry. I know we don't have an appointment. We'll just schedule something for later. Mom, is this because of the man I saw in the park?

Elizabeth: I just wanted to get Dr. Maddox's opinion on what happened, but we'll reschedule. You know what? No, give me a -- just give me a minute. Oh, really, I don't want to impose. It's fine. Not at all. Not at all. Please. Please. Jake, look. It's Franco's special painting. You bought it? Cool! Wow, I always pictured it in a home, not an office. Well, unfortunately, I'm here more than I am at home, and I enjoy the painting, and this way I get to see a lot more of it. Uh, shall we start? Can I sit in on this? Do you mind? No, I'm fine. Okay. Then I'm fine, too. Please. So... so, tell me, Jake. What's going on, bud? I think my mom wants me to talk about the man I saw in the park yesterday. My dad said no one was there, but he was. I saw him. Was there anything special about this man? He looks like my dad used to...before.

Carly: Jason didn't send this? No, he didn't know anything about it. Ava brought it to me. Ava? Yeah. Where did she get it? She met some guy in a clinic in Russia. He turned up in port Charles, and he asked her to hand-deliver it to me. She's lying. Well, it is Ava, so you're probably right. What -- what do you think of the note, though? "Meet me where you and robin scattered stone's ashes. Come alone like the night you gave me $40 for a cab"? That -- okay, you and robin scattered stone's ashes at the bridge, right? Yeah. I-I don't know anything about $40 for a cab. Jason never told you anything? No, not that I remember. No. It was after the Quartermaines brought Jason home from the hospital. Ned was playing at Luke's club. AJ brought his girlfriend and Jason there, and it was pretty obvious that -- that -- that Jason didn't want to be there, so he flipped the table over and stormed out. You know it was probably AJ'S fault. Yeah, uh, but look, Jason was pretty volatile back then. He hadn't learned that trick where he, you know, shuts down and gets cold. He doesn't do that anymore. No, he doesn't. So, I walked outside and Jason was there, and he reminded me of myself when I was young. He had that look. It was desperate, alone, pissed off at the world. I've never seen him like that. From the night we met, Jason has always been the most capable person that I've ever known. That's because you didn't meet Jason till after he left the Quartermaines. That night, the Quartermaines, they were -- they were pressuring him to do what they wanted him to do. He didn't want to do it. He wanted just to get the hell out of there, but he didn't have any money. So you gave him $40 to get a cab. It was the start of our friendship. The best 40 bucks I ever spent.

Loaned, 'cause he insisted -- Jason insisted he was gonna pay me. Of course he did.

[Both laugh]

[Sighs] How come you never told me that story? It's so good. I thought I told -- I told you. No. I don't know. Well, I didn't tell anybody or I must have forgotten. I don't know. And how could someone know to mention it in this note? Well, that's what I'm trying to figure out.

[Alarm beeping]

[Keypad beeps]

[Beeping stops]

[Sighs] Just doodling, Ava. Nothing here that'll interest you. Well, I don't believe that. I know inspiration when I see it. You've inspired me. I'm gonna reopen my gallery. And I'd like to represent you again... like I did in the good ol' days in new York. Do you remember those times? I remember. I'm not making art for the commercial world. I'm just trying to sort some stuff out, Ava. This is like self-prescribed art therapy. Ava. Ooh! No. No, I know him. Yeah. Of course you know him. Everybody knows Jason Morgan, the original version.

How many times have we discussed going skiing in Switzerland? About as many times as we fantasized about being on the beach in Fiji. [Sighs] Honey, picture, okay? Black bodies on white sand, oil all over your body, personal massages, cocktails on the beach -- I'm getting worked up right now. Check, please! Okay. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. Okay. We'll go to Fiji this time. Okay. Okay? But then we're gonna go skiing in the alps and Zurich next time. [Laughing] Okay. Yeah.

[Cell phone chimes]

Ooh, come on. No. Do we -- baby. It's Stella. "I really need to see you at GH as soon as you possibly can come. Thank you." Well, at least it sounded friendly. You know, maybe perhaps since, you know, the two of y'all helped the patient that y'all turned the corner. Yeah, I don't even think that you believe that, but... [Laughs] Yeah. Well, call me the eternal optimist. You gonna reply? Of course I am. Uh, I'm actually gonna do it one better. I'm gonna -- I'm gonna go there in person. I have some time right now, so yeah. And you, my dear, you're gonna look into some vacation packages in Fiji. Fiji. Mm-hmm. I'm all over it. [Chuckles]

[Cell phone chimes]

What can I say, baby? Oh, man. Oh, I suppose I have been spending a lot of time at your place lately. I mean, I feel closer to you. Since you found out about me lying to the police? You know, as ashamed as I am, I'm glad it's out. Look, it's over. Right? And we are still standing. [Sighs] You have no idea how much your faith in me means. I mean, I started feeling like I had to be close to perfect to keep people from thinking the worst of me. It is exhausting, always being on point. So, knowing that you accept me despite all of my imperfections and failings, Michael, it means the world to me. Look, you don't have to be perfect for me, okay? I wouldn't want it, and I do not expect it. I believe that. You know, I'm truly able to let my guard down for the first time in my life, and... I've never been with anybody or had anyone accept me for me and still want to be with me, you know, including Zach, so... I always had to prove myself -- prove that I was worthy -- but not with you. And I think that's why I suggested maybe we live together, just because I feel so close to you now. So, what would your landlord think about us living together out of wedlock? Well, it is 2017, and when it comes to my landlord, I have great powers of persuasion. [Chuckles] You got to port Charles after Jason went missing, right? Well -- did I? So, you never saw Jason Morgan with his original face. You look at this drawing, you say you know him -- how could you know him? Well, I just knew that I recognized the face, and then when you said the name "Jason Morgan," I realized that's how I know because I must have seen an old picture or something. Hmm. So, you're just sitting here making a nice sketch of Jason Morgan's old face, huh? Well, I knew him when. Well, I know that the two of you have a troubled past, but I thought that you'd made a truce now that you're with Elizabeth and you're in his son's life, and... okay. Ava. Ava. What do you want? Well, I'm just -- I'm just curious. When I first got here, you said that you were working something out. I'm just wondering what it is you're working out... okay. You know what? ...By sketching Jason Morgan's face... this is personal. ...Over and over again. Hey. This is personal, and I'm busy. Busy. Well, okay, I'm sorry. Mm-hmm. I'll go. And thank you again for helping Kiki, and I really would like to represent you if you ever need it. I don't get it. Why would someone go to the trouble of forging a note, having Ava deliver it? I mean, doesn't that defeat the purpose? He'd have to know that you'd be suspicious. It doesn't add up. As far as spreading stone's ashes, it's not something I advertised, but it's not a secret. But I got to tell you this right now. Giving Jason 40 bucks outside Luke's club -- I know it's random. Nobody knows, and I'm saying nobody. Are you gonna go to the meeting? I already did. What?! Why didn't you tell me, Sonny? I'm telling you right now. I called Jason to come check out the note. He did. He thought it was a set-up. I didn't think so, so I went to the bridge, and Jason insisted on coming. Was the guy a no-show? No, the guy showed up. And troy says that he had a clear shot at me and Jason on the bridge. Didn't take it. Okay, wha-- could troy describe this guy? Uh, he just said he was, like, muscular, light hair, strong, fast, uh... oh, my gosh. That could be a million guys. Well, yeah, but troy doesn't have the gift for description. But Jason seems to think it was an ambush. I don't think so. I think the guy wanted to meet me, and he sent out a message to get my attention. You think he's gonna try again? I hope so. But I just want to meet whoever sent the note.

Regretfully, I have to get back to work. I think my lunch hour's over, too. [Sighs] All right. Well, thank you for stopping by, bringing my watch and giving me something to think about. Well, thank me tonight after your big surprise. Don't work late today, okay? Well, I don't plan to. I'm actually stopping by Jason's launch party to congratulate him. Oh, my god. What? I got tickets to see "dear Evan Hansen" tonight. That was my surprise. Wait, you -- you told me that -- that tickets for "dear Evan Hansen" were almost impossible to get since Ben Platt's leaving the show. They are, but Nina was able to pull some strings, and I thought we could take the train down. Oh, wow. Those are great seats. I know, they are. But I mean, you have a prior commitment, so... ah, geez. I should have checked. This party just kind of came up suddenly since Jason just bought Derek Wells Media. Didn't Nina mention this to you? She -- yeah, she mentioned the party, but she got these tickets days ago. I-I just didn't put two and two together. Ah, Nelle. [Sighs] You know what? It's -- it's fine. Don't worry about it. You know? I know that this party is important to you, so I'm sure I can sell the tickets in a flash. You know, it's no big deal. It's fine. No, wait. Hold on. Um... the party's gonna be packed. I'm only gonna get like a few minutes alone with Jason, so... I'll hire a driver, we'll go to the city, and we'll watch the play. Really?! Yes. Yes. It's a great surprise. I really appreciate you thinking about me. Oh, my god! I'm always thinking of you, Michael! Stella? Jordan, you came. Yes. Uh... your message seemed somewhat urgent, so I just came right away. What's -- what's going on? I have a 24-year-old woman who came in with a burst appendix a day ago. I was assigned as a social worker because her family needed financial assistance and she has no health care. Okay, so what's going on with this woman? [Sighs] "Undocumented." She finished high school here in the states, is working two jobs to put herself through PCU, and she's exhausted every possible avenue to stay here legally. I understand. You know? And it's -- god, it's unfortunate. But, you know, I'm aware of a lot of students in this situation. For the most part, they stay under the radar as long as they don't pose a problem. That's just it -- some nimrod here at the hospital tipped off ice, and now that guy over there... he's been lurking around waiting for Clara to be released. Jordan, she's a wonderful young woman helping to support her family. I'd hate to think what might happen if she's picked up by that guy when she leaves. Yeah, she's probably slated for deportation within the hour. I know. And that's why I called you. She doesn't know anyone in Mexico. She grew up here. Her family is here. And I am sympathetic to that. I really am. But this is a federal matter. So, you can't help? Or you won't? Like I said... this is a federal matter. Excuse me. This is a little complicated, Jake, so I need you to explain. The man looked like your dad? Not how he looks now. You see, my dad was in a car accident, and it changed his face. So, the man in the park looks like him before the accident. And you remember what your dad looked like before the accident? That was before Helena took you away. You were pretty young. Well, I've seen pictures, and I think maybe I remember him a little. So, when I saw the man in the park, I thought it was him. And you never saw this man? No. No. We were on our way back from a field trip, and Jake thought he heard someone call his name, but I didn't hear anything. And then Jason met us there, and we let him go get some hot chocolate. And on his way back, he said he saw this man, but then Jason went to check, and there was -- there was no one there. So, what happened when you saw the man, Jake? Did he speak to you? As delighted as I am to be here, you have to remember this is a work call, and my hours are billable. When is it not? Well, you'd be surprised how many clients quibble. Well, you know what? I don't care what you charge as long as you get the job done. What herculean feat of legal maneuvering do you want me to accomplish now? Can you get an injunction to stop the feds from tapping my phones?

[Knock on door]

Hey, Curtis. This is a surprise. What brings you by? Nelle. Okay, where are we on the extra staff? Great. And the bartenders? Perfect. All right. I'll talk to you later. Nelle. Late lunch. You guys busy up there? Uh, no. This is for me. It sounds like you're busy getting ready for the party tonight. Yes, yes. That's right. I look forward to seeing you and Michael there. Oh, he hasn't had a chance to call and tell you yet? Tell me what? Oh, we're -- we're not gonna be able to make it. Good afternoon. Port Charles police commissioner Jordan Ashford. Can I, uh, have a word with you for a moment, agent...? Briggs. What can I do for you, police commissioner? I don't generally have conversations with someone of your rank. Well, uh, circumstances kind of make it necessary for me to speak with you directly. I understand that you have an order of removal for a Clara Hernandez? I can't discuss that. And I appreciate that. I do. But I thought that maybe you would find it interesting to know that my department has been targeting drug dealers who have been distributing opioids and other drugs to the students of port Charles university. You do know that ms. Hernandez attends school there. I mean, that information is in your file, yeah? Again, I can't -- Briggs. I'm going to take you into my confidence here, okay? Ms. Hernandez has been working with my force undercover. So, I'm gonna need her to remain in place because my investigation, along with months of undercover work, will blow up. That's really not my problem. See, yeah, that's -- that's where you're wrong, Briggs. The opioid crisis -- that's everybody's problem, and that's why the feds have been watching us and our operation very carefully. Yeah, to see if they can duplicate what we're doing on campuses all over the country. So, I understand your position, but if you want to get your boss on the phone, I can talk to him or I can talk to her. Do you mean to tell me you think you've been subjected to a wire tap? Brick found it on my phone. Uh, not a physical bug. Software. He seems to think it was developed by the feds or the NSA. And Michael's phone is tapped, Carly's phone is tapped, and guess who else? Monica Quartermaine's phone is tapped. So, Jason is the target? Seems to be. Well, I'm not surprised, considering he insisted on buying Julian's company. When large amounts of cash change hands between reputed mobsters, there's bound to be a bit of federal scrutiny. Diane. Hmm? Can you shut down the investigation? Well, it's gonna be tricky considering brick probably broke a few laws himself detecting the tap. [Cell phone rings] Sorry. Yeah, max? Hi. Tell him I said hi. I'm sitting right here with Diane. Run that by me again. Which safe house? When was the last time that security code was used? I was coming back from the hot-chocolate stand when I saw him. And what was he doing? Did he reach out to you? No, he just was standing there watching. And then he smiled, and so I smiled back. And then I brought the hot chocolates to my mom and dad. So, you never heard his voice? Like mom told you, when we got to the park, I heard someone say my name. I think it was him, but I'm not sure. I didn't see him at that time. Can we please go get my Halloween costume? You promised we'd get it. Yes, yes, yes. Um, let me just finish up with Dr. Maddox first. And can you do me a favor? Can you go get me a bottle of water? And get whatever you want at the vending machine, and I'll be right there. Thanks. Goodbye, Dr. Maddox. See you later, buddy. [Sighs]

[Door closes]

Am I making too much of this? I'm glad you brought him in. I think we need to proceed carefully.

Look, if you're uncomfortable about going to the party tonight because of my mom and her attitude towards you, you don't have to worry about that. I mean, it's Jason and Sam's party. They sent out an invitation, but I don't think she's coming. Oh, Carly. This isn't about Bobbie. That's not why Michael and I can't come. We -- we have -- we have plans tonight. I know the party came up suddenly, but can't you postpone your plans? Oh, Carly, I suggested that, but Michael was the one that insisted we go. He ordered a car to the city and everything. I thought I was clear about dropping the investigation into Nelle's past. You were, and I did, but I had some things in motion. They finally came in. Since you paid for it, I think you should know. Hey, look, unless there's proof in that file that Nelle actually did kill her fiancÚ -- whoa, no, there's no information -- then I'm not interested. I kind of think you are. I appreciate your effort, Curtis. I do. But it's over. Okay? I'm moving on. Well, I appreciate your support. As I mentioned before, this is a highly sensitive operation. The less said, the better. And so I can count on your discretion? [Chuckles] Thanks again. Yes, sir. Good day, commissioner. And I will take that removal warrant. I trust and expect it will be canceled on your end? That's it? Yeah, for now. But you need to tell your client to be very careful. If I didn't know better, I'd swear Clara was undercover myself. Let's just say that sometimes, people will surprise you. This could be a case of Jake remembering his father as he used to look and projecting that onto a random stranger in the park. But this is so out of the blue. Well, Jake could be more fixated on his father's other appearance than we realized. We should schedule a private one-on-one session as soon as possible. Is this something that I should be worried about? Not at all. Not at all. I just want to check to -- to make sure. Okay? Couldn't hurt, right? Mm. Oh, and call me immediately if Jake mentions this again or says anything about hearing or seeing the man who looked like his father used to. Maybe we can track back to see a pattern of the events. Okay. Okay? All right. Yeah. I will. Thank you for your time today, and we'll keep in touch. Of course. Of course.

[Cell phone chimes]

I didn't have enough to get the chips and your water, so I just got your water. That was sweet of you. Thank you, but here. Take this, get yourself something else while I check my schedule. I thought you guys were going Halloween-costume shopping. What happened? We are. In a minute. Hey, I need to talk to you. Why? What's going on? Well, I'm worried about Jake... and Jason. You're taking a risk coming here. I could have met you. You were delayed, and it was urgent. Now, you said someone was getting close to the truth. Who? He works here. I'll explain later. There's a much bigger concern. I just learned that Patient 6 is watching Jake Webber. He was close to him in the park last night. It could be a matter of days or hours before he makes contact with someone.

Michael suggested you guys miss the event? That's right. I mean, he's really sad that he's gonna miss the party, but he made a good point. He's probably only gonna see Jason for about five minutes anyway, so what we'll probably do is just have Jason and Sam over at our house to celebrate. Your place? Yeah. Yeah, our place. But I have to get going, okay? So, good luck tonight. You know what? I can't do this. Look, you hired me to find the truth out about Nelle, good or bad. Now, you need to see this. Janelle Benson, also known as Nelle Hayes. Spent almost a full year in a mental institution. Is Jake having a hard time with his dad? No, no. It's nothing like that. But Jake is suddenly very interested in the way Jason used to look.

[Paper rustles]

He won't miss one of these, I hope. Everything is starting to unravel. Too many unexpected threads, starting with his escape! It's been handled. How? We know where he's gonna be tonight, and we're gonna intercept him. [Sighs] You went to a lot of trouble to get me here. Show yourself! Sonny.

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