GH Transcript Monday 10/23/17

General Hospital Transcript Monday 10/23/17


Episode #13915 ~ Franco confides in André; Jake knows better; Scott riles Kiki up.

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"Thanks for the clothes and for everything else. I won't forget it." Well, Patient 6, whoever you are, I hope you find what you're looking for.

[Knock on door]

[Clears throat] Oh. Kiki. Uh, c-come in. Were you expecting someone else? No, no, I just... to be honest, I wasn't expecting you, after what happened at perks, where I showed up during that memorial for Morgan that I didn't know was taking place. Well, that wasn't a great day for any of us. [Inhales] But then I ran into Scott Baldwin. Oh. [Laughs] Let me guess -- he told you all about how I shooed him out the door, right? What, did he, uh, send you on a mission to plead his case? He's worried about you. Why would he be worried about me? I'm fine. I'm great. Why is that? Because you're paying men to have sex with you?

[Footsteps approach]

Hey. Hey, Anna. Oh, how are you? I'm well. How are you doing? It's so good to see you. You, too. Mm! How was your trip? Uh, it was eventful, yeah. And yours? The same. Yeah, I want to hear all about it. Okay. Um, first, I-I actually wanted to clear something up with you. Have you... have you heard any gossip about me and Dr. Finn? Uh... uh, well, when I saw you two leaving town together, I wondered -- are you seeing each other? Uh, it's complicated. But I thought that I would come here and explain it to you because...

[Door closes]

...I know I can trust you, and you can be discreet. Um, maybe kind of pretend it's a confession or something. Uh, actually, before you say any more, um, well, you should know that I've given up my holy orders. I'm no longer a priest. We've heard back from pretty much all the major press outlets, and it seems like they're sending out representatives. Yeah, and I'm just gonna feed them liquor because a happy reporter equals a great review.


Trust me, you guys, you and Jason launching a media empire is going to be the blowout that everybody's talking about. [Exhales] Okay, I've got about a million details to finalize, so you guys do your thing.

Thank you!

Thank you, Olivia! Thank you! Yes! Okay, I know this is the over-the-top party that you and Jason usually hate -- I do. Carly, it's the kind that we used to hate, but life is gonna be different now. Jason and I aren't only launching a media company, we're stepping into a whole-new future, together. Hey. Don't you have a major media event to go to?

[Door closes]

Yeah, Sam's finalizing the details at the Metro Court now. But I wanted to check in on you. Any updates on the guy who tried to ambush you? No, not yet. But the more I think about it, the less I think it's an ambush.

[Door opens]

[Footsteps approaching]

Elizabeth: There you are. You left the house before the kids even woke up. Yeah, I just -- I really needed to get something down, out on paper.

[Pencil clacks]

Okay, well, I'll let it go this time if you let me see what you're working on. Well, no, um...

Ah, ah, ah! (Laughter) you know the rules. Come on, cut it out. What is wrong with you? This is how I work. Nobody gets to see what I'm working on until it's ready. Even me? Especially you. Are you sketching your twin painting again -- the one that André bought? I thought you were done thinking about that. Yeah, well, I guess my mother changing her story over and over again just kind of brought everything up again. [Sighs] I'm really sorry you went through that upheaval. But it's -- it's done now, right? Well, if accepting the fact that my mother's never gonna be honest with me means that it's done, then, yeah, I guess it's done. I'm just gonna have to live with the idea that this kid that I remember, I'm never gonna know if he was my neighbor, Jason's twin, or just a figment of my imagination. I know it's really frustrating not having any closure or resolution. That's why I'm working through it with charcoal and paper. Physician heal himself. Not to knock art therapy... perish the thought. ...But there are other ways to work through this. Just talk to me. Somebody tries to lure you to a meeting with details from our friendship. You show up and shots are fired. You want to tell me what I'm missing here? But not at me. Troy made that very clear. Troy pulled out his gun, the guy disarmed him, they struggled, the gun went off, and he had a clear shot at me on that bridge, but he didn't take it. Maybe he thought you were too well-guarded, and maybe he's going to try again. Maybe he's just not a threat. He's not a threat? Well, I'm just saying... then -- then why does he have your phone tapped -- or Monica's, or Michael's? For all we know, he's got Carly's phone tapped, and Sam's. That makes everybody I care about. And you may not think he's a threat, but I sure as hell do.

[Water running]

Dr. Klein: Tell me what I want to hear. We kept watch on Sam Morgan's apartment all night. No sign of Patient 6. Good. What's good about it? You've been pressuring us nonstop to find the guy. Your client wants him, regardless of time or expense. And right now, the guy's a ghost. As far as we know, he left the country. No, he'll stay close. He'll want to make sure the people he cares about are safe. When he finds that one of them isn't, he'll intervene. And you two will be waiting. Okay, I am really happy for you and Jason, and so is Sonny. "Happy" for us and a little skeptical? A lot skeptical. I mean, Jason owning a media company? I've never even seen him watch TV -- well, maybe football. Oh, my god. I said the same, exact thing to him. He doesn't read magazines. I mean, I thought he was just indifferent to pop culture, you know? He used to be. But, you know, Jason has grown up a lot. He's evolved, Carly. And, honestly, I don't think he would have been interested in buying Derek Wells Media if Julian wasn't motivated to sell. Besides, he's really good with numbers. And he wants to make an honest living for his family and make us lots and lots of money.

[Both laugh]

Wow! Well, it sounds like he knows what he's doing. And you, too.

Hmm, me?

Mm-hmm. I'm hoping I learn as I go. That's what I did with this place. And look how it turned out. It is pretty amazing. Yeah. If Jason and I can have the same success as you, then we will be thrilled. But I think the most important thing is that Jason's free from his past. Free of me and Sonny? No! Come on. Never. No, I'm just saying that, with Jason idle, he drifts, you know, and it would be really easy to get sucked back into Sonny's business. I get it. I really do. And I agree that a clean break is better. You know, you and Jason are strictly legit, and Sonny is just not -- well, he's a little legit.

[Both laugh]

But we're always gonna be friends. Okay? I want you to know that. [Scoffs] Come on. Always. I like to think this is my tool box. Oh, it's your mass kit. Yeah, if I, uh -- if I ever had to perform sacraments, uh, in the field, so to speak, I'd bring this with me. And now? I'm, uh, returning it to father Corey. He's my spiritual advisor. You know, giving up the responsibilities of being a priest also means giving up the privilege of administering the holy sacraments. Well, I know you've been questioning this for a while. Yeah. You know, I realized that you were right -- you know, when you -- when you said that I was stalling, that I was -- I was delaying my sabbatical so that I wouldn't have to make a choice. It was time for me to be honest with myself, about a lot of things. You went to Russia to help Ava, and you came back willing to give up your vocation. What happened over there? This is my fault. I'm sorry. Wait, what are you talking about? Well, it's just like what happened at perks, when we were remembering Morgan and you walked in, and... [Sighs] I'm sorry, mom, but I can't blame Michael or the rest of them for being upset with you. Well, I can. And Michael never misses an opportunity to tell me exactly what he thinks of me. Well, maybe if you hadn't pushed the idea of seeing Avery so hard -- "pushed!" Are you kidding me?! She is my daughter! Whether or not Michael or Sonny or anybody else wants to acknowledge it. Okay. I'm doing it again. I'm getting you all wound up. It's just like what happened at perks. It's really no surprise that you went looking for a certain kind of comfort. No, you're wrong. Not about me being upset. I was upset. I came home and I packed my bags. I was ready to leave town. And then -- and then you called one of those 976 numbers? [Laughing] No. No, that did not happen. There -- there was no escort, Kiki. I just said that to get Scott off my back. Why? I may have been desperate, but I've never been that desperate. Okay, then, I don't understand -- why'd you have to make up the story? Because Scott figured out that I had been with someone, and I didn't want to tell him who it was. What? Mom, why not? Who was it? "Thanks for the clothes and for everything else. I won't forget it." Was this who you slept with?

No. This note was not written by some one-night stand. I was gonna say, he's got very good manners. [Chuckles] Well, he does, actually. No, this was, um, from a man that I met at the Russian clinic, actually. I didn't even know his name, but he was in some kind of trouble, so I helped him out. And then what? He just showed up at your apartment? Well, no, but it's a complete coincidence that I ran into him -- here, in Port Charles. It's crazy, right? So I offered him a place to stay and a change of clothes, and he asked me to bring a note to Sonny, of all people. Sonny? Does he know him? Yeah, he said he did. He said they're friends. But I got to tell you -- there is something about this guy. You just... you just know that he's sincere. You know? Anyway, that's it. That's the whole story. So you came to the rescue of this nameless guy not only once, but twice. Yes, I did. And did any of that include, um...? What? [Laughs] No! It did not include "um." Absolutely not. I did not have sex with him. Okay, then, who did you have sex with? Is it really so important? Okay, mom... you locked yourself in this apartment, refusing any human contact for six months. I just want to know who the guy is. He's lucky. [Chuckles] That's very sweet. [Patting leg] But I'm not gonna tell you. [Groans] [Laughs] All that matters is that...I care about him. And, unbelievably, he cares for me. That's not so unbelievable. What, do you think you're gonna sweet-talk me into telling you?

[Both laugh]

Well, you forget I am a master of deductive reasoning. Ah. Let's see. It's not Scott. It's not your friend from the clinic. Couldn't be Griffin. Oh, my god, it is Griffin. You slept with Griffin! I was able to track Ava to a clinic in saint Petersburg, which, as I feared, was a dangerous place. And you saved her? I wouldn't call it that. Well, I'm sure Ava would. God, I should have pushed my WSB connections more. I could have had a team sent in. I could have had her extracted professionally. And by "professionally," you just mean anybody except me? Yeah. When I look at you, I see your father. And I think duke would never forgive me if I didn't try to stop his son from doing something that he will always regret. I'm not talking about leaving the priesthood. I know you've been wrestling with that for -- for a long time. And I've finally found closure. It's one thing to decide that the church is no longer your calling. But to give it up for Ava Jerome? Have you lost your mind? You know you can trust me with anything, don't you? Uh, how about this? How about we just forget about the past, for now, and -- and focus on the future? Okay, I like the sound of that. You done working soon? Almost. Jake has a half day today, so I thought I'd take him costume shopping. He still hasn't decided? [Chuckles] No, but I'm sure he'd like a little creative input. You want to come with us? Uh, I would, but -- oh, right. Yeah, can't argue with the muse. I get it. But tell him that I hope he picks something that he really likes. Let's just hope he picks something. All right. I'll see you later. [Door opens] Okay! Everything is working like clockwork for your event. I have closed off the restaurant for a private party, we've taken on some extra staff, and we'll make sure that this shindig goes off without a hitch, right? Yes, yes. Well, it sounds like you've thought of everything. It's gonna be a great night, for all of us. [Chuckles] We still don't know that the guy on the bridge is connected to the phone tap. The timing is too close for it to be a coincidence. But I don't want to rush to judgment and see something that isn't there.

I get that.

Right? I understand that. Here's what I don't understand -- why are you working so hard to give this guy the benefit of the doubt? Because of a note that had things that happened 20 years ago in it? Things I never told anybody. Don't take this the wrong way. Mm-hmm. 20 years ago is a long time ago. Now, you might not remember telling anyone about what happened at Luke's that night, but maybe you did. Or, worse yet, maybe this guy is better at doing research than we're giving him credit for. And that makes him a threat. Okay, let's say the guy on the bridge is a threat. Still doesn't connect him to the phone taps. Who else would have everybody I love surveilled? Well, you should know, 'cause you're the one who told me.

[Knock on door]

I've been expecting you.

[Door closes]

[Groans] Okay. [Clears throat] Where were we?

Oh, I know what it is. The broom is going like this right, right and it's on the ice. And it starts with a C. Cat, cat. It's cricket. No, not cricket. It's curling. How did you know? She has her phone right here. (Laughing) why you cheating, baby? (Laughing) was Griffin. It's pretty incredible, isn't it? That somebody as flawless as he is, inside and out, would -- would want somebody as flawed as I am. No. No, I'd believe it. I was with Griffin when he figured out that you'd gone to Russia. I saw how badly he wanted to bring you home. He was desperate to find you. [Chuckles] Desperate, huh? Believe it. He clearly cares about you, and more than just, like, a former patient. Then again, there's a difference between caring about someone and having sex with them. Mom, he's a priest! Not anymore. What? I-I guess the collar was getting a little bit tight, you know, 'cause he removed it. For you? Well... [Clears throat] ...He had his own reasons. You know, he's... [Grunts] ...Under no obligation to me. Thank you. And, uh, vice versa. That sounds very evolved. It is. We're just letting things happen -- or not. That's good. I'm glad that you guys are moving slow. But you have to know that even if you weren't the only reason that he decided to give up his commitment to the church, that you still factored into that. It's a big deal. How do you feel about all this? Well, you know me. I'm as cynical and cautious as ever. But I have to tell you something. For the first time in so long, I feel human.

[Both laugh]

Oh, Mom! And he, um -- he sees good in me, and that gives me hope that someday you will, too. I really do hope that this is the beginning of a whole-new chapter in your life. But I should probably get going to work. Oh, all right. Well, would you mind some company? I have business at GH, too. No, it's not [Laughs] With Dr. Munro. Well, you're welcome to ride shotgun as long as you don't tell me how to drive. All right. I can't make any promises.

[Door closes]

No, I haven't lost my mind. I may have given up my collar, but I still believe in redemption. Ava has changed. Even the worst sinner can turn her life around. You, of all people, should know that. I do. I'm just not sure that that's Ava's plan. And I know that she has one. Then we're just gonna have to wait and see. Anyway, enough about me. What's -- what's going on with you and Dr. Finn? Well, I'm glad I got to you before the chatter at the nurses' station so I can tell you myself that Dr. Finn and I are together. Don't look at me that way. I know it's unexpected, but if you don't want me to judge you -- I'm not judging. [Chuckles] I'm not judging. I-I like Finn. I've admired his work, both here at GH. And elsewhere. So what's the problem? He's -- he's barely been drug-free for a year. Mm-hmm. He just broke up with his fiancée, and he lost a child. I -- I'm just saying... it's your life. What? It's your life. [Sighs] And I have mine. So maybe the best thing for each of us to do is head down our separate paths and see where we end up. That sounds like a good plan. I should get this back to father Corey. Yeah, I'm gonna go check in with Dr. Finn.

[Door closes]

Franco: I was obsessed. I could not stop thinking about the boys in that picture. Even though my mom had already told me that we weren't twins, I-I couldn't stop thinking about them. And so I just -- I kept sketching and sketching, because I knew there was more to the story. And I thought -- I thought if I kept sketching it, I could get to the bottom it, that I -- that I could figure out the truth. And how did you feel about that? Well, I know you've heard this one before, but I blame my mother. So I went to see her. And guess what? She was hiding something from me. I did find out the truth. Andréw didn't die. She brought him to a foundling hospital to protect him. Protect him from what? From me. I don't want Sam to know about this guy on the bridge just yet until I -- until I know what's going on. I don't want to upset her right now. Normally, I would advise you to tell her. But in this case, I'm saying, look, don't worry about it, because this guy's after me. Let me deal with him. As my friend, I need you to deal with it. You have my word. Okay. Thank you.

[Door opens]

Hey, hey! Hey!

[Door closes]


Hey. Hello. Hi.


Hi. So, uh, how's the prep for the launch party coming? Uh, it was great. Your partner right here is a great planner.

Sam: Ah. She listens, she evaluates, and then she makes a quick decision. Can't ask for more from a customer -- except to pay on time. I don't think that's gonna be a problem for you guys. I mostly just nodded. [Laughs] Carly and Olivia, they -- they have this down to a science. But we are wondering why we were summoned here. What's going on? Well... [Sighs] Ah. Do you remember the federal investigation that Diane said was likely going to happen? Yeah. Well, honey, looks like it might already be here.

The feds are investigating Sam and Jason, too? What do you mean, "too"? Brick found taps on Sonny's phone and on mine. Not physical bugs. Software, very sophisticated. Brick said it was probably developed by the feds or the NSA. I thought that I was the target, but maybe I'm just a person of interest. What, are -- are you telling me the feds are after me and Jason? I would say mostly Jason. I thought the point of buying Derek wells media was because Jason wanted to go legit. What am I saying? Julian is a known mobster, Jason has mob ties, and Julian is in prison, so... the feds assume it's a shell transaction. I take over Derek Wells Media, looks like a front, that I'm really running Julian's illegal businesses. And they're gonna monitor anybody I might reach out to. Honey. What? Have you had any problems with your phone? Yes, actually. Glitches and static. And I was gonna take it in. I didn't have time. Well, at least we saved you a trip. I'm assuming your phone is acting the same way? No. Mine's the only one that's not tapped. What? They want to monitor the people that I talk to. What do we do now? Nothing. We continue with the launch party, as planned. Maybe not. Let's just cut to the chase. We know everyone close to 6. Let's just take someone and draw him out. No. Most of the people close to 6 are also close to Sonny Corinthos. I've been researching Corinthos. He's a lot worse than it looks. He's got major resources. I don't want to provoke him. [Scoffs] Well, we aren't going to get anywhere sitting on our hands in a steam room. I agree. Break time is over. We need to put you somewhere where we know 6 is going to be. I hate the idea of keeping something from Elizabeth. I don't want to keep anything from her. But how am I supposed to do this? How am I supposed to explain to her that my obsession with Jason started when I was really little and that I was a psycho and that I might've pushed a kid down a flight of stairs? How's that gonna make her feel when she watches me tuck her boys into bed at night? How do you feel, Franco? Do you consider yourself a threat to her children? I love those boys, I do. Cam and Aiden -- I've had a bond with Jason since the minute I met him, and...after knowing what I did to Andréw -- or may have done to him -- I don't want Jake anywhere near me. And I know that I promised Elizabeth that I would tell Jason the truth. But I made that promise to her when I thought that Andréw had died of heart failure. And now there's no way I can tell Jason that he's got an identical twin out there somewhere and that that identical twin might be alive. Because? Because Jason is not going to stop until he finds him. And Elizabeth will -- Elizabeth will want to find him, too. Elizabeth will want Jake to know that he has an uncle. Well, would that be so bad? [Stammers] Okay. Vegetable lasagna is bad. This would be like -- like end-of-the-world bad. Okay, maybe -- maybe I don't remember what actually happened on the steps, but maybe Andréw does. And the last thing in the world I need right now is Jason Morgan's twin wanting me as dead as Jason wants me. Okay, now is when you advise me. Now is when you tell me that I should tell Elizabeth everything. And Jason, too. Actually, Franco... [Clears throat] ...I think that's the last thing you should do. Okay, I'm gonna clock out, and then we will head over to the mall, okay? Did you, uh, come up with any costume ideas? Hey, you okay? Something happen at school today? No. Well, you're awfully quiet. I hope you're not getting sick. No. It's not that. It's just, I've been thinking about the man in the park. You know, your dad said he didn't see anyone, right? I know what dad said, but the man was there. I saw him. Okay. Well, what did this man look like? Like the old pictures of dad, before his face changed. Hey kiddo. See any stars out there? Not really. Music grab your jacket.

[Indistinct conversations]

Hi, Griffin. Ava, hey. What are you doing here? Um, I'm here to see Franco. Well, you'll find him in the art-therapy room. Dr. Munro, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you've done for my mom. I mean going to Russia to find her and bring her home. Not that you haven't done anything for her since. I -- I just mean, um, you've really been there for my mother when she's needed you. I'm gonna -- I'm gonna go start my shift. [Footsteps departing] Yeah, that's not... [Chuckles] I... [Chuckles] I don't kiss and tell, if that's what you're thinking. It -- it's just, as my daughter recently told me, she's very skilled at deductive reasoning. Mm. Which will make her a fine doctor. I'm glad to see you. Any chance you have time for a cup of coffee? Oh, you know, I don't. I'm -- I'm looking for Franco. Well, how about dinner? Are you positive the man looked like your dad? Well, not like he is now. The way he was before. The way he looked in the old pictures. Did he frighten you? No, he was nice. How do you know that, Jake? How -- did he talk to you? No. I had the hot chocolate, so I couldn't stop. But then, I just saw him, and he smiled. Mom, you don't have to worry. The man didn't do anything. Okay, when you told us about him in the park, you said that he made you feel safe -- why? How did he make you feel safe? I don't know. He just did. Can we go Halloween shopping now? Yes. Uh, but I think there's someplace we need to stop first. Come on. Okay, just to be clear, as my shrink, you're advising me to keep all of this information from Elizabeth -- and Jason, too? First of all, no matter what I tell you, ultimately, the choice is yours, not mine. What are you telling me? I'm suggesting that you look at this from another angle. You feel you should tell Elizabeth and Jason the truth. But what exactly would you be telling them? And how can you be sure that it is, in fact, true? You said yourself you don't remember what caused Andréw to fall down the stairs. How do you know you're to blame? How do you know that it even happened at all? For all you know, this could be simply another fabrication of your mother's. Yeah, well, she does lie about everything, and -- but... [Sighs] Yeah, I don't know. I feel like she's telling the truth about this. I've repressed it, maybe? I don't know. Is that some-- do kids do that? Of course. And if you want, that's something that we can explore in future sessions. And in the meantime, I keep it from Elizabeth? Listen, Elizabeth and Jason aren't my patients.

Your psyche is the one that I'm concerned with. You'll have plenty of time... [Sighs] ...To talk with Elizabeth -- and Jason -- once you are certain in your own mind about what was real and what was not. Of course, if you don't feel comfortable, then I -- no, no, no, no. I do, I do. It's just -- I mean, I'm surprised. It's the last thing I ever would have thought, but I am comfortable. And -- and talking to you somehow gives me relief from the darker corners of my mind. I'm glad to hear it. Yeah. Until next time, then? Yeah, thank you. I-I do feel better.

[Door opens, closes]

Sonny: If you want to convince people, especially the feds, that you're trying to go legit, you don't want an alleged crime lord on your guest list. You're not gonna get out of this party. It's -- it's best interest for everyone that I don't go. -Sonny, no! -Yes! No, Sonny's right. I mean, the point of all this is for you and Jason to distance yourself from Sonny's business. Well, this is how you do it. You make a public statement. You have your media event, and Sonny and I, we're just not gonna be there. But it's your hotel. I know that. And you have office space there. You may want to think about relocating. Don't do that. That's not fair! Listen to me. The Metro Court is legit, but I'm Sonny's wife. Olivia's the mother of one of his kids. That means we're under a special kind of scrutiny. [Sighs] I can't believe this is happening again. It's fine. It's fine. It just means that we have to be super diligent about our bookkeeping, especially with cash transactions. And you're gonna have to do the same. If you have nothing to hide, the feds have nothing to find. Yeah, and in the meantime, my phone is being tapped, and someone's listening to every word that I say. Sam, it's best to be cautious. It is. If you want to do any talking, you do it just face-to-face. And don't associate with suspicious characters like me and Sonny.

On second thought, forget I asked. Uh, I'm much too busy for dinner, anyway. I'd love to. You would? [Chuckles] Who would've thought -- the two of us having [Chuckles] Dinner, like normal people? Who'd have thought? It's a date, then. It's a date. Be careful. You, too. What do you say we make a quick stop to see Dr. Maddox? I want you to tell him about the man in the park. Okay, sure. But there's nothing to worry about. Like I told you, the man I saw -- he's nice.

[Footsteps approaching]

Just the man I was looking for. I see you called. With an update for me?

André: [Through cell phone] Someone's getting close to the truth. How close? If they connect a few more dots, they'll know everything. Okay, some of you are regulars who know how I like things done. Some of you are temps that are hired just for the night. I hate this. I know. You guys should be there. We're gonna be there. We're there in spirit, cheering you on from a distance. Yeah, and we're gonna give you a full report of the media coverage from the audience perspective. Think of it as valuable research. You're being really great about this. Yeah, doesn't happen very often. You should take full advantage of it. You know what? Do you mind if I do the honors? Of course. Well, that means you're in charge of the toast. [Laughs] I've checked your references. You all have experience working with VIPs. When a glass is empty, you fill it. What are we drinking to?

[Cork pops]

Oh! That's good. [Laughs] Something more important than launch parties or federal investigations. I want to drink to our friendship. Yeah, it's true that, uh, Sam and I are committed to making a new life for our kids.

[Bottle thuds]

But we wouldn't be here -- we wouldn't be anywhere -- if it weren't for you and Carly. So, the feds, if they want to come at us, let them come. I'm ready for them. I can handle it. But Sam and I are not gonna hide from where we come from. We're not gonna hide who our friends are. That said, we want you two at the launch party.

[Bottle thuds]

More than that, we need you there. We do. Please, please say you'll come. You sure? Positive. All right, well, we're gonna be there. And if anyone has a special request, you'll be sure and let me and Carly know. To your success.

And to friendship.

Friendship! To friendship! [Laughs]

[Glasses clink]

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