GH Transcript Friday 10/20/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 10/20/17


Episode #13914 ~ Patient 6 takes in his surroundings. Franco fears he's his own worst enemy. Griffin comes to terms with his decision. Kevin offers a sympathetic ear. Laura is left in suspense.

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So I've decided to put aside my annoyance that I had to find out from my sister-in-law -- you and Jason up and bought a media empire? I'm guessing my invite to that big press event got lost in the mail, 'cause, you know, we're so close. I planned your baby shower. Where you almost revealed the gender of my baby when Jason and I asked you not to. But that's okay, because you were a very generous host nonetheless. Yes, I was. Yes, you were. So is there anything else in your life that I should know about? Maxie, I am -- I am so sorry. I -- I had no idea Jason was gonna buy Derek Wells Media until he brought me in to sign the paperwork. Wait, what? Yeah, Jason -- well, actually, no, Diane had negotiated without telling me, and I guess because Jason wanted to make sure the deal was done. So he was just like, "hey, honey, here's a multi-million-dollar corporation I just bought." Yeah, basically. He brought me in to sign the papers and told me that we were partners. Wow! You know, I never thought Jason would willingly enter a corporate boardroom. Yeah, you know, I never would have thought of this on my own, but it's pretty exciting. You know, it's gonna be a challenge -- a new life for our family. Yeah, a life of paparazzi and parties. No, no, I hope not. The party is just part of the marketing and branding. I hope it's a one-time thing, not a lifestyle choice. Please. Okay, if this is a one-time thing, we have to make it monumental. I know the drill. You're not into formal wear. Oh, ho, ho. But this is going to look great on you. You are a life saver. There's a catch. Oh! I am doing you a favor. Mm-hmm. I need you to do one for me. Okay, thank you so much. Bye. Hey. Nathan! Just the person I was hoping to see. I have great news. Oh, yeah?

[Chuckles] The rest of our advance on the book came in. So if Chet needs further treatment, it's covered. Oh, well, that is good news. And it makes what I came here to say a lot easier. I think it's time to kill "Ask Man Landers". Look, hey, you know, I've fought it for a long time, but I-I can't deny the truth in the end. The priesthood wasn't the right choice for me. I'm happy for you, if you're at peace with that. But I wasn't just asking what it means to leave the priesthood. I was asking what it means for us. Now that you won't be a priest anymore, um... where exactly do you want us to go from here? Mm. [Sighs heavily] Nothing like being in a stuffy, corporate building that brings you back to the real world. [Chuckles] You know, I woke up in our bed this morning hoping that the last 24 hours have been just a dream, and we were still at our beautiful villa in Tuscany enjoying our honeymoon. Me, too. [Sighs] But all good things must come to an end -- mm. Even two months in paradise. [Chuckles] I guess it's time we return to the real world. You want me to stick around? No, no, no. You've got to go pick up Leo's medicine at the pharmacy before it closes. Yeah. By the time you swing back here, it should be all settled. Good luck. Thanks. I love you. I love you, too. [Laughs] [Sighs] I don't like it. Yes, yes, I'm looking for investments in sustainable energy, but this proposal, it's too high risk. I mean, how could we even -- [Scoffs] Come on. What? No, no, the static's back. I can't even hear anything. [Scoffs] You know what? Let's just, um -- let's talk about this later, okay?

[Knock on door]

Bye. Come in! Everything good? Hey, uh, yeah. You know what? Something's wrong with my phone. It's probably nothing. Anyway, welcome back! How was the honeymoon? Great, great. Yeah? Olivia had never been to Italy before. Really? Hand to God! [Chuckles] Anyway, we had a great time. Uh, we went everywhere -- to Vatican, to Venice. We spent the last two weeks in a beautiful villa in Tuscany. And it actually gave me a chance to do some thinking about my role here at ELQ. I was assured that you two were thorough professionals. We are. Not from what I've seen. You cornered Patient 6, and he walked away with your guns and your money and dumped you two like so much garbage. He took us off guard. I told you he was fast. Did you think I was making it up? We'll be ready for him next time. Assuming we can find him. He knows the city far better than we do. He could be anywhere. Only way to find out who sent this is to meet them at the bridge. Clearly, I can't talk you out of this. So I'm not gonna let you go alone. Okay, the only reason I'm bringing you into this is because this is personal to you and to our history. That's why I need to be there. Come on, Sonny. Come on.

Oh, I know what it is. The broom is going like this right, right and it's on the ice. And it starts with a C. Cat, cat. It's cricket. No, not cricket. It's curling. How did you know? She has her phone right here. (Laughing) why you cheating, baby? (Laughing) okay, if you would e-mail those figures, I'd appreciate it. I need them for the board meeting. Oh, God! No, no, I'm sorry. It has nothing to do with you. Uh... uh, listen, I -- oh, I have to go. Goodbye. Oh, Monica! Olivia! We're back! It's so great to see you! Yeah. Ned and I had so much fun -- would you just explain this to me? I walked out the door this morning and ran face first into them. Oh, yeah, aren't those great? They're so much better than the ones we had back in the day. You know, they really do seem like real cobwebs. And just as unpleasant. Hey, you know, I came back from the trip, and I looked around. I noticed that no one had even decorated the house for Halloween, so I just -- I went ahead and did it all by myself. Yeah, I saw that. I saw that. [Laughs] Along with these all over the house, you had the glow-in-the-dark skeletons on every door, and the headless scarecrows all over the lawn. What's the matter, Monica? You don't like Halloween? Oh, I think Halloween is just fine. I also think a jack-o'-lantern or two is enough to celebrate the holiday. [Sighs] My living room looks like the great pumpkin exploded in it. Well, technically, if the great pumpkin exploded, then the room would be full of little seeds, and not more pumpkins. Okay, well the point is, my house looks like the haunted mansion, and you never even consulted me. I was just trying to do something nice for Leo. And, you know, our grandkids are gonna love it. Clearly, it's way past time we had a chat about boundaries. I have a lot of ideas for the "new business" division. But it means cutting back on some of your green initiatives. Well, um, a lot of those initiatives are already performing. Yes, and we will be sure to keep all those that are performing well. But with all due respect, I believe we've been neglecting other opportunities that, um, could be more lucrative. In your opinion. I'm the VP of new business. Um, it's my division, so my opinion should carry the most weight. Unless, of course, you've changed your mind about bringing me back to ELQ? Look, I don't -- I don't know what leaving my holy orders means for us. And I realize "I don't know" isn't good enough. And I'm sorry for wavering back and forth. But the only real commitment I've never made in my entire life was to the priesthood. And I'm not sure how my life's supposed to go without that. Right, you just gave up a huge part of your life and your identity. I suppose it's wise not to jump into the deep end of a new relationship so quickly. No hard feelings, though, right? Hey, hey. Look, I realize walking away might be the easier choice, but I want nothing more right now than to kiss you.

Anderson: We're using state-of-the-art electronic surveillance. Patient 6 hasn't made contact with anyone in town. You better be right. Patient 6 has dangerous friends. We need to stop him before he reaches them.

[Car engine whirs in distance]

[Car door opens, closes]

Jason: Sonny? You see anything?

I feel a strong connection to you, Ava. I feel it, too. But I just -- I just walked away from what I thought was my calling. I just failed at the biggest commitment of my life. Whoa, what? [Laughs] Just wait a minute there, Dr. Munro. I never said anything about a commitment. You didn't? No. No. I'll make this clear. I'm not asking for any promises. You made me feel wanted at a time I never thought I'd feel that way again. Look, you accu-- you accused me of sending mixed signals. Well, you know you did. And it made me mad and frustrated. You gave me back the touch of another person. And then you took it away. I'm so -- I'm sorry. You know, if you think about it, our friendship aside, maybe we've just been using each other to feel alive. I'm not expecting anything more. So if all you can think about is kissing me, don't stop on my account. Ned, of course I haven't changed my mind. You have a lot of experience at ELQ. Grandfather himself groomed me to run the company. Yeah, and I know the new business division is in good hands. Thank you. I have plenty of thoughts about how we can diversify our output. But like I said, it'll demand some cuts. Some of your green projects have been bleeding cash. Yet some of them show the most potential. Look, Ned, I'd hate to pull out right now before they turn a major profit. You also need to know when to cut your losses, Michael. So why don't we go through all the projects, one by one -- you know what? I, uh -- actually I got to get to a board meeting at General Hospital. Um, I'll be back.

Michael: Oh, Ned. Again, welcome back.

[Door closes]

[Sighs] Boundaries? Now don't misunderstand me. I am delighted that you feel comfortable under the Quartermaine roof. But since you have moved in, you have fired the cook, you have planted a vegetable garden on the croquet court, and you've attempted to install a brick oven on the terrace. Monica, I'm -- I'm just trying to make the place a little bit less stuffy, okay? I'm just trying to breathe a little bit of life into the house. I -- is -- is that so wrong? Well, what's wrong, Olivia, is that you are a guest in my house. A guest? Mm-hmm. [Scoffs] I'm Ned's wife. I -- I -- that's supposed to be our home. And I understand that you are used to being the matriarch of your family. But at the end of the day, this is my house. Only because Alan gave it The more things change. Hmm. What are you talking about? You're the perfect face of the brand. "Ask Man Landers" is a break-out hit. Why would you want to shut it down? Look, it was one thing when I was just getting ribbed by the cops around the precinct, okay? [Scoffs] That -- that I can handle. But me posing as "Ask Man Landers" has been really hard on Maxie. And as much as I wanted this to work out for you and your brother, my marriage is not something I'm willing to put on the line. Okay, and besides, you said we raised enough money for Chet's additional treatment, right? Yeah, we have. Oh, look, if you don't want to do any more public appearances, I can talk to Quinn -- look, Amy, Amy, Amy, no. It's more than that, okay? As long as you continue to write under this name, my face and identity are gonna be associated with it. And now that we've accomplished what we set out to, I think it's time you shut down the blog for good. Let me try this on while you tell me whatever favor it is that I can do for you. Okay, well, it's not such a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Ah! I'll be the judge of that. Well, I just happen to remember that Derek Wells Media is the parent company of crimson". Uh-huh. And I was thinking you -- or your husband -- could order Nina to re-hire me as an editor. Maxie, from what I understand, Crimson operates completely autonomously from Derek Wells Media. How autonomous can it be if the parent company's signing off on the budget? [Sighs] [Sighs heavily] Hmm. Hm. Hm. Well? I did it again! Yeah? You look fantastic. You think? Yeah. Oh, here. And now that you are head of a major media company, it's time to join the couture crowd. Maybe retire this jacket for good? Sonny, it looks like we're the only ones here. Whoever sent that note must have reconsidered. There was no time on the note. They could still show up.

So we're agreed we should stop now? It wouldn't be smart to go any further while we're sorting this whole thing out. You're right. It wouldn't be.

[Elevator door opens]

Hey! How'd it go? It went. Trouble in paradise? I always knew that if I came back to ELQ that Michael would be my boss. But I just assumed as a former CEO, that the corporate hierarchy might not be so entrenched. What? Did he give you a hard time? Let's just say he was resistant to my suggestion that we cut back on some of his more grandiose eco projects. Well, are you gonna fight him on it? Well, as much as I can. He's the CEO. He has the final say. So, you know, it's just gonna take some adjustment, you know, learning how to take orders from my 20-something cousin. I just have to make peace with the fact that Michael is now the one who's gonna be calling the shots in the family. Why in the hell would you make peace with something like that. Good evening, grandmother. Oh, my, is it that time, dear? I'm afraid so. May I escort you to the board meeting? Well, that would be -- that would be lovely. Thank you. I was just going over some budget projections in case there's a pushback on any of our proposals. It is strange to say that I kind of actually miss Tracy in these meetings? [Laughs] Well, she always did have an inexplicable way about her, didn't she? I know she'd have a lot to say about Jason's announcement. Purchasing Derek Wells Media -- I did not see that one coming. You know, all I've ever wanted for Jason is two things -- to be safe and to be happy. And those two things seemed to be at war with each other for years. Finally, he has found something stable. Even if it's going to be a little competition for my grandson. No, no, no. ELQ isn't competing with Derek Wells Media, at least not yet. Yeah.

[Cell phone rings]

Oh, wait a second. This is the secretary of the board. Excuse me. Hello, wade. Hi, what's up? What, they've canceled the board meeting? Yeah, wade, hello? Hello? What's wrong? They canceled the board meeting. Why? I don't know! I can't -- I can't get him. All I get is static and -- and a lot of rattling in the back. My phone has been doing this all week. My client is asking for updates. I don't have any to give him. When 6 tries to make contact -- we'll intercept. The way you were going to "intercept" him in new York? Or when he got off the bus? Now we have a better idea of what to expect. You better hope 6 is all we have to deal with. If he reaches Sonny Corinthos, my client will not be happy. And if you think that's not your problem, you're wrong. My client is paying for your services, and he expects results. Hands behind your head. Hands behind your head.

[Both grunting]



I'm not ready to hang this up just yet. I was kidding. I know, I know. It's just -- this is symbolic, you know. This jacket, it reminds me of my old life with Jason. And this dress, the party, and the company, it represents a new one. That's a good thing, right? Yeah. I just -- I don't know. It doesn't feel like mine sometimes. It's okay. Look, when the dust settles, I promise I will ask Jason to talk to Nina and hopefully, we'll get your old job back. Why not you? Aren't you guys equal partners? No. He's the CEO. [Chuckles] I bet you thought you'd never say something like that. Listen, I never thought I would have two beautiful children, but I do. Things change. [Scoffs] From your mouth. Right now, I'm stuck being Mrs. "Ask Man Landers". Stuck? I thought you liked being the wife of a celebrity. I don't like random fans showing up at our apartment at all hours. Ouch. Yeah. And you should see some of the tweets. They're totally obnoxious. That bad? Oh, yeah. Let's look at the hashtag. Okay? "OMG! I'll take his advice and abs!" Okay, that's not bad. "He's married to her? Gtfooh!" Eh. "I'll do anything for some one on one advice." Oh, oh, okay -- okay, okay. I think -- I think I get what you're saying here. Maxie, you are the one who is used to being in the spotlight, right? If this "Ask Man Landers" thing isn't going away, then you have to find a way to embrace it and make it work for you. Oh, my God! Sam! You are a genius! I suppose you're right. As long as "Ask Man Landers" keeps blogging or publishing more books, your reputation is on the line. We have to end it. [Sighs] And your disappointed. [Chuckles] Of course! But you've already done so much for me already. I can't ask you to keep this going. Thank you for not fighting me on this. Hey, some things aren't meant to last. Well, I hope you keep writing. Writing was just a hobby. I'm a nurse! Well, it doesn't have to be either/or, right? I mean, you're a talented writer. Plus, you know a big-shot publisher now, right? There's no reason you couldn't publish something under your name. Who would read it? Everybody who's already reading it. [Scoffs] Amy, look, the people who respond to "Ask Man Landers" are not responding to my picture, they're responding to your words, all right? Never forget that. We made a good team, right? Yes, we did. I have to get back to work. I'll call Quinn first thing tomorrow and tell her "no more books". "Ask Man Landers" will be no more. Olivia, what's going on? I thought you loved Michael. I do love Michael. Of course I do. I couldn't love him any more if he was my own son. I'm -- [Sighs] I'm just projecting, that's all. Projecting what? I had a little run-in with Monica at the hospital. And things got a little scratchy. Well I know before we left on our honeymoon, things were getting tense between the two of you. [Sighs] She called me a "guest", Ned. A guest in our home. I mean, I know haven't been a Quartermaine for very long, but it's just pretty frustrating to see how Alan's branch gets all the deference. I mean -- I mean, Michael is no more Quartermaine than you. In fact, you, even more so, you actually took the Quartermaine name. He's still technically a Corinthos. Okay, don't take this the wrong way, but you're starting to sound like my mother. You have no idea. I actually felt like I was channeling Tracy when I was arguing with Monica. Liv, you didn't remind her that -- Alan gave her the house? Yes, actually, I did. Oh. We can always move. Most extended families don't live under the same roof. Why should you have to do that, Ned? I know the house is Monica's on paper, but the spirit of the home has always been the Quartermaines. Why should you get chased out? You are every bit as much a part of the Quartermaines and ELQ as Michael or Monica. So what are you suggesting I do about that? I am suggesting you take back what's yours. Okay, wade, thanks for letting me know. I'm sorry you had to come all the way down here to have the board meeting canceled. Oh, it's okay. I got plenty to do at the office anyway. I guess I had better take this in to have it checked out. Why don't I take your phone to my IT. Guy at ELQ? Oh, no, I can take it to the store. Yeah, where they'll tell you it's gonna take days to fix. No, come on. My guy's great and he's fast. Perks of being the boss. Your phone will be as good as new by the time you get back home, trust me. You're a godsend. I love you. I love you, too. Thank you. Bye. That shot came from the west. You were right. It was a trap. You work for Sonny? One of his guards. And we're just protecting the boss. Sonny, you need to get out of here. You stay, I stay. No. You're the target, not me. Get back to the car. What are you gonna do to me? Sonny, let me do my job.

 hey, what happened? You've been hit? This guy jumped me. He could have killed me, but he let me go. Why would he do that? Sam, you are so right. The only way out of this crevasse is further in! Uh... I am gonna embrace being Mrs. "Ask Man Landers" and it's gonna get me everything I want. Wait, wait. Do I even want to ask what you're planning? What is the fun in that? I really need to go. Oh, hey! Take that dress off. I don't want you to start your new life with Jason all wrinkled. Luck! Luck! [Sighs] The reality of it is, 6 knows the city far better than we do. He may have resources we know nothing about. Which is why we need to switch tactics. Ooh! [Laughs] That was, uh... oh, don't tell me you're gonna say "a mistake". [Chuckles] I don't know. Was it? Relax. We're fine. This was different than the last time. Mm. No fear into being turned into pillars of salt? Mm-hmm. [Chuckles] This was a first for me. Knowing I was free to be with you without violating my vows. How do you feel about it? If it isn't forbidden, is it still the same? Better. [Exhales sharply] [Sighs heavily] Well, it's getting late. You should probably get going.

You kicking me out? [Laughs] Well, no, staying over smacks of commitment. And we agreed that we're not looking for that, right? Right. This time it's his turn. You have 4.3 minutes to yourself.

Wow! Great costumes. What are you guys -- like four or five? Forty-six. Alright, yeah ok. Here you go. You don't understand, slick. We're here for the party. Whoo! Yeah, that's cute! [Laughing] Put your hand down.

[Indistinct conversations]

Hi. Hi! Are you ready to go to dinner? I am. I took care of the business I needed to take care of. Okay. What's that smile about? What? Aside from the sight of my beautiful wife. Yeah, aside from that. Ah, right. I may or may not have some news you might enjoy. Ooh, tell me! No. You have to wait. Is that so? Mm-hmm. Okay, then I'm not gonna tell you the news that I have. Is it about a job? You're just gonna have to wait.

[Elevator bell dings]

[Laughs] Well, I suppose it's a good thing that I'm leaving. I'll wake up early and figure out the logistics of my new life. I hope it works out for you. Thank you. You know, whether you meant to or not, you helped me figure out what I've been denying for far too long. All I did was call you on your bull. I know. And that it exactly what I needed to take some responsibility for my own decisions. Anytime. Okay. So I'll, uh -- I'll call you. Hm -- or not! Keeping it casual, remember? Right. Casual. Good night, Ava. Good night, Griffin. The two of us need to assert ourselves, okay? Monica needs to learn that I am not going anywhere and she's gonna have to learn to share our home. And there's no reason that you can't do the same thing with Michael and ELQ. Oh, really, I am not in any mood to stage another corporate coup. That is not even remotely what I'm talking about. I love Michael. I would never want any harm to come to him, which includes him getting himself in over his head. I mean, in the greater scheme of things, he is really very young. And you were just the last CEO, which means that you still command respect from all the people that were there before Michael took over. So what you're saying is, Michael's the one with the corner office and the title, but I could be the one with the real power. Whoever was waiting for us, disarmed troy and then took off. That shot we heard was troy's gun misfiring. Why set a trap and not spring it? Well, they could have taken us out on the bridge if they wanted to. They didn't. Maybe killing me's not the goal. I just can't wrap my head around what this guy wants. Uh... oh, boy. Hey!

Michael: Hey. Jason, I didn't expect to see you here. Yeah, it's good to see you. Hey, congrats on buying Derek Wells Media, by the way. Thank you. Uh, am I interrupting something, or -- what can I do for you, son? Okay, so, um, my phone's been glitching. I've been getting static on all my calls. And Monica tells me that she's been, uh, getting static on all her calls. Right. So I thought it was worth checking into, so I brought both phones to ELQ IT. And they found spy software on both phones. They've been tapped? Some sort of, uh, listening program to monitor all conversations. Can brick look at your phone? Yeah, yeah. No, that's why I brought it over. I figured somebody might be targeting you, wanting access to our conversations. But what I'm confused about is why tap Monica's phone? Sonny's not the target. I am.

Jason: Honey, relax!

Sam: Hey, I thought I told you I'd be right back.

Yeah, you did. Has anyone ever told you that you are very beautiful when you're being so diligent? [Chuckles] Yeah, yeah.

"Yeah, yeah."

Yes -- oh, here it is.

Here's the press release and there they are.

That's, uh, Jason and Sam.

Jason: Sonny?

You see anything? [Sighs heavily] You really think this will work? It's the best option we have. Now, we tried to intercept 6 before he could make contact with anyone that could help him. But we need to get ahead of him. We'll take someone he cares about and wait for him to show.

On the next "General Hospital" --


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