GH Transcript Thursday 10/19/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 10/19/17


Episode #13913 ~ Patient six takes in his surroundings. Franco fears he's his own worst enemy. Griffin comes to terms with his decision. Kevin offers a sympathetic ear. Laura is left in suspense.

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I got to hand it to my mom and Carly. The new chef can make some killer crab cakes. Since when do you care about crab cakes? Eh, it's a recent development. Or maybe I just wanted an excuse to take my beautiful wife out to dinner.

Mm. Smooth operator.

Mm-hmm. Oh, my goodness, you two! Get a room!

Oh! -Well...

[Laughing] Mom. Hi.

Hi, sweetie. How are you? You know, this is date night, and married folk... oh.

Lulu: Mm. ...We got to take it wherever we can get it, right? [Laughs] Well, I admire you two "married folk." [Chuckles] As a matter of fact, I, um... I may be rejoining those ranks. Say what? Wait. What's going on? Why do you look so hot? I just thought I might dress up a little, you know, just in case maybe somebody proposed to me. [Giggles] Dr. Munro. Mr. Kimball asked to speak to a priest. Since the chaplain is busy, I was wondering if you'd mind giving him a few words of comfort. Yeah, I would be happy to speak to Mr. Kimball as a doctor. But I can no longer speak with him as a priest. Oh. Never mind. I'm sure he'll be okay until the chaplain is available. I couldn't help but overhear. You, uh -- you're no longer a priest? Whatever you're gonna ask me, Ava, the answer's gonna be "no," so why don't you just go ahead and go? If you send me away, you'll miss out on something important. There is nothing I want from you, Ava. Well, if I go now... you'll never know if you want it or not.

Elizabeth: Come on, mister! Let's go! Let's get a move on.

Jake: I'm coming, I'm coming. You know your dad's meeting us here, right? I have to be careful. I don't want to drop it. It'd be a lot easier if you put that phone down. [Sighs] You never tell Cam to put his phone away. That's because I don't have to. He's interested in everything else, other than staring at his phone. [Sighs] Take it. Thank you.

[Cell phone rings]

Oh. Just a minute. It's work. Just stay right here. Elizabeth Webber. Hi. Mm-hmm. Okay. Jake. Who's there? Andréw was very badly injured. Broken bones, a concussion... it's a miracle he survived. I, um... I'm not sure I understand. What -- what caused him to fall? You did. I pushed him? No one else was in the room. No other explanation. Deliberately? I didn't see it. No, no, no, no, no, no. No, stop. I'm sure you were just playing. Please stop. Don't do that anymore. Please. No more telling me half the truth. Tell me! Please! You think I pushed Andréw down the stairs on purpose. Okay, great. Thank you for calling. Uh-huh. Bye-bye.

Jason: Hey, buddy. Hey, Dad! Ah. Look at you. So, how was the, uh, school trip to Hogan's farm? Uh, there was a corn maze... yeah. ...We bobbed for apples, and we went pumpkin picking. Did you? And guess who won the pumpkin-carving contest. Look at you! Congratulations! Rrr!

Ah, ah, ah! (Laughter) so, after Ava recanted her statement, it had a huge rippling effect on you and Charlotte and on Spencer and his lawsuit, and I just got... [Sighs] I got really down about the whole thing, and Kevin blurted out a proposal, I think, to give me sort of a sense of hope again. So thoughtful. I know. I love Kevin. I do, too. You two are so well-suited for each other. [Chuckles] Thank you. I think so, too.

Dante: Wait a second. You did turn him down, did you not? Well, I did, but the only reason I did that was because it should be a really happy moment in my life... yeah. ...And I didn't want any associations with Ava or with Valentin. Okay. I get that. Yeah. But you do love Kevin, right? Oh, I do. I do. Very, very much. But I don't want a pity proposal, you know? I want to be surprised. I want some romance. He understood. He accepted the challenge, actually. He said that he will propose to me again, but on his own terms. So you think it's tonight? Here? Happening, yeah? Well, I think it's a definite possibility. Don't you, Mr. Detective? You know, maybe he's -- ah. Well... well, maybe, right? [Clears throat] Come on. He might drop the ring in my drink or something. Maybe. Maybe there will be a beautiful cake... yeah. And he'll get down on one knee... will say yes this time? Right, Mom? I overstepped. My apologies. Occupational hazard. You know, I was just on my way out. I think I'll get going. Kevin, wait. Uh... I don't know why I'm hesitating. The answer is yes. I'm leaving the priesthood. Oh. Well, I... I can only imagine how difficult a decision like that was to make. You know, it's -- it's natural to be conflicted. [Chuckles] "Conflicted" has been my normal state of existence for longer than I care to admit, but after all the prayers, I think that this is the right thing to do. I'm at peace with my decision. Well, that sounds great. Heartfelt and logical. But I'm afraid you'll have to excuse me again, Dr. Munro, because in my professional opinion, you don't seem like a man at peace. You know what? I don't want to play games. You want to show me it, show me it. Otherwise, get out. Since you brought up Avery... uh-huh. Let me see her. In exchange for what I brought you. No. No. Ain't gonna happen. And as a matter of fact, I heard that, uh, you crashed Morgan's memorial. I mean, you should take the hint by now that you're not welcome anywhere near my family. I'm still Avery's mother. Yeah. Even if I don't get quality time with her... even if I don't get any time with her... Sonny, please just... just do one thing. Don't turn against me. I'm not gonna have to turn our daughter against you. You know why? Because as soon as she's old enough to understand, she's gonna know who you are and what you've done. Maybe you don't know me as well as you think. Maybe I am capable of doing the right thing every now and again. Hey, hey. Hold on! Who gave you this? Jake did all the carving himself, and he was really careful with the knife. Good. Hey. What's wrong? You seem distracted. Someone said my name. What? I didn't hear anything. You know what? It could have been anything. It could have been the wind. But if you'd like, I'll take a look around, make sure everything's okay. No. It's okay. Yeah? Can I get hot chocolate? Oh, that's a question for your mom. Mm... only if you get some for me and your dad. Perfect. Let me have this. If you and lucky weren't greedy and let Josslyn have one of Jake's kidneys, you could save her life. You selfish bastard. You chose not to parent Jake, just like you chose not to be with me. [Voice breaking] You walked away, and you never looked back. Lucky and I have raised Jake. We're the ones with the hole left in our lives! So, do you think you can handle all three cups by yourself? Sure. Yeah? Oh, just get a tray. [Laughing] Okay. Please, bobby. Let the past stay where it belongs. No, no, no. Stop. Please don't do that to me. Please don't -- just stop that, okay? I know you're gonna lie and say that you didn't see it, but I need to know. I need to know the truth. Tell me -- did you actually see me push him down a flight of stairs? I found Andréw at the bottom of the steps. You were staring down from the top. Did he tell you that I pushed him? He was unconscious. When he came to in the hospital, he wouldn't talk about it. I was thankful he wouldn't, since he came to me illegally. [Groaning] It was all I could do to keep the staff from asking too many questions. Stop. I told them he fell down the stairs. Mom. And when he came home, he wouldn't talk about it. Mom, did I -- I didn't press it. Did I tell you about it? Is that what happened? Did I confess? Did I admit that I pushed him? No! You -- you wouldn't talk about it, either. I think you were both traumatized. So there was something about me that made you think that I would do something like that. I didn't think it was intentional. No. Huh. You were playing. I-I live with three really beautiful, well-adjusted kids, and they know that you don't push another person down a flight of stairs. I'm asking you. I was different. And this is -- this is before I got sick. There was -- there's something wrong with me. There's something that made you think that I could do something like that, and that's why you sent Andréw away, because you were afraid. You were trying to protect him. -Oh, please, let's stop this. -No! I don't want to stop this. No more questions! I've told you everything! You have not told me everything! You haven't! Why him? Why not me? Why would you send him away? Why wouldn't you send me away? As much as I loved Andréw... somehow I felt he would be okay. I felt you needed me more. I wanted to protect you. Where did you send him? Please. Come on. Please, we're so close. You can't go back now. Just give me this one last little piece of the puzzle. Please, mom. Tell me, where did Andréw go?

This is -- this is just speculation. Which is why you're all dressed up?'re playing games. Yeah. So? What's wrong with that? Well... it's romantic. It's okay, if it doesn't go on for too long. Well, hang on a second. You know, romance and spontaneity aside, it's all great, but it takes a lot of courage for a guy to propose, and you already shot him down once. So... just saying. Just saying what? Well... that I shouldn't press my luck? What are you saying? I don't know! I think he's saying that fun is fun, but you love Kevin, and Kevin loves you, and maybe you should just say "yes" and get on with your happy ever after. That'd be good for Spencer, to hear some good news. Yeah. I hadn't thought about that, but you're right. I haven't been able to bring myself to tell him about what Ava did. So it would be kind of nice to have something to cushion the blow. Maybe you're right. Maybe we should end the game tonight. You've been a physician and a counselor, juggling matters of heaven and earth. I admire you. I have enough trouble dealing with terra firma and the problems that end up on my couch. [Stammers] There were challenges, but I enjoyed helping people -- in all capacities. But the time came to make a decision, and I -- I did so, under the guidance of my superiors. That's good. How's the future looking? Not so clear. Well, in my experience, the future is whatever you make it. I have no doubt you'll succeed in whatever you choose. Thank you. And... my door is always open. I can't advise you spiritually, but I am a good listener. I appreciate the offer, but some things I just have to figure out by myself. Who gave you this? Ava! Who gave you this?! I don't know his name. I met him in Russia. He was at the same clinic in St. Petersburg. I helped him escape. Oh, yeah. This is the guy that Griffin said that you sacrificed your treatment for. Some stranger? Yeah. Griffin told you about that? So, if you met this guy in Russia, why are you carrying his notes in Port Charles? He showed up here, he asked me to bring you that note. That's all I know. Except, for what it's worth, Sonny... this guy doesn't seem to mean you any harm. What's he look like? American? Russian? Anything distinctive about him? Sorry. What do you mean, "sorry"? All out of good deeds for the day. I hated giving Andréw up. But there was something about him -- as if he could survive anything. Except me. Where did you take him? To a foundling hospital outside Port Charles. I rang the doorbell and told him to stay put. I told him somebody would come out and take real good care of him. And that's it? He didn't cry? He didn't try and follow you? No. He just nodded... like he understood. Like he was assuring me that he could handle it. I watched from a distance until the door opened. They saw him, they looked around to see who had left him, they took him inside and closed the door. I left. And all these years, you never -- you never went back? You never checked up on him? Made sure that he was okay? I thought it was better that way. Mm. 'Cause this is so much better. I am so screwed up. And my whole life, I've always felt like there was this other person who was my brother and that I was capable of hurting him, that I was capable of killing. [Breathes sharply] [Sighs] And now you're telling me that he's real and that he's out there and that he's Jason's twin and that he's alive? And Jason and Andréw, they don't even know the other one exists. That field trip was so much fun. Jake had a blast. Looks like you did, too. [Laughs] Good thing you got to chaperone. And how about this pumpkin? Look at it. Right? Yeah. I know. Your son is gifted artistically. Yeah. Franco thinks so, too. Franco. Jake is very lucky to be surrounded by a bunch of successful men -- a well-known artist like Franco... a media mogul. I guess you heard about the acquisition. It's all over social media. When were you gonna tell us? I was gonna tell you today. Oh. [Chuckles] Does Jake know? No. Franco know? I don't know. Probably, if he's seen the news. We haven't talked much today. Well, maybe you can talk to me. About what you and Franco wanted to tell me the other day. What was it?

Well, I did it! I delivered your message! Sonny was an ass, but what did I expect? Hello? Hey, are you here?! Hi, guys. Hey.


You joining us? Mm... actually, I kind of crashed their date night. -Ah. -No, you did not. We were enjoying your company and sparkling conversation.


[Laughs] I'm gonna go to the bar, get us a couple more drinks. Can I get you something? Actually, I'll go with you, but only for one drink, and then we'll leave you alone. Really, mom? Hmm? "I hadn't even noticed." You're still playing games. [Sighs] Stop fussing. I know what I'm doing. So, big night? Actually, it's been a long day. Mm. All I want tonight is a nice quiet dinner. Mm. All right. I just want you to be happy. I know, honey, and I will take what you said to heart. And I'm counting on you to be ready with your camera just in case he -- you know, I want you to catch the moment. Yes. Of course. You've got it. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. Uh, the waitress is gonna bring the drinks over to us. On second thought, how about you and I have our drinks at the bar? I'm sure that Kevin and my mom would rather be alone.

Oh. Okay.

No! Don't let us chase you away! No! We're already done eating. Have fun, you two. [Chuckles] That was odd. No, I don't think so. They -- they want to be alone. All right. Shall we? Yeah. Sure. Thanks. So, I hear the new chef has revised the menu a little bit. You know, I don't even need a menu. I know exactly what I want. I've never been surer.

[Horns honking in distance]

"Thanks for the clothes and for everything else. I won't forget it." Oh. Well, you're welcome, whoever you are. Be safe.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: Um, yeah, I don't -- I can't think of anything else that I wanted to ask you. Okay, let's -- let's try this. It sounded like it was more important than Jake's permission slip. And maybe you were waiting for Franco to tell me? Or maybe it was about why Franco visited me while I was in a coma? [Chuckles] Yeah. I -- no, I don't... you know, Franco's just unpredictable. I have -- I don't -- yeah, I know he is.

You're not. You tell the truth, you shoot straight. That's why I'm asking you. Is there something I need to know?

Jake: I knew it! Knew what? I did hear someone say my name. He's right over there. Are you sure? Positive. Okay, tell you what. Can you hold this? I'll be right back. You guys stay here, okay? "Meet me where you and Robin scattered stone's ashes. Come alone -- like the night you gave me $40 for a cab." [Breathes deeply] That's his handwriting. Only me and Jason know that stuff. Buddy, I didn't see anybody. Well, I saw him when I was coming back with the hot chocolate. He wasn't scary. He kind of made me feel safe.

Elizabeth: What do you mean? What do you mean, he made you feel safe? How? I don't know. I saw some kid from school on the big field. Can I go play with them? No. No. Just... just a minute. Just hold on. It's gonna be okay, all right? [Cell phone rings] Hey, Sonny. I need to see you. Can you tell me what it's about? It's easier to explain in person. Can you come by the house?

Kyle: Mom! Mom! Kyle, we talked about this. There's no monsters. But you said they'd be watching us all the time. No, no. No, honey, we meant that progressive would be protecting us 24/7. We just bundled home and auto and saved money. That's nothing to be afraid of. -But --

Good night, Kyle. [Switch clicks, door closes] I told you I was just checking the wiring in here, Kyle. He's never like this. I think something's going on at school.

[Sighs] -He's not engaging. May I come in? I don't know. I can't decide. I guess I deserve that. I was just about to fix myself a martini. Care to join me? Uh, I better not. [Laughing] Oh. Right. No. Remember what happened the last time. Wouldn't want to repeat that mistake. Ava, I told you that wasn't a mistake. Not for me. Hey. It's okay. Really. We were just two lonely people looking for a little comfort, right? One, an irredeemable sinner... and the other a would-be saint crippled with catholic guilt. Isn't that right, father? I'd rather you not call me that. Why? I'm accepting your sacred calling. I'm respecting those vows that you so ardently cling to. Not anymore. Is everything okay? Yeah, I'm not sure, but... Sonny asked to see me, so... wasn't the whole point of buying the media company to distance yourself? Yeah. That's why it's weird that he's asking to see me right now, in the middle of all of this. Mm. Hey, Franco! Oh, joy. -Jason, please. -I-I know. Look, I know. I got to go. Okay. Hi. Hey, mom. Yes? Liam and Ty are on the big field. Can I go play with them? Yeah, I -- yeah, that's okay. Just stay on this side, where I can see you, okay? In about 20 minutes, we're gonna go home. Okay. All right. [Clears throat] You want it? Oh, thanks. What's this? Oh. This is an award-winning pumpkin! Jake won the pumpkin-carving contest. No kidding. I'm not surprised. He's a really good kid. Yeah, he's learned a lot from you. I told Jason the same thing. Oh, yeah? I bet he loved that. I saw him leave. We're working on not creating tension in front of Jake. You know, he -- he asked about the other day, what it was that we wanted to tell him. He didn't buy the whole "field trip permission slip" thing. He's not gonna drop it. Franco, you really should tell him that he -- he had a twin brother who died. I can't do that. Why not? Because it's not true. [Sighs]

Sonny: You okay? You need a cab? -Yeah. Well, what's wrong? Uh... I don't have any money. Don't worry about the money. You can afford to pay me back. [Sighs]

All right. Seriously. Let's get out of here, okay? Let's go for a drive, you and me, before we have to go home to the kids. No! I promised my mom I would snap the photo when Kevin pops the question. Well, he sure is taking his sweet time. You haven't eaten a thing. And you said you were famished. Have you got something on your mind? I suppose so. I have a colleague with some personal issues in his life. A colleague? Yes. Uh-huh. And would these issues maybe involve another person? I'm sure they do. Mm. He's being very careful about it. Mm. Sounds serious. Well, it definitely has life-changing ramifications. And what do you think this colleague should do about that? Well, I think there's only one thing he can do. Something wrong? How could you? [Clears throat] What happened? When you left here last night, you didn't know what you were gonna do. Well, I honestly didn't, Ava. Look, I know you needed me to say something definitive one way or another, but I-I couldn't. So I left here, and I went to a place that I've always found solace and clarity. I went to church. And I lit a candle, and I prayed. But I did not pray with doubt and confusion, like before. I... I prayed knowing that I would leave there with an answer. I prayed with love and gratitude for how I have been honored to serve and for who I hope to be in the future. Well, that's wonderful that you had that kind of insight. Did it help? Yeah, it did. And by the time I spoke with father Corey, I was very clear on my choice. What did you tell him? I told him that I was leaving the priesthood. Did he ask why? He knows why. Well, I don't. So why don't you tell me? What does all this mean? Thanks for coming by. Absolutely. Why did you need to see me? Um... [Breathes deeply] This. "The place where you and Robin scattered stone's ashes." That's the footbridge. You know -- the one you had built after the original was torn down. Right. Luke's club? The $40? Yeah. I gave you 40 bucks outside Luke's club. Right. Where'd you get this? Ava. She claims somebody gave it to her and asked to hand-deliver it to me. Does this somebody have a name? Is it a man? Is it a woman? A man. She claims it was a stranger she met in a clinic in Russia. Russia? Yeah. Do you think this is connected to Petrov? I don't think so. I got a call from Russia on my private line at the office. Brick traced the call, and there we are. He says it's from Ava's clinic. Look, if this is from Ava, it's a trap. Mm-hmm. Well... somehow this person knows about the footbridge, makes his pitch for you to meet him there, pretends he's me. This is a setup, Sonny. Okay, well, there's only one way to find out. Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing? You're going to the... you're gonna go to the bridge? I got to -- I got to meet him for myself. I couldn't shake this feeling that something was wrong, that there was something that somebody wasn't telling me. I mean, you knew something was up, right? I wasn't sleeping. I was sketching. Yes, no, I know. You've been... you've been very worried. And then I went on the internet, and I tried to find a copy of the death certificate for Jason's twin, and I couldn't find anything, and that just made it all worse. Is that what you were doing on the computer at work? Yeah. Why didn't you just tell me what was going on in your head? I wanted to, but... Elizabeth, when my mind is like that, my mind is the last place I want you anywhere near. And don't you think you're involved with Jason's life enough already? So I went to see my dad. [Sighs] Was he helpful? No. Not really. I mean, I guess I just realized that all roads lead eventually to my mom. Is that where you've been all day? Yep. I had to find out the truth. And it took some doing. She didn't want to tell me, but... I now know the entire unvarnished truth. Again? Yes. Again. It turns out that she was lying to cover up what really happened. Oh, my God. No wonder you haven't been sleeping. So, what happened? Who is that boy in the photo with you, and what happened to him?

Oh, I only wish Lulu had snapped my picture while I was tying my shoe. The look on your face was priceless. Well... I guess I did ask to be surprised. If I remember correctly -- and I do -- you asked to be swept off your feet. And I told you you'd be kept in suspense. Yeah. But did you have to make a fool out of me? Oh, you did that all by yourself. Nobody knew what was going on over here. Well... [Chuckles] Except Dante and Lulu... that couple over there... and maybe the waitress. Oh, will you shut up? Look, you said you wanted every moment between us to be spontaneous and unpredictable. You also said you wanted a grand romantic gesture. And you think the best I can come up with is a proposal in a restaurant? [Laughs] I guess you're right. I hope not. [Both chuckle] Oh, boy. You know, I really want to be mad at you right now. I really do. But I can't. Okay, well, just promise me this. When the time actually comes -- you will never see it coming. But it will be worth it. I promise. I'm leaving the priesthood. I've asked to be relieved of my duties and responsibilities. What is that -- like you're divorcing the church? Yeah. In some ways, it's similar, yeah. I'm giving up the priesthood. I'm not giving up God. I have faith, now more than ever. I just -- I won't be able to perform holy sacraments. No more father Munro. Just doctor. Are you okay with that? Hey. Look, it's who I am, Ava. I fought it -- I fought it for a long time, but you can't deny the truth in the end. The priesthood isn't the right choice for me. Well, I'm happy for you... if you're really at peace with that. But I wasn't just asking what it means to leave the priesthood. I was asking what it means for us. I'm really sorry. I know this is frustrating for you. Aren't you frustrated? Every time you think your mother's telling you the truth, she changes the story! No, I -- you think I don't know that? I know that. I-I don't -- I don't think I'm ever really gonna know exactly what happened. I'm never gonna know the real, true story. It's better to just drop the whole thing. No, I... [Sighs] Jason's gonna know we're hiding something from him. Why -- why do we care so much about what Jason thinks? You know what? I-I just... let's just leave the whole thing dead and buried. I don't want to talk about it anymore. What are you afraid of? I'm not afraid! I'm not! I'm just -- it's what you said. You're right. I'm sick of everybody jerking me around. My mother said something. Maybe it was just to placate me, but Jason never had a twin who died. I'm gonna choose to believe that. That's what I'm gonna go with. Okay, so... [Sighs] Wait. So, the little boy in the photo... she said he was no relation to Jason? No relation at all. So it's a good thing we didn't tell Jason after all. And now we don't ever have to tell Jason anything ever again. How do we know this stranger even exists? I'll telling you, Ava's setting you up. Even if Ava knew somehow that Robin and I scattered stone's ashes from that bridge, there's no way she would have known about Luke's. You think Morgan could have told her? I didn't tell Morgan. I didn't tell anybody. You and I are the only ones that know. Okay, well, if this note didn't come from Ava, and it sure as hell didn't come from me... [Sighs] Who did it come from?

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