GH Transcript Wednesday 10/18/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 10/18/17


Episode #13912 ~ Ava agrees to help. Franco makes a plea. Nina makes an unlikely ally. Josslyn hits a dead end.

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That's a wholesome family vibe you got going.

Wholesome? Did you miss the part where we have to constantly put up with bodyguards because my stepfather's enemies might target us? Okay, so, your step-dad's not exactly wholesome...

[Chuckles] No. ...But you're still a family. All that's new to me. Which is why we have to get serious about searching for your father. Okay, so, where do we begin? I have no idea. Look, I said we can do this, and we will. Trust me. I like Oscar... so do I. ...And like I told you before, if Josslyn's gonna date someone, I would like it to be him. With that said, we can't be too careful. Carly, it's our job as parents to be concerned, but we can't hover. Wait, yes, we can. We just can't make it look like we're hovering. Okay, look, Oscar's a good kid. If you don't give them their space, you're gonna alienate Josslyn. Okay, it doesn't hurt to set limits, Sonny. It doesn't. You are going to turn her into a rebel, and she's gonna do things she's not ready for. Leave them alone -- for me. For me. [Sighs] All done? For now. Would you, uh, like to take a seat? I know all those tests could be a little tough. I, too, am a little tough. Mm, are you sure? I don't mind enduring whatever you throw at me. I know that I am finally in good hands. I have faith, Dr. Finn, that you're going to get to the bottom of my health problems. I'm gonna do my best. I'll be interested to see what those tests have to say. [Chuckles] Am I keeping you from a personal engagement? No, why would you think that? Well, your lover is here. Well, it's official. The financial papers are all reporting it. Jason and Sam have acquired Derek Wells Media. Easy come, easy go. Well, it was a perfect acquisition for us. It was a company we could run together. I doubt those two have a clue what to do with that company. Did we not agree that we'd start our own company? Well, yes, we did, but in the cold light of day, it's, uh, it's a lot easier to acquire a company that exists than to build one from scratch. Okay, but we'll look for another business to buy. You really are dedicated to doing this, aren't you? Yes, I am, because I'm noble and I'm devoted that way. Besides, you know, Jason's gonna come up here, and he's gonna clean house. And I probably won't have a job by the end of the week.

[Knock on door]

Make that the end of the night. Hi. Good afternoon. I don't know if it's so good 'cause we both know why you're here. Perfect, then this won't take long.

[Door creaks]

Hi, Mom. Bobby... you didn't tell me you were coming.

No, no, I did not, because if I told you I was coming, you would've found some reason to not be here. Why would you say that? Personal experience tells me that you will do anything to avoid telling me the truth about Jason's twin. But, Mom, I really need to know. My brother has basically dismantled his whole life, and to top it off, he just sold his one real asset to Jason Morgan. Now, there's been some bad blood between my brother and... pretty much everybody in Port Charles. Well, except you? Hmm, we've actually -- we've had our moments. My brother was proud of Derek Wells Media. It was his one truly legitimate enterprise. While I'm sure she's happy that his daughter will benefit, I can't imagine he loves the idea that the new CEO will be Jason. Do you have a picture of him? Of Julian? No, Jason Morgan.

Uh, hi. Hi, honey. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi, uh... hi. Actually, I was just looking for you. Really? Uh, yes. Um, I have a blood condition, so I just finished with a treatment here. Oh, are you all right now? Uh, yeah, I-I am. All the better for seeing this guy. [Chuckles] Aw. Well, I'm sure it's only been a few hours since you awoke in each other's arms. It just feels like days, doesn't it, darling? [Scoffs] Weeks, even. Weeks, weeks. It's hard not to be jealous of a couple in love. [Chuckles] Is this really happening, Anna? You and Dr. Finn are dating? Uh, Nina and I wanted to acquire Derek Wells Media, but Julian has accepted your offer. So I guess he wants to keep it in the family. Am I hearing this correctly -- a Cassadine complain about nepotism? I'm not complaining. I'm just making an observation, because I didn't know that you and your wife have a background in communications and media. We were just fast learners. Good luck with that. Okay, um, excuse me? I think we're getting off track, here. [Chuckles] It's obvious why you're here. You came to fire me, so let's just get it over with. I told you everything the last time you were here. Andréw died of an undiagnosed heart defect. Yes, I know that is, in fact, what you told me, but...I'm not so sure it's the truth. Of course it's the truth. Why would you say that? I have looked for Andréw's death certificate on every available, appropriate government website, and I have -- I've come up empty. So, I need to ask you -- is Andréw still alive?

Ava: The lawyers said there'd be a press release, and I'm sure it'll have a picture of Jason. Jason's wife, Sam, is my brother, Julian's, daughter. So, you're Sam's aunt. Yeah, yes -- oh, here it is. Here's the press release and there they are. That's, uh, Jason and Sam. Why are you so fascinated by that picture? Oh, I think I know. Well, you've been out of Port Charles for a while now. You probably thought that Jason was dead, huh? Everybody else did.

Just to be clear, I'm not going down without a fight, 'kay? Do you know why Julian hired me when I had no experience? Do tell. 'Cause I had no experience. He thought I'd sink the ship. He was gonna use it as a write-off. But you know what? I took this failing magazine and I made it a huge success. You don't have to work for Jason. You got plenty other options. But Jason can't be a worse boss than Julian. [Sighs] I have to be honest with you. I love this magazine -- I love it. I made it rise from the ashes, and I have every intention on keeping it soaring. Honestly, you would be a fool to fire me. I know. What? That's why I'm here to ask you to stay.

Ava: Brace yourself. It's a hell of a story. I'm listening. It starts even before I came to Port Charles. Evidently, Jason was lured down to the pier and shot by Cesar Faison.


Mm-hmm. Well, he was in a very high-tech duke Lavery mask -- all very "Mission: Impossible". Anyway, Faison kicked him into the water, and who plucked him out but Helena Cassadine. You know who she is, right? I do. Mm... "was", I should say. She passed away. Anyway, Helena kept Jason in some kind of clinic, and he managed to escape. He got all the way back to Port Charles before her men recaptured him, and then he escaped again, and this time, he was hit by a car. And his injuries were massive. I mean, he required complete facial reconstruction. Did he have any id on him? No. No id. No face. And when he recovered, no memory. For nearly two years, he couldn't even remember his real name. Then why does he think he's Jason Morgan? Oh, it was Carly. Carly Corinthos figured it out. We're almost at the point where I'm gonna have to force an introduction... mm-hmm. ...To Oscar's mother. Okay, if she freaks out because her kid is dating an alleged mobster's stepdaughter and she forbids Oscar from dating Josslyn and Josslyn blames you... what are you gonna do? Is this your not-so-subtle way of telling me to leave well enough alone? Oscar's a good kid. Let's assume the mother's a good mother, and let's wait till she asks questions. I have waited. I've waited for months. Now I have to do something about it. I have to. So, I talked to my mom about my dad again, but she turned sad and told me to leave it alone. Well, then, it's up to us. So, let's start with where you were born. Austin, Texas. But I've seen my birth certificate. The space for father is left blank, and my mom only moved to Austin from san Diego when she found out she was pregnant. Okay, so, she and your father must've been together in san Diego, then, right? So far as I can tell. Then that's where we start. Just my mom's name and san Diego? That's not a lot to go on. Okay, well, it's better than nothing. Fingers crossed? [Chuckles] Fingers crossed. [Chuckles] Hey! How's the homework going? If you couldn't find Andréw's death certificate, it must've been misfiled or there was a typo when they put in the name. You have so many theories. Because he existed for a very brief time. He was here in this world. He doesn't deserve to be forgotten. They ought to have a record on that poor child. Okay, so, when you told me that he died of heart failure, you weren't lying. It broke my heart to say goodbye to him. Why would I lie? Are you kidding me?! Really?! Are you kidding me?! From when I was 3 years old until about a month ago, you told me that he was imaginary! I'm sorry. I told you that to protect you. From what? Knowing that people die? You were too young to know about death. After that, there -- there was no reason to tell you you had suffered such a loss. You seemed to have forgotten him. You know, I used to think that you were the one person in the world that wouldn't lie to me. I'm starting to really question that. It kills me to hear you say that. I have done nothing wrong except take in a poor child whose mother was afraid to let the Quartermaines know he even existed. I just want some peace, mom. Please, help me! Help me find some peace in -- in -- in any of this, please! I want to see his grave.

Hi, Mom. Hi. Um, we were just wishing each other luck on a -- on our project. Oh, luck's good -- hard work's even better. [Chuckles] You sound like my mom. Oh. Does your mom know you're here? No, ma'am. She's at work. Oh, really? Where does she work?

At Mercy Hospital. I used to know someone who worked at mercy hospital. Is your mom in the medical profession? A doctor. Really? Wow. I would like to meet your mother. Really? Mom, why? Because if you're gonna be spending so much time with Oscar, I think we should get to know each other a bit, and I think Oscar can set it up. So, can you make that happen? Uh, I'll try, ma'am, but she works a lot. Okay. Me, too. I'm sure we can come up with a mutually convenient time that will work. Yeah. Oh, my God, she is impossible. It's okay. My mom's so busy, it probably won't happen -- like, ever. Does my mom seem like the type to let anything go to you? Oscar's still trying to dodge a meeting between me and his mother. Okay, well, what do you expect? They're kids. It's gonna be a big step. It's always a big step to meet the parents. What are you talking about? What am I talking about? They're making a big deal out of nothing. I'm sure Oscar's mom and I will get along just fine. Crimson is one of the strongest performers in the company. Sam and I don't want to mess with that success. We'd like you to stay on as editor-in-chief. Oh. Why didn't you just say so? You didn't give me the opportunity, so I'm saying it now. Nina, can I talk to you for one second... oh, yeah, of c-- of course. ...Outside? Yes, yes. Just, um... can you -- can you answer one question? Mm-hmm? Why would you want to work for a company where the CEOs have no experience? Because I love working at crimson, and, you know, I didn't have any experience when I worked here. Okay, okay, but you're exceptional. I cannot say that about Jason and Sam. Well, they had the good sense to keep me on. All right, point taken. I'll leave you to negotiate. Call me if you need me. Okay. Otherwise, just let me know how it goes, okay? Okay. Okay... where were we? Should we...start? Uh, your husband didn't seem too happy with you working with the Morgans. Um, he's not, he's not. But listen, he supports me, my career, and my independence, so he won't intrude. Are you sure you want to stay? Yes. Yes. Uh, as long as we can iron out a deal -- some agreement. We should start with my creative autonomy.

[Cell phone beeping]

You have a new beau and you didn't even tell me? No, I didn't tell you because, uh... what? ...It's so new. New -- unbelievably new. Mac and I have been having, uh, such a renaissance in our marriage. It's really wonderful to see you having a little fun, too. Oh. You so deserve it. You better treat her right -- or else. Oh, yeah, you know what doctors say -- first, do no harm. [Laughs] That's right. The healing gods are watching. That's it. [Chuckles] [Laughs] Oh, I have to go. I'm -- I'm late for my checkup. I-I can't wait to tell Mac! Okay. Bye. Oh, that's so good, yeah. Couldn't even tell her the truth? I don't know, it just came out. I didn't... so, let me get this straight. Not only do we have to convince Cassandra that we're in love, we have to fool the whole city, too? Yes. Yeah. We do. I guess. Honey. I know you must've visited Andréw's grave at some point over the years, so I'll tell you what, we -- we can pick up some flowers and we'll head to the cemetery, and -- and you can tell me cute stuff about when we were kids.

Betsy: Bobby, no. You -- you can say, like, you know, who walked first and who learned their numbers first and their alphabet. And I-I-I know that I'm the underdog here. I realize that the kid's got Quartermaine genes and that's way better than the stuff I got from Scott and Heather. You both crawled, stood, and walked exactly at the same time. At ex-- surely not at exactly the same time. The two of you would talk baby talk to each other, as if you were the only two who understood each other. That's pretty cute. He did learn his numbers a little faster -- not much. [Chuckles] You were better with the crayons. Andréw's first word was your name. How about me? What was my first word? "Mine." Seriously, "mine"? [Both laugh] Yes, your first word was "mine", as in, "no, that's mine." Yeah. Mine, mine, mine. I wonder what my second word was. I want to go to the grave. Oh, bobby, I don't want to talk about this anymore. Okay, fine, we don't have to talk about it. We can just go. I don't want to go visit that pain again. Okay, fine. Fair enough. You can just tell me where it is, and I'll go by myself. Believe me, Bobby, you don't want to go there. Why? Why not? Where's this kid buried? Fukushima? Oh, I don't mean you don't want to go to the grave, I mean you don't want to go to that place you're forcing me to take you. Where -- what's the place that I'm forcing you to take you? To the truth about Andréw... and you. Why does Carly think this guy is Jason? From what I recall, there were DNA tests involved. Whatever Carly found, she was convinced enough that she interrupted Jason's wedding. To Sam? Oh, no, to the mother of one of his children, Elizabeth Webber. Long story medium, Jason eventually recovered his memories, and he realized that he was still in love with Sam. They're really -- they're surprisingly old-fashioned, those two. They believe that they're soul mates, that a love like theirs can never die. Right. So... why are you so interested in Jason?

Valentin: You took a big risk confronting me at the restaurant last night. I didn't confront you, I kissed you. It felt like a confrontation. Well, if you didn't like it, you wouldn't have met me here today. Just enjoying the fresh air and the park. No crime in sharing it with an old friend. "Old friend"? That's a misleading euphemism. We used to be partners -- in business and in bed. That was a long, long time ago. Not so terribly long. And while I'm in Port Charles, I'd like to rekindle both our partnerships. You have done an amazing job with crimson. Did you not have any experience when you started? Um...not much. [Chuckles] Oh, well, Sam and I are committed to making this work, but, uh, this is all new to me. So, you have any advice to success? Uh, oh, okay. Well, you know, when I started here, I just hired somebody who knew what they were doing, who could run the place. Maxie? Yeah, Maxie. I don't know what I would've done without her. Why'd she leave? I fired her. Gotcha. Oh, yeah, um... I fired her uh, not because of business. I fired her because she betrayed my trust. And there's no coming back from that. Okay, what's your mom's name? Kim Nero. Okay, well, I'm gonna go to this website where you can find out anything about anyone. It's supposed to be a snap. And... here are the results. There's a lot of results. Okay. Well, some of them are dead, so we can scratch those off the list. Or way too old. Or way too young. Wait, what about this one? It says she lived in san Diego. Those are my grandparents' names. Okay, well, let's check this out. Um, "click here for more information." And cost a fortune. It's only $30! What, that's more than I have, and plus, I don't have a credit card. Well, I do. I mean, it goes on my mom's bill, and it's only for emergencies. Oh, well, this isn't really an emergency. Um, this qualifies as an emergency. You might need this information for a complete medical history or something. Wait, what? No! Do you know Jason Morgan? Oh, that's -- [Chuckles] That's my -- my baby girl, Avery. Isn't she beautiful? This picture was taken...? That's at her father's house. Her father's Sonny Corinthos? Yeah. Do you know Sonny? I mean, well enough to know the inside of his house. That would explain your connection to Morgan. You and Sonny have a child. Yeah. Well, she's the one great thing that came out of a one-time mistake. How -- how well do you know Sonny? We're friends. I need you to get him a message. I'm sorry, mom. I am. I'm sorry. I-I-I don't -- I hope you know... I don't ever want to cause you any kind of pain. Then stop. No, but I can't -- I can't stop. Bobby. I need to find out what happened to Andréw. Why? Why do you need to know? He's gone. No, he's not gone. He's not. He's not gone at all. He's in my thoughts, he's in all of my thoughts, he's in my -- my -- my dreams, he's in -- he's in my nightmares. I -- I can't focus on anything but Andréw, and I can't -- I can't do it. I can't be like this and be with Elizabeth, and I need to be with Elizabeth, please. Please, mom. Just let me have some peace. Believe me when I tell you, this will not give you peace. Let me be the judge of that. Come on, if you love me at all, stop lying to me. It's because I love you that I'm lying. Okay, I know that. I take it back. I know that you love me, so please, please, just -- just tell me the real story. Andréw didn't die at 3. He didn't have a heart defect. I made it all up. For all I know, Jason Morgan's twin is still alive.

 Here, I need you to take this to Sonny. [Sighs] [Glass thuds] Believe me when I tell you that I am not your best emissary. Just take the note. There isn't any point. If it comes from me, he won't even read it. Yes, he will. If Sonny doesn't trust you... he hates me. ...He's still gonna read it and try to figure out what angle you're working. And once he does that, I can take it from there. You think you know how Sonny will react? About this? Yes. Well, I know how Sonny will react to me, and I'd rather not provoke him. Did you read the papers today? Did you read the front page? No, I didn't read the papers. Chicago -- a dozen people dead from fentanyl-laced opioids. All right, so, Cassandra may well have had a hand in that. She -- she could even be responsible for it. So, if we shut her down, we could save lives. Does that mean anything to you? No, I only got into medicine for the money and the chicks. Of course it means something to me. So, stop fighting me every step of the way and work with me. Help me. My circumstances have changed considerably since we last saw each other. I am -- I'm married to a magnificent woman now. I fail to see the relevance. I have, uh, more at risk, I have more to lose -- I have a home, I have a family, I have love. Listen to you, so noble, principled. Sadly, principles don't pay well, and I'm assuming the profits you garnered while we worked together have been dwindling? Uh, you don't know this, but when my father's widow passed away and presumably went to hell, uh, his amended will was published. He left everything to me. I have the Cassadine estate, so I'm actually quite a big deal. I'm fabulously wealthy. And how much of this estate is liquid? How many properties are mortgaged? How much do you spend on upkeep? I think you'll find that being rich is very expensive. Fortunately, my business is booming. Oh, yeah, yeah, I heard. I heard that people are actually dying from your opioids. Is that righteous indignation I hear? Honestly, drugs kill people, I don't. People choose to pay for the product. Drug trafficking is frowned on by every major government, so I fail to see how the rewards outweigh the risks. Says the man who staged a dozen daylight robberies across central Europe. I quit while I was ahead, and you may want to consider following my lead. Why on earth would I want to do that? I'm running a hugely successful enterprise. Unfortunately, money can't buy health, so I need you to help shoulder the burden. Well, like I explained to you -- yes, yes, I know. You've said all the right things -- things that would please your magnificent wife. Now, answer me honestly. Do you want what I have to offer? Sometimes it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Besides, it's too late. Your past is now paid for. Why'd you help me at the clinic? You wanted to prove that you're a good person. This is how you prove it. Take the note to Sonny. You don't even care to meet Oscar's mother. You just want to manage the situation to protect Josslyn. Okay, what is wrong with that? It's her first time in a relationship. She's gonna get hurt -- it's inevitable. Okay, wait a second, she's not in a relationship. She's not. It's A... friend-dating. Friend-dating? Is that a thing? It better be -- right now. Okay, I will agree that she does light up when she sees Oscar. Yes. But what if another girl catches his eye? I would kick his ass. I would. Well, then, I should probably keep my eye on you. Yes. Okay, now let's see what we get. Here we go. Kim Nero. I think that's the address where my grandparents lived in san Diego. They died when I was little. Oh, I'm sorry. Well, does your mom have any other family? No. Um, it says where she went to school... mm-hmm. ...When she got her degree, her first job in Austin. It's not getting us any closer to my dad. We really need your dad's name. It's not gonna happen. Okay, well, um, maybe there's something in your apartment. You know, something that your mom would've hidden. Have you ever looked? I've tried but I was afraid she would find out, so I backed off. Can I tell you a secret? I mean a big one. Huge. I think so. Okay, well, ever since I was 6, I've been able to find my Christmas presents -- every single year -- and nobody's ever noticed. I see. [Chuckles] So, you think you can find something? And leave no trace? Absolutely. So, when does your mom get home from work? She usually gets home around 7:00, 7:30. Okay, well, do you want to go now? Andréw could be alive? Yes. Yes? You're not sure? What -- what do you know for sure? Tell me, what -- what happened? I don't know what happened after he left us. Left? What -- he was 3 years old. What -- he -- he ran away with his -- with his teddy bear? How could he just leave? You don't understand. No, I do not. I do not understand. Please, help me to understand! Andréw was the kind of little boy who said goodnight to each and every one of his stuffed animals. He had names for all of them. He would give away hugs without being asked. [Voice breaking] And I... I gave him up. Why? Why? You didn't want him around anymore? What happened? No! I loved him. God, I still do. I think about that beautiful boy every single day of my life, and I pray that someday, I'll see him again. I don't have to speak to him. He doesn't even have to see me. I just -- I just want to know that he's okay. And if he grew up... what kind of man he became. Oh, bobby... I'll never stop missing him. Why'd you let him go? I had to. He wasn't safe with us. Why not? [Laughs] Who wants to double-date? Mac and I would like to take you out to dinner. We'd like to get to know Finn a little better. That'll be fun. "Fun" would be an understatement. Well, wonderful! It's a date, then. Okay. I'll see you. All right. Thanks. Cassandra, in my experience, what sounds too good to be true often proves to be just that. My security is airtight. No one will ever tie you to the operation. My wife often reminds me how important it is to be a good example to my daughter, and I want my daughter to think of me as a father she can be proud of. I'm sorry, I dozed off for a moment. You were saying? I don't think that I could live with myself if I knew that people were dying from a product I was distributing. Valentin, come on. Have you forgotten who you're talking to? You have done your fair share of killing when it was expedient. You could look them in the eye as their life left their body, and your heart rate wouldn't waver. Don't tell me you're having an attack of conscience over a customer base that wants what I'm selling. [Speaks French] Cassandra. [Speaks French] Valentin. You're at your best when you're dancing on the edge. It's the only place you feel truly safe. There may have been a time when that was the case. No. We don't change. We are who we are. And if you continue to wear the straightjacket of being a good family man, you know you'll go absolutely mad. I'm not gonna jeopardize everything that I cherish for the thrill of a game. You'll change your mind... and sooner than you think. Um, we're going to the library. Great, I'll drop you guys off on my way to the hotel.

Josslyn: No. No, Mom, that's -- that's really not necessary. And then I'll pick you up later. Well, it's not like they're gonna get away with anything.

[Carly chuckles]

Yes, sir, I know. Not that I would ever try. Good! Don't. Yeah, that's good to hear. I will see you later. All right. Mm. Oscar, why don't you text your mom -- throw out some possible dates for us to get together. I'm not quite sure if Maxie and I can overcome our personal difficulties to be able to work together again. That's not your problem. It's my problem. So, your problem is actually finding somebody who can help you out, somebody who knows the ropes, someone you can trust, someone who's not afraid to tell you that you're wrong. Do you know someone like that? I think I'm looking at her. Bobby, I'm giving you one more chance to step away and leave well enough alone. I-I-I'm not taking it. All right. One day, just after Andréw turned 3, I was fixing dinner, and I heard him screaming. I went toward the sound, and there he was, lying at the bottom of the basement stairs -- twisted, bleeding, nearly dead. Hi. Thank you for agreeing to see me.

Sonny: No. Excuse me? You're here about Avery 'cause it's really the only reason that you're gonna ever approach me. Uh, so, whatever you have to ask me, the answer is no. So, you can go ahead... and leave. Send me away and you might miss out on something important. [Sighs] Andréw was very badly injured -- broken bones, a concussion. It's a miracle he survived. Um... something I don't understand. What caused him to fall? You did.

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