GH Transcript Tuesday 10/17/17

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 10/17/17


Episode #13911 ~ Sam makes a bold decision about her future. Alexis worries about Kristina. Scott gets the wrong idea. Franco grows further frustrated.

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Ava: Have you never learned to call first? I thought I'd surprise you, but it, uh, looks like I woke you up. Um, it is PM, isn't it? I happen to be a woman of leisure. Well, I thought you'd be celebrating. What? Celebrating what? How good you look. I mean, there's no mask. There's very little scarring. Well, at least there has been some improvement. Some improvement?! I don't mean to be mean, but, I mean, you were in a rough way there. Now you look -- what? Nearly normal? I was gonna say, "as good as new." [Laughs] I wouldn't go that far. But it is a lot better than it was. Oh, hey, listen. Uh... I got something for you. What is this? It's the proceeds from Franco's art exhibit. [Whistles] Whoa. Well, I heard it was a success, but I didn't know it was this much of a success. Yeah. We, uh -- we cleaned up. Speaking of...cleanup, uh... you could use a maid. So, did you have some company last night? Thank you for coming. Well, given your recent habit of avoiding me, when my phone rang, you were just about the last person I expected to see on my caller ID. And asking to schedule a meeting with me, no less? Can I take this as a sign that you've gained some insight? You can. You can. I have -- I've made a decision about my future in the priesthood.

[Computer beeps]

[Mouse clicks]

[Keys pound]

[Computer beeps]

[Keys pound, computer beeps]

Elizabeth: Maybe you should try asking it nicely. These computers can be a little temperamental. What do you want to know? [Inhales deeply] [Exhales sharply] [Exhales sharply] [Sighs] [Sighs]

[Door opens]

Sam: Where did I leave that thing? [Sighs] [Sighs]

Jason: Hey, relax. Hey. I thought I told you I'd be right back. You did. I didn't listen. Hmm. You're sweet. You know, you could fill out this permission slip online. I know. I just... would really like to find it. Hey. What? Has anyone ever told you that you are very beautiful when you're being so diligent? [Chuckles] Yeah, yeah. "Yeah, yeah"?

I didn't waste my leave of absence. I-I wrestled with the question of my vocation, of how I was called to live my life, and I -- I was never able to come up with a definitive answer. But last night, things became more clear to me. I am no longer meant for the priesthood. I don't accept that. I knew you when you first became a priest. We had several conversations about what it meant to commit your life to the church. You took those vows very seriously. Look, I committed to the priesthood with what I thought was a whole heart. I've learned more about myself. I've come to a deeper understanding, and I-I have no doubt now. Faith and doubt go hand in hand. Of course there will be times when you question your relationship to God and to the priesthood. Look, there's a lot of things that I'm still figuring out. But last night, I answered one question about myself, and I realized that I cannot resume my role in the priesthood. And I don't want to. What could have happened in the space of one night to lead you to deny your calling? You can't make a decision like this on a moment's whim, Griffin. You need time to reflect. Do you want to know why I can make a decision after one night? Because I broke my vows. And if I had... to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. You can go now, Scott. Wait a minute. Hang on here. Aren't you gonna tell me about the evening? You do have lawyer-client privilege. Well, if I kill somebody, I'll be sure to let you know. Well, you're killing me, Ava. You know, I-I thought our relationship had progressed that you would feel comfortable confiding in me. You thought wrong. I had a drink with a friend. A drink with a friend? You're half-dressed in the middle of the afternoon. Is the guy still here? Would that get you to leave? [Sighs] Look, I'm just... looking out for you. Well, that's very touching, Scott. [Sighs] No, he is not still here. And, yes, there was a man. Happy? Are you dating someone? Must I be dating a man in order to enjoy spending time with him? So, you're not dating someone? Why, Scott? You thinking of asking me out? Where did you meet this guy? Did you pick him up in a bar?! [Laughs] What difference does that make? Well, it -- it -- it makes a big difference. I mean, he's some guy, some stranger. He finds out that you're some "lady of leisure"? I mean, not everybody is as, you know, reputable as me, you know? They might think that their ship came in. Oh, I see. You think the only reason any man would deign to spend time with me is the lure of my bank account, right?! He couldn't possibly be attracted to me for me the way I am now. Well, if I told you what I was trying to do, it would ruin a surprise. No, not -- that it's gonna rain tonight? Yeah, looks like. And I was hoping to take the boys to the haunted maze, but I'm not sure the weather's gonna cooperate. It's probably for the best. I don't think Aiden's ready for that yet. Oh, okay. Yeah, you're probably right. Just kind of getting used to this whole pseudo-stepfather thing. You're doing great. You think? Yes. And I look forward to the day when you are as sure of yourself as I am of you. You know, I pretty much have, like, the worst track record of any human being ever. It's only a matter of time before I screw this all up. You mean because of Jason? [Moaning softly] No. [Laughs] I don't want to wait. Mmm. Ooh. As long as we're being diligent... [Growls playfully] ...How do you feel about going through some bills? Oh, joy. Bills. Anything urgent? Yeah, we have a payment for Danny's sports camp. We got to get that out so he can go. Hey. What? [Laughing] What? You think that can wait? We have some celebrating to do. I think we did enough celebrating in new York. Well, you could never do enough celebrating. Besides... this is a very big moment for us. I know. I can't remember the last time I was this happy. I can remember the last time I was this happy. It was a year ago -- September 6th. Something you said, and I realized I was going to have to spend the rest of my life living up to it. You said, uh... "I've spent most of my life learning how to fight for myself," that you weren't used to having a partner, to trusting someone, counting on them to help pick up the weight. "But that is what you do. You don't take away from my independence. You make me more. You don't make me less. And you add to the person I am." And it's true. And I meant every single line of that. Well, I'm not quite finished yet, you know. You're not? Mnh-mnh. [Sighs] "You taught me that the greatest risk of all was to letting another person into your heart, and you've made me want to take that risk again. So, I promise that I will love you unconditionally, and I will. And I will cherish every moment that we have together, and I will love you and our family until death do us part." "And beyond if that is possible." "And beyond if possible." I meant it. I meant every word. And I will always mean it. Do you know how much I love you? As much as I love you. That's a lot. Yeah.

I can't [Smooches] Believe you know my vows by heart. Well, if there were ever a time to pay attention... I'd do anything to be worthy of those words every day for the rest of my life. Do you know what I think about our wedding day? Being surrounded by our friends and family -- we were really happy. Yeah. We need to treasure those moments. We need to treasure each other because things change, you know? You can lose someone at any time, like Sonny and Carly lost Morgan. Honey, that's not gonna happen to us. We have a bright, big future ahead of us. I made sure of that. I'm gonna continue to make sure of that. Okay. Promise? My feelings for Ava are real. I've tried to ignore them, I've tried repressing them, and I can't, and I won't do it anymore. You are about to make a decision that will impact the rest of your life. You owe it to yourself to get some emotional distance. Look, I know you mean well, father, but there's no question. There's no -- there's no doubt about this. Leaving the priesthood is what's best for me and what's best for the church. And the parishioners deserve a priest that's fully focused on their spiritual guidance, one who practices what he preaches. I can't... I can't do that anymore. Of course I'm disappointed. But I won't stand in the way of your decision. Thank you. It wasn't easy to come to, but it's right. I admire you, Griffin. I wish all my students were as honest with themselves. And I hope you will continue to hold yourself in careful scrutiny as you embark on this new life. Well, you don't have to worry. I plan on it. I intend to. And do you intend to continue practicing your faith, to adhere to the church's principles? Of course. Then you need to ask yourself this question -- are you leaving the priesthood for this woman? Do you envision making a life with her? I put my foot in my mouth. Yeah, you did. You've had a lot of practice. You're really good at it. [Sighs] [Sniffles] What I meant to say was -- was that the best chance I have of getting a man's attention is to buy it. No. No, no. I'm just saying you're very vulnerable right now, with Morgan's anniversary and all of that stuff. I mean, there's a lot of sleazy guys out there, and -- and I'd hate to see them take advantage of you. No one has ever taken advantage of me. Well, there's a first time for everything. What happened -- it wasn't a mistake. Not for me. I hope it wasn't for you. Well, Scott, if you must know, you're right. I can't command the kind of attention that I used to, so... I decided to pay for it. What? Y-you hired a gigolo?! An escort! [Scoffs] I had a really horrendous day. I couldn't stop thinking about Morgan, and I didn't have anybody around to grieve with, and then I stumbled upon a memorial that his siblings were having for him, and they wouldn't let me anywhere near Avery, and then Michael tore into me, and he just -- he won't accept that I never intended any harm to Morgan at all, that I honestly thought that his parents would see something was wrong and they would send him to the mental hospital for a few months, and then he -- [Sighs heavily] There's no reason to explain any of this anymore. Nobody wants to hear it, least of all my daughter. Kiki still blames me. Anyway, yeah, I was -- I was feeling down and...lonesome, so I... found myself some fleeting companionship. So? Go ahead. Judge me. I would never...ever judge you, Ava. I would just hope that the next time you feel like that, you might call me. You were gonna ask me out. No. No. I'm not saying I was or I wasn't. It's just that, you know, I... want you to know that I'm always here for you. You can lean on me any t-- for crying out loud, Ava, I have told you till the cows come home that I care about you. Oh. Thank you. I care about you, too. Good. So, if you're done, um, asking me about my private life, I'd like to be alone. Okay? Wait. Wait a second. Come on, alone... Ava, hold on a second. ...Meaning you not here, Scott. I just got here. 'bout a couple of martinis? ...Meaning you on the other side of this door. You mean you're really just gonna give me the bum's rush right out of here? Oh, for crying out loud. Out! [Sniffles] I think you don't give me enough credit. I mean, there's plenty of ways I can screw up my entire life, and only a few of them have to do with Jason. So, you're not stewing about keeping the secret from him? Um...well, it's -- I just prefer to look at it like, uh, I'm waiting... for the perfect moment to say, "surprise! You've got a dead twin brother." You want some? No, thanks. Hon, I think there's a more tactful way of saying it. It doesn't matter how I say it. No matter what I tell Jason, he will interpret it as negative information if it comes from me. So, it -- it's just better not to say anything? You know what? Yeah. Do -- that's a great idea. [Sighs] Jason's lived his whole life without knowing the truth. He doesn't need to know it now. It's not him I'm worried about. It's you. Clearly, keeping a secret is -- is taking its toll. Do you not remember waking up in a cold sweat this morning? No, I do. You're -- you're worried this is -- I can see it's just eating you up inside, and all these nightmares and the anxiety -- I promise it'll go away if you just tell Jason the truth. Promise me you'll never go away from me. Nothing is gonna change the way I feel about you. Why would you say that?

[Cell phone rings]

It's Scott. He says it's urgent. Is everything okay? I don't know. He just says I-I got to go meet him, so... okay. Well, then, you should go. I'll let everybody know that you've a family emergency. Thank you. Yeah, it's no problem. No, no, no, no. I mean -- well, okay, thank you for doing that, but... ...thank you for tolerating me. I'm gonna figure this out... one way or another. Want one? [Chuckles] Thanks. Mm-hmm.

Jason: Hey. Hey. Where are you going? I thought you wanted to celebrate. Oh, I do. Follow me. I am following you. [Chuckles] [Door latch clicks] [Sighs]

You are a fine man, Griffin Munro, and I have no doubt you'll continue to serve our Lord...

[Elevator bell dings]

...Even without a collar. Hey. Ah. [Both laugh] See ya. [Sighs] Hey! Hey! I heard you were back. How was Russia?

Uh, it was -- it was, uh -- I found Ava, and I brought her home. And that was... not easy. Oh. So, are you still in the business of saving her soul? [Inhales deeply] I'm actually not in that business at all anymore. Um, I'm leaving the priesthood. Oh. Well...I'm sure that was not an easy decision to make, but I have to admit, I'm not that surprised. Oh, were people taking bets? I don't know about other people, but I -- from the conversations we've had, I could tell you were struggling. And there was that one complicating factor. Yeah, meaning Ava. I got a sense that there was more in your heart for her than just friendship. Yeah. Yeah, there is, but I -- I don't know how to define those feelings, and I don't know what those feeling mean for me or Ava. We need to get started on this launch party. [Chuckles] I'm thinking, uh, the metro court? What do you think? Huh. Sam? Metro court? Do you know where I put my phone? I do not, but I can call it. Oh. Wait. Forget about it. I found it. Okay. Hmm. My mom's stopping by in a few. Don't sound too excited. Hey, why don't you text her back, tell her not to come? You need time to decompress. Um, no. I-I-I can't do that to her. She said something happened with Kristina. I know she's gonna want to vent. Look, I don't want to sound insensitive, but, uh, something's always happening between your mom and Kristina. Maybe it's molly's turn to keep the peace. What's going on? I -- it -- it's j-- I have this weird feeling. Do you know when you get that feeling of déjà vu? It's kind of like that. I feel like I left something in one spot, and it ended up in another. You know, I think that's being haunted. [Growls playfully] [Chuckles] No, okay, wait. Maybe it's just being distracted. I guess becoming media moguls overnight is gonna take some getting used to. Listen to you -- "media moguls." One step at a time, but if we get there, I think you can handle it. "We." We can handle it, 'cause there's no way I want to do this without you. Yeah? Hmm. Yeah. [Exhales sharply] I was hoping I heard wrong. But Sam and, uh... that guy, that guy she's married to -- they were talking about you leaving... you know, like, maybe you had a fight with your parents and then you took off like I did with the Quartermaines. [Sniffles] You know, they always talked about me being lost. Well, now I know what "lost" really means. I lost five years, Morgan. I don't know what happened... me or to anybody. [Sniffles] I went to your dad's place... and um, I saw the pictures. I saw you. Got so tall. Now you're gone. How did this even happen? How did your parents live through it? How did Michael? 'Cause everybody loved you so much. You know, they named you after me. I should have been here... to help... you know, to do something.

[Twigs snap]

[Gun cocks]

 It's just [Sighs] Like my -- my affair with Claudette -- it was a lapse on both sides, you know, something I deeply regretted, no matter how much I cared for her. [Sighs] I-I guess what I'm trying to say is I've never been in a real relationship. And you don't want to imply a commitment to Ava if you're not sure that's what you really want? Exactly. Look, if I tell Ava that I left the priesthood, she'll wonder what's next for us, and... I mean, my best answer would be, "I-I don't know." You just have to be honest with her and hope that she's honest with you in return. [Chuckles softly]

[Gun clicks]

[Exhales sharply] Sorry. S-sorry?! You could've killed me. Son of a bitch. [Exhales sharply] When did you get back from Russia? Excuse me. Who the -- oh, hi. I-I didn't recognize you without that -- that mask. Yeah. Thanks again... for your help back at the clinic. You're welcome. It was my pleasure, really... although it did turn out to be a bigger sacrifice than I thought. Dr. Klein cut me off before... finishing my treatment, so... I'm sorry about that. And he did try to kill me, as well. [Chuckles nervously] Because you tried to help me? Yeah. But, fortunately, a friend showed up just when I needed him. [Sighs] Good. I'm glad you're safe. Thanks. It was pretty easy once I got out of the clinic. Even flew home first-class. So, what -- h-how did you manage? Manage what? The last time I saw you, you were barefoot, you had no money, you had no ID. How the hell did you manage to get here?

I had help. Is this your Port Charles connection? Did you know Morgan Corinthos? Yeah. Did you? Yeah. He was a dear friend... to my daughter. What happened to him? How'd he die? How was your trip? Good. I want to hear all about new York. Well, it was, um... eventful. What'd I miss here? I take it you've talked to your sister? The middle one. Kristina? She's with Parker, and she's very happy. So, I guess she left out the part where she quit school and is moving to Oregon? Wh-- um, yeah, she left that out. Yeah. Well, I-I'll spare you the gory details. Please don't. I...want to hear everything. You sure? You sure you want to hear 'em? Yes. Well, all right, then. Your sister is infatuated, still, with Parker, and Parker is encouraging that to the point where your sister quit school and is moving to Oregon with her, since Parker is now fired because someone at school turned her in, and your sister is blaming me. Why would she do that? Because she thinks I turned her in, but I didn't do it. You didn't? But I'm glad someone did it, because what Parker did is wrong. It's a fireable offense. Okay. And, obviously, you pointed that out to Kristina. I did. And now Parker is moving to Oregon because her parents have some house in Eugene there, and your sister announced that she's going, too. So, that's that. I'm sorry, Mom. She's not talking to me. She won't pick up if I call. But she texts molly, and molly said she's blissfully happy. Maybe she is. She's in love. Who am I to judge? I did the same thing.

She wouldn't have trashed her whole career for her. I disagree. If Parker had genuine feelings for her, she would not have allowed her to quit school, and she certainly would have refused to have her come to Eugene, Oregon, to live with her. Okay. Well, if you're right and this relationship doesn't last for whatever reason, at least Kristina will have the satisfaction of knowing that she gave it everything she had. The worst regret comes when you know what you want and who you love and you're too scared to go after it. It's easy for you to say that now. You're in a happy marriage with two kids, just got back from a romantic getaway. It wasn't just romantic, ...although it was very romantic. Hi. [Chuckles] But we -- we made a very big decision. Ah... about what? ...Well, you can say we went shopping. Shopping? Sh-- not for real estate? You're not moving? No, okay. No, we're not moving, but we did make a very major purchase. Okay. Hmm? Yeah. Okay. We bought Derek Wells Media. Morgan was so young. He had his whole life ahead of him. What happened to him? There was an accident. What kind? The kind that never should have happened. It was quick. Morgan didn't feel any pain -- at least not then, anyway. What -- what does that -- what does that even mean? He was troubled. Life did not come easy to him. Troubled how? I-I really don't feel comfortable talking about this. [Sighs] Okay. Thanks again for your help. Uh, where will you go? I have to find a place to -- to lay low, figure out my next move. Well, you know, you -- you could do both of those things at my place. No. No, no. No, thank you. Why? Would it be so bad to let me help you? You already -- you already did help me. I-I'm the one who owes you. Okay. Well, then you can pay me back by letting me help you again. Just give me a chance to prove that I can do the right thing. Prove to who? Myself, for starters.

Buying Derek Wells Media is not just an investment for us but it's a new start for our future. We're gonna have a completely different life. But, more importantly, our kids will be able to sleep soundly at night... mm. ...And not worry about their parents' safety, and that's what matters to us. Mm-hmm. I don't even know what to say. Mom, you can start by saying you're happy for us. "Happy" doesn't even describe how I feel. We were a bit worried that you might have reservations, given that this is connected to Julian. Your father... may have just done the one good, uncomplicated thing in his life by letting go of his company and allowing you to use it to build your future. There may be hope for him yet. Well... welcome to my humble abode. I'm actually very happy to have the company. My brother used to live here with me, but he has since, um, relocated. And my daughter comes to visit from time to time, but the way she's feeling about me these days, I don't think I'm gonna see her for a while. Other that that, it's just the occasional deliveryman. No one really comes a-calling. I'm proud of you. That was a brave choice you made. [Sighs] Is it brave to break a vow? It's brave to face your feelings. It's impossible to keep every promise we make. Sometimes it's more principled not to. So, I'll get you some towels so you can get cleaned up and -- [Gasps] Oh, all my brother's clothes are still here, so I'm sure that you can find something to fit you. Thanks again. I'll put it on your tab. [Chuckles]

[Cell phone chimes]

What the hell?

Is something wrong?

No. Well, I don't know. The brother that I was talking about -- well, he owns a media company, or at least he did. It seems like it's just been sold. When are you gonna make the big announcement? Well, we only signed the papers yesterday. We did send out a press release. That's not enough! I realize that. We're gonna have a launch party. We're just being very careful about the image that we project. I'm not sure I'm following. Diane thinks we're gonna be under scrutiny with the feds. Diane's on retainer with Sonny. She's very overly cautious about this stuff. Mom, he used to have ties to organized crime. So did Julian. The sec is gonna be all over this deal, which we're prepared for. Mm-hmm. But... we want to make sure the press doesn't slant the story. "Jailed mob boss hands company over to mobbed-up son-in-law." I get it. I do. I see the impediment. So, it's imperative to us that the press tells our story the way we want it told. The story needs to be about the people you're becoming, not the people you've been. You're sure the deal is final -- that the paperwork's all been filed? Well, why didn't anybody think to contact me? Who handled the transaction, then? Diane miller? Oh, c-- she represents Sonny Corinthos, so don't tell me he -- okay. Who -- well, then, who was the buyer, then? Ahhh. That makes sense. How much did he sell it for? Oh, of course. You can't comment. Thanks a lot. Unbelievable. My brother has basically dismantled his entire life, and to top it all off, he just sold his only real asset to Jason Morgan.

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