GH Transcript Monday 10/16/17

General Hospital Transcript Monday 10/16/17


Episode #13910 ~ Carly receives disturbing information. Jason is determined as ever. Franco is plagued with nightmares. Curtis is stunned.

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Franco: What -- what are you doing here? [Echoing] You know what. You killed me. [Gasps sharply] What? What is it? [Groans] Morning.


Hey. I was starting to get a little worried. Yeah? Why? You're the one who had to work all night. Well, when I texted you to say I couldn't meet up, you seemed a little...distant. Yeah. Uh... I had something on my mind. I just wanted to talk to you about it in person. Is this about Curtis and his investigation? [Sighs] Did he find what he needed to clear me in Zach's death? No. But he did find something else. Bowling tonight? Hmm. Bowling? Um, I don't know. I don't know if you can handle all of this heat. Wow. Your ego -- too much. This is coming from the man who, uh, talks to himself in the mirror. You're out of your mind. Really? -Mm-hmm. -Am I? 'Cause I kind of... no, you didn't. ...I have proof. No, you didn't. I do. Give me that. Give it. Eh. Okay. What do I got to do to get you to delete that from your phone? I could think of just a couple things. Oh. -Just a couple. -Yeah? Hmm. Okay. [Sighs] Great. What's up? Coffee, please. Yeah. [Sighs] So, should we prepare ourselves for world war iii? Stella. Oh! Hey there, Trish. Oh! I cannot thank you enough for all of your help the other day. You are truly one of a kind. Oh, sweetie. I love new York city, but I got to say it is good to be home. It certainly is. When do you want to pick up the kids? Oh, uh, Monica said she'd drop them off this afternoon. Which is good, because it gives us some time to... absorb everything that just happened. Something happened? [Scoffs] Well...what do you think Scout and Danny will think of our new business venture? Uh...probably not much. If we really have any luck whatsoever, we might get a giggle out of Scout and a "that's cool" out of Danny. I don't know. I think maybe more like an "awesome!" Oh, be still my heart if we get an "awesome." [Chuckles] You know, I was thinking, um, before we celebrate with them, maybe we could, um... [Laughs] Um...I like what you're thinking. But I think we should probably call Sonny and Carly first. Mm. I want to get to my house and start packing. I want to have everything moved in by tonight. Josslyn, too? -Mm-hmm. -Hmm. She's still having some reservations, but she knows that we're all gonna be living underneath the same roof. Avery's gonna be so happy that you're coming home.

I'm gonna be so happy to be coming home. Mmm.

[Door closes]

[Clears throat] Sorry to interrupt. Brick said this couldn't wait. Oh, troy, it's -- don't worry about it. It's fine. Hi, brick. Hey. Hi, Carly. Okay, all right, all right. I'll give you guys some privacy to do whatever you're gonna do. But I trust you're gonna fill me in, right? Any information I need to know? Like my children's safety? Yeah. Yeah. Like I'd ever pass up the chance to talk to you. See, that's what I wanted to hear. All right. [Giggling] Okay, okay, okay. What's going on? You're under surveillance. [Scoffs] You're not an easy man to track down. You've made it a long way, but you're not going any farther.

well, don't keep me in suspense. What did Curtis find? Do you remember what you told the police when they questioned you after Zach's...accident? I mean, yeah, I said a lot of things. It was a really traumatic time for me, Michael. -Mm-hmm. That's under-- -I mean, it was all a blur. I totally get that. I do. But I feel like this part might stand out. [Sighs] Which part? The part where you told them that you're not a strong swimmer. [Stammers] I don't understand. Why are we -- why are we talking about this? You were on the high-school swim team, Nelle. And not only that, you were their star swimmer. So why did you lie to the police? This is just...weird, you know? [Clears throat] There's a dream and it's so real and it's so -- it's so vivid, and then you wake up and it's gone. [Sighs] And you're telling me you don't remember? [Sighs] Um, no, I'm not -- no, I'm not saying that. Because whatever it was, it -- it obviously was hugely upsetting. I can feel, you're still shaking. I am. What? J-- talk to me. I was dreaming about Andréw. Jason's twin? And the way that he died. Did you buy up that business because you knew Julian would have to sell? Well, yeah, that's why I started to look into it. But the further I got into it, the more I realize it's gonna be great. You do? Yes, I do. I've got a lot to learn, Granted, sure. But I've got a mind for finances, and not for nothing, but running a company is running a company, if you know what I mean. [Sighs] I can do this. No, I know you can. But do you want to is the question. What I want is to own a legitimate business that we can run together. Before, I couldn't...tell you about the particulars of my work. I had to keep you in the dark to protect you. But now... think about it -- we have dinner and you ask, "how was your day?" Mm-hmm. I can tell you the truth. [Laughs] Okay. Okay. I'm with you 110%. But there's one condition. If you ever get behind that desk and you feel trapped, I want you to get up and walk away and never look back. Okay? 'Cause we can live whatever life you want. I just -- I want you to love it. I love you. And just so you know, running a company and riding a motorcycle aren't mutually exclusive. So... okay. ...I still have the jacket. I walked in with it. [Exhales slowly] You hold on to that. I'm gonna hold on to you. Oh, good. Mmm. I thought you swept the house for bugs. I did. The place is clean. Well, what's this "under surveillance"? There's no physical listening devices, but your phones are tapped. [Inhales sharply] Who did it? That's the problem. I don't know. This is some sophisticated stuff, man. This software is something I've never seen before. If I had to venture to guess, it's the feds or national security who developed it, but it's also possible that somebody may have copied and sold it to a private entity. My competitors are not that sophisticated. It's got to be the feds. But it's not a catastrophe, because they've come at me before and they've come up empty. They're gonna come up empty again. Given the M.O., It might be less about you... and more about whoever's trying to contact you. Do yourself a favor -- don't make it a fight. [Grunting] Drop it. Screw you. I don't want to kill you, but I will. Your choice. What do you want? Push the gun over. [Breathing heavily] [Groans] You're gonna make a call for me.

Get out. That was your first day on the job? -Sure was. -Thank you. Well, you handled it like a pro. We were so lucky to -- oh, now, this is crazy. My other angel is sitting right there! Without the two of you, my father might not be alive right now. I wish I could stay and sing your praises all day, but I have a meeting at my kids' school. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. You're very welcome. What was that? Well, uh, I met Trish about a week ago. Her father has dementia. It's gotten real bad. How did you meet her? Actually, I met her father first. Um, a disturbance call came in, and officer Martinez and I went to go check it out, and we found her father trying to get into an apartment that wasn't even his. [Sighs] Poor man. Hmm. And so, I -- I -- well, I mean, we -- we ended up talking him down, took him over to GH and then I called his daughter, and she came in and took it from there. Sounds like you took it from there, auntie. I didn't see your name on the police report. It only mentioned officer Martinez. Really? That must have been an oversight. Wait. You don't do oversights. Call it what it is, okay. You wanted to give the guy credit and help him out because he's a rookie. And, auntie, how long before you're running things over there at General Hospital? [Chuckles] I give it two weeks. Speaking of, duty calls. Got to go.

Oh. Okay.

See you, baby. Yeah, yeah. Love you. Bye, Stella. Good seeing you. She was in a rush. Yeah. So, no, uh... so you and aunt Stella helped the same person on the same, exact day. Mm-hmm. Yeah, it was quite the coinkydink. Hmm, coinkydink. Maybe. Or maybe the two of y'all ain't as far apart as you thought. Just keep me updated. I will. And in the meantime... yeah. Face-to-face conversations. Remember that. All right. See you later. Leaving so soon? Yes. I'm so sorry. Ah.

[Both chuckle]

Don't miss me too much. No. [Laughs] What? Face-to-face conversation? What's going on? Yeah, yeah. Well, you know...

[Door closes]

...I'm, uh, under surveillance. I thought brick did a sweep last week. Yeah, it's a phone tap. Software's pretty hard-core. It's, you know, probably the feds. Should I be worried? Nah. No. I mean, thanks to brick... I know they're listening. Get on your knees. Obviously, Klein sent you. Who's he answering to? No idea. Don't lie to me! I'm not lying. All we know is he wants you back at the clinic. You're gonna make a call. You're gonna tell him you have me and we're headed back to Russia. Yes, it's me. We found him. We'll be bringing him back to the clinic as soon as possible. Okay. I did as you asked. Now what? I need to call Sonny before the press gets wind of it. W-w-w-wait, wait, wait, wait. One -- one more thing before you call Sonny. Okay. What about Franco? We -- what? I -- we both agreed that Franco is hiding something -- something involving you. And I think we should get to the bottom of it. We will. When? [Sighs] Whatever the hell Franco knows, Elizabeth is aware of it, which means it can't be that bad. [Groans] Oh, come on, Jason. Elizabeth wants to think the best of Franco, and Franco exploits that, and you want to think the best of Elizabeth -- o-okay. Just stop. I'm not letting this go. Whatever Franco's hiding, we will get to the bottom of it. I promise. But first, can we not ruin this day by talking about Franco? It doesn't surprise me that you'd be dreaming about Andréw. No? It doesn't? No. When a child dies the way that he did, everyone is -- will forever be looking for answers because it's just so unfair. And, uh, the fact that you just found out about all of this, after believing that he was your imaginary friend for how many years? I mean, it's got to -- it's got to affect you. I think you missed your calling. I don't think you're supposed to be a nurse. I think you're supposed to be a shrink. [Chuckles] I feel like I'm partly to blame. How can you -- how can you be to blame? I know I've put a lot of pressure on you to tell Jason about his twin. Oh, so you're changing your mind about that? N-no. Ah. No, I still believe he deserves to know and you should be the one to tell him. Right. So he can despise me even more. You're just passing on information. You didn't have any involvement in it. No. You know that, and I know that. I don't think Jason's ever gonna really believe that. So he'll throw a fit. I mean, what's one more, right? Well, it's not just that, you know? I mean, Betsy has her faults, but I do love my mother. I know you do. And the Quartermaines are rich and powerful and have all these connections. And I just don't want them descending on her. I guess they could, but I-I highly doubt -- I just don't want to put her through that. Then that's exactly what you have to tell Jason. Yeah, right. No, I'm serious. He's not a mean person. He's not gonna pick on your mom because she was bullied by Heather Webber. I just don't see Jason ever letting this go. I think he's gonna think that I'm hiding something. Well, then, let him dig. He's gonna find out the same thing you did -- that he had a twin who died of natural causes. And there's nothing anybody could've done different. Including you.

Are you worried?

Well, I mean, yeah. It's a little concerning. Concerning enough to take Josslyn and Avery to the island? No. You sure about that? For all I know, it's -- it's just some information-gathering exercise. And what I can't do is conduct my business on the phone. But I've been through that before. Mm-hmm. If you say so. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I -- I think I should maybe call my partners in South America and see if they've experienced anything like this. -Right. -Right? If you have to go down to the island, there's a few things that we need to do. Well, a few things? Mm-hmm. One big thing, and then, you know, a few extra things. [Chuckles] I like extra. I know you do.

Nelle: That seems like a lifetime ago. I guess, uh, Curtis really did his homework there, huh? Although, why is he trying to dig up dirt on me? Did you -- did you ask him to do that?

Michael: No. I hired him to get the truth. Hoping -- assuming -- that he'd clear you. But he came back with this. Yes, I was on my high-school swim team. Doesn't mean I could've saved Zach. Why didn't you try? Do you have any idea how different racing in a swimming pool is than being in the freezing, choppy waters off of Maine? Zach was a big guy, Michael. How was I supposed to get him back on my kayak? That makes sense. Why didn't you say that to the police? I was terrified. Okay? Zach's family is rich. But that's only part of it. They are an old family, very influential. If I had said anything that would have made me look guilty, the best lawyers in the country would have pounced. Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe, looking back now, I should have say something. But I was trying to protect myself. Fair enough. Now, is that the only thing you lied about? Or is there something else? So, how many appointments do you have today? I'm not sure. Four, I think. I got to check the schedule. I am really glad you got this program up and running again. Yeah, me, too. Money works wonders. No, you work wonders. And don't you forget it. I was wondering when our paths would cross again. Stella! [Laughs] Hi, sweetheart. Hi. Franco, have you met our newest social worker? This is Stella Henry.

Stella Henry, hi. Franco Baldwin. Nice to meet you. So you're the one who puts that smile on her face. Oh, I do not know what you're talking about. But Franco is, uh, running the art therapy program. He's my colleague. Mm-hmm. And I'm the queen of England. [Chuckles] Elizabeth was one of my nurses during a recent stay here. She took excellent care of me. Yeah. She's good at that. So, how's it going? Everyone's saying what a great job you're doing. Ah, I love it here. But I'd forgotten how hard this line of work is. Yeah. I'll bet. This teen's parents requested a copy of his death certificate. And just knowing "overdose" is the word they're gonna see forever... I know. That's -- that's the awful part. You almost wish they didn't... [Beeper chiming] ...Put "cause of death" on there at all. I'm sorry. I-I got to take this. I have to go. It was really nice seeing you. You, too. You, too. Can we have lunch? Yeah. -Okay. -Okay. [Scoffs] "Colleagues," my you-know-what. [Chuckles] So... a death certificate -- how does one go about getting one of those? [Exhales deeply]

[Door creaks]

[Glass clinks]

Martin: The boss wants this place on complete lockdown, huh?

Troy: At least until he knows who's got him under surveillance. Said he'd explain more when he got back. All right. I'll check the perimeter again.

[Footsteps departing]

[Indistinct conversations]

What are you talking about? Hey, guys. Hi. [Laughs] -Hey. -Hey. Thank you for showing up on such short notice. Yeah, hey, you know what? Uh, we weren't really in the middle of anything. It was -- you know what I mean? Really? Really? We didn't -- we didn't pull you away from -- no, no. No, you didn't pull us away from anything. We were just hanging out. Yeah. [Laughs] So, what's up? [Sighs] What do you guys think? Should we get some champagne? -Mm-hmm. -Maybe some champagne? [Chuckles] Champagne? Okay, wow. So this is a big deal. Yeah. It -- it's a pretty big deal. Uh, you know how I said I wanted to take life in a different direction? Yeah, yeah. You left me in the dust. I remember. Oh. Well, I wasn't sure -- we weren't sure... which way we wanted to go. But I think we figured it out. Please don't tell me you're leaving Port Charles. No, no. In -- in fact, we are -- we are staying. We're staying. We kind of have to. Okay. Because our new business is here. New business? What kind of business? You guys expanding in the private-investigator world? Oh, it's more of a departure than that. Okay, enough with the cryptic answers. What's going on here? You two are looking at the new owners of Derek Wells Media, soon to have a different name. Yes, definitely.

Carly: Uh, I'm sorry. Did I hear you right? You guys bought a media company? It's pretty simple to get a death certificate, as they're a matter of public record. Really? Go online, enter the name, press search. It's that easy? I would've thought there would be police involved. Police don't like me very much. In Port Charles? Uh, well, no. In general. But, yes, in Port Charles especially. Hmm. You must know my nephew's girlfriend. Who's that? Jordan Ashford. Yes. I do. We are acquainted. All I'm saying is that you have to acknowledge the fact that you and aunt Stella have something in common. Yeah -- you. No. Th-that woman whose father you helped. She was crazy grateful, and I'm just saying, you and aunt Stella are forever a part of that woman's story. Okay, now you're really going overboard. We're forever part of her "story" now? Yeah. This could be a game changer. In what universe? In the one where aunt Stella comes around and realizes what an amazing woman you are. Right, right. Um, are we talking about the same woman here? Yup. You're dreaming. [Scoffs] No, I'm not. No. Aunt Stella -- your aunt Stella -- she despises me. Look, I'm not gonna say it's gonna happen overnight, because it won't. But she is a -- a phenomenal woman, okay? Fundamentally a good woman with a big heart. She does hold a mean grudge, though. Oh, really? Uh, 'cause I didn't -- I didn't really notice that part. But in time, she will find out what you mean to me, and she'll understand why. And when I'm right... [Chuckles] Oh, boy. Oh, I know. You will be the first one to tell me, "I told you so." [Chuckles] Mm-hmm. If you're asking if that's the only lie I've ever told, we both know that's not true, Michael. No. You know what I'm asking, Nelle. Is that the only untrue thing you've said to the police? Well, if it is, your buddy Curtis will find out. I'm not attacking you, Nelle. Well, it kind of feels like you are. But that's how I got into this mess in the first place, isn't it? I'm always on the defensive. Always assuming everyone's gonna think the worst of me. [Sighs] It's a reflex. Do you think that has something to do with your father? Stealing your kidney, lying about my mother your whole entire life? Partly. But partly, I think it's Okay, here's the thing, Nelle. You could have gotten away with this, say, maybe 15 years ago. But now we live in an age of total transparency. Nothing remains buried. Every lie you tell is gonna come out eventually, because someone, somewhere, has a camera phone. I know.

Do you? Yeah. I know it's wrong to lie. Forget "wrong." I'm not the moral authority on -- on anything but I do know that it's stupid. Because, eventually, you're going to get caught. And I-I know you're not stupid, Nelle. And even though I-I get this whole defense-mechanism thing, something has to change.

You must think I'm pathetic. Wait, that's -- that's the complete opposite of what I'm thinking. Really? A grown woman who makes the same mistakes over and over again? Right, well, at least you're trying. The same way Morgan was. You mess up and -- and you lie to get yourself out of it, only digging yourself deeper. Right? Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Do you have any idea how many times I'd seen Morgan do that? Yeah, but he was your family. Yeah. I mean, you had to stick by him. Me? It doesn't make you a bad person or pathetic. It makes you flawed, like the rest of us. Not like you. Nelle, I am far from perfect, believe me. So what now? As far as the investigation goes? I-I-I hired Curtis to make things better for you, but him looking into your past is only making things worse. It's not his fault. No. No, it's mine. [Exhales deeply] I'm, uh -- I'm calling him off. Are you sure? Yeah, I'm sure. Look, everyone deserves a clean slate. Morgan got one, and he was never able to use it. And so, uh... I don't want the same thing happening to you. You've gotten yourself into trouble with the law? If you ask me, Jordan's a little arrest-happy. I can't tell you how many times she's dragged me down to the station, accused me of things I didn't do. Hmm. No one's perfect. Least of all Jordan. Huh. Do I detect friction between you and the commissioner?

[Elevator dings]

You detect I'm late for my next appointment. Nice to meet you, Franco. Nice to meet you. Oh, and be good to Elizabeth. I hear otherwise, you'll answer to me. I understand. [Doors close]

[Sighs] You bought Julian's company?


Yes, I did. Julian Jerome? The very same. Uh, you guys looked as surprised as I was. I really couldn't be more shocked. Wow. Well, you said you wanted to go legit. I guess a media company... is legit. Yeah, but do you actually know anything about media? Not a thing. [Chuckles] We have a lot to learn. -"We"? -Yeah. So you guys are doing this together?

Mm-hmm. Well, it's the whole reason I bought the company. We want to work together. Normal hours, normal job, predictable time to get home, that sort of thing. I'll always be grateful to you, but this change... no. I-I get it. I get it, Jason. So, that's the big news. Sounds...different. [Chuckles] -It is. -But wonderful. Congratulations. Thank you. You know what? I'm happy for you. You wanted to go for something, and you -- you got it. That means a lot. Okay, the big question is, are we gonna get a deal on cable or what? You know, I'll -- I'll do what I can. I'll give it a shot.


Oh, damn. What's up? I forgot to sign Danny's permission slip for his field trip. Oh, okay. Well, it's due today. I can get it. No, no, no. You s-- you stay here. I'll be right back. Okay.

[Knocks on door]

[Knocks on door]

[Sighs heavily]

[Lock disengages]

Sam? Sam? Is anybody home?

Patient 6: I'm sorry. Why do you feel like you have to apologize? Because I'll be leaving you alone. I won't be alone, Jason. Because I'll be thinking about you. And I'll be writing you, and I'm gonna be visiting you all the time. [Sighs]

Thank you for being so understanding. And for always trying to help. [Sighs] I'm sorry I don't always get that. Look, no more apologies, okay? Let's just start over and, um, move forward. -Okay. -Okay? I'm gonna go splash some water on my face. Try and reboot. So... [Exhales deeply]

[Cell phone rings]

Michael, what's up?

Michael: Hey, I, uh... I need you to drop the investigation on Nelle.

Damn. Just like that?

Yes. Look, after everything I've uncovered, are you sure? I'm sure. You are officially off the case. [Sighs] That Franco's a strange bird. What'd you two talk about after I left? You, the intimate details of your relationship. [Chuckles] Just playing. Oh. [Chuckles] We didn't talk about much. But one thing's for sure -- he's head over heels about you. The feeling's mutual. [Keyboard clacking] [Gasps] [Sighs] [Door opens, keys jingle] Now, where did I put that thing?

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