GH Transcript Friday 10/13/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 10/13/17


Episode #13909 ~ Sam receives a heartfelt gesture; Michael receives some disturbing news; Anna plots her next move.

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[Sirens wailing]

You just go straight home. And take the bus, not the subway. Yeah, right.

[Pop music playing]

Tears you down leaves you hungry sure I can't get you something -- other than water? Uh, no, thanks. Just trying to catch up on what I missed. Wait a minute. I am not taking another step until you tell me what's going on. I thought you loved a good mystery. I don't know. I mean, dragging me to the bank in New York City is one thing, but if you are here to tell me that you're buying a townhouse in Manhattan or -- or queens or Brooklyn, you can forget it, because I'm not moving. Okay. Okay. No, I'm not moving. Why don't we just go in here and find out, huh? Come on. Hey, Sam Morgan... ...let's go see your future.

[Telephone rings]

Hey, Simone. You know, I'm gonna have to put you on hold -- just one sec.

[Telephone beeps]

Would you stop that?! Oh, no, not you, Dolph. No, I'm so sorry. Not -- not you. No, listen, we have to get into this, but -- but can I call you back? Yes, I understand the clock is ticking. But I'll call you back real quick. Oh! What?

[Telephone beeps]

Simone? Hi, yeah, Nina can't talk right now. I'm gonna have to have her get back to you, okay? Thanks so much. What? Who's Dolph? [Laughs] Also, when are you coming home? As soon as I lock this issue, which would be a lot easier if I had an assistant answering the calls. Where is my assistant? It was incredibly generous of you to make that donation. But you don't approve. Look, the better funded Morgan's foundation is, the more kids it can help. But... you still think I should have given the ring back to Zach's family. It's not my call. You're right. It's mine. And I couldn't give the ring back to the people that accused me of killing him. So I made a compromise. I sold it and gave the proceeds to a worthy cause. But it doesn't matter, because I'm never gonna be able to convince people I'm innocent. Oh. Well, actually, I've taken the steps to prove it for you. Why don't you give me 15 minutes, and I'll have one of my associates track down your assistant? What are you gonna do, microchip her? You know, companies are doing that now. Was that -- that too much? I was joking. I hope you're joking. Oh, of -- yeah. I don't have any time for jokes. I need to put this issue to bed. I want to put you to bed. [Chuckles] You're not helping. Well, I'd like to help you. Listen, what if I could offer you an opportunity more suited to your talents and your leadership skills? I would like to hear about that. Good. But first, a little fun. [Laughs] Uh, hi, Griffin? It's me, Anna. Um, I just got back, and please, could you just check in with me? I want to find out how everything went with Ava. [Sighs] No matter how I feel about the woman, I do want to help. I know she's your friend. [Grunts]

[Both panting]

I hired Curtis Ashford to give your case another look. Why would you do that without consulting me? Well, I want him to find evidence to exonerate you. Look, if the Grants find out someone's nosing around on my behalf, they're gonna grow suspicious. Okay, well, let them. Look, once -- once Curtis comes back with evidence of your innocence, they'll back off. You're assuming Curtis can do that. The police couldn't. Okay, maybe we just need some fresh eyes. It couldn't hurt, right? You look a lot better than you did at the airport. Managed to forget about that very ill-advised wager at the roulette table. Love to forget about it, but you keep reminding me. [Chuckles] Oh. Speaking of which, why are we meeting again? I'd really like to be sleeping off this jet lag. Well, this is the last time that we can be seen together. We cannot meet in public anymore once Cassandra arrives tomorrow. Oh, so no more banging on my hotel-room door? Oh, what am I gonna do? But I guess I'll survive. Is that all? You're very hostile when you're tired. Do you need a nap? Yes. [Scoffs] Oh. Listen, I just want this to be over with, Anna. Well, that's why I wanted to see you. Because we're heading into the second part of this operation, and it's gonna take the time that it takes. Don't rush... 'cause you'll make mistakes. So, you know, just take your time gaining Cassandra's trust. And the quicker that she trusts you, the sooner that she's gonna confide in you. Right. 'Cause, you know, criminals often tell about their illegal dealings to their doctors. I'm sorry, did that come off as too hostile? Borderline, yeah. Why don't you just get it out of your system, and then you can be all charming to Cassandra? Once again, you're putting way too much faith in my abilities. No, I'm not. She wouldn't be coming here if she didn't trust you. Honestly, I-I have every confidence that if you give her what she wants, she will return the favor. Okay. And while I'm... diagnosing her with this contrived medical condition... what exactly will you be doing? I have to come at it from another angle. Hmm. And does this other angle have anything to do with Valentin Cassadine? Okay, I hate to put the phone on night service, but it's the only way I can hear myself think. So what's this opportunity that you're talking about? I am on the verge of a deal that could leverage you into becoming the next media magnate. Right. It sounds like a huge responsibility. Huge responsibility -- of course it is. So what? So it wasn't long ago that I was an unemployed heiress with scandal and mental instability. I don't really think that Forbes is gonna put me on the cover of their magazine with that kind of bio. Nina, there are always gonna be people who underestimate you. Please don't be one of them. You are such an example to my daughter. You tell her she can be anything she wants be. You say that every day. Don't you believe your own words? Okay, well, when you put it that way, what do you have in mind? How about if besides calling the shots at crimson, you're calling the shots at the parent company also? What? I'm about to buy Derek Wells Media. You want to be my co-CEO? Diane. [Chuckles] Diane -- Diane is my future? Cutting it a little close, aren't we?

Jason: Sorry -- sorry we're late. Diane's here to oversee a very complicated transaction. Uh...something we couldn't do in Port Charles? Mm-mnh. The title documents for this particular transaction are held here. And I wanted to make a trip out of it. [Smooches] So, everything good to go? Stu? All that's required are signatures. I'll notarize them, and you're all set. Sign on all the tabbed places. Hey, wait a minute. [Chuckles] Wait, what are you signing? Just a few strokes of the pen, and Julian Jerome will cease to be the owner of Derek Wells Media. You're buying a media company? So you've been out of the country. Deployed? No, I'm not in the military. Oh. Guess I read you wrong. But you're right that I've... been away for a while. Oh. Well, welcome back. Are you in some kind of trouble? Is it obvious? Well, you deal with people, you pick stuff up. Plus, this is a fireman's bar. Cops don't usually show up without a good reason.

[Rock music playing]

Which way to the restroom? It's in the back. So what can I get you guys? We're looking for a guy. Well, aren't we all?! Okay, so what'd this guy do? He stowed away on a boat. Hmm. Entered the country illegally. Have you seen him around?

Since when is Julian interested in selling Derek Wells Media? Well, he was looking for buyers even before his trial began, and I've been circling and honing my bid and waiting for the right moment. You never said anything. You never showed an ounce of interest.

Well, it's not a done deal until the ink is dry, and I have been looking at other opportunities. But I really like this one. I think it's a good fit for both of us. So what do you say? You want to jump on board or do you want to stay behind your desk at crimson, taking orders from an ber demanding boss? What a second. I have complete creative autonomy over crimson, and my boss is not demanding, nor is he overbearing. And -- of course! What am I saying! Yes, yes! Let's co-CEO the hell out of this! Mm. [Chuckles] Now, remember, it's not mine yet. Dry ink, right? Formalities. Who's gonna out-bid you?

Diane: I don't mind telling you, this was a hard-won negotiation. There was last-minute interest from another party who put in a very lucrative bid.

Sam: Hmm. That's why I waited to tell you until it was a done deal. And there's a caveat. Julian Jerome has major ties to organized crime -- so do you. Not anymore. Well, don't expect the sec to take your word for it. To the federal government, this is just going to look like one mobster is buying a shell company from another mobster. Major federal scrutiny. You're going to have your financials checked, and often. Are you sure you're willing to take on that kind of scrutiny? The feds can look at anything they want to. This is completely legitimate, nothing incriminating. We're good to go. Okay, but buying a media company -- I didn't know that was something that you were into. Oh, I'm into you. And I am into you. But, really, Jason, Derek Wells Media? Look, I -- I... I know this has come kind of out of nowhere and it's like nothing we've ever done before, but... this is me keeping my promise to you... breaking away from my old life, finding a new way -- completely clean break, just like we talked about. Okay. I mean, I want that, too. Well, good. And -- and -- and I know... [Chuckles] That I did this on my own. I hope you won't hold that against me, because I don't intend to run this company without you. What? [Pen clicks] We need your signature, too. That's right -- or nothing gets done. We either do this as partners, or we don't do it at all.

[Rock music playing]

No. He hasn't been around here.

Anderson: You sure? He's got blue eyes. Very distinctive. Then I would have remembered him if I saw him, wouldn't I? And you know what else I haven't seen? Your badges. 'Cause if you two aren't cops, I got no reason to talk to you. We'll pay generously for information.

Can't forsake it where you heading? Why you waitin' on me? Come on blue eyes. I'll call you if I see him. Thank you. Come on, come on get with it come on, come on get with it come on, come on get with it come on, come on get with it

Ah, thanks. Like I said, this is a fireman's bar. I prefer not to associate with cops. Mm, those two weren't cops. It's close enough. Here. I can't take your money. It's their money. I didn't ask for it, and I don't want it. Well, give it to somebody who needs it. Honey, I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but you look like you need it more than I do. [Scoffs] I-I'm fine. I have enough for bus fare. Take it!

Come on, come on, come on get with it [Sighs] Actually... come on, come on get with it come on, come on you should have this. Get with it come on, come on get with it

Michael... I really appreciate you trying to clear my name, but it kind of already is. You know, no one was charged in Zach's death. What, y-you told me that you think that... the questions about Zach's death are going to follow you forever. If Curtis comes through, that huge cloud hanging over your head's gonna be gone. I guess that would be a welcome change. I've gotten used to being presumed guilty. Well, get un-used to it. 'Cause Curtis is coming straight here from the airport. He's gonna check in. Okay, s-so why don't you stay around? You can hear what he has to say. You know, I-I actually have stayed long enough, so I have to get back to work. Okay, okay. I'll, um, I'll let you know what he says. Okay. Thanks. [Smooches] Nothing to say? Was just thinking. About what? Tomorrow. I have to speak with father Corey. Ah. Your superior. Yes. It's more than that. No, he was my mentor in my religious life, and I know how much he's gone to bat for me. So I need to tell him my decision tomorrow. H-have you... made your decision? No. [Sighs] Of course not. Hey -- no, please. Okay, but we -- we have to talk about this. Okay. Fine, let's talk. But if this is the part where you agonize and you say this was all a big mistake and we should never speak of it again... let me make things easier for you, Griffin. This was a mistake... and we should never speak of it again.

(Baby laughs)

You want me... to help you run Derek Wells Media?

Of course. We're partners in everything. [Sighs] Wow, I mean, talk about the blind leading the blind. Are you sure about this? I am absolutely not. No? [Chuckles] But, look, if it doesn't work out, we'll sell it, we'll find something else. And as long as our family's together and not looking over our shoulder, then we are ahead of the game. So come on -- what do you say, are you in? Well, what do you think? Abso-- yes. Like you said, we are partners in everything. Mm-hmm. You should reserve a domain name. Get a name together, and then I'll check it to see if it's not taken. All right, so what -- what do you think, um... valentina media? Yep. Uh, cassareeves enterprises. I like that. That's strong and sexy. Strong and sexy, just like you, darling. We can reserve the domain name, but we don't have to --

Nelle: Nina? Oh. I'm sorry. I was -- I was so worried. I saw the phones were on night service, and I thought something might have happened. Yeah. Oh, yeah, huh, something did happen. Um, my assistant went mia during a very important deadline.

[Cell phone rings]

Valentin: Excuse me.

[Ringing continues]

Okay, there are probably 50 voicemails. I need you to go through them and tell me which ones are important. Earth to Nelle, earth to Nelle! And where is my sparkling water?! I'm sorry? My sparkling water? What is going on with you? Get with the program. There are gonna be a lot of changes here, Nelle, and we cannot afford to make any mistakes. Right, right, okay. I have to be perfect.

Curtis: Oh, man. I'm hungry as a hostage. Well, here you go -- fresh off the grill. Oh, good. I hate airport food. Yeah. Well, look, uh, thank you for working so quickly. I'm really anxious to put this whole thing to rest. I, um... I told Nelle that I hired you to help clear her. So, tell me, what'd you turn up? Did you, uh, find enough evidence to exonerate Nelle? Mr. Cassadine? Diane miller calling, letting you know that you have been outbid for Derek Wells Media. And how did you know I made a bid for that? I'm paid to know. At any rate, it was a valiant effort, but the company is now off the table. So better luck next time.

[Cell phone beeps]

I want you to have it. It's supposed to be lucky. Well, then, shouldn't you keep it? The luck already worked for me. How do you figure? Well, I picked this bar, I met you. You had no reason to cover for me, and you did. Lucky, huh? I guess I could use a little of that. I saw an exit in the kitchen. Is it okay if I use it? Feel free. Thanks again. Safe trip, wherever you're headed. Home.

No, I have hardly any time to enjoy it before the next one's on the...

[Door opens]

Hey, champagne! And a round for everybody. Yeah, the best you've got. We're celebrating. I'll admit that my initial interest in Cassandra was her association with Valentin. Ah! But she has since become a priority all of her own. The WSB has determined that her latest very lucrative investment is synthetic opioids. Drug trafficking? Yes -- of the worst kind. And it's hugely profitable... as you probably know. It's the mark-up on synthetic opioids is astronomical. For every investment of $100,000, you -- your return is in the millions. And the collateral damage is millions of people's lives are destroyed and lost. Whole communities are incapacitated. The more money Cassandra makes, the worse the people she sells to are suffering. Yeah, I know a little something about addition. Suddenly, this... little spy game we're playing doesn't seem like such a game anymore. No. And when I think about her sitting in her little pied--terre, fretting over these imaginary ills while profiting from human misery, I can tell you that this is one take-down that I am kind of really looking forward to. [Chuckles] Just who will be taken down and who will be doing the taking?

I thought we weren't gonna tell Nelle about the investigation. So what happened? Um, well, after you left for Florida, I found out that Nelle sold the engagement ring that Zach gave her, and she gave the money to my brother's foundation. All right, well, that's incredibly generous or manipulative, depending on your point of view. Yeah, look, I may have thought that it wasn't hers to sell, but I know her... her intentions were sincere. And I'm guessing not everybody shares your opinion. No, she was defensive. That's when I told her that I hired you to prove her innocence. So how'd she take it? Well, uh... she was a little surprised. She actually thought it would do more harm than good. Harm? How so? Yeah, she -- she thought that we might trigger the Grants to escalate their vendetta against her. That's it? Why, do you think there's some other reason why Nelle wouldn't want you poking around? Maybe there's something Nelle don't want me to find out. Okay, return the first 15 calls, and then get back to me. What are you doing here? Am I interrupting? Uh, no. You know what you have to do, right? Yes, yes. I'll get right on those calls. Okay. Okay. Millennials. She just needed a reminder as to what her priorities were -- you know, business versus personal... if you know what I mean. You know, but I shouldn't be so hard on her. She's actually a great worker. And don't try to poach her from me, because I have a very clear career path for Nelle when we start cassareeves enterprises. And I have to register that name. Why are you looking like this? What's happening? Is Charlotte okay? No, she's -- she's fine. We can register the name, but we're not gonna be able to use it any time soon. My, uh... offer for Derek Wells Media was rejected. They've gone with another buyer.

Sam: [Chuckles]

Jason: Cheers. Cheers.

[Rock music playing]

Wow. That's sharp. Yeah, "sharp's" a term. Mm-hmm. It's certainly something like that. I should have known something was wrong with this. Look at the dust on this bottle. I mean, there's vintage, and then there's vinegar. Why are we drinking champagne? Wouldn't you rather have a beer? A beer, yeah. That -- that sounds more like us. It does, doesn't it? Who -- who do we think we are, ordering champagne in a place like this? I don't know. Maybe we think we're some big-time media moguls. Aah! That's so crazy when you say it like that. I can't believe this is happening. You don't regret it, do you? No. Not at all. I mean, I-I think it's A... good crazy. What about you? It's certainly a departure for us. And I'm sure there's gonna be a bunch of challenges, but I'm ready for them. Me, too. We don't answer to anybody -- except for ourselves. Ourselves? Ourselves. I like the sound of that. Yeah, I'll bet you do. [Chuckles] Are you sure you're ready? Because our lives are about to undergo one hell of a change. I'll drink to that. Oh, boy. [Laughs] Cheers. Cheers. I wasn't expecting you until... until tomorrow. Well, I moved up my departure. I was worried I might be too tired for our appointment, so I wanted to give myself time to recuperate from my flight. Air travel is so enervating, and the air in the cabin is so dreadful, even in first class. Yes, yes, it is. Oh, of course, it's all the same air, but I'm -- I'm glad you made it here in one piece. It's -- that's good thinking. Hi. We haven't officially met. I'm Anna. I have to be careful, I'm sorry, with casual contact. And I already know who you are. You do? Well, I saw you with Dr. Finn in Monaco, just as I saw you a few minutes ago. You're obviously his lover. So you want me to leave? [Horn honks in distance] It's pretty obvious you don't want to stay. You're jumping to conclusions, putting words in my mouth. Are you telling me that you don't want this to remain our dirty little secret? That this -- this interlude actually meant something to you? Of course it meant something. You just don't know what, right? Why is it so hard for you to understand? I have devoted my entire life to my religion. It's not easy to just throw that away and call it a wash. Well, that's one way of looking at it. But here's another. You can live honestly... or you can live a lie. Now, Griffin, you can continue to hide behind that collar if you want to. But for what it's worth... you don't have sex like a man with doubts.

I really think you're mistaken about -- uh, characterizing us as lovers. We prefer the term... partners.

Cassandra: Oh. How chic. [Chuckles] It's lovely to meet you, Cassandra. Oh, I'm s-- poof -- where are my manners? This is Cassandra, this is Anna. Oh, no, that's all right, darling. Yeah? Okay. It's fine. Um, I'm so happy that Finn was able to help you in Monaco. Oh, yes. It was a fortuitous meeting. I'm sure he's told you all about how he's taken on my case and is going to help me here. No. Uh, not at all. He hasn't given me any patient information. Uh, I-in fact, patient confidentiality is of the utmost importance of a doctor of his caliber. Well,

any doctor, really. You're just being modest, sweetheart. Um... you're actually very lucky to have him. Yeah, I'm counting on that. Well... would, uh -- oh, would you -- would you like to j-join us? Oh, no, thank you. I just came for a nightcap to help me sleep. I'm trying to acclimate to your time zone. You two continue your... evening together. Dr. Finn, I'll see you soon. Yes. Okay. Thank you. Yes. "Partners?" Just keep smiling. Mm-hmm. At -- at me. Oh, yeah. Yes. Diane miller is on retainer to Sonny Corinthos. What the hell would he want with a media company? Doesn't matter. It matters to me... if I'm gonna sabotage the deal. Don't do that. Come on. You know deals come and go. I'm angry at myself -- for getting your hopes up. What? You wanted to run a multi-million-dollar conglomerate with me. You had that kind of faith in me. That was the ultimate romantic gesture, and I love you for it. I should have waited till the ink was dry. I hate that I disappointed you. You didn't disappoint me. Cassareeves is a name that goes with anything. It's a strong and sexy name. [Chuckles] There are other opportunities. And you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. We'll need to have an ad campaign to re-brand the company. Mm-hmm. Just to make it more like us. "Ad campaign"? Mm-hmm. "Re-brand"? Listen to you. Who are you and what have you done with my wife? [Chuckles] What?! If you haven't forgotten, I-I was a host of a talk show, so I know a little bit about communications and media. But you just bought a company. Who are you and what have you done to my husband? It's just a different kind of adventure, a step into the unknown that doesn't require us risking our lives or leaving our kids as orphans. Okay. No, the opportunity was there. With proper management, this company could be successful. And who knows? We might actually like being publishers. Yeah, okay. Well, and if nothing else, at least we can make sure all of our brands report the news... honestly, without bias. Then we will definitely be bankrupt within a year. [Laughs] Possibly. Yeah. But at least we'll be together. Well, I had to take care of something. I'm here now. [Receiver slams] Is Nina free? Yeah. Yeah, she is. Listen, um, you know how much my wife depends on you, right? I do. Excuse me. Good, good, good. Don't let your personal difficulties -- whatever they are -- affect her or her business. That's the aim. Well, let's make it the reality. Okay? Because I warned you once before... specifically about my daughter. Let's make sure it applies to my wife, too. I would never do anything to hurt Charlotte or Nina. Why is everyone always assuming the worst of me? Well, I really don't know about everyone else, but I can spot an opportunist when I see one. The Grants believe that Nelle had her sights set on Zachary from the time she came to work for them. Shoot, maybe even before. Wait, Nelle worked for the Grants? As his mama's assistant. Remind me again what was Nelle's position with your family? Uh, she was my mom's assistant. Hmm. To let Sharon Grant tell it, Nelle did her research and exploited her mama's upper-class guilt to get the job. Gave her direct access to Zachary. So am I supposed to think that she's -- she's, what, planning to do the same thing to me? Well, you can't deny that there are parallels. Okay, just the fact that Nelle worked for the Grants isn't any evidence of wrongdoing, though. No, not by itself, but you couple that with the information that I gathered. Look, Michael, I'm advising you... take a harder look at this.

So we can actually use Cassandra's mistake to our advantage, since we're "dating," you know. We can... be in public now. Okay. What about the rest of Port Charles? You don't seem like someone who would care what other people think. No. Okay. Let's give them something to talk about.

Valentin: You're good. You're very good at being all things to all people. You're a doting nanny for my daughter, you're a dedicated assistant to my wife. I'm sure you are a charming girlfriend to Michael Corinthos. With me, you're coy, you're unassuming. Unless the situation changes and you turn into something else. I had no idea you watched me so closely. I used to be in threat analysis. You know what that is? A lot of people think that that's a boring desk job. You know what it really is? It's solving an endless puzzle. It's looking at seemingly innocuous subjects, finding their dirty little secrets, and dismantling... their web of lies. I'm very good... at spotting a person who's too good to be true. But I'm really good at taking them down.

[Cell phone beeping]

Know what I mean, jelly bean? Yes, sir. Good. 'Cause the moment you make a move against my wife, that's when I'm gonna intervene.

Curtis: It's your money, man. I don't want to tell you what you don't want to hear. Just cover my travel, pay for my time... we'll call it even. No harm. Nelle lies. That's a given. I believe she lies because she's scared and she has no one to trust. I want her to trust me. But I can't help her if... if I don't know everything. Even the things that make her look guilty? All of it. Hey, Valentin leave? Uh, yeah, just a few seconds ago. [Sighs] Okay. Dylan called. Oh, I'll call him back. Here, give this to Valentin, go get him. Uh, he's probably in the bar. He's gonna need that scarf. I'm on my way. All right. Also, when you get back... can you do some research on the sale of Derek Wells Media? I need to know who I'm gonna be reporting to.

I want to know the inside hey. Uh, what's good in the kitchen? Best sliders in the city. Is it better than your champagne? [Chuckles] Well, that's the first champagne I've served in about a decade. But I serve sliders every day, so I promise you, they're great. Perfect, can't wait. Can we -- French fries, please. Wedge or shoestring? Shoestring. Shoestring, yeah. Ooh. I like your watch. Yeah, I just got it. It's unique. Do you mind if I look at it? No, knock yourself out. Thanks. Huxley. Is that a family name? It's not my family. Where did you get this watch?

Man on PA: All passengers holding tickets for bus 357 express to Boston, start making your way to platform 5. Ava, I don't want to leave things like this. What's the alternative? Wait. You don't know, got it. Ava. Go. Just go, Griffin. You were right about me. I've been strangled by my indecision, but I am... I'm getting closer to clarity. Glad to be of service. What happened -- it wasn't a mistake, not for me. I hope it wasn't for you.

[Door opens, closes]

I'm so pleased you could join me -- and so quickly. Do you live close by? Hardly. I live on an island. Ferry access only. Sounds romantic -- and tiresome. Can't be spontaneous if you have to grab a boat every time you want to leave the house. I manage. Then again, spontaneity was never your thing. That's why you never got caught. Those robberies of yours were always planned to the last detail. I didn't expect to see you so quickly. I thought your visit was days away. Moved up my timeline. Well, I wish I'd known. I would have arranged a proper welcome. Well, there's still time.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Nelle said she couldn't save Zachary after his kayak sank. Uh, she tried, she tried, but she, um, she couldn't reach him. Plus, she was tired and she's not a good swimmer. Well, the lakes high dolphins disagree. Janelle Benson -- won a gold medal and set a league record in the 50-meter freestyle. I did a favor for a guy. It wasn't much of a favor, but he insisted on giving me the watch. He said it was lucky. Huxley. I mean, do you think it could be Huxley Lynch? Do you recognize this guy? [Chuckles] No. It was somebody else. I'm gonna put in your order. Okay, thank you.

[Rock music playing]

Oh, yeah I guess that was a stretch. I'm sure there are plenty of Huxleys out there in the world. Right. I mean, a city this big, what are the chances we'd run into someone we knew?

Bus 909 for Albany, Syracuse, and Port Charles departs from platform 8 in 10 minutes. All passengers holding tickets for bus 909, start making your way to platform 8. Right now.

On the next "General Hospital" --


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