GH Transcript Wednesday 10/11/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 10/11/17


Episode #13907 ~ Josslyn reflects on Morgan's death; Ava is an unwelcome guest; Kevin makes an impulsive decision.

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make sure it's on it. Is it centered? I think so, yeah. Yeah. Molly, Josslyn, hey. Did you guys do this? With help from Kristina. -Hi! -Hi. Wow. You guys, this is really beautiful. Hey, Avery. This is Morgan. Do you remember your big brother? Thank you so much for this. Walking you to work? The fact that we can. You made it possible for us to openly be together. So you do approve of me withdrawing from PCU. As long as you were sure of it. Best decision I ever made.


[Knocking on door]

Professor Forsyth. Dean Paulson. We need to discuss how your conduct reflects on the university. Tell me all about your classes. I'm sure this hospital feels like a second home to you by now. I, for one, am so sick of medical facilities, I can't wait to get the hell out of here. Hey, do you know what I'll do? I'll get a delivery from that French bakery on 4th, and you and I can have some pastries and cappuccino, and you can fill me in. As much as I would love to catch up, I -- I can't spend too much time here today. Are you mad? I'm sure you're mad, and I don't blame you for being mad -- mad? Why would I be mad? You only lied and snuck off to some bootleg clinic in Russia where you could have died. I'm sorry. I should have told you. Yeah. I was really worried about you. I was so relieved when Griffin called and said that you were back home. Well, I know that he moved heaven and earth to help me. I suppose that's because he blamed himself for you deciding to go in the first place. Why is that? What happened between the two of you? Heavenly father... I have sought clarity through prayer, through scripture, through faith... I need your help. I no longer know what's in my heart anymore. I need discernment and I need your guidance to know what I should do. At the risk of sounding conceited, I could be the answer to your prayers. Father Corey? I am here to take you back to your parish, where you belong.

Griffin and I, we had a disagreement. Let's leave it at that.

Hmm. Must have been quite the disagreement for him to jump on a plane to St. Petersburg and drop his entire life. I -- I'm glad that you got out of there when you did. [Scoffs] You don't know the half of it. Ms. Jerome. I'm sorry, there's been a glitch with your release papers, and it might take a little while longer. Oh. Okay, thank you. Can you wait? Actually, um... I -- I think it might be better if I come back and get you in a little bit. Oh. You have class or you're working? What? I took the morning off, actually. So, plans with Dillon? Um, no, no. I was gonna go spend the morning with Avery. Really? Well, you have to bring her to see me. I'm not sure about that, mom. Well, I know that maybe she'll be a little bit afraid of me, but I look a hell of a lot better than I did the last time she saw me. I just... I don't think that's the best thing for today. Can we try? Please? I haven't seen her in a long time. Maybe. You know what? I will go right now and see her at perks. Michael has her. You text me when you're all ready to go and then I will come back to you right away. Okay. Well, if you can't bring her, just take -- take some pictures of her for me and make sure you tell her that I love her. I will. I -- I really am glad that you're back home safe. [Sighs] I saw your daughter leaving. Kiki is such a lovely girl. You must be really proud. Although I wonder if she would be as proud of you if she knew how you have betrayed my son. I haven't heard back from you in weeks. My apologies. I've, uh, I've been busy with work and I, uh, I just got back from a trip yesterday, actually. Were you on mars? I have been leaving you voicemails for weeks, Griffin. I have e-mailed, I have texted. St. Gabriel had an easier time trying to reach the virgin Mary. Now, would you care to tell me why you have been so uncommunicative? I -- I am truly sorry. I'm not trying to shame you, son. But when I can't get you to reply, or -- or even send me a pithy emoji... [Laughs] ...I can only conclude one thing. You're avoiding me. That's true. I have been, father. But not -- not because I don't want to speak to you. I... I -- I was afraid you were gonna tell me my leave of absence is over, that I've had enough time to examine my feelings about the priesthood. As we say every Wednesday... bingo! That is precisely why I've been calling you and why I'm here. The bishop needs you back in your parish. Immediately. Pursuing a sexual relationship with a student violates school policy. Except I'm no longer a student. I officially withdrew days ago. Professor Forsyth was seen kissing you prior to the date of your withdrawal. Seen by who? That doesn't matter, Kristina. The fact is we became personally involved while you were still a student. Your paperwork will be waiting for you in the administration office. What paperwork? My severance package. I just got fired.

 I need to go and find out what's going on with my discharge papers, so if you'll excuse me -- no. I won't excuse you -- not now, not ever. And as far as your discharge papers, I'm the one holding them up. I know what this is about, Laura. And you can hate me for what I've done. I know I hate myself. Good. You should. You chose vanity over conscience. You chose to let a murderer continue to walk free in the world. You dashed any hopes that Spencer had of finding justice for his father. That little boy has absolutely no peace of mind. I am so sorry. [Laughing] Oh, please. I am. And maybe you can appreciate the irony here, because look at me! Oh. All I needed was one more treatment and I'd have my face back. [Scoffs] But I ruined my chances when I tried to help somebody. Really, Ava? [Laughing] Oh, my goodness. Did you think that you were going to get me to applaud your noble victory to help a stranger when, in fact, you helped the man who murdered my son to go free? Nicholas died for you. And I used to be able to take comfort in the thought that he died a hero. He died trying to save your life. And now I know that his death was in vain because, in the end, you valued your looks more than you valued my son's memory. And I will never forgive you for that. Laura... I -- stop it. Because any attempts to apologize to me are just wasted. [Sighs] I hope you realize that, uh, I'm really the least of your worries, because you sold your soul to the devil. And one day, you will have to pay up. There are your discharge papers. You can go. [Sighs] I appreciate you coming all this way to tell me. I'm sorry I inconvenienced you. I will call the bishop myself and ask for another extension. Griffin, you have already taken more time than is usually allowed for a leave of absence. Now, your situation was taken into consideration, which is why you were Granted the leeway. But the time has come. Well -- [Sighs] I have -- I have patients and cases I'm right in the middle of -- I am sure there are other doctors who can absorb your patients. Your parish needs you now. Griffin, aside from the indiscretion with Ms. Beaulieu, you were an exemplary priest, which is why the bishop agreed to Grant you the extended leave. And I appreciate that -- then act like it! We have been more than fair. You have had more than enough time to consider your vocation. You may be feeling a little insecure, but I have every faith that you have learned to resist temptation and will never stray again. Fight this. I'll call my father's lawyer, and we can get Diane to, you know, back the administration off. The administration followed the rules.

I'm the one that broke them. So, if I hadn't approached you, then you would still have a job. Oh, honey, I don't want you blaming yourself. I don't blame myself, I blame whoever was spying on us and turned us into the dean.


Kristina. Sorry to see you here, but I'm not surprised. Oh, my God. It was you. Thank you so much for including me. Yeah, of course. You were a big part of Morgan's life.

Yeah, I know, but still. No, don't. We don't blame you for what your mother did. Yeah, she switched the meds, not you. Look, we're not gonna dwell on that today. No, we're here to, uh, honor Morgan's life, right? And his outrageous sense of humor. You know, he was always telling me that I was too serious.

Molly and Josslyn: You are! Okay -- Molly, you're as serious as I am. Let's get real here. Well, somebody has to counterbalance Kristina! Speaking of whom, she is late. She was supposed to be here. Something wrong? Well, Kristina texted me. She is apparently not coming. Well, why? Did something happen? Wait, yeah. This was Kristina's idea. Why would she blow it off? Um... well, I don't want to speculate. Well, you obviously know something. So, you might as well tell us. Kristina just dropped out of PCU. Um, and I think it was because of a relationship. And my mom was pretty upset, so if I had to bet, I would say she just went to talk to Kristina. Poor Kristina. You know, I -- I got to say, if anyone can sympathize with why Kristina couldn't be here, it would be Morgan. So, since Kristina is not here, Molly and I would like to introduce you to perks' new signature drink. -Mm. -It was Kristina's idea, but she did not create the drink. This was Morgan's creation. So, behold the "morganccino." Hot chocolate and espresso. All of the profits will go to Morgan's foundation to help kids struggling with mental illness. Cool. And Avery, I have a juice box for you! Mm! Want a sip? There you go. Got to hand it to Kristina, this was a great idea. Wow, that's, uh -- that really packs a punch. Oh, yeah, I'm not sleeping for days. [Laughter] That's so Morgan. Doing something to keep us up so we have to think about him. [Dante chuckles] Oh, and I almost forgot. Um, the celebration is not complete without perks hats, so...

Molly: Also, Morgan's creation. Yeah. He did have a gift for marketing. -Among other things. -So, everyone take one. I remember, uh, the first time I met him, I was lost and my phone was all messed up. And this kid comes out of nowhere walking through the woods, found a shortcut between Sonny and Carly's house. Ah! Shh! Do not let her know about the shortcut! I think she might be a little young to get it. Probably should not risk it. She doesn't know that is there, she'll never try to find it herself. And you do know who found the shortcut in the first place.

All: Morgan. I'll tell you what. Avery, we're not gonna give you directions to where Morgan found this thing that you'll never know about, but we will give you... a hat. Here, try it on. Aww. Hey, you guys, get together, I'll take a picture. All right. Want to come over here? -Come on, Avery! -Go stand with them. -Come over here. Well, come on. Take a picture with us. No. No, it's your family. It's okay. This is all of us. Come on. -Come on, get in here. All right. Say "cheese!"

All: Cheese! Parker was just fired for having a "inappropriate relationship with a student." Imagine that. I tried to explain that I am no longer enrolled at PCU -- we know. You withdrew without telling me or your father. Okay, but it didn't matter because someone saw us kissing while I was still enrolled and reported Parker to the dean! And you think that someone was me? Who else? You hate the idea of Parker and I together and you did everything in your power to sabotage us! She's right. You've been relentless. You need to be very careful what you say to me right now. And you're damn right I'm relentless when it comes to my child. Just admit, mom. You're the one who turned us in. No, I didn't. But whoever did did you -- and the university -- a big favor. J'ai rešu votre message. Est-ce que to vas bien? [Chuckles] I can speak Turkish, but I never really mastered French. What? [Laughs] We were there for months! I said, "I got your message. Are you all right?" What makes you think there's anything wrong? I don't know. Just a feeling. Is there something wrong? Uh... um... there's something that I... neglected to tell you last night. You should know you can tell me anything by now. Okay, well then, hold on to your beard, Dr. Freud, 'cause I went over to Wyndemere last night and I... threatened Valentin with a gun. The day I was ordained was the happiest day of my life. I remember that day. And I remember the lines from the bishop's prayer to new priests. "May justice, constancy, mercy, courage, and all the other virtues be reflected in every way of acting. And may they inspire others by their examples and hearten them with their admonitions. And may they keep pure and spotless the gift of their high calling." Do you remember those words? Yeah, I remember everything. Including my vows. Father, I -- I want to resume -- I want to resume saying mass. I want to return to my parishioners, but I need to make completely sure that I'm ready. They deserve that, don't they? Look, I just -- I just need a little more time, okay? Can't the bishop just Grant me a few more months? I asked him when I realized when you weren't getting back to me. He needs you now. The priest that replaced you is needed somewhere else, so no. The bishop is very firm on this -- you must go back. I can't. Then you have a very important decision to make, Griffin. Do you want to continue being a priest? -To Morgan. -To Morgan. -To Morgan. -To Morgan. Oh, yeah. To Morgan. [Laughter] I'm so sorry to intrude. It's just, um, Kiki said that Avery would be here. [Laughs] Hi, Avery. Can you say "hi" to your mama?

Josslyn, Molly, can you do me a favor?

Josslyn and Molly: Yeah. Can you, um -- can you take Avery into perks? -Yeah.

And get a cookie or something.


Okay, come on. Let's go pick out a cookie, Avery! Yeah! I think they have chocolate chip. [Sighs] Did you have to do that? What are you doing here? You were supposed to text me from the hospital. Well... I was released almost, um, right after you left. You told me you'd be here with Avery, so I thought I would come by. You thought what? You'd just barge in on us while we were remembering our brother? I didn't know what was happening here. I just -- I didn't know. You didn't notice when you saw us all sitting here, or the memory board? Why didn't you just turn around and leave? Because Avery was here! I wanted to see her! Well, Avery was having a good time. She was surrounded by her family, her loved ones. And now that's been ruined. She can sense something's wrong, she can feel the tension. Would it have killed you to let me see my daughter? Morgan was the one who was killed, and you put that in motion. See, we're here remembering our brother instead of being with him because of you! I've never regretted my decision to become a priest. I only want to make sure I'm worthy of the vocation. You're still struggling with that? It's been some time since that incident with ms. Beaulieu. I assumed she was an anomaly. Oh, son, I have told you not to be so hard on yourself. It happens. We fail. We fall. And we're forgiven. And we gather our courage and we learn from our mistakes and we emerge stronger with a renewed faith to continue on and become better priests. Okay, you have no idea how hard I prayed for that to be so. I think I do. I know that you have suffered for your mistakes, spiritually and physically. And the diocese has continued to support you because you mean so much to us. And I appreciate that. And I know I owe it to the bishop to -- to return -- it should not be a question of obligation. When you were in seminary, you embraced the church wholeheartedly with inspiring grace and full-throated love. What has changed for you? Do you feel, somehow, that you cannot remain faithful to God? Griffin... is there another woman? Yes. There is. Parker was given a position of trust -- first at Wesleyan, then at PCU -- and she violated the trust with both institutions. I'm the one who pursued her. She's the one that should have discouraged that. We had a mutual attraction -- that's chemical and natural -- there's nothing that we could do about it! But Parker never did anything inappropriate! Evidently, PCU disagrees -- yes, ms. Davis, they do. They disapprove of my conduct. They dismiss me for cause. But you know the one good thing that's come out of this? I don't have to defend or explain my behavior to anyone else now. Except Kristina. You have any idea how hard it is for me to watch you manipulate my daughter? No, mom, that would be you getting Parker fired. I did not get her fired. Then how did you walk into Parker's classroom 5 minutes after the dean left? Admit it! You wanted to see if your plan worked! I don't control what the dean does. I have no control over what the dean does. I did not send the dean to fire Parker. Then why are you here? To find out why you quit school! The gun wasn't loaded... but Valentin didn't know that. Oh, that's a relief. [Sighs] Look, I know it was wrong. I -- I know that. I know it was stupid, but... [Sighs] I -- I wanted to see the fear in his eyes for a change. I don't blame you. Especially after learning he bought Ava Jerome's silence. I know, poor Spencer. He's gonna be so crushed because there's absolutely no way that he can win that civil suit against Valentin now -- not without Ava's testimony. And you know how much that means to him. It's pretty much given him his whole sense of purpose. I know. That itself is a concern. I know, but Valentin gets away with everything. [Sighs] That's why I threatened him. I get it. You felt helpless! Angry. No judgment here. Really? Really! [Laughs] I know how fierce you can be. It's just one of your many qualities. Thanks.

[Cell phone chimes]

Oh. Oh, look! Aww, little boy. He's so cute.

[Cell phone chimes]

Oh. He said he misses us and that he will never forget our walks along the seine before the school year started. [Laughs] Me, too. That was magical. Yeah.

[Cell phone chimes]

What? He wants to know how his civil suit is coming along. [Sighs] I can't possibly let him know that Ava has betrayed him.

I know you didn't mean for Morgan to die. You just meant for him to lose his mind so Kiki would break up with him. See, now that's -- that's your idea of love and concern -- to destroy my brother and control your daughter. We're remembering Morgan, Ava. You're not welcome here. That's painfully obvious. But I am still Avery's mother. Just go! Please, mom. All right, Kiki. I'll go. I'm -- I'm so sorry. I -- [Sighs] I let it slip I was gonna be seeing Avery here. [Sighs] Can we, um... keep this going? Keep celebrating Morgan's life? You know, uh, Josslyn and I were gonna take Avery to the zoo and see the penguins, so... we should probably do it soon before she gets too tired. In other words, my mother ruined this, like she ruins everything she touches. I am sorry to have to ask you this, but have you had sex with this woman? No. But there has been physical contact of some sort? A kiss, but I stopped it. [Sighs] Look, it isn't physical attraction that's causing my doubts. This is -- this is something far different than what I experienced with Claudette. At the time, when you requested your leave, you said that you had strong feelings for ms. Beaulieu. Yes, I did! I -- I -- I thought I loved her. But it wasn't enough to overcome my love for God and the priesthood. I was able to put that first. They're still first in my heart. Then why are you so reluctant to return to your vocation? There is something about this woman. I am drawn to her without understanding why. It's much more than a physical thing. Well, maybe you're just telling yourself that to avoid what's really going on. We -- we were friends. And then she was terribly injured in a fire, and she started closing herself off from the world. At first, I simply wanted to help. And now? You still just want to help her with support, friendship? Or do you want something more? I don't know. I don't know, but I do know that I cannot return to my parishioners without having that answer. You know how I found out that you quit school? I got a refund check for your tuition. Great. I'm glad you got your money back. Don't even. I pay for your education and then you disrespect me? You quit and you don't even have the decency to tell me to my face? I thought I knew how you'd react. Boy, was I wrong! I totally underestimated you, mom. I figured you'd be mad and probably drag dad into it, but I didn't think that you'd get back at me by tanking Parker's career -- oh, for the last time, I did not tank your girlfriend's career! Why would I believe you?! You've lied to me before for my own good! Wait, Kristina, just stop. Stop! It doesn't matter who turned me in. I got fired. Now it's time for me to go. It's over. Where? Probably just go to my parent's place in Eugene, Oregon. They left me a house there. The irony of all ironies... it's a college town. Great. I've never been there before, but I'm sure I'll love it. Hold it! Hold it. What are you doing? I'm going with you. What did you tell Spencer? That we missed him, too. And? And that his civil suit is moving through our judicial system at a glacial pace. Which is not exactly a lie. It's not exactly the truth, either. I just can't -- I can't tell him right now that Ava has gone back on her word, because this civil suit means absolutely everything to him. He's hamlet. He's -- you know, avenging his father's death is how he's dealing with his grief. I know. It's all he talks about. But is losing Ava's testimony and possibly this suit hard on you because Spencer wants it so badly or because you do? Both, I guess. But I think I can handle the disappointment and I don't think -- I don't think he can. Oh! Maybe something will happen to change it. Like what? I don't know. Something. It just kind of breaks my heart to think that Spencer won't have justice for his father's murder. I love that little boy so much, I can't bear to see him suffer. You can't have it both ways, Griffin. And you can't use the priesthood as a shield against the struggles of a secular life. You have to choose one life or the other and then you have to deal with the challenges that chosen life presents. I will pray for God to give you guidance, and I suggest you do the same. Father, I have been doing that for weeks, years! Then if the answer isn't with God, you're going to have to look inside yourself. You'll have to examine what's in your heart and have the guts to listen to it. In the end, you will know what's right for you. Come here. Mm. Now, you do that, I have no doubt you will find your answer.

Kevin: I don't want you or Spencer to suffer. But you may need to prepare yourself for whatever might come. You may not get justice. You may need to find peace another way, but whatever happens, I'll be here with you. I'm sorry you've had to endure my crazy, chaotic life. I haven't endured anything! [Laughs] I want to be with you through good times and bad, the twists and turns in between. That's how love works, I'm told. But still, you've had to strap yourself in pretty tight, haven't you? [Chuckles] Mm. Honestly, I don't know what I would have done without you these past few months. I think you would have managed. Maybe. You know, but this latest twist has really knocked me for a loop. How could Ava justify what she's done to Spencer and everybody else? She has destroyed so many lives! How does she live with herself?

Ava: [Breathing heavily] Oh, God. I can't do it. I can't go on like this. Okay, bye, Avery! Bye! Have so much fun at the zoo, okay? Say hi to those penguins for us. Yeah! -[Laughs] Um, so you'll take the picture board? Yeah! Yeah, of course. We can drop it off at uncle Sonny's. Yeah, my mom and dad want to see it when they get back from dc. I'll help you take it to your car. Thank you. The guards will help me carry it inside the house. Uh, you know, I was -- I was thinking, and, uh, I think we should give the picture board to the foundation. You know, they can hang it in the office, you know? So the kids will come in and see the person who inspired it. That's a great idea, Josslyn.

Kiki: I think Morgan would love that. Kids will see that Morgan was just like them, you know? He struggled, but... loved his life. Are you sure you don't want to, uh, go to the zoo, see the penguins? The penguin house is a little stinky, I'll warn you, but... oh, my gosh, it reeks of fish. You know, but the penguins are so much fun to watch it doesn't matter. You know, but seeing Avery play with the penguins, you know, the joy and every -- I -- would be nice for you right now, I think. Thank you, but I think I need some alone time. You sure? Okay. All right, come on, Avery. Let's go see those penguins. [Straining] Here we go. [Exhales] See you, Kiki.

Michael: I know you didn't mean for Morgan to die. You just meant for him to lose his mind so Kiki would break up with him. See, now that's -- that's your idea of love and concern -- to destroy my brother and control your daughter. I'm so sorry, Morgan. I'm so sorry about what she did to you because of me. I'm so sorry that you're not here. And I know... I know it's her fault. They'll never forgive her. Maybe I shouldn't, either. I don't know what to do. All right, look. Now you're being ridiculous. You are not -- not -- going to Oregon. Yes, I am. If you want me. Of course I want you. No, no, no! Parker! No, come on, now. Please, please, don't do this. If you care about her at all, if you have a shred of decency, please don't do this. I love your daughter, ms. Davis, or I would've never trashed my career over her. You don't see that this is a mistake? No, mom, the mistake would be letting you control my life for one more second. I'm not controlling you, Kristina. I'm trying to help you! I love someone who loves me back. And we're starting a new life together. And I'd ask you to be happy for me, but I know that's impossible. So you just stay here, mom, and judge, because that's what you do best. I'll send you a postcard with my new address. People invent all kinds of ways to justify their wrongdoing, consciously or subconsciously. They blame others. They decide they're owed something, so they just take what they think they deserve. They make themselves a victim. The list goes on and on. But understanding Ava Jerome's psyche won't make you feel better. I... I've got to do something. I -- this isn't who I want to be. I don't want to live my life like this. And I know it's -- it's not what Nicholas would've wanted for me. He would want me to... live my best life and find peace. I just don't know how to do it. Well, maybe I can help. Laura. Will you marry me? When's the next flight to Paris? This afternoon? Yeah, great, I can make that. You have my information -- book it, all right? I'll pick the ticket up at the airport. Thank you. Spencer, I'm so sorry.

[Knocking on door]

My house is gone.

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