GH Transcript Tuesday 10/10/17

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 10/10/17


Episode #13906 ~ Elizabeth changes her mind; Dr. Bensch is sympathetic; Maxie's life is derailed.

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[Fire crackles]

We have the whole night to ourselves. Mm-hmm. No... [Smooches] ...Ask Man Landers drama. Just me and you. And you are all that I want right now.

[Knock on door]

Mnh-mnh, ignore it. I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't. Lopez said he was gonna drop off a file if forensics came in. I know, I know, I know, I know. I'm sorry.

Maxie: [Sighs]

[Both women gasp]

[Both squeal]

It is you! Ask Man Landers in the flesh!

Woman #2: Oh, my God! [Squealing continues] Hey, mom, is that dress on your bed what you're wearing for your date with David Bensch? I like it. Is it new? It's not new, and it's not a date. I'm -- I'm having a meal with him. Oh. Okay. Well, your date's gonna be here soon, so you might want to go change. Honey, I got all this mail that I have to go through. Well, that's okay. You can deal with it tomorrow. Come on -- oh. No, it's fine. I got it, don't worry. I got it -- oh, wait, what is this? It's from Kris-- Kristina's school? Hold on. All right, what is it? Let's see, let's see. What the hell?! What? What is it? It's a check for the balance of her tuition because she is no longer enrolled in school?! What? Did she get suspended again? No. She would've told me. Well, then, what -- what's going on here with her? She was so excited about going -- going back. Why would she quit school and not tell any of us? I'm so glad we're doing this. Well, you certainly gave up a lot to be here. Honestly, I have no regrets about dropping out so that we could -- well, that -- so you wouldn't have to worry about the optics of dating a student while teaching at PCU. [Sighs] There are just so few tenure-track positions these days. I couldn't jeopardize it. And you don't have to. As much as I enjoyed managing perks, business school wasn't a good fit for me, and my grades showed it. So, I will just focus on real-world experience for now -- like this. Here we are on a real date. [Sighs] I hear there's an awesome new chef doing classic diner food with a farm-to-table twist, T.J. can't stop raving, and I can't wait to try her food. Parker, what is it? To be honest, I almost canceled tonight. Jason, wait.

Franco: Elizabeth... there's something we need to tell you. You know what? I'm glad we ran into you guys because there's something I need to tell you. Oh, well, great. We should probably listen, then. Look, I'm working on something, and when I feel like I've got it all sorted out, I'm gonna give you the head's up because it affects Jake. It actually affects you in some way. [Sighs]

[Light switch clicks]

All clear. Gah! Oh, God, you scared me half to death.

Patient 6: Sorry. How did you find me? I took great care to conceal myself. I saw you moving. I was still as a statue. No, you weren't. Well, we're -- we're getting off-track here. You could've been spotted. I wasn't spotted. The crew could burst through that door at any moment. And then what? Then what? They would detain us as -- as -- as stowaways, and they would notify the authorities and we would be turned away from the U.S. before we ever set foot on land. At least I have a passport and a home to return to. What will happen to you?

Oh, thanks, Carrie, for looking into this. And thank you for staying there late. I knew you'd be there. Yep, one workaholic to another. Right. Okay. I owe you lunch. Right. Take care. Well?

Alexis: She wasn't suspended. Oh! Thank God! No, I'm not really feeling very thankful right now. You know, your sister, she pulled out of her classes. She quit school, and she didn't say anything to me, she didn't say anything to her father, who would've said something to me. She didn't say anything to her sisters. Did she? Spill it, molly. What'd she say? No, no. Okay, really, Kristina did not tell me that she was quitting school. You know something. Oh -- I know that Kristina can be impulsive and that she wasn't loving her business classes. [Sighs] Parker. It's Parker, isn't it? Okay, professor Forsyth. That woman, that woman. The gall of that woman to show up at PCU and take a teaching job there after what she did to Kristina. Is she so clueless that she doesn't know how much she hurt Kristina? Okay, well, mom, Kristina is really over everything that happened at Wesleyan last year. Well, apparently, molly -- apparently she's not over it, because she quit school, and she quit because she can't deal with Parker being on the campus with her. I don't know. You don't know? You don't know? You don't think it's uncomfortable for her to have her professor, who she had an affair with, on campus with her and after she dumped her? I think that's really awkward.

[Exhales sharply] Where's my phone? Oh, where's my phone? Okay, you're not calling Sonny, are you? I'm calling -- I'm not calling Sonny. I'm -- I'm not going to complicate this any more. I want some facts -- that's what I want. Okay, why do you need your phone for that? I'm calling Kristina and she better the hell pick up. [Exhales sharply] You were going to break our date? After everything we've been through, you changed your mind about us again? No, no, Kristina, no. I'm sorry, that's not -- [Sighs] I know tomorrow is the anniversary of your brother's death, and I -- I didn't realize that until after we made these plans, and so, I -- I know how much you loved him. I just wasn't sure if it was a great idea to start something -- if that's what this date turns out to be. I thought maybe you needed to be with your family. You're right. I miss Morgan, and I always will. Molly and Michael are the level-headed ones -- the strategists. Morgan was more like me -- more volatile, always acting on impulse. You? Wow, I never would've guessed that. Morgan and I got each other in a way that I'll always cherish. In fact, when I told him that I, um, was suspended and why, he said that he was just happy he wasn't the only one that was screwed up in the family, and gave me a high-five. [Laughs] He sounds like an amazing brother. Yeah, he was. It's just unfair that the end of his life was so hard. Do you have a picture of him? I do. [Sighs] This is us at perks. [Sighs] Yeah, he worked there for a while. You guys have the same smile. [Inhales] Tomorrow will be hard. I'm planning something, actually. A way for us kids to remember him. I want us to share our memories of our brother. Kristina, I'm so sorry that you lost him. Morgan, for all of his problems and for all of his struggles, he loved life. He was so passionate. Just like his sister. But I know that... he would want me to enjoy every second of my life as much as I can. I don't mean to say that to excuse me having fun or diminish the loss of someone I loved so dearly. No, I get it. I understand. I just truly believe that the best way to honor him is to keep him in my heart and to live my life the best way that I know how, which is being right here and now... with you.

[Cell phone ringing]

[Sighs] You're not gonna get that? No. We're on a date. Is that the only reason?

[Cell phone ringing continues]

I'm the first to admit that these investors are a little more aggressive than I'm used to. It was, perhaps, not the wisest move to bring the Russians in on the deal. They have a more rough-and-tumble business style, shall we say. How much money did you lose? More than they're willing to forgive. Fortunately, I've got my hands on an excellent painting. I took the precaution of having it shipped, so it's waiting for me in new York. I've got a buyer all lined up, and the sale price should be more than enough to compensate my investors and leave me a little cushion besides. But all my efforts will be for naught if the crew turns us over to the coast guard as stowaways. Nobody saw me. Ah, yes, but how can you be sure? Because I've been on a lot of freighters. Were you a sailor? Importer. Of what? Coffee. [Chuckles] That's funny. I can't quite picture you as a coffee merchant. If you're certain you weren't spotted -- I wasn't spotted. Well, then, did you get a gander at the navigation equipment? How long until we reach new York harbor? I'm just letting you know things are changing. Is that it? That's it. Sorry, I wouldn't have said anything if we hadn't have run into each other. But, uh, when everything's in its place, I'll fill you in. All right. You're even more vague than usual. When do you think you'll be able to fill me in? Soon. Hopefully tomorrow. As soon as the doctor gives me the all-clear to travel, we'll be leaving -- you just woke up from a coma. You sure it's a good idea to take a big trip? That's up for the doctor to decide. I'm fine. It kind of sounds like you're jumping into something big. Are you sure you're up for it? Yeah, I am. All the, uh, near-misses and tragedies are behind us. Time for a new adventure. I am very certain this is something I want to do. You actually seem excited about it. Yeah, I am. Whatever that is. Calm down. Soon, soon, soon, I promise. After everything's in its place. Well, moving forward is what matters, so just fill me in whenever you feel like the timing is right. I will. Thank you. Mm-hmm. Actually, you know what? Sorry, uh... suddenly, it was all about me. You were gonna tell me something?



[Both laugh]

So, Tommy always inviting his buddies along when we make plans doesn't mean he's bored with me?

Nathan: Well, maybe he's just a really social guy, you know? I think you just need to have a conversation with him about how you want nights out... yeah. ...Just the two of you. He's not a mind reader. Oh, thank you so much! [Laughs] So, if my boyfriend was -- okay, man Landers was thrilled to help -- delighted, actually, because that's the type of person man Landers is. He's a helper. Yeah. He's a wise man with an amazing body. Yeah. But he has to go now. Good luck. And tell your friends to buy the book. Oh.

[Both squeal]

People have our address? I guess I'm kind of a public figure now? No. No, no, no, no, no. I am not having this. They're invading our home -- crazy women wanting to take selfies with you, feeling you up? No, they weren't feeling me up. I saw that one with the phone. Her hands were wandering. And that whole story about her boyfriend -- that was fake. What if they're stalkers? Oh, my God, are we gonna have to move? Maxie. Maxie, Maxie, Maxie, Maxie. They're just a couple of fans, okay? They don't mean any harm. They're definitely not "after me," you know? Don't you think you might be overreacting, like, just a little bit? I don't think that you're taking this seriously enough. Our lives are no longer our own. Okay, I know it seems like that right now, but just right now. It's just temporary, okay? This book thing that I -- that Amy wrote is a one-hit wonder, okay? It's big for, what, a month or two, and then it'll all blow over. Besides, it's for a good cause, right? It's Amy's brother and his medical expenses. I know. I know you know. And I know that this isn't something that either of us wanted. I thank you for standing by my side and putting up with all this craziness. Always. Okay, we're in it together, right? So, relax. It'll all be over soon, okay? On one condition. [Inhales] Which is? We get back to what we were doing. Deal. [Chuckles] Maybe you're not ready for us to be seen together. Then, I brought you to the wrong place. This is the most popular diner in town. Hmm. I've been coming here since I was a kid. In no way am I ashamed to be seen with you. Oh, so maybe you're making a public statement. If you want to see it that way. Here I thought it was because of the chef. Well, that, too. I'm sure at some point, someone I know will probably walk in here, and I'm not going to try to hide our relationship. I hope you feel the same. Well, now that there's not an ethical issue anymore, I'm done hiding. So, here we are. I know word will spread probably pretty quickly that we're dating, and I have no qualms about that. Why do I hear a "but"? But... [Chuckles] ...I just want to know where we're at. You know, get through at least one date before I tell my mom or dad. Not that I'm ashamed, it's just I -- nope, they pretty much hate me, so I get it. They're overprotective on a good day, and they have their issues about what happened between us. And I'm not up for dealing with them right now. You know, I just want to get through a day or a night before I tell my parents what's going on, because I want to make sure that this is serious. She didn't pick up. She's not answering my texts. Okay, well, you can talk to her tomorrow. I don't want to talk to her tomorrow. I want to talk to her right now. That woman! That woman! I mean, who does that? With her education, she has an affair with my daughter and then she drives her to quit school? Mom, okay, please stop. You're jumping to conclusions, and you don't even know anything yet. But maybe you do. I already told you, I am as shocked as you are that Kristina withdrew from PCU. Do you think I'm lying? Maybe. Maybe you just forgot to tell me something that might be really important for me to hear. Maybe. See, I knew it. [Sighs] Okay. The other day, Kristina showed up at the end of my class with professor Forsyth saying that she had my keys. Where did she find them? She didn't. It was a ruse to see Parker. Why? I don't know. She just said something about doing the right thing. What does that even mean? And -- and how did Parker react? She was surprised to see Kristina. And?

And I don't know! I didn't stick around to eavesdrop! Well, why not? Okay, sorry. And Kristina hasn't wanted to talk about it, so that is really all that I know. I'm sorry. Okay, so -- so what was Kristina's attitude like? [Scoffs] Mom. Did she -- did she want to confront Parker?

[Doorbell rings]

What -- what? You stay. Hi! Hi. We did decide on the metro court, right? [Sighs] Right. I'm sorry, I meant I had something to tell you. Um, Jake wants to go on this field trip on Friday. They'll accept an electronic signature. If you could just log in to the school's site, that'd be great. Okay. I'll be in touch. Okay. Hey, thank you. Thank you so much. It means a lot to me that you didn't tell Jason that he has a twin. Yeah, I didn't really do it for you. You never did say what you decided. About what? How the devil should I know? You're not exactly a well-spring of information, are you? But when you selfishly went out on the deck, you said that you needed to think. So, what did you think about? I was thinking about home. Home? Well, I suppose I should sympathize. I, myself, am partial to my own home. Hence my efforts to save it, hence my ill-advised dealings with Russian investors, hence my needing to travel incognito, hence my being here with you instead of in first class on a non-stop flight from St. Petersburg to LaGuardia. Not only would there be complimentary champagne and a full bar, there might be an actual chance at conversation. [Scoffs] [Sighs] What do you want to talk about? Anything, man! My God, have you ever used a complex sentence in your life? When you think of home, are you happy? Are you sad? Are you worried that it will be gobbled up by creditors or developers? Is there someone there waiting for you? I don't know. I'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster.

 If I wasn't serious about this, I would've never said yes to this date. You've so much potential, so much to look forward to, and I loved how you just laid it on the line about Valerie when you told me the truth. I can't help but be attracted to you and your fire. If all of that weren't true, there's no way I would be here. But, here we are. Yes. But, I am concerned about your parents -- I mean, especially your mother, in particular. She made it very clear to me that she wanted me to stay far away from you. My mother does not control my life as much as she wishes she could. That being said, uh, when she finds out that I quit PCU, she's probably going to go nuclear. Wait, Kristina, what? You haven't told her yet? She's going to be furious whenever I tell her, so later works better for me. But this is only gonna compound the fallout. Don't worry so much. Whatever happens will happen and I will accept it, just like I had to accept what the Yankees did this year. Yankees? Yeah, my older brother, Dante, got us into the Yankees, and I've been following them all summer. Hold on, whoa. Why did you tell me this? This -- this -- this is a disaster. Excuse me? I grew up in Arlington, right outside of Boston. The Rex Sox are and always will be the only team for me. Blasphemy. [Laughs] Forget it, this is over. Yeah, you bet it's over. [Laughs] I am so sorry. Uh, come on in. I, um... sorry? Uh, what about? You look great. Oh, uh -- hello. Hi. I'm molly. Hi. David Bensch. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I'm the youngest child. She's also the smartest. Mm. You know, she, uh -- dean's list every semester without a sweat. Mom! No, no, no. Let your mom brag on you. That's quite an accomplishment. Well, thank you. Okay, I am going to go finish folding my laundry upstairs. All right. Sounds good. It was lovely to meet you, David. Nice to meet you, molly. So, I would like to apologize. I'm not ready. I don't normally wear jeans to the metro court. I was going to change, but something came up. Hm. Something serious? I have a middle child. You ever hear about middle children? Ah. You probably don't want to hear about this. You're worried about one of your children, huh? Yeah, well, my middle child thinks that I invented the concept of helicopter parenting. Sounds to me like you're an involved, concerned parent. And if something is weighing on you, I'd like to hear whatever you might want to share. But as far as the metro court, it's really not my scene on a first date. You know, it's -- frankly, I was trying to impress you. [Laughs] You did. Mm. But I meant what I said. You look fantastic. Thank you. So do you. You know what? I've got a great idea. Well, then, I appreciate you being quiet for my mom's sake. Betsy's a good person. She's a little fragile, but she's a good person. And, let's face it. The arrangement that left her raising Andréw is anything but legal. I can understand why she wants to keep it to herself. Honey, I certainly don't want your mom to get into any sort of trouble, but that's -- that's not why I didn't say anything. What -- what are you saying? I did it for Jason. I told you the doctor was gonna give me the all-clear. Didn't I? Yes. Thank you for indulging me and having the exam done anyway. Of course. So, the kids are at the Quartermaines, we can leave tonight, deal with everything we need to deal with in NYC by the morning, I've already got reservations for -- what's wrong? Did you really buy what Elizabeth was saying earlier? She said that she had something to tell you, right? And then she gave Franco a funny look, and then she said that you had to sign some slip for Jake's field trip. Do you really buy that? No, I didn't buy it. Clearly, conversation is not your forte. How do you feel about cards? You want to play cards? Well, it's either that or re-read the London observer for the 15th time while you stare at a wall. Oh, for pity's sake, surely you'd rather play cards than stare at a wall. Okay. Ah, thank goodness. Any game in particular? Nope. But you do know how to play? You haven't told me what we're playing yet. Poker. Sure. Well, you sound rather confident. Would you care to make a small wager?

[Fire crackles]

[Knock on door]

You have got to be kidding me. That's got to be Lopez. 10 seconds, 10 seconds, 10 seconds. [Sniffs]

[Women squeal]

Woman #3: Oh, my gosh, it is you! Oh, wow, your eyes are really that blue. Man Landers, can we ask you for a photo?

[Both squeal]

Oh, my God, he's so cute. -Look at his muscles. Whoa.

[Both laugh]

I hear what you're saying, okay? I know that Andréw's been dead a long time and you don't want your mom to get into any trouble, but Jason and I have a son together. I owe him the truth. But you didn't tell him anything. Because it wasn't the right time. But he still has the right to know he had a twin brother who died. I don't know what's going on with Elizabeth, but when Franco visited me, he definitely had an agenda. He was hiding something -- maybe fishing for something. Okay, well, maybe Elizabeth knows what it's about, and she's just protecting Franco like she always does. Yeah, clearly Elizabeth likes to think the best of Franco, but I don't trust him. I'm never going to trust him. I've got you this time, my boy. That's impossible. You've won every hand. You have a poker face for the ages, I'll Grant you, but no one is that lucky. You're counting cards. Your deck is marked. That's absolutely untrue. How did you spot that? I own shares in a casino. I thought you said you were a coffee importer. I'm both. You should've warned me you were such an expert card player. That's downright unchivalrous. You want to quit? No, I don't want to quit. I want to win my money back. You don't have to do that. The hell I don't. It's time I brought out the big guns. I'm sorry to do this to you, but you brought it on yourself. This is my lucky watch. I won it in a card game. Sadly, this is not the first time I've had to wager it, but every time I do, I win. This is where my fortunes turn. Prepare to lose your shirt. Check please. Dinner's over? Well, I just thought you might want to come back to my place for some coffee. Yes. Definitely yes. All right, so you've been here for how long? Have you ever been to Kelly's? Well, I have been here for lunch with some hospital staff... oh. ...But I've never been here for dinner. Oh, well, lunch and dinner are the same thing. BLTs, though, have you tried that yet? No, I haven't. You should, really. They're legendary here. And you should come here more often because you can sit here, have a cup of coffee, you could stay here as long as you want and nobody bothers you... except me. I'm gonna bother you with my problems about my middle child. Do you still want to hear about that? Absolutely. I mean, I realize we're basically strangers, but I want to get to know you. Shall we go in? You didn't have to do that. This is on me. Well, thank you. I'm just happy we're getting another chance. Yeah, me, too.

Where would we be if not together?

Where would we be if on our own?

I knew with you, it'd be

Alexis: All right, so you ready for your first dinner at Kelly's?

Woman #3: I read every single one of your blog posts. Well, thanks, that's great to hear.

Woman #4: My favorite one was the one with the -- okay, thank you for the support, but man Landers really needs to rest if he's gonna be able to dole out any more of that great advice, so...bye.

Woman #3: [Scoffs] You must be the wife the papers were talking about. He deserves better. Like I would take anyone seriously that was wearing those shoes. They're cute. They're cute. [Scoffs] We are definitely moving. Maxie, come on, it's gonna be okay. No, no, no. This is not okay. Okay, maybe it's not okay, but it's temporary, right? You know, like matcha ice cream or the spinney things. Nathan, everybody still loves all those things. Okay, okay, bad example, bad example, all right? But, you know, people are always looking for the next big thing, right? You know, how clothes go out of style. Oh, with my luck, you're gonna be the LBD of self-help gurus. What is an LBD? Little black dress -- a classic -- just like you. [Scoffs] Hardly. Forgive me if I can't see anyone getting tired of you any time soon. A million fans come to the door, I'd still only have eyes for you.

[Phone rings]

They have our phone number. Maxie... ma-- this madness needs to end.

[Phone beeps]

Hello? Oh, hey. What? You need Nathan to do what? [Sighs heavily] Oh, Kristina. What are you doing? You ready? Oh, you know what? I left my phone in the car. And I need to see if Kristina calls, so... oh, that's fine. Let's go get it. No, no, no, I can do it. I'll be right back. I know that I started that, but I'm usually not into PDA. But you've been out for years. Not because I'm gay, but because I'm a professor, I don't like people knowing my private business. But you don't mind me knowing? Frankly, I think we're gonna skip the coffee. [Laughs]

Jason: Yeah, uh -- any secret of Franco's is certainly bad news, but if Elizabeth found out about it and didn't immediately tell me, it can't be that bad. And it's probably not my business. Look, this whole thing could be something about their relationship, and the less I know about that the better. Understood, but Elizabeth has lied to you before. She has, which is why I don't think she's going to do it again. I'll find out the truth about Franco, but that's gonna happen after our trip. [Groans] Which you still won't tell me anything about, and I have no idea why you're keeping it from me. I'm not trying to be difficult. I want you to be excited, I want you to be surprised, and I think... what? ...When you learn about it, you're gonna be very, very happy. Really? Yep. I do. Honestly, I don't want to be the one to tell Jason. Okay, then don't. But I'm not gonna lie to him, either. I think it would be best for everyone if the information came from you -- willingly. But I'm not -- I'm not willing. I'm the opposite of willing. I'm completely opposed. When Jason gets back, I'm -- I'm gonna have to tell him about his twin unless you tell him first. Andréw died when he was 3 years old. Jason never knew him. Jason's never gonna get to know him now. What's the point? Why tell him anything? What purpose does it serve?

Huxley: Read 'em and weep. Come to Papa. That's impossible. You beat the lucky watch. Well... well, congratulations. You're going to arrive in new York in considerably finer style than you left St. Petersburg. What are you doing? It's your money. No, no, no, it's not. You won it fair and square. At the very least, you out-cheated me. I don't need the money. What are you talking about? You -- you have $100 and the clothes you can stand up in. Unless you've got some Swiss bank account you neglected to mention. I might have an account in Zurich and a couple in the grand keys. Coffee importer, eh? Business is good. Well, uh, thank you. Your generosity is appreciated. I take back that crack I said about you being unchivalrous. You're a true gentleman. In fact, you should keep the watch.

Nathan: Did something happen? It's Amy. Quinn wants you to do another appearance. I'll take care of it. Amy? What'd I say? LBD. Ask man Landers isn't going anywhere -- not ever. It's just that Kristina's been through a lot last year. She had a really tough year, and she is an all-or-nothing girl. If she cares, she goes into it 100%. She's passionate. That's an admirable quality. Well, it can be, but it can also be really dangerous. She lays her heart on the line very easily, and I worry about her. You know, it's your family, and I don't mean to give advice. Go ahead. Sometimes things aren't as bad as we think. Mm. Mm-hmm. Look, it's all gonna work out with Franco, but first, would you like to go to new York, hm? Yes. You want to go with me? Yeah. Yeah? You ready to go? Yeah. Are you packed? I'll bet you're not packed. Where are we going? Let's go upstairs and pack. Upstairs? Even tually, Jason is gonna have to know. But I see your point. After all these years, I guess there's no urgency in telling Jason he had a twin. I guess keeping it a secret a few more days isn't gonna make a difference? All right, no, I can't -- I can't take the watch. Please, I insist. The watch was lucky for me when I needed it, but you've won. And now the luck has passed on to you. Please, take it. Swiss bank account or not, I have a feeling you could use a little good fortune. This is the exception. It's a problem! A problem or opportunity? Broke-onomics.

Valentina: What's less awkward? Me asking what that means or pretending to know so that I don't have to ask?

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