GH Transcript Monday 10/9/17

General Hospital Transcript Monday 10/9/17


Episode #13905 ~ Sam believes Curtis can do a better job than she can; Michael wonders if he'll regret his decision; Franco comes clean to Liz.

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 recipient artery.

[Monitor beeping rapidly]

Heart rate is dropping. Whatever it is, it's compressing his carotid. I can't get deep enough here. I need better access. We move through zone three from the outside. Piey. Look, I'm not sure why I keep getting passed off. All I want to do is arrange a phone call with one of your prisoners. Yes, Julian Jerome. I'm sure he will make an exception in my case. Do me a favor. Tell him that Jason Morgan wants to speak with him. He has my number. Thank you. An order of French fries, a BLT, a black and white shake, and one egg and cheese on rye. Thank you. Eclectic order. Oh, hey! Hey. Yeah, I-I'm bringing Jason a medley of all his favorite things that he missed while he was in the hospital. Was? Yeah. Jason home? Yeah, just this morning. That is great. Give my best. I will. Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine. No. No, you don't. [Sighs] Come on, you can talk to me. No, I don't want to keep you from Jason. You're not keeping me. You just heard the order. It's gonna take a while. What's going on? Well, I, uh, I could use your advice. Ooh, nice flowers! Valentin? Yep. Mm. Something he did wrong or something you did right? [Chuckles] Neither, neither. Just because. Aww, well, you should hold on to him. Oh, believe me... I am. Thank you. Okay, you went to perks. I thought you were going upstairs. Yeah, I was gonna go, but then I just decided to take a little stroll and, uh, I went to perks. You ran into Michael and his family? Was it as terrible as you thought? Let's just say I faked it. I don't think I'm ever gonna make it. Well, that went well, you think? I do. I think -- I think it went really well. Um, I mean, as happy as I am to go to DC, it's nice to know that one of the outreach programs will be here in Port Charles. As it should be. I mean, this was Morgan's home. It's the reason the foundation started in the first place. Yeah, and if it helps one kid have a better life -- you know, the life Morgan was supposed to have -- then... it'll be worth it, right? Great thing is it's not gonna just help one kid, right? [Sighs] I can't believe it's been... almost a year -- tomorrow. Time just flew by. But at the same time, it's like... it stood still. Yeah. Thank you for being here with me. Maybe we can -- we can tell Morgan how, you know... what his good name is doing. Sorry, I, uh, I didn't mean to intrude. It's a chapel, not a motel. You can stay. You don't look too good. What's going on? Hey. Hi. Hi. You look beautiful. I'm in scrubs. Yeah, I can see that. Are you trying to distract me from the fact that you snuck out of the house this morning? I didn't sneak out of the house this morning. It felt like sneaking. No, I had stuff I had to do! I have appointments today. You're really excited about being back, aren't you? I am. Yeah, I missed it. Can I help you set up? I got it. No, no. You've got a lot of stuff. Let me help. Ooh. [Sketch pads clatter] I'm so sorry. What is this? Is this sketch of your twin painting? What...? Over and over again. Franco, why?

Huxley: Help me out here, lad. Is it a misprint or not? What? What do you mean, "what"? The bloody paper. If there's a mistake on the masthead and I picked it up before the publisher could recall it, it could be worth a pretty penny. Paper says October 1, 2017. Damn. Why did you get my hopes up? I thought for once I'd blundered into something lucrative. I'm sorry to tell you there's no cell reception here. Five years...

Oh, come on. It couldn't have been that bad. Uh, yeah, it was -- it was pretty bad. Well, Michael was there, right? Yeah, and he was happy to see me. But Bobbie and Carly, not so much. Carly didn't say anything, actually, but Bobbie, you know, couldn't help herself. She made me feel like the town pariah. Did Michael defend you? I didn't even give him the chance. I mean, the last thing I want is for them to think that I want him to take my side over theirs 'cause that'll just give them confirmation. Right, because in their eyes, you're trying to turn Michael against his family. Right, which is ludicrous. Michael loves his family. Why would I want him to be miserable? You cannot control what they think. I mean, I don't really care what they think. All that really matters to me is... Michael. Good. You're one step ahead, 'cause Michael's been supportive, right? He's says all the right things, that he trusts me and believes in me. Oh, okay, I get it. You're not sure you believe him.

Michael: It's kind of weird. You know, usually, um, Jason's the one I'd go to if I ever needed... what? It's just not the same. You know? It's not -- not that I-I-I love Jason any less, it's just -- I-I... I don't know if he'll understand. No, it's -- it's o-- it's okay. I-I totally get it. You do? Yeah. I mean, Jason has been struggling to find his way back, but... you're just gonna have to figure out a way to find a new normal for you guys. You'll get there. Just like Jason and I did. Hey. [Chuckling] Hey. So the rumors are true. When I stopped by the long-term care facility earlier, they told me that you had been kicked to the curb. Well, I was an awful patient. [Chuckles] That's no surprise. Welcome home, brother. Oh, thank you. Come on in. All right. Thank you. So, what, you come by, you don't bring flowers, a stuffed bear? Well, I'll tell you what. I'll make it up to you. How about a six-pack and a noodle Buddha on our next stakeout? Ah, I'll take you up on that, but, uh, not the stakeout part. Oh, right. Uh, kind of hard getting back in the saddle, huh? No, I'm just not getting back into that particular saddle. You making a life change? [Inhales sharply] Yeah, I am. Too early to talk about it, but change is gonna come. Well, good for you, man. You know, uh, sometimes you got to do what you got to do for the ones you love. That is the plan. How was, uh, Russia? Did you find everything you were looking for? Russia? He was worried about Ava and she was in trouble, so he wanted to save her. You forgot to mention that to me. Well, the less I talk about Ava, the better. So... how'd it go? She was in danger. She was being held against her will, but she's back home now. Let me guess, uh, the experience changed her, and now she's whole in body and spirit. Am I right? Ava is nowhere near whole.

Carly: She's alive. Lucky her. You know what tomorrow is? One year since Ava took our son from us. You have my deepest sympathies. I'm sure Ava feels the same way. I understand how you feel about Ava. I respect it. But when it comes to her, we are just gonna have to agree to disagree. Why? What could you possibly see in her? For starters, someone willing to sacrifice her own healing to save a complete stranger.

Huxley: I'm afraid you've lost me again. Five years until what? Can you unlock the phone? Of course I can. It's my phone. Of course, you'd have to untie me first. Yeah, but don't try anything. Wouldn't dream of it. I'm serious. I'm, uh, I'm a little lost right now. If you come at me, I could kill you without meaning to. Yes, I assure you, I'm no fool. Well, in point of fact, I-I -- I can be quite foolish on any number of subjects, but I have a healthy instinct for self-preservation. Having attacked you once and lived to tell the tale, I won't tempt fate a second time.

Franco: Well, Dr. Maddox liked the original enough to buy it, right?

Elizabeth: Right. So, I thought that he might be interested in the whole process, you know? From sketches to line drawings to the final product. And that would make complete sense if these were an actual part of the process, but they're not. I'm guessing you did these in the past couple weeks? Yeah. [Sighs] Franco, why are you so obsessed with these boys? I don't know. Okay, but if there were no twins like Betsy said, then why are they haunting you? There's something I need to tell you. I haven't been completely honest with you.

You know, whatever it is, you can tell me. I-I-I wanted to tell you. I just... I gave my word to Betsy. Betsy doesn't want me to know? She doesn't want anybody to know. Don't take it personally. Mm. You're really important to me... ...on every level. So, uh... [Clears throat] I, uh, I went to see Jason when he was at the long-term care facility. Not voluntarily. I was summoned. He asked you to come see him? It was right after you had been there with Jake and you had told him about -- about this. He said he wanted to see it. So, what did he say after you showed it to him? Oh, I didn't show it to him. I lied to him. I told him I didn't know where it was. [Chuckles] Why? It's just a picture of you and your childhood friend. Okay, that's the thing. According to Betsy... Jason did have a twin, it just wasn't me. And this other boy is... Jason's twin brother. We made a decent team, so if you need somebody to, like, you know, investigate stuff, poke around... actually, you know what, it might happen sooner rather than later. You got someone in mind? Franco -- he gave me this strange visit when I was in a coma. How do you know who visited you when you were in a coma? Sounds crazy, but I remember him being there. I can even quote back to you what he said. Get out of here. Yeah, it's nuts. And he had an excuse for why he was there, but, uh... but you're not buying it. I don't know, it's, um...

[Cell phone rings]

You know what, buddy, I've got to take this. Say no more. Sorry. Say no more. Just glad you're back on your feet. Thank you. Thank you for stopping by. Yeah. This is Jason Morgan. Yes, I will accept the charges. Hi, Julian. Thought I might be hearing from you. You did not hire me to, um, talk about my problems. Yeah. Does this need sorting? Yeah, thank you. Okay. Oh. The Morgan Corinthos foundation. Tomorrow's the one-year anniversary. Oh, really? Yeah. Already? Wow. Michael's been pretty emotional about it. Obviously. I mean, who wouldn't be? Well, including his mother and his grandmother. Nelle, I mean, that's why they're more defensive than usual today. They're probably holding on to each other so tight. [Sighs] If I'm being honest here... okay, well, you might as well be honest. I-it's not as if Bobbie and Carly don't have a reason to think the worst of me. They found out about something. Oh, all right. Something about you? They think that I'm after, well, Michael's money -- that I'd even be willing to kill for it. Nelle's ex-fiancé's family doesn't believe it's an accident? They think that she killed him? Wow. That's... yeah, I know. And she denies it. Yeah, 100%. Do you believe her? Well, I don't think that she's a murderer -- no way. Well, it doesn't mean that she's not lying about something. Yeah, I know. We've all seen her do it before.

Mm-hmm. I'm just -- I'm not sure she's telling me the whole truth. Okay. You know, w-whether because she's -- she's scared or insecure, I'm not sure. Okay, it could be a little bit of both, because once you start lying, it just sort of goes downhill and becomes this... I don't know if you remember, because you were pretty young, but when I first came to Port Charles, I was -- I was kind of a con woman. I-I've heard the stories. I mean, I lied like addicts lie... for no reason. It was just the only way I knew how to get through life. So, how did you turn it around? Um... Jason.

Carly: You know what? I wish you well, father, I do. Because Ava's toxic. But don't take my word for it, you know. You shouldn't. What you should do -- you -- you should call Olivia Falconeri and Dante. Yeah, and you should ask them about a woman named Connie. You know what they're gonna tell you? Ava murdered her in cold blood. But, hey, maybe you're right. Maybe you're right. Ava's an angel now. Huh? I'll be saying a prayer for Morgan tomorrow.

Sonny: Thank you. I didn't want to do that. I didn't want to do that. 'Cause today's supposed to be about hope and moving forward, and -- and putting light out into the world. Today is about our son, Carly. I miss him so much, Sonny. I know. It's never gonna get better, is it? Do you really want it to?

The f-- the first person who ever accepted me and -- and trusted me and accepted my past anyway was Jason. He stuck up for me when no one else did, and he had no reason to. And that kind of blind faith... when someone has that in you, I-I've got to tell you, it -- it really changed my life. Yeah, see, that's what I want to be for Nelle, the kind of guy that Jason was for you. But you can't. I just don't know. N-n-not the way Jason must have. And that's okay. Is it? Yeah. Because it feels really crappy. Hey, you asked for my advice? I'm gonna give you my advice. Okay? I think you need to investigate Nelle. Because the bottom line is that you're gonna have some fears about her, and you're not gonna be able to help her unless you have all the facts... yeah. Just -- just the man I-I wanted to see. Curtis, hey. How are you? Good to see you. Hey -- hey, Sam. I just left your lesser half right now. He looks good. Yeah, he does. He looks great. Do you know Michael Corinthos? I think so. Curtis Ashford. Michael, hi. Michael happens to be looking for a pi. [Sighs] Well, what do you got? Um, you know, you -- you don't have to stay here for this. Are you sure? Yeah, yeah, go, uh, go see Jason. Okay. Thank you. You're welcome. Thank you so much. Good luck. It's good to see you. Good to see you, too. Uh... okay. Look, I need you to investigate an accidental death. How accidental we talking about? Well, there was a person of interest... my girlfriend.

Nina: Whoa, whoa. Why would Carly think that you would want to kill s-- you know what? I don't need to know. Uh, I don't -- I don't -- listen, my past isn't squeaky clean -- glass houses and all. Yeah, I'm happy to fill you in if -- no, no. I don't -- I-I -- none of my business. None of my business. Um, besides, you would just be defensive talking about your past, and why do that? Just...put your focus on the future. Is that what you did to get rid of all your baggage? Yes, I had a lot of baggage, too. Crates. I had an 18-wheeler in tow. Am I safe to assume that Carly is your biggest skeptic? Yeah, Carly, but Bobbie, too. But, you know, Carly holds more sway with -- with Michael. Of course, of course, because she's Michael's mother and she wants to protect him. It's a mother's instinct. I get it, but I'm not a threat. Okay, well, show her. Don't talk about how innocent you were in your past. Show her who you are now. Put your attention on your life, your job, your man, and the rest is noise. That's how I changed people's minds about me. Really? I changed some minds. [Chuckles] Some. But it doesn't even matter. Who cares? Nelle, I went from a kind of sketchy past to running an acclaimed fashion magazine, and I did it because I'm responsible and I'm focused and I'm honest. Actions speak louder than words. Yes, and in the end, actions are all that matter.

Franco: Andréw. The twin's name was Andréw. How did the Quartermaines not know about him? Well, Heather and Betsy didn't want the Quartermaines to know, so Heather, being a completely normal and sane person, gave Andréw to Betsy to raise as her own. As your brother. Fraternal twin, technically, but yeah. So, where is he now? Andréw had a bad heart, so shortly after that photo was taken, he died. And my mom, in some misguided attempt to protect me, told me that he never existed. And that's where your imaginary friend came from. Yeah, not so imaginary after all. [Sighs] That's really sad. That poor boy. And you, and to be told that your friend was make-believe, and you knew all along in your hearthat he was real. It's a wonder I'm not even more screwed up. I should've told you. I'm sorry. I was just trying to protect Betsy. And if I'm honest, I was trying to protect myself 'cause I got a little scared. Of what? I... I don't ever want anything to change between you and me. And I...I thought that if you knew Jason had a twin that you would, I don't know, it would tug on your heart somehow, and I-I-I-I don't know. It sound-- it's stupid, but I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

Jason: Promise. You won't regret it. Hey! Who was that? Oh, it's all about the surprise I'm planning. Oh, yeah? Not even a hint? No, not a hint. Not one. Really? Really. Well, what if I withheld this whole...order that I got from Kelly's for you? That is a lot. I -- don't make me fight you. I'm -- I'm weak, and I'm so weak. I'm so weak. [Laughs] Oh! Is it good? Yeah, I would've killed for one of these when I was in the hospital. I bet you would. What else did you get? Bagels? Sesame. Yeah, and what is that? Oh, in there? That's egg and cheese. Are you expecting more people? No. You're not pregnant yet -- already? No? No. Ha! I'm just joking. I don't deserve you. Especially since you're keeping secrets from me. You know I don't like secrets. It's all -- it's -- it -- I know, but everything's gonna come out in the open as soon as I get back from new York. New York? Yeah, I won't be gone long. I promise. No, you're -- you're not gonna be gone because you're not going. Period. There you are, my boy. Although, as I said, we're well out of cell range. Yeah, I just need to see what you have stored on it -- pictures, e-mails, anything with a date stamp. Uh, yes, well, some of the photos are, um... [Chuckles] Well, what the hell? You don't care. There are some pictures of, uh, art pieces and, uh, antiquities of... questionable provenance, shall we say? I don't want you to think I'm some nefarious character. I'm far from it. I'm just cutting a few corners for a good cause. You see, my home in England -- it's been in the family for centuries, uh, but unfortunately, the lynch coffers are somewhat depleted as of late. Might I ask, what's so important about the date? I ran into some trouble... ...and lost track of time.

Password was "hey guys." See, I wanted this foundation to be the answer, and it kind of is, you know, 'cause it's such a wonderful thing. And it's a way to take the loss and turn it into something positive. It's just... never gonna fill the emptiness that was left when Morgan died. Hey. Well, at least we're not doing it alone anymore. A year after the worst thing that ever happened to us, here we are. We're not just... standing, we're... we're together. You think Morgan would be happy for us? I think he would say, "it's time." [Both chuckle] It's so crazy to me that we have to guess on what he would've said, you know, that -- that we can't see it for ourselves. It's just... we have to imagine who he would've become. A businessman. What? He -- he would've turned perks into a franchise, like a symbol on the stock exchange. [Laughing] Oh, no way! [Laughs] No, Morgan needed more freedom, adventure. [Sniffles] I think, um... a career x games snowboarder. Get out of here. [Laughs] I know for sure! Yeah, and then, like, when he got older, he would join the peace corps and... travel the world, you know, go to places like Uganda. He would teach kids... baseball and... soccer and stuff. Can't you see that? Yeah, I see it. [Voice breaking] He would've had a really good life. The best. [Sighs] Thank you. I haven't the slightest idea of what good it was to you. It's not a plant. Come again? It wasn't staged. You didn't load a bunch of fake data on the phone. A-ah -- ah -- ah, I see. You suspected I was running some sort of con. [Chuckles] Not without reason. I have been known to dabble in the grey areas of legality from time to time. And while it was in my purview to deceive you, what would be the point of showing you a phone filled with counterfeit data? You're right. There's no way you could've set this up. It's all real. The phone, the paper... all of it. This trip is about us, our new life. Okay, then why the mystery? I'm gonna find out eventually. Uh, "eventually" being the operative word. Jason, this is crazy. It's not crazy. You are afraid that I was gonna lose my adventurous side. Well, this is me having a little, spontaneous adventure. You were just released from the hospital this morning. Because I'm better. Better. That doesn't mean "fully recovered". "Better" definitely doesn't mean you can go gallivanting around new York city. Did you just call me a gallivanter? Did you just -- [Laughs] Okay, okay. So, you're gonna sign off? Okay. On two non-negotiable conditions. Okay? One -- I'm coming with you. Of course. Two -- you've got to get the green light from the doctor first. If you can't agree to those, then... mm, you already had me when you said you wanted to come with me. Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm. We can gallivant.

[Both laugh]

Do I wish you had been up-front with me from the beginning? Yeah, of course. But this is much bigger than me. This...boy. Andréw. My heart breaks for him, and for you... and Jason. And Jason. You need to tell him. No, I don't. Why w-- no! You don't think he deserves to know? I don't -- what difference does it make? No, really! He's never gonna be reunited with Andréw, and Jason just woke up from a coma. You really think he wants his life turned upside down with information like this right now? Oh, so you plan on telling him later? Uh... and don't forget Betsy. My mom is terrified she's gonna get in trouble. She could be in real trouble if the truth ever came out. I'm sure there's some kind of statute of limitations. From the law, maybe, but not from the Quartermaines. How do you think they're gonna react when they find out that one of their brood was kept from them? Franco! Elizabeth! No, really! Th-this is why I hesitate to tell you things sometimes. You seem to be in an awful big hurry to protect Jason! Oh, you -- you think I'm protecting Jason? Franco, I'm protecting you.

(Baby laughs)

all those dreams that we had for Morgan. They're gonna become a reality for other kids, you know? Other kids who make it to the other side of their mental illness just like Morgan did because of his foundation. Gives me hope. Me, too. For them, for us. We're gonna make it, Carly. I know we are. I know we are. This is the same young lady that tried to break up your parents' marriage?

Michael: Mm-hmm. Nelle lied about who she was. She made herself indispensable to my family. She...could've done pretty much anything, and we wouldn't have seen it coming. And so, now you find out about some past that she told you nothing about. Mm. It's a lot to wrap my brain around. Yeah, tell me about it. All right, so, aside from a -- a dead fiancé, is there anything else I should know? She also lied about her engagement ring. It was her fiancé's grandmother's. They wanted it back. She lied to me and them and said she lost it. When she really hadn't. So... you gonna take the case? Well, I've got to be honest. Off the top, this look's like it's gonna be pricey. You're talking about travel expenses to Florida, DC, also. I got to confirm with the boys at the bureau. Money -- money's no object. [Sighs] Well, okay. I'm in. Great. Shouldn't be too hard to prove that Nelle Hayes or -- or -- or -- or Benson -- shouldn't be too hard to prove that she's guilty. Oh -- I-I-I'm sorry. I think you... misunderstood me. I want you to prove that she's innocent. You know what, Nelle, you're doing a great job here. And that's saying a lot, considering you knew nothing about fashion when you started. [Chuckles] Well, thank you for giving me the chance. Well, you proved me right. I like to be right. Well, actions speak louder than words. They do! They do! Very good, and you do you. Okay. You do you, and the rest will just fall into place. Okay! Hi! Hi, you don't know me... but I could use your help. Telling Jason is the right thing for a lot of reasons. Mainly, Franco, I don't want you harboring another big secret, especially about Jason. 'Cause we all know what that will do. Oh, we do? It's going to fester. It's going to eat away at you. Look! It already has! No, it's -- no, it -- it... okay. I... it's a lot to process! All right, I think I just -- I need -- I need a little time for things to settle. It's not going to settle. Just keeping the truth from me has got... got you all tied up in knots! Well, that's because it's you. I don't want there to be any secrets between us. [Sighs] And I appreciate that. I-I really do, but... the harder you try to hide this, the more power you give it. It's not gonna end well. Not for anyone. Especially not you. Hey, weren't you just released from long-term care? Yeah, we're here for a follow-up appointment before he takes me to new York. Oh, yeah? Where you staying? I have no idea. Ah, a surprise. Nice. See? The good doctor thinks it's nice. [Chuckles] Have fun, guys. Wait a minute. Weren't you just on a trip of your own? Yeah, yeah. I was in Russia. You called Sam all the way from Russia? What? Yeah. I got a call from you on my cell phone. And I answered it, and you asked me who I was. You remember, right? Uh, I-I-I didn't call you. I don't -- I don't even have your number in my contacts. That's...weird. No, it was definitely you. I called back, and I got your voicemail. When was this? Yesterday afternoon, right before he was released from the hospital. Yeah, that's -- I-I -- def-definitely not me. I definitely didn't call you. Okay, then... who was it?

You're hiring me to prove that Nelle is innocent? Of her fiancé's murder? Yes. But you suspect she's guilty of something else. I honestly don't know. I don't. I think Nelle is used to covering everything up. That's all she's ever known. It's her default setting. And I can't help her if I'm in the dark, so -- offense, Michael, but it sounds like you're setting yourself up for trouble. Nelle's been cleared of all charges. Cops ain't even looking for her anymore. Sure you want to open up that can of worms? Yes, I'm sure. All right. I'll find whatever there is, but... got to warn you, you may not like it. What I'd like is the truth. Okay, so don't bring me anything but facts. You understand? And I'll handle the rest from there. Yes, of course, I'll meet with you. I understand what's involved, and, um... I'm sure I'm doing the right thing. We miss you, baby. And we always will. We see you everywhere, you know? In Avery's smile. [Chuckles] And -- and Avery's laugh. [Chuckles] You're still with us, Morgan, every day. Everywhere. We just hope that w-we could make you proud, buddy. And no one could be prouder than we were of you. Well, I wonder what could've happened. Maybe wires got crossed because you were out of the country. Yeah, maybe. Mr. Morgan, Dr. O'Neill is ready for you in exam room 5. Whew, that was fast. Hey, have fun in new York, guys.

Jason: Thank you. Thank you. Mm-hmm. Hey, uh, Tara. Can you do me a favor? Can you look into her file and get me Sam Morgan's cell phone number? Sure. Let's see. [Mouse clicking] 716-555-0101. Hey, thanks. Where the bloody hell do you think you're going?! I'm going out. Out?! Out?! You're a stowaway, man! If they see you, they'll detain you. They'll -- they'll turn you over to the authorities as soon as -- I-I need some time outside! I need to think! Think?! Think in here! Look, if my nattering on is troubling you, just say so! I'll be as quiet as a church mouse, a-a vow of silence, but don't put us both at risk! I know what I'm doing. I'm sure you do under normal circumstances, but you've had a nasty shock. You may not be in your right mind. No, I'm not. [Sighs]

[Door creaks]

[Indistinct conversation]

Hi. Hey. What are you guys doing here? Uh, a follow-up exam, so... oh, good. All right, well, see you later. Wait. Elizabeth, don't. There's something we need to tell you.

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