GH Transcript Monday 10/2/17

General Hospital Transcript Monday 10/2/17


Episode #13900 ~ Ava sabotages herself by helping another patient. Griffin extends his kindness to an American stranger in Russia. Jason asks Franco to explain himself. Alexis is annoyed with Sam's attempt at matchmaking.

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Nelle: Michael! Hey. What a surprise! Get in here.  I have a couple of minutes before I have to get back to work.

Michael: Let's hope this gets cleared up by then.

Nelle: Get what cleared up?

Michael:  Why you lied.

Alexis: [Exhales sharply] Dr. Bensch?

Dr. Bensch: Alexis, hello. Still here?

Alexis: I just wanted to talk to you for a second about --

Sam: [Chuckles] My mom is a hot mess.

Jason: What?

Sam: Yeah, I'll -- I'll explain it to you later.

Jason: How was the appointment?

Sam: Well, I'm toxo-free. I'm just waiting for one more test, and then I'm gonna head home to you.

Jason: That is great. Hey, uh, I got to go. I have a visitor.

Sam: Okay. I'll see you soon.

Alexis: I'm good.

Dr. Bensch: Really?

Alexis: Yeah, it's my shoe. 'Cause men who make them hate women. Just...

Dr. Bensch: It's okay.

Sam: [Sighs] It's either a mess or an evil genius.

Jason: Uh, hi. I think you got the wrong room. There's a 6-year-old down the hall.

Franco: I'm pretty sure I'm in the right place.

[Alarm blaring]

Ava: Excuse me. C-could you tell me what's happening? Is there a fire?

Nurse: Get back in your room! Patient 6 got loose.

[Alarm blares]

Dr. Klein: My people aren't set up to handle this. I need two contractors with military experience. Yes, fine. I need them here now! Their target has a 10-minute head start. Now, Patient 6 is strong, fast, and nearly impossible to control. If we don't reclaim him tonight, we may never get him back.

[Alarm blaring in distance]

Nelle: Wow, that's -- that's quite a greeting. You walk in and accuse me of lying?

Michael: That's not an accusation. It's a question. You lied. I want to know why.

Nelle: Lied about what?

Michael: This. It's vintage. Obviously expensive, like it belonged to some wealthy palm beach matron. Someone like your late fiancÚ's grandmother. Nelle, is this the ring you told Sharon Grant that you lost?

Dr. Klein: Check the logs. Were there any deliveries? New or temporary employees? Patient 6 could not have escaped by himself. He had help.

[Alarm blaring]

Dr. Klein: And now I know who gave it to him.

[Alarm blaring in distance]

Ava: [Exhales sharply] I wish somebody would turn off that bloody racket! I wish somebody would bring a martini. It's all right, Ava. Just relax, and you'll have your face back, you'll be back home in Port Charles, and you can make yourself the biggest, best, most delicious martini in the world, and you will deserve it, because you did something good.

Dr. Klein: Ahem. Did I scare you?

Ava: N-no, just -- I'm a little on edge, I guess. That alarm was so loud. I take it everything is under control now?

Dr. Klein: It will be. Quite soon.

Franco: Sorry about the bear, but they were all out of those cute, little stuffed dragons from the gift shop. I would've done better if I'd had time to plan, but somebody wanted me to drop everything and run right over.

Jason: Well, I am sorry if I pulled you away from some intense finger painting.

Franco: You kind of did. I got my job back. I am the art therapist in residence at General Hospital.

Jason: All right. Congratulations.

Franco: Thanks. Likewise.


Franco: Everyone is thrilled that you're awake and not dead.

Oh, I'm sure even you.

Franco: What's difficult for Elizabeth and Jake is difficult for me.

Ooh, so in the long run, it would've been better for you if I didn't wake up at all.

Franco: I-I'm not a guy who does well with hypotheticals. I have a hard enough time dealing with what's actually happening in real life.

That's interesting. Me too. I don't have time in my life for ambiguities or unanswered questions, and that's why I pulled you away from your finger painting. Why did you visit me in the ICU?

Stanislov: Peace my son. It's very cold to be walking without shoes.

Patient 6: Uh [Clears throat] I'm sorry, I don't speak Russian.

Stanislov: My English not good. I ask, why no shoes?

Patient 6: 'Cause I had to leave without 'em.

Stanislov: Oh, this place you live, not good?

Patient 6: No, not -- not good at all.

Stanislov: Ah, can I help you, my son, hmm?

Patient 6: Tell me how to find the train station.

Dr. Bensch: Ah, let me take a look at that.

Sam: [Laughs] Wait a minute. At least buy her dinner first, Doc.

Alexis: Sam!

Dr. Bensch: Your mom almost took a header when her shoe broke.

Sam: Really? That's so weird. She's so light on her feet. She's actually a really great dancer.

Alexis: I -- I-I am not.

Sam: Oh, she would never say anything nice about herself, but she is.

Dr. Bensch: Oh.

Sam: She -- she really does. She -- she lights up the dance floor.

Dr. Bensch: Oh, we should get her back on her feet straight away.

Alexis: You know what? I am so fine. Could I have my shoe back?

Dr. Bensch: You cannot walk around barefoot. Now, I think I can improvise a temporary fix on this, at least till you get home.

Alexis: You really don't have to.

Sam: That is -- that is so nice of you. Thank you.

Dr. Bensch: It is my pleasure.

Alexis: What are you doing?

Sam: What do you mean what am I doing? I-I think you're doing very well. You and Dr. Bensch seem to be getting along. Mom, he's handsome and charming. Did you get his number?

Alexis: No, I did not get his number, because I don't want his number, and you need to back off.

Franco: [Scoffs] Me come visit you? Of my own accord?

Jason: Crazy, right?

Franco: Yeah, a little. Your brain a little scrambled? Maybe they mixed up your meds. I'll go get a nurse.

Jason: "If we really are connected by blood, I need you to wake up."

Franco: I need you to wake up and tell me who you are, so I can figure out who I am. "And why I've done the things I've done." Sound familiar?

Stanislov: You want to take train ride?

Patient 6: Yeah. How you pay? I'll figure it out once I get there.

Stanislov: rob someone?

Patient 6: Not unless I have to.

Stanislov: Oh, it's long walk -- many kilometers.

Patient 6: Please, can you just tell me which way?

Stanislov: Would you like shoes for your long walk?

Patient 6: You think you have some that fit me?

Stanislov: I am priest. My church, we get many donations. Something will fit you. Come.

Patient 6: No, I can make it alone.

Stanislov: I am here, so God disagrees. Come.

Patient 6: After you, Father.

Ava: Is it time for my next treatment?

Dr. Klein: You will definitely get what's coming to you. But first, I'm curious -- have you enjoyed your stay here?

Ava: Well, I wouldn't say "enjoy." I mean, things can get pretty dull around here without my phone and the internet, which I guess just proves how we're all addicted to technology, right? But the -- the treatments are working, so I would rate the experience highly.

Dr. Klein: Then you're pleased with the service?

Ava: I'm sorry, aren't customer satisfaction surveys typically given out at the conclusion of business?

Dr. Klein: Exactly. You seem to have a problem following clinic rules. Specifically, the rule forbidding contact with Patient 6, who has now escaped.

Ava: Really? Well, is that what that alarm was all about?

Dr. Klein: Is this the first time you've heard of it?

Ava: [Laughs] Yes, of course. Nobody tells me anything around here.

Dr. Klein: Then why was this found in Patient 6's room?

Nelle: Where'd you get that?

Michael: I found it while you were at work.

Nelle: Hmm. You know, snooping isn't a good look for you, Michael. Are you taking tips from your mother now?

Michael: I offered to help you unpack while you were gone. You were okay with this.

Nelle: Yeah, well, I didn't think you would rummage through my stuff.

Michael: I wasn't breaking through locked drawers, Nelle! I-I was moving a book to the bookshelf, one of them dropped, I saw that it was hollowed out, and I-I -- and I saw this ring on the ground. You can imagine my surprise when I found this after you just told Sharon Grant that you lost it. Unless I'm wrong -- am I wrong here? I-I-is this -- is this Zach's ring?

Nelle: No. That's mine. Zach gave it to me. Does it matter to you that I still have it?

Michael: Yeah, it matters. It matters a lot.

Nelle: Michael, I mean, you shouldn't be jealous of what Zach and I had.

Michael: Nelle, Nelle, Zach didn't buy you this ring. It's a family heirloom. It belongs to the Grants. You have to give it back.

Nelle: Oh, the hell I will!

Michael: Nelle, Zach gave you this ring, because he thought you were going to be a part of his family. Maybe he thought he was gonna pass the ring down to his -- his child or his grandchild. Sadly, that didn't happen. So the ring should go back to his family, s-so -- so it can be passed down to his relatives. Do you understand?

Nelle: Zach gave me that ring, all right? He wanted me to have it. Why would I give it back to the people that accuse me of murdering him?

Michael: Wait a second, so you're keeping the ring to spite his family?

Nelle: So what if I did? You know, that ring was all that I had left of him. I didn't get to keep any of our happy memories. Every time that I think of him, all I see are his relatives and their vicious accusations. Trust me, all right? The Grants will not be happy until I am behind bars, all right? They made my life hell. So the least that they deserve is to lose their damn ring.

Michael: I disagree. If that was your position, then why not say so? Why lie and tell Sharon Grant that you lost it?

Sam: What's the matter? Are you embarrassed?

Alexis: Embarrassed? I'm mortified! What are you doing?

Sam: Mom, don't flip out.

Alexis: I'm not flipping out. I am not -- I'm flipping out a little bit because you are trying to control and take the wheel of my social life, and I don't like that...

Sam: Uh...

Alexis: ...And -- and then, you -- did you rig my shoe?

Sam: But -- no, I-I'm sorry. I just -- I want you to be happy, that's all.

Alexis: [Sighs, clears throat] And I know you mean well, and I love you, but I'm not ready to put myself out there. I may never be ready to put myself out there, and I don't want to do it now. I don't want to.

Sam: Why? I mean, really, why? Are you afraid that someone might find out?

Alexis: Who?

Sam: Julian.

Franco: Jason, you were out of it for a long time. I'm sure you dreamed some really crazy stuff.

Jason: You were in the ICU. I couldn't open my eyes, I couldn't respond, but I heard you.

Franco: Yeah, I stopped by. [Chuckles] I-I...don't remember what I rambled on about. I've completely forgotten. You should, too.

Jason: Something had you thinking that we were related by blood. We resolved that years ago. Please tell me you're not back on Heather's trip that we are twins.

Franco: Well ...the thought did occur to me, but it turned out to be nothing. It was just a bout of paranoia. You should resume your regularly-scheduled life now.

Jason: Elizabeth and Jake told me that you found a photograph from your childhood... ...of you and a little boy that looked just like me.

Franco: Yep. And I admit it threw me, so I did a little investigating, and what I came to understand is that the kid in the photo was just a kid from the neighborhood. Just a blond-haired, blue-eyed neighborhood kid, like a million other blond-haired, blue-eyed kids. Nothing to do with you at all.

Ava: I have no idea when I lost that earring. Thank you. You should ask your staff. Perhaps one of them picked it up, and then dropped it in Patient 6's room.

Dr. Klein: You seem like an educated woman. No doubt you've heard of Occam's Razor -- "All other factors being equal, the simplest explanation is likely to be true." You lost that earring while helping Patient 6 to escape!

Ava: I don't care for your tone.

Dr. Klein: The man is dangerous, and you set him free. There will be consequences.

Stanislov: Ah, wait here. I bring shoes. Jacket, maybe.

Patient 6: Thank you.

Stanislov: Oh, thank God. He sent me.

Patient 6: What makes you so sure?

Stanislov: I never use that alley, until tonight.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Patient 6: Where -- where can I hide?

Stanislov: Come. [Clears throat] Ah. Peace be with you, my son. What brings you here tonight?

Griffin: Uh, do you -- do you speak any English?

Stanislov: A little. Nothing fancy.

Griffin: Well, you got me beat. I-I-I speak no Russian at all. Um...look, I -- I-I'm an American. My -- my name's Griffin Munro. M-may I use your -- your church to pray?

Stanislov: Ah, you are welcome to pray here, but, ah, I must lock up soon.

Griffin: Oh, I-I understand.

Stanislov: God bless you, my son, and God send you rest from your troubles, hm?

Griffin: Wh-what makes you think I'm troubled?

Stanislov: Oh, to pray so late, so far from home? I think you ask for help, hmm? God will send it.

Patient 6: I heard you say you were an American. So am I. Can you do me a favor?

Ava: Let me be clear. I did not help Patient 6 escape. I gave him a paper clip. That's it, that's all.

Dr. Klein: That was more than enough.

Ava: Actually, let me be more specific. Patient 6 already had a paper clip. He dropped it on the ground, I picked it up, and I gave it back to him.

Dr. Klein: You think this exonerates you?

Ava: I think you and your staff ought to be more careful with paper clips. You're the ones who messed up, not me.

Dr. Klein: Do you like how you look?

Ava: What?

Dr. Klein: Your face, right now, do you like it?

Ava: I don't know. I haven't seen it. It's bandaged.

Dr. Klein: It's much improved. But you're still disfigured. The scars are too severe to hide with makeup. Anyone that sees you will know you've been burned.

Ava: Well, your treatments are gonna fix that.

Dr. Klein: [Chuckles]

Ava: You're gonna restore me completely. You're gonna give me my face back! That -- that's why I came to this clinic!

Dr. Klein: And since you've been here, you've cost me nothing but time, money, and great inconvenience!

Ava: Well, I'm sorry!

Dr. Klein: How very American, to say you're sorry. You're in Russia! Apologies are meaningless!

[Cell phone rings]

Dr. Klein: Klein. That's because he's out cold. Patient 6 overpowered him. We're looking for him. He made it outside. Hey, screw you! It was your transporter who lost Patient 6! We think he had help. A patient here -- a woman. That could be a problem. Fine. I'll call you with an update.

Jason: If I was the kid in that photograph, which I highly doubt, all it proves is that we were in the same place at the same time at one point when we were kids. How did you make the jump to brothers?

Franco: [Exhales sharply] I just... [Sighs] All right, looking at the photo, it started to make me think about things from my really messed-up childhood.

Jason: Messed up, how?

Franco: You kidding? Look at me, dude. I was a weird kid. And... I had an imaginary friend. Only it turns out that he wasn't imaginary. He was the kid in the photo.

Jason: I'm sorry, what?

Franco: The kid in the photo. He wasn't imaginary at all. Turns out he was real.

Jason: Okay? What made you think that he was fake?

Franco: Well, my mom told me that, and then I recently learned that he was a neighborhood kid who just one day up and left the neighborhood. My, mom, knowing that I was a sensitive youth, didn't want me to get upset.

Jason: So she let you believe that you made him up?

Franco: She was just trying to protect me. And then when I saw the picture, I started to feel the same way I felt when Heather had told me that we were brothers, and so I started wondering, and that's why I was so eager for you to wake up.

Jason: Because you thought I could fill in the blanks.

Franco: Yeah, I thought if I showed you the photo that it would jog your memory the way it jogged mine. But then I remembered that that's useless, right? Because you have no memories of your childhood... right?

Alexis: Whether I go out on another date has nothing to do with Julian.

Sam: Excuse me? It has everything to do with it. Either you are so tortured by everything that he's done to you that you can't go out on another date or you're waiting for him to get out of prison so you can reunite.

Alexis: Maybe I just want to concentrate on my own life -- my career, my children, my family, you know, write my memoirs, learn to cook -- ah!

Sam: You had me until "learn how to cook."

Alexis: Maybe I just want to be alone.

Sam: That's fair, but that -- that is fair, and I would accept that if I thought it was true. But I don't, because I know you. I know my mother. Look at me, Mom.

Alexis: [Sighs]

Sam: Look at me, please? Tell me you're not lonely.

Nelle: What do you mean why did I lie to Sharon? I lied to Sharon 'cause she's a snobby bitch, and I didn't want her to have my ring!

Michael: Well, Sharon doesn't believe you. She knows you still have it.

Nelle: Well, she can't prove it.

Michael: Well, she can try. She can hire another private investigator, she can retain a lawyer, file a suit. She has the resources. I mean, it's something I would do.

Nelle: What?

Michael: If I was in Sharon's position, I-if Morgan gave a girl my grandmother's engagement ring and then kept it after he died, yes, I would.

Nelle: You'd sue her?

Michael: Not at first. I'd offer her money. But if she denied it, if she pretended that she lost it, then yes, I would take her to court.

Nelle: Are you trying to scare me?

Michael: Look, Nelle -- look, if you want Sharon's family to back off, the first step would be to give back the ring.

Nelle: No.

Michael: The more you lie, the more they're gonna keep coming after you! Just -- look, this isn't about doing the right thing. It's about doing the smart thing.

Nelle: I don't buy it. You met Sharon Grant for five minutes. You don't care if she has the ring or not.

Michael: Look, it bothers me that you lied to Sharon. It bothers me more that you lied to me.

Nelle: Well, if -- if you remember specifically, I never told you that I didn't have the ring.

Michael: Yeah, but you never told me that you did either.

Nelle: It's because I had to go to work. Nina called me in. Otherwise, I would've explained it to you.

Michael: Okay, well, I'm here now. And everything you're saying, it's not making you look very good.

Nelle: It's -- it's what?

Michael: It's making you look like...

Nelle: What? Say it. Come on. It's making me look what, Michael?

Michael: Like my grandmother was right about you.

Nelle: Wow. So that's it. Your family's gonna get their way. You believe I'm as bad as they say?

Michael: No, I'm just trying to make sense of this. I-I-I'm -- I'm trying to find a way... to fit the woman I've fallen in love with with the woman who lied to me for no reason.

Nelle: It wasn't for no reason, Michael. I lied to Sharon, because I had to protect myself. You know, when she showed up at my door and threw Zach in my face, I needed to defend myself! I knew if I told Sharon the truth, she would show up with a squad of lawyers to sue me into oblivion.

Michael: Don't you know I would've defended you? I would've defended you, like I do when anyone attacks you.

Nelle: No, no, I don't know that! A few months of your support doesn't undo a lifetime of knowing that I'm the only person that has my back, Michael!

Michael: God, okay, I wish -- I wish you trusted me.

Nelle: Yeah, well, join the club. I wish you trusted me, too. You know, I am trying to believe you. I'm trying to reach out and realize that I don't have to go it alone, but you believing Zach's family's accusations isn't helping the matter at all!

Michael: All I said was that they deserve the ring.

Nelle: They accused me of murder, Michael. Nothing I say will ever change their minds. And I...I am not going through that again, so either you -- you believe them or you believe me.

Jason: So your mom lied about your friend, and Heather lied about us being twins.

Franco: It's enough to melt your mind. And for a moment, I lost track of which lie was which, but ultimately, I figured it out.

Jason: So you don't think there's anything more to it?

Franco: To you and I being related? No, there's nothing to that. Thank God, right? Neither one of us wants that to be true. So let's just get on with our lives and forget this conversation ever happened.

Jason: Works for me.

Franco: Great. Enjoy the bear.

Jason: I do want to see that photo, though.

Sam: I'm sorry for getting in your face. I know this isn't what you signed up for when you agreed to take me to the hospital. I just... I worry about you.

Alexis: Me? A cause for worry?

Sam: Look, if you want me to butt out, I will, but can you promise me something, please? Just don't shut yourself off to the possibility of finding love again, please? You have so much to give, and you are so much better than Julian.

Alexis: I'll take it under advisement.

Sam: Thank you.

Dr. Bensch: This should hold till you get home. Shall we give it a whirl?

Sam: Oh, look at the time. Got to go.

Dr. Bensch: Oh, I'm sorry the lab's running so late. I will, uh, call you with the last round of test results.

Sam: Okay. Sounds good. Thank you. Let me know if it fits.

Ava: [Exhales sharply] You can't stop my treatments.

Dr. Klein: It's a shame. I truly wanted to see your face restored.

Ava: Well, but you can. Look, you're absolutely right. I should have listened to you. That man -- that Patient 6 or whatever -- if I had known what he was capable of, I never would've lifted a finger to help him.

Dr. Klein: It's too late. He's gone.

Ava: Well, he's gone, along with any desire that -- that I have to break any of your rules. Please...please give me another chance. Let me stay here, and you finish what you started. I-I'll pay you more. I-I'll pay you whatever you want. I promise. I just need to be whole. Don't take that away from me, please.

Dr. Klein: You ruined your chance all by yourself.

Ava: [Sighs]

Griffin: You're obviously in some trouble.

Patient 6: Yeah, a little.

Griffin: How can I help?

Patient 6: I need to make a phone call.

Nelle: So, who do you believe, me or -- or Sharon?

Michael: I don't think you're capable of murder.

Nelle: That's comforting, but you didn't answer my question.

Michael: [Sighs] Nelle, you said you needed some time to, um... learn to reach out for help, to fully trust somebody, right? So I, um... I-I need some time to come to terms with this.

Nelle: Are you sure you want to leave?

Michael: And don't you have to go to work anyway?

Nelle: I do, but... you're welcome to stay, root through the rest of my stuff. It is your apartment after all, right? Maybe you can find more evidence that points to the conclusion that I'm the awful person your grandmother and your mother think.

Michael: Nelle, I'm not out to get you. Just the opposite -- I want to help. But you got to meet me halfway.

Nelle: [Breathing shallowly] [Sniffles]

Franco: You want to see a photograph of me as a kid next to a random neighbor kid?

Jason: Yes.

Franco: Why?

Jason: Curiosity. You and Jake seem to think there's a resemblance. I want to know if I agree.

Franco: Well, I can't do that.

Jason: Can't or won't?

Franco: Can't.

Jason: Why?

Franco: 'Cause I lost the photo.

Jason: Really?

Franco: Really! You're just gonna have to live with the idea that, out there somewhere, you have a look-alike, or at least a look-alike of what you used to look -- look like. Look... I got to go. Feel better.

Sam: What are you doing here?

Franco: Ask your husband.

Dr. Bensch: There, this should hold nicely.

Alexis: Listen, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day --

Dr. Bensch: First, do no harm, right?

Alexis: Yeah.

Dr. Bensch: What if you'd injured yourself hobbling around on a broken shoe? You might never dance again.

Alexis: I don't actually dance.

Dr. Bensch: Maybe you just haven't found the right partner. Want to hit the club one night?

Alexis: I don't think --

Dr. Bensch: Oh, it's -- it's okay. It's probably inappropriate for me to be asking out my patient's mother, no matter how lovely she is.

Alexis: My ex-husband is in jail, my father is a madman who tried to freeze the world, I once pretended to be a butler, and I'm currently sober.

Dr. Bensch: Okay? And?

Alexis: That doesn't give you pause?

Dr. Bensch: Doesn't make you any less intelligent, charming, and beautiful. And there must be a hell of a story behind that butler thing.

Alexis: Well... why don't we skip dancing, and we can just talk.

Dr. Bensch: Fine by me. Saves me from boning up on the hustle.

Alexis: Mm.

Sam: Hello. Hi. I saw Franco in the hall. What was he doing here?

Jason: Uh, believe it or not, I asked him to come.

Sam: Is everything okay with Jake?

Jason: Yeah, everything's fine. I just remembered that Franco visited me in the ICU.

Sam: Really? What for?

Jason: Well, like most things with Franco, I'm still trying to figure that out.

Sam: Okay, well, what did he say?

Jason: He said a lot of things, most of them meaningless. Anyway, get the test results back from Dr. Bensch yet?

Sam: No, he said he'd call with the...

[Cell phone rings]

Sam: ...Results. Well, that might be him.

Jason: Look at that timing.

Sam: Hello? Oh. Oh, okay, yeah. I'll be right down. No, thank you. Hmm.

Jason: Not Bensch?

Sam: No. My car alarm is going off in the garage, and they need me to turn it off.

Jason: Hmm.

Sam: I'll be right back.

Jason: Okay. Hey, uh... just be careful.

Sam: Always. Okay.

Jason: [Sighs]

Griffin: Take all the time you want.

Patient 6: Is this new?

Griffin: Yeah, it''s embarrassing. I-I always have to be first in line for the new upgrade.

Patient 6: Thanks.

Griffin: [Exhales sharply] Bless me, Father.

Griffin: [Remembers] Ava, stop. I'm sorry, but...

Ava: But what?

Griffin: There's been a misunderstanding.

Ava: Wait --

Griffin: I never meant to give you the impression... look, I've been trying to help you heal as a -- as a friend, that's it. I'm terribly, terribly sorry if I gave you the idea -- the wrong idea --

Ava: Just shut the hell up! You know, it's so funny. All this time, you've been telling me not to hide behind my mask. At least I admit that I'm wearing one.

Griffin: [Praying] Help me find Ava and bring her home.

Ava: So that's it? No more treatments, then? I go home, and I look like this for the rest of my life?

Dr. Klein: I didn't say anything about you going home.

[Cell phone rings]

Jason: [Sighs] All right.

[Cell phone beeps]

Jason: Hello? Hello? Who's there?

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